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DomainSherpa Review – Mar 19:,,…

In a very special DomainSherpa Review today, the old gang reunites with Michael Cyger joining us as a Sherpa! This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,…
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • Plus, much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Shane Cultra and Michael Cyger.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
Semi retired, domain name expert, media entrepreneur working on passion projects, Michael Cyger is the founder and former owner of DomainSherpa, and is former publisher and lead instructor of DNAcademy. His current passion project is He is recognized as an industry veteran in the domain name industry, has been named Blogger of the Year and Developer of the Year, and has been inducted into the Domain Name Hall of Fame.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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50 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Mar 19:,,…”

  1. Tom Karon says:

    such a nice sharing. thanks a lot

  2. nice! thank you for sharing

  3. Shout out to you all. I’ve been tuning in since last year (ignorance cost me money for 7 years), and am catching up on the last 2 months of videos due to a complicated international move (have fun I’m 3 states south of you (states as in nations) and do 80% of my domaining in Spanish (though I’m from Kansas). Would be cool to see the SHERPAS do a mixed portfolio analysis with some Spanish both .coms and ccTLD’s like .pe, .cl or .es. MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SPEAK SPANISH MORE THAN ENGLISH. I’m trying to perfect my retail value pricing on Spanish language domains and after 8 years of this I’m coming down to about a dime on the dollar of the English version when it comes to .com and believe it or not in the case of Peru the .pe has surpassed the .com on GEO and exact match domains. I like that Michael Cyger has his domains in just 6 class types, I’m making room for a new class type column in my access database as I was using about 13 categories that my portfolio falls into. I fall into the poorly maintained landing page pitfall mentioned here, we’ll see how fixing this issue works out for me in the coming weeks. Great show, sorry I’m 2 months behind the curve here.

  4. Thanks Mike and Sherpas for a Great show!

    I understand that inbound selling/marketing is to earn the interest of the customer.

    And that the customer qualifies the seller/investor and not oposite.

    I guess its about winning the heart of the customer.

    But its also about “hardcore” negotiations”.

    We should not sell a high value and potential domain for low sum.

    Negotiations are very important if you want to be a real seller/businessman.

    For example how Marc Ostrofsky made the deal of (1999) for 7,5 million usd

  5. Ravi says:


    I follow Michael Cyger and listen to his podcast regularly…

    I got an email from DNAcademy about DomainSherpa and this particular episode…I am I watched it and really learned a lot of information!

    The analysis provided by all Sherpas is priceless…as a starter and still, in the learning process, this episode gave some valuable points to think before buying any domains…

    Thanks to all Sherpas…


  6. graham haynes says:

    Appreciate the time and effort, pleased you have kept producing these shows. Great job Tess, you are growing on me and NOW on a par with the previous master of ceremonies.

  7. DomainSherpa says:

    Todd Reum, seller of, asked that we post this on his behalf:

    Hello from

    Great interview all. In regards to the comments made about being a paid directory. It is not a paid directory at all. It is a niche grub hub, just-eat, eat 24hr site site but for sushi. We already have 35 restaurants boarded with their menus. We just finished and all bugs are out and we have not even began to market it. It does reservations where you can prepay your reservation or pay it on your phone afterwards, it does walk in mobile ordering from your table where you sit down and order without having to see a server and walk out after. The server finds you by SMS. It also offers delivery and takeout of course as well. All angles are covered for monetization, not just delivery and takeout like these other sites just do. takes all of the funds of the order, processes it, sends it automatically by sms, email and fax to the restaurant and pays out the restaurant their share automatically after two weeks in case of chargebacks etc. Customers can also pay by cash and pay automatically what they owe via credit card, paypal or check. It also has a built in coupon code creator so that restaurants can create deals.

    The only paid part of the site is if a restaurant wants to purchase a featured listing spot. It also has an awesome angle in that you can sell off the rights to licenses per city or region or state and collect royalties as well or a % of the commissions as admin. The beauty of this angle is like an online franchise and it is very desirable because no one is going to get cut out or burned as far as licensees goes. Example. Someone buys the rights to all orders that go through for Los Angeles and metro. Imagine what just that right can be sold for? All orders that go through for that location go to that owner who has their own unique login for their location. They don’t have to worry about anyone going around them and at the same time the advertising they do will drive many more locations to want to be purchased and more restaurants to sign up! That is another angle this site can do and is already set up for as well should someone want to go that route! Please see crunch base and the exit by menu log which only had a few thousand restaurants and was acquired by Just Eat for more than $600m USD, see: I can show many more examples like this…menu log was only netting just over $2.5m a year!

