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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,, plus pricing on
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,, …
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by two Domain Sherpas: Brian Harbin and Andrew Rosener.

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Brian Harbin
Brian Harbin
Brian Harbin is owner and broker at With over 22 years of sales experience, Brian is a million dollar producer in 4 different industries. From selling educational products to insurance to real estate and now domains, he has a passion for hard work and helping people. In the past 5 years, he has brokered over 500 domain transactions including one of the top domain sales of all time with for $3.5 million.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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For today’s Sherpa Review panel, we only have two panelists but they are twice as interesting as usual. We discuss a domain that recently came to market and what the pricing ought to be and how they made that decision. We discussed a domain sale via a payment plan. We also make two fabulous challenges with great rewards for our Sherpa network. Listen to the show, see if you’re ready to take on the challenge.
Hey Sherpa network. Thanks for joining us today. I’m tTessest Diaz, executive producer of, and this is the domain Sherpa review. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. While we do not have our usual three panelists, we do still have three segments to the review. We’ll start off learning what the Sherpas recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value and investors submitted domain name portfolio. And finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon at and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good investment opportunity for you. Joining us today on the Domain Sherpa Review are past Sherpas and industry thought leaders.
Brian Harbin from Grit brokerage. Love your shirt. How you doing?
Brian Harbin: Hey, doing great. Thanks for having me back.
Yeah. What a delight to have you and Drew Rosener, of Hello? Hello guys. Llet’s jump right in. Um, what’s new Sherpas? So we’re going to talk about something you recently bought or sold since there are only two of you. I do expect you to be doubly interesting, Brian Europe first, what? Don’t say the price. What’s the domain you recently bought or sold.
All right. So I wanted to see if you guys be open to this. So this is one that we actually just took under exclusive last night and I’m super excited about this domain and we’d love to just kind of run it by you guys and see what you guys think about it. And um, cause we, uh, we figured out this morning how we’re going to price it. So I do have kind of the price in mind already, but would love to run it by you guys and get your feedback as well. So the domain is so Sue And um, so I’ll give you guys a little bit of history on it. So basically, uh, you know, is, is, is taken and um, you know what I like about this domain over, you know, for example like a Sue is Sue, you kind of associate more with the name. Um, I think sued the past that is potentially better. Um, and uh, I think is currently being used for, um, it’s like a directory. Um,
yes. [inaudible] dot com it says free litigation consultation.
Yup. I think it’s been listed for sale three million dollars for sue .com. So, you know, again, I liked the plural. Um, you know, so another thing is, so we’ve got another client that does a lot of Facebook marketing for attorneys and he’ll get a couple of hundred thousand dollars a pop, uh, for his Facebook marketing. I mean, attorneys, when they do these lawsuits, they’ll go out, they want these big class action suits. They go out, you know, they do the TV commercials, they do the Facebook ads and really trying to get as many people to jump in and say, Hey, I was affected by this as well. The bigger the case, the more money. And so I think for, especially for attorneys especially no how, um, you know, they make money, there’s just a lot of opportunity. I feel like for especially having, um, you know, a killer domain name, um, that’s going to be generating a ton of leads for them and not just that, you know, uh, expensive TV advertising and all the other expensive advertising they do. So I think it’s a great opportunity and that reserve is, um, so I, I kind of factored that into our pricing as well. But yeah, we’d just love to get y’alls opinion as far as how a domain, a domain name like that should be a priced. Um, I can get you some exact searches on there too if you want, but, um, anybody want to give it a shot?
pricing it.
Uh, well I can’t guess how you’re pricing it, but I can give you a guess on, uh, you know what I think it could be worth.
all right, hold on. I just messed up and my tire browser just crashed. Uh, come back to yourself. Generally, generally speaking, um, I’m not a huge fan of pastimes and there are certain cases where I do like it. Um, but just generally speaking, I have not had any success whatsoever. Um, I’m just trying to think if there was even an exception to that. But I, I don’t think we’ve ever really had any success selling past tense. So E D domains or ING domains. Um, you know, I’ve seen some good exceptions to the IMG recently with, uh, um, putting sold, uh, or cooking, um, Kate’s old, sleeping and snoring,, [inaudible] dot com. Uh, those both went a good price is good price. Um, uh, but you know, those are like kind of things. It’s like if for that, you know, again, those writing, gee, not past tense and, uh, there’s no real other way to say it and have the same meaning. Um, so, you know, but I, I do agree with you on much of what you said about why you like to read.
I think a, you know, you’ve got decent search volume.
let’s see here. Hold on one second. Volume of SU versus sued, whether it’s numbers. So sued is 11,000, exact max in the U S 51,000 global a. But it’s funny, there’s nobody really advertising more the word sued past tense, which I can’t, you could end up being a huge advantage cause there’s people’s searching and doesn’t seemingly nobody advertising. Um, right. So, and then you’ve got SU, which is only 40,000 exact match searches, which I find very strange. Uh, and a 142,000 global, which is quite a lot. Uh, and there are advertisers, although low competition, but this is a cluster fuck of a keyword because you know, it’s like the top searches are Mary Sue, Sue bird, Melissa Sue Anderson, Sue graft in Superkids if people, uh, and then write questions, the questions that get typed into Google or things like what is a Mary Sue? Which, good question, I don’t have a clue how. And then, and then you get into things like how to Sue someone, how to Sue a company, how to Sue equaled backs, how to Sue in general.
Um, uh,
so yeah, I don’t, that’s a tough one. I think you’d have a hard time as a, as a, you know, a lawyer, uh, advertising for the keyword Sue just because of that confusion around the name. So I agree with you on that front, but still 11,000 exact match searches on it. Soon is white low, particularly without any advertiser competition. Um, I am going to say that name trades, you know, in the 35 to 50 range max, a in a vacuum, eliminating all this other stuff around it, I would probably have priced that at like 15 to 25 grand. But, uh, considering that there’s just, there’s no landscape rack for people in any of these competitive namespaces, um, you know, that would be a decent, that’d be a pretty good, pretty practic price despite, um, the low search volume. Um, but on its own merits, the name, it’s got 11,000 exact match searches. So it’s kinda, it’s kinda low.
Um, but,
uh, you know, it’s interesting actually, it’s got a lot of click through that. That keyword has a lot of click through.
drew, where do you want them to pull up these steps? And particularly the click through stats.
There are a variety of tools, but, but at this very second, I’m [email protected], a H R E F Uh, which is a phenomenal tool that we use for, uh, uh, you know, SEO insights and for, um, you know, tracking the, the various websites we own and seeing how they performed in the rankings in which keywords, um, you know, we should be ranking forward, could be ranking for, uh, but you know, more importantly, I use it a thousand times a day for evaluating the vain. So basically it’s the first tool I go to, uh, when I’m, you know, somebody says, Hey, are you interested in brokenness domain or you want to buy this domain? That’s where I’d go to sort of evaluate the various numbers that I want to look at. Um, so yeah, so wog answer to your question, I think 25 to 50 is where that name trades. Maybe 35 to 50 is where that named trades.
Um, yeah, that’s my guess.
Yup. And you know, I appreciate you taking a suit because you know, we get calls all the time as I know you do. If people that have our emails and people wanting us to evaluate their domain name, or there’s just all these different things that come into play and there’s opinions, there’s concrete evidence, there’s, you know, past history. And, um, and then, you know, one of the challenges we faced too is they’ve, they’ve got an emotional connection to the domain name, right? So we have to be, you know, we were talking to the guy, um, the other day that, you know, a few years back at a, a domain appraisal from KPMG, um, you know, for in the seven figures. And I’m like, you know, that’s, that’s great. At the same time, you know, we can’t really,
