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DomainSherpa Review – Sept 23:,,

This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Hobi Michalec, Shane Cultra, Andrew Rosener.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Hobi Michalec
Hobi Michalec
Hobi Michalec holds a business degree in entrepreneurship, consulted with Domain Holdings for years, and then co-founded the Lumis Group, which focuses on outbound marketing.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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On today’s Sherpa review. We talk about how hot alphanumeric domains are and discuss a recent sale. Shane reveals something he just learned at GoDaddy and Afternic, and it surprises Drew and Hobi too. Hobi talks about an acquisition that took him a year and a half and Drew shares the story of one of the most meaningful, proudest moments of his life, one of the most meaningful business moments of his career. Enjoy the show!

Hey Sherpa network. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and today we’re doing the domain Sherpa review. Thanks for joining us today we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We will have the usual three segments to the review today starting off learning what the Sherpas recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value and investor submitted, domain name portfolio and finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon at and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good investment opportunity for you

Joining us today. We have three past Sherpas and industry thought leaders, but very exciting locations from two out of the three. And I bet if you had to guess you’d assume Drew Rosener was in an exciting location but he is in the usual place. Hi Drew. How are you doing? Very good. How are you? Fabulous. Glad to have you back in the saddle. All settled after your exciting summer vacations and interesting auto responders.

My auto responders are, are like a there like a passive protest. You know, I, I, I think that, you know, people are afraid to say their out of office people are like so scared to like the scene is like we are not working hard enough and everybody’s going to embarrass to say like, I’m out of office enjoying my life. And so I try to do the opposite of that and be like, look, I’m out of the office and I’ll go back in my office. I’ll, I’ll be all over it. Oh, right now I’m somewhere doing something. And it’s way better than servicing you at this very moment, you know? Uh, so my auto out of it just tried to be honest. It’s make it, you know, put a little humor into it. I try to be funny. My wife tells me I’m not. Um, I liked the one where you’re like, I’m out until my family gets sick of me. Uh, so, um, and then, you know, you know what happened actually that really encouraged me to like keep, like I

try to kind of escalate it with each autoresponder. You know, I like doing maybe two or three times a year. And um, I just try, I try to like escalate it each time, make it a little bit more addictive. And um, and that all happened because I had, I can’t remember which company it was. It was like one of the biggest companies on earth. Right. It was like somebody, right. Huge. And I was dealing with our legal department and uh, you know, it was like you’d go back through the email thread, it’s like dry as a bone. And it was, I want to say it was like, I need an Amazon. Okay. It was somebody huge and they’re literally in house counsel who I’ve been having this conversation with, dries a bone not right to me. She’s like, I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy your out of office responded for instance. And I’ve been lucky enough to receive, you know, the last two or three sides, you’ve been out of office I’ve received and I’ve saved all of them.

And she was like, I just think it’s so great that you, you know, whatever, whatever it was she said. And I, I really, you know, before I was just kind of a joke, I was like, just doing it. Cause I’m, I don’t, I try not to take myself too serious. And uh, ah, yes. She really encouraged me and I was like, no, what, this is something that I actually believe in. Like, I think people should, they should work hard, but they should play hard. And when you’re, you know, and you shouldn’t, you know, when you, when you’re out play don’t work.

Well, the worst is when you have an auto responder on and it’s like, listen, if it’s real, if it’s important, please call me. Everybody starts calling you. That’s like the best part.

If I put like, you know, I will only be able to respond to things which are urgent and you can define urgent as life threatening, uh, you know, real critical, uh, or you know, whatever. I like three things that I was like,

yeah, so been in there, he’s like, or you can call nine one lot. Yeah.

If it’s an emergency, but it’s not one of those things. Here’s the number. Call nine one one.

Nice. Well, welcome back with all your personality and Shane Cultra, DSAD, might not recognize you without your, uh, absolutely classic staircase background. What happens is, first I thought it was the artwork conversation from last time, but it’s not, where are you and why?

Well, I’m just saying different room. I’m just in construction next door. I’m a, I’m my fifth neighbor. I must’ve, I got to stop going out in my underwear because I literally, it’s the fifth time the house is sold and the crazy landscaping that we’ve got for it. So every single homeowner spends 10 grand on a landscape. It’s theirs. So it’s perfect.

Perfect. I’m going to keep running them out because there’s 10 grand every two years. It’d be pretty awesome if your neighbor pays you. Yeah, I don’t do it. Like I don’t want to be a part of like high level baller. Yeah. Oh yeah, there’s something to that.

But are they all investing in more and more hedges between you and that’s like, are they like, we’ve got a neighbor,

you know, like the first person wanted [inaudible] so it’s a natural hedge and they wanted some woodwork and stuff. Next person wanted it to look like Oregon, say tore it all out, put in berms and Hills and put spruce and all these and the next person didn’t like all the mounds and the blue spruce and tore it out and put the hedgerow back in and it just goes back and forth and the house is way everybody who does it fixes it up and now the price never goes for what’s in it. It’s correct. I watched him put in hundreds of thousands and get get it out because it’s so personalized. Everybody does their own thing, but it’s, it’s a good buy. Just the housing market, there’s a lot of, I mean we can get into that another time, but the housing where there’s a lot of stuff out there. If you want a house, there’s lots of land and lots of building and lots of old, there was plenty of stuff out there. It seems to keep growing, but my gosh, there’s for sale everywhere.

Well, remodels too. They say they always cost so much more than you expect. A budget is just a joke.

But the TV show says that when you put in 500,000, you get 800,000. That’s what all the [inaudible], I assume the hot blondes always make money on television and the rehab, they tear it down, wear a tank top and their 300 grand, which are every time I know that’s a formula. I’ve seen it.

Yo figure and a homie, all you need to do is color your hair blonde and you can be on a remodel show.

Right. Listen less that what I’m feeling here is a antique driftwood Florida style home. You know,

so not only are you running Loomis, you also are doing your own remodel and you’re almost done, although you’re in the middle of hurricane season.

Yeah, yeah. That’s never a, it’s never a fun, fun situation run into, I guess it’s similar to a not having a roof on and hitting a snow storm up in the Northeast, I suppose. But it’s like it’s a, yeah. I’m pretty much almost done. I’ve been on it bananas this last November. And uh, everything in size Don even just throw up a privacy fence actually outside. And uh, yeah, now I’m just a couple of fine tuning and then I can start on a few other things and then

you’re good to go.

Sweet. Well congrats. I’m glad the last hurricane didn’t hit you and we’ll have our fingers crossed for you all through the rest of the season. You got this until your appraisal for your insurance.

Hang there baby. Almost there. Almost red.

Wow. That’s the spirit. All right. Um, welcome guys. Uh, let’s do that first segment. What’s new Sherpas? So, um, we’re going to learn what, um, one purchase or sale that you’ve made over the past few weeks, what you paid or receive for the domain, why you thought it was a good deal or not, and how the geisha negotiations progressed. So, um, up first we have you, Shane, what’s new?

All right. There’s a, there’s a good stories behind this one, so I’ll just not too exciting, but I sold 77 zero

Okay, wait, so it’s three digits, seven zero. And the letter a.

yup. Got it. Okay.

And the good story. All right guys, what do you think? What you sold it? You said

I sold it? Yeah, there’s lessons. There’s drama. It’s fantastic. Say $3,800 very. So those, those like a, there’s numeric alk-phos or alphanumerics. It’s like when you hit an end user, like up to 10 K’s, not unheard of. It’s a three D so you know, it’s, especially when it’s like a three character. And if you didn’t do like a, like more of a liquid sale, maybe 7,500 I’m going to say 75 ish. All right. 100% agree. I just know shame. Like you take that easy money.


that easy. Money killing me. No, I go, you know, I’ve got it hurt the hedges to sell. Give me that easy.

All right. Jane, what’d you sell for?

