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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,, …
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Michael Cyger, Shane Cultra, and Andrew Rosener.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger
Semi retired, domain name expert, media entrepreneur working on passion projects, Michael Cyger is the founder and former owner of DomainSherpa, and is former publisher and lead instructor of DNAcademy. His current passion project is He is recognized as an industry veteran in the domain name industry, has been named Blogger of the Year and Developer of the Year, and has been inducted into the Domain Name Hall of Fame.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Hey Sherpa Network. We have a great show today. It’s an OG Review with Mike Cyger joining us. My energy’s a little low when I recorded it. I thought I had a head cold, but it turns out I have bronchitis. My son offered to do this intro for me, but only if I paid him. I don’t remember what we talked about, but it’s a great show.

Hey Sherpa Network, I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of and we are super excited to have the OGs back in business. Mike Cyger. Hello. Welcome.

Michael Cyger: Thanks. Great to be back. Good to have ya.

Shane. How are ya?

Shane Cultra:  I’m good. Even better now that Mike’s here. We all are.

And Drew, welcome back from South Africa. How you doing?

Andrew Rosener: Great, thank you.

Fabulous. Let’s catch up with these guys. It’s been a while. We did the prerecording. I really do think sometimes we should actually record stuff because we did cover, Mmm. All the peanut butters in the world and how giraffes can walk. Drew fabulous.

Respond. Well when we tried to explain to them how the current financial system works, I don’t think they like getting outside of, they don’t like it when we get outside of our, uh, our lane.

You want to hear about giraffes? Peanut butter that, I mean he’s got legs. Oh, Drew domain names as a service. Your backdrop. Fancy. Talk to us for a minute.

Uh, well it also has the media options logo on it. Um, we just thought this made against my better judgment.


Because I needed a better, more professional background. I was told by you and everybody else. Um, even though I like to keep a gangster,


but, uh, that’s, that’s it. That’s the story of domain names as a service, as a trademark. We own a, it’s kind of our, our, our slogan, it’s kind of a play on words. You know, I would say probably our biggest, uh, sales segment is into the software as a service Mark. It, they know that’s where most of these software, uh, tech startups are these days. It’s in the software as a service, whatever vertical, but it’s Oh, some kind of software as a service. And so domain names as a service. It was kind of a play on words for what we do. We help companies, uh, acquire and sell domains as it service. And uh, so it was kind of a play on words that I thought was clever. Many of you may or may not. Uh, and we got a trademark for it.

Well, I’ve got a trademark for what’s me too.

Do you guys do that? Tell us about your science. If anybody’s listening and not watching. I just walked into my office sharing a facility and they, it looks like some football, uh, plays have been written on the board behind me and so I’m going to file for a trademark for that year at electro. Um, yeah, it’s actually the worst company chart ever for the left runs all of these people to the right. Yeah.

Like molecular diagram for a new psychedelic.

That’s true. Exactly. [inaudible] for studying. So my seven year old daughter is doing flag football and my 16 year old son is doing regular football. And, um, she comes home one day and she’s like, I learned a new play. And he’s like, Oh great, what’s the play? She’s like, coach throws it and we catch it. It’s called run and catch. That’s a good play. It is. Yeah. St Louis. I took coaching football in college so I have tons of knowledge. I haven’t actually had a course in the Midwest, so I had a 2.95 going into my senior year and I needed to get over three. So I took coaching, baseball, coaching football, great speakers and speeches, career explorations. Hey, remembers all of it. It’s the greatest, it’s the greatest semester ever assembled by a college student. And you get picture history, criticism.

I mean, I hate to bring you down from your, from your glass tower, but I, my last semester in college rushes yours. I literally didn’t have to take any classes because I had this like software business. We were all, we were doing this building like very basic, not very basic, but relatively basic databases and visual basic for like these, you know, blue collar businesses, air conditioning. We had a pool company, landscaping company, you know, so it was like those three industry, I haven’t really bought, built three HVAC landscaping and full service and these were all businesses in Eastern long Island. Um, and it was like the biggest landscaping company in Eastern long Island, the biggest full service and company in the biggest HVAC company. And we built them like, you know, operational databases for their businesses. Um, and the Dean of my business school was literally doing the program and um, so he was on their payroll, he was doing the programming and he was like, yeah, I mean there’s nothing you’re going to learn in a class that you’re not going to learn better just being out. And I was, you know, I was earning a degree in management information science, so like, you know, I would have been taking during what the

shit I was actually doing in the real world. And he was like, Oh yeah, we’ve got about, I’m going gonna give you credit for a whole semester. You just found this business, which meant, you know, I could build a business bigger and pay him more as a program. So your partner, the Dean of the business school was on? No, he had zero equity. It was just Parker and I 50, 50. And we had, uh, we had him on the payroll and um, it was great. So you got an a plus that semester. Could you get anything higher than I did?

You still don’t know. How do you hit a gap? Uh, I used to know you don’t know what cover two looks like, so I’m not sure that’s better. Will you be able to sleep at night? Not a linebacker, no. Again, you didn’t get to watch brother from another planet and uh, and its full glory. The greatest film ever made. Eh, we’ll vote on this later. All right, we’ll vote on this later. No, some classes, some classes. I don’t care what the class is. All right, drew, you won. And Mike noticed that nothing, because Mike thinks his greatest college semester was the one where he took 21 credits. I did. I took a beach volleyball three times a week at UC Santa Barbara and that was the greatest class in the world. Yeah, you would have been more studious was you got to bring up the grade point average for that’s what that was. Pass. No pass. I don’t know how you got grades on, on your uh, easy ones. Yeah, no, I got no coaching. Baseball was, it might’ve been pass. No pass. The key was you had to go to a like 13 games or something and then keep score. You know how you keep score. I learned to keep score and then I realized why does anybody do this and every game, unless they’re paid to do it.

I um, yeah, nevermind. I busted out my O G monk today by the way. I had to go get mine. Yeah. Mine’s up there in the coffee mug collection. I use it. It’s in the front. It’s in the front of it. I’ve got broken and it hasn’t been replaced. All right. I’m bringing you on and names. Khan come and write up. All right, let’s do this. People. Um, what’s a domain you recently bought or sold? A what’s new? Sherpa. Mmm, Mike Seiger we are so excited to have you back that you were first [inaudible] name wanted to be and you’ve bought sold or broker in the past few weeks and don’t say the price. Alright. The domain is, I hope I didn’t tell you guys. It’s click click [inaudible] link What do you think? Okay, well is it a buy or sell? Good question. It was a cell [inaudible] okay.

Uh, you go drew, um, click tracker. I’m going to say I like you. I think it’s a good demand. A big problem. You know, it’s, it’s a, it’s a money problem, meaning no tracking clicks is money. That’s that savings. Um, so in my experience, domains that directly correlate to ROI, uh, or or segments of the market that are more directly correlated to ROI or sell for more money. I’m going to say, I want to say 15,000, $888. I was going to actually say more. I was gonna say 25 but I want to say 15, eight, eight, eight.

Okay. Um, man, if this was 2008, you could probably add a zero to that just cause everybody had a click track or back then that was, that was like everything. Yeah, that’s a good exact man. I mean that’s what people are when they’re typing in into the Google machine, that’s what they’re typing in. Click track or traffic. Um, and I know Mike is just so loaded that there’s not much room in the bank account, so unless somebody gives him a good number [inaudible] maybe needed some foods, gas money. Um, I’ll just say what came to mind originally. I’ll just say 10 grand. I’ll just say around 10. Granted again, nothing surprises me. It could be more of a 10 grand in today’s market. Maybe he would do it. Yeah. All right. Test you want to take? Yes too. Oh, well I don’t have a 19 minute uh, research. DNN Academy has a great huh? Valuation step-by-step guide, click tracker, dog harm. Um Hmm. All right. Um, I must say 13 grand. All right. The winning answer is 79 88 Jane is the closest. So it could have gone for 25. It could’ve gone for 15. It could’ve gone for 10, right? Go to, huh? Do you know who went to? I do not. It came in on I price. I have ’em so I have my investment portfolio down to 33 domain names. Now I’ve priced everything that’s a tier

two domain name and click tracker falls into my tier twos, meaning that, you know, if somebody wants to pay me a good multiple of what I paid for it, I’m willing to like just let it go and, and move it along. Somebody came in, clicked on go daddy or after Nick, I’m not sure which. Click the buy it now and paid 79 88 and I gave them their 20% and they cut me a check for 6,500 bucks and it’s done. Um, this is one of the 33 in your portfolio or this was one of the 34. Now I’m down to 33. So this was a company called track your stats. Yeah, the rebrand is upgraded. Yeah. Yup. And so I bought this in November of 2015 or $1,810 on name jet. It was more than I wanted to spend on this domain name. Um, but a bunch of other investors wanted it as well.

