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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,, …
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more !

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Joshua Reason, Shane Cultra, and Andrew Rosener.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Joshua Reason
Joshua Reason
Josh Reason is a renowned domain market expert and brand consultant with multiple businesses both inside and outside of the domain industry. He has been instrumental in buying and selling hundreds of premium domain names for clients around the globe.

He has a very popular podcast on digital entrepreneurship called Digital Fortune - which has quickly become one of the most renowned podcasts in the domain industry and is now on the DomainSherpa Network!

He is also co-founder of DNWE, ( - Domain Name Wholesale Exchange - which is a ZERO commission trading platform for domain investors, whose industry leading software makes the buying and selling experience seamless. Essentially the goal of DNWE is to bring domain investors together to create a more liquid market, and it does that very effectively.

Reason has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Auburn University.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Super fab Sherpa Review. Today we bring in some new blood with Josh Reason! We discuss the future of eCommerce and all sorts of other things. Enjoy the show.

Hey, Sherpa Network, happy Thanksgiving. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and we are delighted to have you join us today for the domain Sherpa review. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful demeaning investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We will do our usual three segments to the review. We’ll start off learning what the Sherpa’s recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value and investor submitted, domain name portfolio and finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction [email protected] and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good investment opportunity. Joining us today with the main Sherpa review our three past Sherpas and industry thought leaders. Uh, Andrew Rosner, CEO of media options. Hello.


Thanks for being here today and what’s happening. Oh, all good.

Glad to be here. Finally, uh, caught up after my, uh, my vacation a few weeks ago and, uh, that’s it. That’s it. Running fast, trying to get the, you know, everything buttoned up for the year end.

Very nice. Shane Cultra of How you doing? I’m good.

Well, getting ready for the holidays. Like everybody else.

Nice to have you back. Very nice of you to join us despite your nursery business.

Like everybody else. A little different than everybody else, but

yeah. Yeah. How many [inaudible]

Oh no, it’s not. Yeah, I’m in the retail business, so that Christmas is, it’s not quite as fun as maybe some, but, but honestly, once we’re sold out at trees, Christmas trees and that’s usually the first week of December. I don’t do anything till February 15th. [inaudible] well, not even that. Probably March. So I get to travel rest. I’m not running now. I get six weeks and no running. It’s nice. It’s, well, I shouldn’t say no. I do like 30 miles a week instead of 80, so I feel like I’m on vacation.

Wow. And Josh reason, thank you so much for joining us. Um, I should’ve checked with you before we started. Last time we talked, you were full time [email protected] and you had transitioned to part time domain name investor. You discussed the pros and cons of being full time and part time and what worked for you. Is that still your status?

Yeah, no, absolutely. Very much full time. Uh, at currency and uh, yeah, it’s pretty busy. Be busy.

Very nice. And Josh, this is your first time on the panel and I think it’s fabulous that you’re joining us this way too. Thanks.

I’m excited to be here. Thanks for having me.

Yeah. And uh, you guys go easy on them. Let them get a word in between these two. Got good luck, right? Yeah. Well we’ll stop every once in a while. A time where I’ll go off speaker yourself. Nice. I’ll take a backseat on this one. Um, well you are up first for, um, what’s new? Sharpest. So this is our first section where you say a domain that you recently bought or sold, but don’t say the price and they’re going to guess the price. And the reason we do that is to get an idea of what’s going on in the market and how other experts in the industry, um, look at pricing today. So what do you mean they bought herself?

We could go with or a. Dot. IO. What are we, what are we saying?

Dot com?

They’re both sales.

Oh, so if you want to embarrass them. Yeah, yeah, we’ll go. We’ll go IO. Just because I think it was, it just happened the other day and it was a funny story. It’s a rive, don’t I? O R I. D E.

right. Like, like a ride [inaudible] Victor?

Yeah, like V as in Victor. Yeah.

Okay. R I. V as in Victor. E. dot. IO.


Okay. Three is typing out what is rive mate?

What the heck is that

rive are spelled again,

it’s just, I like ride a car. Yeah. B or Z. [inaudible] Victor. Elephant. R. I. V. E. a rebate. It’s actually a word. It’s actually a word. Yeah.

Yeah. We were brokering for a long time. I think we still are. We have like a lifetime brokerage right.

Is it really pronounced rebate though? I don’t know. He pronounces that,

I don’t know.

I dunno. I think so.

I met this guy one time, his last name was Renee. Mmm. He, it was w I honestly, it was a very strange experience. It was on my birthday. We were in Barcelona. It was my wife and I where we had kids. I don’t even remember. I think we’re in a restaurant and we were like having a lot of fun, uh, probably drinking a lot. And then like the next to us was having even more fun. But notice if we were having fun. [inaudible] invited us to join them and it was like, I dunno, it turned out to be this guy. He’s like a billionaire. I have no idea how it was from Venezuela. Uh, I don’t even know what he does, but I’m pretty sure somehow he’s connected to the boat company called [inaudible]. Um, I think his family maybe used to own it or I don’t know. And um, [inaudible] we left this restaurant, he’s like, Oh, do you guys want to come have a drink with us? And we were walking through this beautiful neighborhood, not in like the tourist area of Barcelona and we literally, it was like we were walking and just talking and suddenly these walks up to this door and it was like, it was a house, a really nice house, and you just knocked on the door and they opened up the door and we walked in and it was like, uh, booming. Not nightclub isn’t the right word. It’s like a how’s private club? No, no, no, no, no. This is a private club, like with the nicest bar. I swear to you, I’m not exaggerating. Most beautiful bar I’ve ever seen in my life up on the second floor, this library and smoking room down below with the whole thing was like straight out of a movie. I’m still not entirely sure if it happened or didn’t happen. Um, it was one of those nights, but it was quite an experience, whether it was, whether it was real or not.

So after that we’re going with rebate.

I think it might be risky. I think it might be riff, actually. I don’t know Brittany.

Yeah, you’re going to know a few European man. Sorry, that’s a throwback to a pre show. Pre, pre show discussion.

Hey listen, I didn’t even get to choose. I didn’t get to choose my own fate. Um, I’m an American citizen now, so, um, I’ll just go, just take that route.

Well that’s, you want amazement park to the other?


not wrong. Yeah. Paid for R I V E. dot. I L uh, dot IO [inaudible]

since he didn’t seem super confident and tell us like drew to us sometime. Why it’s an amazing name.

Oh, right off the bat, I will say [inaudible]

$4,800, just because I think it was one of those buy it now had a decent price put on. It could be a little bit lower, but otherwise he wasn’t home now. So I’ll just, I’ll take that ground. Say

4,800. You’re right. It safe. Drew, what do you think?


Uh, I’m going to say 2,800. Okay. 2,800. Well, I just sounded for Josh,

it sold for five K. um, but it was, it was interesting because I bought it the day before, the day before for 175 bucks. It was actually last Friday. Come on though. 75 bucks. One day before I woke up the next morning. And the previous owner messaged me and he said, Hey man, the situation, um, I sold you the demand, you’ve got the domain. I know it just sold on off the Knicks for five K, uh, is authentic account. And I was like, [inaudible] Oh God, this is so obviously, you know, kind of [inaudible]. Really?

Yes. Twice. This literally just happened to me. Uh, except that the guy, uh, so not, I wasn’t in your shoes. I was in the other guy’s shoes and the guy, um, so we just had one sell for $29,000 and I sold through 2,503 years ago. Uh, but it was still in my abdomen. I can count, uh, by the way you go to that, if there’s a single improvement you can make in your aftermarket, it’s like change the audit process for aftermath, like, right. So that when you upload a name that you own but it didn’t somebody else’s account, but it needs to be on verification, like instead of just projecting it, there needs to be a way to like, you know, say no, please review this. Like, like I’m parking crew, it’ll say like, select the names, you know, just [inaudible] verify that you actually think you on these names and then we’ll verify it, you know, and they do some kind of manual verification. Well that needs to happen getting 29 grand and I ha, and the guy sold it too. It was like, it wasn’t going to using it. I was like, all right, I’m like [inaudible] call this guy, get it back for like five doubles his money. It’s still like 24 grand on the, you know, minus commission. I was like, you know, I’m in the money, but he’s like, no, I’m not telling this man. I was like, I went up to 10 12

if the guy sold it for five, how did you get five? Couldn’t you give him a little [inaudible]?

The other guy who was like, yeah, forget about it. And then he called after Nick and said, [inaudible], this is actually my domain, move the transaction over to me. And he took the five,

that’s the last lap.

Okay. I want to start at the beginning. On Friday. You bought the domain for $175 where? Huh?

Just from a friend of mine that I communicate with on a pretty much a daily basis.