yeah, to show that as evidence, you know, they’re not an actual domain appraisal company and there’s just, um, so they have a past history of where their evaluation came from and obviously there’s a reason that they get it to begin with. So, um, you know, it’s trying to walk the fine line of, Hey, being realistic of, Hey, this is what realistic the market would pay for it. This is what you want for it. So, hopefully there’s, you know, some type of, um, middle ground to make something happen. But
yeah, you got a price guide,
so we’re going to price it at 89,000. So, um, you know, kind of in that, uh, you know, mid to high five figures range and um, and yeah, start doing some outbound on it and see what kind of responses we get. I mean, um, you know, the other thing with that too is there’s, you know, a lot of, um, attorneys probably haven’t been contacted about, um, this type domain or know how it could even be beneficial. So we’ll see where it takes us.
Yep. Good luck. Good luck. Thanks.
Yeah, very interesting. And, and I think if you have those stats from the owner of or from the gentleman you mentioned who’s making, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars off Facebook ads, um, that’s, that’s, that’s really going to help you out. Um, that’s a nice figure to have next to an $89,000 price tag.
Yeah. Um, yeah. And, yeah, so, and we could sort of by, I can share one that we did sell. Um, it’s a, a one if you want to take a stab at it. But drew, if you want to go ahead with yours and,
yeah, go for it. Let’s do it.
Yes. So
I remain short today so we can bloviate
that’s right. That’s right. So, um, so this one is a, so this is one that we sold, um, end user sale. So
Okay. Justin here, there’s no D that’s not past tense. Also resurface. No.
Okay. That’s right. Yep. You got it. Um, and I would be curious to see, so it doesn’t, uh, resolve anywhere right now. So I’d be curious to, to thank who you, you know, what type of company bought it, like who do you think would be the perfect, perfect end user for a domain like this?
Yeah, so, so if, if I had to guess, um, you know, it would be like road resurfacing, like concrete pavement, driveways, stuff like that. If I was guessing or, uh, like, like the fancy cement for people. Um, but I w I would guess it would be something with concrete or pavement or, you know, something like that. I suppose it could be. It could be wood surfaces out of top, stuff like that as well. I actually probably make a lot of sense for countertops. Um, but, um, my instinct right away what I thought of was like pavement, kind of, you know, sidewalks, driveways, it. Yeah. Okay. Um, and uh, it’s a big business with very high margins. Uh, you know, a research study, it’s a great name, great name. Uh, you know, if you’re in that business by, you know, that’s pretty, that’s pretty, that’s pretty solid.
It was like, who was it? Dan Elliot or Andrel Amman wrote about? Um, there was a cool company that they found, you know, out in the wild, uh, where there was an article about them. Uh, they, they, they own this domain forever and then they, it was like or somebody shred doc. Uh, it was like, uh, I don’t know, junk removal or something like that. And suddenly they rebranded, you know, it was like a local company and then they rebranded down to a It was like the perfect name for the industry. Uh, I, I’m going to say, you know, it’s, it’s one of these, it’s like probably those guys, regardless of what they pay, I bet they got real lucky because, you know, it’s, it’s not a name that’s gonna fly off the shelf, but it’s one of those names that punches you in the face after the right buyers. Got it. And you say, why? It’s just the perfect name for that. Right. And it ultimately is worth so much more to that buyer. Uh, but I, I’m going to say 75, you know, I was gonna say a hundred grand,
uh, [inaudible]
I’m going to say 75 grand. No.
but, you know, it’s like one of the, I honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that name sell for two 50. Uh, but I just, I know that selling names into these blue collar, you know, like industries is hard and you don’t get a lot of positive feedback to say the least. And so it’s, you know, it’s one buyer, it’s a diamond in the rough. When you find the one buyer who says, Oh shit, I get it. Yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s make that happen. So I’m going to see a 75 grand cap. Do you want to take a stab since we’re a we’re a man down?
Yeah. Yeah. Um, I really like, um, you know, I never watched the Sherpa videos before we bought Sherpa. Um, I always, um, podcast or read the transcript. Um, and I just never realized how much I missed like watching Brian’s face while you talk. Um, it’s really entertaining, like, you know, and guessing and wondering. I think he’s agreeing with you. Um, especially on your commentary about the diamond in the rough, you know, it is difficult to sell a name like that. Um, uh, I’m going to say, um, 85 grand.
Yeah, no great guesses for sure. And, um, yeah, so ended up being 60 K and they started off, you know, obviously quite a bit lower and it was a lot of back and forth and, and you know, just, um, so yeah, I mean they were fighting tooth and nail to get it for a heck of a lot cheaper than that. But, you know, obviously there’s a ton of value there and, um, but yeah, no, I agree with you. I think the fact that they own it now and once they start utilizing it, they’re going to, um, maybe this category defining for sure for them and yeah. You know, tremendous opportunity.
It’s actually decent traffic. There’s a, there’s a, there’s a movie called resurface the movie, which was a winner of the Tribeca film festival, I guess, uh, about war trauma and surfing.
Huh. Brian, I want to do a Sherpa interview of these folks in six months or a year when they’ve actually seen the value of it. You know, I mean, obviously they saw something and was drew, right. Are they really the only parties that you could find who were, who were receptive to the idea?
You know, I mean, there were a couple, a tire kickers that made, it’s amazing. You know, we do a lot of outbound on one and you know, companies that are making five to $10,000 offers on, you know, six-figure domain names and, um, you know, trying to politely explain like, look, there’s investors that are just going to buy it and [inaudible] on it and do nothing with it that are willing to pay 10 times that amount. So, you know, it’s just that there’s just so much education that sometimes is hard to convey in an email and, um, and even with phone calls. So it’s, it’s tricky, but then there’s some people that do get it and then they’re open to information and how it can work. And so it’s, um, it’s a challenge. It’s a work in progress, but you know, I think, um, as a community, as something, obviously the more we can band together, I think, you know, like we’re talking about earlier, I mean, I think name’s con and, and getting people together, figuring out, Hey, how can we solve these, um, you know, obstacles that are, yeah. For sure. And, um,
so are they the only one that really got it?
Yeah. For that price point. For sure.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s like that man. It just is, that’s how it is. It’s a, you know, in those industries, uh, you know, I don’t want to say in most industries which aren’t like cutting edge tech, consumer facing, you know, consumer products, consumer services, um, you know, but high tech consumer products, consumer services, it’s hard. You know, it’s hard to get to these people to understand cause they’ve been doing things a certain way for a very long time. Um, and uh, to get them to change and, you know, change their, their, their mind, uh, that, uh, framework for how business happens, how customers come in the door. Um, it’s hard.
Well, and on top of that, um, you really have the, you need to have a national company, like if you’re just doing resurfacing in sir.
Yeah. I mean, you, you, you, what you’ll find is that most of the companies that actually step up and buy these are very local, um, you know, water It’s a local company. Uh, they, you know,
what do they do with all the traffic from somewhere else?
Nothing. They don’t care.
We just did a deal. As long as there’s enough profit margin.
Yeah. I mean, well, yeah, he’s on the domain forever. Uh, they won’t sell it. And we’ve tried to buy, we’ve tried to buy it for stupid amounts of money for, for a, I, for two different clients have hired us to buy that name. Uh, he won’t sell. So, um, you know, but I have to tell you other ones, there’s lots of them out there. These types of these specific for blue collar services, uh, you know, they, there’s a bunch in like the pet sector and in the, um, uh, like not pet, but past, um, uh, there’s a lot, there’s just tons. All those services. They’re all owned by local companies, uh, that dominate in their market. And, uh, that’s it, that they make, they made a great, great living.
Um, but yeah,
we just did a deal. Uh, we just show the website, not the main, but a full on website to a client. And it was one of these situations. The guy who was a super local, this was actually in the insurance space and he was super local to Southern Florida and, uh, but the website was driving traffic nationally. Um, and uh, but he had great, you had a great set up. Like he was super smart about it. It was a young guy crushing it. And, uh, basically he monetize all the local leads that came in. And if a lead page, yeah, I don’t, I don’t know how his system worked, but basically if a lead sat in the queue for more than five minutes, or if it wasn’t a geographical location that they manage, um, uh, they would, uh, that automatically would get sent out to one of the lead gen platforms and that leads would be sold to the highest bidder. Um, so he was monetizing, you know, with the local traffic, uh, and then all the non-local traffic he was selling and you know, like average price per lead, seven 70 bucks. So it was a good business for me. He was shadowing like 44,000. It was revenue from selling the leads that he couldn’t monetize.