    No one is doing this angle yet or this niche as far as the licensee idea goes. The sky is the limit! Other features built in, it also has foodie spotting on it, reviews where you can review the restaurant, shows top 10 restaurants by city and most popular / ordered from. The restaurant has their own unique back end to keep track of everything and send out even tracking notifications is a huge development on an incredible domain but like Andrew said it can be anything too! We have not even begun to market it only because we just finished it with the glitches all out and all. We spent 6 figs on the development alone and it took me almost 3 years because I am solo with just 1 developer. The developer on this is also available for consulting and so are we so it will be seamless for the new owner..why start from scratch when there is a very valuable development here that also can be adapted for all other food types and resold…again this is far from a paid directory as Cygar mentioned. Huge exit potential well we are about to start an app for it that will do much more than this it will also allow others to connect and chat in the same restaurants and in other sushi restaurants where they can connect anonymously or reveal their identity. It will also be able to locate all local restaurants by just holding it up and pointing and google does a real poor job of this and missing many. The app we plan to make to do this won’t…and it will have all the reviews built in and so much more. After all who wants to connect with other people who don’t like sushi when you do? People who like sushi, like to connect with others who are cultured as well and share this same interest. Sky is the limit here, it really is!

    Warmest Regards
    Todd Reum
    CEO / Founder
    Amazon Thunder Inc

    1. albert says: is an incredible name with what looks to be a great platform.
      Congrats. and good luck.

  8. Great show everyone! It was nice to see Michael back on the show again.

  9. Carlos says:

    I don’t know if you are doing it on purpose but you are blocking Google Bot from inexing your website. Searching something has become very difficult, please allow Google Bot by fixing your robots.txt file.

    Great show nonetheless, thanks!

  10. Vito says:

    Awesome Show everyone!

    So, This is how we will all be addressing you now since you are contemplating a name change. :) That has to be one of the coolest feelings owning your first name in dot com. Oh, and I believe you got it at a steal as well. Congrats!

    Tess, keep up the great work. It has to be very hard to reign in all of these guys as they can all talk for a long time about everything domaining. I love the long show as well. Took me a few days to watch full video (hour first day and just completed rest of it right now) but well worth it!

    Mike, It is really cool to see you on here as a guest now. You deserve that guest chair as much as any Pro domainer ever. The way you dissect and analyze every question/comment regarding all things domaining is truly fascinating to me to listen to. Congrats on your 18k domain sale also.

    Shane, your pickup was a great pickup for dirt cheap. I like your reasoning as well. That would be a cool site to build. I would like my oxygen ratio tested and would probably subscribe to that service.

    Oh and thanks for adding the split screen now. There is something missing on past few new episodes without the split screen. It really looks much nicer to watch this way.

    I like the casual/fun atmosphere as well. The un-sponsers (Send poop Company, Glitter box, Bag of Dicks) should be very happy for all of the free advertising. lol

    Really great show everyone.
    Thanks again.

  11. albert says:

    Tess-Great job as usual.
    Mike, Welcome back and congrats. on your sale of
    I’m trying to sell but no luck yet. (I just joined
    Congrats. Shane on a name where you 10x your money. for $60,000-sounds like a steal.

  12. Jivan Bansi says:

    Good job everyone!

  13. Towhid Zaman says:

    Tee Shirt is actually most common to this generation. It’s not t-shirt anymore.

    1. Hi Towhid,

      Here’s what I see for search volume per month on

      It shows that “t-shirt” has 546,805, while “tee shirt” only has 60,508 (which is no slouch of a search volume, for sure).

      Do you see something else on another tool? Thanks for clarifying.


  14. tldboss says:

    Another great informative show, thanks guys, much appreciated

  15. Carl says:

    Great show to start the week! Thanks Tess and Sherpas for sharing your insights! Congrats Michael and Shane on your sales…and to Andrew for picking up Cheers, Carl

  16. Data Glasses says:

    Hey Mike’s back …… who can resist The Sherpa Show !

  17. Great chemistry, great info, great laughs make for a Great show. Nice seeing Mike back as well.

    Thanks Tess and Sherpas,

    John Magavern

    1. Thanks for watching, John. Good to hear from you!

  18. Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Really makes me happy to see DomainSherpa (Tess) putting out awesome content like we never missed a beat! Was awesome being back on the show with Michael. You folks only see what gets recorded, but we have a lot of fun before and after the show.

    Anyhow, thank you everyone for your comments & feedback. Keep it coming.

    1. says:

      Forget domains Drew .. if you want to make some real money you should sell subscription based access to the pre/post shows! ;)

    2. Joe Clare says:

      The long stalled Fountain Bleu Resort in Vegas ($2.5 Billion project) was recently restarted and the new name for the resort will be called The Drew Las Vegas. I have a feeling you might be persuaded not to keep that domain.