At that time I had some advertisers on ICIC that were asking me about like tracking statistics for their advertisements and I said, why don’t you have Google analytics like hooked up so you can just track it all yourself. But you know, as you guys know, Google analytics can sometimes be hard to use and understand. And so I’m like, I saw it come up. I’m like, I’m going to buy it. I’ve got a business case for it. Four years later I still haven’t developed anything. It doesn’t make any sense cause there’s a ton of click tracking software applications out there in addition to Google analytics. So I just, we’re going to price it and move it along. I hadn’t received a ton of inquiries on the domain name, so I ran the comps, put a fair price on it and was willing to move it on.

You know, I think the sweet spot is anything under $10,000 and you know, I think I’d probably put it at 8,000 bucks just to, it’s fair. It’s high. It’s not too high. A company who’s making some money would probably spend $1,000. They might spend $15,000, but I would just set it at $8,000 to move it along. Mmm. And so, yeah, that’s the story of click Right? Aye. Aye. Ignorantly I missed one part of the story. That to me is key, but you priced it before the inquiry or price gets active inquiry in January, late last year, I think I priced all of my tier two main names. Um, just uh, [inaudible] now. There was already, it was already a buy it now. Yup. Yeah. And it’s been, you know, I think those by announce, you know, we, we’ve talked about this, go daddy’s talked about this price domain names sell well and domains that you know, have a physical ceiling on, right? Drew, you’re saying like best case scenario, maybe it’s a 25 $30,000 domain name. It’s not a hundred thousand dollar domaining no Ealing on it. And so if you price those domains that are around 10, $15,000, you’re going to get more sales. You know, I think a lot of people are afraid to price their domain names because what if the perfect company comes in or what a third you hear all of these companies. Yeah, that’s a tricky man.

This is such a difficult subject. It really is a very, very difficult subject. Aye. Me personally, what I think the main issue is, I mean, clearly something which is price is going to sell at a higher sales velocity than something which is not priced because a certain amount of the market doesn’t want to negotiate, doesn’t want to haggle, um, and can’t make business decisions without any sort of first-line information. Right. Like, literally, I was five minutes to wait for this, this, this thing, because I was on a call, their company, they want to buy a really good domain, said multimillion dollar domain name. It’s a big, big, big name. And they have the money and they’re basically 98% of the way to getting the board and the CEO and all the stakeholders involved to say, okay, fuck it. Let’s just do this. Let’s buy this. Okay.

And the biggest issue is that we don’t have a buy it now price from the domain owner. Now, if the main owner literally had a $4 million, buy it now price on this domain, the conversation with the board, but the stakeholders would have already happened. Here’s the process. $4 million. Let’s create the business case. We need to, to justify buying this for $4 million or whatever the offer is that we’re willing to make. Okay? Because there’s no price. They don’t know what this is. $500,000 $5 million, 50 million. They have nowhere to start from. And that void of information, Mmm. Creates inefficiencies and it, it, and you lose deals because of that, this deal could get lost only because these people don’t have enough information to make a proper business decision. Now, and I know from personal experience with this particular domain and the domain owner that we will not get a buy now price, we are making at least a $1 million offer showing serious good faith.

And um, and so if they’re not willing to commit to making $1 million offer, even though I’ve told them I 100% guarantee you they will not sell this for $1 million, it will be more than that. Mmm. But they still have to wrap their minds around just putting out a million dollar offer upfront. But true. Or even if you are a great salesman, why can’t you just get on the phone with the seller and say, give me a hard price that I can go back to these guys. And if you meet it, you will own this domain name. I probably will. Uh, I mean, ultimately that’s probably what’s going to happen. But it’s like, I’m trying to look at this, you know, more generally speaking like every day, Hey buddy, right? Let’s say that there is no broker involved. Let’s say that I’m not involved. I have no knowledge, no prior knowledge of the domain, no prior experience with the domain owner. Uh, I’m just coming in to buy the domain. I’m faced with this, that lack of information. I can’t make proper business decisions and sometimes I can’t even take the first step. Right. You go there. Yeah. There’s not much ambiguity and people don’t want to deal with it. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that’s our valuation method is really underlying issue across the board. I am not willing to put by it, no prices on most of our names because I simply don’t believe that the market is, uh, the price.

It works both ways. So if you have, if you don’t have enough information, then uh, sometimes people can’t take the first step, even if they’re a qualified buyer. Right. If you some, you know, if I think some might buy, you know, whatever domain, let’s say a I think practice is not column is like a two and a half to $500 a day. Um, if I, well it’s 4 million, $999,000 as a buying outprice on I will probably never sell that to me because even a qualified buyers is going to come in the door and it’s like this is immediate punching his face. It’s like you come in the doors, somebody punches you in the face, you don’t stop and say, well why did that happen? You’ve run out the fucking door. So like you come in the door and say, Oh, [inaudible] dot com most people aren’t educated.

Most people don’t know what a domain should be worth. And so it’s like they were just coming in for a foot first look and they go, Oh my God, 4.99 9 million. Let’s just move on. Nope. There’s exceptions to the rule and that’s where the rich shorts type sales happen. But you know, at volume at, at, at uh, you know, more generally speaking for, for the average strong domain portfolio owner, um, having the buy now price can also hurt you. So it’s very difficult to slice, very difficult to say. Well, you know, so, so basically on the names you’re talking about, I’m knows under 10 grand, I think that by now is the way to go. Yes. Um, you’re going to lose some, you’ll leave money on the table, but sales velocity is going to get so much higher that doesn’t matter. And some people just want to negotiate everything and that’s fine.

If you want to do that, go for it. Nobody’s going to say that you’re going to do that wrong. It’s your portfolio. You can manage it any way you want. I don’t want to have to negotiate on these tier two domain names. I ran the comps. Crypto tracker was 13,000. Startup tracker was 6,000 click, um, watch was 4,000 click leads with 2350. Like the cops are saying it’s a under $10,000 domain name. I’m totally fine to blow it out and at a price. Maybe somebody got a deal, maybe somebody paid a little bit more. It’s a fair price. Good for them. Hopefully. I hope they say absolutely a hundred percent Konrad percent. Yeah, but I agree with you. Differentiate. If you have the different, like Mike, what you’re saying is that for you and your time, use your two domains

to be just ready to go, but your, your one demeans, you approach that with a different strategy and that’s, that’s really important. Then I fully agree with drew. Like you know I just picked up that thing doesn’t have a price on it. You’re going to have to make an inquiry on that you know like almost as good as yeah. Yeah. That’s a, it’s a great domain. Great demand. Yeah. Why? Why is that? Why wasn’t that your, what you want is on the show now. I just mentioned it. Yeah. You want to guess how much I paid for it?

Sure. All right. Who’s up next? Awkward silence of Naga happen. Shane, you’re up next. What’s going on? I bought Quito. What is that? Listen, it’s got three E’s, two E’s, K E T O. Dot com. I saw that on your list the other day. I saw that in your list the other day too. Yeah, I tried to buy Quito dotcom for two different customers have hired us to buy Well no, they can, they can buy the proper, the proper sound and spelling. They only didn’t get one letter for free. Yeah, exactly. That’s awesome. I didn’t track that one. Neither one of you did. So yeah. Kito all right, I’ll go first. Quito. [inaudible]. So K E T you purchased off of GoDaddy. I’m going to assume, um, and you just bought it. If it were Quito and it was four letters, now I’m going to say, do your sheet, not your name. And so if it were four letters and it’s this massive diet and a shit, it probably would have sold for, I mean, shoot, it’ll probably would have said, uh, you know, I dunno if it were no.

Well [inaudible] K E T O [inaudible] auction, productive for our audience. Yes. This is very productive for our audience. [inaudible] go daddy auction, how much that went towards. So it’s, it’s big enough that it would have attracted probably end users to the auction cause it’s, it’s that thing. There’s still people, tons of people on keto diets. So it probably would have gone in GoDaddy auction close to six figures, maybe a little under, maybe a little over, what do you think? Me, I need to do over six figures, but it’s not going for too, I think maybe one 50 I think. I think it goes from one you do 50 in auction and you, I don’t think we’ve ever seen an auction go that high at GoDaddy. I, yeah, but it’s also not the hottest diet in the world. I don’t know if it’d go for two 50 [inaudible] but here’s the deal. I only say that because of this. I’ve had two customers who have asked us to hired us to go out and acquire it and both of them were willing to pay for over $500,000. One of them totally. But not at auction.

A name like that expires. It’s so hot. It’s going to make news. If they’re going to make lot lotions and they’re going to find out if you’re in that business, you’re going to just find you’re going to, they didn’t emote it and it only went to auction. It would sell for probably high five figures, 80,000, 100,000. And since I think if it’s all a low six, somewhere in there, investors don’t know, no end-users, domain investors only it sells for a hundred grand, hundred to 125 grand. Okay. So most of our audience is not going to be buying. I liked it and I would pay a hundred grand more than I would pay a hundred rent. Yeah. Yeah. But then, but then I sort of think about like, okay, so that sets the upper bounds for Quito. Now we’ve got a brandable, it’s like my Brayton point carpool with a C. I bought carpool with a K four.

