Get Off Your But

Excuses take away your choices, they take away your control…they are holding you back.

You can be better.

Today’s the day to get off your but.

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Today’s the day to get off your but. I’ll tell you how.

Every week I hear someone say something like “I’d be killing it in domain names…:”
But I started too late…
But all the good domains are taken…
But expiring domains sell for too much at auction…
The list goes on.

Every time you say the word BUT, you’re making an excuse about why you haven’t succeeded yet.

Here’s the thing. What if you changed your “but” to “and” or “so”?

What if instead of setting up roadblocks, you set up gateways?

And what if every time someone else gives an excuse, it makes your resolution stronger to succeed?

I started too late, so I’m going to work harder than everyone else.

All the good domains are taken, so I’m going to come up with a methodology to find the diamonds that everyone else overlooks.

Expiring domains sell for too much at auction, so I’m going to figure out how to buy them before they go to auction.

Do you come home from work and turn on the TV for five hours until you fall asleep every night?

Or do you have dinner and work from 7pm until midnight growing your knowledge, honing your skills and figuring out your competitive advantage?

When I started my first company, I had a day job at GE. I gave 100% to the general from 8 am – 6 pm.

I didn’t say, “I’d like to start a business of my own, BUT I don’t have enough time; I don’t have funding.”

What I did instead was go home, eat dinner, and kiss my wife and newborn daughter good night as they went off to bed.

Then, I put the coffee on and got to work, typically switching off the light around 2 am.

That’s an extra five hours per day that I made happen. While everyone else was dreaming, I was doing.

If you’re not trying because you have an excuse for everything — you need to start by changing your mindset.

The next time you hear yourself thinking “I could have but…” — stop yourself.

Change how you view the world.

Think about how you can better yourself, work smarter, practice longer, outwork your competition, specialize in an area, be faster to the drop, smarter to the purchase.

If you want a domain name, think about how you can creatively get it through a payment plan. If you need mentorship, think about what you can give to get.

There’s always a way.

Excuses take away your choices, they take away your control…they are holding you back.

You can be better.

Today’s the day to get off your but.

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29 Responses to “Get Off Your But”

  1. Richard says:

    Very inspirational, thanks for the push.

  2. Eric Jenkins says:

    Nice Michael…….Really, Really Nice!!!!!!!!!

    1. Love it. :)

      Go get ’em!

  3. albert says:

    Great video Mike.

    As a matter of fact, this works for just about anything.

    1. Definitely does. I only am trying to motivate domain name investors with this video though. :)

      Thanks for watching and commenting, Albert. Much appreciated.

  4. Robert H. says:

    Outstanding video! A great reminder of what it takes to make things happen!

    Thanks Michael!

    1. Thanks, Robert. :)

  5. Mike Walker says:

    Awesome video! Thanks Michael!

    Mike, Tokyo

  6. Bradley says:

    Hi Mike

    Well done, and there is no doubt that: When is NOW the best time to start!


    Bradley NYC

    1. Thanks, Bradley. Good to hear from you.

  7. Liza Loewen says:

    This is so inspiring! I needed this.
    One thing that really strengthened my resolve recently was when my father told me I should quit because of my limited success. Mind you he’s probably one of those people who doesn’t believe in this kind of work to begin with. But (or should I say “So”) it made me want to work even harder to prove him wrong.
    Thanks Michael.

    1. You can do it, Liza. Every successful investor takes a slightly different road. There is not “one path for all” as strategies, tactics and resources are different for every person. Focus, make educated investments, use a group of trusted peers — you’ll get there and find success. Good luck!

  8. BullS says:

    Yea, thanks for the motivation.

    Remember, ever since I got the “MBA” from the academy school of domaining, my domain $$$$$$ have gone up and lots of opportunities have opened up like the Ivar Clams.


    MBA- get OFF your MY big ASS

    Happy 4th!!

    1. BullS! It’s been too long! :)

      Glad to hear you’re still around, and happy 4th!

  9. Johnathon Ossais says:

    Thanks for the motivational video Michael :)


    1. My pleasure, Johnny. Glad you found benefit from it.

  10. Moh says:

    Great way to start the week, Thanks a lot

  11. domainerD says:

    Thanks for the motivation. I love it.

  12. says:

    Thank you for this motivation video!

    One day I was like, “I can’t afford a 3L .com, it’s to late”.
    Then some one told me “no guts no glory”.
    I got off my but and went to the bank and got a loan. It was my best investment ever.

    1. Great story! When you believe in something, you need to find creative ways to make it happen. It sounds like you did. Congrats!

  13. Jake says:


    1. Thanks, Jake. Glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Kirk says:

    There goes my day off! :)

    Seriously, thanks for this great reminder Michael!


    1. Thanks for watching and posting a comment, Kirk!

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