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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,….
  • We discuss what our small businesses are doing to manage during the coronavirus…
  • And much more !

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Amanda Waltz, Shane Cultra, and Andrew Rosener.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Amanda Waltz
Amanda Waltz Co-Founder and Digital Asset Consultant & Premium Domain Name Broker Amanda Waltz is an accomplished internet sales veteran. As former Vice President of Sales & Acquisitions at and currently self-employed for WaltzDigital, Amanda's listening skills, creativity, and negotiation finesse have closed many private deals.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Quarantined Sherpa Network. This show is for you. We shot an extra long review panel and to tell you the truth, the first two segments I think might be the funniest show we have ever made. And the last section actually brought tears to my eyes. Um, we’ve really get into what’s going on with Corona over in Europe. Um, what Shane’s doing as a small business owner. Um, even a little bit of marriage advice during the quarantine. This is an excellent show. Keep your spirits up and uh, stay in touch.

Hey, Sherpa network. Uh, welcome to the Sherpa review. Uh, I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of Domain and we are ready to rock and roll. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We will have three segments to the review but a little bit different. First we’ll do the usual what’s new Sherpas and discuss what they recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss some domains, going to auction at name and whether they’re a good fit for you. And then we’re going to talk about the Coronavirus and how it is affecting each of these three Sherpas and the other businesses they run. Maybe, um, you’ll learn a little something, uh, for yourself along the way. So, Oh, welcome. Welcome. At three past Sherpas and industry thought leaders. Shane Cultra, minus the beard of DSAD. dot com. What’s going on, Shane?

Not too much. Just painted outside. I came inside for the first time in a month.

Wow. Well I think you turn the garden, but the sunshine in Illinois.

Well, I, I did get in three vacations before it hit, so I remember I went to a Y I kind of had a feeling that our travel would be limited. So I, I went all over the place.

Yeah, you got lucky in timing. I timed it.

Perfect. Yeah. Well play, uh, Amanda Waltz of Hello Amanda. How are you?

Hi. Doing well. Great to see you.

You have new glasses, you have a good setup. Uh, you’re out on the East coast.

Yes. Um, we are, uh, under self quarantine at this point in time. Um, our schools are all closed and we are finding really good ways to keep our time, um, occupied lots of work. Um, but also like Shane trying to get outside for a few hours out into the woods and do some hiking on a daily basis. Um, keep our minds clear.

That’s wonderful. Good for you. Uh, and Andrew Rosener, Media Options.


Hello? So nice to see you. And a button down shirt. No less. Yeah.

Yeah. You know, we’re keeping it proper up in quarantine.

It’s going to be a black tie dinner tonight.

Maybe you know, you gotta you gotta get creative. Uh, otherwise you lose your mind.

Sounds about right. All right, let’s do this. Uh, what’s new Sherpas? Um, so we’re going to talk about one purchase or sale you’ve made in the past few weeks. What you pay to receive for the domain, why you thought it was a good deal, how to negotiate this, how the negotiations progressed. Um, let’s see who is up first. Amanda, you are in the hot seat. Okay. So we are actually experienced, I’ve experienced a very good week. Um, this past week we have two, um, to six figure sales that are in escrow. One just closed, one is still awaiting transfer. Um, one is a three, um, that’s sold, I would say between two, 200 and 300 is what we’re comfortable saying. So happy about that. I have to give big props to, um, our, our broker who is on that one, Brooke Hernandez, so really psyched that she’s killing it. Um, and she’s also behind the other one that I can talk about, which I think everyone who knows me, I am all the time. Um, but this is actually which um, we, we personally don’t see a lot of those. So it was exciting, um, for her to be a part of that. Uh, good. Another good one that we can’t talk about. It’s a brand and also, um, and the low six figures and where we’re psych for her site for the sellers as well. Um, two well known sellers. And, um, we’re happy for him.

So I’m going out in a little Lindeman saying that it was Dot. UK since that was a reported sale. And you don’t see many six figures cou K names.

It’s not, it’s a dot. UK. Dot. Not dot. So, um, and it’s not related. I wish I could say that we were [inaudible]

wow. Shocking to see amidst the chaos that two UK names would sell for six figures.

Yup. Where, um, I was, believe me, I’ve been watching our, um, Q and um, there’s some other one word, two word dotcoms in there that are about to close or have closed in the past couple of weeks. Um, five figure deals. So I’m, I’m thrilled for our team and you know, our stance on all of this is really those of us that are keeping our wits about us and staying positive and forging board as business as usual. Um, understanding that the markets are not agreeing with as positively as we’re thinking. I think those are the ones, those of us that are remaining in that way are going to wind up. I’m better off on the other side, whatever the other side might look like. That’s a good way to put it. Amanda. Um, why do you think that UK did have like these seem like two pretty big deals? Um, I mean the buyer came to us, um, on the U K um, domain sale and it was important and strategic to their business. I think it was defensive. Um, and they just decided that they, yeah, [inaudible] going to move forward with it if it wasn’t easy, it was not an easy sale. And I think that that shows the, um, the depth of knowledge that our team has. Um, and Brooke really has a tremendous amount of persistence and stayed with her,

happy for her, happy for buyer and seller.

Brooke was a good ad. Brooke does a great job, so for sure.

Pretty cool. Um, all right, who’s up next? Uh, Shane,

I don’t really have anything too exciting to say. I mean, I, I bought a couple of names on the aftermarket but nothing more than a couple of hundred dollars. So I, the only thing I’ll add to the whole thing is aftermarket is definitely not seeing a sign of a slowing down if anything, people are stuck in their homes spending money. Um, you know, I talked about it the other day where, uh, I w I own remote coach, which we talked about on the show I bought five years ago. We talked about on the show for under $400 and remote coaching came up at auction on GoDaddy. And I’m thinking this is a good add to what we already have. So I have both names. [inaudible] I’ll just easily add it to the combination and then went for $4,800 remote Wow. Yeah. So I thought, well I’m not going to add it to remote coach. Maybe I’m going to put remote coach backup on GoDaddy and auction that and see if I can’t beat that by a little bit and be happy with my return.

Certainly. Good timing for,

yeah, no, I that that just happened a couple of days ago. So as soon as I settle down and not have to deal with the other business items on the agenda right now, I’ll, I’ll certainly do that. Yeah. I mean, I’m still in, I still do domains every night. I still put in my two hours, like I have for a decade, but there are some other hours added with the little coven things going on, uh, in the household. So I won’t say that it’s less domain. I’ll just say it’s more of everything else. So the days are a little longer. I actually didn’t run for two days straight, which is the first time that has that. I have not done that post a marathon, uh, probably in 10 years. Oh my gosh. I just mentally tired. Like, you know, it was the first time I looked at the alarm clock and said, [inaudible] today, not today.

Um, we’ll get back at it tomorrow. But, so there hasn’t been the, what’s new Sherpa domain numbers. I will say that. Uh, the other thing I’ll add is some of the domains that I’ve had close to six figures that I wanted even more, uh, I did, if anything came within the last week or two, I dropped it a little bit saying that, you know, I’ll take 90 instead of 110. Mmm. Which is where they were at now. Things may have changed since the 10 days ago and they made the offer, but looking at the market that that 90 minus commission could, you could do pretty well if I get in [inaudible], you know, certain stocks, I feel like that I could get another 10 20% long run. I’m not in a hurry for anything. So yeah. Which is important right now. Yeah. I think, I’m not trying to time anything. I’m not a market timer, but I’m, I’m smart enough to know that Amazon’s adding 100,000 jobs and I’m doing pretty well in the stocks at a [inaudible] discount of whatever it is. Maybe long run, they might be okay. Yeah. Probably not going under. No, I think Amazon’s going to be okay. Uh, I’ve shopped at Amazon, they’re doing fine. So what’s new? Not domain sales, but is still actively looking and working just like everybody else. All right. All right. I drew, how about you? Uh,

okay. So, um,

[inaudible] okay.

What y’all want to talk about?

Oh gee. I, I mean I bought, I bought it

once. You names, uh, Seoul bunch of names.

Let’s do two. Yeah, fill my spot.

All right. One by one sale. All right, so, uh, we’ll start with a sale. Uh, so, so

and is this a media options domain or for a client?

Oh, this is a media option to me. Okay. sold. Okay. What do you guys think, Shane? Amanda, I’ll start. Um, it’s a great one. Um, I will say 125 grand cause I think some great tech name, I mean it, it can be used so much for so many things. Just a good way. I’ll say 125 grand. I think that, uh, if it’s a media options, maybe drew is looking for some cash. It’s certainly a perfect name. That’s what I’ll stick. That’s what comes to mind first. Okay.

I’m going to go a little higher. Um, one 60

thought process behind that.