Gosh, that’d be a great person to have on here as well because I think that’s exactly it. Cause I mean, we, you know, talk to these companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars on just their website and updates and their marketing and advertising and then yet they only see the value of spending a few grand on a domain name and there’s just such, um, and to your point, this guy that even though it’s a local market, he figured out how to use the leads that are relevant to him and then sell off everything else. I mean it’s, and I think maybe, I don’t know if part of it is generational where maybe a baby boomers, you know, that are running these companies, they just don’t quite maybe understand it. But then I think as some of the gen Xers and the millennials start to come over and start renting companies, do you think we’ll see more and more of an understanding of, of how to use domain names and the value of them?
Uh, I do. I mean, I, I, I do, I do, I don’t know about the timeline, but I do believe that, uh, the trend is up in terms of adoption, understanding. Uh, we just did a phenomenal interview yesterday with Gerald Levine.
Um, the [inaudible]
one of the most predominant lawyers in a domain name,
you know, a law.
And, um, you know, we were talking about this topic as well, that, you know, end users are beginning to understand that they can’t just, you know, these domains aren’t cheap. They aren’t free and [inaudible] at a high level it was all, of course there’s lots of exceptions, but at a high level, you know, the trend is that they understand that they can’t just get these domains, the cancers finally you the RP and take them. That if they want a great domain, they have to pay for it. And so, and I would agree with that. I mean, it’d be as you know, uh, you know, you want to beat your head against a wall every single day as you’re talking to these people because it’s one in a hundred that do sincerely get it and understand it, but it’s improving, it’s getting better. Um, I would say my observation is that it’s getting better.
So, and you know, uh, supply and demand has a funny way of shifting markets. You know, quite quickly, you know, Bitcoin, nobody gave a shit about Bitcoin. It was a zero until it hit, you know, $5,000. What’s a $5,000? Everybody and their uncle, you know, want a Bitcoin and then suddenly, or you know, $20,000 and, uh, you know, that bubble burst, I think domains, you know, have a lot more, uh, other, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s reinflating now, but, uh, domains have, you know, a much more clear YouTube utility case. And ultimately domains are the first digital asset and really are the underlying asset, uh, of the world’s most important and biggest economies. So I, I don’t, you know, I think that, I think it’s just important that, that we get on here and we just keep talking and trying to educate people. And one by one they, they get it.
And, uh, but I am, I am optimistic. I really do think that we’re at a tipping point. Um, I don’t feel that we’re at the same place we were five years ago. I think that we’re really on the cusp of significant change in terms of that what you were saying about recognizing the value, recognizing how these things can be used as well as, you know, the unfortunate part of recognizing the problems you’ve got by not having your best domain and recognizing the problems that you, uh, that you have, uh, from a security standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, from a brand dilution standpoint. So I think all of these things are coming to a head and you know, the problems with Google, the problems with Facebook or social media in general, the problems with trusting the news, the problems with fishing, the problems with spam, all of these things are contributing factors that are pushing this along faster than before.
Um, I just want to call out something that, um, I wanted to clarify. So you mentioned, you know, millennials, they do, um, domain pricing better in general, but they also have driven like I, Oh well I was going to say I don’t really agree with that either. Um, you know, I think that millennials, um, shake it up definitely and some of them really understand it, but I also think that they create a threat that causes the older generation to figure out more about demean values. Um, so I’m wondering in terms of percentages, you know, w what do you see in terms of millennials versus older generations? Um, actually buying the domains or understanding the value. Cause I’ll see millennials be like, Oh, I’ll just get the IO and once I make $1 million off my startup, then I’ll switch. Um,
so I guess I have to step back for one second, cause I said I, I don’t really agree, but, um, I actually only recently came to understand that I’m like 20 days away from being a millennial. Uh, as strange as that sounds to me. Uh, I think you’re younger than me, Brian. Yeah, I’m right there. I’m a millennial, but I consider myself a gen X or, yeah. So I made gen X by 20 days or something. Um, uh, but yeah, you’re a millennial cause you’re a gen X or, yup. Uh, but yeah, so, so technically, I mean, you know, I guess if we were to look at like Silicon Valley and the startup scene and the dies raising, you know, lots of money and ultimately the guy, you know, the majority of the big, let’s say, uh, one selling for over $100,000, majority of those, uh, at least for us, the majority of those are going to VC backed startups. And so, uh, who are the founders of those VCs, VC backed startups. And I actually am not entirely clear, but I would venture to guess most of them are probably millennials like late, you know, later generation millennials like, like, you know, slightly younger than me, like mid thirties, uh, Minish myriad, probably the majority of them are like, you know, early to mid thirties, maybe some late twenties.
Um, but
I just sort of had this weird thing in my head. I think millennials are like 25 a hundred and, and those folks, um, aren’t moving the needle because they don’t have the money, um, for the most part. And so, you know, they’re happy to say I love dot. XYZ. Dot. IO. Dot. C O. Dot. Whatever. And that’s great. Uh, I have no problem with that.
you know, everybody’s got to ride with training wheels before they get on the, you know, the two Wheeler. So, um, and again, I say that sarcastically, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
Right. Um,
but I do think that that is sort of the,
you know, the natural evolution as it is today. And that’s your evolution seems to be start with something,
you know,
alternative. And then, you know, when you’ve got traction and funding, you can upgrade
yeah. Well and I think too, they already understand the value of a domain name. I think when I was that age, I had a MySpace page and thought, you know, look, I have a piece of technology out there with a MySpace page, but, um, you know, they’re out there buying it, you know, uh, you know, even with they’re still spending a lot of money. They know that, Hey, at some point, you know, to get to the next level, they might need So, um, yeah, what you said as, as they start making more money and, and um, I think hopefully that’ll, that’ll reflect itself and, um, you know, the uh, domain domain world. So
yeah. I hereby offer a domain Sherpa mug to the first person who, uh, puts in the comments, uh, a screenshot of your old MySpace page.
Oh gosh.
Yeah. I was actually trying to go over a few months ago. We were talking about my space with somebody. And I was trying to remember if I had one. I can’t, I actually don’t remember if I had a MySpace page. And if I did, is that actually still, is that like live? Can you find that still?
Sometimes. Yeah, you can definitely know when I’m searching for,
uh, people for the domain space, I often will find a little bit of info even from the cash, even if you can’t click on it, whatever
I’m on, I’m on I haven’t been on this page in 30 years. I’m not 20, 20, 20 something years where you, I truly, truly, truly,
so I can put it, Oh, what if we do for the Sherpa pitcher? I never had a my space page. See I’m a, I’m gen X. um, but um, we’ll put each of your lumbars space pitchers.
That’s right. We had, my wife and I, we had gone to New Zealand, so that was our way of sharing with our friends and family are, uh, you know, pictures and whatnot. We were like, yeah, follow our MySpace page, but
nice. Yeah, it makes sense. That’s what you did back then.
Okay. So Benny Roessner. I mean, I’m on the road. I found somebody called B Rosemary [inaudible]. Uh, nobody says Tampa, Florida. That’s not me.
Drew Rosner [inaudible] he’s into music through Rosemary. Yeah. I know what your Rosen or who’s into music. Hmm. Um,
then there’s like, if you go on the pictures and there’s was like,
Oh yeah, cause it’s only from a couple of years ago it said, Oh no, it’s okay. Thank you. Drew, what did you mean you’ve recently bought herself?
Uh, okay. Um, I didn’t have a great option to be honest with you. Um, let’s go with, uh, I see, I saw, so I had one I wanted to talk about, but I emailed the guy and ask if you’d be okay with it. He hasn’t responded. It’s a really funny story too. It’s a small sale, but it’s a really, really, really funny story. But he didn’t give me an okay. So I don’t feel comfortable.
that’s okay. I think I’ll have you on the show again.
Okay. Let’s do, uh, we could do a Mary Jane. Dot. Tom. Um, I sold it. Uh, but it’s Mary Jane, but it’s with double RS. M a R R Y Jane.