Uh, I don’t know. What did I pay for carpool 1500 bucks carpool with a K and I sold that for $6,500 in four months. Um, so I think so this is a similar thing. Massive industry. You bought the brandable a lot of companies are gonna want it. Um, you know, it’s, it’s just one flag, one minor imperfection. Like you say, it’s with two E’s and people get it. It’s like saying Quito dot. IO or Gito. Dot. AI. I’ll, you know, um, and so I would think that it’s probably gonna sell for somewhere between, uh, Hito. Okay. Probably around $5,000.

Yeah, I’ll go with, I’ll go with Shane spent. Did you buy it by yourself or did you go in with somebody? So I’m going to go with $4,000. Shane spent. Okay. Drew, before you start, Mike, I need to know you said a four letter word and it is not getting bleeped it was an extra, Oh, it wasn’t brandable it’s an extra. Is this your first unbelief moment on dementia? MIP? It might be. I think my kids have heard me say shit before, so, uh, yeah. Now they’ve heard it twice. I know they listen to them. I’m not gonna drop an F bomb like through though. Making conscious effort. What you did in the show. Oh, okay. Content. I’ve been making conscious efforts

to try and not, I have this call with this journalist and I was just swearing so cause I was like kind of tirade and not, not, not in a negative way. I was excited. I was, I was telling her about this, um, you know, like she just had this completely wrong observation that the main industry and I went on this high rate of excitement, explain to her why it’s never been a better time and the demands and uh, I was just swearing, she was just like, she had some, she was like, could we dial back?

And I was like, well, I was like, I am so sorry. I was like, I really, I mean no offense by it, it’s really difficult for me. Can just not swear. But I would really, really try. And she was like, okay, if we can just at least eliminate like Fox, that would be good. Can she just remove those when she’s writing the article? No, I think it was like you get just offended her journal. Right? Or offended by that? No, no. Different one. All right. I actually just spoke to her today though. All right, you’re up. What do you think? Alright. Uh, Kito I’m going $2,700. That’s pretty true. I’m used to I while I was thinking about my number while, while pontificating.

So ding, ding, ding. Yeah. I pay 2300

nailed it. Woo.

I’m certainly not selling it for 2300

yeah, that’s a nice, that’s a nice buy for 2300 so what do you think, what’s the retail price that you’re going to set on a buy for? 2300 2025 gift. That’s what I want.

That’s what happened. Opened it up. As soon as you guys were talking, I guarantee people spell it. Cause that that’s how you would spell it if you didn’t know how it was. If somebody said you’re on the keto diet, you wouldn’t, pedo is K E T O to me does not scream Quito.

Yeah. K K. yeah. Cause give up keto would be like Kepp. Oh no. It’s like Beto O’Rourke. Doesn’t he spell a BTO? Yeah. No, but yeah. So have you prayed or are you waiting to know the traffic before you price it?

I’m going to, I’m going to look at the traffic and I kind of got busy and forgot I bought it until we did this show. And I’m thinking, no, I got to go in there and make sure it’s in the account.

Totally. Because you don’t know what you’re working with unless you know what the traffic is. Because it’s one thing if that’s just like a cute brandable diet, right? Right. Another thing, if that’s a cute brandable computer diet, it’s got hundreds of visitors a day, um, that you could like immediately go out and start monetizing or you know, put some kind of affiliate thing on and you know, you, you look at the traffic, but then you also look at the ads. Carpool with a K didn’t have any ads, aren’t any, but there isn’t anybody advertising for carpools, but you go type into Google, Quito spelled correctly and there’s a ton of ads. So that is, um, you know, that’s a big driving force there. Ton of ads. Totally.

Yeah. So yeah, it’s a good one. And then like when I talk over with, uh, you know, other people and say I bought that, they genuinely say, Oh no, that’s a good one. So sometimes when I go with organic this, they’re like, Hmm. Animus. I don’t see that one. Yeah, you win some, you lose some,

but you don’t know what you’re going to [inaudible] cannabis, I think organic is a winner. Yeah. Sell it to drew. But what do you, what are you going to price Quito at?

I dunno, I got to go through my checklist in order of magnitude. Are you going to [inaudible] or are you going to ask closer to 10,000 no, no, at 2,500 I’ll probably start at 25 grand and work down from there. I mean I always start at 10 times and then the first month is always, if I can move something to the first month, the price always comes down. Just a quick turn, isn’t it?

To our previous conversation. Are you actually going to price it? Are you going to say make an offer?

Well, I’ll be making an offer. Yeah, under 10 grand. And I was going to say according to that, I went through like when I get a little hungry, let’s say I’ll go through and price my second tier will get bigger. So things that I didn’t consider a second tier, I’ll go through and move them down. Yeah. And definitely things will sell to the point where I think, I’m not sure, but you know, two or three names we’ll go during that month of Shane’s lowering prices and I immediately go back up and kick them back up hoping that things will like, then I’ll get, get some names itself for good prices. And the truth is they hardly ever sell at the prices that I got them at now. But as soon as I lower them a little bit, things start hitting and it shows me that the lower prices are probably the correct ones. But you hear all these stories of people, I sold this for this and I sold for that and he just, you just get greedy or however you want to look at it.

Well and the funny thing is like just pricing makes a difference. Like I sold a SCO certification, I think earlier this year, SEO and I never had a priced for the past seven years that I’ve owned it and I’ve had people inquiring about it. I thought this one guy ping me probably once every year and a half. Finally I just put a price on it that I thought was fair for it based on I’ve sold a ton of SEO names, he clicked buy it now and bought it through escrow. So, um, you know, I think you just need to sometimes change up your tactics. You need you to look at it once a year and say, do I really need to hold out for $20,000 on this meeting or can I price it at 18,000 and be happy with that.

Yeah, no, there’s, there’s no doubt about it. Yeah. You know, and as you become a mature domain investor, you concern yourself less and less on whether you left money on the table. If you know that you made a good profit and you felt comfortable going into it, then looking backwards, it’s just stupid

because there’s plenty of other domain names heading your way today, tomorrow on the list, [inaudible] dot com I just, because of this particular name, I think, you know, rich Swartz ops,

he made a good point, um, two months ago on Twitter. Uh, and it was about, it was about when you, when you buy a domain, when you first get a domain, you know, you’ve got to get to know the domain and it’s like, you know, there’s the, whatever the domain is and it might imply something or you know, might be a brandable, whatever. Um, and so you’ve got some initial impression, which is why you bought in the first place. But I think, you know, the inherent value of a domain is ultimately in traffic and its ability to drive traffic. Um, and all of the metrics that we talk about to emphasize why a domain is valuable. Um, you know, there are varying importance and priority to different types of businesses, but it all comes down to, you know, decreasing cost of customer acquisition, decreasing the cost of getting somebody on your website for whatever reason. And Mmm.

So I think,

you know, but I think that his point was simply, you know, this is game changing, but it was like, first thing you do when you get a domain is you park it [inaudible] um, you know, whether you park it or you put up for sale any page, but it’s important that you put something up where you’re tracking click tracker, uh, where you’re tracking the traffic, where you can see where is this traffic coming from? How much traffic am I getting, how many longer people staying on the site? You know, if it’s something that isn’t going to infringe on someone’s trademark and you can put a part page and see what people click on, that’s even more insightful. Right? But yeah, getting to know what the traffic is, where it’s from, what they’re looking for is super, super, super important to understanding the value of your domain. Uh, you’re really not, you really don’t have a good, if you haven’t analyzed the traffic of your domain, you haven’t utilized the email that’s potentially coming in on a catch all email address. If you haven’t looked at those two things, you really don’t know what your domain is worth. I really don’t. And sometimes things are sleepers

and I’ll put some meat on that. You know, I picked up not too long ago and the first thing I did was I put it on a landing page so I can measure the traffic from Google. And then I set up improv I have a how to on a DND Academy blog so you can get all of the emails that are coming in. It’s a catch all email. Super useful tool by the way. I told Jess about it and I’m using it all the time and I got it from your, it’s a great note. And so you know what’s really good because now I can see they’re amazing. They are amazing. It’s great technology. But I could go on to ZF bot and I can type in pyramid and I can look at all the domains that have pyramid in it, but it’s different. It takes it to an entirely different level. Like you’re saying drew, when you see customer service inquiries coming in saying, I need to return my dresses. Like, Oh, I didn’t know there was a pyramid company and my drone doesn’t work anymore and that, you know, my kid needs to get into college now. And so like what are these companies they’re trying to email that they think are and I can go and search on the keyword plus pyramid and find out who’s got business.