Um, yes, I think it’s all of the things that Shane is commenting on and I don’t think that

there isn’t position

where he needs to sell all that low, even if he wanted to get some cash in the door. Um, financially focused domains like that. Um, he and I both know sell for seven figures to the right buyer. So, um, I’m a little higher because of those things. Okay. So, uh, I agree widely with both of you. Uh, but that being said, I’m looking for cash. Cash is King, so repeat after me cash. [inaudible] so, uh, while you know, we’re fine, we don’t need cash. Uh, I want it much. Gosh, is fricking humanly possible right now because, uh, you know, like James, like whether it’s going back into domains, whether it’s going back into the stock market, whether it’s going back into real estate, classic car, I don’t care what it’s going into. Uh, the whole world is on sale at about a 30 to 50% discount right now.

And I think in a month too, uh, maybe less, maybe less, we might find bottom faster than that. Um, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve got some illusions in my mind about things I’m looking for that if I could see this, I think that will be 30 to 45 days and turning the corner. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I think, Mmm. I’m beginning to see some things where there’s hope. So we’ll see. Mmm. I think, uh, uh, you know, right. You could buy and none of this is doc advice. None of this is advice to the, in any way financial advice. Anyway, it’s just to make a point. But I’m looking at stocks this morning and I’m thinking to myself like, I’m sticking with my, the hypothesis that we’re going to see at 70 to 80%, Hmm. Drop, because I think that we were due for a 30 to 40% drop, and I think we’re going to overshoot that by 30, 40% because Mmm.

Of the irrational exuberance. And you’ll have an equal irrational exuberance on the other side if selling for selling margin calls, desperate people looking for cash, et cetera. So, but I’m looking at things like Raytheon. It’s like one of the world’s largest defense companies. How is the Corona virus is going to impact Raytheon’s earnings, right? I’m sure it will in some capacity because of, you know, human resources and, and you know, not being able to send people overseas for deals and trainings and things like that, but it’s not going, you know, they’re not a retailer. You know what I mean? Like this isn’t a restaurant chain, uh, there doesn’t require that much human interaction. And so I look at something like Raytheon, it’s trading at like nine times earnings with a 3% dividend at this price. And it’s like, how much cheaper can that get? You know?

Right. And it probably will, it probably will get cheaper. Mmm. But, so the point is simply this, uh, so we sold variants for 75, uh, which is way below what I would normally sell that at. Uh, but this is a one buyer who’s been negotiating with us for six months. Uh, I think their previous highest offer was 60 grand. And, um, uh, you know, there’s, there’s no other demand out there. So, you know, we’re literally just circling back and saying anybody that’s made bonafide offers. So look, we’re ready to make deals. And so if you want to make available, let me know and let’s see how close we can get. And, uh, you know, in my opinion, this is the time to be saying, let’s make a deal. Mmm. So I agree with you, Amanda. Uh, we had a really strong glass week, a really strong week last week, which I, you know, attribute to maybe trailing economics and, uh, uh, Chris working his ass off, uh, and uh, and me working my ass off. Mmm. And we got some deals in escrow and I hope those are going to close. Uh, we’ve had four deals in the last five days, completely fall apart. Mmm. So anybody’s guess what, we’ll close. Uh, but we’ve also had a couple of deals close, so, you know, big deals closed. Yeah. It’s anybody’s guess,

clarify that drew, you’ve had four or five deals fall apart and you think it’s directly, and first of all, I do want to say for our audience, we’re filming on st Patrick’s day, uh, March that, Oh, I’m not wearing green and no one else has either. Okay.

Yeah. But once everybody sees it, I was drinking green water. I didn’t drink my green drink earlier too. I should have brought it up here with me.

So there’s like green in your teeth or something. Where are you going to check? My blood is green. Um, so we’re filming on March 17th and this airs, ah, in six days. So for people to gauge, but what were you saying? So four deals fell through at what

Raytheon today is. One 25 would probably be 88 by this.

But, so what happened? So these deals that fell through, how, what is that percentage compared to deals that normally fall through?

Well, normally we, I mean, I swear to God, I, I, you know, no offense Amanda, but if there is one single thing that I would say about our company, uh, it is, we don’t lose deals. Yeah. Uh, if there’s a single, the thing that I would catch you on my fucking forehead, it’s closer. I don’t lose deals. I close at all costs under any circumstances. I don’t give a shit. I get things over the finish line. That is my superpower. Well, I will agree with you. Every deal that I have ever done with you. Hmm. We close them. I, and I don’t bring you offers that I know are not going to [inaudible] be worth the discussion is it’s just how, how it is. So you and I talked last week about a field that wasn’t an escrow, but um, has taken a very long time to get it to the point where it has, and it is very much on ice right now. But I don’t think it’s going to happen for the next six weeks. We just had one, we just had a client, um, who their company was in the process of being acquired. And as a part of that, we were acquiring a new domain for them. There was a six figure transaction. [inaudible]

huh? Don’t touch it. [inaudible] back of the hand. I thought it didn’t matter. I had my house is like a Fort Knox right now. There’s nothing in, nothing out. No packages get delivered. I push a button, packages get delivered into my garage. Can we go in there with gloves and a mask on? Unboxed, take the shit out, you know, boxes go in the recycling and that’s it. Then, you know, it’s wash the hands. We’ve got a process. This whole, this is like a, you know, a, a P four. Wow. He’s got supply chain.

I must say. Listen, two months of preparation. If you start early, this is easy. So, um, okay. Back to these deals. The point is simply this, it’s unequivocal. It’s not even an upward ambiguity. It’s 100% because of the virus. It’s 100% because of the economy and the uncertainty. Uh, it, you know, Shane said it, uh, I made relevant podcast last week or this week whenever that was. Uh, I said it on the last week or before that, whenever that was. The worst thing in the world for any market is uncertainty. It’s not about, you know, you can tell people, look, Trump went on his, you know, very, you know, presidential, right and said, ladies and gentlemen, you know, I come to you tonight and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 70% of the world’s going to die. We know this to be an absolute fact. 70% of everybody is dead. I believe that markets would react less to than they would to. There’s something absolutely awful out there and we don’t know if it’s going to kill 1% or 70%. We don’t know what this thing is. We don’t know. The more we don’t knows, the more volatility. So it’s uncertainty that drives people nuts. It’s uncertainty that makes markets volatile.


uncertainty that makes people stop spending. Uh,

it’s an and it’s uncertainty often when you can make money. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It all plays together, volatility is the key to make it,

it all compounds. It all compounds. So, you know, yeah, uncertainty is going to just continue to disrupt markets, whatever. It doesn’t matter your domain stocks, you know, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing,

but the people that figure out the certainty will be the first ones that make all the money.

Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s all about, that’s what I was saying before. I’ve got a couple of things in my mind that these are the things that will determine, okay. The, the, the, the trajectory and the timeline. And so I’m looking for those and once I’ve identified those, you know, then I’d feel like I’ll be, uh, I had an a curve. It doesn’t mean I’m right. Uh, but this is a time for, you know, taking a fucking stance, not for being on the fence. So. Mmm. Yeah. It at the same time then I’m telling you, I’m looking for cash. You know, it’s is a name that I could usually buy or 20, 30, 40 grand. In fact, I think we bought it for 25. So we’re 21. Something like that. So, Mmm. You know, I’m, I think that’s way under the value. I think that you guys are spot on.

I think it’s a one 50 to two 50 name right now, that 75 I can buy like three, four, five really good names over the next few months for that price. Or I can buy a $75,000 $75,000 worth of [inaudible], you know, uh, Verisign [inaudible] 21 times earnings I can buy, you know, which I agree with. Uh, you know, look, I’ve written, it’s like, yeah, you know, we’re all in the debate business. You know, I, you guys don’t want to complain about fricking price increases. Well, why don’t you just go buy to discount the bear sign stock and call it a day and shut up. Right? You know, don’t get me wrong, I’m an ICA supporter, a big ICA supporter. Uh, okay. No. Hey, I

spending millions on lobbying [inaudible] trying to cue something that’s never going to happen. Like stopping the increases in dotcom prices. Take that money. Let’s take the ICS. Empowered is pretty embarrassing stock at this point. I want to know what you bought. You sold variants, what’d you buy? Alright, so what’d I bought? I bought a few things. Uh, what’s your favorite point in case? My favorite is E N C L a V Correct. Okay. You bought it for yourself or for a client? Blog? For me. Options. Okay. Amanda, you get to guess first this time 22

that was quick. I didn’t even get a chance to do anything

like I didn’t even get a chance to secretly look it up. I’m not looking anything up accusing Shane of that, but he’s not either. And I love, I wish I knew and Sherpa network. Feel free to let me know how to, when I filmed this to show everyone’s usernames because there’s always a lot of shenanigans, but right now Shane’s is like all arrows pointing both ways and then six feet. Yeah, distance.