Yup. So I have another investor, he’s a, well he’s a well known investor.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And then so I will say this, um, I split it with him. Um, I didn’t, I didn’t take the full amount. I just, I felt like I was fine, just taken off. Um, I w I wanted to be fair about it. It doesn’t, it doesn’t change my life and I have a good relationship with them. So, you know, he literally sold it to me hours before, so I just, we just said it.

No, well that was generous of you. Um, so what’d you do? You moved it back into his account and he moved it?

No, I’ve pushed, I put, I, um, I pushed the domain. Yeah. Unload, sent the old code and um, he got paid and then he sent me half.

Right. Nice. When you’re doing business with someone, you know and trust.


Yeah. I wouldn’t do that for everyone. I don’t think so.

Would you do that for Shane or drew?

Let’s see how the show goes. Let’s see how this show grows.

Let’s see how my, how many more digs drew makes about England not being in the gun. That’s how [inaudible] that’s a good sale. Congratulations. And what, what made you interested in the domain? In the first place? Yep.

Yeah. Honestly, and also like sometimes I just, you know, I like to, I like to buy names from people that I sell names to. I like to like reciprocate a little bit. Um, so I, I wasn’t honestly that excited about that name, but, um, yeah, I just, I just like to keep things moving. So, so it was, it was the best name that I saw for the price on the list that you sent me, so I just took it.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. That’s good business. Very nice. Congrats. All right, Shane, what’s new? What’d you buy yourself lately?

Um, not much really. I’ve been a little busy since last, I think we were on last week. So it’s only a week spare. Mmm. I did buy a name the landscape that Tom, cause it was in my wheel house.

No landscape. And you’re right because it was in your wheelhouse. I can see, you know, um, shout out to all the Sherpa network, uh, of putting in front of something. Maybe only if it’s in your wheelhouse. All right.

Well, I don’t know. I think we could have a, a guy named Mike on here that would say the has been pretty good to him over the years.

True. True. Who’s mine?

Uh, mr uh, motto, mantra, the seller. He could, he gets more out of marketing names and mantra names than anybody I know.

Yeah. Yup. Drew. Josh, what do you think? You, uh, what do you think Shane bought it for? Know I was in that I don’t

remember, but I remember thinking, uh, this was like immediately after, um, my, uh, my, my South Africa trip and I, you know, I, I think the most redundant like, you know, expression of, of Oh, it was like, wow, look at the landscape, you know, and so I remember thinking about that as I was [email protected]. Um, I dunno, I, I, I remember [inaudible], you know, we’ll go hire them like a no brainer price for me. Mmm. I’m going to say it was like 1800 bucks, I think, you know, under a grain. I would have just picking the pond I think, unless I just miss the end. I don’t know, but I remember I was in it. Okay. Well [inaudible]


Yeah. By price. Yeah. It was, it was at auction and an auction house. It wasn’t at name jet though. Can’t provide you a detailed man. Yeah. Come on. Stick with the rules. No type thing.


No. Yep. You got to show your hands because it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m going to have a presidential bracelet. [inaudible] Oh, okay. 1,212 drew, you’re super political today. I’m in a bad mood to be honest with you. One of the, it’s one of the like 30 days of the year were rainy and gray and cold in Portugal and I’m really not a happy camper today.

That’s good. 10 days a year. It’s cloudy and rainy in Phoenix. [inaudible] I was like, you know what, I don’t even want to be here. I just want to, I want to go boxing. I just want to punch somebody. This is what I want to get drew on the show though. See it as an entertainer. I need, this is the kind of time, time like I’m calling drew up on these days cause it’s a good conversation. Yeah. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Love it. Yes. Submitted domain. Okay. So did you both gas when I, when I was buying it actually wasn’t even thinking about landscape, the nursery, but I figured that as a fall I was really thinking the landscape, like photos, something artistic. So, but I paid 2,400 which is about 400 more than I want it to. But you know, I find myself, if I really want a name, I’ll just

aye. I always regret $500. So even $1,000 sometimes if I want a name. So I [inaudible] I put it in there for 2,400 and it was like 24 20 or something like that. You list that for, do you think, you know, I’ll probably try and I’m not going to put a super high price off under 10,000. I’d like to actually flip that name. Um, I think I could get 5,000 for it pretty quickly. So that’s one of those I’m trying to do more. I haven’t been very active. I’ve just been so busy with so many things that I haven’t done a very good job of being a moving names and creating cashflow. Mostly because I’m not as aggressive and I don’t need it. And that’s when you get stagnant, you know, the account looks pretty good. You don’t, you just find yourself sitting in waiting and it never hurts us if your names are good, sitting in waiting is never been a detriment to your portfolio.

Yeah. Um, and because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t needed that action. He knows domainers you have to have action. That’s just what we do. But I just haven’t felt that me. So I’ve been kind of patient. I’ve been buying a lot more, but my portfolio looks great. You know, I’ve been tracking after the last show, you know, I set up emails and tracking my emails. I moved everything to FD to put on a Google analytics. All my names are just to see what kind of traffic came through. Um, and it’s interesting, I mean it’s, it’s, that’s what I’ve been getting more interested in is watching that data. What names get traffic, why are they getting traffic? And that gives me, I guess I found that a cheaper way of just, rather than just buying random names and flip the names for 2000 when maybe if I’d wait two years, I get 10,000. So I’ve been keeping them busy. Just been spending my time and a little more efficient way. Getting to know my portfolio a little better.

Yeah, that’s cool. And it’s, it’s always crazy how, what names get the most traffic. You think you know, and you, and you can base it on, maybe it was an old site or something, but you take all that away and you’re like, you know, is one of my most traffic names and I don’t, I’m not sure why, but it’s surprising that my people type in It’s crazy. And then one, two, three. Dot. IO is by far my most traffic name. And it’s a dot. IO. Huh? I don’t, and it could be, there’s some bots in there, you know, you’ve got to write score was yours. Yeah, it’s still mine. Well, I know everybody’s been, uh, everybody’s been interested in that name. But yeah, there’s a lot of other names that are, uh, it’s always curious what names, but the four letters in dot C are by far the most traffic. Hmm. Makes sense. All right. Drew, what’d you buy yourself lately? Mmm. Okay. I’m going to go. Uh, I, we just

bought [inaudible]. Oh, really, really, really good domain. But I can’t talk about it. So I’m going to talk about a very mediocre domain, which we sold. Uh, instead, no, that is what the audience wants. Mmm. I just told, um, a friend’s six-year-old that, uh, I would rather be called a piece of shit than be called mediocre. That was the life lesson that I taught a six year old [inaudible]

this weekend. That’s so sweet. That’s behind you.

If there’s anything, if there’s anything you don’t want to be in, like don’t be mediocre. I’d rather be a piece of shit and be mediocre.

Quit your day job and start coaching children. You were made for it. Between the three, between the pre show a flight.

I would cause so many people to do horrible things. If I was a therapist it would have, they would just, yeah, it wouldn’t be good. It wouldn’t be good. Right. I’m probably a little too real, uh, to be a therapist. You know, you have to hold things back and let them come out at the appropriate times. Mmm. I disregard all that and just let it flow.

Well, I mean, I tell them, I tell my daughter, I said, you know, if you’re bad, I don’t have a fond with it, but what I hate is being could be really good at something and do nothing with it. That’s like the worst thing that you can do is have the ability or have a chance. I may just don’t do anything. I’d rather you just be, if you know the, let’s say it’s a race, a person at the back who’s struggling to run and comes in last place, but they leased, finished and tried. I’m much more proud of that.


That’s much easier to tear [inaudible] happy with. Yeah.

So there’s a life lesson in the shit out there for that, but I don’t remember what it is, but it’s something to be extensive.

I think they shit don’t be rather be shitty than be mediocre. I think that works. That’s a bumper. A long bumper sticker, but above

the bumper sticker that fits on the new Tesla cyber truck.

Oh, that’s a whole nother conversation. I cannot wait to see you in that thing.

Amazing, amazing truck. Amazing truck. I cannot, I love it

to make it take a dump on stage and you guys would put down a $100 deposit on it.

Listen, if he wrapped it, he wrapped it in cold rolled instead of durable exoskeleton steel. I find, you know, I, he had me cold rolled steel eggs of skeleton. It was like cold rolled and

feel exoskeleton soul. Okay, thank you. Okay. This, you and Morgan bought one. He doesn’t even really have a parking spot. Like I can’t go out there saying [inaudible] $100 deposit on like a $80,000. Correct. Yeah. Refundable. Yeah. A $100 refundable deposit on an 80 grand truck, but we all bought one. Yeah, that’s exactly, that’s what they, that’s what they said. There’s a lesson to be learned right there. Okay. I actually, I’ve been thinking about this, like the idea of like optioning a domain or like, you know, and I think like, yeah, giving people the ability to do just that. I pre-ordered a, you know, I dunno. I preorder I paid $100. No, it’s like I own it. I’ve already talked about that rally. Have you been on rally X lately? It’s absolutely what they’re doing is buying assets and Brian breaking it down to shares.

