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Domain Name News: December 14 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

This Week’s DomainSherpa Interview

  • VIDEO: How to Resolve Multiple Applications for the Same gTLD – with Monte Cahn

    How to Resolve Multiple Applications for the Same gTLD – with Monte CahnUncertainty associated with the process of applying for new gTLDs is frustrating, even more so when multiple applicants are vying for the same gTLD, and unfortunately that ambiguity continues to be commonplace.

    But Monte Cahn and partner Michael Berkens have devised ways to reduce the uncertainty in the new gTLD application process for the 145 applicants who have 755 competing applications.

    In addition, watch this interview to learn about the process and how you – as a domain name investor or online entrepreneur – can be ready to take advantage of the new gTLDs before they become available to the public.

    Watch The Full Show Now »

This Week’s News in Review

DomainSponsor’s WebFest to Visit Endeavour Space Shuttle and Magic Castle – 12-Dec-12
DomainSponsor’s Webfest (formerly known as DomainFest) is known for its glitzy parties. It looks like February’s event will keep the reputation going. The event is holding two big parties.
MediaOptions and ReviMedia Partner to Launch Premium Domain – 12-Dec-12
Recently launched website showcases a quality business built on a premium domain property through a smart partnership between lead generation powerhouse ReviMedia and domain broker Media Options, combining ReviMedia’s lead gen experience with Media Options’ extensive knowledge of the domain market.
Local Corporation Granted U.S. Web Domain Name Patent – 12-Dec-12
Local Corporation (NASDAQ:LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company patent number 8,312,125, which covers a method and system for the bulk acquisition and development of multiple web domain names.
Van Gelder to Leave NBT, to Offer Consulting Services – 12-Dec-12
As reported by DomainIncite, Stephane Van Gelder is leaving Group NBT at the end of this year. Van Gelder had co-founded the registrar Indom, which was purchase
Predictions for Next Week’s New TLD Lottery – 12-Dec-12
We’re pretty much guaranteed that something won’t go as planned. Tickets for next week’s new top level domain “prioritization draw” went on sale this morning. The draw will take place on Monday on Los Angeles.
.PW: A Leader in Trademark Protection? – 12-Dec-12
On December 3rd .pw (the ccTLD for Palau) kicked off its sunrise offering. It is a relaunch of a country-code to the general public – however, equally noteable is that it is one of the first top-level domains to deploy some of the advanced Rights Protection Mechanisms currently being debated by the ICANN community.
Forexpros Buys For $2.45M, Launches One-Stop Financial Portal For Everyday Investors – 11-Dec-12
Today, we can add another one to the list, as financial website has purchased “” for $2.45 million, making it the largest (known) purchase of a single domain name in 2012.
Largest Known Domain Purchase of 2012? for $2.75m – 11-Dec-12
In the early days of the Internet, the smartest tech nerds weren’t just starting companies, they were scooping up website domain names. This year, entrepreneurs experimented with hipster domain names like “.io” and “.me”. But for those that can afford them, “.
Security Company Buys for $80000 – 11-Dec-12
Security company upgrades its domain name.

An Atlanta company has purchased the domain name …
Go Daddy Names Irving As CEO – 10-Dec-12
Go Daddy Group Inc., an Internet domain-name hosting company, appointed Blake Irving chief executive officer.
Facebook Down Due to Domain Name System Issue – What’s DNS? – 10-Dec-12
Facebook was down for many users yesterday, due to changes in their DNS architecture. Why would a change in Domain Name System data keep you from the site?
Ohio Lawyer Plans to Lead Transition of Domain Names – 10-Dec-12
An Ohio lawyer is positioning herself as a worldwide expert in an emerging, little-known industry — the administration of top-level domain names.
CNN Too “dDistracted” to Protect Its Brands’ Domain Names – 09-Dec-12
CNN didn’t bother to register or for their popular programming. They’re currently unregistered.
Registry and Registrar Not Liable for Infringing Domain Names – 09-Dec-12
In an October 19 2012 decision the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that the Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (AFNIC), the registry for the ‘.fr’ country-code top-level domain, was not liable for failing to freeze or block an infringing domain name on notice by an interested party without a court order.
Vietnam’s Domain Registration Grows 172% Annually – 09-Dec-12
A new white paper reveals statistics on new web domains being registered in Vietnam. By 2012, they’ve already exceeded 800,000.
India Against Allocation of Certain Domain Names – 09-Dec-12
India has made it clear that it does not favour the allocation of certain terms like ‘Indians,’ ‘Islam’ and ‘Ram’ as new generic Top Level Domain names (gTLDs), the concluding part of the web address that follows the dot, as the global web address system prepares itself for a phase of massive expansion in the coming months.
Pirate Bay Proxy Loses Domain Name to Anti-piracy Boss – 06-Dec-12
Tim Kuik, head of the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy outfit BREIN, has won a WIPO domain name dispute against a Pirate Bay proxy service. The domain was operating its proxy from the address which according to the decision infringed on a trademark held by the anti-piracy boss. The operator of the Pirate Bay proxy argued that BREIN stalked him and that the site was meant to critique the group, but WIPO says this doesn’t trump the trademark infringement.
First Industry-Wide Report on Impact of New gTLDs on Internet Usage – 06-Dec-12
FairWinds Partners, the leading domain name strategy consulting firm, has released new research revealing that Internet users are likely to quickly accept and trust new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – as long as new gTLD owner… Lock in A Secure Investment On The Edge Of The Fiscal Cliff – 06-Dec-12
An exclusive opportunity to enter online security certificate market, Steadily growing SSL industry averages significant profit margins, Announces Domain Broker and online Media Strategy firm Media Options, S.A.
.eu Domain Name Registrations Rise 7% in Q3 – 06-Dec-12
Third-quarter .eu domain name registrations grew by over 7 percent year-on-year for the second consecutive quarter, according to a report from the .eu registry, EURid.
1,800+ Premium Insurance Related Domain Names and 380 Web Sites Now for Sale at – 06-Dec-12
Over the last decade, Sean Denny has provided businesses with leads and sales from a vast network of premium websites and domain names specifically related to the insurance industry. is now making the entire network available to entrepreneurs who know how to harness the power of over 1,800 highly valued keyword rich premium domain names and websites.
Bobby Jindal Domain Names On The Auctioning Block – 06-Dec-12
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal looks like a thousand bucks — or $10,000 or $50,000 — at least to those with a stake in his digital future. As the governor throws his hat into the presidential ring for 2016, domain name owners are already offering up their choicest URLs for sale on Internet domain registrar site Nearly every iteration of “Bobby Jindal’ and “2016” has already been purchased on the site, including, and many others which include possible running mate names. But two domain name owners — Paul Lemaire of Lafayette, La. and Michael Paparella of Sacramento — are offering their Jindal domain names for sale on GoDaddy auctions. Both men bought the domain names at least a year ago. Shardule Shah of Atlanta, on the other hand, is not yet putting his 2011 domain name purchase up for sale, but hopes the purchase will help him be more involved politically. Buying was “just an interesting way for regular Joes people like me to stay involved,” Shah, 27, a PhD student at Emory, told|The Times Picayune. “I knew that Gov. Jindal has made a name for himself in Louisiana and was a potential rising star in…

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