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How to Determine Who Owns a Domain Name

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the organization that authorizes registrars to issue or assign domain names to public. A registrant is the person or entity who is considered to be the domain name owner authorized to make or request for changes to be made in vital information related to domain name. It is, therefore, critically important to know the “owner” registrant of a domain name and also the person or entity having administrative, billing and technical rights related to domain.

Why is Determining a Domain Name Registrant Important?

Determining a domain name registrant is important for many reasons:

  • The lookup can verify that the registrant details of your personal domains are properly entered. If they are not, you may miss renewal notices, purchase offers, partnership requests and the like.
  • If you are interested in making an offer on an already registered domain name, you can easily lookup contact information, such as the owner’s name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.
  • If you are tying to protect your personal information, a lookup can tell you if the privacy controls you’ve put in place are actually in effect.

What is the Process to Lookup Domain Name Details?

The domain name registration process has been engineered in a very transparent way. Everybody has an open access to obtain information about domain name registrant and the ownership of a domain by just clicking on certain informative links. It also helps in keeping a track of domain name expiry dates and the start date of registration.

The WHOIS Lookup

“WHOIS” is the utility that is used to check or find out the information about a domain name. This gives not only the information of the registrant but also the administrative contact, billing contact, technical contact, domain expiration date and original registration date.

To find the domain name owner information, there are a few very simple and easy steps to follow by using the internet:

  • To check the domain name registrant information simply visit the website such as or web solution providers website like GoDaddy or
  • Type in the exact web address or complete domain name of the website you are seeking information for.
  • With a click or two (you might have to prove you’re not a robot), you’ll have the full registrant details.

Verify the Details

You can verify the details given about the domain name. If you find any information incomplete or incorrect, you may initiate a request to the domain registrar to make changes. Sometimes, if the information is not completely available, as many registrars or individuals do not want to share their information completely, you may specifically visit the registrar’s website and find information.

A WHOIS Example

Now, here is a practical illustration of how to determine who owns a domain name. We will take the example of as an example website and let us explore as who owns this domain.

Step 1: Begin the WHOIS lookup

Visit a WHOIS lookup service. You can use or, in our case, and “Enter Domain Name for WHOIS Lookup”:


Step 2: Perform the CAPTCHA entry


Step 3: The privacy paragraph


Step 4: Domain name registrant information available


Step 5: Some more registrant information, domain server information, domain name record information


WHOIS performs the required task efficiently, however, at the same time it should be noted that the information available may be exploited or utilized for spam and other purposes. You may end up receiving emails and unnecessary information from different resources and start filling up your inbox. To get rid of this problem, there are certain tools to help protect your privacy.

As in the case of, we are able to see only limited information about the actual owner as the information is camouflaged through a privacy protection service called domain name privacy. Many domain name registrars offer domain privacy to mask the actual information of the domain owner. The privacy feature helps display third party information to safeguard your personal information from publically available information. Personal information is collected by the registrar and is accessible only on request by following certain privacy rules and regulations.

To Summarize

  • Domain name registrant information is available and useful for many reasons
  • The domain name registrant information can be obtained through a WHOIS lookup
  • Your personal information can be protected through a service called domain privacy

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    Your personal information can be protected through a service called domain privacy

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  29. Rory O'hare says:

    How do I contact the owner of this domain?
    We own the TM and wish to secure it. I’m not sure if we can claim under bad faith registration as it is not passing off, nor redirecting traffic and the only other TLD we have is .com, .uk and .ie. only .com was registered before the was taken.
    Are there any grounds to secure under trademark legislation or do we have to buy it? How can we buy it if we cant find the registrar’s details?

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  35. David Rijvers says:

    Copyright infridgement
    Richmond Volleyball Club – Stag Head Logo


    Can you help me!

    I am the legal owner of copyright in the following work(s) entitled “Stag Head”

    As the legal copyright owner Richmond Volleyball are using the the stag head as a logo without my permission.

    I want to report this to web host (ie. wordpress) but not sure how think to go find out who manages the web site and how to report this.

    Look forward to any advise…


    David Rijvers

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  40. Rowan says:

    This is a great article and all, I just wish that actual contact information was not presented as in parseable form. It should be presented as PNG so that either number or the email address can’t be used for advertising. I think sets a good example here, but further steps need to be taken for identity protection. Spam calls, messages and emails are getting out of hand, not to mention easily accessible WHOIS information gives more data for brute force hack attempts.

  41. I need to find out if i bought this domain a long time ago.

  42. Nancy says:

    Hi, I was researching a domain name for a client, and it didn’t turn up on the WhoIs lookup, but did show up on the tucows.

    In the Registry info, what does this mean?
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

    The site isn’t actively being used, so I assume that it might be for sale, but I don’t want to bother approaching the owner if it cannot be transferred for some reason.

    Thanks, Nancy

  43. Dge-06 says:

    Thank you for this interesting post.

    Personally I use this site to find the info.

    Provided that the whois is not masked of course.