I bought part of a Lamborghini part of a first notice in Harry Potter, blue Rolex, like all kinds of acid and Mickey, a Mickey mantle rookie card. Riley road. Rally road, sorry. Yeah, rally road. Oh yes. I mean it’s my friend stayed to that. Absolutely. Throw in a digital asset and break that down just as well and then open up the shares and six months and go back to and sell resell your shares. It’s 100% doable and legal by law now. 100% wow. Yes. Yeah. You just, but I don’t know if you ever bought anything on there. You usually see, I have no idea to contracts. I’m signing like it just says put your signature here. Next one signature. Excellent initials. Next up there’s like a 40 page contract at the end it could say this is not real. I don’t even know. Yeah, yeah. Stay tuned my friends. Stay tuned. Yeah, exactly. Meanwhile, I think I own a 95 a Ferrari or something. I have no idea. But I feel like, cause it says it. That’s right. That’s right. You can’t put it in my app and say that I’m an owner in Berkshire Hathaway. Yup, exactly. I owned Berkshire Hathaway. Nice to meet you. Yup. Okay. Um, so tell us more about your mediocre purchase drew. Oh yeah, I forgot about it. So it’s not a mediocre purchase. Uh, by definition since I sold it, it’s a phenomenal purchase. Um, but uh Hmm.

Like James Booth is a phenomenal domain broker. Um, store store Store That’s what I mean. It’s a sale. We sold it snore more. Love it or more. That’s an how can you say? Is

it yours or a our clients?

It’s ours.

Okay. We’ll find domain. Let Josh go. Since we don’t let them talk, we might as well let him total prize.

Yup. Yup. Okay. I that sounds to me


I think you sold it for 19,000,

$19,000 store Okay.

All right. I’m going to say I’m going to say 8,800 because Drew’s was feeling like moving some, some names right now for a big purchase that he made that he can’t tell us. So I’m going to say 8,800 he is feeling generous even though I think it’s a great name. I mean that’s one of those, put it up. Uh, and you’re going to get some hits on. I liked the name a lot. Yeah, I’ll say eight 800 zero.

Yeah, I like it as well. I think it’s a great name.

All right, so wait, hold on. What was, you said 8,800 you said

thousand 19,000

I get, it’s a call to action. It rhymes. I see those hands. I want to see those hands. And all of America is obsessed and storing.

I think I’m looking into your books. Do you think I’d go

[inaudible] actually it was a public sale, but actually was a public sale. It’s sold. Yeah, it’s sold through. Um, uh, Oh. You know what, actually, hold on. No, you’re not as close as I thought. Sorry. All right. That was her name. I was going to do a another one that would have been closer, but uh, so store I’m supposed to get the pricing. All right.


$16,500 via after Nick.

Oh, was it a buy now?

Uh, God, that’s a good question. I, yes, I believe so. I think it was, uh, you know, uh, a pricing query. Right. And I went in, I set the price and then they came in and they just bought it.

Right. Nice

score more. Yeah. And you know what, it’s interesting because about two years ago, we’d had his name a while and our, two years ago we had a deal at $4,999 on Sado, which we accepted and uh, uh, and the buyer failed to pay. So if your timeline is long enough, a failing buyer can often turn into a larger profit. Yeah.

[inaudible] went to a, went to a German company. It looks like it’s forwarding to adult DV.

What did, what did they do? Storage.

It’s only German. It’s only German. But I, um, I, I honestly can’t even tell what they do.

You know, it’s funny. It’s store more. Dot D is also on, it’s, I know Sado for sale park page. Deb’s Lago box. So it’s like a self storage. Yeah. That’s cool. Yeah. I got loud Zaga box day. Why would they use store more? You know what? You know why they little baskets, they, I wonder if they knew that this domain had track of, because it does, it has, it has traffic and I bet they’re just taking it and forwarding it for weeds. Hello? I’m not sure it has $16,000 worth of referrals.

Yeah, I was going to say beads,

but you should go by that di put that for sale and tell them. Okay. One more. Dot. D is meant for more.

No, don’t Monday and make it happen.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s a company in India called store more store, more as India’s per store, a storage service for households and businesses. So it’s India’s for self storage. A couple of people in India, somebody could do well, yeah. There are a couple of, they’re only doing 80 81.8 million a year in revenue. Get it. Get about it. Forget about it. Yeah. Store more dotcom. I stand by it. Great sale. $16,500. How much did you buy it for? How long? Good question. I imagine uh, C score more. Uh, wow. You know, it’d be amazing if I had an inventory that had purchase prices, purchase dates. You know, like you’d manage my domains and told me where they live. Man, I had that. Imagine. Just imagine what I could do with an inventory. It told me what I paid for domains where they live when I bought them. Wow. Someday, someday

you want me to call Travis and have them build it for you?

Well, you’d have to feel like Travis might’ve had a few calls on this subject already. Actually. You have to actually submit the data to get entered into the,

you know, the funny thing is that’s exactly what Travis and I talked about because we jokingly say Josh was this 10,000 names needs demanded and he goes, I could build him anything in the world, but it doesn’t matter unless he puts stuff in it.

Yeah. Oh, it needs still, it needs to automatically pull from, from your, from your name jet account from your, from your go daddy.

Yeah, the majority. Well, you know, that’s actually true. I mean, I guess a lot of the domains we buy in terms of

number of domains, I dunno, the number of domains, I would say most of them are going to be GoDaddy and Nina. That’s an easy Oh yeah, I’m ready for somebody that knows how to write. No, no, no, no. It would be made nationally for the refunds when a domain doesn’t get added after all, um, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of work to it. Um, okay. Hey, let’s do section number two. Um, Sherpas. Thank you for sharing what your recently bought or sold. Let’s take a moment. I’ll tell you about our advertisers for today’s show who support us in our educational mission with the domain name industry. First serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. All right. In the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted demeaning portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to owners so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold them longterm or figure out a sales strategy moving forward.

I will say, I do not have a list for two weeks from now when we film, so I do hope that you go in there and submit your portfolio to be reviewed. Uh, today’s list was submitted by Mark S and um, it’s pretty good. And Mark sent along a couple of specific questions. You Sherpas have them in your chat, but I’ll also, you know, holler out eventually. Um, he’s wondering, particularly opinion on the new TLDs. He wants to let you know that Casa has the most traffic of all the domains submitted, including the legacy TLDs. And then he also sent over what the renewal prices are. Um, looks like in my formatting, I missed two of them, but basically the renewal prices are pretty reasonable. The most expensive one is at $73 per year to renew. So that said, Shane, you are numero UNO. So just to make it that when you put it in our chat, those are all also names he owns and [inaudible] wants us to talk about. Uh, those should be on the list. I mean, I just to Casa is, yeah. So it starts with Yes. And to T U. Dot. Casa is the fourth from the bottom. Oh yeah, I’ve got it. It is on the list. So my four from the bottom is carnival, Carnival’s dot com.

Oh, that’s weird.

Okay. How can you ever different, listen, we have, Oh, I see. You know why? Because they’re not your shorty. They’re not in blue. So it looks like I’ve, I’ve made my, I didn’t pick up, it only picked up on the, the linked ones. So you’re old. No, I’m just, um, I focus hard. So I focus on the blue positive. I focus hard. Um, okay. So, um, one question though, I have, I stopped, I looked at sports agent and I saw Josh had listed that on Twitter asking questions about it. So I want to know his relationship to this name, whether he’s, it was, wasn’t an auction or how did that come about? I told it to this guy. Okay.

Yeah. So I was thinking, am I being played here? Is this Josh his portfolio? He’s going to get interviewed, live on air. Okay. That makes sense. So, Nope. Okay. Uh, I think it’s a great portfolio. I, if you took an S away from, um, well a lot of these names you had amazing. Uh, cause you know, you take a courtyards and change it to courtyard and obviously you add another zero to be in and same with carnival and you know, there’s just a garden. Even would be maybe as good a dotnet is you can play with. So I think it’s a great name that’s so much better than what we’ve had to deal with in the past. Um, you know, S I can ask her when it comes to, or do you want help, you know, you want help and service in the thought pattern of what the name is and support is a perfect one What’s a value in that? I don’t know, but it is a five figure name because it, it’s a great name for a company that wants to exude that they could have some kind of online support or, or a international call center for support. So I think that’s one of my favorites. Mmm.

