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How I Built Steady Income – with Joshua Reason

Are you new to domain investing? Do you have a 5 year plan? Learn how Joshua Reason built up to a steady monthly income of $15-20k in the last 5 years! Plus, hear all the details of two profitable flips from last month!

Joshua Reason from discusses:

  • Deciding his target ROI range and sell through rate
  • Tools & data points he uses to make acquisition decisions & divide his domain investments into value tiers
  • How he uses his background in branding & marketing to choose his investment models
  •  Adjusting sales strategy for full time domain investing vs part time domain investing
  • Why he sold a $20-30k domain for $8,000

Josh reveals all the details of two profitable flips from April, both of which sold within a week of acquisition:

  • A 5N .COM acquired for $2,000 and the $21,000 sale that came from a tweet
  • acquired for $700 and sold via Efty landing page -> email negotiation for $8,000

New domain investors, investors considering transitions between full and part time, and any investor reviewing their sales strategy will benefit from today’s show!

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Joshua Reason
Joshua Reason
Josh Reason is a renowned domain market expert and brand consultant with multiple businesses both inside and outside of the domain industry. He has been instrumental in buying and selling hundreds of premium domain names for clients around the globe.

He has a very popular podcast on digital entrepreneurship called Digital Fortune - which has quickly become one of the most renowned podcasts in the domain industry and is now on the DomainSherpa Network!

He is also co-founder of DNWE, ( - Domain Name Wholesale Exchange - which is a ZERO commission trading platform for domain investors, whose industry leading software makes the buying and selling experience seamless. Essentially the goal of DNWE is to bring domain investors together to create a more liquid market, and it does that very effectively.

Reason has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Auburn University.

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Tess Diaz:                                 00:00:00               Are you a new domain investor? Do you have a five year plan? Today we talk with Josh Reason he’s been domain investing for five years. He now has a steady income of 15 to 20 k net per month. He tried out full time domain investing and part time domain investing. Talks about the pros and cons and how that affected his choices and sales strategy. Listen to this show today. If you want to develop your strategy to develop your five year goals and if you just want to get to know a real up and comer in the domain name industry, enjoy first serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust.

Advertiser Message:          00:01:03               EFTY was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails. Manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at That’s e f t

Tess Diaz:                                 00:01:22               Hey Sherpa Network. I’m Tess Diaz, Executive Producer at and today we’re joined by a former Sherpa, Josh Reason of Hi Josh. How you been?

Josh Reason:                          00:01:36               Hey, I’m doing great. Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:01:39               Yeah, it’s a delight to have you. And the last time you were on, you were talking with Mike Cyger or about a profitable flip. You have continued to, to profit as you have, you know, you’re five years into the domain industry now. Um, I think it’s time to check in and see how things have progressed for you.

Josh Reason:                          00:02:00               Okay. Yeah, no, definitely. I think so things, things are obviously going pretty well. That particular flip was probably the first big one that I had and I’ve had quite a few since then, but uh, yeah, things are going great.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:02:13               So even more since then. Congratulations. So I think a lot of domain investors wonder about their trajectory in domain investment. And you have such a fantastic story. Um, you know, 2014 you first began to mean investing. Uh, last year you spent one year as a full time domain investor. Every year, you’ve had more ROI than the year before and this year you’ve gone back to work and are doing part time domain investing, but you’re making more money.

Josh Reason:                          00:02:56               Yeah, that’s right. That’s exactly. And I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s one of those things, uh, kind of like I was just saying is that, um, there’s probably a few reasons for that, but I mean, I did a lot of, I did a lot of hard work last year, uh, while, while in the domain industry. Um, and essentially I’m probably seeing the reward for a lot of the hard work that I did. Then. I’m also, you know, gaining more and more knowledge from, from certain areas of, um, of investing and consulting. And you know, I’ve worked with, I’ve worked with a lot of companies in the last couple of years through personal contacts. Some of them have actually just found me based on the domain names that I have. Um, I mean, I, I own brand consultants. Dot Com and I actually get some people that find me just because of that domain name. Um, so

Tess Diaz:                                 00:03:49               They’re looking for a brand consultant.

Josh Reason:                          00:03:52               Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I’ve had, I’ve had a few, I’ve had a few like that. Um, and it’s, you know, it’s what, what’s, what’s been interesting is, you know, you get a great idea of what people are looking for, you know, what you know, comes to mind when people are searching for a domain name and, um, you don’t necessarily think about those things from, from that perspective in the early days of domain investing. So, uh, it’s just, just one of those things where it’s just, I’m just gradually improve, gradually got better, gradually improve the portfolio. And, uh, I think now obviously being five years in, I start to start to see the results of that. So

Tess Diaz:                                 00:04:33               that’s a big deal. Yeah. And I like how right before we started recording, you talked about, um, you know, growing your cash and growing your education by bit year over year. You know, um, a lot of people think of three year strategy of five year goals. Um, let’s kind of walk through each year how you built upon the year before. So only your first year in domaining was a wash. That’s pretty impressive. Not most domain investors can say that. Um, so 2013, you were a tennis star, graduated from Auburn College, uh, go who, what’s their team name?

Josh Reason:                          00:05:20               A tigers.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:05:21               Go Tigers. Um, 2014 you began investing in domains, um, and that year was washed. Tell us, give us like some figures. How many demeans did you buy? Was it a loss or you broke even?

Josh Reason:                          00:05:38               Oh, it was, I mean, 2014 was definitely a loss. I mean it’s, it’s, it was one of those scenarios and I think a lot about people kind of experienced that is where I, you know, I’m just coming out of college, I got absolutely zero cash. The cash that I do have, I’m trying to find like some creative way to create some kind of domain that may have some value for like maybe like a or, um, or maybe don’t go to any closeouts maybe, I’m not even sure if I was at that stage yet. Um, but yeah, most I don’t, I think I may have been able to like sell a few of those domains on like main pros or something like that. Maybe recoup some of my investments, but I think 2014 was, there was no doubt a loss. But I will say this is that when I, when I kind of like learn about something and my wife, you know, she gets on me about this all the time, it, I become like compulsive and like almost like obsessive over it. So w you know, when I see sucks that it’s like someone’s able to be successful in that area. I know it’s possible. So it just then becomes a case of how badly do you want to have, I only do you want it, how badly do you want to learn? How badly do you want to get up to speed? And so I think 2014 probably 2015 as well as was, was pretty much just, just learning, earning as much as I could. So.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:06:57               Okay. And were you learning, it sounds like you were learning some by experience, by making your purchases and being on the forums and trying to sell them. Um, did you only sell on the forums your first year?