That’s great. Have you got even my photo needs space.

Okay, so, well I appreciate the social distancing thing. I was standing in line at the gas station the other day and it was like, I’m standing six feet behind somebody, the next guy chasing cube behind me and I was like, that’s right man. I don’t need you breathing down my neck. I keep this. It should be a permanent thing.

My wife is, has, my wife has jokingly said, this is the life I’ve been leading forever. It’s really nice for all of you to join me.

Yeah, so I feel have kind of grossed me out. I’ve really thought, I think everybody thinks about their door handles and this and that, but gas pumps, everybody’s touching. I got, I got a bottle of fricking bleach spray in the door of my car. I get out bleach and get together probably no sizer and gloves and then I bring the gloves home and I wash them and so at the same time that my kids think I’m a hippie, I’m also down with the chemicals and the,

yeah. Oh my gosh. We are closing this show today. Bye. Sing a song. We’re all going to come up with a new song ready. It’s going to be called, are you down with [inaudible], uh, uh, PPE, personal protective equipment. PPE. Yeah. You know, me,

my kids are reworking the lyrics to my Sharona to my Corona.

Yeah. And everybody’s changed. Come on Eileen to Cova at 19.

Yeah, that’s a good one.

Before we go to bed, I sing the theme from Annie. The sun will come out tomorrow. You should do this every day. Tests. Let’s have a little video chat every day. Check in. I’ll sing to you.

Maybe. You know what? Alright. I think we’ve got a new pivot for, for, for Demain sheriff. What? We’re going to have the domain Sherpa porn teen series, and it’s just going to be a live zoom feed. It’s just running all day. Whoever wants to just pop in. They were gonna, you know, there’d be, it’s going to be restricted. We don’t need any like name throws, trolls shown up, but send out invites to all the pasture posts and anybody wants to add anything during the day. Just pops in and, uh, you know, we’ve got to like heat dough and all the time. That would be amazing.

Mike. Seiger. Um, did something fabulous yesterday. He just emailed out to whoever wanted and he was like, yeah, we’re all quarantined. We’re all bored. Let’s get together.

Um, it was really nice. Um, there were, I don’t know, like 30 people on it was, it was cool. I did.

Oh, um, no, no big deal. Maybe I’ll get my invitation soon. Mike, if you’re listening. Yeah. Amanda, it’s [inaudible] dot com.

Okay. Um, Shane, you hold long enough, Amanda. Yeah, I get the guess. Um, so I think the only, this is

Yeah, I think the only downside is some people aren’t smart enough to spell enclave correctly.


In general,

most people know how to spell it.

I think she’s right on the money. I would say he talked about being able to buy three, so that’s why I divide the 75 into three, so I’ll, I’ll, yeah, I’ll say 25 grand as well.

All right. Spot on. 25, 25 is the number. Nice. And here’s the deal. This is case in point to what I was saying before. You know, I went off on a tangent about stocks. You know, like this name was, I, uh, uh, this was, uh, Matthew, um, w w w one of the, you know, independent brokers has got a newsletter. And I saw it out there, you know, maybe month and a half month, month and a half ago, two months ago. You know, I don’t know if you had a price on it or not. I don’t quite remember. But, you know, I offered I think, uh, 20 grand. Right. And he would, whether there was a price in the newsletter or he was making an offer, I had asked about a price and I think they came back 80,000 was the minimum starting offer, and then it would be more than that. Right. Eh, you know, no interest.

A couple weeks went by and he came back, we said we’d do it a 50. They’ll go away. And they came back to Fordham and then didn’t hear from them for about three weeks. And the guy emailed me a couple of days ago and he just said, you know, seller is now highly motivated. Well, yeah. What’s your best offer? Is it 25 grand? You know, sold. Mmm, yeah. This is the environment we’re in. And so, uh, but it’s important to keep something in mind. If you want one specific name, if there’s one name that you want, the chances you’re going to get it, you know, for some tremendous discount, uh, is very low. But if you’ve got cash and you’re just looking to buy up anything that is way undervalued, it comes to market. Okay. You’re gonna, you’re gonna have a hell of a shopping spree. I mean, there’s going to be amazing deals, uh, in every market.

So that, that was my thought process is, is selling one, four 75, which I think is, you know, maybe half what I would’ve gotten eventually. Mmm. Uh, I mean, I think I’d got enclave for let’s say at an absolute minimum 10 X what it’s worth on Tenex under what it’s worth. And I personally, I actually think that’s probably a 15 to 20 X man enclave is, is, is for me. [inaudible] first of all, I’m sold almost every single one of the co-living companies on the planet. I’ve sold them there to mate, um, literally every single one. And just coincidentally, randomly, we happen to own all of them. Right? You’re talking, uh, common. Mmm. Uh, a,, Uh, uh, there’s another one. Mmm. There’s another one. Oh, the other one we owned, but they haven’t bought it yet. There’s, there’s the low ball and even though they’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars now it stands up, stands, which means Mmm. Like room and uh, Italian and M stands Yup. So in my mind, enclave is like another killer. Co-living or, or, you know, community living or, uh, could be coworking, could be anything. It’s a collaborative or, or

that’s what all enclave is. It’s a protected space.

Uh, [inaudible] uh, I also was laughing in the back of my head. That shit really hits the fan. That’s going to be the name of my luxury, a quarantine community that I’m going to build.

Sign me up enclave.

There’ll be like gold skulls.

Okay. A time for the next part. I think this was a very long first section. Uh, but good. Oh, let’s take a moment for our sponsors who support us in our mission to educate people in the domain industry.

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Okay, so we’re going to jump into what is normally the third part. Um, we’re looking at the marketplace list sponsored by name, Uh, we’re reviewing these domains heading to auctions soon. Do, do, do, um, drew, you are up first. Actually, let me read this little blurb. So, um, out of these names we have a little background named jet wanted, um, some awareness. So is one, it was seized by the U S marshals and the were fined and jailed because of what they use to the name for. Uh, the marshal service is now letting it expire, uh, opportunity or liability. Then the other two just quick comments. for those of you who don’t know, mohair is a fabric or yarn made from the hair of the aren’t. They’re like cool. No hair jackets wasn’t like seventies or something. And then I don’t know how to say this. S a B [inaudible] Uh, Subar is a traditional African drum. So yeah, we are competing with Mike. My answer that name. What’s that?

Mike Mann will be on that one like flies on shit.

The only thing that Mike man loves more than himself is drums.

That’s right. My love. I love mine. I literally like, I’m one of the few people I think I actually loved Mike. I just,

I have a very strong proclivity for, you know, eccentric and odd people

and uh, and my kids.

Yeah. Yeah. I have to say about me, Shane, stop reviewing domains. I’d just like you to review everyone in the domain industry road. You want to make that a show? Let’s do it. We’re going to review. We’re going to review all the people in the domain industry. That sounds like a probably most watched video in the history of the domain industry.

Hey, do you remember when I, you probably don’t, but like nine years ago I wrote a post on my blog that said, I can’t name the people, I’m just going to describe them. I wrote 50 things and everybody was like, number 16 is me and other ones like I know number seven is Elliot. And I know it. I just totally made them up. I mean, I had some ideas in some cases, but you should have seen the comments and the people saying, that’s gotta be so and so.

[inaudible] gotta get back. Yeah, I’ll bring that back. We’re going to do this. And who should, so the two of you, it sounds like are, are up for this.

Well, just write the description. You can decide who we’re talking about.

Who else should jump in? Amanda? I don’t feel like you’re going to shit talk anybody. Yeah. Man is not the right person for that. And I are probably born for that role. Not publicly. There you go. Not in waiver.

Yeah, I think we’re the only ones that, uh, don’t really care too much about. Uh, [inaudible] as I tell everybody, I got a wife and kid that loved me. That’s good enough.

But all I got room for that exactly. After that deacon, I got friends, school or home.

So yeah, I mean that I was going to save that one for the last, so we have a huge problem in that. This, she goes to Syracuse and they decided yesterday that school’s done. It’s now, it’s no longer, you can’t stay at school. Um, and it, they change every, do you think the pass fail, which is good because the grades were becoming difficult online to take classes and take tests. But long story short, they also sent out an email that said the entire school, if you live on campus or in any university owned properties that you have to have your stuff for move by Sunday. So, which everybody’s a spring break. They’re gone. Ooh.

Oh, certificate and clothes,

everything that you have to take everything out. They said you, if you can’t, if you’ve left this campus, you can’t come back to get them. You have to send somebody else to get them or the university will pack them for you and make arrangements. Okay. Yeah. So you think there’s going to be some random Syracuse person packing a dorm room of a 19 year old girl? I don’t think so. Second of all, they’re making, you know, 50,000 students and they don’t all live on campus, let’s say 15,000 of them and you know, their parents are coming. That’s 30,000 people coming in one weekend to get all their stuff together.