You know, community garden, again, that’s in my wheel house. There’s not a lot of money in that, but in Europe, uh, where Josh, he used to be from a long, long time ago. Community gardens are huge. There’s not as much space. Things are a little tighter. And every school, especially in my Collin community garden is a big part of the, of the neighborhood where they all have a little plot in the community garden where everybody works. So you know, every time I travel, I think that’s, no, I think that’s a really important part of it. I don’t know if they call it a community garden, but I think what they, uh, um, even the four w O C S are great letters and I like when there’s an O in there because it can mean the word of so, Oh fits really well in the middle. At the end. I don’t think it’s as strong cause if it was org they buy that org. Mmm. Right in the middle. It works really, really well. So something like that. Flippable 1200, $1,300 tomorrow if you wanted to get that on an auction house. Mmm. As far as

you know, middle ages, I don’t, I’m not sure what you would sell that for. I liked the name. I like the thought pattern. It’s a words that people know. So just in general, I think he’s really got it in a good space of where he’s going to make some money. It all depends on what he paid. Josh knows more about that, but I think he’s done a really good job with this least top 20 names. And I’ll say on the, the new TLDs, I don’t think lease house. I don’t, I don’t know. I just, I, again, I, and I’m not the kind of person who says you buy a new TLD at shit. I do think it’s hard to make money, but I think if I’m an end user, I think new TLDs can work. I don’t really see any, I just don’t see much. You, it’s like, buy that, watch a call to action. New TLD does nothing for me at all. I don’t even see it in a marketing program, so I don’t care how much traffic it has. A, I’m not a huge fan of those. If he sells it, great, but I, I wouldn’t recommend to somebody else to follow them.

Okay. I’ll start there. Thanks. Yeah,

good, good feedback. Um, you said five figures for I figures is a large range, a low, mid, high five, what do you think?

I mean I would be 15, 20. I mean I think that’s a really strong keyword for dot Oregon. [inaudible] that’s the call centers and online support are the biggest part. Anybody can start a company now. That’s not a problem. Fulfilling your customer’s needs. If they have problems, that’s a problem. That is a huge problem and people are doing a shitty job at it. So the companies that can provide that in appear that it’s you doing the service that’s $1 billion industry, billions and billions and you know, Salesforce alone is leading the way and those kinds of things. So yeah, I think it’s a good name to be a part, your brand and your company. I don’t know that that’s going to be but it’s certainly going to be a part of what you do. So I think it’s an ancillary name. It’s still worth that kind of money.

Yeah. And important to note the difference between the full brand and an domain.

And people will pay five figures and six figures for marketing names that you put on the side of your truck. You know, I tell everybody a commercial on a shitty show on television starts at $100,000 that doesn’t count for deduction. That doesn’t count anything. So to spend low five figures on a name that you use just to put on the side or to represent you for a large company that’s not that big. It’s probably an example of that. Yeah, right. Cool. Right? Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. And a marketing budget, you know, it depends, but let’s say it’s 5% of sales, 1.8 million, and you put that together and you have a little something to spend on a name like that. Yeah, no, I, I, the other thing I say is in the phone book, in a local phone book, for a small business like mine costs me $15,000 in the old days, $15,000 and that was for just a little square. So people tell me they’re not going to spend what used to spend that on a phone book ad this to me. So you’ve got to spend that on a domain instead of a phone book ad. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Thanks. All right, drew, what are your thoughts? Uh, I think the best portfolio we ever had for review on made sure but Mmm.

Except when we reviewed our own right. Yes. Which we should do it again maybe. Mmm. Yeah. I mean, I, yeah, I don’t know where to start. There’s a lot of names I like on here. Uh, I concur with a lot of the sentiments from Shane. Um, sure. I think what renewable Mm. That doesn’t do anything for me. Zero. That’s, that’s, that’s a nice, yeah. You know, it’s like, I dunno, right. I don’t, nobody’s going to sell renewable fuel online, so it’s literally like a potential marketing campaign. Aye. Way back in the day, I invested in a ton of green and clean energy and renewable energy. You know, all kinds of, well, I don’t think we’ve ever sold one. Mmm. You know, in a world where was on the market for like 300 grand and there was no takers and, you know, eventually it’s all but, right. I don’t know. I don’t think renewable fuel. Why did the world on fire, right? Not working with demand. I certainly wouldn’t drop it. Obviously I keep it, uh, but I don’t think that’s a particularly interesting name of the list. In fact, I think it’s probably one of the least interesting. Mmm. I think that kind of points out something where even though it may be a topic of conversation, there’s

really no product or service that you can sell with it. No. Like big forum of conversation to go with it. There’s that putting a business plan with that. Even though it’s a term everybody recognizes, that’s where the disconnect is. Right?

Yeah. I, I just, I think being overly generic in something which isn’t a commercial product, commercial service, Mmm. Uh, like a retail commercial product. Mmm. Then, yeah, I dunno. I just don’t see it. I don’t, I’m still like it. Um, the one I like really that just, you know,, uh, we sold four. Yeah. Know, pretty good price. Mmm. And, uh, I, I just, I think that’s a great name. I like podcasts, not ordered a lot. Mmm. I like bottle. I, I, you know, I’m just kind of a big dog work fan. Mmm. But maybe not when they start jacking up our prices, Um, so, uh,

wait, what do you like about

Well, okay, so, um, bottles, it’s actually a hell of a business. Mmm. It’s a rabbit hole. I’m not going to go down, but, um, it’s a great business. So, so bottles aren’t just like glass bottles, like bottles are also like all of his, you know, cannabis, oil, CBD, all these days they go on these little like things they called bottles, they’re called [inaudible] bottles or [inaudible]. Mmm. So a bottled business is huge. Uh, there’s a huge lead gen segment there. There’s a whole intermediary business. There’s [inaudible] it bottles is a good name. It is. Mmm. Yeah. Like Shane said, you know, uh, I gardened. I met, it would be exponentially better. But that being said,, I mean, it’s a, you know, uh,

pretty good.

Mmm. Uh, I, you know, I’m [inaudible] I’ve said a million times. I’m not a huge fan, uh, of the new GTL bees. Uh, at least in the context of the current market, like we own some. And when I see great deals on one that really makes a lot of sense, and them, you know, the renewal prices a normal or reasonable aye, uh, I’m open to buying them and I think that there is a place for them. Mmm. But, uh, I do like this too, Casa. Uh, it just, no, it’s short to you. Dot. Casa. Mmm. Casa is like, you know, both two and Pasa are like two of the most widely recognized Spanish words, regardless of its views. Speak Spanish, you know, MI Casa, SU Casa. It’s like my house is your house. It’s like people in Kansas, they may constitute facet, right? Like, it’s just a, it’s a ubiquitous saying. It’s, it’s, you know, Vinnie bitty Nietzsche. It’s like, it might be above a little highbrow for our audience. Mmm. I’m just joking. Uh, I liked that a lot too. Dot. Casa. I don’t, you know, I’m not going to sit here and tell anybody that this is the six figure name. I think it’s probably a low four figure or mid four figure name, uh, today, but I, I do think it’s a great domain. Okay.

There, hold it.


Oh, hold it. I, I, all of these, any, if you’re buying new GLBS and you’re buying them because you think you’re going to sell them now. Yeah. Maybe there’s an opportunity to like quick flip some of these if you really steal them or your original registrar on like the sunrise period or whatever. But for the most part, I mean there’s no liquidity. There is no, I’m going to go flip this. Like you can go hustle and find a buyer in the aftermarket maybe. Um, but most of the companies I’ve spoken with trying, and you know, we’ve taken on a few of what I would say are some of the best new TLBs in the world and I haven’t been met with a very receptive audience in the end user market. So yeah, it’s a buy. All of these are buy and hold for me, uh, in my eyes. If you’re, um, you know,

you’re buying these continue to hold since, since Mark really wanted us to focus on the GTL DS, would you hold or let go of just that when by dot. Watch,

Um, well, obviously I’d keep, uh, I don’t know, I mean it looks kind of good, but like I wouldn’t buy buy


and so therefore I wouldn’t buy And I think that’s a pretty good gut check. Like just because something is short and cute doesn’t mean that it’s a good fit. And [inaudible] I wouldn’t buy buy like five was on name jet. Mmm. I don’t even know if I would back order it to watch the auction. Like it’s just not the way that you say that. Buy a watch by even the watch, you know, just, um, so yeah, I don’t, I don’t like that one. I think it’s, um, I would let that go. Uh, we start house, I also don’t like, Mmm


consumers say rent. They don’t say lease.

