DomainSherpa Review – Sept 28:,,…

DomainSherpa Review with Michael Cyger, Andrew Rosener, Frank Schilling and Shane CultraThis is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for,,…
  • A surprising result when a Sherpa summits the mountain in the “Name That Price” game
  • Plus, much more!

For each domain name portfolio, the Sherpas answer:

  • Which domains are valuable, and in what way?
  • What is the market value (both wholesale and retail) of the best domain names?
  • Which domains are worthless and should be dropped?
  • Which domain names may invite legal issues, such as a UDRP case or cybersquatting lawsuit?
  • Which domains do our Sherpas want to make an offer on?

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Frank Schilling and Shane Cultra.

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30 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Sept 28:,,…”

  1. Logan says:

    Great show as always. Very insightful and helpful. Thank you.

    My only suggestion would be: next time, invite in Drew’s gardener during the Name that Price game and let’s see what value she’d put on the names. :)

  2. Lucas says:

    Great show, as always!
    However I am really intrigued about the statement “in the days/age of parking…”
    It would be great to know what the sherpas think about the future of parking. How do they see it in the next 10 years?

  3. albert says:

    Another great one Michael.

    It is nice to get different ideas from different people.

  4. Steve says:

    Six number dot coms. lol.
    Soon… the equivalent to plain ip addresses..

  5. Eric Jenkins says:


    Great show Sherpas!!!

    Eric Jenkins

  6. Nuno says:

    I receive hundreds of offers for my numeric domains but still no mid four figures for my 4L ending in C like jeic, ewzc and exvc… So thank you for your advice, much appreciated :D

  7. Omar Negron says:

    Hey Mike!

    Thanks for the great review! Enjoyed to get some of the views from the top people in the industry.


  8. Chris Lumley says:

    Another great show!! I am curious as to what Frank Schilling’s stance is regarding the .KY cctld extension. There hasn’t been any publicity or advertising for it, and am wondering if there is any value in owning premium quality names in that extension. I would also love to know what Shane thinks about it to since he is already a fan of the .CC cctld extension. Keep up the great work!!

  9. CW says:

    Not all 6N.coms are registered. Those with 4’s and 0’s in certain places are still available.

    405645.COM for example.

  10. PalmBeach says:

    Michael & Drew Happy Birthday to you.


    Great Show Sherpas… keep up the good work!

  11. Will says:

    Excellent review episode! I truly enjoy the interaction between the sherpas because they are very genuine and very knowledgeable. So funny when Drew tried to justify his involvement with that funny sounding domain. Also good to see Frank saw the value of shows that the 2 word .Coms are still valuable even though the short letter and brandables are extremely hot right now.

    I am curious as to the sherpas’ thoughts on one word .Nets and .Orgs do you have any sort of value if you can get them at a descent price and resale them higher? Or simply better to avoid them and focus solely on .Coms.

    – Will

  12. DonnyM says:

    With 5 letter domains you only have 11,881,376 left in the .com :))) or possible combos. Yeah that’s it!

    4 Number names 10k
    5 Number names 100k

  13. Greg Colvin says:

    Thanks for going into overtime on this one guys, great show! The only thing I like about Mondays!

  14. Ivan Rasskazov says:

    Great Show. In regard to the 6 number .com domains, it would not shock me if those domains served as a currency or means of exchange at some point. They are easier to manage than money in the bank account, especially in a country with so many restrictions and possible government actions.

    I also enjoyed the portfolio review. As the Sherpas pointed out, many start-ups go for short and memorable names. Moreover, many of them have a small budget toward domain acquisition based on my interaction with incubators.

    Keep up the great work!


  15. Nick says:

    fantastic show and Happy Birthday to Drew & Michael !

  16. Niz says:

    Hi Michael..

    I think your Mp3 link is connected to the previous show.. Not the Latest..

    1. Niz says:

      Correction:) The Audio link

      1. Thanks, Niz. Just corrected it. Please refresh. And thanks for letting me know!

        1. Niz says:

          Sorry Michael..

          It says “file not found”..

          1. Now…I’ve really fixed it. :) Thanks for letting me know, again!

            1. Niz says:

              Thanks very much… Michael,

              As always another great show.. and Thanks for all the Sherpas

  17. Richard says:

    Another awesome show, these guys are great together. Thanks everyone, enjoy your birthdays Andrew and Mike

  18. Noor Manji says:

    Another rocking show, Great feedback for Jim.
    Happy Birthday Drew and thank you all for a terrific show and for all the time you guys are putting in.


  19. Harsha says:

    I have just started investing domain names, so which is the best place to sell my domain i am on sedo right now, so is there any other which you can recommend.

    1. Shane Cultra says:


      Namejet, Flippa, Godaddy, and Sedo are all good places to buy and sell. Best of luck and welcome to the industry

  20. Helmuts says:

    happy birthday Andrew :)

  21. Shane Bellone says:

    I really thought I had

    We had about 10 minutes left in the auction and we went from about $100 – $1,700.


  22. Ikehook says:

    Thanks guys, we appreciate your insight and knowledge.

    All of those diabetic names could be built out in a day or two with Amazon products and blow any parking revenue out of the water.

    Have a great week,


  23. Chuck says:

    Thanks, Sherpas!

    Really useful information in today’s show.

  24. Jay says:

    Great Show, thanks Mike / Sherpas

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