It was still easy money, but I got 7,800 forests. Wow. That was nice. Yeah. Here’s the thing. This is where the lesson comes in. So I didn’t know this, but evidently, you know, right now they’re as hot as they ever been. Like, if it’s the right one at eight, yeah, it’s five figures even at auction and you just don’t know which one it is. We pretend like we know what to the number letters are the hot ones, but we don’t know. So I put up for auction and just test it out. And um, evidently if you put it up for auction and you have an after Nick listing and they hit buy it now, it’s the same as doing a buy it now at auction. So I didn’t realize that was part of the program. So if you put up a listing and you, you put a link in that listing to your afternoon Nick by now and they hit it, that NZ auction and it’s treated just like an auction commission.

So that, that was kind of new to me and I didn’t even know that was something that I could do. So, um, that’s what I hold on, hold on, hold on. I’m not, yeah. Okay. So you put up a listing where, Hey go daddy. Okay. Meaning like a premium listing. Yeah, premium listing. Put a reserve on it and discouraged from doing that anymore that that basically all listings should go now through afternoon does that, well, this was a regular bidding auction, like you know, just a regular, I don’t auction [inaudible] doesn’t have that part. You know, this is just a regular bidding where I put it up. I put a reserve if it needs to reserve auction in auction, hang on. A premium listing at GoDaddy. Well I think the word premium [email protected] man, you paid extra to have it be in the premium category? Well, it’s always it after Nick in there in the after Nick portfolio, so it’s always in that where I have it listed with a buy it now price totally separate.

Okay. But I did a, an auction just for the name with the riff, I think it was, I can’t remember, deserve three, $4,000 reserve and I planned on just having it as a regular auction, but two days later, bang off, done, sold $7,800 sold. How can that be possible? They flipped over to the afternoon, bought it there. That NZ auction, so I contacted GoDaddy and said, what’s going on? And they said, yeah, we consider this part of the family if they buy it at after naked NZ auction, but you pay the auction, which I think is 15% and so the afternoon 20% so whatever the cheaper of the two you get that. I didn’t know that, but it is definitely something to think about because you get a little space in your auction to put information and you can put a link to your afternoon to say, Hey, you want to end this thing?

Here’s the buy it now listing. Now of course you heard. Interesting. That’s a great KIPP, huh? Yeah. So I didn’t know any of that was possible, but it’s changed my thoughts on things where I can put a little bit higher reserve, but with the buy it now and get some advertising out of it, are you, are you actively filling names through that channel? [inaudible] those only in those kind of names where that there’s a category that’s especially hot that is almost reaching in that those numbers. I had a lot of those numbers. And this is the other funny story. So I went to go see while I was searching for this, I have L 20 which I feel is a really strong one. Level 22 that’s like a brand, not, not that I know of. It could be, it’d be incredible brand.

I thought I sold it at auction as part of these whole thing. You know the, you know where I’ve been, I just been selling these, cause I had, you know, a dozen of these and they’re getting five to 10,000 a piece. So if I need cash I just found them. So you were buying those things for three to 800 bucks. Yeah, exactly. Years ago. Yeah, exactly. So I just, I just had a nice little portfolio and I raised like $60,000 this year. Just throwing a couple in there, taking, take a little tax out. You know what? I don’t have any of those, but I was looking for [inaudible] made we own, pardon me? Yeah. [inaudible] what’s that?

We’ve been, we’ve been going over the media options inventory and it’s about killing me. So he’s like, can you just take a quick look at every domain we own?

And that’s what I was going to say. So I’m looking for these, which this, you know some I sold a little early before it got bigger and I was going, man, I gave away L 22 cause I thought I sold it earlier at auction. I’m looking, there’s nothing there. Nothing there and never sold it sitting in my portfolio unit registry. So yeah, it’s, it’s super hot. So I was like tweeted a day. It’s like finding a $10,000 domain that you thought you saw old or liquid and scraper. I had no idea that I even had it anymore. I don’t, I don’t have as many at uni registries I used to have. So I’m not there that often, but I was like dang, that’s a good start to the day. That’s some cash money just sitting there. How I organized.

Yeah, true. Good for you. That’s it. That’s a great sale and good for you for making the easy money and a solid price. Uh, yeah. Not, not bad for all the day’s work. Drew, you’re up. What’d you buy yourself lately?

Ah, okay. Um, go to Hawaii because I literally actually just spaced out. I had one and then remember we realize as I’m coming on that I cannot discuss that one. Uh, so,

alright. Hobby you up.

Okay. Yeah. And actually the Jews got me a little nervous to talk about one. I was pretty sure I can talk about it. Me. Just double check, make sure, uh, in half the show is cut out later. Right, right. Um, so the last one was on here. Did I talk about That one may have been in process. Okay. Let me double check. I don’t think I had a PNS for that one. If I did, then I need to scrutinize that real quick because, so like with CTCL these, you know, they’re fantastic. If you can nail it, just like with [inaudible], those letter number combinations on It’s double check.

Yeah. I don’t think I do. Yeah. Okay. So what are you guys doing? So forth and AI? I’m going to say one the 20, 2025 23 I get one question though. What’s an AI renewal cost? I have no idea that it’s like 20 bucks. It’s like 50 bucks a year. I think I’m more caring. Nothing. No, there’s like, there’s like there’s a hundred dollar transfer fee and we’ll go from one registrar to another and I think it’s 50 a year renewals. Okay. Uh, that’s not even a data AI that I would say could be the first. Um, I’ll say I’ll say 15 K just cause I feel like it’s three. It’s a short, I got it. So I had been working on helping to buy, require that for about eight months. And prior to me they, I think they had reached down. So give or take about a year plus negotiation $50,000.

Wow. Now the reason that went for 50,000, kind of twofold. One, the seller started $175,000 and it wasn’t 175. Okay. I’ll jump down to 10 kind of move where it was just an arbitrary pricing. It was 175 of one, six figures, stop talking to me, let’s be on six figures. Well then Mike Carson in a million million, second part was the fire. I started a company called Shanti AI. So like it was a pretty clear, yeah, that buyer had a pretty decent idea, especially as they had acquired before me, who the buyer was and the fact that the owner of the domain acquired the domain and then sometime later the buyer had started a company fan AI and then they were using fan as a brand. And it was just kind of a bit of confusion because it looked like fungi or that was kind of how their brand was. And they were actually Fanny on.

Interesting. What kind of company is that? Well, it was a while ago over Although what you’re saying here, what was some of the CC TLDs space, especially like the dot. Uh, especially Like a lot of times it makes more logical sense for their kind of consumer base and It was like sports marketing, wasn’t it? Yeah, I think it was, and pull this one up as a while ago, we sold this, yeah. Sponsored marketplace. It helps right holders monetize your fans and brands optimize their sponsorship spend. So it was kind of in the sports, the sports space, I guess the just that area. But uh, yeah, I mean a lot of these [inaudible] like I was saying earlier, sometimes it’s a very logical transcriber, just a progression for someone to kind of migrate over I think it’s important that they own fan [inaudible] dot com just for that type of aspect.

And people who maybe aren’t as familiar, but from a branding standpoint, it kind of makes a lot of sense. It’s like even though it is a CCL CCLC CC TLD and even though it’s not used as it relates to the nation that it’s from, it kind of conveys just what they do in their LD artificial intelligence spray. So it’s like, it’s a very nice kind of immediate branding and immediate recommend recommendation of kind of what they do. So it’s, I think 50K  definitely a pretty great price for, you know, the seller on that one. Um, but I think the buyer is going to get the value out of it and I think it was kind of a good deal all around.

And they own the Santa. That’s an important part of it. You own people say, Oh, they’re going to screw up if they screw it up, they’re still coming to your side. They typed in is getting there. Yep. And I think the fact that they’re in internet information services is very different than if they were a sports website or um, Oh, I missed the boat. I actually misspoke on that. I’m sorry. We originally looked into fan That’s why I thought they were Fanny I. Dot. IO. So they had no choice. That’s what it was. [inaudible] dot com it’s owned by a massive, it looks like a massive company out of China. That’s Ryan, their spirit. I just get asked. So like they had to act. I apologize. I was wrong on that. They had to get it cause they’re using fan-I dot IO and there was no, that doesn’t make any sense. That ain’t gonna fly. Nope. Yeah. Sorry about that.