you know, which I love you, Mary Jane would normally be with one arm. Uh, but this is Mary Jane with two RS. Uh, and I sold it, um, it was on a payment plan and they, and it just, they just made the final payments. So the main transfer to them now. Um,
alright. So I’m up. Um, okay. So how long did you have it? I hear, I don’t know. A while a while. Okay.
Most likely. I, I, to be honest, we, I’m not sure, uh, but probably a while. I don’t remember buying it, so it must’ve been awhile ago.
I dunno if that given, given the type of domain it is true.
The, uh, so yeah, it would be a brandable. Right. So for, I’m guessing it’s somebody that’s using it for the cannabis space. I’m sure that’s not like a, a preacher that’s, you know, um, conducting weddings or anything, um,
that would be
smaller niche. Um,
Um, and it’s a payment plan. So, I mean, uh, can you say over how many months,
that might give away too much, right? Yeah. Give it away. Um, I would say, yeah, my, my gut, my gut feeling is somewhere in the, you know, eight to 9,000, so 8,500. Um, so yeah, that would be, that would be my guess on that one. Okay. Yes. You have a guest here.
I would say 15 to 20 K. I know drew likes his, his cannabis names. That’s a hard one to let go of. Plus eight on a payment plan. Come on,
right. Oh, I’ve got, I’ve sold some domains for like, I sold the domain for $1,500 in the payment plan. Yeah, I’ll let the guy pay you pay $300 down and $100 a month. Uh, you know, Hey, if the domain you paid nothing for, uh, or very little, but I bet you’re really looking to,
no, it was a, it was, it was, it was, it was, it was a year ago, year and a half ago. The guy is still paying it off. He actually defaulted. He paid like 90% of it and then he defaulted and he’s a really nice guy. They always pay. So I was just like, yeah, don’t worry about it. Uh, and he was like, well, can I just like, like I, I think, Oh, you know what? There was, it wasn’t $300 up front. You’d pay like 300 or $500 at the end. Like I think it was like $1,800 total. And um, it was something like that. You had to pay $500. And so I just told him like, don’t worry about it. Like, just, just keep paying 100 bucks a month until you got the 500 when you got the 500 just pay it. And he’s just keeps paying a hundred bucks a month, so not bad. Um, uh, okay. I sold them for 30 grand on a 13, 13 month payment plan.
that’s fantastic. Yeah. 33 from this all like that. I mean, w 30,000 euros. So it’s actually like $33,000. Yeah. Let’s go to more. Did they start off that? So the company’s brand was, it’s actually a girl. Uh, it’s two, two women I think, and they’re in Switzerland and their brand was Mary Jane. Dot. C. H.
so it was, it was a perfect state. They do a CV medical, medical grade, CBD oil in Switzerland, grown in Switzerland. Um, you know, it’s a, it’s a really a high quality product seemingly. I don’t, you know,
what do I know? Um, yeah.
And so how did it go from, they approached you to buy the domain and somewhere you got into a payment plan conversation. Um, was that for the same amount as what you initially asked for or how did you go from that initial inquiry to the payment plan decision?
Uh, that’s a great question too, which I don’t remember the answer, but let me just quickly take a look. Fun fact, while we’re waiting,
um, uh,
after a couple of months, I don’t want to throw them under the bus, but basically let’s, let’s just say this, um, be warned that if you are selling a cannabis related domain name to somebody who will be using the domain, should we sell cannabis derived products, even if it is 100% legal in the jurisdiction in which they operate, will not hold the domain name on a payment plan. You can’t do a domain holding a transaction through If the party who is buying the domain will be using the domain is selling cannabis derived products, even if it’s CBD, even if there’s no THC, even if it’s totally illegal, they currently, although I think that will probably change now that this new banking law has passed, but for the time being, they can’t hold the domain. Uh, and that’s not your own fault. They don’t have any judgment about the industry.
They, they’re auditors and, and powers that be, uh, won’t let them. So it’s too high risk for them because big concern is that, you know, these people do something that is illegal, they don’t, they’re not compliant. And then somebody calls, you know, government comes in and takes it to Maine and then escrow is on the hook because they were holding the name and trust. So no problem. It’s no problem. Zero, they just can’t be in because they don’t want the liability of holding the name and then somebody does something illegal with it. Uh, and um, you know, how did you do the payment plan? True. Uh, well this, you know, we started out with, um, and they were very gracious. Um, you know, uh, all parties, you know, signed a new contract and, uh, basically,
I’m trying to think how that happened, how that went down. I don’t remember. Uh, basically they just paid us directly. Uh, we, we signed like a really tight contract.
Um, and uh,
they just paid us directly. Okay. Yeah, that’s quite the story. Yeah. Unexpected. Huh. Cool. So is that hold true with other escrow companies as well at the time? You know, or I don’t, you know, uh, the only other escrow company that I’m aware of is, um, you know, uh, escrow dot domain, Steven Lieberman,
um, [inaudible]
I don’t know if there is anybody else out there. has done a, I would assume that they can do escrow because I mean to be an escrow. Why Epic? Yeah, I a, you know, a procedure, you know, proceed with caution. Uh, but yes, technically, I mean, he’s insane little Jim, right? He’s insane to say that he operates escrow business because he’s an unlicensed escrow business. It’s totally, totally prohibited what he’s doing. Uh, he thinks that he’s skirting the system. Uh, but it’s not legit. It’s not legit and it will come down. It won’t, it won’t be pretty. At some point. That won’t end well for somebody. Maybe it ends well for him, but if somebody is going to get burned there, um, I would speculate. Uh, that’s my opinion. Not a matter of fact. Uh, so, um, uh,
all right, well let’s take a break. I’m going to tell you about the sponsors for today’s show who support us in our mission. To educate people in the domain industry. First, serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. Alright, in the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted demeaning portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback. I’m so sorry. That’s my dog who’s never barked during the show. I can’t mute myself either. Um, or get up and get the dog. This is awkward. Anyway, let’s look at these domains. I’m Chris Kern, who it happens to be local here in the Phoenix area. Submitted these. He made a generous donation to, um, the Fred Hutchinson cancer research. Um, drew, how about you go first this time? What are your thoughts on this group of domain?
So, uh, first of all, Chris, thank you very much for your generous donation. It is much appreciated by us and everyone else. Um, I think that it’s, uh, it is a decent portfolio. Um, I think that there are some decent names in here. There’s some not so decent names in here, but it’s not bad. It’s better than most.
there was this one name, DJ I a which I didn’t get a chance to look up what that means. See, I had sheared search volume. Oh, it’s, hello Dow Jones industrial average. Um, okay. So I, I’m not sure how I feel about that one. I’m not sure if that would be a trademark or not, but I’m going to err on the side of caution and just sort of opt out of that one. Um, cause I don’t think it has any meaning outside of the Dow Jones industrial average. And that is definitely trademark. Whether or not DJ I a is pretty Mark, probably not, but it might be. Um, but because they would be the only one that would be a meaningful buyer, I would probably often shy away from that. And then it’s got CEO. So, you know, not a lot of leverage, um, green jobs, online tank, you know, I liked, where was it?
There was one in here. Growth You know, it’s not an amazing domain, but it is a very common phrase and I could see that being like a B2B brand. Um, for somebody who is growing cannabis, um, you know, it’s not, it’s not, you know, nobody’s really tiring off of that, but it’s, it’s probably got a couple thousand dollars in value if the right buyer shows up. Uh, I think it’s a hard name to proactively sell, but maybe in the $500 range, thousand dollar range, $2,000 range, uh, there’s a buyer out there. It’s not taking any other TLB, which I also find strange. Um, but it is what it is. Um, I don’t think there’s any other names on here that I’m like, okay. I really, I, you know, I like that name. Uh, you know, by gene, um, excite me, has taught, uh, particularly on like really these sort of over generic types of things.
It’s, it’s tough, but five G is, is gonna be one of the biggest technological revolutions that’s ever happened. I’m not exactly a a in support or a fan of a, although we probably will be good for domain names, but I, um, but five G is going to be Epic in terms of its implications on the way that we interact with the internet and, uh, the prolification of the internet and, uh, uh, everything really for that matter. So it’s big. Um, and I think, you know, that has, it certainly has value. It’s five G mobile. It’s like, you know, that has got somebody out there. We’ll buy that for some price. I’ve got, I dunno what it’s worth, but it’s probably worth, you know, not a lot, but low four figures, something like that to the right buyer at the right time.
Um, [inaudible]