Absolutely. The most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Yeah. But imagine they don’t, you know, like on the backside of this thing, get over a period of two or three weeks to come get your stuff so you don’t have everybody. Yay. For sure. Google curves. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah. That’s weird. Yeah. And we’re not having our daughter come home. Um, her boyfriend is from new Rochelle, I think in New York, which is the hot spot and they’ve even, that’s perfect sentences. So she’s just going to stay there for a while and it’s safest for both of us. Realistically. She’s not going to get that sick thing, you know? Um, yeah. But she certainly could get us sick. So yeah, she’s just gonna stay. And, um, we, all we did is we rented a place, so we rented a U hall place. She’s going to store stuff in there and move in with a friend that has a house and just stay and continue life and do that. But it’s, you know, again, we’ll talk about it. Does he end, but they just don’t know what to do. So everybody’s trying to make a decision and some work and some don’t.

So let’s talk about names yet though. So paying for us to play. So let’s play. Okay. True named Jack. So, um, yeah, very valuable name. I mean, you know, what are you going to do with the last guy that gave it a go? It didn’t work out that well for him. Um, but you know, there is obviously a number where that name just makes a lot of sense. Uh, regardless of how you feel about the industry itself. Mmm. So bar. I mean, uh, I used to be a drum player myself. Like I said, I think you’re going to be competing against Mike Mann for that one. I, I imagine he’ll just pay more than you will. Uh, whoever are sponsoring this, Mike man should be sponsoring this for the money he’s going to say, because you’re telling me, I think there’s plenty of people that are gonna just bid against them just because, um, Moliere I dunno, some reason I love that name.

I don’t even know why. It’s probably very limited commercial application. I mean, uh, you know, mohair sweaters and you know, but it’s like cashmere has been on the market forever. Cotton’s been on the market forever. Um, you know, and like, you know, Waldorf, all those names they’ve been on the market for absolutely never saw. I’ve seen the prices just keep coming down down. And so mohair chances are not going to sell for probably ever, but for whatever reason I do like that name. Mmm. Robust cost is close. Uh, but it’s [inaudible] people rope. I was really plural. Answering your, it’s plural. Just without the S yeah. Last girl passes, you know, kind of like ropes. I had, um, no, it is a word, but it’s just not going to be super common. Um, you know, gallstone lot of people got gallstones. Uh, there’s a, there was a market for that.

I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t want to have a lot into it, but there’s a market for it. Uh, define a lot. What else do I like in here? Yeah. I don’t want to be into it for more than that grant. Okay. Mmm. I really like, or may store, not a lot of search, not taking in so many things, but for me, I just, we don’t coordinate out org. I just like gourmet. I mean to me, anything that’s luxury, like that’s just a market that does well, like better margins in the luxury market. Gourmet screams, luxury gourmet store. Yeah. I like it. I like it. So. Mmm. I like that name. Uh, you know, that’s probably my underdog name. That’s probably, that’s probably my, my, my favorite underdog pick. Probably. We get that for a good deal. Mmm. All right. I’ll leave the rest of these guys. Okay. Shane, is that you? I can, yeah, I can do it. I know it’s Amanda. I got to go in order. Sorry. That’s fine. Okay. Um, I think we’ve all said enough about escorts. Um, I’ll be interested to see who buys it, see if it sells, see if they can do anything with it. They didn’t go to national a one I would. Yup. Yup. I would agree.

Um, but, but

can they, do you do anything with it in their jurisdiction I guess is my, um,

is my question. Um,

I’m, I’m with you on

or may store. Um, I think that these two word dot-coms um, we’re, we’re seeing a great deal of success with those. Um, whether they’re domain upgrades, um, from companies that are on, um, not and maybe have one or two of the other, um, keywords in their brand. Um, and I also actually like, uh, the lounge Um, and I actually liked football as well. Um, I agree. Mohair uh, anybody who’s ever been a client of mine, um, when they’re looking, I always counsel the best one that you can get. Um, I like that, but me check

is that your [inaudible] I’ve never heard anybody get more texts than you have, so it’s a group. Um, just leave it as this. I don’t have any friends.

Uh, I’ve tried to turn it off several times during this, uh, this call. It’s not working out for

me anyway. I think that this is

a decent list. Um, I think there’s definitely some deals to be had. Um, I wouldn’t spend more than two grand myself on [inaudible] gourmet store or football or even the lingerie. Um, although I do think that those are all really good brands or startups. I don’t love simple gifts. I can’t quite figure out why. Um, yeah, those are my picks. Um,

yeah. Yeah. And sometimes even knowing you don’t like something and it just doesn’t feel right, especially with your level of experience. That means a lot. Um, and uh,

yeah. Good,

good. Prio uh, Shane, what do you think?

Yeah, I mean, my favorite is definitely mohair hair. I mean, I have, I grew up with a mole hair couch in college. It was fantastic. It’s like a green mohair and I didn’t know what mohair was before, but the second my parents walked in and goes, man, you have a mow hair couch. So evidently that was from their generation of the 70s. [inaudible] it’s still fun to say. And the new generation may not know what it is, but they’ll understand. And then the other older generational is Mo betta.

I feel like it’s like sexy and jazzy and

comfortable couch I ever had before and after it was. And it changes colors like to a light green when you rub it one way and dark green if you rub blue. Exactly. It’s that as the key. That’s the goal that you can have the slogan mohair Mo betta. Yeah. And that thing would Rob you of everything in your pockets when you sat in it. So it was like an ATM for me. So that’s his, it was just the perfect couch. Uh, speaking of which one time somebody pot fell out, like pot store. And it was, it left like cannabis, but they’re talking about pasta. I just think pot’s done. I don’t think any business wants to have the word pot in their business anymore. Yeah, the word pie. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a brand. Yeah. No.

Like your, what is your holding in his hand as he says that?

Yeah. No, no, not, not that. It’s just, I don’t think, I think they want a brand with a better phrase. And I don’t think that’s the word. So I think the value of pot in general is just plummeted when it comes to branding. Again, my opinion drew would no much more, but the only disagreement I have with that one, I don’t even disagree cause you’re 100% right. But, um, I’ve recently very recently refined my thinking around the word pot only because, so weed, I’m still, I just commercially, the weird read isn’t being, but


it’s such, it’s a boomer word. Like, like, yeah, my dad still says, you know, you know, like I know one of the story and get some more, you know, like I, you know, when, when he, I would say there was this one episode that was traumatizing to, I was probably 16

years old. I was up in the attic with a bunch of my friends smoking dope. My dad came to the bottom of the stairs. He screamed, that’d be goes, who’s docked up down here right now. And I, I still had to grained in my head. I remember just freezing like a deer in headlights and like, Oh, I’m screwed. Um, and pretty much the title, the making of drew Rosenhaus I really, really would like to meet your dad. Yeah. I don’t do think in the word flower is coming out more often in use. Yeah. Yeah. Also, I even sold L w I mean, this was already about, yeah, I remember I got it for year and a half ago or two years ago. Excellent. Yeah. F how much you think I sold that for her? I didn’t know. I know what you paid for it, but I don’t know what you sell or what I paid like three grand for it.

Yeah, I like that. I mean, Shane, what do you mean you got it for him? Define [inaudible] portfolio for that I was working with during the peak that, I mean he had, I dunno, five to 10,000 of them and he happened to have FL wr and had a pretty good relationship so I bought it for drew or got it. I use my relationship to get through the name. Nice. Okay. Drew, what’d you sell it for and when? Well, what do you think? I, it was about two years ago. We sold it. Okay. Yeah, and that was probably 2000 I don’t time flies. 2013 to 15 I don’t remember when the, yeah, it was probably 2014 or 15 that I bought it. I would say 25 grand. What’s that Amanda? When was it sold? Last year? 2002 no, about two years ago. I think it was 2018 I sold it.

It could have been 2019 I have no perception of time anymore. Yeah, same here. I have to actually don’t, when people ask me, I have to go back and look at contracts. I’m going hi there Shane. I think I’m I think 40 I sold that knee for 75 grand or 80 grand. Nice job. Uh, and I sold it to the same folks I sold ’em you sold them, which I regret. I actually said, which I don’t regret much but I regret selling you. So I sold them cannabinoid [inaudible] dot com and uh, and FLW yeah. You say something drew from our private inventory of what I see when you bought it and how much? Yeah, sure. Um, so you bought it in 2015 for eight grand. Okay. Yeah, I thought seven but it doesn’t matter what he sold it for was still good. Is that you disagree. Okay. How come down anytime? I’m got a 10 X for me come over com

and that’s my Shane.