Well, just like daddy. Yeah. If you nail it, if you get that great, that like you can hold them. Right. You won’t like what? One, two, three. Dot. Oh right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a pretty, that’s a pretty decent one. Yeah. That’s cool. I like that you really hit the nail right on the head. You’ve got yourself a great set of training wheels. Okay. Yep. Yeah. No, that’s, although they’re not going to buy one, two, three [inaudible] dot com sorry. I mean that one. Well that one is actually for sale. Right. That’s like the for sale for years. Joe Joe’s been trying to sell it. Right. I’d seen some pretty substantial offers on that one too. Yeah. I mean I, uh, there, there was a point where we sold that, I don’t remember what it was. He sold something for a lot of money and I was like, I’m ready to buy it. I want it.

Uh, want it. I love that name. I love that name. Things that are irreplaceable. It’s just a, yeah, that’s cool. But it probably is a horrible investment because, yeah, I mean the chances that somebody who’s naming their company one, two, probably pretty low. You know, it’s like you could have been, that could have been there, you know, that could’ve been the other direction bit, right? Yeah. I’ve been called honestly on [inaudible] dot com. Um, but uh, yeah, yeah. Alright, cool. And we’ll see some, some, someday we’ll have somebody on the show who just sold one, two, three. We’ll, we’ll just wait for it right away and company. Actually, it’s like a big Chalene Telekom Telekom. I had inquired him in ages forever. Uh, but it’s, is it eight figures? I still know everybody. Type seven I feel was at 1.8 figures. I think now it’s in the seventh. Yeah, I mean, yeah, it’s like six. I think drew is just stalling cause remember doesn’t have a name.

I have one. It’s just not that exciting. Alright, then, then make up for it with your personality. Um, okay, let’s go with, um, do you want to buy or sell? Either one. Bye. In case I ever have a buyer interested. I know what you paid for. Um, okay. Uh, I had one. Okay. Uh, okay. Let’s do D R. dot. Net D. O. That one was a barn. Yeah. This is a by the, by [inaudible] dot net [inaudible] dot net that was on named yet. Yeah. I actually saw this sale, so I mean, we could do it. I don’t remember what it was, but I remember like, I glanced at it like today, don’t type anything in. Just go off the top of your head. No. Yeah, you can’t. No, no looking like what was it, like 13,000 Jane’s at your desk? Yeah. I can’t remember. Yeah, 13 yeah, you’re going with 13 I have no idea cause I was out early. Excuse me.

I just, I Hmm. I mean, that’s a fantastic, this is a, but I can’t, I didn’t follow through and see what it sold for. But you ended up buying it through. So that’s it. Uh, two that are shot just to the end. I’ll say, I don’t remember seeing it on the high list of the day either. So something was higher that day. I’ll, I’ll say 22 grand. I mean, it’s worth more than that, but I, I have no idea. Yeah, so your brain almost bang on it. It was like 21,000, $100. I mean it was $21,111 actually. The final, yeah. It’s not only is it dr net and it’s like through with no vowels. It’s also my initials. Oh yeah. That’s like the seventh name. We’ve done that.

Shane, are you going to put them down for that or are you going to look at yourself and say, wait a minute, why did I not notice that? How many versions of dream? Optins has a vanity. We have a man,

no, it’s a license plate section. Benny budget. We’ve got an annual bandy budget, so make it one year contract and sell it to you. One year I bought one year. I bought all right. Now I’ve got dr net. I got

I need to piece together all the Sherpas where you announced the what you bought and then you tell them. But it’s my initials and everybody. That’s my name. Dumb ass again. It’s like, dude, that was my nickname in sixth grade. You don’t know that

my nickname in like, yeah, nevermind

drew cookie Rosemary. They call me cookie. That’s why I bought cookie. The dot or it cookie AI. Oh yeah, the smartest Tookie. So I bought and I just figured that that’s me. Drew, I had a variety of nicknames, none of which were sweet and cute. Like cookies. Yeah.

Most of them were not able to be registered on the internet until the [inaudible].

Nice. Okay. So I forget now. Oh no, you did. You guessed on the prices, you told them the price. Okay. Where did you buy it? Named Jack named Jack.

All right, that’s great. That’s pretty cool. For like distance, like a distance learning, but like a, like then online, I mean, are you ever going to sell it or is it just, it’s yours forever and not not selling unless you know somebody like [inaudible] yeah. You for one, two daily. Yeah. It’s like you gotta really knock my socks off. Uh, but dr net of course. Yeah. Okay. I that’s like a good, like distance, like not distance learning, but uh, it’s like a, what is it like the on demand doctor, like on demand medical platforms. A doctor net. I mean, that’s, that’s right. It’s like doctor network, like the other net like ha, that’s a super cool name. I mean, I dunno, I don’t, I’m not super bullish, but I’m also not as bearish as the market might reflect. A, we sold a, well, let’s see.

I don’t really want to say we sold, but it looks like we’re going to sell a three Uh, today. Um, Marianna did some outbound sales and uh, contacted a company we have through that are on net. Didn’t even give them a price, which was actually one of the strangest, uh, email, uh, leave it to the Germans. There was a German company, but it literally, she emailed them, we are broken in this domain. I thought it might be interesting to you, uh, you know, et cetera, et cetera. And the guy literally forwarded her email, put her in CC to the CEO and said, Hey, uh, this just came across my desk. Do you think it’s worth throwing five to $10,000 at it?

And the CEO writes back with Marianna NCC. Oh yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Now I instructed her to sell the domain for 4,000, 900 and $900. But she never even gave them a price. And they literally wrote in this thread that, you know, throw five and 10 grade at this thing. So I was like, what are talking about? No way. I was like, just for, for me, the email. So as far as with him, I’m like, how is this possible? And so then we just a, you know, they’re gonna get a reply back and just say like, Hey guys, that’s so great. That’s, you know, the owner’s asking $8,900. So it sounds like your spending your budget all right in the middle. We’re going to delay this conference. I’ll call it going out until that’s sold, right? Yeah. Well hopefully I’ll probably, we’ll have an answer today or tomorrow.

Um, yeah, it was just too funny. I, you know, whether it sells or not, I don’t, you know, it is what it is, eh, I, I just, it was like the way that they handle it, I was thinking, I heard this, you’re having the internal dialogue but with us. But anytime, anytime that happens, like I’m talking to me about a domain and I just randomly suggest something, we’ll spend half a million on that. Am I, this was too easy. All right. What happened? You’ve looked into this and they want 5 million, don’t they? And that is always with the cases. Yup. Yup. Absolutely. You do this long enough, you can still be surprised. That’s what’s so cool about this industry. Sometimes I’m surprised daily. I’ve got a great one. I don’t know if you guys really want to hear any more stories, but we’re brokering, we’re brokering Y a N G.

now, one of those sort of low level presidential candidates is Andrew Yang. And uh, he’s, you know, proposing the thousand, you know, we’re going to give everybody $1,000 a month and apparently I wasn’t watching, but apparently in one of the debates last week, uh, he literally announced that you’ll be able to go online. I mean, Oh no, I don’t get, is that like you don’t have to be much above monkey level intelligence to understand that he’s not the president right now. Currently, he’s, we’re going to debate trying to get a chance to be the president of which he probably has little chance of even having a chance. Right. So, okay. Set and stage. He says, yeah, whatever. I find pricing, you’ll be able to go online and apply and tell us why you need $1,000 a month and then we’ll give you $1,000 a month. Right. Whatever.