Mmm. Yeah. At least this commercial. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, okay. So actually, so I forgot the two favorite names on the list, uh, are net zero, although I would only really like it if you had net an Z E R as well. I think it’s important to have both, but net zero is a really, really cool brand in a world where, you know, all of a sudden, the last month you have a, I don’t know, is it Microsoft or IBM was some huge corporation came out saying, we’re going to be totally carbon neutral. Mmm. And then somebody else just pile on, I think yesterday or maybe yesterday, uh, but there’s been a couple of these major companies coming out as airlines [inaudible] just coming out and saying, okay, we’re going to be carbon neutral. Right. Know we might have a problem with the climate, but let’s think about fixing it. So, um, uh, zero. I like that name a lot. I think it’s solid. Mmm. And then find stuff. It’s also, I like I, you know, I just, I dunno [inaudible] you can go a lot of different ways with that find stuff. Yeah, sure. Is how it would be a better search engine. Name them, duck, duck, go.


Uh, I like it. I like to find stuff. I like it better than fine. I really do. I like better than It just find stuff I liked. I liked the word stock. I sold the word by the way. Um, years ago. Mmm.

I’m doing what we’re doing. Like a white elephant.

That was a Perkins name. Sold that for Birkins.

Also the stuff, I’m going to have a white elephant, like our family’s doing one at Christmas and [inaudible]

that means white elephant. What does that mean?

It’s Christmas. Yeah. Or chronic or whatever gift exchange where you just bring a random gift and everybody exchanges it and you figure it and then you pick it. Fight over. Who gets to get which gift?

W w w w why? Why is that called the white elephant? I’ve never heard that in my life. That’s pretty fun cause you always bring a gag guest.

Yeah. White elephant has an old history of somebody in like Thailand or something. He used to give white elephants to people like a Prince or something would give white elephants to people he was mad at because the cost of like white elephants have no value but the cost of upkeep on the animal would like run them out of business or like bankrupt them. So that was his like screw you gift. Um,

you know, I had a funny, I had a funny hypothesis about the entire new GTLD program that it was orchestrated for that very reason that it was, you know, it was some mastermind giving the domain industry a bunch of water elephants that would run them dry boy, thereby freeing up the real valuable aftermarket or certain others to come in and just scoop up, um, still having given up on that theory. Wow. Paradoxically, especially when you see something like registry being sold to a private equity firm,

[inaudible] dot org

yes. Oh wow. Um, I cannot believe you’ve never been to a white elephant party or exchange or something cause they can get really funny. They can be gag gifts. They can be serious. But I was thinking about bringing uh, not a gag gift. Uh, you know those things where you can, you put one thing on your key chain and then you have the other one somewhere in your house and you can click it to find your keys every time you lose them. Yeah. Tile. Yeah, that’s it. I was thinking about that being my white often

that’s a shitty white elephant gift. That’s nice. White elephants are supposed to be like redo like

and old terrace socks or something.

Women always, women always bring their great gifts. Like, you know, I’ll give them a use spark plug and then there’ll be like, Oh, I thought you thought this was funny. This is an 86 bottle of wine, not an 87. This value roll.

[inaudible] know it’s always all right. So I have one more name. Okay. What is the proper, is it visitors center or visitors center? What, what, how do you say it? Is it out of stock? Oh, actually angular, right? Yeah, it does, right. I’m not, but I’m also not, I dunno, that alone makes it. Oh yeah. Okay. Uh, yeah, so yeah, if you started Googling V I. S. S. I. T. O. The fourth thing is visit tore singular center and then even comes up a lot of second to last visitor center near me. So it’s visit tour, not visitors. So you can drop that one too. I don’t ever sell. That’s a white elephant. Okay. It’s just going to suck you dry, baby. Suck you dry while you’re missing out on opportunity. Five better names.

There you go. All right, Josh, what are your thoughts here?

Oh, but [email protected] that I want to own. So if you’re listening to this, which I imagine you are, uh, contact me. I want to buy vintage documents from you because I am, I believe the only, uh, domain name antique collector.

Okay. So you’re just randomly shouting out to anyone who owns this domain?

No, no, no. I went to V. Oh, you know what,

sorry, not you. Yes, yes it is. You visit I think he owns Ben. I think he owns the shitty one. Mark who submitted his domains? Who are you talking? Probably myself. Yeah. Yeah.

[inaudible] [inaudible] who owns it? Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. Mark owns it. Mark, you heard me? Okay. All right. Come on. Got it. Now they’re successful. Sale and to maintain your path maybe. Um, all right, Josh.

He’s pretty, he’s literally, he’s literally using it for his marketplace, so maybe,

yeah. Yeah. It’s only the marquee name of his entire book, yet Mark offers off the table, baby. I just registered hand registered Oh, but

why should they only be one vintage dot domain?

I can only be one That’s true. And then the question begs, how about or or first O G G. dot. Domains short. Great. Josh, get a word in

he thought domains. That’s a good one. That’s the initials for my daughter’s first name and middle name. Olivia grace. Oh, gee.


Yeah. Oh gee.

Um, anyway, I’ve got, I’ve got O G Oh, G, K, Joshua.

Oh, Oh geez. I could probably find some significance.

Okay. All right. Let me, let me,

yeah, yeah, exactly. I mean when, when I own a name I can always find some value somewhere.

No problems.

Um, so yeah. Okay. Well I’ll start with the, the new TLDs. Um, I too, I also like I, I’ve sold a lot of Spanish names. I had quite a lot of successes. Spanish. In fact, I think I’m still quite a few that drew at some point. Um,

Portuguese or no, I’ll try

once. We didn’t want the Portuguese ones.

Yeah. But the Spanish ones. No, I don’t remember. Yeah. [inaudible] from you, right?

Yeah. Yeah. You did. I and I know I’ll send you a [inaudible] or a special, um, for space in Portuguese, but you didn’t want it so I put it on name jet. Um,

yeah. Hold on. Just thinking about that. What did I actually pass on that? Because that would have been so stupid. Cause I have

you personally I don’t have why you possibly, cause I also didn’t TFA like 800 bucks and it sold for four grand on name jet.

Yeah. Can we rewind the tape? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. It’s sorry. It’s all good. I can’t give it, if I can’t take it. Mmm.

Hey. At least at least you’ve got universal, they’ll call it. And that was a steal and you know that was a steel, so,

Oh, that was steel. That was a great deal. Universal. I own the university for Spanish and Portuguese like.


I do. Okay. Jazz anyway, out of middle Yeah. Yeah.

So yeah, let me just, let me just say this on the retail days while I, while I remember, I think it’s always a good, good move to, uh, look up how many TLDs are registered with the entire world. So like visitors, Dot See how many of those are registered because it is very telling as to the quality of that UTL D um, always the case, but it’s, it’s a good way to kind of spot check yourself. Um, so those ones are, I agree with you. I would probably only keep [inaudible]. I like that name a lot. Um, I have similar type of names. I have like me abogado don’t call them and just like various various ones with like two or me and, and I think that those work really well. Um, but yeah, so I would keep that one. Um, with the other ones, the ones that I really like, I mean the whole list is, is solid.

Um, but the ones that I like, I do actually like middle ages don’t come and have that one highlighted kind of reminds me of like Roman which sold the other day on go daddy sold for like six and a half thousand dollars or something like that. And I, I was going to buy that one and I decided not to just for a variety of reasons. It’s the type of name that just looks amazing to me, but the chances of it Sally are relatively no, I think, um, at least quickly. Um, but that’s not, that’s the same type of name. I like it, I think, I think it’s really cool, cool name. Uh, it would make for a cool brand, but I just, I, it’s not really in line with today’s branding trends from what I’m seeing. Um, I really like, uh, support the org. That’s probably my favorite of the list.

Um, I, I, I honestly, I think I would price that probably more in the, in the mid five figure range. Um, just, I think that it just, it goes so well with extension. Um, so that’s probably my favorite. Obviously I like sports I sold it to him. I think he got pretty good deal there. I think he’ll, he’ll do well with that. I would probably price it somewhere between 25 and 30 K, something like that. Um, and I also helped him get the plural, so he has both a sports agent. Don’t call them sports agents, don’t call. I don’t know if you wanted me to say that Mark, sorry if he didn’t. But um, the, um, yeah, he does have both of those. Um, and then I like lecture hall, uh, dot com as well. Um, just just because it’s one of the, one of the few on that list that’s not plural, so I could see it being used as a brand.