So it’s, um, and then of course try and get them their emails because they’re missing customer service. Um, but yeah, that’s, you know, putting meat. It’s one thing to say it, but then when you actually see it, like if you hook up, um, you know, a catchall email address, Shane for Quito, I bet you’re going to find people that are typing in Quito instead of Quito, keto that IO or whatever, whatever, uh, uh, plans are running right now and that makes it that then, you know, how much more important that domain name is to certain companies. Yeah, no, I agree. Totally agree. 100%. It’s going to be very good. I feel like the next time you’re on, you’re going to be talking about selling that, I hope.

Yeah. They inbound email is literally is one of the single best lead generation tools on earth. Yeah. You want to know who should own your domain? Look at who’s sending email. Yeah. Forget about me. I was buying domains on Safari. I was like observing zebras and you know, rhinos and I was like, you’re like, hold on kids. I need to get my last bit and use your outer, use your camera. I need to, I need my phone. All right. What’s the [inaudible]? Ooh, no, no, no. Gene called [inaudible] cheddar by herself. Yeah. Bye. Supercharge. I have a question. Is that one word or two?

One way I think. Yeah. I don’t know if it’s in the dictionary, but like super [inaudible]. It’s, it’s a, it’s in communication. It’s like one word. Yeah. That’s a good domain. Yeah. All right. Shane, you want to go first? Yeah, I’ll go first and I think it, I think to get new gas stations are all going to be charged stations here eventually. So I think by the way it is in the dictionary. Mike. It, I was like, cause I’m thinking to myself to one and then I’m like, wait a minute. Is he right? Is there any, this isn’t even a word. Yeah. The supercharge stations for Tesla are like awesome. I think that’s where the [inaudible] of what kind of nuclear engineer are you like? Hello? The definition of supercharge is in theoretical physics. A supercharge is a generator of super symmetry transformations. It is an example of the general notion of a charge in physics. Physics is for people that can’t get jobs. Nuclear engineers actually have jobs and run stuff. We don’t deal in that theoretical stuff. I already know what’s going in. Like the intro Jews supercharged nuclear and yeah, nothing says technical, like the word super. Super supercharge. What did you pay for it? So he bought it. So that’s the key to this whole charge. Yeah. And we’re not allowed to ask how we bought it now if that changes, we’ll find out. Right on Safari.

I did. I did buy it on Safari. That’s actually a true that. No, actually that’s not true. I bought it while on holiday but I wasn’t on Safari. Uh, you can tell he’s moved to Europe now cause he calls it on holiday. Yeah, exactly. It was [inaudible]. He was on the East maybe holiday. It was over when I called him and he said something about his handy instead of home. Dude, your long Island friends, you don’t say handy in the state, so you get thrown off the massage. Speaking from experience, my last hand, he was no good. I had to let him go.

I will say, man, that’s a, that is a nightmare. I will say 22,000 just cause I think it has a huge future and it’s, and that’s a wholesale name. Maybe somebody needs some cash. 22 grand. Yeah, I don’t, you know, here’s the thing. I don’t know if a broker came to him and brought him to DIA. Just depends how he bought it and pay more or some schmuck like, Hey, I just need some quick cash. And drew got it. Picked it up for like, what’d you say? 30 K? What’d you say? I said 21. I say 20 to 22 would be a steal man. That would be like, if I can get people to bring me for $22 every or $22,000 every day, I would pick them up left and right. That shit all the time. I know he does. Not all the time, but he does.

And then he always likes to rub it in our faces that he gets great deals like that. Um, I think it’s probably like a 300 to $700,000 domain name retail. He’s probably asked that much. So I think that, and sometimes he pays a lot. So I’m going to take the upper, like you went. He got a heck of a deal. I think a broker came to him and he paid a fair, a good wholesale cause he, he will pay no paper domain. So I’m going to say $70,000. That’s high. You see it in by that. Uh, let me just double check. What’d you say? 30 $30,000. That’s a good deal. That is a good deal at the good deal. What’s your, what do you, what’s going to be your retail to me through a broker is actually in may, a relatively small broker, but um, I don’t even know if he has really an active newsletter, but he does like one at a time,

you know, and it’s always these sort of mid, you know, tier names, but they’re usually a good prices. And he sent out an email. I don’t know. You know, I have no idea how many people get that email. Um, but, uh, I, you know, I generally, I bought maybe three or four names from him and, um, I usually negotiate, in this case it was listed at 30 grand. I was on, you know, I was traveling and I wasn’t gonna risk going back and forth. So I just said, I’ll take it 30 grand and that’s it. Put it in escrow. Paid for. It’s done. Yeah. Um, probably I could have got it for 25. I would, uh, you know, ride around a 25, but I, I, I think that this, I think it’s a steal at 30 grand. Whoever that broker is, drew is not going to tell us who it is.

So email me, [email protected] next time. And he said he possibly could’ve gotten it for 23 so I, when you do win, um, yeah, that’s a good domain. So, so you’re not going to set a buy now price on a domain like that. It’s got, it’s a brandable. It could be a supercharged station, you know, everything is going, uh, electrical. Um, so what would you, what do you think the range is? Is that $1 million domain? Is that a half a million dollar domain? What’s the, I mean right now, today I think it’s like a one 50 to two 50 names. I think that in three, I think it had three to five years time. You’re talking about three to $500,000 a month essentially. Potentially even more than that. Yeah. Right. You know, it comes down to an addressable market and, and um, you know, there’s nobody out there with enough revenues unless like, you know, passing out and they wanted it.

But there’s nobody out there in this market right now. I, you know, it could be anything. It could be like, you know, the finance, it could be, you know, 70 comes out with a, a, you know, finance and it’s like a super charge. Your like, you know, spending whatever savings and, and you know, so you know, who know, probably one 50 to 200 these low. I think probably two 50 is about the right price for this name right now. Um, but I think it, as it matures, right, we’re talking three 50 to five. Imagine every major manufacturer of cars that suddenly doing electrical like Tesla is and everybody needs to charge them. Suddenly there’s a third party that’s doing super charging stations. It’s not just Tesla and they want to call it super car. [inaudible]. Yeah. But it could easily be like a financial services. It could be a credit card, it can be like a, you know, a multitude of industries. Yeah. It just represents boost. Yeah. Bruce, is better. Your user service. It’s, it’s um, it’s a Miriam Webster

what was, they had great word exuberance or something. Exuberance. Yeah. Yeah. Supercharge is a good domain. I hope that broker reaches out to me next time this drew first and then you and then uh, yeah, yeah, cause that would, that would even give me more pleasure if an, if a domain like super tredge came out. I get emailed and I snatched it up before drew because he’s always on vacation and I’m available. Vacation. He’s on holiday. Always available. Always money to be made on the available. Yeah. You are great name and the the uh, past tense of that super just for any Watchers that are out there. How much is that one? Withdrew. Mmm, I just generally hate past hands supercharged. How about supercharging? Hey, so here’s the thing. In this case charge with a D isn’t, it isn’t necessarily ah, Pat Ganz. So something can still in the present be supercharged.

So like a car for example or a scooter or um, you know, supercharged could be right. Like you can be a current identified current descriptive, alright identifier. So it’s not as bad as like sweet or you know, Dierdre super chargeable. And was curious since you own supercharge, would you be interested in, I think supercharged is like no, 25 to 50 grand. Yeah. Generally. Do you pay for say 10%, 10% of, of the proper. So if I offered it to you for three grand, would you buy super five grand supercharged? Oh yeah. I’ll think super charging. Five grand. You got it. Okay. There you go. Whoever owns it. Yup. Instant money. 10% come in. He took this, I’m going to go buy it for 4,000 and sell to you for 5,000. I welcome that. I, there you go. There’s, right now there’s on Monday morning, there’s people out there emailing the supercharged guy. It’s not going to laugh. I’m going to go look it up right now. Get it. Get ahead of the curve. Or now I’ve got gotta make some money. Yeah. Task tense. No, he’s right though. It is not the worst being so available. Yeah, there you go. But all the forms ready, you know, just so many forms of them and explain to you why it’s just as good. Okay. [inaudible] supercharge, supercharge jurors supercharger. Keep going. Like supercharged.

I would say it’s probably the best version though.

Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Okay. Thank you. Sherpas. Um, I will tell you now about our advertisers for today’s show who support us. Our mission to educate people in the demeaning industry. First serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. Okay. All right. It’s time for the domain portfolio review. We take user submitted, I mean the portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owners so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold them longterm or figure out a sales strategy going forward. And today we have a portfolio from Chris Kay who is local to me in Phoenix, although I’ve never met him. Um, and he has a background in FinTech towns like very interesting guy and has some neat domain names. So guys, take a look. Uh, Shane, you are up first here. What are your thoughts?