I don’t see anything else. You know, green jobs online? I don’t think so. Uh, I, I don’t, I, I think most, you know, uh, I would probably let go of all these new TLBs to be honest, secured that media P S for dot. Media, Corvette dot. Media. That’s a trademark. But that go a nexus viral, no insurance Let it go. Like insurance, I would almost say if it was like a standard renewal under 25 bucks, I’d be like, maybe take a punt on that. Depending on your financial situation. Home, I would say almost pick a punk on that. But those aren’t what he has. He’s got the plural. And I don’t like the plural. If you’re trying to span the dot, you can’t have your cake. You need it too. Meaning you can’t say, Oh, well I liked the mains. The span of dot.
Uh, I want to have the, the form that has all the search volume, but that form doesn’t fit with what’s on the right of the dot. So it doesn’t work. You can’t have, you know, insurance quotes. Dot guru. That doesn’t work. Insurance quote guru, it works how mortgage guru works. Um, help land guru works better than the other two, but I still don’t love it. Um, but I’d probably keep that one. I’d probably just keep that one because it doesn’t work. And health plans, Medicare plans, uh, insurance plans are, you know, big business. So maybe there’s somebody out there with money, you know, they’ll throw it at that. But in general, I just don’t see it. I don’t see any of these new GTL BS that he’s got here at garden supplies. might keep that one, you know, that works. Um, VR software, audio software or software studio. Now, I don’t know. VR studio software, studio VR software studio. I don’t think so. Buzz news now, who’s going to read their news, their, you know, I don’t, I, if I were going to need my company buzz news now, I’d be like, guys, what else can I get for $9? Right. Like, instead of paying you whatever you want. So yeah, I think most of these names where I’m seeing basically it’s not taking any other extension, probably a pretty good indicator that it’s not a value.
What would you list for a buy it now on growth
probably 24 99 okay.
Yeah, I was gonna say 2,500 so yeah, we’re right. Yeah, that would be, that would be my, my pick as far as probably the top name on there. Yeah, like you said, there’s some trademarks in there with Corvette PS for, um, the, um, I mean sizable, not net, not terrible, but you know, Kush journal people aren’t really gonna, you know, and if you’re gonna write something that’s a newspaper type article, I don’t think they would use Kush in front of that. But, um, yeah, no, you were spot on with a lot of those.
Yeah, I think Chris, I would probably,
I’d probably let go. Well, most of these,
here’s a past tense for you with your sued, uh, F for
I couldn’t even pronounce that. That’s like, yeah,
I think that, yeah. And that thing, I think really what you’re saying is the jump, you know, when you have that spanning the dot, that’s enough of a challenge nowadays for a user. But then if also either they don’t go together, that’s never going to make sense. Or if you add something that’s too long tail or wrong tents, but also in this ever best, even though it’s technically a one, it’s already hard to spell. Unfortunately, the average American doesn’t even know what it means. Um, and it doesn’t really make sense. I’m like, never in my life have I said F for vast or red and for best. So, um, it, it, you know, factoring that in, it just doesn’t work unfortunately. Um,
and you know, you don’t find many people that refer to themselves as a guru. I mean, I remember there was a movie about the guy that was, had this goofy outfit and he would call the guru. But yeah, I just find it hard for many things to work with guru. So it’s already kinda got an uphill battle with that.
You’re right. Yeah. Nowadays it’s cool to be a geek maybe or something else. But guru was like, was that was kind of the thing. And like I feel like the nineties or something, I, I, I will admit that I own one Docker room, Don jr guru. What? I see that one, Joe gone But we also have, I think, I’m pretty sure we have gone to Google docs
problem. Um,
well, speaking of which drew, I thought you might like Kush journal. What would you break that at? Or you just wouldn’t even read it? Uh, I mean, I probably renew it. I’d probably put it like $999 and just hope that you know somebody else who wants to pick up the hot potato. Okay. And what, what about, I mean, I think for spanning that he did well with was fat Um, you just think it’s so long and I mean, I don’t know. Let’s see. Let, let’s take a look. I didn’t see that one.
Oh, fat loss. Okay.
Fat loss solutions. Let’s see if there’s any search. So maybe you’d say zero, zero search zero. Literally not one single person per month. Searches for fat loss solutions. Yeah. And [inaudible] weight loss. How do I better weight weight loss solutions? How do I lose weight? How,
you know, whatever. Like
yeah, that too much. You get that last solutions or you know, maybe weight loss stock solutions, but not changing it up two times. Yeah. Okay. So let’s see. Yeah, a hundred people a month. Search for weight loss solutions. Eight, no, sorry. Uh, basically a thousand people a month. About a hundred people
with weight loss is one word and 800 with weight loss as two words and $3 cost per click, three to $7. And not a bad subsea, but that’s weight loss. That’s on fat loss. But that loss, forget about it because do we not renew? Okay. Do not revive.
We’ve got a D we’re putting a DNR order on that, on that domain.
Fair enough. Okay. Good to know. Yeah. Alright. Um, Chris, thank you. Um, you know, he took the time to make this donation to send over this list to get some feedback and um, and it makes a difference for everyone who listens. Yep.
I just wanted to mention, so Chris, when he sent that list, a wanting to mention that everything on the list is for sale. Um, uh, you know, so if anybody does is interested in any of these names, you know, please reach out to, uh, Chris, he is, uh, open to offers and is looking to sell these names. So, um, I think, you know, I, I, I think there’s one or two in there, uh, like you said, I think, you know, growth facility, uh, is a good name. And I think if you do put a $2,500, buy it now, uh, in the next couple of years, somebody clicks that button. So, uh, you know, high growth industry, lots of money out there, lots of people just entering the space, looking to put a footprint. It’s a decent name. It’s a common expression. Even if it’s not taking another extensions, I think 2,500 bucks. Uh, you know, I hope that will be worth your time and effort putting, you know, submitting, uh, for the show and it is appreciated. And, uh, I think if you do listen to Brian and I will, you know, you’ll, you’ll be $2,500 happier in the next few years.
Yeah. I mean, that’s the warehouse job of the future. The growth facility, a buddy of mine runs one out in Nevada. I mean, they’ve got phenomenal health care plans. I mean, you know, it’s, um, I think we’ll see a lot of those start to pop up, pop up and you know, things are legalized. So great opportunity there for sure.
If your buddy wants this domain, make yourself a commission. Um, yeah, that, this is a good group. So we’ll, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens in the future. Um, thank you Chris and thank you. Uh, Brian and drew. So let’s take a break. I’ll tell you about our sponsors for today’s show who support us in our mission to educate people in the domain name industry.
FD was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails. Manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at ft com. That’s E F T Y F
Alright, it is for the name Jett list. Um, this is a fabulous segment sponsored by named Jen. Of course, we’re going to review these domains, going to auctions soon. If you like one of the names below, you do want to click through because once they go to auction, you can’t bid anymore and nor can you watch. So, uh, so it’s nice to be able to see it and see how much these strippers know what they’re talking about. Um, so for transparency, neither of you own or are brokering these, right? Nope. All righty. Uh, Brian, I think you’re up first this time now. Uh, what do you, what do you think here, this list? Um, anything still.
Yeah, so I think, um, you know, probably my favorite two would be a court I know, you know, I’ve always seen the billboards at court reporters. Uh, it’s a pretty good job. You know, I think if you type, you know, decently fast, it’s a pretty good, um, job. So a lot of, uh, potential options there for um, is decent. Um, you know, I loved the brand. I wish tugboat was singular. I mean, that’s a phenomenal brand right there. But stretch. I mean it, you know, it would be, it wouldn’t be terrible to have it, but you just definitely don’t want to overspend on that one. And same with paradigms. Um, you know, I would love it if it was singular, but, um, you know, the plural makes it, uh, less appealing. But, um, the um, yeah, so I would say probably those two, maybe a court and [inaudible] dot com. Um, and then maybe third and fourth would be the, uh, tugboats and paradigms. But again, just for, um, under a thousand for sure.
Okay, good, good. Um, uh, And what was the other one that you said? Said, um, Oh, para para, are paradigms or dimes paradigm. Okay. Once I read it, I couldn’t say it anymore. Um, what, what pricing D do you think would be a good price for something like those?
You mean what they’ll sell for on name jet?
Yeah. What do you think would be a good price to buy that? What would you know, what would you recommend?