      1. Todd says:

        they already have:

        but anything is possible..

  19. brand says:

    I have been watching this show from the start with, Micheal Berkens, Rick Schwartz , Page Howe and Adam Dicker. This was a great show with Michael Cyger and of course, Andrew Rosener and that Nursery guy,,LOL. I like Shane as well [ Great Guy ].
    This was in my Opinion, one of the best shows with the new cast, Great Job, Very informative.

    1. Thanks for being one of the OG watchers, Brad! I appreciate your feedback.

  20. Rod says:

    So glad to see Mike again. Just getting started watching but had to give a shout out to Mike!

  21. John Tanner says:

    I’d love to see the transcripts come back to the show as I can read much faster than the show airs.

    Having said that, I loved this show. It was great to hear what Cyger has been up to, and clearly he knows his stuff. Rosener and Cultra were awesome as always.

    Well done, Tess. Keep refining your facilitation skills and you’re going to be better than Cyger someday soon!

    1. Tess Diaz says:

      Ha! Thanks John… Regarding transcripts, we’re almost ready to have them all uploaded… It’s one of the final items to get 100% streamlined for us. Ironically, I always preferred reading to listening to the show over the years!

      1. Paolo says:

        thanks for the show!

        you are not alone.. me too on the same boat btw now i listen the podcast as i read other things that i can’t reproduce via audio so I listen while i couldn’t be able to read.. but sometime it’s better to listen when you can understand.. for me listen DS when doing workout is a no.. i can’t stay concentrate on what people says while running or other things..

        I think it’s nice to know how experts also manage their time to stay up to date also with the need of long hours of work.
        (I’m mainly interested about fulll time domain investors, not people with income from other sources/jobs)

      2. says:

        For me it’s almost always been the audio as I’ve listened and relistened to all the reviews multiple times while walking Steamie .. as soon as it hits 7-8 degrees (c) we’re doing 50km a week .. more when I’m off and it’s really nice out! :)

    2. Paolo says:

      “Well done, Tess. Keep refining your facilitation skills and you’re going to be better than Cyger someday soon!”

      I totally agree with you John. Tess is doing a great Job but Cyger is great in facilitation.
      I remember that back in a days one of the first reason that make me to start following Domain Sherpa was because Michael has great facilitation skills and I would be able to understand better than others podcasts.

      I hope Tess will not take this as an offense but just an feedback about where to improve :)

    3. Thanks, John. Much appreciated.

  22. Saro says:

    Great show guys, the info was great the vibe was great.

    Michael you should be part of the regular panel as much as time permits. Loved the back and forth with the different schools of thought on some of the issues.


    1. I appreciate the support, Saro. You’re very kind. :)

  23. says:

    Nice show guys .. great to see and get updates from Mike … BIG thanks to him once again for everything he’s done for the industry! :)

    Shane .. lol .. no hate at all in any way .. I’m very grateful for all the feedback you and everyone else have given to me over the last year+ now. As I posted at DSAD in between the filming and posting of this episode .. my “disappearance” was bad coincidental timing of a combination of total a pc/windows meltdown/recovery combined with a complete revamp/restructuring of the way I go through the daily auction names. A process which is now mostly local and a huge giant spaghetti of Excel references/formulas. I always thought I was fairly good at Excel .. but after a week of googling all sorts of tips/code .. I’m at the point where I’m hacking macros and slightly more than half knowing what I’m doing in the raw code .. I feel like a Jedi .. lol.

    I tried as much as possible to maintain my own daily lists of auction and closeout names I share at NamePros (I only ended up missing a couple of days when essentially I had no functional computer) .. so all that combined with regular job (and walking ) pretty much eliminated anything extra .. I still love you and the rest of both DSAD and Sherpa crews! :)

    Combine all that with the fact that WordPress seems to have some vendetta again me and my comments (probably because the data from my comments take up more server space than all the actual WordPress code .. lol). Not sure what it is .. from time to time I seem to trigger something that nullifies my comments (happens both here and at DSAD). It isn’t links and it isn’t length and it isn’t posts pending moderation … just some big black hole that absorbs random comments .. it truly sucks when it’s one of my longer developed posts like what happened in the comments for the last review .. where I was able to save and cut up some of my first comment (because I usually remember to copy to clipboard before submitting), but lost a longer one I posted later as a reply to another comment .. after that happens I usually submit to WordPress for a few days instead of driving my keyboard through my monitor!