Well, when you gave his background of his, he’s like a professor yet all the endings that it, all of the things he does, but on FinTech I didn’t see a ton of fin for a FinTech guy. We’re missing some thin and tech in his um, ms portfolio. So I was kinda hoping to see some, cause we know that a butter crackers Mike’s elites is the FinTech master. Hold on. Wait, that just went over my head. It’s an inside. Long story short, we are in an auction and you guys were up on stage I think. And there were names that were submitted that people could buy. And one of the names I was standing next to a guy and the name was butter crackers. And the guy next to me was so excited. That’s my name. That’s me, that’s my name. And it turned out to be Mike Salise and I’ve been calling him butter crackers ever since, just cause that name.

But he’s a FinTech guy. I mean if you look on Twitter and he every night and he got way ahead of crypto and FinTech and he’s done very, very well with it. He’s not as open as he should, but uh, he, he really knows the industry well. He goes to FinTech conferences. Everybody has a conference but they’re legit ones. So, uh, but I don’t see him here. The names are not where I’d want to be in my portfolio. They’re, they’re a little long and a littleS specific. Um, like your click name was great click tracker, but click to sports. That’s called the action. If you want to be nice about it and it, uh, tells you what it’s about to do. But I just don’t see how that would be a valuable to a company. And again, that’s where we get to is if I was a company, would I buy this name to help me be better as a company?

Save money, uh, get more traffic, define what I am and I don’t see a lot of them. There are some brand’s vitamin mate could be a brand that you would use. Um, tips on sleeping is a build out that perhaps that, uh, you know, people have sleep trouble, there’s no doubt about it. But when you have to say, build out is what’s going to make the value of this name. You’ve just shown that it’s not that valuable without the data behind it. Mmm. Indoor shoes. I mean there’s some crazy ass, I mean, indoor shutters. Is that a thing? I mean, the people want to protect themselves at this second time from the hurricane by hand. It’s

I mean, that’s, Oh, that’s not even a good hand rag. Um, so I’m trying to be nice. Michael said that I should be a lot nicer than that. You can’t, you know, it’s better. Something about sugar getting something and I didn’t buy any of it. I wasn’t listening to what he said. So I’m still going to do that. Goes against my philosophy, which is the stick is way more effective than carrot. Yeah. I just don’t like it. So I think that for someone that speaks, uh, the says he speaks at conferences and it does all this, um, I hope that the, the, the rest of his portfolio, uh, gives them a better ability to make money. Um, I don’t see this, I see this being a fight. Now listen on after Nick for under a thousand or $1,500 on most of these name. Um, now I will say the health plan market now that I look at it is not a bad name at all.

I mean the, the, the health market or a health plan market is a big market. Uh, I don’t know what they would do with it and it’s certainly not going to be the market, the Obamacare market. But it might give you a little bit more information. There’s some good CPCs in the health plan, so I’m going to leave it at that. Let somebody else be nice. I again, I think he could do a little better. I bet Josh could take these names and spin 50 names. It would sell quicker than most of these names. That’s my thing. I’m done. All right. Yeah.

Thanks. [inaudible].

Who’s up next? Drew?

Um, I don’t hate them as much as you do. Um, but I agree these are not ideal domain names. It’s not, Hey, it’s, I just don’t even acknowledge them about that. Yeah, I mean, so like, you know, you’ve got a name like Ballantine and I’ve got a word right. And that’s really a domain has basically zero

liquid value. Now, if you wanted to go out and build a website and you know, seed it full of Ballantine quotes and allow, you know, some uh, user generated content for other people’s Valentine’s quotes and you could generate, you know, it’s got 10,000 exact Mac searches. There’s no advertising or 100 million different names.

Now drew, I’ll push back on you on that because it happens once per year. It’s not like you’re where people are typing in slang stuff. Like you built it out and you had, you had a good domain name, you built it out and you can generate advertising revenue. This isn’t an event that happens. Sorry, go ahead. All right, I cut you off. I realize you’re recommending anybody I agree with that. Um, my point is simply that it’s not a worthless name, right? Like there are, uh, go push back and say it is, I just let expire. Uh, I think yesterday,

uh, furniture All right. And I looked at the main smart, we’ve owned it for a number of years. You know, I, there’s, I think there’s like, I use a ton of, sorry, I think it was like 60,000 exact match searches a month. Right. For furniture online. But yeah, honestly, I just don’t want to carry that name any longer. Like, you know, at dot nets are not cheap anymore. And, um, I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ve ever had an inquiry and I’m not going to spend the time to go out and contact with the companies to see if somebody wants to buy for 2,500 bucks. And so, uh, I’m, I’m writing that girl and I’m letting a lot of names like it go. Um, so you know, that’s got four X the amount of search volume and a significantly higher cost per click with active advertisers. So I, yeah, I, it’s, it’s not going anywhere.

Um, I think my, so my point in talking about that is like other than name, uh, mobile software that’s yo, which that’s worthless because the only reason people buy Stasio domains is for brands not for exact match keywords. Um, and so, uh, Belgian that quotes is like the highest search volume of any name on the list and that one’s still a loser. Um, so I think, you know, best hotels in there’s something to be done with that. Probably somebody you can find who wants to buy that name, like that is, you know, there’s a thousand people a month in search for it, but it’s probably a high conversion keyword. There are active advertisers, just somebody out there that would benefit from best Miami hotels or whatever could have maintenance. That’s what tells them I. um, but again, there’s no broker that it’s going to do that.

So you can put a Biden oil price on it and hope it’s that person that can benefit from it shows up buying for 999 bucks or 1,499 bucks, whatever. But you know, um, you might be waiting a while, you could spend a couple hours contacting 50 to a hundred people, uh, 20 to 50 people that might benefit from it and you’ll make a thousand, 2000 bucks. Somebody probably will buy it, but it depends on where you are in your life. And if you know you’re going to contact 50 people, that’s going to take you 20 to 30 hours and between research, contact, follow up, et cetera. Um, you know, I don’t know if there’s probably better ways to make $1,000 then, um, you know, in a 20 to 30 year, a 20 to 30 hour period of time. So that’s where I look at it. I don’t see anything else that’s like really, you know, a great name on here. Uh, yeah, vitamin mate is a decent little a, that’s a decent little brand. I’m just taking a couple of her extensions.

Probably like 4,000, $999. Okay. What about the two? Ganjas ganja, ganja I mean, God, you company’s not common is worthless. Um, because like Laura were companies would be, well if it’s like a B2B name, right? Cause the companies, it’s like dodgy companies. It’d be like a directory of company and then nobody would take ganja. They would say, you know, cannabis or marijuana or you know, uh, MJ wouldn’t be ganja. And um, and then dontcha brownie, I didn’t see dodgy brownie. That’s not a bad name. I mean, nobody is zero search for it. Um, you know, but it’s a big enough market and it’s a hot enough market and there’s enough startups in that market that it’s worth keeping. Um, and again, I’d probably have to price you that. Like I probably probably set one a little higher, like five to 10 grand range. Five to nine grand. Um, okay. It’s not that liquid for that. It’s liquid for probably a couple of hundred bucks at max. Yeah. Mmm.

If we put this, if we put this whole thing at name jet, how much would this list generate in revenue?

Under $500. Yeah. Yeah. I would say under $300. I think there’s five names they would sell and one possibly two that would get more than one bid. What are the five? I think, uh, all right. Ready? Best hotels in Miami would sell bond report. I forgot both. My bond report I think is the best name actually because again, zero liquid value, it’s not taking any other extensions. There was nobody out there that needs to upgrade. Okay. Mmm. First of all, we’re heading into bombs are going to be the tipping point that will cause the next financial crisis. And so, you know, bonds are going to be a big topic. Bonds are one of the biggest segments of the investment world and bond report, just like stock report or domain report or you know, any investment report, a bond report. I don’t know how else you would say, uh, there’s no search volume.

Again, there’s no search volume, but certainly there are people reading reports about funds and that’s a decent little brand for somebody who does the research analysis and puts out those reports. So I did bond report that Tom, you know, uh, for the right entity. Like if Charles Schwab decides they’re going to start issuing a bond report and most of my body, they’ll pay you 15 grand for that name, 25 grand for that name. You know, that’s a 10 to $25,000 a main. When the stars align, when that, when somebody decides they’re going to watch something called bond report and they have, you know, they’re like a, a serious company. This will be a product or a service that they’re going to launch. Um, it probably will not be a company name, you know, so it’s, uh, I think it’s the only name on it that has actually some like real, you know, you get it to the five figures, uh, potential. Um, doesn’t have a lockdown report though. Not taking any of her extension, no search volume, no advertisers, not much going forward, but it’s one of those names that just could be a sleeper. Um, so anyways, so, so we got five names is best or tells my Amy Bond report, um, keeps on sleeping. Uh mm. Dodger brownie. Mmm. Yeah. What was the other one I like? Okay. Yeah. Maybe my IRA plan. Probably not tax-free status vitamin mate. Pardon me? Okay. There’s my bad. Okay, that’s fine.

