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Domain Name Marketplaces

Purchasing a domain name from a retail marketplace might be your best option. There is no one “” marketplace, so you’ll have to visit many domain name marketplaces to search and find the domain name of your choice.

Because there are literally thousands of marketplaces where you can buy a domain name, below is a list of domain name marketplaces — that have at least 10,000 domain names — that you may want to investigate (in alphabetical order):

Domain Name Marketplaces

Brandable Domain Name Marketplaces

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31 Responses to “Domain Name Marketplaces”

  1. Max says:

    How about the which is an awesome marketplace?

  2. Gabor says:

    I would also recommend Namesilo’s marketplace, it works very well..

  3. Pi Genie says:

    I guess this list needs to be updated now in 2020.

    1. AfterMarket doesn’t seem to exist.
    2. FabulousDomains redirects to Fabulous and that doesnt seem to exist as well.
    3. MostWantedDomains redirects to NameFind.
    4. HuntingMoon triggers anti-virus warning.

    There are few relatively new domain name market places that have come up like SquadHelp & Brandpa. It would be greatly helpful if this list is updated :)

  4. saqib amin says:

    Your website is the face of your business. Choosing a Premium Domain will give you instant recognition with your customers. The right domain name purchase can set the tone for your business.

  5. Faiz says:

    There is one which is free

    1. Faiz says:

      Please note that is now


  6. max Rip says:

    hi, what do you think about, is this suffix good? thanks

  7. Domain Host says:

    I’ve seen a lot of domains that were being sold with big price tags and touted by the broker as a great buy. But lots of problems were found with a little research – adult content, spam, black list, etc. It’s always important for the buyer to perform their own due diligence.

    1. Hi Domain Host,

      I’ve not seen that be the case, but would love to learn more about your data. Can you supply two or three examples of high priced domains that were sold but were tainted by past use of adult content, spam or black listing?


  8. Susheel says:

    Hi, thanks for writing this blog post. I have a domain USA County ( and Android Blog ( What do you think would be a best marketplace to sell this domain as quick as possible?

    1. Hi Susheel,

      If you can wait, perhaps someone will come to you to inquire about buying them in the next few years.

      If you want them sold quickly:

      Your car domain is a geographic keyword, and likely the only people that will want it are car dealers (new and used) in that county (if anyone, counties are harder to sell then cities). You’ll need to do the hard work of research and outreach by email and telephone. Because the domain is not worth enough to broker, it will be on you to accomplish.

      The Android domain is a brandable. You can put it in auction at GoDaddy, NameJet or Sedo, or you can offer it for sale on a marketplace like NamePros. You might get wholesale value for it, which is likely what you paid for it.

      These are the kind of trade-offs that I teach you about in I also go into detail on how to do outreach to end users, how to list domains on marketplaces, what the fees are, etc. But if you hustle and work hard, you can figure it all out yourself. Good luck.


      1. Hi michael,

        i know that you are saying good that sell on sedo, flippa, afternic and godaddy but i have so many domains but no one can buy even it is posted on godaddy, flippa, afternic, undeveloped also created a sales page but nothing happens.some domains are like

        i think my domains are good but i don’t reach to the last end user.

  9. Hoping to make your brandables list in the near future Michael.

  10. Arnaud says:


    Is there any tool which can help listing domains on every (or some) marketplaces ? Manage auction (I mean selling) in a single place instead of in every marketplaces ?

    It is really time consuming, and I’d like to “automatize” this process, even if it’s not on all of them.

    I know every marketplace have its own API, but it mean to developp my own Backoffice to do so. If I could avoid this step !

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks a lot !

    1. Hi Arnaud,

      Unfortunately not. A few companies have tried to automate the process, but have not succeeded wildly and generally have closed down.

      Most marketplaces do not have well developed APIs, and if they do offer them I’ve heard they’re buggy, outdated or not fully developed. That’s what I’ve heard. Maybe your research will yield different results. If so, please let me know.


      1. Arnaud says:

        Thanks for your answer, I’ll try to developp such a backoffice then !

  11. Vineet Goyal says:

    Where can I sell .xyz domain quickly? My domain name is

    1. Hi Vineet,

      If your .xyz domain is worthless, it won’t sell anywhere quickly.

      If it has any value, the quickest way is to sell it to another domain name investor in a NamePros auction:

      If you want more for it, then you have to wait for a buyer to come to you.

      I outline all the ways you can sell your specific domain names in (spoiler alert: each type of domain name needs it’s own sales path). In fact, I just did a webinar on this topic. If you want to learn how to become a domain name investor, use SHERPAFAN as your coupon code for $50 off the tuition.

      Best wishes to you,

      1. Vineet Goyal says:

        Thanks for your suggestion.

  12. Achintha says:

    What about

    Any Recommendations? Is it a Good Selling Platform?

    1. Hi Achintha,

      Flippa is fine if the type of domain name you’re selling is geared toward entrepreneurs or technologists. The benefit of Flippa is that if you can write a sales pitch, you can likely get more for your domain name. Other platforms do not allow you to write sales copy associated with your domain name for sale.

      Remember, domains with no value will always have no value regardless of the marketplace. There’s no “silver bullet” for selling crappy domain names, unfortunately for all of us.

      Best regards,

  13. Stefan says:

    Can you add Thanks.

  14. Khan says:

    1. Thanks, Khan. Added.

  15. Sameh says:

    How about

    Also, are you open for submission of Domain Portfolios “aka small marketplaces” to be included in this list?


    1. Thanks, Sameh. Good catch on Afternic. It should have been included.

      Because there are literally thousands of websites with listings of domain names for sale — and listing thousands of websites for people to visit would not be useful — I decided to set a threshold of 10,000.

      If your domain name website/marketplace lists at least 10,000 domain names for sale then I’m happy to list it above. Otherwise, I encourage you as a domain name investor to list your domain names at one or more of the marketplaces listed above.

      1. Sameh says:

        Sounds good. No .. to be honest, mine is currently around 2,000 domains.

        Since you have a rule now, here are a couple that fit your criteria:

        1. Thank you, Sameh. Updating the resource now. I appreciate your assistance.

          1. Arafat says:


            i have an website named

            If u want u can buy it .

            -CBD-current trnd
            -Perfect keyrword for google serach(cbdforgym)
            -work for gym,workout,fitness
            -huge potential

            It has a huge potential as a domain. and also the name is directly used to search in google.

            thanks. arafat

        2. miguel says:


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