Um, you know, what paradigms, um, I do kinda like, just because when you think about paradigm shift, I mean that’s really where, you know, mental breakthroughs come. I mean there’s, and especially I think we’re gonna see more and more of, you know, people having an awareness of kind of mental breakthroughs over the, you know, already are. But, um, so you know, potential with that one. Um, I would say, I mean if you could scoop it up, yes. Somewhere around 800, 1200, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Um, you know, tug boats. I mean, if, you know, there’s a ton of those around here in Jacksonville, it’s uh, um, I mean I just, you know, I think they make a great brand, but, um, you know, again, I wouldn’t want to overspend on that. Maybe 600, 800 bucks and then court reporter and fraud where, I mean, I haven’t looked into those too much, but I would say there’s decent opportunity there. I mean, um, you know, low four figures if you can get, get ’em in that range, um, you know, potentially. But
thanks. Yeah, appreciate it. Drew, what stands out to you on this list? Um, okay. So I, I also liked uridine dot crop Uh, and you know, I don’t necessarily think this is a great way to look at it, but it technically could be paradigm singular and the asks could mean shift. Okay. Yeah. Um, yeah, that’s kind of a stretch. And I don’t like this stretch too much when I’m looking at these things. Um, but I do, I do, I also liked that name. I would just, you know, paradigm and paradigm shift and it’s a, it’s a, it’s a strong buzz word that, you know, is a prescient. Uh, so I do, I liked that name and it might even be forward. Um, I, uh, I like, I actually liked a little bit more. I think they do do a, I think that’s a great name.
Um, Todd boats, like, it’s super expensive if you have to get a tugboat, like, like, you know, I, I lived in Panama for 10 years and you’ve got these amazing tugboats that bring these giant ships through the canal. And literally, the highest paid job in the country of Panama, uh, is, uh, pilot job pilots. The guy that drives the tugboat guides these ships through the canal. So it’s big money. I mean, these guys are making like, you know, two to $500,000 a year. Uh, which in Panama, that’s, that’s big money. Um, uh, you know, that’s probably the equivalent of like somebody making five to 10 million in New York. So, um, uh, it’s big money. You know, those guys are, you know, the boats themselves, the companies are earning big money. Take these boats through these passages. I don’t think they necessarily need to advertise online, but you know, everybody needs email.
Everybody needs a, a destination. And if you’re making money and you are looking longterm with your business, and you’ve got a little bit of pride and a little bit of ego, uh, it wouldn’t hurt to throw tugboats. Dot com and your company website. So I like that name. I think that that, you know, I don’t think it’s an easy sell, but I think longterm somebody buys that name for 20 grand, 35 grand. So I wouldn’t mind putting a few grand into it, but not a lot, but a few. I, you know, in a day it is, it is a one And even if it’s plural,
I think it’ll go for a few grand. Uh,
Hey, if you had a, uh, a company where you had connections to a whole bunch of tugboat operators, you could be a tug boat broker, right. And make a ton of money. Right? Like you said, we had an old neighbor that did that and it’s a great job. Yep. Anywhere. Really.
Yup. But you know, this comes back to your, uh, your It’s like, you know, we could call a hundred, call 500 tugboat companies in America and you know, 499 and they’d tell us, you’re out of your mind. I don’t need You know, what do you, it’s a scam or you know, they’re going to hang up before you even say a word. You know, they’re not gonna reply to your emails. They might not even you, you know, who knows. Right. But the one guy, the one guy is going to go, you know, and it’s probably going to be the son that took over the business from his father and he’s like, you know, OK, we’re, you know, we trying to prove himself a couple of generations. He tried to prove himself and he’s trying to put his Mark on it and he said, we’re going to be and you know, he’ll lay off 25, 35 grand for that name.
So, uh, I, I like it. I like it. Hey, and let you know, if we look at the numbers, the numbers are almost identical to your and that went for 60, you know, in terms of search, in terms of CPC, uh, it’s almost identical. It’s a little bit less than that. Went for 60. So I think, I think somebody pulls the trigger on this for 25, 35, the next, you know, five years. Uh, particularly if somebody put a little hostile into it. So I, I’d probably, you know, I think it goes for a couple of grand.
I think for, you know, branding purposes. Um, we’ve had a lot of conversations about how the singular is often better than the plural, say giraffe versus giraffes or, um, orange versus oranges. Right. Um, great example. But, um, but for tug boats, would you say that’s different because you’re, they all always work in groups, like we’re going to give you all the tools you need or we’re going to help you in all the areas you need?
No, but me, I mean, I don’t know anything about the business, but I would imagine there’s some central booking.
I would need for branding then for, um, you know, brokering tugboats.
Well, and I would say this is that the difference there may think about tugboat as a brand. I mean you can do anything related to tugboat, um, because it creates such a great visual of, Hey, I’m ushering you down this treacherous unit. They’re basically, you know, they’re having to navigate these big huge ships behind that to make sure that they, you know, stay in the center of the, uh, the river show. I mean, you could look at a consulting company and say, Hey, tugboat, I mean, that’s a great brand, but once you get tug boats and plural, then it really limits you to the actual tug boats. Does that make sense? Yep. So I think sometimes that’s where the problem comes in is that the singular, it just opens up so many more options. Whereas once you get plural, especially in this case, it’s the physical product of tugboats and it’s like, well, you know, it just doesn’t make as much sense if you’re a consulting company named tugboats. Yup. You know, versus 10.
So, okay, I literally, I am a, forget everything I previously said, okay, if you go to a tug it forwards his company Hayak manufacturers tugboats. And, I mean, these guys are not, this is serious. This is super seriously. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like these are, these are, these are like $20 million boats,
with massive engines in them, uh, by tugboats and sell it to them. They’ve already got tugboat. I don’t know if they need it, but I bet they’ve got a competitor. Uh, you know, and
uh, you
know, at the end of the day, even though as we both agree is clearly a better domain for their purpose. Todd boats is the better deal. The real play here, and I’m not going to do this, uh, but I literally, I will, I would give $500 just because just because I love to see people who actually have enthusiasm and also because I’m 99.9% sure that not one person listening to this will actually do it. However, I will give $500 to anybody who buys I will give you $1,000. If you buy tug boat, tug and you successfully pull off a to trade tug for these guys and get back. Uh, and then I’ll go up and broker to talk for you. And I bet we could sell that for over a hundred grand. But there’s the challenge by tug in this auction, go to Hayak Marine maritime, which [email protected].
Uh, and there are only forwarding it, it’s not their main page. So there’s not going to be, you know, there shouldn’t be any big migration off it unless they use it for email and, uh, get them to trade you. I mean, ultimately tug is the better domain for their application. And if you can sell yourself out of, uh, you know, Brown paper bags, you can negotiate these folks to trade you the singular for the plural, sell it to them as an upgrade and, uh, you know, a cost free upgrade and then, uh, you know, do what you want with this singular, but if you want to go out and sell it for you, [inaudible] 15% as well. So thousand dollars cash just for getting the deal done and in a fight and a reduced commission to go out and sell it for a lot more money. Nice guys. All right. Probably. Yeah. Who needs three panelists? I like how you fill in those blanks. Fabulous. Well, I think that’s a good note to end on. Um, any other debates huh? And we lost him for a sec. Oh,
there you go. Uh, but no, those guys should buy it anyways, right? I mean, totally. If you get the domain, just say, Hey, look, I mean you’re, it just makes sense to own it in addition to I mean,
yeah, it’s just wasting money that you can trade them and get the singular Oh yeah, that’d be, it’s like, you know, the magic show. Let’s say you get, you know, it’d be a phenomenal sale if these guys paid you 25 grand for it. Right. But you could trade and get the singularity. I think the singular is worth six figures. So that’s the real play there. That that’s the real play. But I think it can be done, can be done. I really do. I think that can be done. Yeah, I like it. Of course trading. Horsetrading. Huh? Some of my best deals, this is a fact, some of the best deals I’ve ever made in the domain business, uh, were through horsetrading eh, when I say so, what I mean by the best deals is, I mean, domains that we acquired. Um, we’re through some kind of weird three party horse trading.
