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Domain Name Attorneys

Below is a list of attorneys that specialize in domain name legal issues, agreements and disputes.

Stevan Lieberman

Stevan Lieberman | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Focuses on prosecution and litigation in intellectual property law, especially domain name/Internet law and Internet technologies.

Jason Schaeffer

Jason Schaeffer | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Specializes in intellectual property law, trademarks, and gTLD applications.

Ari Goldberger

Ari Goldberger | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Business development, domain name development and legal matters for Internet start-ups

Zak Muscovitch

Zak Muscovitch | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Domain name disputes, website and domain name transactions, and Internet business.

David Weslow

David Weslow | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Practice focused on litigation, prosecution and licensing of trademarks, copyrights and domain names. Specializes in domain name transactions (buy/sell, lease), UDRP cases, and domain name litigation.

John Berryhill

John Berryhill | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Patents, copyrights, trademarks and domain name issues.

Karen J. Bernstein

Law Offices of Karen J. Bernstein, LLC
Copyright, trademark and UDRP domain dispute attorney.

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg | DomainSherpa Interview(s)
Specializes in domain management and online brand protection.

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