To that extent. Obviously I’m, I’m, I’m summarizing and simplifying, but do the, you know, it’s sorry for anybody who believes in that idea, but it’s such a ridiculous idea that I don’t feel the need to really expand on it. So the last thing we need in this country is more entitlement. So, uh, anyways, uh, he announces that anybody can you go online, we’ll be able to go online and do that within hours. I mean, I didn’t even know that this had occurred, right? But all of a sudden I’m getting Oh boom emails, you know, email because cause is forwarding to, you know, for sale page on maybe the option, which probably should have been an indicator to people that, you know, this is not, um, it’s a domain that people are so stupid that they like literally hundreds. Oh, people filled out this form.

Same, you know, I, I mean I know I’m going to just the media options form. I have people do that. Like, did you not read that? You want to hear sirens? They’re great, but they filled out the form that says, I want to buy this domain. Yeah. They’ll just fill it out with their, that information. And they filled it in with gimme $1,000. They filled it in with, give me $1,000. Yeah, you should have charged in it’s $10 application fee. That’s what I would have done. I had the domain and you can do that. Imagine the new store that would go after that guy takes advantage of. I actually thought about it because I don’t really have any empathy for these people. I know that. I know that makes me a horrible person and like I want to do it for any personal gain, but I truly just resent. Yes. [inaudible]

I also don’t, I believe it’s a silly their fault that they’re in those positions. All right. It’s the fault of a really messed up, uh, so messed up institutions that we’ve created that have false incentive. That being said, I don’t really have a lot of patients for stupidity. Um, so I do have some empathy for their economic situation. Uh, I do not have sympathy for their intelligence in the situation. And um, I mean these were good. It was like, ah, you know, I remember I got voicemails multiple, you know, these emails. I’m trying to find them. Hold on, let me see. I put a couple order. I was deleting them because uh, it was like really I was being inundated but then I was like, you know what, I’m going to save you. Some of these are really good.

Anyways, if I am trying to find where I saved them or here’s trouble. Um, take a minute and tell you about the advertisers for our show who support us in our mission to educate people in the two main industry. First serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. Yeah, it’s payments you can trust. Alright, in the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted teams and provide honest and constructive feedback to owners. Um, drew, do you have a good email yet that you want to share? It’s so good. Bring it on. This is, well, I won’t say his. Yeah, no, no names, no names. Yeah. Um, yes. I want $1,000. It could pay my insurance. I have private insurance. I, I don’t necessarily need $1,000 but I would like it and if you give me $1,000 I will give you my boat. Thank you.

Oh, wow.


yeah, no, I know. That would piss me off. I’m sorry. Yeah, I’ll back you on that. That would infuriate me.

Yeah. I was just watching the democratic debate and I saw that the introduction by Andrew Yang where he stated that you can apply for $1,000 a month. I came to this website, but I don’t see a link. Is your, is you a fraud?

Okay. Okay. Please submit $10 and we will get you this online after. Okay.

$1,000 a month would help me to dream again.

That’s true. That’s a phone call. That’s not an attack. That’s not that. That’s not an email right there. That’s a tweet. Yeah. Yeah.

I think you’re looking for yang dot triple X.

The best one I got. There was a voicemail that was like, it was horrifying. It was truly horrifying.

I love how Bella the word best proceeded or fine there.

Well, you know, best digging best seeds is measured by, uh, like emotional response. Right? Okay. This was one that was like, you’re like, Whoa, I don’t want to meet that guy in the street. Uh, all right. Anyways, I know.

Okay. If you find any more good ones, holler. In the meantime. Um, Arif, who many of you know his attitude on name pros submitted his list of domains for review. We reviewed his demeans a long while back. He does the daily lists on his blog name, If any of you watch that or read that. Um, and um, he wants to say for the portfolio review that he’d like you to factor in his acquisition costs. Um, which is true. And oftentimes we wonder, you know, did they get it at red fee? Did they overpay for these? You know, what’s the problem? Um, so he says, um, all but two of the domains were go Dabi, closeouts expired domains that slips through the auctions and um, are priced progressively from 11 to $5 over a few days. So, um, he is at, um, multiple four figure sales this year. Um, so, um, so he’s been, I’ve been doing pretty well with, you know, more or less profitable flips. So this is only his third year officially domaining and he is very involved in the industry, you know, reading through very deep into the daily expired auction lists. And I’m keeping in communication I think with a lot of us. So he’s really, you know, curious and, um, really, really putting a

lot of effort into his growth. Um, so let’s take a look at the list here and to see what your thoughts are, um, who’ll be your first this time around. Okay. Okay. Um, let’s see. So three domains you love or hate and this portfolio would be, well, I think expert demolition is probably up there with the ones that I think is probably the most prime to sell specifically because of just, I mean, it’s simple. It’s easy and there are a couple of companies that was fine. I was able to find that are kind of existing now that they would have at least some interest, maybe not the price point. That makes sense, but it looks like there’s an Australian company that has a pretty decent web presence, you know, considering there are can I guess in the construction field, which you oftentimes run when you run across companies.

They’re there. Their website is kind of just an afterthought versus like a, the initial starting place. So I like that one. Outside of that, I don’t know if I really like a lot of these to be honest. Um, I think it’s, so he’s in his third year. I think this is a common thing you run into is just, it’s very hard for someone to stomach like a $21,000 to purchase, you know, that may have, that obviously has immediate value. So the hand registrations is kind of the initial strategy, but that’s really, it’s, it’s one of the ones that, that’s what brings people to domain investing. It’s that, that, that high reward potential. But it’s just the most risk and I just, I think a lot more of these are risk than they are a profitable endeavor as a whole. Yeah, so I think, I think outbound and expert demolition, I mean maybe Oriental properties perhaps I should look a little more into that one. I mean it’s two words. Dot com. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a couple of times. Are you supposed to say the word Oriental anymore? I think that’s a no go. I think so. Well I’m afraid to say I think Oriental as it refers to like a person. Maybe you can’t say that, but this is an Oriental, just like a region that also fits words like that. Just say whatever comes to mind. Whatever might say, whatever comes to mind and [inaudible] to eliminate people you don’t want in your life.

All right. All right, my banker and just say what you mean exactly. I’d say, Oh, I got some more Orientals living next door. Say, well, I don’t know. I would put in that phrase weight better. You’re much better off to say I’ve got some Orientals next door and I don’t mean that derogatory at all to say I’ve got some Japanese dives next door that they’re actually Chinese or Korean. Right? Like way less offensive. Yeah. Okay. I think yeah, I could, I could probably see that cause [inaudible] number one messed up like ethnically for Americans is like, yeah, like Chinese people or Japanese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean,

Oriental, uh, ethnicities is like a big one for American black Canadian. I’m like, watch, I don’t even attempt anymore. I just smile and say their names. So you be Canadian as well?

No, not the Canadian. So big. Don’t push it. You’re not coming back on. I’m just envisioning my intro to this show now. Um, the Sherpas share their expertise on alpha numeric domains. Shane learned something new at auction and we discussed if it’s politically correct,

probably get some clicks. Honestly, I think we get at least a couple of them. Yeah, that’ll slow the comment section out. I don’t want to deal with that.

I wonder if you put in Royal Titan because last a review. We really liked storage Titan. Um, but uh, Hobi you have any other thoughts or should we give Shane a turn?

Yeah, let’s push over to Shane.

All right, Shane, what you got? He, he thought of you and the gardening you’ll see in a couple of these names.

Yeah. So first shout outs to steamy, that’s his dog is a Wiener dog. The D takes out for a walk every day. So he’s always sung every time he can talk to them, you can say anything and he’s gone. He talks about steaming. So he, and he’s a, a, a dealer in Canada. So he, he makes a living, I don’t remember what the, what table he deals, but [inaudible] feels for a living. So this is the side hustle for him. Great guy. Current deals cards. Yeah. And casino cards. I can’t remember. It’s black gap. You’re talking about like a dope dealer.

I should make that a little clear. Canada we’re talking about, that’s not illegal. The deal. Yeah, I know he’s a Harvey, so he’s a great guy. But I will say over the years I’ve gotten all of them because I think he’s addicted to buying closeouts that I don’t think there, he thinks he has a rhyme or reason. But after seeing his names every time I feel like he’s always chasing. And so I’ve been pretty hard on ’em to quit. So every time he sends me of all his great purchases, I always respond is send me your great sales. Because all I got constantly was buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. And that’s, that’s half of it. But the other half of the sales, and even if he makes $4,000 sales, he buys a pretty good amount of names. So he spends a lot of time going through the list.