Yeah. So rank my doctor is a buildup. I mean I think it’s fine. I think at work, I think everybody remember it, but that’s, it’s all in the build out, not in the name. I mean there’s a million rank my things and it can be a great site, but it really is on what gets built behind it. Uh, as far as that, um, then the other names are fine, you know, and rope was the same thing. The first thing I look at is they don’t really use the plural as the plural, not, they don’t use SS like us. They Ropa would be, it could be a seven figure name. I mean that’s clothing that doesn’t get much bigger than that. But, um, you know, again, the football player to me, I get it. It’s generic so you could use, use it. So NFL and all the different terms, you got to go generic. But it is super generic, almost too generic for me. And lingerie is way down there. You know, Victoria’s secret can tell you right now, they wish they weren’t in the laundry business. Uh, it’s, I’m sure it’ll come back and I look at it and I still think lingering anyway, that shows how redneck, so I, I do think it’s okay, but I do think it’s, it’s definitely at a bottom. So I guess that’s when you’re supposed to buy things when they’re hello.

Well, only if you think that they’re not going to stay there.

Yeah. I mean, I know today’s, I think today, I don’t know, I’m old, so I don’t really see what young women are wearing anymore. I don’t go to, so I’m not real sure. Um, I have a 20 year old daughter, so I’m not even allowed to think about what it could be. Uh, so, uh, but gallstones, another one, I think gallstones, just a great brand. It doesn’t, does it have to be medical? It could be anything.

Who was the gold star? What are you going to sell yourself? Like we used to be a financial platform. Absolutely. Yeah. Nobody even knows what the Goldstone, I mean, what doesn’t do anything I don’t think except Goldstone’s a bad thing. Right? You get a golf. Yeah. And it’s becoming more mainstream now that you’re more aware of gallstones and that you’ve gotta avoid that too much information. But I have a family member who had, um,

had it removed recently and it’s like your appendix, you don’t need it.

I mean it’s not a whole lot. You guys are confusing gallbladder. We’ve gallstone your gallbladder. Well heck, don’t need the stones that go with it. But yeah, it’s so, it’s something useless. It’s a bad, painful thing in a useless body part. You got it. Um, there might be a purpose for the gallbladder that Oh, while you guys get removed it actually, it might have a very sweet, yeah. Okay. [inaudible] is a big medical problem, so I think it’s three against one. I’m weighing in on this. Shane. Shane’s ever been on this show. I was calling it most wrong. Shane’s ever been on the show.

I didn’t say I can like it and I think it’s, I would pay more than 500. When you said it’s a great brand, uh, it’s not a great brand. As I thought about it, I go, what the hell would I brand it for? I meant to say it’s memorable. Brand help your delivery. Yeah, I mean I’m all for memorable, like I think things that are um, that are maybe controversial or maybe don’t fit the thing are good. But I was, as you guys were talking, I’m going, what? What would I call? I mean, would I call it a book? I mean, I can’t think of anything that would be, yeah. I think back everything I said after listening, I can apologize. I get things wrong. I talk it out. Yeah, absolutely. That’s the important thing. Just keep talking now and thanks. That was stone after gallstone kidney stone.

Yeah. It sounds more painful than gall. I don’t know though. I don’t know. But I instantly, they’re both stones. They’re both from like weird random bond parts. I would name my band gallstone. I know that like a heavy metal band that works. That’s the only thing I can say is found it out. You found it out. Yeah. Well done. All right. Um, what are we doing here? We’re done with name Jack. Yep. That was an awesome list. Great conversation. Uh, number three. Let’s talk about coronavirus and how it’s affecting you and anything that you think might be useful for our Sherpa network to hear. And I don’t remember who goes first. I should do more together. Shame, shame. Got it. Okay. All right. Um, I’m not going to give advice cause that’s not me to give, but I will tell you as from a business standpoint, owning a business, a retail business in the United States where customers come in and out, uh, is brutal. And I, I honestly feel that I’m the probably the best business in the United States other than like Amazon. Um, when it comes to safety, we work outside, we work [inaudible] pairs ones or twos. Like when I go to your house and lay down mulch, I don’t touch you. See, you feel you. It’s the same two guys. The only danger are the two people in the truck on your billboard, on your bumper touching?

No, I’m nowhere near our customers when it comes to those types of services. So from that standpoint is uninterrupted. Um, from as far as the legality, it’s really tough on like today. So I’ve had to give a 15 minute speech. So our, our employees every single day. You lucky to have been ahead of it. And the communication, I feel there’s been, I’ve had more meetings this week than I have for 10 years just cause I have to let them know what’s going on. But um, a couple of things that, you know, we were ahead of the days off. Like the biggest problem for me is I don’t want anybody coming to work sick. I don’t, most of this country lives paycheck to paycheck and they can’t afford to miss a day. If I print my checks and hour late at work on Friday, I have four or five people that get nervous.

I mean that’s how it is. It’s not that I’m paying less. If I paid him four times as much, they would still probably live paycheck to paycheck. It’s just unfortunately where a lot of people are. So I had to assure them way before, you know, we did this two weeks ago. You get two weeks, it’s pay. Even the day guy that started in woman that started yesterday, I still got you for two weeks. So I got ahead of that part. But then came the next one last night of someone saying that somebody else in the nursery, their husband may have been in contact with Corona and I don’t feel comfortable working with them. So this is the, the old witch hunt where maybe that person might be infected. I’m nervous working with them at work. How do you handle that situation? And it turns out there are some legal things somebody could come to you and tell you that and trust you with that anxiety because walking around worrying about that can cause some issues.

But I think that’s in every company that that’s their biggest thing is working with somebody that’s sick. So that’s why you’re saying let’s just close it down and nobody comes to work. It’s not that simple. In many businesses there are [inaudible] they’re, you know, my business has been around since 1865 and if I didn’t go this year, let’s say we closed the whole year, I would probably have to, to sell assets [inaudible] to come again. And this is a, I’m a strong financial place. Anybody else would be toast. And so, uh, but let’s, let’s get past that. Let’s, let’s say that, um, that you have, you know, a restaurant that’s, you know, I don’t know how you come back from that. I’m outside. I have perishable goods, I have plants, and if I don’t water them there, they’re not going to come back. I have plants, let’s say everything’s clear in six weeks.

If I don’t plant them now, I don’t have a product to sell in six weeks. So I have this unusual thing where at least have to keep bare bones staff in there to keep things watered. But we’re trying to do separation as far as people. Uh, no. You know, my, in my rules at my work now, no more than two people can work together and it has to be the same people. Two people the entire time. No two people can’t come in the office. If you come into the kitchen, it’s two people at a time, wipe down next person. No people at lunch other than two at a time, six feet apart at the table. Everything’s washed down. All the microwaves, nobody punches a time clock, no more touching the time clock. Um, you are not allowed to say the name of somebody that you, uh, I think is infected. You cannot liable somebody else. All people need to be used unnamed. You just have to express your fears. And then I have to deal with everybody individually. If they name them and I send them home on quarantine and they, and they don’t need to be, they consume me and the person that named them or losing their time because it was unproven and unwarranted.

A few questions. You said you’ve had more meetings than ever, but I suspect you weren’t all like in a group huddle. So can you say how you’ve done that?

Yeah, so every, we do the same thing. We, we’d come together in the morning and we’d come in the room and it’s exactly like you think six feet. So we cleaned the room before it is like a movie. It is Lysol. Lavender. I had to, I switched the lavender because the Lysol spray was so sick you could barely breathe coming in the room. So I saw lavender, that shit hand a handwash gleaning of everything. You can come in six feet apart. And I have [inaudible] that’s too, and it’s not to be racist, but that we have a lot of Hispanics. They are social, they are not grasping the seriousness of it. Um, in general it’s uh, I can tell by looking on how they’re interacting, how they’re sitting out there talking. So I, I, they do speak English, but I also had somebody come in and Spanish and say, this is serious after work.

This has to apply at work. This has to apply. And then I will simply ha if we see that you’re not adhering to this, whether it’s personal, no. Or here, then you have to go home for the safety of everybody else. We can only get through it. And, and I’m not saying this, this is what I said, but I truly mean it. The only way a company gets through it is if every single person, you’re weak as the weakest person in that nursery and how they react. And so we have [inaudible] and we’re about 25 and so, but they’re all individual greenhouses. They all in separate there. They’re isolated in their job into one location and they would be for a month. So, you know, I think that’s a safe as I can get it. And if it’s not safe in that, then it’s only people watering the plants.

How did you leave the time? So you had a real um, punch clock.

Yeah, we have an iPad where you punch in and punch out.

So what are you doing?