Thanks Mike. All right, I’m going to tell Chris a, the domains that I would hold, the domains I would drop and like w if I were him, what strategy I would use. Now this is based on a very small portion of his portfolio, these and looking at these. So take what we say with a grain of salt and we don’t know everything. Like I looked at bond report and I thought I would drop it cause like James Bond, I’m going to come out with a report. Nobody’s issuing any reports about bonds. I don’t think that there’s any report to be, but I don’t think I, okay. So what worse reports about bonds, how else? I mean go search for report and send me one about bonds right now. Um, how a plan I would keep, I think the keyword phrases, health plan finder or health plan marketplace.

Um, there’s one comp health play, health plan guide sold for $3,000, just a in 2016 so I think it’s got some legs, but depending on what happens in the U S where I think this is, um, the big market for that, we could go to Medicare for all and then nobody needs a health plan market at all. So, you know, I’d probably, I would set a price on it. I would price it between 20 $510,000 and I would try and sell it rather than waiting for people to come to you and make an offer and negotiate a, it’s not a 10 a hundred thousand dollar domain name. Just set a price that you think is fair. Hope that somebody like hits the buy it now button. Just just send me a room for it.

Increase my run. No, I didn’t cry. I maintained the same 10 to $25,000 valuation. However, I am increasing my expected sales velocity in this domain. I think if you were to apply approach this company bond uh, who has a bond report card for every bond, giving it a rating, like a, like a, like a true that company move consumer reports or something. [inaudible] morning star. Morning star, moody, moody. Moody’s is the bond. So, you know, I think, uh, yeah, I think Moody’s or bond view, I think one of these companies pays you 10 to 25 grand for this name.

Yeah. All right. I like it. And there’s a great point that you need to do research on your own domains. And maybe Chris knew this already. I typed in bond report into Google. I didn’t see any reports I saw. I can look up stuff really free, really fast and free on Yahoo and other sites. And so, um, yeah, I’d probably hold on it. So I liked that one. I like my IRA Well I think it’s okay. I think it’s a marketing name. I think it’s like a $2,500. Buy it now. Again, somebody has the budget, they click on it, they’re going to use it as a marketing name for the Schwab IRA or whatever. Um, uh, and I like

mobile because it’s a defensive registration. If you go into LinkedIn and you type in mobile software and you search companies, there is actually a mobile There’s a mobile software in Germany, uh, using a dot D there’s a mobile, there’s a few others. You know, there are a bunch that I would drop on this list that is not, when I would drop, I would price it. It’s a defensive registration for another company. Let them come to you and make it easy for them to buy. I wouldn’t want to give you one caveat on that. Yeah cause that’s, those are really expensive for renewals. You know you’re talking about 18 bucks. I think on the low end up 40 bucks. I would do that for a 12 month period of time. Like I would, I would maybe eat one more renewal. I put a buy now I put, I put put a buy now and eat one more renewal and if it doesn’t sell you let it go. Yeah.

Yeah. And I think for all of your drops, whatever you’re thinking of dropping and that one too, put a buy now price on it. If it doesn’t renew, just let it expire. Invest press a lot. I do not like the best hotels in Germany. The best hotels in for the same reason that I don’t like the Valentine I think it’s just too niche and Google has changed and now they’re prioritizing these like Expedia and and you know, there is just too easy for them and you’re not going to rank high. And it’s a lot of words. I don’t know. Developing those niches, niche websites anymore. And so I don’t want to hold those domain names, so I’m getting rid of those. I do not. I would drop Ballantine at the end of the renewal at the end of the registration period.

Tech I would drop, I would drop e-com rankings. I don’t even know. I think it’s just e-commerce. I dunno what rankings you have for e-commerce. I could be wrong. Like I didn’t think bond report was that good, but I, I changed my mind by listening. Group garden, Is that a thing? Uh, Shane called a tree drop. Drop all those. I wouldn’t do that. So sorry. I have a plan. I want to talk plants. We’re gonna, we’re gonna. We’re gonna talk plants, we’ll just shows over. All right. And so my strategy for you, Chris, uh, is all your domains seem to be parked or at least the ones that I typed in, I think parking is hella confusing for regular people. If somebody wants to buy my, our IRA, well if it’s my IRA plan, it’s going to be a company that probably wants to buy it.

But if it’s like, I dunno, estate tax, let’s say there is some estate tax pro out there that wants to buy it and they hit a, uh, a random, uh, parked page, they’re going to get confused. They don’t know how to contact you. Just get a landing page up for these, you know, if they’re making any money, if they’re not making their own red fee per year, just put it on a 40 day landing page. Make it easy for people to contact you, set up, buy it now price. If they’re not great domains, which you know, many of these are under $10,000. So I think you should set up by now price, um, drop the ones at the end of the year, save that money, put them into something better. Um, you know, take advantage of the impulse buying for the buy it nows and make sure these domain names with thereby announce their prices are listed after Nick and CDOT so that their MLS partners can show them in the registration path you’re losing out on potential sales by not getting them in the registration path. And the ones that I checked weren’t in there. So, so that’s, that’s what you need to do to be more successful with these types of domain names.

Okay, cool. Thanks. Um, I sent you garden shade because, uh, he is over here in the desert like I am. And garden shade is the thing that you buy, like, yeah, every, every playground, every basketball. I mean, you can’t go outside without garden shade or MREs. Um, but anyway, that’s on the sellers rack on Chris’s list. I didn’t know what a seller’s rack was until I type it into Google, but I don’t think that anybody that manufacturers racks that retailers use to display stuff, column sellers record things to go to sellers in order to buy them. Yeah, exactly. We’re going to buy racks for his nurseries. Yeah, yeah. We just call them racks rats. Yeah. Where do you get your racks from? You know, I actually don’t have it off. I have tons, some of the nicest racks in the business. Wow. Oh guys. Um, thank you so much Chris, for sending over your portfolio and for your donation to Fred Hutch. Um, that is really important. And um, I hope that you appreciate their, uh, their thoughts on your domains. Um, and before we jump into, to me, it’s going to auction soon. Let’s hear from our advertisers who support us in this educational mission.

EFTY was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at That’s E F T Y .com.

So time for the Namejet marketplace list. Thank you. To name jet for sponsoring this segment of the review. We’re reviewing demeans headed to auction soon. If you’d like one of the names below, click through soon because you lose your chance to see them once the auction begins. Uh, for transparency Sherpas, are you, do you own or are you brokering any of the names? Nope. No. All righty. Um, let’s get down to business. Drew, you’re up first here. What do you like? All right. Mmm, that’s cute. So, uh, I will say just starting off that, like, I think it was yesterday or yesterday was Monday, um, I got, you know, the newsletter from name jet or feature newsletter, and I think it was legitimately the best list of domains. Uh, aye maybe ever seen from them. Like just a number of great names where I’m like, Whoa, wow, I want to bid on that, or I’m good on that. There was like 40% of the names in the list. I was like, we’d love to. So, um, anyways, but this list is also good. Um, there’s nothing on your, I, I’m wide over the top about. Um, but most of the names are good. Um, I think VIP is dot column is obviously the best domain. Um, bunch of different use cases for that. Um, but you know, VIP is

not like it’s a six figure name, no matter how do you slice it. Um, I think the plural makes it a little tricky, probably doesn’t, uh, sell as easily or as quickly as one might expect, uh, with a brand like that. But, um, I, I do think that there’s, um, I, I sort of have this overall hypothesis that anywhere that you, you want to be in the luxury market or you want to be targeting to VIBS, you want to be targeting the 1%, because, um, until we fix this system that we’ve got, it will continue to increase the amount of wealth in the top and decrease the amount of wealth at bottom. You want to be targeting luxury products, the luxury market, even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, the luxury market is still going to do well. And so, um, I liked that market. I liked VIP. I like things that promote the high end. Mmm. So yeah, I like that name. I think, you know, I don’t know if I’m going to [inaudible] bid for it or not, but I’d probably pay yeah. 10 to 15 grand for it and feel pretty good. Mmm.

I think

get uncomfortable above that number, but might go to 20, 25 on the best day. Um, but I, I think I’m, you know, I really like it in that 10, 15 range. Um, and then again, I’d probably be pricing at approximately 10, 10 times that one 50 maybe. Mmm. And then, uh, I liked a lot. I, I love to learn about words. I always have. I just liked them. Um, I like to enter domains in general. Uh, I will be bidding for and I want P S. dot. Org. I like it. Um, you, uh, the market seems to be around 10 grand. I picked up two of them in, in the name’s Khan auction, I think. And I think I paid one of my paid like five grand. So did you know this was obviously good, although I don’t know exactly. Even though PS is like something everybody knows, I don’t know what you do with it. Mmm. But, uh, I like it. I think, you know, I’ll, I’ll certainly pay, uh, up to 10 grand for it. We’ll see what happens.