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  45. Mark says:

    Hi Michael,

    I am unable to find the owner of website:

    I guess before I trust the content on this website I should have some info about the owners. My server is outside of US, may be that’s why I get no results.

    Could you please help! Would appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mark,

      I looked up the domain name at:

      Right now it says that it is not registered:
      Whois Record Not Available
      This domain is not registered.

      That means there is no registrant and no website.

      Perhaps you typed in an incorrect domain name. If so, replace the domain name with the correct one in the URL above.

      Good luck to you,

      1. Mark says:

        Sorry, my mistake. Here’s the link and the website works:

  46. Omar Saady says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful post

    May I ask you how also know how many visitors a website has or check traffic statics?

    Wait for your reply!

    1. Hi Omar,

      Here you go:
      (as an update to this tutorial, is a good tool)

      And for domain names:


  47. Ryan says:

    Hi Michael, how do i find out the original creation date of the domain name and history of who has owned it?



    1. In the whois record, you will see a “Record created on” or “Creation Date” field with a date. That’s the original date it was registered, assuming it didn’t fully expire, was dropped, and then hand registered by someone else (

  48. Nick says:

    Can i find any domain expiry date?

    1. Yes. Follow the instructions above.

      However, just because you see an expiration date listed as, say, next month, doesn’t mean that it will expire on that day. Current registrants have until (and past in many cases) that day to renew, and many domains are renewed in the last few days before expiration.

  49. Adam says:

    Sorry for the mistakes. I enclose the corrected version:
    “Obviously they know how to do it right. Why they didn’t care with I will try to find out in contacting them.”

    T. Adam

  50. Adam says:

    Dear Michael, may be it wouldn’t be bad, to renew the information you are giving in the above article. I just tried to find out whether the information you present concerning are still valid. I guess you know, they are not.

    Registrar URL:
    Registrant Name: Michael Cyger
    Registrant Organization: Web X.0 Media LLC

    Well, who is now the owner? The “registrant name” or the “registrant organization?

    Have a look at the following examples.
    registrant name: Richard Zollner
    registrant organization: AUDI AG
    registrant name: Domain Administrator
    registrant organization: Microsoft Corporation
    registrant name: Domainmaster EZ Mailstop 2w017
    registrant organization: Volkswagen of America
    registrant name: PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC
    Organization: —
    registrant name: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
    registrant organization: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

    May be ICANN would give some clear information? But ICANN only informs that “registrant” would be the owner. But who the hell is “registrant”? Is it
    a) the person or organization mentioned in the “name”-field or
    b) is it the one mentioned in the “organization”-field?

    If a) then and obviously do not have real owners.

    Exploring the German DENIC I find for
    Domaininhaber (= registrant name): AUDI AG

    Obviously the know how to do it right. Why the didn’t care with I will try to find out in contacting them.

    Kind regards from Germany

    Tim Adam

    1. Hi Adam,

      “I just tried to find out whether the information you present concerning are still valid. I guess you know, they are not.”

      The information for the WHOIS of is valid. I’m not sure why you think it isn’t.

      “Domain Name: DOMAINSHERPA.COM
      Registrar URL:
      Registrant Name: Michael Cyger
      Registrant Organization: Web X.0 Media LLC”

      Exactly. Each registrant has to list a name, and may list an organization.

      “Well, who is now the owner? The registrant name or the registrant organization?”

      The Name who works for or is associated with the Organization.

      Take, for example, if you were to buy a domain name from an individual. If the individual is in control of the email address listed then can can technically transfer the domain name to another entity. Whether it’s legal or not is another story, as the Organization may in fact be the rightful owner of the domain name.

      Any other questions, please let me know.


  51. david says:

    thank you your article help me alot

  52. Peter says:

    I always use to find details about domains, online ping and IP blacklisting etc. I found this website useful and cheers for it.

  53. James says:

    Nice article, but if you are a domainer, then main thing you should care about is your time. Use services like and they will automatically send your email to the domain name registrant/owner.

    @Minh most privacy companies forward your email to the domain name owner.

  54. Kamran says:

    It’s always complex thing for me. You have shared such a nice information thanks your so much for the effort. You just drop me out of complex things.

  55. Minh says:

    Some domain like that I can’t use whois lookup to ..

    How do i know which company they used to protect domain privacy

    1. You can do a whois lookup at

      Then send an email to the “Admin Email” address listed. Hopefully the privacy service will forward your request.

      If that fails or in addition to that option, you can use the contact information/form on the website.

      And if that doesn’t work you buy access to DomainTools’ “whois history” tool ( to find out the email address that was associated with the domain name prior to the domain name being placed under privacy protection.

      Good luck.

      1. thetecsite says:

        thanks. It was really helpful.

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        This looks really amazing and i hope it will keep on working!

  56. I use for all my whois lookups. It’s a company called Domain Tools. Cool service. Worth a look at.

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        Great info regarding how to find a domain owner. Thanks for such informative article.

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