Um, the other ones, yeah. That they’re okay. I would, I would keep them, but I probably wouldn’t buy them to put in my portfolio. Most of them, uh, particularly the plural ones, I just, uh, I don’t, it’s so red that they sell. It’s really hard. Um, I do like, uh, for a variety of reasons. I think it fits the extension quite well as well actually. Um, but yeah, overall there’s not any on that list that I would like say no way to, um, I wouldn’t go out of my way for any others. Uh, apart from the full the I just mentioned. Um, but yeah, overall I think it’s a pretty good list. I will just say one thing about it in that there are not many names on that list that are, that strikes me as very strong brand. Like I don’t expect the company is going to necessarily call themselves many of these names. Um, and I think that in most cases you’re going to get a lot more sales when you have a portfolio full of brands, uh, at least today. Um, then like descriptive names like this, these like these ones. But, um, yeah, that’s,

thank you very well thought out and uh, good to hear. Um, all right, let’s take a moment here. Oh, first, I’m sorry. Um, Mark, thank you for submitting these domains for your donation to a Fred Hutch cancer research and um, for putting up with these guys on their comments. Um, let’s take a moment to hear from our sponsors who support us in our educational mission.

FD was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at ft com, that’s E F T Y F

So time for the name jet marketplace. Big shout out to name Jack for sponsoring this segment of the review. Um, let’s see some domains going to auction soon and what the

Sherpas think of them. Drew, you are numero UNO. All right. Mmm. So, Mmm.

You know, you’ve gotta be a little careful. So I backed ordered Barbara because, um, I think I literally can’t even describe the number of times I laughed at various Talmud comedians that used to make fun of her for like Barbara LA, LA. Mmm. This is Barbara Wawa. Great. Well I forgot what the intro was, but I don’t know for those of you who don’t know, Barbara Walters was a guy yeah. 60 minutes type of Mmm. You know, and started the view and started the view. This is Barbara Wawa. Yes. Uh, and so anyways, uh, I do, uh, but I, I would just like donate that to her. You don’t want to really buy that name cause you just gonna lose it. Um, probably though you won’t lose it. Those guys, uh, and then her estate, we’ll probably come and get it. Mmm. I know Shane is going to want to be all over there.

Uh, [inaudible] uh, I, um, let’s see. makes me think of ISIS, so I’d probably avoid that one. Uh, I lo, I know I really liked the rush. Mmm. I feel like that’s like a red bull domain, you know, it’s like, it’s all about the rush, the thrill. Mmm. I like it. I liked the rush. Uh, and I think duh, almost add something to it in a way. Um, I’m not going to say it’s more valuable than, but could be many things and they’ll, can only really be no one or one meaning. Okay. Mmm. So I, I liked it. I liked that name. Um, I think healthy drinks is another name, like in the last portfolio. Um, you know, we talked about renewable fuel. I think healthy drinks isn’t that same ballpark. Like you were never gonna see Coca-Cola buy healthy to go, here’s our list of all of our healthy drinks.

If it’s not on the list, must be unhealthy. Right now, nobody’s doing that. So, uh, that’s not a very good domain in my opinion. Um, I love kid I think that’s awesome. Domain. Uh, basically, you know, every human with a child, uh, you know, is spending money on, spends time thinking about and dealing with and is concerned over child care, kid care and kid care. Uh, because of the K and C, you know, it also kind of rolls. It’s a nice, nice little brand. Cute solid, solid, right. I like that name. Uh, I don’t know if that means something. Mmm. Let me just Google that real quick, but I like Robert a lot just because I like all four letters. CV, CVS would repeating vowels. Um, you know, we’ve got lots of them., [inaudible] dot com. Mmm. I don’t even know what else we own. Uh, Rolo ROL O Rosso, R O S so, you know, we’ve got lots of these things. Maybe 20 of them, uh, re four letters, CVC V, repeating vowels. I don’t know if we’ve actually sold a lot. Can I add users to Shane’s usual point? Or if I used to go hard on these four-letter CVC be big, but they never actually sell, but they sure do look good. Mmm, yeah.

Yeah. They sure do sell at auction. Um, yeah, I like that. Uh, I sold that was a good name. [inaudible] door. Do you sell to an NGO? No, I saw that too. I saw a sign here. Yeah. It’s a hard, yeah. Yeah. But I get five figures for it, so. Mmm. I hope so hard is doing all right. I haven’t heard anything else since that whole thing broke. Hmm. Um, yeah, it is. Um, let’s see. I think that’s, you know, in terms of like the ones that pop out at me, uh, it’s particularly interesting. That’s pretty much it. I think my favorite is kid care. I, I love kid care. I think that that’s it. Awesome. Domain name. Um, and the rush and uh, Barbara Walters. Okay. I have the questions since we have both on your, a name we did before and had a long discussion. So we’ve talked about Elliot silver bought it. Yeah. 16 grand or 16 five. What do you think about that? I think Elliot will be trying to sell it to me for 18 next week.

Yeah, I mean, I love the word. I mean, I hate it. We sold, um, we sold Chile, we sold one of the spellings, I don’t even know which one, uh, years ago it took forever to sow and we ended up selling it to some guy who was like, kind of a domain investor, kind of an end user, paid somewhere in the middle of those two. Mmm. You know, then there’s like, you know, this other is C, H. I. L. I. C, H. I. L. L. I. C. H. I. L. Y. C. H. I. L. L. Y. Uh, you know, some idiot probably spells a Chi, L. L. I. E. two. I just don’t, I don’t like things that can have lots of spellings because it’s too hard to cover your blind spot. And, um, and that’s just words. It just, it’s got a lot of different meanings, which can be a good thing. But in this case, right. Kind of all over the place. Mmm. It can be spicy. It can be cold, you know, it’s like, I don’t know. Well, how those two jive? Um, yeah.

And every, every, so every single Domina would have seen that to me as well. It’s not like it was, it went for an astronomically high price. So a lot of, there’s a lot of eyeballs that could have bought that name if they wanted to buy it.

No, that’s a very big mistake. Don’t, uh, don’t operate under that assumption. Okay. Some of my most profitable purchases were domains it anybody could have bought. Uh, but I seem to be identified a really good reason to go higher than the next highest bidder. Oh, I’m talking about

if you want it to resell it, if you want it to resell it. Yeah.

Oh, if you want to, yeah. No, I don’t want to say if you’re trying to buy, I get emails every day from people that are like buying domains on Mindjet and then they email me the day after they bought it and they’re like, Oh, do you want to buy this debate for three times the price? And it’s like, dude, if you asked me, I would knock your front teeth out just to do you a favor doing this and give you some negative feedback. You got to get face to face with a board so that you, Oh, Oh, I shouldn’t do this. You know, it’s like [inaudible] clearly your lack of selling domains isn’t doing it for you. So somebody’s gotta like punch you in the face and teach you bad behavior. You know, like break the cycle. Mmm, true. Quit your day job.

Go into therapy. You’d be so good at it.

I have to do it in a time. Very limited law. I can do it in my, you know, I dunno. Yeah.



I would say Europeans don’t, don’t sugar coat things as much. So Jews probably gone even further into that, into that. I’m just lumped in this area.

Nah, man, I’m, I’m, I’m out in the universe, man. I got I’m like, I’m out in the universe. Don’t, don’t try to put me out.

Well, that’s, that’s what I’m most excited. I’ve found a world where I’m, I’m tamed compared to drew. So think I say like, man, he says exactly what he’s thinking. I’m like, have you met drew? I think we need to create a picture of you and the quote don’t put me on a continent or on a continent.

Yeah. I have a friend, I have a friend, uh, [inaudible] and uh, she gave a whole, Mmm. A whole Ted talk about that. Uh, don’t ask me where I’m from. Some, some don’t ask me where I’m from, ask me where I live, something like that. Mmm. It’s actually a really good talk. I didn’t love the title, but it’s a really good talk. Yeah.

And by the way, just be a point to your point, the, um, by buying domains that you, that you see the value in the other people don’t see. I, I completely get that. Just circling back to what you were saying beforehand, obviously, yeah, there’s some of the best end use of sales that you can get just from identifying value that other people just can’t see. So

yeah. So just domains. It’s any asset rights, stocks. I did the housing, you know, whatever you gotta watches or paintings. It’s just, I guess find that one little thing that makes you, she’s really unique, particularly scares, particularly attractive Justin, Justin enough, better than the next best alternative.

Um, but it still needs to actually be valuable. And that’s the problem when you’re an entry level domain investor. And that’s really the biggest purpose of this show is the difference between, you know, you see value, others don’t see but it still has value. Um, so that’s, that’s the challenge. All right. Um, thank you each, uh, who is up next on name? Jack.