He’s kind of like me, where he goes through the list and uses that to make the list for others. So I think that’s a, you know, it’s a good way to learn as you’re writing what you think is good. You get feedback, you buy some. But the difference is I’ll buy one every two weeks and he’ll buy, I don’t know how many buying now, but 10 or 20 a day. And that adds up. I mean that adds up. And so his renewal costs, he’s got more domains than me. He’s been in it three years. He’s got 400 plus domains, if I remember correctly. So he’s got more domains than me. But if you compare that to, um, he thinks it’s cheaper, but when you start adding up 2,500, 3000, 6,000 renewal costs, it doesn’t add up as quick as buying a couple. So yeah, Josh proves that you don’t have, Josh proves you can do it this way, but look at Josh is sales.

I mean, Josh has sales come out, he’ll sell a closeout for $25,000 and he’ll sell 4% or 2%. You know, there’s a numbers game that he’s talked over and over that he does. Well, Ahrefs not there yet, but of his names. Um, you know, so that was my advice is to try and consolidate a little bit and, and go for the sales and get your names up on after Nicks and brand buckets or the world and really try and move some of these names. But, um, I of course I do like casual gardener. The problem with the word Gardner is everybody drops the E in gardeners, so they, they spell it wrong constantly. So it’s actually a tough name to brand. And trust me, I know because I know Gar, even gardeners spell misspelled perennial and Gardner all the time. Uh, I think there’s some good marketing names, but you’re not going to get a ton.

But you know, if you’re a company and you’re trying to run a commercial, you might spend a little money on make heads turn and um, what was some other ones I saw in there that were good? Do you have a minute? You know, those kind of, those are memorable. If you have a billboard or you have a, you’re running by, you’re probably gonna. We really care, although they don’t care. But you can pretend like you do on a billboard and those are names that people will remember. Man, it’s going to be tough to sell them, but they’re not. I think they’re the better purchases on there. And then believe it or not, I like let’s um, because I think rhyming works in some categories because the, you know, the whole, this whole game is about being memorable. We is the most because it’s the most popular.

But if it, if it rhymes really well, people are more apt to remember it. There’s a really good Netflix, I don’t know if you guys watch it yet. I’m mastering the mind. You definitely need to watch. It tells you how the memory works, how the mind works up. People remember things and rhyming and phonetic is the key to everything. There’s a woman that remembered like 90,000 numbers in a row and she shows how she changes everything to phonetics to remember it. She builds a story out of these things. And so let’s We’ll probably be more remembered than let’s bet some, you know, some other crazy words. So I think that’s a decent one, uh, of that. But again, all the,

so Shane, for the ones you mentioned, you would probably put them up at a IOT now, um, for what price?

Yeah. So those marketing names, I’m make it easy. I’d make it at 2,800 $3,800 and I make some marketing guy thinking about his next campaign. Say, you know, Scott cost me 170,000 for the commercial, 50,000 for the people. I’m, if I go this way, I’m just going to buy this name. I may not even go that way because the cost of a commercial is so high. They can afford to pick up names. And we’ve talked about many a time. There’s been a lot of people that have bought names on a whim, on a might be that never used the name at all. Make it easy for them to buy it. Not saying they’re going to, but make it easy, make the price cheap. And then marketing 28 hundreds and nothing when it comes to overall marketing campaign, could you go for more? Yeah, but we do. He knows he got it for 12 bucks. Just try and get some money out of it.

Okay. What three domains would you just delete? Okay.

Um, boy, that’s an easy one. Um, I don’t know. I don’t know what B and V America is crypto, right coin is it?

Oh, that’d be a bed and breakfast. Bread and butter, I guess. Yeah, be, I’d be actually a first thing I saw, I thought it was a crypto thing. I was like, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s a, yeah.

Yeah. If you don’t know, that’s what I always call it a crypto. Um,

okay. So if that’s not Chris, I’ve thought of bed and breakfast, but you’re right. I mean, BNB is finance and finance, uh, just actually launched this week or we’ll launch this week in, in America. Maybe it’s not.

Yeah. And I will say $12 for Yoplait is not bad at all. Any five letter pronounced, any pronounceable five letter. Dot. Thom for under a hundred dollars is a, by my opinion, I’m not saying buy them all, but I know it’s, yeah.

I’m actually going to just cut you off and jump in here because I actually feel not that bad about the portfolio you guys do. Yeah. This is obviously not my cup of tea. Uh, and these are not names and I would probably buy, although there might be a few on here, uh, but I don’t think that they’re as bad as maybe we’re making them out to me. Um,

I agree.

Uh, like green Uh, I actually just sold green for like 35 grand, I believe. Hopefully I wasn’t private. It was a name we own, so I don’t think it was really matters who’s going to get mad except me. Um, uh, so Brie carpeting and, and funny enough, I actually thought it was going to sell to like, like a cannabis industry thing. Like when I bought it, uh, that was my ignorance and it’s like a cannabis industry, like award show or something, you know, like, or like a cannabis celebrity blog, you know, like say like red carpet, but it’s the green carpet. So, um, but funny enough who it’s sold to is an Austrian carpet and they literally make green carpets. So, uh, clean is not a worthless today. And like I bet those guys, they just paid whatever it was. It was like some somebody around at 30, 35, so like I guarantee you that they would pay five grand for green carpet


you know, I think undercover is probably the worst name on here. I don’t think that’s a thing. Maybe it is, but garbage. Like that’s garbage. That’s it. Delete. Um, SSL Also, I could see that as like a marketing campaign, a burner or probably more likely like being spammed to hell by some lowlife SSL marketing company. Um, but not a good name, but like, so wait, wait, Nope. I can totally see like an SDU altar campaign or like, you know, some makeup brand max daily, make heads turn. And it’s like the new eyelash commercial, you know, like that’s a great marketing name. Now when I say that’s a great marketing name, the first time that anybody ever inquires on that domain, you sell it, whatever it is they’re willing to pay because nobody else will ever require that. That’s important in a million.

It’s like, you know, there’s also hydro dot 100,000 other ways to say, make heads learn, like, you know, looking at her or look at them or you know, whatever, right? There’s like a million different ways to think about it. So the fact that somebody would decide that make heads turn is going to be the way they’re going to say in their campaign. You know, it’s a, it’s a lottery tickets. So if somebody shows up, you sell that whatever, they got $1,000 budget, it’s $1,000 name. They’ve got a $25,000 budget, $25,000 name or whatever they got, take it and run. Uh, but that being said, I do like the name similar to,

uh, uh,

do you have a Ooh, I really like, do you have [inaudible] dot com I don’t remember what the domain was, but side your micro cider former owner of this show, uh, and host, uh, had a, he sold the domain to somebody or I don’t remember. It was something like get a coffee with me or something. I don’t know. I don’t remember. There is something about coffees. Yeah. Yeah. It was like, Oh no. You know what it was buying. Yeah. I give you so brutal. Buy me a copying thing. That’s what it was. That’s right. And do you have a minute? Reminds me of, buy me a coffee. It’s, do you have a minute? Like, you know, like a mentorship like thing or you know, it’s like LinkedIn, InMail. Uh, there’s a thing, there’s something there, there’s something there. I like it. Do you have a minute? It’s really, it’s [inaudible] if you are a inferiors of the right word, if you are a subordinate and you want to get advice from somebody who is a senior to you, whether that’s in your organization or in your whatever environment you’re we’re talking about or context. It’s, do you have a minute? Like that’s literally what everybody says is like, do you have actually, do you have a minute? Bye bye.

I’m originally from, I was living out in Utah for a bit. It’s, that reminds me of a, when the LDS missionaries would come along with you have a minute to talk about. Yeah. They, nothing comes good after they ask you, do you have a minute? Nothing.