Josh Reason:                          00:07:10               Yeah, I think I tried. I think I tried to sell on maybe flip, uh, uh, other, other, uh, maybe Mike May have tried go daddy auctions, but I still only, I certainly didn’t have any end user sales, uh, in 2014. Um, yeah, it was just, like I said, it was just a case of not having, not having anything that anyone would really want. Um, and, and uh, I couldn’t, I couldn’t really, because I didn’t, because I didn’t have the expertise. I didn’t really know like what was the best, what was the best thing that I could afford for the money. Right. I think if you told me now, hey, you’ve got 50 bucks, uh, spend it and try it and try to, and try to get a decent name. I probably could. I probably could get a domain name that would, no, I could, I could turn for a crossfit. I wouldn’t have been able to then. Yeah. Yeah.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:08:06               What did you do on your, um, education piece your first year besides practicing yourself? Wow. You know, did you have a schedule? Did you just, you were so excited and compulsive that you are reading up on stuff. Did you go to conferences where, what was your one year education

Josh Reason:                          00:08:26               experiences? So, I mean, I probably read every single thread that was on nape rose, uh, in, in the first two years. I mean, I read everything, uh, and, and uh, you know, probably contributed in some areas, have no clue what I was talking about, but that’s by the by. Um, but yeah, I, I read up a law. I watched every dementia for every time it came out. Um, I, you know, I don’t think Dan Academy around at that time, but if I had known about it, if, you know, if, if it was around at that time, I would have to show signed up. Um,

Josh Reason:                          00:09:03               but yeah, I did. I used to every possible resource that I could find. And, uh, yeah, I think, I think probably the main show was one of the most useful things. I think it was around that time, um, around that time that it was Holly’s, Andy was like doing a lot in the domain industry. It was like one of those new newcomers, newcomers that was doing really well. Um, and uh, yeah, I think I tried to reach out to a few people and gain as much knowledge as I could and, um, yeah, that’s how it was for the first couple of years. Really.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:09:34               Okay. Fabulous. Your profitable flip and I really like how you shared it with Mike now. This was in 2017. Um, but I really like how you shared it, how some of the delays in the negotiations you contributed to. Um, and you know, I just appreciate that realism that especially your first big profitable flip, it’s difficult to do it perfectly, but you, you worked through it and still were able to negotiate a profit and a good one. Um, and you don’t have any background in negotiation. Your background’s in marketing.

Josh Reason:                          00:10:25               Well, actually at that time I was in sales and I was, I was pretty. Uh, so that’s, that’s where I kind of go. MMM. A lot of my, a lot of my confidence in my cash room in the beginning was, I mean I worked pretty hard and sales and so I kind of, I thought I was a bit of a like kind of kind of a bad ass negotiator, um,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:10:50               confidence,

Josh Reason:                          00:10:53               you know, and in regards to that sale in hindsight, um, I think I’ve probably squeezed as much as I possibly could from those people, those people. Um, but I think the, I met today, I may probably have sold it a little earlier on in the negotiation. Um, I may have sold it a little cheaper. Um, but I’ve, you know, I’m not, I’m not, no, was going to lie. I’ve had a lot of sales that I’ve had good offers on and I’ve lost deals. Um, and you know, in terms of, in terms of my personal model, I try to, I try to move names within my Roi Range, um, as much as I can. Um, I try to, I try to have a slightly higher sell through rate than, than the average a domain investor. Um, so if it falls within the Roi that I need in order for it to make sense, then I’ll typically try to move the name unless, you know, I’m really attached to the name and I know that it has a clear value of much more than what I, than what the offer is, then of course I’m going to move on. But when it’s kind of on that edge and it’s borderline, I try, I try to move the name. No.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:12:03               Okay. And that’s what’s neat is we’re all always evolving our strategies, especially as you gain that experience. How did you come to define what your Roi Range is and are you willing to share those numbers?

Josh Reason:                          00:12:17               Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. So for me, I’m always trying to get between 10 and 15 x on my initial investment. And I, I, I do like to try and try and move. Name’s Bailey fairly quickly. MMM. I kind of, I, I do have my names and tears, so I have to tier one names. I’m happy to hold for a long time. I’m not really actively trying to sell them at all. Um, and then I have two, two names where I, I’m trying to, I’m trying to move those within 18 months typically. Um, and if, if I, if I’m getting an offer between 10 and 15 x, my initial investment, I’m definitely, I’m definitely trying to take those. Um, and then names the, I, you know, I fall in love with a purchase and then gradually fall out of love with, um, I’ll try to move them even cheaper. And I think, I think we all have those types of names and I’ll portfolios.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:13:09               Interesting. Yeah. And do you, um, identify those in any structure or do you simply just, you know, in your head, you know, which is which?

Josh Reason:                          00:13:23               Yeah, so I mean, I use a few, I use a few tools and some, some data to analyze which names I put in which tears. Um, and I typically have folders. I put, oh, I have a little, my name’s at go daddy. Um, so I typically have full of those for the ones that, you know, tear a too, a to B to c. Mmm. The, the ones in the ones in use. Um, I’m typically trying to sell them really cheap before. And your, because like, you know, I will renew the, renew them, but like I just want to move them most of the time. Um, there’s not that many of those in my portfolio anymore, that kind of like stragglers that have been around since 2015, 2000, 16 days. Um, but, but yeah, it’s, it’s, I, I do, I do try to attend them. I do try to organize them as such and it, and it is based on, it is based on data and what’s selling, what’s not selling, what, what I know. And it also has to do with trends, right? I mean, and think things are changing all the time. Um, I know like big trends at the moment is putting Joe and then keyword in front of a name. People love those kind of call to action type names. So, um, and while maybe five years ago, that didn’t make as much sense. So it’s staying up to date with those kinds of things as well to super important in my opinion. So yeah,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:14:44               that’s really good. And tracking a trend like that, you’re just noticing it and what people are interested in.