Okay. Okay. Um, yeah, so I did want to, I think it’s a good list. I did want to talk about healthy just cause I have a slightly different um, view on that one too. Drew. I completely agree with him on what he’s saying. I don’t think there are going to be that many people would come to you for it. I don’t think Coke would ever, you know, create a website that shows all of the healthy drinks. But I think that if I bought it, I could sell it. I think that I could sell it for a profit, um, just because, uh, energy drinks and making sure that that healthy is, I feel like it’s certainly over here in California. I’ve seen it in popping up all the time, everywhere. Um, so although I don’t think that it’s a great, great the name, I think I could position it that way

because this is really important. This really is, this is like probably the most important in terms of actually talking about investigating domain names. Mmm.


Aye. My experience with names like that has not been good. Like they sit in my portfolio and I agree, you know, going out and proactively selling things is a whole different ballgame. Um, and generally not proactively selling names of that sort of


tax bracket. Um, I, um, but I do think that, um, you know, it obviously has meaning there’s a, I forget the number, but the significant number of people searching for it every month. Um, but the problem for me is like, how do you make money on that demand? That’s really the question you always have. How somebody’s gonna make money. There’s somebody can’t make money on this domain or they can’t reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Like I don’t, I don’t know where, where the value is because that the value is derived from the utility. I mean utility is always, uh, well not always, but, but [inaudible] for the sake of business discussions, the value is always in a commercial application and it needs to be, they are either able to sell something, uh, they are able to reduce their cost of customer acquisition in some way, you know? Well, how are they, is somebody going to go this out to be like a thought leader on healthy beverages? Like I don’t, I dunno, like w that’s what I’m saying. Who’s the buyer and why?

Yeah, no, this is, I think my pitch would probably be an econ play for just selling healthy drinks online. Um,

buy healthy drinks.


I don’t even like drinks on the ground and I buy everything on Amazon.

I would buy my drinks. I do buy drinks on Amazon. Um, I buy a nice healthy, I find these healthy Celsius. Yeah.

What is Celsius?

It’s a healthy energy drink.

So isn’t that, is that those two words, are they like what is that an oxymoron?

Well, yeah. Well, there you go. There you go. Exactly. But no, if you take the energy out and you just say healthy drinks that give you energy, that’s my pitch. Okay.

I’m fine man. I ain’t buying it. I ain’t buying what you sell it.

No, I agree with with Google. If I, if I, if I bought that and stuck it in like what I, I just, I don’t feel like any, I would even get an inquiry and 12 months. Um, but if it, if it was, if you could pick it up for a couple of hundred bucks, pretty sure if it’s been around for a couple thousand, it’s just not a, I don’t like precise. I don’t see that it has an awful lot of utility. I just think that it’s a domain that I could sell. Um, and that’s just because I, you know, from an investment standpoint, I just want to want to kind of like balance it out into can you make money with that? I think you can make money with that demand. At the right price. Do you agree?

Quote, ever under made Sherpa? You know, I just want to kind of know if I could make money, right? I only want to buy domains. If I pick, I could make money. Best quote ever.

There you go. You could, you could put that in on the front end, the front page of the show.



I’m laughing. But like, um, and it’s funny because cause people, you know, are losing money, but the reality is, is that like a lot of people who come and watch this show, we send me emails every day. You know, they missed that first step. They did, they skipped right over, you know, domains one Oh one and the domain on one you’d get taught, you only want to buy domain that you think you can sell for a profit. In other words, make money. Um, they skip that step and uh, they went to the more advanced classes without having that foundational thing. That’s when the trouble happens.

Yeah, I know. I mean, how many people in our industry are like killing it and making a profit every year? Very few. Uh,

I would love to actually, the answer to that question, I wish I wish, because I like you believe it’s very few. Mmm. But I would like to know, I think it’s probably more than I think, but less than what most people think. Throw a number out, throw a number out.


how many, how many, let’s say that they, they’ve got at least three consecutive profitable years profitable. We’re going to define profitable as I’m making enough profit to pay the bills and you know, put food on the table, et cetera, et cetera. So let’s say, you know, they gotta be making that least, I know 40 grand a year in profit


after expenses less than a hundred

without having other business like straight domain investing less than a hundred. But everybody said, okay, well I, I’m just talking about the domain business. It’s out there. I don’t care if they drive trucks. I don’t care if they own a, you know, billion dollar manufacturing facility. But as far as their base business, their domain businesses concerned, is it profitable three years consecutive? How many of those folks do we have in the industry? I would actually love to know this question. Yes. I, these from now on, we’re going to ask this question of every new guests. I want it because I actually want to know, I think that I believe that there in lies the truth, like we asked, you know, thousand people in the domain industry, somewhere in the median of all those answers will be there. The correct one. I think it’s probably around, you know, we’re talking worldwide. I think it’s probably 500, four to 500 consecutive years. Three, three consecutive years making at least, Mmm.


40 grand net a year.

Yeah, I agree. Yeah. Yeah. I dunno. Yeah, I would say it’s probably one in every hundred people that consider themselves part time or full time investors. Something like that. One in every a hundred no, not that many.

I bet blessing that. Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s less than that because I think we’ve got,


I think we’ve got, I forget what the numbers were, but, uh, it’s a pretty significant number. Like the people like Tyler Moonlight as a domain investor. Vitamins on the side is, you know, they’re doing it as an investment. Uh, it’s a, it’s a pretty large number. I think we’re, yeah. Over 10,000 people who would sort of in some way identify as a domain investor in some capacity. And I don’t think we have a thousand or more profitable the main investors making, you know, who have a real business, a real business, again, being real profitable business being Nope, let’s say three programs a month. Net profit. Yeah. From my time at GoDaddy, I mean it was, eh, I left seven years ago, but um, for seven years I had a book of clients from 300 to 600 clients who I talk to very regularly and um, you know, quite a few of those were corporate clients or quite a few were domain investors and most of them were trying to make some profit on the side.

They were not trying to bring in $40,000 net. So I think the majority of domain investors would consider themselves successful if they make, uh, five to $10,000 profit a year. Um, no, that’s a small amount. It’s still a nice supplement for the average American. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I was more looking at it cause I agree with you 100%. And that’s amazing. If we had, you know, 50,000 people in the world who were generating three to five grand a year in extra income cause they were demanding vesting, that would be amazing. Uh, for a variety of them. [inaudible] um, but I was more looking at it in terms of like the people that you could actually say, okay, this guy’s got a domain investing. Mmm. And, and a business needs to be, you know, for it to be a business, I think it has to be a sufficient capacity to like really pay the bills. Mmm. And, uh, you know, I think that’s probably three grand a month.


Maybe I’m out of touch. I have no, you know, I don’t know. Um, but I think, you know, I think that’s a reasonable definition. Uh, just say like, I’ve got a domain investing business. Uh, if I didn’t have anything else,

know everything went to hell in a hand basket. I’ve got a business that makes me three grand a month, you know, I won’t be homeless. You know, that’s a business. You guys, if you make three grand net profit a month, you’ve got a real business. So, um, that was sort of why I picked that number. Okay, cool. This was going to round it up from 36 to 40. Okay, good. Top. Um, I think it’s time to wrap it up. Um, this was a very good show. Uh, Josh Europe first, uh, what’s going on in your world? Anything you want to give a shout out to? Uh,

no, not really. I mean this is, this is probably the first year where I’ve been really active, uh, even though I’ve been taught, so I haven’t been actively communicating with a lot more people in the industry, so I know a lot more people now. Um, and uh, yeah, I, I try to spend as much as time as I can because I enjoy it doing, um, things, the main name related. Uh, but at the end of the day, like I said, I’m still, I’m still full time. I have to, uh, I have to be careful with my time. So it’s, it’s very, very busy from it at the moment. Um, but yeah, I’m still investing in domain still still tweeting about it as much as I can. Um, and uh, I’m, I’m pretty bullish on the future of, uh, on the future of domain names. I’m seeing a lot of cool things happening, so.

Fabulous. Well, I’m delighted that you came on the panel. You definitely have contributed and you’re brave to put up with these guys.

They were great.

Good luck on your land. Take flight with your 11 month old tomorrow. Uh, Shane, I think you’re next. What’s going on?

Same mold. Um, DSA, D Josh and Travis putting out a list, having a little fun at the beginning. Um, we’re trying to start a site run where we run, we sell or have an affiliate site for, um, for like safety lights and running lights and it’s not up yet, but we’re working on getting it all together.

I think there’s a business model. I think the, again, without going on a tangent there, there’s so much stuff on the internet, so much stuff on Amazon, I think there’s an opportunity to cure rate some of this thing by somebody that knows about it and give their suggestions and kind of whittle it down. And if you can have some authority in that, I think there’s opportunity, cause I know when I’m looking for something, I want to find somebody that really knows what the hell they’re talking about. Um, I think that’s a big market, especially if you’re good at something or known for something or uh, an authority. And, and, and I know safety lights sounds stupid, but I thought run bright was a great name. But I see hikers and joggers and uh, all of people that was LEDs coming out. There’s some pretty cool things if your wife goes out and runs, you want to have safety lights and it sounds small, but I think it, I think it could work. And so it sounds like a great drop ship business actually.