Uh, and what I mean by horse trading is like, you know, it’s like you’re, or you know, baseball trading. It’s like, you know, you might take, you know, into draft, you’re selecting somebody but not because you actually want them, but because you know that one of the other teams wants him or needs him and you want somebody on their teams, you select this guy for no other reason than to trade him for the guy you actually want. Uh, and that’s, you know, horse trading and baseball and, uh, you, it can be done in domains. And I, I, I try to do it all the time actually, but it rarely works. But when it does, beautiful things can happen. Uh, we got, uh, we got, uh, uh, we got, you know, in a horse trade. Uh, we got, uh, [inaudible] was another big one. You’ve got a big name in a horse in a trade like that. I don’t remember what it was. Oh, white,, since sold. Uh, but we got that, uh, we got that in a trade in that type of sort of three-way trade. Can you share the details on any of those are, that’s as far as the story goes? Nah, I can’t remember the details. Um, yeah. Anyway, that’s pretty cool. Pretty cool. Alright. Um, thank you both so much for taking the time to be on here. Anything you want to give a shout out to Brian, your first?
Um, yeah, we just, uh, sent out our, uh, October newsletter today, so check out grip and um, subscribe to our newsletters. So we’ve got a lot of a premium one is for sale. Also have some great bargain band sections, so, um, yup. Check that out. Thanks.
Thanks Brian. We’ll do it. Yeah. How about you dragged? Got it. It was a great newsletter. You had some great names in there. Uh, I liked there was, I think. No, I want you to do that. That’s a hell of a name. I like that name a lot.
Yeah, that one’s priced at three 45, 345.
That’s true. That’s about right. That’s about right. It’s not overpriced. That’s a great name. That’s a phenomenal name. I was thinking about when I got your newsletter, I was out like, you know, where does that mean? Go? Who’s the buyer for that? Uh, I haven’t, but there, there, there is one. Uh, and probably in the crypto space, you know, it’s all about proof. Um, so, but uh, yeah, that, that’s a great name. That was when it popped out I was like, Oh, I love, I love called the actions. You know that those are borrowed call to action. That’s the Holy grail. That’s a great name. Um, where, where can people sign up for your newsletter?
Uh, they just go to grip and then it says right there, um, subscribe to newsletter, click on it and fill in your info. And then on the uh, yeah,
boom. I just did it while drew was talking. So, uh, all right, so my shout out, um, my shout out is to uh, Cass and Shawn who successfully launched our new [inaudible], a domain newsletter, which um, we have always sent out two newsletters a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Um, Tuesday will now be the SEO domain authority. We will to not be sending out our standard domain newsletter on Tuesdays anymore. We’ll only come out on Thursdays. If you only want to receive the standard media options, the mangers letter you’ve received, you do not mean to do anything. You will continue to receive that currently and through the end of October. Uh, if you’re a subscriber to the media options, normal newsletter, you are also receiving our new SEO domain authority newsletter on Tuesdays. And that newsletter is highlighting domain names which are expired and in auction, uh, primarily a GoDaddy at the moment.
We will be expanding it beyond that, but for the moment it’s go daddy. And, uh, these are, you know, Sean is spending like eight to 12 hours a week combing through the auctions to find domains which are, uh, specifically had a lot of authority. So what that means is, I mean, most of the people who are, this is a paid newsletter to be clear. Um, if you want to continue to receive the Tuesday media options, SEO domain authority newsletter, uh, you need to click the button, sign up and you will not be charged anything this month. But from November 1st on, uh, or whatever the first Tuesday in November is, uh, we’ll start charging. If you sign up, if you sign up now, it’s only $24 a month, 24, 99 a month or something. Um, and uh, but if you sign up after November 1st, uh, after the trial period is over, it will be I think $49 a month.
Um, and, uh, if you’re listening to Maine, sure. If I hit us up and you don’t, if you don’t make it this month, we’ll probably cut you a deal, give you a discount. Um, but, uh, you should sign up. And if you are a, if you’re a web developer, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re just a standard domain investor and all you’re looking to do with vitamins and resell them, um, this is probably not for you, although there’s always, uh, you know, a lot of room to learn. And, and Sean’s commentary in this newsletter is particularly interesting and very, very, very valuable and quite funny. Yes, sir. He has my kind of sense of humor, right? He’s crude and rude. And so, uh, I, I think it’s, it’s quite entertaining. 25. It’s worth $25 to just get a lack four times a month. But, uh, if you are an SEO, if you are an affiliate marketer, if you are an SEM marketer, uh, this is extremely valuable for you.
Sean is volunteering, well basically volunteering his eight to 10 hours a week, uh, scouring the auctions to pull out these, let’s call it 10 or so names which are have very high domain authority, very attractive backlink profiles. He’s doing his business, he’s doing his best to do due diligence on these name prior to submitting them out in the newsletter. And that means that, you know, don’t have a particularly spammy profile that they, you know, these are legitimate backlinks. It’s, they’re not from a Lake farm, uh, for the most part. Right. And, you know, buyer beware, do your own due diligence, but at least Sean is doing a pretty strong first filter and curating these names. Uh, and if you, if you’re a subscriber, uh, you know, please, if you have any suggestions about the specific types of industries or verticals that you’re interested in seeing names, let us know.
We will try to include those. Uh, this is, you know, a work in progress, but I, uh, the reason we’ve done that is because Sean was previously doing his own newsletter and I personally was getting an enormous amount of value out of it. We bought multiple domain names including, uh, E, which I bought the like 20 something thousand dollars and an expired go daddy auction, uh, which I found through Sean’s newsletter. And then Sean, uh, wanted to be able to address a larger audience and monetize this newsletter. And, uh, we talked and figured out a way to make it happen, uh, with, with our audience. And so far it’s been super successful. We’ve got a lot of signups. We’ve got phenomenal [inaudible] feedback. It was hilarious. One of the names on our newsletter today, today being Tuesday as we’re filming this, uh, the newsletter went out this morning and right away, uh, one of our clients, uh, who had been working with for many, many, many years is a big SEO.
And he wrote me back and he’s like, uh, do you happen to know that the, you know, what of these domains on your, on your list voice, my first company that I ever watched and uh, you know, I made thousand, a horrible domain. Uh, but it was pretty funny to see. Uh, so anyways, if you’re, uh, if you are in any way an SEO, if your clients are SEO is if you provide domains to a clients when knew SEO work, this newsletter will provide you a hell of a lot more than $25 a month in value. And so I would encourage you to sign up. Sean does a great job and, uh, if you buy one name throughout the year, uh, it will be well worth your time, even if you by no names, just reading the commentary and beginning to understand some of Shaun’s thoughts around Google algorithm updates around some sort of high level, just SEO advice or commentary.
And then the very specific commentary about what makes some of these individual names, um, attractive or valuable, uh, is particularly interesting. It’s a very, it’s a great lesson. Uh, I think you’d be hard pressed to get that type of SEO, um, education for 25 bucks a month. So it’s a, it’s worth it. And so you can sign up, uh, by signing up for our standard newsletter for the next two weeks. And you’ll see a link in our newsletter, which will point you to sign up. Or you can go to, E O, X. Dot C O slash S E. O. And that will take you to the media options. SEO domain authority newsletter sign up form. All right. And again, it is free to sign up right now. Uh, we will start charging $25 a month in November if you sign up. Now, if you do not sign up now, you will have to pay $49 a month. So sign up now. That’s my shout out.
Thanks to great shout out. I do. Um, I think it’s worth noting it’s a lot more than 10 domains. Um, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s 20 to 30 names each week. Um, and, and not only does this have value for anyone who’s already in the SEO industry, they all already know. They’re like, Oh, great, this guy did all the research for me. I can jumpstart it from where he left off. Um, but also I think that educational piece for people who want to learn, what’s the vocabulary, what are they looking for? Where do they see value? Why are these domains going for more money than another one? I think you can get a lot of insights that way. Um, Sean is a really smart, creative writer where he, I think really helps you. I mean, there’s not much demean education you can get for 25 bucks a month like that. Um, and, um, also he is just incredibly entertaining and as, as much as people like to listen to you drew, um, he, he, he has, he has a lot to offer and Sean solid with the, our culture here.
Solid guy, solid guy. So, and he’ll be in Austin too. Um, so hopefully people recognize him and meet him. Then. Um, I enjoyed meeting him in, uh, in Portugal at the conference in [inaudible]. Uh, if I can still say it right. I wasn’t bad. Oh, well thank you. Well, I thank you. All right. So, um, big shout out, uh, Brian, I love your got grit shirt. You should sell those. Um, and uh, um, thanks for coming on the show. Both you, um, we’ll see you all next time. Thanks for having. Oh, all right, bye guys. Cheers.