So we wiped it down, but I told everybody I don’t want, I’m coming the nursery for lunches. [inaudible] so what I said is you don’t have to punch in and out from lunches. I want you to come in the morning and punch in and we wiped down. Um, but lunch is no more, you know, just little. All these little things add up. You know, you reduce as much as you can. And same with customers. Only one customer allowed in the nursery at a time. We’re not that busy. One customer at a time, wipe down all the cards and tables after every single customer. And we only have about 10 a day. But it’s, you know, that’s what we do to stay open until we can’t stay open.

And you know, those are the kinds of things we’ve done. Now, my wife, she runs a thousand people warehouse. She’s got all kinds of, and she had the same thing as me. You know, she had somebody that said, Joanie, I’m making up names. Joanie’s husband worked with a guy who Mmm was infected. You don’t know if it’s true or not, but the rumor starts spreading around the warehouse and it is a play. It’s as bad as, you know, it’s, it’s a plague and it puts fear and uncertainty in it. And my wife has to deal with that. And she paid this, had to say to everybody, if somebody tests positive, their partner is, you know, stays home, but you can’t go two, three, four or five degrees of separation on quarantine or would just all go home. Those are kinds of things. But it’s really tough.

It’s so every night it’s different. You know, I had to post wash hands, like I didn’t think you would have to post a sign that says [inaudible] wash your hands every time you’re in the bathroom here. But legally they want me to do that too. So, um, I thought that was always a thing. That’s if you’re in a cooking environment, yeah. If you, if you do food that you have to, by law, if you’re in just a regular public restroom, [inaudible] don’t normally have to post that kind of stuff. But yeah, there’s just, it’s, you know, last night at nine o’clock, I’m talking to a, uh, uh, we’re on a group chat with lawyers on how to handle, there are no rules. There’s nothing set out on what you want to do. There’s some common sense, but this goes way above common sense. This is Mmm. You know, this is a real life and it’s really affecting people.

It’s so easy to say corn team, go home, stay home. [inaudible] it’s not that simple. It, this, this will change lives way beyond a sickness. Um, I know people will die, but, uh, not only we have people die, but you will have people’s lives changed forever if they can’t go back to work. So there’s just this balancing act of how to handle this. And that’s what I do every day. I mean, it’s, um, I’ve never had anxiety. I’m kind of [inaudible]. It’s just not anything that bothered me because I live a really pretty simple life that I got a lot to think about. And you know what? You know what would happen if this is not just about me. I don’t work in tech and I can go home and work from home and laugh about what I’m going to watch on Netflix next. It’s not, that’s not how I, it’s not that easy. You know it’s, you can chastise me for not just staying home, but I wish it were that simple. But my plants and people I have to do special things and be safe and it’s really, really tough. One more question. As a small business owner, Mmm. What are you doing?

Like are you doing any marketing proactively to tell people that if they come in you have all been really clean and aware and you clean before and after. Perfect. That’s a perfect question because before I came over here, I sent out a newsletter like I hate these new lo newsletters that say I sold you shoes in 2018 and I want to show you [inaudible] coven. Yeah, those are [inaudible] completely worthless. What I do want is a newsletter that I sent out today saying we are open. I would prefer that you would call in order tree or mulch or whatever you need brought to your house on the phone or email. If you would like to come out, you can come out to the nursery and we will keep the conversation outside. Do not come in the office. We’ll come out to you and we’ll, we’ll talk to you outside and walk around and keep our distance. Um, if you want to buy from the car, I’ll load your bags and molts or your plants in the back of your trunk and you don’t have to get out and we’ll just swipe and kind of wipe up the best we can. I want to keep it to a minimum. Um, multi is easy. People are just ordering mulch. I’m swiping it at the car. I don’t have to do anything. The most dirty thing I have to do is touch their credit card.

And then did they have to sign?

They just signed just like a little, you know, you’d take a iPhone, you, they sign with their [inaudible].

They’re doing that with their real finger.

Yeah, the real finger. You wipe it down with a white and that’s it. You know, I don’t even like to get close to him in the car and talk to them, but it’s really a truck. I just load like, you know, yesterday I wrote it, I loaded 90 yards of mulch. Um, we’d been out landscaping, we haven’t talked to the customer, but we’ve been landscaping for four weeks. Our actual sales are up 40% in the month of March.

Wow. Everybody’s got to look at their yards now. I guess you got nothing left. Gardening is not canceled. I just think that’s a great, um, approach that you’re taking and um, it’s, I think people would really appreciate that and okay. It might bring in some business that otherwise people didn’t think of. So good for you.

Well, I mean, I know we’re not a necessity. I don’t pretend that we are, but I do think we can be a safe option. [inaudible] other than just in general. You don’t want to talk to people that if you are going to, and I’ll tell a real quick story. So my dad has had a heart attack and he just had to have some things done here locally that he had to fly in, which it couldn’t have been a worse time. But he did fly in and I, we took him to the, the doctor, you know, and the doctor wouldn’t, if it wasn’t something he didn’t need, they wouldn’t have had him come. Um, so he did anyway and I drove him to the airport last night. That was him and his wife and two people on the plane. So four people on the plane. It’s a S small airport in Springfield by Adam, two people working, one in gate, one insecurity and one at subway, which closes not restaurant.

Our restaurants are all closed except for drive through and take out starting tomorrow. So that was their last day open. Those were the three people in the whole entire airport. Then I went to Chipola thinking it’s going to be empty. I can sneak in there and not see anybody. I walk in the front door and there’s 50 people in that restaurant all from 18 to 25 laughing away, eating away order in a way. Nah, I’m to, it was safer at the airport than it was at Chipotle last night. That’s why they’re closing the restaurants. That’s why they should close the restaurants because people are being stupid asses and things like that. It’s just stupid.

That’s why [inaudible] you know, they’re saying, well, I think this is too much. No, Ellen really closed all restaurants and bars and everything. For one reason, st Patrick’s at Wrigley field, there were 50,000 people partying. Close the fucker down. If you guys can’t do it, we’ll do it for you. Yeah. I just don’t get it. It’s like, how can you be so stupid, right? Yeah. China built too 50 to a hundred bed hospitals in 10 days. Italy unplugged its entire economy. Spain unplugged its entire economy. Portugal is about the unplug. It’s a kit. Well, basically we already have, uh, eh, you know, you’ve got, I think you’ve got something like 14 co co countries around the world that have literally just Antoine. They literally said, right, unplug, shut down the entire national economy. God overnight it unprecedented. This has never happened in human history. And then you still had absolute morons.

And if you aren’t one of those people watching this show, I implore you, right, please get your shit together. It’s usually not. It’s the eight. You know, the people that aren’t getting sick, even though they have proven to be 30% of the carriers, I mean, the people who are highest risk, who aren’t paying attention, it’s, it’s, you know, I look at my wife’s father, I look at, uh, my parents took, my mom was on board quickly. My dad, you know, he’s still only 50% there and he’s got, he’s, you know, he gets it, he’s dead. I, I gotta say that lightly. I mean, he has 3% of his lung capacity from our, you know, blood clots collapsed as long about 15 years ago. He’s got 40% lung capacity. You know, he loses his breath when he bends over to tuck his shoes, right? He gets his deck and yet he’s like, you know, but now he’s, he’s, he’s there, but it’s like, folks, this stuff doesn’t happen unless it is something absolutely catastrophic.

They don’t unplug global economies. They don’t build hospitals in 10 days. They don’t take the measures that are being taken. They, the fed does it come out and start literally bazooka like you know 1 trillion there for truly in there. There you’re just lasting hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions of dollars all over the world when it’s all said and done. Central banks and the fed are going to spend 10 to $15 trillion in stimulus, varying forms of stimulus from helicopter money, the interest rate cuts [inaudible] buying commercial paper too, buying their own fricking paper. You name it, you made it, but the problem is if you don’t have a bank check that doesn’t come

because of the flow. But I also, the crisis communication and the way that it was not delivered is a huge problem in the United States. When you have someone telling you, okay, this is just like the flu or the common cold and Hey, use common sense, wash your hands and you have that rhetoric repeated to you every single night on the evening news for two weeks. That’s what people hang on to because they do. But I think honestly, I mean for those of you that aren’t watching the nightly news in the United States, that is what we were fed for a number of weeks leading up to this. And again, I’m grateful that I have people that live in other countries who were experiencing this well before we were and said to me, Hey, I know you think I’m chicken little and the sky is falling, but here’s what’s really happening here. And it’s only a matter of time before it gets to you.