Okay. Without any, now I feel like that’s something that we would review here on Sherpa where you say you don’t have any business case for it or any idea how someone would use How do you align those two lines of thinking? Is it because it’s a two letter?

Yeah, purely because it’s two letters. So there’s two ways that I think about domains. One is like, or I guess three ways you’ve got your branded bowls, which is like, you know, they’ve got a limit maybe on their value. Um, you got to hit the sweet spot. It’s more about pricing than else. Um, then you’ve got, you know, like just generic keywords which grow the full spectrum so that, that, that can be like a one, Um, that can also just be like, like a generic high search keyword. Like, I don’t know, uh, insurance Right. Um, and uh, and then you’ve got, so, so in those cases, it’s like, I’m not going to buy a brandable or a keyword domain unless I see a commercial channel for it, like a commercial outlet, uh, commercial use case and, and, and, and, uh, you know, a thriving business that, that thriving business or vertical or industry or niche that I think has the money and probably some desire to own this name when it comes to, um, uh, two letters, three letters, whether it’s dot org

Dot net. Um, I look at it very differently. Um, you know, I’m still looking for commercial intent. I’m still looking for, you know, how many trademarks might there be, how many different companies use that acronym on, you know, Crunchbase, LinkedIn, et cetera. Um, Wikipedia, but, um, really comes down to stairs. And so, you know, there’s a liquid value. And I think, you know, I was listening to your, uh, I forgot which episode it was, but I was listening to a few Demain Sherpas yesterday and Shane said, uh, you know, he was investing in for Again, that’s like, he just looks at it like putting money in the bag. And that’s kinda how I look at this stuff. It’s like I’m buying it to [inaudible] dot com [inaudible] dot com to get it off the ward. If I’m paying somewhere around what the market price is, give or take, it’s money in the bank and it comes through a lottery ticket of not lottery tickets for probably at least five to 10 X what I paid. So very little downside, generally speaking. I mean, look it hard actually to save with very little downside because if you bought a three in 2015 November, uh, today you, you’re down 70%. So, um, that, it’s hard to say there’s no downside, but [inaudible] speaking, you’re pretty, pretty well projected. And, um, [inaudible] uh, particularly, you know, in the market, wholesale prices are on, these types of names are pretty deflated at the moment as opposed to inflated like they were in 2015 so,

Oh you have to get this. Let me ask you about that drew. Um, because if I look the last three years of two, selling on name bio, it’s they sell for between 90 to a hundred dollars and $28,000. And so if you pay $10,000 for this domain name, one might argue that you have very limited upside for that $10,000 that’s locked up. Now to your point

and to Shane’s point from the last show, the Halloween show where he does talk about it’s money in the bank, I can always get my money out as long as you’re not buying it the high like 2015 I agree with you. But isn’t it better to take that $10,000 and buy a better dumped in by a domain name that has a greater, you know, upside like supercharged, like clearly that one was more. But like, if you can spend $10,000, maybe spend $22,000 and you have a full 10 times potential versus like a two times potential. So I’m going to make a couple of comments. One is I think it’s important to have a diverse portfolio. Like it isn’t anything. Um, and I think that because, you know, um, not that I’ve been in this business forever, but I’ve been in it long enough to watch several different cycles.

Right? And unlike when I came in exact match, domains were everything right? And then exact match means became nothing. And then, uh, when I started, you could buy on main pros, you could buy a, Oh shit, the name I vowed never to say. You could buy a two for 40 to $80,000. Um, regularly, regularly they were being sold there for 40 to eight grand. And, uh, even 30 grand maybe. Yeah, you could buy, you know, nobody cared. You could buy three-letter dot com for 750 to $1,500 you could buy. Totally so and so the name of the game is diverse. You don’t know what’s going to go. Exactly. And this shit changes in flux. They shift exact match domains are making a huge comeback. Nobody agrees with me, but let me fucking tell you exact match domains. Good ones, really good ones are making a comeback and um, uh, you know, and the diversification, I agree fall off a cliff.

So you want to own a little bit of everything and, and things go out of favor but then they come back company, you know, it just, it changes. And so, um, I think if you are really invested in domains and you are committed to, you know, you’re, you’re going to be investing with demands for a period of time going forward. Then you want to own, you know, things that maybe they’re not the most popular thing today, but they will be five or 10 years from now or they could be, and you know when you’re buying a domain like a which I don’t know when it was registered exactly, but it has to have been like a 92 to 95 somewhere in that period of time its original registration was for sure that, that’s fine. And um, you know, I, I didn’t know the demand’s been there for 30 years.

Like yeah, it’s just not going anywhere and like I don’t mind tying up that money and yes, I’m willing to sacrifice some upside because I’m limiting my downside. So I, you know, the risk premium that’s associated there. Um, I like having certain, I like having liquid assets. I like being able to like change that the other day. Once in a while, you know, cashflow is tight. We’ve made a lot acquisitions. There’s something really hot I want. I can take I might lose 20%, definitely not more than that. And I can just go shovel that off to somebody in 24 hours. And uh, like I like having these, these, you know, whenever everybody used to wear that you use that chips, the word chips. I like it because of the physical connotation. I like the thought of like the poker chips. It was like stacking chips. I used to buy it before better dot. Collins threw that at our cousin. It was just like stacking chips because I knew that if I wanted, if I needed cash, I could just take a chip and throw it on the table. Boom. I got cash.

That’s what these chips were all about. Yeah. Um, for me. Right. And so that’s, that’s why that’s, yeah, you’re absolutely right. I can take $10,000 and invested into a name that will generate a much higher return. Uh, that comes with more risk, uh, potentially more risk. It comes with potentially, if we’re looking at $10,000 a month, we’re looking at what can I buy for 10 grand, right. Um, yeah. Most things are going to be more risky than than that. Although like I just saw three sell for 10 grand. They are, they like, you could buy it through [inaudible] dot com I don’t care what the letters are for 10 grand. You might lose money in the short term if the market goes down to eight grand, but it ain’t going with Lauren, right? Yeah. I haven’t seen tens, you know, I haven’t seen three little dotcoms under 10 grand and,

and here’s the thing I think that’s super important is consistency. Like the stock market, you know, I’ve been buying four letters for 10 years. I buy them when I buy them when they’re high. So for all the times that I lost during the Chinese craze two years ago, I bought at a good price and now I’m buying it a good price. If you just look at individual times, you can judge them. But I like the stock market. The most money I’ve ever made was when the stock market crashed. If you want to look at it that way. Because I kept putting in the same amount of money I always put into the market and I was getting it super cheap so you could, you know,

80% of all of his money in like, I think it was like four or five investments and all of them corresponded to you know, absolute financial disaster in the markets. But

so staying consistent with it, you know, I, I say store of value because there consistently is it. I have a chance to sell them for a lot more, but I don’t have a great chance of losing [inaudible] as long as I keep doing it. So even if I take 3000 the, some of them that were worth 3000 I paid a hundred and then some of the ones I have had to pay a thousand or 3000 for a couple of years ago. I’m now getting for 800 and I’m sticking with my plan of what names I buy sees at the end, you know? And when it’s all said and done, I’m 100% confident that my types of name that I’ve purchased will be worth a lot more. Not at a certain point in time, but at the end of when I’m ready.

And that confidence is built on your experience and on the thoughts of other industry experts who you bounce things off of. Because sometimes, you know, I talk to people who are 100% confident of their domains too, but they don’t have the experience and other people’s, um,

confidence is, there’s a lot of different forms of confidence and how you get it. Some are better than others, but when it comes to this, it’s not sexy. It’s not, you’re not going to sell one for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if I don’t have anything else to buy, and I don’t want to put it in a bank, I mean to me, I know I can get a better return. And then you say, well, what if you miss out on other opportunities and make sure I have money in the bank so I don’t miss out on opportunities. I don’t spend it all. I just keep doing what we’re doing.

It was shame you in that dirty hat. Plenty sexy right there. That I don’t know what happened to your usual visor, but that is the dirtiest hat.

No, no, no, no. I got, I could go. I can go 15 feet around the corner. I got plenty dirty. I got empty. This one doesn’t smell. I got some that are dirty and smell the dudes do the Gardner, you know? Yeah. Somebody called me Mike Rowe the other day. They’re like, Hey dude, do you ever know, you think you look like Mike Rowe and I’m like, Mike. Oh, dirty jobs guy. Yeah, I got it.

Yeah. You don’t look like you look like the guy who was married to Joe Joe on a, that HDTV show. Oh yeah. That’s who you look like. What does that go with Joanna? She’s nice looking woman. She’s going to games and a chip games. What’s the, uh, yeah, I dunno. I just got to edit that part out. Shane says, I wish I was married to her.