Josh Reason:                          00:14:52               Yeah, yeah, exactly. I mean, I look at it, I look at sales, uh hmm. Pretty religiously. Uh, okay. So I mean, I can, I can pretty much tell you what solid homeless almost daily. Um, I, I mean when I, when I come home from like full time job at, you know, the next three, four hours I spent like looking at these kinds of things, research and names, trial trying to find deals. Uh, and obviously spend some time with Mike, my wife and daughter if I can. But, uh, she, she definitely, she definitely, uh, would like me to spend more time there. Um, but, but yeah, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of work, right? You can’t, you can’t expect to stay up with the trends and grab the deals, uh, if you’re not constantly on it all the time. Um, and you know, there are a lot of buying opportunities in the market today. It’s just, uh, you know, there, there is more than a handful of people, a lot of people in fact that are looking out for those deals as well. So you read that you’d be, they’ve gotta be able to recognize them quickly or you or be, you know, actually saving in your chair, ready to split them up.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:16:06               I like that. Yeah. It’s sitting in your chair, ready to scoop them up. Um, so any other tools or specific data points that you recommend to a newer investor, what they should, you know, uh, have in there, uh,

Josh Reason:                          00:16:20               tool belt, so to speak? Yeah. Yeah. No. So the, I would say the three, like the real key things that, that I look for. Uh, I, I use expired domain name expired domains. I mean, she’s like 25 times a day, just like everyone else. Um, but, uh, they, uh, and you know, there’s so many filters that you can use to refine your search requirements. We’ve talked about it many times on the main show up or before for sure. Um, but you know, I like to see, uh, if the domains, uh, how, how many different extensions the domain is registered in. Um, I, I like to see if companies have trademarks. Are those the main name for those? So those key words, um, or p where depending on, uh, the domain, I definitely, I like searching. Obviously Google, Google’s your friend, you can see, you can see a lot of end user potential or terms or you know, whether those, those key words are used.

Josh Reason:                          00:17:23               Um, by, by simply searching and Google. Um, I use, I use crunchbase to check for, for for companies, um, see if they’ve got an exact match to the name that I’m looking for. Um, honestly, search volume, um, use keyword finder for central park central quality in which is important, but you know, and you know, even even look at a cost per click as well, you know, all of those, all of those things are factors in a decision for me when I’m, when I’m buying a domain name. And, uh, and then I think above, above actually all of those for me is, is actually my God. And you know, what, what is, what do I, what do I think about the domain name? Is, is it, you know, I’ve, I’ve spoken with enough companies, I have, I have enough experience in the, in the brand world to know does this, it, would this be a good brand? Does it doesn’t have end user the potential? And if the answer is yes and, you know, uh, most of the time, if the numbers make sense, I’ll go for it.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:18:28               Yeah, that’s really neat. And, um, at what point in domain investing do you think you’ve got to that level where your gut instinct was really that you felt that you could trust it, that it was spot on?

Josh Reason:                          00:18:44               You know, that, you know, that’s actually, that’s actually a really good question. Um, I always double check myself, make sure that, you know, I’m thinking, uh, along the right lines because I think we all, we always sometimes get lost in the sauce, you know, and we get really excited about an opportunity and suddenly the, the domain name looks like gold. Um, but yeah, I honestly, it probably took me three, four years, you know, and this is like, you know, when, I’m not exaggerating when I, when I say this is like daily, daily, daily work, um, the, I was putting in on both and it’s not just in the domain industry, it’s, it’s actually in marketing and branding in general. And I think that that’s like this, there’s a clear crossover there that most people understand, but the, how many people actually focus on how I wanna I wanna learn more about branding and I want to learn more about marketing, um, rather than, I just wanted to know more about the main. So for me, I tried to combine the two, um, because a lot of the time they’re going hand in hand.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:19:54               Yeah, that’s, that’s very true. What do you think the typical new domain investor who doesn’t have a branding and marketing background? Um, what do you think they need to know?

Josh Reason:                          00:20:07               Yeah. That, I mean, that’s a, that’s a really good question. So, and so in my eyes, there’s, there’s so many different investment models. Uh, I mean, you can, you can pull up probably breaking down into like three key structures, but, um, everyone has variations, right? You’ve got, you’ve got, you know, the people that have been around for a long time, you know, they, they’ve got really, really, really top tier domain names that, you know, they’re not settling for less than six, seven figures or, and you know, even on their mediocre names, they’re happy to sit and wait for, you know, a really, really, really big offers. Um, and that’s, that’s absolutely, that’s absolutely fine. Um, but I think the newer investors need to understand that, you know, they’ll, they’ll never sell a lot of those domain names that they’ll never sell it. Um, and it doesn’t mean that they’re not making a lot of money, um, because when they do make a sale, they make a big sale.

Josh Reason:                          00:21:11               But if, if, if you’re new and you need to, you know, make sales that, that, that’s probably not the best strategy for you. If you want to make money, if you want to build a portfolio and you’re happy not to make a sale for two, three, four, five years, then yeah, maybe that’s, maybe that’s okay. But if you are looking to come in and make money quickly, then you know, sometimes you, you’re going to have to price here your domain names a little bit more. I mean, I have, I use the word reasonably reasonably is probably not the right word, uh, but a little, a little bit more competitively. Um, I think the, the, the people, uh, the psychology people like to see a buy now prices that are within a certain range. Um, and you can certainly move a lot more names if you have, uh, if you have a competitive price point and for a lot of new people coming in, they’re not buying, I’m not saying this is always the case, but they’re not playing, you know, your, your top key one that get daily inquiries is that, and that, you know, they’re there.

Josh Reason:                          00:22:18               Most of the time that you’re looking at, you know, two brand was, or, um, key words to a doll columns in any, you know, maybe picking them up for a couple of hundred dollars there and there. And you know, those, those type of domains on getting daily grades, maybe not weekly inquiries, maybe not even monthly increase. So when those inquiries do come alone, um, sometimes you, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta be able to follow some kind of structure that you have, right? My mind is a one 10 or 15 x on my investment, but maybe if I haven’t had a sale in a long time and then someone else’s me, you know, five x or eight x and then, you know, I’m, I’m in the business of wanting to move more domain names personally. And I think that most, most people in the domain industry who get in there in the same boat, right? They, they want to make money, right. I think that’s why a lot of people come in, they want to make money. So at the beginning, I think you’ve gotta be willing to, to make some adjustments and sell names for a little lessons. What some of the people that, uh, you might see in the industry that are selling you know, names for,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:23:22               no, no, that’s a really interesting point, Josh. Um, when we take it back to what we were, you were talking about earlier with your, um, your education was, and we didn’t talk percentages, but you were saying you had a two part education. One part was watching Sherpa and you know, reading and forums, but the other part was the experience of selling them and see, you know, listening and hearing the feedback you get. So it sounds like applying that here, even if your financial strategy in the short term is not, uh, you know, you’re not a just graduated from college instruct for cash. Uh, but it still would likely be who view build longterm financially and a short term to, uh, two evils. Your investments. Um, buy it, sell it, learned through the process, cut your losses. And uh, each time by a little bit better domain, whether it’s more expensive or not, it’ll be better quality cause you’ll have learned, right?