And so as you get to know, you become better at it, you make the first product yourself. And so you add that to the mix. Meanwhile you sell affiliate everybody else, but then your product and as you get bigger you add more and more products that you use. Make yourself a drop shit. Yup. The game. Yeah. I think it’s a good, I think the whole future of eCommerce is all about curation. I really do. I think the whole thing’s more curation. Everything. We’ve got too much shopper offering too much, you know, skews or, or items for sale. It’s just too, too much. It’s just too much data, too much information. Everything is too much. Literally we are like in the age of just abundance. Um, it is, everything is just too much. How many people? Too many things. Too much information, too many options. We just got too many damn options.

We’re gonna have to cut options off the end of, maybe I’ll find somebody that displays that or, or rates it in a fun way or a different way called DC Rainmaker who’s a cyclist and he goes through every product and beats the hell out of it and tries it. And if he says it’s good, I’m buying it. I mean that’s, yeah, he’s so good at what he does. So I just think that I’m going to try that model. I’m already running, I’m already trying things. It fits in, you know, we’re all super busy people, but there’s sometimes there’s something that fits into our wheelhouse that we can on. So [inaudible]

one of the things that we, I was just got, one of the things that we focus on and my full time job is, is, is we really, really try to provide less options as opposed to more options just to Centrify processes. So [inaudible] and it’s, most people are like wants, you know, everybody wants options, but that’s not true anymore. It’s just not true. So yeah, that’s really good point.

Yeah. So that’s, that’s kind of what we’re going to try this this winter. And uh, now that the nursery settled down, I kind of, I don’t, we don’t close but for two or three months, while it’s a winter here in Illinois, we uh, take it easy and rest up a little bit and that’s, that’s one of our projects. So we’ll see how it goes.


You get over 50, you got to do that stuff. I know. I actually hired a running coach cause I’m just too old to try and make up my own. Yeah. I have a coach. Wow. Got my training. You know, sometimes I just, sometimes you just want to follow, there’s nothing wrong with that. Again, it comes back to that example where we’re just talking about, it’s like at the end of the day, what does it coach like I have this guy, uh, I hired somebody to do a, uh, email intervention. Okay. And um,

Mmm, what is that Nicholas zone and Berg shout out duties though. Like Jake. Right. So I’m super skeptical about all coaches. I like, I just think that it’s a crock. I, I’m just not into it. Um, and, uh, not actually sports coaches is something like I, you know, but, but you know, um, yeah, so, um, uh, sports coaches were some of the most influential people in my life actually. Uh, but, but it’s new age coaching phenomenon. I, I’m not digging it, but at the same time it’s exploding in every single thing. Things that, you know, I certainly didn’t know we need to be coaches in. And um, what is it all about? It’s about co it’s about curation, right? Like, so this guy comes, yeah, there is 4 million articles that I could read about how to increase my productivity on email. I don’t want to read 4 million articles.

I just want the guidance. Read the 4 million articles. Tell me the three that are like the most important for Mike circumstances. Right. There are 4 million pieces of fricking productivity software out there. Uh, I don’t want to try them. I hate them all. I, in fact, I don’t want to use any of them, but if I have to use one and I want the guy who has tried all 4 million of them and say, Oh, for your circumstances, you don’t even have to think about it. Here’s the one that you need. Right. Um, and so to me it’s like that’s what a coach does. It’s like, okay, shame. You know, again, we’re coming back to a sports coach or they’re run running coaches and sports coach, they get passed. But even so, it’s still a little bit about curation. It’s like they studied all the different techniques, they’ve studied all the different gear, they’ve studied all the different, you know, training methodologies. And they’re like, okay, your body tight, your age, where do you live? Whatever the circumstances are, here’s the training regimen that is perfect for you. And you don’t have to think about it. You just show up and your running shoes on and go frickin run. Mmm. So yeah, I, I, I really think this curation thing is huge. I think it’s like the trend in terms of commerce, e-commerce, Alrighty. You’re gonna coach is really curating all that information and distilling it. Yeah. One would hope.

Cure, cure, cure, curating all the healthiest energy drinks, putting them on a healthy cough.

Are you going to start a new TLD age room? We’re not curated. I tried to buy like every possible version for like the last two, three years. I’ve actually kind of been watching this trend and I, I’ve been, I’ve tried to buy all of them various can’t get them no go. Hmm. Uh, but you know, somebody will, uh, uh, but um, yeah, yeah, I even tried to buy cure and then the number eight, uh, I tried everything to try that.

Maybe next time if we don’t think it’s a portfolio submission, we’ll just put together various, uh, cure, cure eight and have everyone else rip into your friends?

Oh, hold on. I actually hold on before we close. I actually, uh, on Twitter, I think it was you, Josh said something. It was a compliment to me. Uh, but I was laughing because I don’t think it’s true. Mmm. Yeah. You said somebody said like, uh, I don’t remember. So it’s something about, you know, good acquisition. And he said, you know, aren’t all of Andrew’s acquisitions good? Uh, I don’t remember ever looking at one of the domains he bought and thinking, Oh, that was a newbie, uh, purchase. [inaudible] Mmm. I mean it’s quoting it, but I think it was you. And now I was thinking to myself, man, if these guys knew some of the crap I buy when I’m bidding on late at night on name jet go daddy. And I had the most perfect example in my inbox this morning, uh, which was, uh, back up four I bought for $640, I think. Um, and I thought it was backup plan, but it was backup. It was missing one P the, the real painful part about this is that I wasn’t the only idiot. I wish I was the only idiot because I would’ve gotten this for like 69, 79, you know, under 100 bucks. But instead there was two other idiots who bid this thing up and it costs me $640.

That’s because they saw, see once they see seafood,

awesome. [inaudible]

they were like, look,

no, it’s like a game of Russian roulette. It’s like the two other guys were on Skype and they were like, all right, your turn to pick them up and it’s like, okay, he’s still have you still the height better was the next guy. It’s like, okay. [inaudible]


one game. I should delete that tweet.

Okay, next time on demand Sherpa, we’ll play that game live.

I liked it. Domain domain roulette, domain roulette. We’re going to think about this, right? This is a, the main roulette, the name jet.

I like

that spirit. I have a question but maybe we should also add to every show. Is there a roulette owned by sarcasm on by huge domains for sale for $2,995 I think we should get them to give it to us and then we’re going to, that’s going to become a part of the domain Sherpa show. We’re going to play domain roulette,

right? Get on it. That’s, that’s for you to negotiate them to give it to us. [inaudible] and we’re going to have, we’re going to get, we’re going to have to get name, jet two. Just give us permission to play that game. We’re gonna have to think about how the rules of that game work. But I like it. Domain roulette.

I like it. I like it. Um, and speaking of wedge, is there a domain that any of the other Sherpas on the show own that you wish you could buy right now? Just asking

for one of the, like, one of the other guys owned that

drew your kids trying to command that was, Oh, all right. Well I guess we’ll stick with domain roulette. That’s cool. All right. Um, we gotta wrap it up though. Um, Shane has more Christmas trees to log. You only picked up 800 Christmas trees just half weekend. Yeah.

And thank you to Michael Cyger for sending me something to help me with my shoulder. He, he had done his 300 mile run and he goes, I found some things that were pretty good and I said, send them my way.

I know a few things that are pretty good too.

I noticed I didn’t call him. He’s like, don’t take all a hundred milligrams.

You can get them on nice. All right, Sherpas, thank you for joining us. We’ll see y’all next time. [inaudible] so, yeah, right.

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  1. Albert says:

    Another great Domain Sherpa Segment hosted by Tess and quality information by the Sherpas themselves. Shane really gives great reasons as to why a business should invest in domain names versus spending a minimum of $100,000 on a miniscule T.V. Show or even thousands of dollars in something like a yellow page directory really would hit home to any business owner. Drew and Joshua give us great insights.

    Congrats to Joshua on buying a domain for less then $200 and selling for $5,000 in 24 hours and definitely one of the best domain list reviews this year.

    Drew, as far as, that is an awesome domain name as one can use it as a blog showing how to make, well, Healthy Drinks. A good example is

    Also, The Coca-Cola Company owns Dasani Water, so they may very well be interested, but yeah, most likely not.

    Just a thought, you guys may want to have at least one, two or even three shows where people submit at least one or two domain names with a maximum asking amount and the Sherpas give their input on it.

    Just a thought to mix things up.

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