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TL;DR: Respectful, constructive and insightful comments are welcome.

In summary:

  • Be respectful when commenting
  • Do not promote your own products/services, including domains for sale (option for you)
  • Do not ask for domain name appraisals (option for you)
  • Use a real email address (never revealed) so we can verify you’re a real person, and not a troll

Comments by new visitors or containing links will held in queue and moderated.

Full policy:
Words matter. Words can hurt. If that is your objective, please go somewhere else.

Respectful, constructive and insightful comments add to everyone’s knowledge, improve outcomes and benefit everyone.

Guests who are invited to be interviewed on DomainSherpa are similar to guests I invite into my home – they are coming to a place where the conversation is spirited, but good-natured and civil.

As the host of the show, it is my obligation to treat DomainSherpa guests – who all have diverse opinions and ideas about the various subjects we discuss – with respect. Doing so allows me to ask probing questions that lead to learning and understanding. Both for me and for viewers of the show.

While I may not agree with every guest’s point of view, I value their opinions and appreciate that they are willing to share their knowledge with me openly. We can all learn from the experiences of others, even if we choose not to follow their path in business or life.

I expect the same respect and civility from the audience of DomainSherpa when posting comments to an interview. This helps further the discussion in a productive way and encourages others to share their insights on the show. It’s fine to express a differing opinion, but negativity and snarky remarks serve no purpose. In particular, we won’t tolerate: personal attacks, put-downs, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity (including expletives and letters followed by dashes), commercial promotion, impersonating another person, and TYPING IN ALL CAPS.

Any commenter who violates our policies may have their post edited or deleted or be banned without notice.

In addition, DomainSherpa is not a forum for offering products, services or domain names for sale. There are many marketplaces and discussion forums we recommend that serve this purpose.

If you have questions regarding this or any other policy on DomainSherpa, you are encouraged to contact me through our contact form.

Michael Cyger
Publisher, DomainSherpa

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