Um, my parents were very similar to yours through up until this weekend. My parents were at a dinner party and you know, they were like, we’re fine. No, you’re not fine. You have no idea where those other 25 couples that you’re with right now have been in two weeks. So that’s really, yeah. It’s not about you. Unfortunate that we were not communicated with properly and that the doctors were not doing the ones, we’re not the, what I learned about the United States is they don’t listen anyway. Yeah. Unless we shut it down. That’s why I had to shut it down. We didn’t have to shut it down if people would’ve listened honestly. But all States haven’t done this. I think that’s the other problem is that we don’t have, um, I dunno, I dunno if somebody’s going to show you will be eventually, I mean, I can’t imagine that they’ll allow people to just congregate in a restaurant.

No, but like your Illinois did it over the weekend. Massachusetts did it over the weekend. I think there are still some States even border where I am right now that are not as locked down as others. And I think that that’s because each state has its own form of government and we don’t have anybody, unfortunately, I think nationally running the show and saying, everyone must adhere to these same policies. I think we have a boomer running it and he’s acting like the rest of the boomers. I think this is the biggest, the problem that I see. I keep hearing people say it’s only the old people who are going to [inaudible] die. And I’m strong and I can get through this. And I read a statistic and drew, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Mmm. I read that the problem is 50% of the all people

any age who get this require two to three weeks of hospitalization. And so I think people get like, okay, grocery stores are going to close, but what do I care? I’ll just be home and I’ll be fine cause I have a mountain of toilet paper. Mmm.


if I get sick, just because I think the more problematic statistic, I don’t think I’m going to be in the 3% who die. Mmm. A quick knock on what? Um


But if I need to be hospitalized for two, I didn’t.


Like if 50% of people need hospitalization to get through this, that is a very different problem. And I think that’s like where the disconnect is. What do you mean statistic drove?

Mmm. Is that what you’ve heard? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. So about roughly 20% of people present with some complications about somewhere. It’s been very different in different countries, but some, somewhere between seven and 15%, uh, people will end up in the hospital. Um, pretty consistently eight to 10% [inaudible] end up in an ICU. And um, uh, okay. Of the people in the ICU, I think it’s around 30% that ended up dying, um, which is roughly 3% of total population. There was a study that came out today though questioning some of the guide out of China that had set that 3% [inaudible] rate and they’re showing it closer to like 1.3%, which you know, again, it’s like that’s still a hundred times higher then the flu. So yeah. Yeah. Right. 10 times. Please 0.1, 0.1. Yeah, you’re right. So sorry, 10, 10 times higher than the flu.

So that’s still a very big number. Here’s the problem I have with all these numbers. Um, and why I think people are focused on them too much. They’re good for understanding trajectories and patterns and know the good from the doctors [inaudible] yeah, and the scientist who can use, but not necessarily so much for people. [inaudible] what is important is what you were just saying is that, uh, if 70% of the population is going to be infected at 700, six, 700 million people in the United States, uh, [inaudible] center, those people need to go to the hospital. Mmm. If 10% of those people ended up in ICU, Mmm. That’s 60 million people. And, uh, even if that’s spread over three or four months, six months, [inaudible] that’s just way more than the capacity of any country in the world. And so, Mmm. All these numbers going to change because when we get to that point, if we get to that point, wow.

I hope we don’t, but I, I think that everybody took action to a Mmm. You know, people were criticizing China’s thing. They were too, too slow. But China acted way before, uh, you know, relatively speaking, trying to act much faster than the rest is happening. So, you know, China was able to contain that at 80,000, 100,000, whatever. I don’t know what are number is today. I think it peaked around 80. Mmm. You know, when they were still adding that exponential growth? I, you know, I’m sure there are probably at 100,000 cases total now. Mmm. But of active cases, it’s probably 10, 10,000, 20,000 max, you know, throughout the whole country. And that’s decline. Mmm. The U S is just getting started into a parabolic curve. And so, um, you know, I’m seeing that here. I mean our hospitals in Portugal as of yesterday are basically at capacity and, uh, we’re, you know, we’re a week or 10 days ahead of you guys, maybe two weeks and us is way better prepared.

Yeah. We have more general. Mmm. But the point is just that, Mmm. All of these numbers go out the window once, uh, the healthcare systems become overwhelmed. So I, you know, in my how, how this is the faculty meeting all reaching, I want to say is know, I think I’ve said my part in terms of what’s what’s happening in the domain market and the way they think about things. Mmm. Uh, you know, my sister works in an ICU, she’s on the front line of this thing. You know, I had like an hour call with her. She’s scared as hell. She’s so scared. Her first shift this week will be Friday. And uh, she’s got three patients in her ICU that are okay, clinically tested, diagnosed with probably 19. And, uh, she’s severely asthmatic, you know, and it’s like, I, I can’t help but feel like, you know, having that call with her, that was a hard call.

And, uh, you know, I, I have the feeling it’s like sending a soldier off to battle, you know, and, and I think that’s what it is. I think that our healthcare workers are the front line. I think that they are soldiers. This is a war. We are on war footing. And if you don’t feel it yet, you will in a week or two because I can tell you here, it’s war footing. We’re, we’re at war, uh, the whole world. I don’t care who, who you are. I don’t care how rich you are, how poor you are, how powerful you are. The entire world is in fact is affected by this. And, uh, I think that, uh, anybody who knows the health care worker who will be on the frontline of this, I think the absolute single most important thing that any of us can do is to support them in the same way that America, uh, most countries have had an amazing history of supporting our troops. Uh, we can take you to do that cause we’ve got troops in a lot of hazards, places around the world, aside from COBIT 19. Ah, you know, our healthcare workers are the new military force, uh, and they are on the ground in your backyard and anything you can do, whether that’s just cook dinner and bring it over to them, babysit their kids, you know, uh,


you know, what ever you can do to help, even if it’s just emotional support. Um, you know, you’ve got an extra room above the garage. Well, you know, a lot of these people, they can’t come home to their families because of the risk of infecting their families. In a lot of these people, uh, they need a place to stay. Um, I think Airbnb is doing some, maybe doing something to help, uh, nurses and doctors. I think I read something about that. Um, but I think, uh, that’s the one thing I want to say is that, you know, [inaudible] we are taking a lot of young people or inexperienced with any type of situation like this as if any of us are experienced with it and these people are going to be on the front line the same way that we’ve got 18 to 25 year old soldiers that don’t know their elbow from their asshole. And we put them on the front line of Wars mostly, which are probably unnecessary. Mmm. And uh, you know, these people need our support. So anything that anybody can do to support those people,

I think one of the biggest things you can do to [inaudible] support them is stay inside so they don’t have to work on you.

It’s like, don’t be an asshole. Yes. There’s a great team and it’s like, you know, your grandparents were asked to go to war, you’re being asked to stay home is sit on your goddamn sofa. So shut the fuck up Jay’s side and don’t leave.

Just like I know, but that’s [inaudible]

and Amazon and fucking whole foods. Put it on your credit card. The government’s probably gonna forgive all your debt anyways, just,

but here, that’s, that’s where I started drew. Sometimes it’s not, you know, like in central flyover state, it’s just not that easy. They don’t have the kind of job you can maintain your income and do that and you have money in the bank if you can. So my job is to take the next step and say, we got to keep moving forward. How can I provide the safest it’s environment? You, we’re going to have trouble, but to not lose everything. And so that’s, that’s what I’m juggling. It’d be easier to stay home in that

protocol, sharing that with other people.

No, look, this is a first for everybody, right? Figure it out. Yeah.

Right. And I think everybody shouldn’t stay home. But if somebody’s advice to me is to tell everybody to go home. Okay, well you’re gonna have to be smarter than that. Let’s say we can’t go home now. What do we do? You know, but we do the key to everything is, and it starts and ends with this, limit the risk. That’s it. Whatever you can do to limit it the most. If it’s stay home, stay home. If you have to go here, do this. If you have to do this, and the word is half. If you don’t have, if you don’t, you have to realize what have to, you don’t have to go to Chipotle and over a fucking burrito. You can stay home that I get

the universe versus wants at this point. And I think, um, Americans

in general,

I feel very much that it is their rights to do what they want to do and don’t realize that it’s become an incredibly selfish way for us to be living. And this is like the reality check.

Yeah. Correct. You don’t know how to survive.

No. We’ve had our landscapers, Mmm. Scheduled for yesterday and I texted her and you know, I said, okay, I completely understand if you don’t want to come, like, if you don’t want your crew here, but at the, in the back of my mind, I was thinking it’s outdoors.

[inaudible] they’re not coming inside. You won’t see him.

Right, exactly. She just texted me, where do you want this? Do you want me to take the pallets? Like what do you want? And I was thinking about it and my husband said to me, Amanda, do we really need that right now? And, and I thought, okay, no, we don’t really need it. But if they’re willing to come,

yeah. And I’m not saying it because I’m a landscaper, but if you can afford to do that, you’re helping them by allowing them.