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  1. Green Jobs says:

    Take the “online” out of “GreenJobsOnline” and you have a great domain! :)

  2. Sand Pitz says:

    Hey Brian, hope you’re good!

    Yes a Domain name can make a huge impact on your branding, and many companies are realizing that the ‘right’ domain can improve their branding, taking their company to another level.

    Sometimes a ‘trim’ / change in a domain name can be daunting as companies don’t want to let go of the old domain due to being an emotional attachment to their original domain.

    My advice for companies is don’t be fearful of changing from your current domain to a new shorter domain name, but instead you should see it as an opportunity for your brand awareness to increase. A domain broker will definitely take this burden away from you to make the ‘domain acquiring’ process easier.

    Brokers like yourself at Grit Brokerage are certainly helping companies get the right brand, to impact their increased customer base. Keep up the great work Brian.

    Sand Pitz

  3. Adrian Brand says:

    I have bought a past tense expression this week. BTW what can I do to have my domains reviewed?

  4. Platey says:

    Sued. Com

    A third of her world’s biggest legal firms are based in the uk

    It will probably be bought by a uk buyer

    Might be worth contacting a company in the uk called

    Reg transfers.

    They sell personalised licence plates

    They have the client database for this domain name

    I also have a few legal sector two keyword. Coms that the buyer of Sued. Com might also want

  5. brand says:

    Two past tense Domains [ .com’s ] that i thought of very quickly that are being used right now on commercials here in Los Angeles are and
    With one word .com’s being so hot, it could be these past tense domains could have more of a value now.

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