Josh Reason:                          00:24:39               That’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. To make things a little bit more interesting. I can, I mean, just last, last month, so the month of April, I, I think I’ve made three sales, but the two, um, maybe just two or three sales, I made three sales, so I, I and two of which I acquired in the same month. Um, so, and, and one of them, one of them was a five And not that I know. And you know, and to that point, I’m happy to diversify my investments so that when people like focus on certain issues, I want to make sure that I take every single opportunity I can. So I want to understand the number of market. I want to understand the three letter mark. I want to stand up for that. I won’t understand it every single market they possibly can because if an opportunity comes up, I want that opportunity.

Josh Reason:                          00:25:33               Right. So, you know, I bought a five for $2,000 and I sold it three days later for $20,000. And that was two weeks ago, and I think it was $21,000 or something like that. And the, uh, and I think that the actual worth and the Chinese market, it was probably more than that, but I know that there are a lot of domain names that I can improve my portfolio on with $20,000 and I’m going to feel much more comfortable doing that because I understand the western market better than what I understand the Chinese market, you know. So, um, and then the other day I sold, which I actually posted this on Twitter, but it’s off market insight or Dotcom for $8,000. Um, it was a purchase for $700 the week beforehand. And it was actually, it was an end user that approached me. Um, and you know, a lot of people kind of said, hey, listen, I think that domain name is a 20, $30,000 domain name.

Josh Reason:                          00:26:41               Uh, and the thing is, is that I don’t, I don’t have a bad reaction to that because I agree. I think it probably is a 20 or $30,000 domain, but I know that that fits within my Roi Strategy. I know that I might have to wait five, six, 10 years to maybe achieve that price. Um, and for me, I prefer to put that money into another account. So yeah, that kind of elaborates a little bit more on your question, but I think it’s good to kind of give some real world, real world examples and potatoes. So two weeks ago you sold a five Yeah. The week before. Yeah. It was a week before I bought it for about to $2,000 more or less. Where did you buy it? Huh? And Go Daddy. And it was posted on go daddy that same day, you know. So I’m sure there were other people that would, would have bought it fresh. Yeah. That goes back to what I’m saying is that, um, I’m, I’m ready to scoop up those deals when I see them.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:27:57               Neat. Okay. So, um, do you mind sharing the exact numbers? Uh, you know, because in the Asian market each number is often, you know, have a special

Josh Reason:                          00:28:09               values. Yeah. So I said to the, I said to the veal all the details, I will say there were four repeating numbers in there for repeating numbers and then one other number either at the beginning or the end, like not, uh, it was actually the second number, which was

Tess Diaz:                                 00:28:31               okay. All right. And so there was also a broker, this is interesting. Um, so you bought it on, go daddy buy it now. It was a freshly listed by probably another domain investor. He bought it for 2000. And um, and then

Josh Reason:                          00:28:52               how did you come to sell it? A week later? You worked with the broker, the broker came to you, your outbound inbound. So, um, I think I’ve posted the acquisition somewhere on social media. I think it was on one of the social media platforms and, and a guy that kind of specializes in and the five number market, um, contacted me and us and how much I wanted for it. Um, so another domain investor or a domain broker? Uh, I think he does a little bit of both. Um, okay. So, so basically

Tess Diaz:                                 00:29:31               in, within the domain community and someone reached out and said what,

Josh Reason:                          00:29:38               okay. Uh, sent me a private message instead and, and, uh, ask me how much I wanted for the domain. Um, yeah. And I think, I think I probably asked for maybe 30 grand or something like that. Um, and he made me a pretty good offer. I kind of realized that we were probably going to make a deal.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:29:59               Huh. So you sold it to him?

Josh Reason:                          00:30:04               Well, initially, so initially he made me an offer on, on, uh, um, like for himself. And then he decided that he was, he would find a buyer for it. And I mean, he must’ve had someone lined up because I mean, we go into escrow and I thought I was probably, I kind of thought I was selling it to him and I realized that it wasn’t, um, because it will happen so quickly, so.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:30:31               Okay. Okay. Interesting. So sounds like, yeah, he brokered it to someone else. Um, and super fast. And you know, sometimes, sometimes that’s okay. Um, and it sounds like you’re really firmly rooted in what your strategy is for Roi. And so if there’s a little money left on the table, that’s okay. Um, because each time you’re, um, kind of reinvesting and learning more, do you think you’ll get to a point, do you plan to get to a point where you’ll be like the old timers you described?

Josh Reason:                          00:31:14               So, you know, that’s the, that’s the, you know, most of, most of them, you know, that, that as a personal goal for me is to be able to do those kinds of things when I, when I don’t need to kind of churn those sales. I mean, I, I like, I like to make sales that’s, you know, so yeah, I enjoy doing it and I, uh, but the, the main goal is I want to, I believe in domain names. I believe in, um, what they do for your brand and I believe and how powerful that it can be for a company. Um, so, you know, and I, I have my own goals. I like to, you know, to start my own kind of companies, I would love to have a portfolio of very, very strong, you know, one word. Dot coms and those kind of thing.

Josh Reason:                          00:32:03               And the only way you can, you can do that today is by having a lot of cash because nobody’s selling you. Those domain names are cheap. Um, so, you know, when, when, if I’m able to churn cells over and you know, get better domain names, I’m going to, I’m going to do that as much as I can. Um, and yeah, it’s, it’s really, it, it’s really, really, really important to understand that people within the industry or in very, very different situations, you know, I’m in different situation than, you know, drew and Rick and those guys and you know, people who have, right. Starting over in a different situation than I am and, and, you know, so what I would sell a domain four is going to be different than both of those people on both ends of the spectrum. Some of the time is, you know, I understand the main name has inherent magic, right. And you, and you know, you can appraise a domain name within a certain range, but at the end of the day, it’s all circumstantial to some degree because it depends on who’s buying and who’s selling it. Um, so

Tess Diaz:                                 00:33:06               just the antisense very interesting. Um, okay, so let’s, I want another example here. I really liked this one. So market That’s a second. Do you mean that you bought in a week later? Sold it for, I don’t know that math, but $700 to $8,000.

Josh Reason:                          00:33:27               Yeah, yeah, exactly. So it’s, you know, it’s right. It’s right within that kind of 10 to 15 x rays. I’m talking to you about. Uh, it was, it was, uh, an inbound inquiry from, uh, a pretty, uh, pretty, uh, a decent size company. I think I am. And you know, it was, um, one of those deals that I wrapped up in 24 hours. Um, I probe, I don’t actually think I could have got more money from this particular buyer. Um, it was one of those situations where I think that they were, they were ready to go at that point, but they, you know, I had to buy it now price on it so they could have, they could have a, they could have just bought it. Um, but what I, what I did is I sent the, I can offer them a 20% discount on the buy it now price and that’s it.