I am their worst nightmare. I’m not going to go there. I’m not going to go there because I’ve already been so politically incorrect and Michelle, uh, but there is true and it’s not just them. Aye. It’s true. I don’t think there’s many things in the world. I enjoy more than getting into deep religious debates with converters, like the people that go around trying to convert people, whatever, whatever religion it is. Don’t care. Aye. Love engaging with these people. I love it. It’s like truly, what am I [inaudible] you’ve got those people like in central park, they’ve got a little table and it’s like, come speak with me for a minute.

You know, I, I’m, I do walk or ride up there and bring an old ladies and the children out of the way to get the crunch. Cameron, maybe you’ve heard about me, you have a minute. This might take more than a minute.

I really like that name. Like, like I would even maybe by that name, I liked that name.

Do you have a minute for right now? Save yourself an email. Make him an offer.

I’m not saying my daddy, he would end up beating milling me.

It’s pretty low email. He’ll email you. Exactly.

You know, look, you know this is a name that on main jet goes for $69 might get two bids and go for a hundred. But like, so I’ll be generous cause we’re live on air and I don’t want to be cheap. Ah. So I’ll tell him $250, which is probably three times what it would sell for. Uh, I would take 250 bucks. Do you have a minute? It’s like six words. One, two, three, four, five words. Uh,

that’ll pay renewals for the whole lists. Isn’t that true?

The good day for us. That’s true. Uh, so assuming the Vinci solar doesn’t infringe on a trademark, I also like that if you go look at DaVinci, there’s a DaVinci in every industry. Like literally every industry except domain. Here’s a division.

It seems bright. I really liked that one too. Seems bad.

And so he’s like the father of invention and you know, uh, you know, I think they tie together nicely. I think Divinci solar is a, a nice fit. I also like money masterclass. Ah, you know, money masterclass is a good name. Okay. But he sent over cannabis just for you. Strain an expert can getting there. I’m getting them expert cannabis daily like I would or, or keep it and I’ll make you a bed. I will bet you $1,000 that in the next three years. Let’s see, the problem is I can’t do that because then you know, he’ll sell it to his cousin and [inaudible] cause they looked at all you want me to talk about and we’ll split it. Right, right. For cannabis garbage. So any name cannabis expert? Yes. Expert cannabis. No, not so much. Uh, DMV America’s probably a delete too. Strain box. I like, I really, really, really liked your inbox.

Um, there’s, I don’t even know how many different, uh, a monthly subscription boxes there are in the cannabis industry. Um, and I think strain box is a great one. It’s like, you know, every month we’ll send you a new strain to try a strain is like a variety of cannabis, a female of, of the cannabis plant. Is that correct, Shane? Yep. Yep. I was educated recently. That’s strange. Actually. A completely unscientific term. It doesn’t indicate anything. It’s actually false. And the proper term should be a varieties. I mean, it can be, you know, the, we called just varieties. I mean, that’s what in the plant industry it’s a different ride. Yeah. [inaudible] species is all the same. Yeah, but that fee I was told, you know, tight, tight, you know, tight. Yeah. So I think straight box is a great name now. That’s the other one called is for sale on ganja preneurs domain name marketplace cannabis domain marketplace, which you can find at the short URL, a as a Ganjapreneur marketplace.

Uh, will take you to the cannabis domain name marketplace, where you’ll find John Jay, which we’ve been trying to sell for like $20,000 or something for three years. It used to be an active business. It’s got traffic, it’s got little back links and there’s no takers and that’s 25 or $20,000. So what a strain box work, probably 10 to 20% of that. So you know, it’s probably a 2,500 to $5,000 domain, 7,500 bucks. If you got really lucky, maybe 10, you know, I bet I’d probably priced it at 9,000, $888, and I’d probably take anything over five grand. Uh, considering the other names on this list, I think you should probably take anything over like $2,500. Um, uh, so that’s how I feel about, I, I do like the strain box is a cool name. Okay. Um, pretty much the extent of the ones that I really liked.

Okay. I want to type what all three of you said though is really about, um, um, reducing the, um, like if someone doesn’t have much reason to buy these domains over another one. And so the strategy for selling these, which he has grown in his sales success, but the strategy that I’m hearing all three of you say for selling this group is listed as a buy it now. Take the first offer. Don’t ask too much to ’em. Just overcome that little bit of opposition or what is, there’s a phrase I’m looking for. It’s reduced the, the, it’s, you know what, I love that book switch. Um, Dan and chip Heath’s book, right? Um, I just just reduced that and all the steps so somebody already has to go through the step of I can buy this domain or a different one or I don’t even know if this commercial or marketing campaign is going to happen. So you want to make it as easy as possible to just click and buy and move on. Um, so that’s really the number one thing that I’m hearing here. So, um, we’ll talk to her rough and a couple, um, excuse me in a couple months and see, see what he says. Very cool guys. Thank you.

I think that, you know, Shane is really, uh, and the, uh, and you know, the wider domain chain network, uh, are really like the experts on this, you know, the lower price name setting them up by now. I mean, it’s pretty tried and true. You know, it’s just those, you don’t want people to have to think too much, right? But these aren’t big life decisions and so you want to make it as easy and as quick as possible. If they know what the price is, they can make quick decisions. You’re gonna get some of those, um, spontaneous or what, what do you call it? Um, I slept three hours last night. It’s, my brain is not working to, well what is it, a spot that way, not spontaneous. Uh,

impulse. Impulse buys me $1 million.

Yeah, it was fine. You know, you want people to be, could make impulse buys. Yeah.

Yeah. There’s a reason Travis and Josh, some of the biggest sellers

on brand buckets, that’s not, they’re not playing favorites. There’s lots of names up there and they sell them, you know, they don’t think they can tell you exactly what they’re looking for, but they know what they’re looking for. And, and just to say something short, when you asked me what names to delete, I actually did have trouble finding which ones I would drop because if that price, yeah, I can get my money out of that list, you know? And that’s the beauty of having partners in my, in Drew’s no different. When you talk some things out or listen to drew, talk it through, it really opens it up. It’s good to work with others because sometimes you get into this

a hundred percent

and you have this conversation and it opens up your mind a little bit. So by the time we were done with this, I think we all had a second thought on where the portfolio was and where it’s at. And that’s the beauty of, of groups. So anybody that works alone is losing money. I’ll say it right here. If you work by yourself and don’t have good conversations with others in the industry, you’re losing money because you just don’t get to see the whole picture cause you’re in your little closet.

Yeah. My brother and I, when, uh, he and I oftentimes buy names together and it’s the same thing. I’m like that this is $1 billion name. He’s like, bullshit. I have to justify why it’s the million dollar name to him and we should spend X amount on it. And then sometimes he’s on the inverse. I’m like, I don’t, I don’t see you just like you. That’s a, that’s a five year hold man. That’s the three to five on that one. You know, to get that. So it’s, yeah, absolutely. Support what you just said.

Yeah. Mostly our wives do that. They’re the ones,

one of those out of brothers.

Yeah. Well I worked with one of those as well. I got both. So by the time they both get into me, I don’t do anything.

Fair enough.


and, and that’s what it fabulous that you guys get together here too. Um, thank you so much to each of you for your advice and um, really I think it takes a lot of bravery to, um, submit demeans and I think that RF is so smart and regularly reaching out to us and I’m sending this list over so it’s cool to see his growth year over year. So congrats, RF and we’ll talk to you again soon. Uh, before we do that, that’s my take away is that I don’t remember what the last words was, but I don’t remember having a very good impression. It’s a whole nother level.


That’s what it takes. Yeah. So, Hey, um, let me tell you about our advertisers who support us in this important educational mission.

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So we’ll move on to the marketplace list. Now this segment is sponsored by main jet. We’re reviewing domains heading to auctions soon and remember to click through because once the auction starts you can’t place a bid or watch and find out what happened or how smart our Sherpas are. So, um, for transparency, anybody owner brokering any of the names on the list?

Nope. No.