I think that that’s one of the things that you brought up. Like we’re not having our cleaning people, um, [inaudible] because a, she doesn’t want to, and B, I don’t really want her here. So what, what we said, you know, is we’ll make it up to you for sure. But, um, if you don’t want to be here, we don’t really want you to be here either. Um, if she had said she was going to come, Oh, I was going to try and figure it out with her as far as like, okay, we’re leaving. I want you to,

yeah. You don’t want to break the seal as they say. There’s no, if you’ve got a good feel, you don’t wanna break the seal. Yeah,

no, I’m going to wrap this up. I think this was super useful. Um, we went from like the funniest show ever and then I watched my face while at towards the end here and I’m like ready to cry. Um, but this is, you know, there’s a difference between fear and precautions.

Um, this is not, you know, the sky is falling, but I think it’s nice to hear three, four very different, um, perspectives from different parts of the world and um, some really great ideas of what we can do, um, to impact some change. I really appreciated the last time drew was on talking about, um, how he’s used this quiet time as a business opportunity. I’m really having quiet time to be honest with you. I, I’ve had less volatiles that I’ve ever had in my life. Zip it, but really it’s a time for focus. Find the opportunity in your families. I saw a tweet where this guy was like, so I talked to my wife last night, found out she works in the whatever feels like nice, you know, there are opportunities here and despite the fear and the vulnerability that we all feel there is the comradery, the, um, uh, correction of that need versus want values. There’s a lot of inner opportunity and community opportunities. So I love our Sherpa community and I think that, um, this was a wonderful show and drew, I think we’re all too sad too to sing now. We should have gone for this. Everybody come up with a burst for the next show. Yeah. Okay. It’s on. All right. Time to say.

Seems like the perfect way to end. Thank you each for being here and sharing all your thoughts. Stay healthy. See y’all next time. Yeah. My last pit of advice. Okay. Uh, and I feel fairly qualified for my age group to make this advice. I’ve been married 15 years and I’ve been in quarantine already for three weeks, which is probably more than any of you. Uh, and if you’re in an early or a young marriage, it ain’t going to be easy and you’re going to learn a lot about each other that you don’t know. Ah, and you’re going to fight. It’s going to be ugly and there’s nowhere to go. Everything that happens in corn feed stays in quarantine. That’s some great advice to stay married by him. Yeah. Keep the fights clean in the sex dirty. Great bye guys. Cheers.


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28 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Mar 23:,,”

  1. Thanks for continuing to put in the effort to making Domain Sherpa a better resource.

  2. Sergey says:

    All the dings and dongs aside, a VERY interesting episode. An episode anyone could benefit and learn from. Love how you guys are open to discuss topics not necessarily directly related to domains. Stay healthy. And as Shane said: “limit the risk!” – that’s my favourite one.

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Thanks Sergey. I’m sincerely sorry for mismanaging the dinging but like I said, I think we all were suffering from some isolation fatigue. Appreciate your understanding, and glad you still got something out of it! Stay safe- and stay sane!

  3. Wow amazing information keep posting

  4. Brian says:

    Ditto on the ‘Ding’ … the only episode I couldn’t watch to the end due to that.
    Great commentary from Shane about running a small business in these times.
    Drew was spot on with accumulating cash and great buying opportunities in the months ahead.
    Amanda please silence your phone, turn off the background light and improve your camera quality.
    Tess, thank you for all you do!

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Thanks Brian. I messed up managing on this, just uploaded the transcript if that helps. I hit a problem-solving wall and this made me realize it. So many tiny problems to solve all day while quarantining with kids… I’ll bring my A game from now on!

    Sabar means “patience ” in Bahasa Indonesia [Indonesia language ]











    cool off

    cool down

  6. Nate says:

    Great show as usual, thanks for continuing to put in the effort to making Domain Sherpa a fun and educational resource. I just want to give one piece of constructive criticism for the show. It would be great if you could have guests turn off their phones and alerts for recording. The constant alerts, chimes, and beeps are very distracting. Thanks again!

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Thanks Nate. I’m truly sorry, I think we all were just hitting some problem-solving fatigue after so long in self quarantine with kids! I messed up and should have managed better. Won’t happen again. Stay healthy!

      1. Nate says:

        I completely understand, it’s a difficult and challenging time for a lot of us. You’re awesome Tess and you do a great job! Thank you for your time and effort to make this great and free show for all of us! :)

        1. DomainSherpa says:

          Thanks so much, Nate! Stay safe- and stay sane!

  7. ashley says:

    Annoying episode
    If the panel can’t turn their social media off then just can them.
    and DREW just shut up for a second and let someone else had your drawn out delivery.
    We get it you’re doing well regardless of everything.
    Just babble and dings and distracted panelists..
    Exhausting to watch.. turned off half way.

  8. ashley says:

    Annoying episode actually.
    That dinging said Amanda didn’t respect being there.
    Drew babbling on..pretty self indulgent.. more so than ever
    Always respect Shane..laid back
    Tess you need to take control..

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Hi Ashley, I sincerely apologize, 100% my fault. After 11 days of self-quarantine with kids, I did not bring my A game. And I know Amanda was struggling, unable to figure out how to turn it off. Tough times for all of us, some problem-solving fatigue. BUT you deserve better, and it won’t happen again! Hang in there.

  9. albert says:

    I take offense to what you are saying Drew.
    Between 2009 to 2010:

    60 million caught the swine flu in America

    300,000 hospitalized in America

    Over 12,000 dead in America

    Did you hear anything remotely close about closing down the economy in that time???


    How many people die from the flu on a yearly basis in the U.S.?

    Oh, and China hid the problem before it became apparent.

    1. Nick says:

      Another person that is too stupid to understand how numbers work. If the numbers infected become similar to swine flu and reach 60 million Americas that means over 1 million Americans die. Not 12,000 like swine flu. But you’re too stupid to understand 12,000 and over 1 million is not the same thing, so what’s the point.

      1. albert says:

        @Nick-You obviously want to prove how smart you really think you are that you missed my point.

        The numbers I gave above are very real and actually are worse on a world scale. It was with those numbers that the President (Obama) at that time declared it a National Emergency.
        Having said that (and hopefully your little mind understands it better), do you remember anyone remotely close to calling for the halt of the U.S. Economy as we have today???

        I live in the Los Angeles Area where people have mortgages or rent to pay, put food on the table for their family, and simply trying to live life to its fullest that have been no idea what will happen when they wake up every morning.

        I know many small business in downtown Los Angeles that have come to a screeching halt, involuntary sending thousands of employees home and not being able to pay them (and no, I do not mean just restaurants and bars.)

        And you are obviously so stupid, you are probable thinking:
        Oh, well, just collect un-employment.

        Take a look at the un-employment numbers that just came out in California last night. This states does not have that kind of money which is why it needs a bail out.

        Now Nick, you may be extremely rich and do not care about the peasants that have been effected by this madness, but many people such as myself do.

        1. Nick says:

          Again you’re still too stupid to understand that 12,000 dead is different than over a million dead. Too stupid to understand that hospitals can not handle millions dying in there. Too stupid to undestand that there is no where near enough medical staff or beds. Too stupid to undestand that the economy would shut down either way with over a million people dead and employers afraid to get sued for not closing down and infecting their employees. Just too stupid.

          1. Albert says:

            Yes Nick, when you have nothing to say other than throwing out personal insults and giving generalities, it shows what a pathetic imbecile you really are.

            Now crawl back underneath the rock that you climbed out from under and stay there for a long time. You obviously do not have a job that means anything to anyone.

            1. Nick says:


              1. albert says:

                I agree Nick, you are an extremely stupid human being.

                If you had kept from commenting million this and millions that, people would have had a question as to whether you are a fool or not.

                But because you decided to use million this and million that with such ignorance, you have now removed all doubt.

                Now, crawl back under the rock that you crawled out of.

                1. Nick says:

                  soooo stupid.

                  1. albert says:

                    Case in point Nick (you idiot):

                    Cuomo: Not sure if closing all businesses, keeping everyone home was ‘the best public health strategy’


                    1. Nick says:

                      soooo soooo stupid.

  10. Logan says:

    There’s only one word for this episode:


    1. DomainSherpa says:

      LOL Logan. Thanks for bringing the humor. But all the same, I apologize, I should have managed it better. Won’t happen again!

      1. Paul drake says:

        I can sell millions of dollars worth of domains ,but I don’t know how to turn my phone off or even lower the volume , sound like someone what’s to show how important she is.

        1. DomainSherpa says:

          Hi Paul, I realize the dinging was a total PITA and I’m truly sorry. I appreciate how the Sherpas dedicate their time for free to share their information, though, and know that you do too. It’s just a super tough time for all of us, and mistakes were made in managing things. Self isolating, working from home, and home schooling kids takes its toll on all of us, and on our awareness/decisions. I apologize for my part and promise to bring my A game in the future!

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