Josh Reason:                          00:34:23               That’s like the absolute maximum. Um, actually I think I said we can typically offer a 10 to 20% discount on what the buyer now prices and they said if you can do a 20% discount, we’ll buy it. And for me at that point, that’s a no brainer because I would pay 20% to after neck or go daddy anyway. Uh, but you know, came through an EFTY lander. So I’m just taking 20% of the buy it now price. And um, we had a quick sale. Um, so yeah, could it sold trouble? Probably. Um, but again, like I said, it fits within the Roi Range for me.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:35:02               Yeah, it sure does. So let’s back up on that kind of amazing that a domain that good is available for only $700. Where did you and that was also April.

Josh Reason:                          00:35:17               Yeah, it was, it was a buy it now listing.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:35:20               Okay. Was it another one that you think was just freshly listed?

Josh Reason:                          00:35:25               I’m not sure about that one. Um, actually I think it was, I think it was on go daddy and yeah, I mean it, it might’ve been fun quite far down under this because people, people tend to sor domain names by a certain filters and um, like one of the, one of the fillers that I personally use is, um, is how many extensions it’s registered in a, so from, from the, you know, as many as possible to the least amount. Um, it gives you a good quick way to sort through the ones that are probably most valuable, like insight. It was actually only registered in like four or five different extensions at that, at that point, which is like, which is actually kind of weird. And for that, for that name because it’s, my initial reaction was like, that’s a really good domain name. You know, why is that not ready to say more extensions?

Josh Reason:                          00:36:20               Um, and, um, I kinda did a little bit of research on it. I honestly, I didn’t like the fact that market insider, although I think is a worse name, is used by business insider. Business insider is obviously, you know, big, big, big, big. Um, but I, I didn’t like the fact that markets inside it was used by them just because it kind of, it takes away the possibility for like, you know, if I was, if I, me personally, if I was going to create a brand in that industry, um, I don’t, I don’t think I would want to create one that is confusing with an already well established brands unless I was like trying to make a play on like taking some of that traffic or something along those lines, which I don’t use it.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:37:06               I mean, you know, neither one of us are attorneys or anything, but I would think that would be a legal concern to a potential end user buyer. Um, which is probably another reason why you have somebody who wants to buy it. Boom, great. Before you realize that you have, you know, before the buyer realizes they may have an IP conflict, why don’t we go ahead and get it. I mean, and I’m not advocating, you know, selling trademarks in any way, but this is not, you know, not the case. I’m sure. So you bought it, you, you know, you think you’ve caught it because nobody else was pulling. Those are looking that far down the list like you said. Um, so even though you had that concern, you still in your gut felt like, you know, it was a valuable comedy.

Josh Reason:                          00:37:56               It’s still, it was still, it’s still a valuable, the main name I just, I just all right, my question, how many end users would want to buy a notebook? Because, not really, because there was an IP consent just because, just because of confusion, you know, a little bit and you know, you type in, you type in market insight or into Google and it never, I don’t see it as a good sign if, if the top results are something different than what you’ve typed in, like markets insider. Right. So

Tess Diaz:                                 00:38:28               like in what kind of market, you know, it’s not real specific.

Josh Reason:                          00:38:32               Right. And I’m not taken away. It’s a great domain name. Like I, I believe

Tess Diaz:                                 00:38:36               that to the right buyer, that’s probably 20, $30,000 in name, name. Yeah. Well it’s about the decision making process and how you came to decide that this was worth your investment.

Josh Reason:                          00:38:50               Yeah, exactly. It’s actually one of those where you, where it comes down to your gut. Um, and I think the, a lot of decent or good domain investors know that it’s a good domain name, uh, that, that’s a good domain name. But I, you know, on the, if you, if you look at just the data on that one, it’s actually not, it’s actually not that good. Um, there are a lot worse names with better, uh, analytics as such. Um, but uh, yeah.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:39:20               Okay. Um, so then within a week you got an inquiry through your, so do you automatically list your domains on SD as soon as you acquire them?

Josh Reason:                          00:39:35               I have, um, Aye. I’ve used the FT for awhile, uh, maybe two or three years. Um, but I did try undeveloped for a little while, um, but I didn’t see much of a difference between them. EFTYN oversee, I already paid a subscription, a subscription fee for EFTYA, so a profoto avoid the 9% commissioned that under about charges. Uh, so I, I’m in the process of moving most of my names back to Ft. I probably have about a quarter of them there right now. Okay. Yeah, it’s, it’s that, that what I’ve been doing at the Bogan, uh, when I was just talking, I was actually talking to Mike about this, Michael Saiger about this is that, well, I’ve been doing at the moment is I’ve been putting buy it now prices on after afternoon, which a lot of people do, but like there’s tier two, tier three names. Um, and then actually I, I’ve switched my landing pages to make an offer. So, um, if someone, if someone by, if someone searches for them at the registry level or it goes to the registrar and tries to find a domain, then, um, that they’ll see it. It’s available for buy it now and they can choose to buy it if they want to. But if someone makes an inquiry through a landing page, um, I’m, I’m, um, I’m happy to start a negotiation, um, and I’ll probably remove the, buy it now price at that point as well.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:41:05               Okay. Interesting. So this one, you put up a market insider you put upon FTE and within a week and end user reached out. Now what Info does she give you for an inquiry? The email address?

Josh Reason:                          00:41:23               Yeah. Email address, a phone number, uh, a message, an offer. They give you the Ip address as well, uh, which is sometimes useful. MMM. And I think those, the, those are the four well key things that they give you.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:41:40               Yeah. So based on that information, do you immediately search who your buyer is or you just discussed the purchase?

Josh Reason:                          00:41:52               Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Do. Um, I said agenda and I mean, this particular buyer, I think it was their media, that media agency, um, uh, or that creative agency that actually reached out on their behalf. MMM. So I didn’t actually know who the Bio was until we got into escrow. I thought the bio was this media agency on that, but it wasn’t that, it wasn’t actually them. They were representing the client,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:42:17               which usually means that even larger client in the first place. And, and how did you come to the $8,000 sale price?

Josh Reason:                          00:42:29               Yeah, it is. It’s kind of like I said, it had, it was actually one of them, one of maybe like three names that I have a buy it now price on that landing page. I think I just, I think I put the buy it now price on maybe even by accident. MMM. Okay. Because I hadn’t been doing that to my other names and it was 9,888. MMM. They could have bought it on the landing page if they wanted to. Um, they didn’t, they elected to make an offer. They made an offer of like 4,000 bucks or something along those lines. So, you know, in my experience, that’s a pretty good offer to start with. I know at that point that they are serious buyer. Um, and uh, I simply responded, uh, I simply responded, hey, listen, we can, I can normally get attended, uh, 10 to 20% discount, uh, on the domain name for you.