Alright, cool. Um, drew, you’re up first. Okay. Uh,

so my, uh, the name I liked the most was my because I love auctions and uh, I don’t know. I don’t know what my options would be, but, uh, you know, could be, could be cool in a different, you know, some, some day, like you could just like pure, you know, there are a lot of people who are obsessed with walking. Like my father-in-law literally sits in front of his computer, tells us he’s working all day, you know, he’s totally retired. He sits in front of his computer and literally bid on eBay auctions all day, all day people come and deliver eBay packages and he just buys things on eBay. He loves the auction process. And, um, so, uh, there’s lots of other people like me and, uh, I think, you know, imagine you had like a cool website login and you’ve got your, like my auctions dashboard. I’ve got like all my auctions from everywhere pulled into one place. Uh, I dunno. Anyways, I like the name. I don’t think it’s worth the time. I don’t think there’s any names on here that are worth puns. Um, it’s kind of one of the worst lists from name yet I think we’ve had, but, uh, I liked that one. I liked my auctions. Um, sophomores looks like one of those names that shot, uh, that Shane would pick up and keep it as a portfolio for the next decade. Uh,

yep. Do you really mean worse or do you just mean lower value? It’s pretty bad there. I mean, there’s not even make it better. I don’t

corporate event planner, I’ve been it on care check may be just cause the word care is so hot. Bio-design Biodesign actually like by design, by design is a great name. Aye. That’s it though. You know my options. It’s like, I like that name, but is it worth a lot? Nope. No search,

no traffic. What would you recommend or what would you bet? I mean, you’re cheap. That, what would you be? I probably will bid

Oh for that one. So on my, on the refrain, uh, but you know, low four figures, um, CCTV cam. I mean, you know that that’s got commercial value.

But again, you know, it’s not gonna become probably probably a five or 10 grand name. Find the perfect buyer and that’s going to require some work. You know, the chances that they come knocking on your door very, very low. Oh, I’m a name like that right there. It’s not a brand. Uh, so yeah, I don’t, my Biodesign in my auctions are probably the only names that get on personally. Okay. Are you more optimistic? Oh yes. So on one name specifically. I like I was saying earlier, we said early in the show I just got to building a house and I you saw horses so many times to build everything. So I love saw horse. Like I’m, if that’s the name change and keeping this portfolio, I’m going to have to fight them on that one because I really do like it. Saw horse could be, cause anytime you have a type of industry where it’s a direct to consumer versus B to BS, which is kind of B to C, that’s where you really see a lot of money’s been on domain names because it’s the strongly engaged, you know, we’re consumer standpoint.

So horse could be one of those brands. You know, you have things like home advisor, you have Joyce, all of these services that actually our direct to consumer that just have a very commercial use that uh, I think just, you can see sell for great songs now. So I don’t think it’s a six figure name, but I think you could ask like 75 K on something like that and just see what, see what kind of offers you could feel it in. Yeah, right. Do you like it? Not just for construction as well, but he could be saw horse as it relates to team-building as it relates to like a sales consultancy? It could be, yes. Yeah. The other variation on that you would have is workhorse and workhorse. I don’t know how that would be received. I’d have to ask some of my questioning friends, you know, see how Steve workhorses the term they use [inaudible] I think it is, but you know, learn some new earlier in those shows.

So perhaps I’m wrong on this one, but, uh, you know, I’ve, I do like sophomores, so I just, I think that has, there’s a lot of benefits for that. You know, I, I don’t know if that’s an immediate Lee liquid name and the fact that like you can immediately sell it for like 50 to 75 or something, but I could easily see something like that by, or could come to me and say, listen, we want to start this brand. We’re looking for something kind of catchy. Brandable what do you have? You can throw softwares out. I, and just, I think I could see someone buddy down on that. So I do like that name a lot outside of that. Um, honestly I like sexual science. I think it’s a great two word alliteration. I’d had to do some, do some Googling and seeing what it could be used for.

Yeah. But like I think I can, I think you could see, I think that’s a good one. I think with a lot of other movies you have, it’s just kind of sexual liberation is the wrong word. But I just, I could see that having, I could see a brand using that outside of that, you know? Oh sure. That’s cool. But I, I think, you know, maybe I’m wrong. This is my not more of an antiquated kind of form is that I feel like my would be more of a, that’s an internal thing. It would be like I don’t know if that would be like a direct now. I mean I think there’s still value there cause it is, you were saying drew in the auction and the auction space, but of all these, I like sophomores. I think that is, that’s the best one on there.

Nice. Thanks. Heavy. Yeah, good insight. Alright. I love by the way, and so I just like went there to see what it was and it’s actually a company that bought out general motors delivery van business and manufacturers, electronic delivery vehicles and they’re called workhorse. So they have they just raised $25 million. All right. Great brand. I like workforce and you kind of warmed me up to solve Wars. Yeah, it’s cool. Right. You know what? I’ve got a, just to make tool for sale. Yeah. It’s on by the hour

that I haven’t looked. Let me look. Tool chest, whole chest. It’s yours. Yours isn’t as I use the tool as yours. I thought that’s mine. Yeah, no till just broker in it for me on the show. Full chest. How cool that

  1. If I closed the deal on the show, were you there?

Yeah. What would you want for tool that you told me to say? You say you see I planted the seed. I’m an investor. I buy buying from an investor level, like my risk tolerance is not as great as perhaps someone like drew. So I’m, I’m dirt cheap when it comes to that kind of guy with an uninsured house. And Lauren, I think exactly. Sure. Just tolerance might not be differences on a house. I can, I can roll up my sleeves and just rebuild it. A domain, like, you know, that’s, that’s, that can be forever until I still went through a [inaudible]

when I was in the fish business. Most important lesson I ever learned in my life. I hands down, I, uh, I was in the fish business. I had been in the fish business already for years. I, I, you know, I should have been better than this and I’ve got a little ahead of my, Steve got a little over my skis. I love that expression lately. Uh, and, uh, for those who are not familiar, just means like getting a little ahead of yourself, getting going a little beyond maybe what you, where you should have gone. So anyways, I was primary 90% of my business with scallops and I got this connection, uh, in Peru and we were important squid from Peru and it was so cheap. It was stupid. Like if the market was a dollar 25 pounds, I was getting it for 12 cents. And it was like, this is amazing.

And they sent us a sample and it was, you know, I so extended to like my, uh, my big Korean, uh, client and the guy was like, yeah, it’s, I’ll buy as much as you can send me. So anyways, you know, I was making a huge margin on this stuff. And so I was like, I sent a purchase order to the guy in Peru and I was like, send me eight container loads. So we’re talking about 40,000, 40, between 40 and 45,000 pounds per container. So I had a quarter million pounds of squid, uh, you know what we call on the water, you know, being shipped from Peru to America and the first container, cause it didn’t all come at once. The first container arrived, shipped that, you know, I am back on my desk, like [inaudible] the profit margin on it. And um, all of a sudden, you know, complaints start coming in.

And so I fly out to Los Angeles where these containers and I go in and spec the product. Okay, go ahead. And I’ve got seven more containers of it on the water. Hey, already paid. And uh, so anyways, so I go back and let me right blaming my boss, look, I don’t know what to do. I got eight container loads of absolute garbage, a garbage squid. It was literally chopped up pieces of giants with like, like those, the ones that like wash up on the beach in Mexico and they’re like, you know, 60 feet. I’m not joking, I’m not joking. So I, he was like, literally, you will solve this problem. Uh, he was like, you know, I’ll give you a margin of loss of like this much if we lose more than that, you’re fired. And so, uh, I had a week and I flew out to Los Angeles and I literally, I rented a car and I drove around literally when I say roll up my sleeves and you know, this is what, this is the point of the stories and you know, the house and roll up my sleeves.