    I certainly didn’t agree with everything from my review .. but there most definitely were things I learned from (as with all shows). The great thing about all these reviews/interviews and discussions is that more often than not there are bits information new to us .. fresh perspectives .. and more importantly .. even sometimes hearing the arguments someone uses against your own point of view could actually reinforce your point of view if those arguments aren’t strong enough. Because no matter what you say .. I think RemoteInstruction // dot // com is an amazing buy at $5 .. I will never not buy a domain like that if presented to me for $5! lol .. BUT .. after what Drew said I’m thinking even at $5 that maybe 420Medications // dot // com might not have been such a good buy. It has nothing to do with who gave the feedback .. often I’ll agree with you and not him .. the fact of the matter is that as long as you guys share the reasoning behind your opinions we all grow. Information is power as they say! The more info we get .. the more we learn and better ourselves.

    1. says:

      Sigh .. ok .. managed to post the first part .. WordPress still seems to hate the rest of my post .. please stand by .. lol .. posting this mostly to see if it will even post!

      OK .. now let’s hope WordPress posts this comment! :)
      (2 shots now .. and 7 attempts .. lol .. I hate you WordPress .. I love you Copy/Paste .. I despise you Store Fronts and Street Signs .. I AM NOT A ROBOT .. lol)

    2. says:

      Part 2 .. That’s why I always felt the one key component missing from the reviews was acquisition and holding costs. This week’s Pet.Club is a great example of that. If it was picked up handreg at standard .club pricing then I personally think it was a phenomenal buy .. but if it cost $$$$ and has a premium renewal .. then I would think it wasn’t such a great investment. Acquisition price is the one thing we really can control when building our portfolios …

    3. says:

      Part 3 (for the 6th time) ,,, I’m happy with my portfolio as I’ve acquired decent names (admittedly not level .. lol) at relatively low prices (below wholesale IMO). Mainly because I try to be careful and mostly only buy names that slip through the cracks. Something less and less possible the last couple of months as wholesale auctions have picked up significantly at GD .. I won’t even start to get into that as it could be a show of it’s own and more .. lol.

    4. says:

      Part 4 .. I’ve listened to all the old shows at least a couple of times now .. and am significantly more confident as a domainer because of it. Specifically because there are times when I don’t necessarily agree with some Sherpa OPINIONS on different things from time to time (most of the time I do agree). That’s what’s great about domaining .. there are lots of niches out there to be carved .. the great thing about my specific niche is that I don’t have to get them all right .. I can make a mistake like 420Medications at $5 when I’ve bought Longevica and Freeceive at $5 closeout each and resold them for $3k and $2.5k respectively. That being said .. I still have a ways to go .. I want to make less mistakes .. but I’m pretty confident in the long term .. just need time to get back on my feet after a difficult year (outside of domains). I have a little more time now .. and thankfully slowly getting more and more organised.

      If there’s one thing that really pisses me off about this industry it’s that people expect other people’s OPINIONS to be perfect all the time! Seriously .. while there are patterns and obvious pitfall .. at the end of the day each and every domain is unique .. and the best way to make money is specifically when we see things in a name that other people miss or undervalue. Because of our different life perspectives none of us will ever have the same opinions on everything .. and more importantly .. none of us will always be right 100% .. the one constant is that the sharing of opinions when coupled with information and reasons help us grow .. whether we agree with the opinion or not .. and even if the opinion isn’t 100% correct or not .. the key is to take the information and then think for yourself and apply it in a way that works for you.

      My guess for was 50k .. simply for the reason that I know he’s never going to resell it .. very surprised he was considering 200k previously. Congrats on the buy Drew! :)

      Congrats Mike on the sale of SEO Consultant! Looking forward to your one on one “Domain Flips” show! :)

      1. Carl says:

        Congrats Ategy on your two flips — buying Longevica and Freeceive at $5 closeout each and reselling them for $3k and $2.5k respectively! Cheers, Carl

    5. says:

      Part 5 … There is no part 5 .. Just very happy that I FINALLY beat WordPress .. (It seemed to block something in my original draft in what is now part 3) .. Seriously frustrating wasting over half an hour just to post (plus however long it took me to write everything). Anyhow .. have a better day than me everyone! :-/

      1. Shane Cultra says:

        Wow. I think we truly get a transcript of your inside voice in your comments. Its not about how many you sold and what you sold them for. Its how much you spent and how much you took in. Basic accounting. If eventually the sales don’t cover the purchases and holding costs its bad. But you also have to think Opportunity cost. What if you put that money into something else and that would have delivered. That is the only way to measure success in domain investing.

  24. The Drew and MIke Show !!
    [Mike made up for all the shows he missed]
    Entertaining and informative show ,Team !!
    ,Tess’s smile is the highlight of the show .!!

  25. Platey says:

    Great show as usual

    What are my


    I bought both for reg fee

    1. Ikehook says:

      Reg fee minus the number of days registered divided by 365

      1. Shane Cultra says:

        And then take off $8 off that total.

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