Josh Reason:                          00:43:22               Uh, if that works, let me know. And he said, hey, yeah, if you can do 20% will buy it. If not, we’re going to pass. Um, so like would he passed? I Dunno, maybe, maybe not. Um, probably doubt it actually. Um, in hindsight, but in some, in some, in some scenarios, they really will pass. I’ve had plenty that they will, so I just bought the name. So I said, okay, listen, I, and I, and I got back to them. I said, yeah, 20% of our work, this is what the price comes down to be, which is like 7,000, 900, $10. Um, and uh, I told, and I switched the, buy it now price on Ft. Uh, so it was exactly what that is, that, that number that we agreed on wells. And uh, they went through and clicked through, started escrow and it was in escrow and they funded it immediately. Um, and it was done within 24 hours.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:44:20               No kidding. In your negotiation. Like I’ll knock 20% off if you fund within 24 hours or, or you were just saying, hey, listen, here’s your $4,000 offer. I can’t do that. You know, the buy it now has 8,000, the most I could go is 20%.

Josh Reason:                          00:44:47               Awesome. It was essentially like, I can go to bat for you too. Like, so I actually, uh, I normally have someone else respond to my inquiries, uh, either either my wife or someone else that doesn’t, there’s a few things for me sometimes. Um, and uh, what, what, what I, what I asked them to do is on these kind of inquiries is say, uh, like get, get, get a commitment before giving any kind of a price reduction, which is like, is it was almost like sales 101. It’s like, I can, uh, I can potentially get you there. Well, I need confirmation from you that if I get you this, you will move forward with the deal. So as soon as I got confirmation from them that yes, if you can do this, we will move forward here. Uh, we then, you know, can get back to them and say, Hey, okay, we’re good to go.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:45:48               Exactly. Exactly. Nice. Nice. Enclosed it via escrow. And you’re right. Also factoring in the, um, you know, that you didn’t have to pay anybody else commission a sweet deal. Now, um, do you think it was just an absolute coincidence of timing or do you think that did, did market insight or before you acquired it, did they have a landing page or was it only if you went to go daddy and search for it or for general domains to buy that you would find it? Do you think the difference was that you had a landing page and this buyer had been watching it, saw landing page come up and said, oh, and they didn’t know the, the other ways to acquire it.

Josh Reason:                          00:46:37               There’s a, there’s a very, there’s a very good possibility that they were monitoring the name, uh, maybe some capacity and, and so that was a landing page and there was an easy way to get in touch. Um, I honestly, I can’t tell you the amount of times, especially in the last two years that, oh, buy a domain from someone or, uh, at auction or something like that, put a landing page up and, and, and, and, and suddenly get an a media inquiry. And so because actually it’s crazy, but there’s still so many people to own great domain names that they may be, have them listed, uh, at go daddy or whatnot, but they don’t have landing pages. It, and, um, I think that in fact, I know that, uh, most people that are not that familiar with the domain industry yet have a need to buy domain names on it, some semi regular basis.

Josh Reason:                          00:47:35               What they do is they type, they type in that, they type in the URL. That’s, you know, that’s what they do. Um, and if nothing comes up, it’s just difficult for them, you know, especially especially with who is now being a little bit more, um, you know, a lot, a lot of, a lot of the, um, registrars will, will well not show the full information because of I guess the Gdpr that went, the, that was going on in Europe. Even, even if, even if you’re, you know, a lot of my name’s on base there in the u s it doesn’t show my contact information and a lot of the cases. So, um, you want to make it as easy as possible to, for someone to buy an asset that you’re trying to sell. Um, nobody wants to work hard. It’s the same with any industry. It’s, it’s you, you want simplicity. Uh, nobody wants to overthink things. Uh, the, the easier you can make the process the better.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:48:30               So thinking out loud here, but someone like a creative agency who reached out to you to, um, do this acquisition, I would think they’re specializing in branding and marketing, not in domain researching. And, um, they may not even know how to look up the WHO is or how to check go daddy for an availability. They may only know to go to the landing page or they’re not spending their own money. They’re probably not incentivized financially. So they might just have, first thing I’ll do is type in the domain. Oh look, I can make an offer and they’re not comparison shopping so to speak either. Right.

Josh Reason:                          00:49:18               Yeah, no, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, we currency my full time job, we work with a few agencies, work with a creative agency. Um, and you know, I don’t, I’m pretty sure that most, most of them, although you know, they, they know, they know a decent amount where it comes to branding and creative and artsy type stuff that are not experts in domain acquisition. And a lot, you know, it would be, it would be great for all of us if companies always came to a domain broker or a domain industry professional with acquisition attempts. But the, uh, the reality is that they don’t, um, so they, you know, they, they, they either try to do it themselves or they use a, uh, an agency that might not be that familiar with the process or, um, various, the various different things that they might do. But, um, you can’t assume, you can never assume and anything, um, that people are thinking about the way thinking about things the way that you would think about them.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:50:24               That’s a quotable quote there, Josh. Yeah, very true. Now, um, I jumped too fast. We were talking about your five sale and you bought it in April for 2000 as a buy it now at go daddy you said? Yeah. Um, but what did you sell it for? You talked about how you sold it, but I did not nail you down to an exact price.

Josh Reason:                          00:50:53               Uh, I think it was 21,000,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:50:59               um, because you basically tweeted about it and you are just willing to collaborate with someone you hadn’t worked with in the past. Um, way to make friends in the domain industry.

Josh Reason:                          00:51:11               Oh No. Yeah, no, really, really nice guy. And worked with him before. We’ll probably work with them at some point in the future. Um, you know, like I do, I do like to trade heavily in like liquid market when I can. That truly is for me trading. Um, I mean I’ve sold lots of, I’ve sold three letter dot coms quite regularly, but I’ve never held them today though because when I go into that market, they were quite expensive. Uh, so I traded them, but I don’t hold them for very long. I’d like to start holding the pillow go, but we’ll see.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:51:45               Okay. So, so you were on the show a year and a half ago with really your first big sale of $30,000, and it took you six months to close that sale. Now a year and a half later, you’re just, I mean, you made more than that just last month without really trying. I mean, don’t tell your wife and daughter that I said you didn’t try. But, um, I mean, I know you put a lot of work into the acquisition choices, so you’re really investing, your strategy seems to be, um, it sounds like 90% of your, um, time investment is about what you buy. I’m not about what you sell, who you sell it to. Is that, is that accurate?