And I rolled up my sleeves and I pounded the pavement and I mean, pounded the pavement in Los Angeles. And I went to every single, uh, Chinese and Korean wholesale seafood distributor, um, which they are by far the biggest rent in Los Angeles. And, um, tried to sell this stuff. I was like selling my soul to, to try and sell this stuff. Luckily I had a big margin, but still it’s like, how do you sell some, it’s just garbage. So anyway, I found this one guy and I’m telling you, man, it was like, it was just, this was an impossible sale. Impossible. And I found one Korean guy, John Park, I love you John Park. I love you. And, uh, John Park was like, I’m going to help you. So he figured out, he sent it to this guy. He, he, he literally, I don’t want to tell this story. Uh, he found a guy that literally had planers and like planes boards, you know, so like get it down.

So he literally used a board plainer to like plain because literally this squid was like the wall of the squinting. It’s like literally this, that’s right. Two to three inches thick, you eat that. So you really planned it. So that instead of like, I don’t remember if it was three or four layers, cutting the layers and then they take a cookie cutter press and uh, like a giant breath and they cookie cutter squid rings out of it. [inaudible] both wallah now suddenly weak dot. Something that can be sold. Not for dollar 25 pounds. I feel like two 50, a pound. Yeah. Great. We’ve got, you know, cost in the middle of that to take it from giant heaping pile of crap to, you know, machine press, squid rings. Uh right. We did it and we actually came out, we made a profit of $8,000. Um, well I worked for a thousand and it was literally the most, it was the proudest one of the product to this day.

One of the proudest moments I left getting that closed. It may, we didn’t lose money. We actually made a little bit, Hey did, it doesn’t account for the amount of time I spent, you know. Okay. Alright Matt, cleaning up this mess. If you roll up your sleeves, almost any problem can be solved. Yeah. That’s one. That’s one thing stuck with well that’s one thing I’ve noticed too. It’s awesome cause you can sit there as long as you’re willing to sit in front of a computer long enough and just don’t give up. Eventually it’ll break through. It’s awesome. Absolutely no question. I feel bad that we’ll just then go onto the internet and fill out a form and have magically $1,000 arrive in your mailbox for the month. We can hope. Right. It’s like, if you don’t know what’s actually my personal email, I’m like, no.

Maybe just to case emails and send them something with a link to click, click here. Fill out your bank account in foul. Yeah, yeah. No, that’s [inaudible] say if he get your credit card, we’ll put it on your credit card right now. But I mean, you know, look, these guys go, you don’t have a pocket visit. One of them did, one of them was like, you know, I really don’t need the money. Give it to me. Have a, yeah, that’s great. Truly though, I wonder if that’s could be construed as illegal, that God got to be abroad at one. I wonder, I wonder how that works. Yeah. If you’re like, if you vote for me, you just can’t pay him. Probably don’t actually give it to them, you know? Yeah. Their campaign. Brahman. [inaudible] yeah, yeah. Um, no truly dry. So I like corporate event. I think we’re out of time guys. Sorry. Do you mind? Oh yeah, I didn’t even go through the list. Oh, roll your sleeves up. You don’t even have any,

uh Oh man, he was right about software. So I will say that I looked at it. I mean I think any tool name is a good name. If it evokes a thought of a tool or a help thing, then it’s a good name. Especially if it’s singular. That’s what everybody’s like. You’ve got this tool, the plural do good. I don’t want to sell the tool. I want the tool to represent some other tool that has nothing to do with that. So just like you, just like you mentioned saw horse, I can see a little logo with the little salt horse on it and it assist you. Cause when you work on your house, that is one of the biggest assistance you have is something holding that. So I think that’s good. But Drew’s right. I got low torch and monkey wrench and, and like you said on monkey ranch, I get an order a week for some car parts, it’s transmissions, brakes and they always put like, cause my minimum seven 50 though like seven 50 is a bit much for breaks. But I would like to order,

what’s your ask on monkey wrench?

Uh, I don’t know. We’ll talk. I mean, I’ve got it in like 75 K or something like that. Okay. Yeah. But it might be rents, you know, Andrews, he’s right. I could have it for a decade, but I could sell it a profit in any minute cause I got, you know, I think he bought me four years ago. Yeah, you do. Drew knows what I paid for seven years ago. Yeah. For nothing. Yeah. For nothing. So, and blow torch was a movie studio that was a huge, plus. They got like $50 million in funding and all they left with after bankruptcy was a domain name. I just had to whittle it away from them. But that was much different than this today.

Let me, let me say a blow torch to Elon. No, no, no. It’s not a flamethrower. It’s actually a blow torch. [inaudible] illegal blow torches are interstate commerce shipping and then international.

There you go. Yeah, I mean those are those. I think those invoke tools are always a good brand. And again, singular. You don’t want, you’re not here to sell the tools. I agree with you on the names though. I mean, I don’t see anything like, I think home meals, there’s a huge category, but you’re not going to call it home meals. You’re going to call it something else. I mean, and that’s a P people make that mistake all the time. This is $1 billion category. Yeah, it is. But they’re not going to name it after the category. That’s why so many of these names just don’t, so I’m not a huge VR in the title name because I don’t think they’re going to call themselves the art because they don’t want to limit themselves as to what their fresh, yeah, so mega fresh, I like, um, fresh is a great word. It’s been around for hundred years. Fresh is always, even if it’s not fresh, it makes it sounds fresh. I liked and I’m learning.

Alright. Can we just address for the word fresh has been around for a hundred years.

Oh, they’ve used as like instant delivery in 1910 they’d say fresh to your door. Meaning I’m going to get it by horse or by train. Yeah, no, you can look at it like I, but I would suspect we’ve been using the word fresh since a lot when we’ve been Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. But I mean in marketing. Okay. Yeah. In marketing as a marketing. Yeah. Once they were able to get things quicker, once the train came in, once they were saying, Hey, I can get it to you sooner than everybody else. And fresh, that’s uh, I got these magazines. I, I put on my nursery, I bought these 18 so I think they’re 1888 magazines. And it’s interesting to see the marking that was going on there because the train to become such a huge part and the car was right around the corner there, you know, fresh to your door in 12 days.

You know, we look at it now or it’s a day and they’re thinking I’m going to be there and only 12 days and you’re going to be able to maybe eat that yogurt. You had a chance at it. All right. As far as the other names of mine that I will stop my was uh, a past name and convention. But it’s memorable. I mean, you talked to people in my, you know, my pillow was huge and my, just something that, that people remember. And again, I never, I always thought like on farming I want it to be, it’s mine. Yeah. I made it just go. And my seem to be standing forever when it comes to putting things in front. So I, I’ve changed my thought. I bought my bees, I thought I’d get it for next to nothing. And everybody liked that is a B brand.

And I guess my, I was just pretty popular, but, so I’m not against my names anymore. I understand why people use them. Metal pros, a good one. Somebody that’s a lot of uses on metal pro. There’s a lot of people don’t buy metal. Like Ivy, we buy tons of metal and stuff to build and weld and there’s fabricators and there’s a blacksmiths. There’s a lot more industry in the metal business and most people realize cause they don’t have to deal with it with it there. They’re buying it from a third party that’s, well they’re not called the metal, they’re just a retailer. But there is a lot of metal people out there. Everything else I, I don’t, I just wouldn’t put it in my Bitcoin bots. I don’t even know what it is. Tourism school, they’re just, they’re just boring bird farm. I don’t dislike the name. I just have no idea of why people would use it. So I think they’re names that will sell like they always do, but I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable selling it. You know? And I have a name, a portfolio, I’ve got to explain to them why they would want it. I didn’t do that for a lot of these names other than I want to sell it to you.

That’s my explanation. Fair enough. Yeah. I want to tell a story. Kate Buckley does that really well. She says, your domain should tell a story when you’re selling it. I got no stories. I’ll have to use squid.

Squid rings are taking the notes. Okay. Yeah. Give me, yeah. All right. Well, thank you guys for coming on. Um, this was was a long show and you have so many great insights. Um, congrats Hobi on all the remodeling and I guess shame on getting your neighbors to remodel, um, love having you guys on, um, and we’ll see y’all next time. Yeah, yeah. Thank you guys.


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