Josh Reason:                          00:52:43               100%. 100%, like at least 90% of the time I spend is on, is on researching, trying to find, trying to climb to you. It was in a haystack. Um, that is, uh, and I, I mean, I can’t, I can’t tell them my secrets, but I certainly, I certainly go above and beyond to find loopholes and all kinds of things that give me a competitive advantage over other people. Um, and on the sales side, um, I would try to try to sell some of the higher value names to other investors. Um, the, the, the, uh, you know, willing to have that long time, long term hold an upside. I can get domains at a good price and a, and for the, for the, for the ones that I want to hold myself, I’ve, I, I’ve never had too much success in outbound sales. I haven’t, uh, I, I tried quite a bit last year, obviously when I was full time. So the Carpool, but, you know, I, it wasn’t, it was actually probably worth the time spent. Um, I would say that outbound sales is worth it when you’re, when you’re selling. There will be very, very high quality names, but otherwise probably not. Oh yeah.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:54:04               Very, very interesting. Well, good for you. You, it must’ve been a big leap to go full time.

Josh Reason:                          00:54:13               Oh.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:54:14               And then it must’ve been a big leap to leave. And then did you expect to make more money now that you’re part time or is that a surprise?

Josh Reason:                          00:54:25               No, no, no, definitely not. And like I said, I think there’s, there’s a few elements, right? Yes. Always a little bit of luck involved. Uh, the fact that I’ve, I did work really hard last yeah. On the acquisition side. Hmm. And I, and you know, with those, with those acquisitions, um, I was able to hold a few of them and I got sales there. Um, and, and then in, in, um, sorry I lost my train of thought, but uh, on the, um, but last year what I did was I sold hundreds of names, um, as opposed to a few names here and there. I saw them with like I sold a lot of names are very marginal profits. So I was selling names. I, you know, buying names for 50, a hundred bucks or whatever. A lot of the time actually I was buying a lot of clothes out names like 10, $11 last year. Um, and then, and then churning them and selling them for like a hundred or 150. Um, and I was doing that not because, uh, you know, I thought those domain names were amazing is because I understood the market and what other people would pay for them.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:55:42               Yeah, you need to have another source of income. And you know, that’s really interesting. I’m just kind of extrapolating here, but if you’re not an expert who really knows the daily fluctuations in the domain market, it’s really bright to just sell quickly and you already know what the market is because you just bought that.

Josh Reason:                          00:56:07               Exactly. I mean, if you sell, if you, if you’re, um, if you’re buying and selling, even even at that price point makes say 50 to $150. If you’re doing that at scale, you know, if you sell 10 of those a week, um, in the end you’re in. And then plus you got a few big ones in there as well, but you know where you can, uh, you’re, you’re doing okay. You know, so I would have, and I told to you about this before the show, I would’ve probably continued, uh, uh, working for myself and building on my own business and to, and continuing to do some consulting for various people. It was going very, very well. Um, it was, it was increasing nearly month over month. Um, but yeah, I’m just, I’m very, I’m very, I’m pretty, I’m very passionate about what I’m doing right now for a currency. So that’s, that’s another, that’s another thing altogether. And I’ve actually been able to incorporate a lot of what I’ve learned from the domain industry, um, and, and just branding and marketing in general into actually helping them, um, move into the next phase for that, for there, for them as well for the company.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:57:18               That’s super cool. Not only for you professionally, but also I think that’s what it takes for the domain industry to grow. You know, um, so many of us find financial success and freedom with domains, but then it’s almost like a withdrawal instead of, um, you know, reinserting that knowledge into, um, you know, end user corporations who are lacking that. So that’s pretty cool. And then it’s neat that that allowed you to change your strategy and you found more success at different way and, and that’s key to change it up a little, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. And see what happens. Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t, um, push for a minute. You said loophole. And I’m like, what do you mean you Paul now I suspect you don’t mean like one actual loophole. Do you mean you’re looking for outliers like market insider that on paper didn’t look good but in your gut it felt good or what do you mean by a loophole without giving away all your stuff?

Josh Reason:                          00:58:32               I mean, I’m not like, I’m not like finding like some dark web of domain names. It’s not like that. It’s just the um, I probably figured out ways to filter and find the main names that maybe only, um, I would probably argue that maybe 25 30 people maybe, maybe in the entire industry know how to do and when to do those things. Um, so, and there’s an eye, it’s nothing that I’ve learned has been from anything other than just spending a lot of time learning and, and, and looking for patterns and all those kinds of things.

Tess Diaz:                                 00:59:22               Yeah. Yeah. So you are a filtering Sherpa.

Josh Reason:                          00:59:26               I am a, I am a filtering sharper. If you saw my expired domains of filters, you would, you would be like, Whoa,

Tess Diaz:                                 00:59:34               that’s super, super cool. And I think that such a statement a doubt, um, the opportunity in domain names, um, and in this type of investment, um, I, uh, you just purchase your first house.

Josh Reason:                          00:59:52               Yeah, yeah, no, Yep. Just purchased my first house and I, you know, I was talking to drew about this the other day on Skype. It was just like, I think that one of the way, one of the reasons I actually live probably done quite well in the first quarter or so of 2019. It’s just like, I’ve been frantically trying to like push and salads many domain names at like decent Roi as possible just so I could build up the cash reserves that I needed in order to buy a house here. It’s not true. So I was, I’ve been building up all this, those cashers abs and kind of sounding names and um, now I was just saying this the other day, now it’s closed on my house. I go, you know, I’m ready to go back out there and start spending again. So everyone needs to watch out

Tess Diaz:                                 01:00:40               going from, you know, turning it low margins to now. It sounds like you had a cash crunch, you turned at high margins. Would you say, um, that was just a change of strategy because of your life circumstances or would you say that was an evolution to a higher tier?

Josh Reason:                          01:01:00               Yeah. Aye. I really, really, really believe that. Um, it’s, it’s all circumstantial. Um, I think that I probably would have done things in the last two or three months differently if I was in a different situation. Hey, you know, if I’m, if I’m, maybe if I was making you know, a hundred grand a month or whatever, um, I, I probably would do things differently than the way that I’m doing them.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:01:27               Yeah. When you’re making a hundred grand a month,

Josh Reason:                          01:01:31               no. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe that’ll happen. Maybe that’ll happen next year. We’ll see.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:01:35               What would you share? Like what are you making a month now?

Josh Reason:                          01:01:40               Yeah, no, I, I mean I’m a g I actually don’t mind sharing like these kind of things, especially on the demand side for sure. Um, but I mean typically, typically on the domain side, I, on average probably net, probably. Yeah. I mean, it’s tough to say on net because it goes straight back into the domain, into the main investments. But I be rolling probably so right now about 2015 to 20.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:02:11               Wow. That’s a really, really cool, um, good for you. That’s not bad for a part time Gig. And when like it just, the biggest thing I think for Sherpa Network is to see your progress from, so I mean 15 to 20 grand, let’s round that up to 30 if we may. Well and 30 was your gross, but a year and a half ago you spent six months to to, uh, will you netted like 27,000, right?

Josh Reason:                          01:02:42               Yeah. On that long ago. And that particular one. Yeah.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:02:44               Yeah. And now that’s boom every month baby. Um, that’s pretty neat.

Josh Reason:                          01:02:50               It’s, yeah, it’s definitely, I mean last month was definitely a better, uh, I, you know, you can’t always get like those five fly that shut, that one don’t do that was obviously a big bulk. Um, and actually I think three, three sales is a average for me. I own probably about a hundred, 400, maybe 154, letter dot coms, um, uh, 75 of which are not great. And then the 75 of which have pretty decent quality. So those ones typically get one or two sales for those, uh, uh, probably probably get about one every couple of months on those. Um, and then I always, I typically always get one, one or two flips in a month. And then I normally normally get one, one or two, uh, any end user in inquiries, typically the breakdown on average, I would say

Tess Diaz:                                 01:03:52               very cool. Josh, this was really, really interesting and exciting. I think I’m very like encouraging for new domain investors and, uh, watch out and hustle you old domain investors because there’s a new kid in town.

Josh Reason:                          01:04:09               So I don’t know about that. I try, I mean, I’ll apply, I will, I will continue to try to catch up some of the, some of these guys, but they, you know, a lot of them do a phenomenal job. I know, I know my place in the ecosystem right now. I’m completely okay with that. Uh, I think the key thing for me is I’m very, very passionate about the industry. I know how beneficial it can be for people outside of our industry. And I, and I just want us, so

Tess Diaz:                                 01:04:40               very, very cool. So, um, I am putting together a domain Sherpa jeopardy and I’ve decided, and you were the first one. I’ve decided that each shirt, but guests from now on, I want to ask what’s, what’s a good question? What’s a good, um, what’s something you didn’t know about the industry that surprised you? Um, I don’t know. You got, give me something for 200, Alex.

Josh Reason:                          01:05:12               Something that I didn’t know about the industry that surprised me. Yeah. Cool. That’s it. That’s a tough question. So, um, I, that’s good. I think it surprised me actually how, uh, close everyone, everyone, everyone who’s been in the industry for awhile, and by a while, I mean, like maybe more than five years, pretty much everyone knows everyone. Um, it’s, you know, it’s, it’s still small enough, uh, where, uh, even, even if they’re not, even if they’re not talking with each other or they’re not friends and such, uh, which actually a lot, a lot of the, a lot of people are. Um, I mean, I went to, I went to a name’s Khan Europe last year. I went to names in January, uh, this year. And, you know, great, great community. Everyone seemed to know everyone. Um, and, uh, yeah, I think, I think that when I was initially in the first couple years, I think I probably didn’t realize just how small, um, the, the, the, the community of the people that are actually investing in domain names. It is, that’s probably, that’s probably the surprising thing for me.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:06:25               Yeah, that’s really true. Yeah. Very true. Are you going to names con Europe this summer and really a couple of weeks ago,

Josh Reason:                          01:06:32               like six weeks? I would have loved to, I would’ve loved to, but I, I, I mean, I am so busy at currency right now. I mean like, so we went through a brand consolidation recently. Um, so, you know, we and I was at the forefront of helping with that. Um, so it’s one of those things, I mean, we had four or 5 million visitors to one of our, one of our like sub brands that we face away. Uh, so getting those, getting things in alignment and, and migrating all of those people over to like to, to our, uh, umbrella. Our umbrella currency has been as been, uh, a lot of work. And at this point it’s, now I’m tasked with trying to, trying to grow a certain product and I just don’t, I just don’t have time. I wish I did. I just don’t have time.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:07:26               That’s good. And you’re busy moving into your new house. So, uh, yeah. Then we’ll do see you at a name’s Khan Austin next time.

Josh Reason:                          01:07:37               Oh yeah. Hell, it was just about to say Vegas as well. And then I completely, I completely blanked.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:07:43               Yeah. I actually have a dream. I want to organize like a kayaking adventure or something when we’re in Austin. Like I just, they’re all those rivers in the outdoors. And, um, so you’re invited for again, first person you’re invited. I have nothing planned, but you’re invited.

Josh Reason:                          01:08:01               This is the best interview ever. I feel like, I feel like I’m making plans right now. It’s great.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:08:06               I know. It is. It’s really cool. Yeah. I like that about domain Sherpa. And sometimes I introduce other Sherpas who like on the Sherpa panel, they’re like, yeah, we’ve never actually had a conversation. Um, it’s pretty funny. Yeah. That is cool. That kind of like ties into that, but they just haven’t spoken. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s a small world and it’s a good world. So, um,

Tess Diaz:                                 01:08:34               no, thank you for taking the time. That’s the other great thing. Not only is it a small community, but I think there’s that real attitude of giving back. And Josh, this was, I think, great for new domain investors who want to develop their own plans and strategies, who want to compare, make decisions about going full time or not recognizing how they’re, um, situations may affect their strategies. Um, I’m really excited to, um, to share this with our Sherpa Network and to have you back on and see where you are in six months or a year. It should be pretty cool. Oh my gosh. I hope I don’t disappoint at that time. We’ll come back six months from now and be like, yeah, I haven’t really made too many styles.

Tess Diaz:                                 01:09:25               I don’t really predict that happening. Well, we’ll see. I don’t think so. If that does happen, I always have excuses. The I, you know, I do have a full time job that does happen. Then we’ll be discussing what, what do other investors need to learn from this? What went wrong with Josh? Reason, the reason behind, I dunno. I got to work that one out. You must have a lot of puns with your name. I was like all, yeah, yeah, yeah. Me Not so much, but yeah. Yeah. No. Uh, all right. Um, well Josh, we will, we will see you soon. Not In Lisbon, but uh, definitely soon back on the show. Thank you. No, absolutely. Yeah, thanks for speaking to me and I always have. Good, good. All right. We’ll see you all next time. Bye. Bye.


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  1. John P says:

    Have you looked at other domain landing page templates besides Undeveloped and efty?

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    Can we get the the read it online PDF transcript for all the interviews?


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    It’s gotta be the British accent. That’s how he closes so many deals!

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