Yeah, I think my wife does. I think my wife would be married to her too. She loves it.


nice. All right. Okay. Who’s next? Drew. You were first and really got into it there all. Alright.

I like, I like two of them. I like P S. dot. Org. Um, you know, part of what we do trying to do here on the name jet list is fine domains that we think new investors would like. And I think that everything that drew said about was right on the money, but I think it’s going to sell for a lot of money at name jet. And I don’t think that newer investors are willing to spend that much, nor do I think that they should put that much of a limited budget into a, um, two So I agree with everything that drew said. I like it. I think it’s one of the two best on the three best on the list. Um, like VIP [inaudible] dot com it’s going to sell for five figures and uh, and I wouldn’t recommend it for a newer investor, but I could see drew snapping that up and I could see him like a month later saying, you know what, I just sold for 150,000 and I wouldn’t buy it because I just, I don’t like the VIP S like if you’re a VIP, come to VIP yeah, it’s hard I tongue.

But having said that, this is the perfect type of domain that drew would buy and make money off of. So I think those two are good. And then the other one that I really like is dare to it’s a colloquialism. It’s a one. How’d I miss that? That is second on the list. These are the types of domains that Mike Berkins would sell day in and day out. He got in and I’m on an Earl monkey. John, if you go sold for 18,000. Buying my over 10,000. These are the phrases that people use and they’ll buy. And so I think it’s a, it’s a solid domain. Dare to dream. Um, if that’s $79 right now, I go, I went and put my bid in like as soon as possible. It’s gonna sell for, I dunno, a few thousand bucks. Um, and I don’t know if I want to lock up a few thousand bucks on it, but I feel like that we have a lot.

It’s a great one. Um, you know, things that I don’t like are, I don’t like I’m not sure what I would use that for. I don’t like shop Like if I were to buy a domain, I’d buy a domain. Like, like a Shane has what does a toolbox like it’s a brand, not like a keyword domain. Yes, yes. And then a couple of tools in the chest. You were, yeah. Um, and then, uh, I don’t like name I think there’s the kind of domain that would sell. And then investor’s going to sit on like 1,018 hundred bucks for years. It’s like DNS hosting. It’s just too niche for somebody to actually make use of. Um, I was going to say I didn’t like cyber but if it were Seiger host, I might like it actually. And then when I did research it, there are a bunch of companies names cyber this or that, like cyber experts or cyber SciGirls cyber games or cyber attorney was even sold recently.

So I sort of liked that one more, but I looked at it. But um, in general, yeah, I haven’t been buying anything at name jet. I feel like the names are too expensive at the wholesale price for me to buy recently. Mmm. So, you know, that’s where I am dare to dream P S. dot. Org. Mmm. And then, uh, yeah, I, I don’t think I would take any of the other ones may be certificates, but I don’t specialize in Spanish domains, but I think that that one could be good for that market. Okay. All right. Thanks Mike. Shane, what are you thoughts?

No, we’re all on the exact same page. Um, I mean VIP is, is good, but I’m right there. It’s not something, yes. Just, and again, the fact that it’s camel case with just one V makes it look like VIPs and you think what’s, and so, uh, that tells you a little bit of something, um, on what people were thinking of the name. The person that typed out the list may not have seen VIP, uh, when they saw it. But yeah, the, yeah. when I first came in to domain investing, I, those were the only two letter that I could afford. So I bought like and that was my big expenditures and there was always like a 10, 20% easy flip back in the day on the board for those types of names. But now that you’re in the $10,000 range, uh, yeah, it’s not for everybody.

But like Michael Jordan said, you know, don’t criticize me for spending $1 million on a golf game because that’s the same as you spend in 20 you know, so, so for drew to come in and buy that for 10 grand, percentage wise, it’s just a part of his portfolio. But for a guy that has 15,000 in his portfolio, it’s probably not the best way to spend it. Yeah, I mean I like the name payment plans. I look at it and I think, wow, that’s, I dunno what you do in it. I mean, I just have no idea what, how you would establish that.

It’s just such a key word, focus domain name. And it has no exact match search. Basically the singular is 1600 per month and I was a bit, you know, I worked at GE capital and city group and so financial names appealed to me and so this appealed to me and I just, there’s no advertising. There’s a company called partial dot L Y that does payment plans as a service for other companies. But I just don’t know if the market is big enough for a keyword domain name. You know, to Drew’s point like a 20 minutes ago, he’s like exact matches are hot at the tier one level and this is a tier two and it could sell, but I don’t think I’d put my money into it.

Yeah. You get so many people that say this industry is huge. These are exactly the words I said. You haven’t, nobody’s going to build on that. I mean, I get it and I understand that this is a big market, but that doesn’t make it a great name. Yeah. And that’s why I used to get on people with the VR VR, this VR that. And I go name the company that has VR in their name and then I’ll get excited. There’s not

aye. Aye. Aye. We have to go back and look. There was an episode where we talked about all these four letter VR names. Yeah. And uh, I think, I think an event alleys

Andy and I was totally shitting on him because he bought like, Oh yeah, that’d be AR or VR AI. And I was like [inaudible] you just take it like a, I forgot Campbell’s alphabet soup of like acronyms. Yeah. You know, like how does VR make the AI part more valuable? B R a L please. And then the name sold a couple of months ago. Sold for like $75,000 or something. So it sold, I don’t remember. I’m sure it was a public sale. Yeah, I was, I saw that scale and I was like, Oh man.

Yeah, no, I mean we learn, there’s, there’s, we’re always learning things that we don’t know about certain niches. Um, you know, we’re learning. You go there. No, no way. So when people ask me, what do you think of the value and it’s not in my wheelhouse, I tell them what it is. I’m like, you don’t know that this and that. And I’m like, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know every single industry in the world. And I don’t know,

which is why I hesitate when people like Chris case submit their portfolio because we don’t know everything. Like I look at bond report and I’m like, I don’t see any advertising. I don’t see any search volume, I don’t think it’s a great domain name, but then Drew’s like, I see it. So that’s why you sort of need different perspectives, um, on this. But also like if people send in a brandable portfolio, this is all, you know, I could look at it and say this is all worthless and they can get a 2% sell through rate and if they haven’t enough domain names, now they’re making money and they’re making 20, $30,000 a year off this portfolio because it’s just, it’s like we’re soup sometimes and people like that. Yeah. At least in my perspective, I just don’t get brandable at all. I’ll bog Quito. But you know, other brand bubbles, like on brand bucket, I’m like where are they even coming up with these words? No, it’s, it’s a,

yeah, you’re just, you’re just making up words

losing so much money and brand bucket fees. Like, like most of the names on there are just garbage and people are paying them to list the names. I just can’t imagine like one thing to go out and buy these terrible mains. But then to like double down, it’s like, well I don’t hang that much to get them listed on Brad and buck and brand buckets. It doesn’t matter what it is, but they’re paying something. Yeah. It’s a dollar a dollar to have any really nothing. They’re not making it.

It’s a dollar and three weeks of your life.

So what does that, cause that gets you that, that that gets your view. Yeah. Okay. Got it. Yeah.

Yeah. By the way, cluck has not been approved. It’s been three weeks now. They didn’t say no, they just, it’s like a girlfriend from high school. I just got ghosted.

Yeah. We’re, we’re doing a whole, uh, I’ve got a new teaching assistant on DND Academy that I’m going to give a shout out to that has been improving brandable

improving that quantum, the information that we have about the marketplaces and how to get them submitted. And we did that show last week. You can get onto squad and submit Randall’s for free and make money. They’ll register them if they get accepted. Um, so Eileen’s is doing a phenomenal job on stuff like that. And I get on there and I’m like, I just don’t, I just don’t understand these. Thank God you came to work with me Ilene. Cause she makes money and there are people making money with brandable and that’s like, I think it’s the best place. If you are creative oriented, that is the best place to make money today.

Yeah. Travis sold it and I can’t remember but I think his six of them in one month last month, just fantastic month. And you know why one month versus another, I don’t know. But he made enough that month to pay for all his names and to prove his business model. Correct. And Josh is the same way. So if you just look at me and you say is it successful? I go, my two partners are killing it. But that’s a small window. I think they’re smarter than your average person. I really do. People say that’s a bold statement. I do. I know Travis, I know Josh, they’re pretty smart guys.

They are smart. They’re also experienced and have access to talk to the top minds in the industry and that makes all the difference. To get, they can talk to me,

which is just good storytelling. But other than that it’s, I see what you’re saying.

This was a good show. Um, but long you guys still have time. Yeah,

that’s fine. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got a slide here pretty soon, but I have some very important stuff to talk about with sharing.

Okay. All right, well then let’s say goodbye to the Sherpa network and you guys can talk gardening. Um, definitely. Thank you guys for taking your time, uh, away from your gardening questions to be here. This is really important work that we do, um, through the Sherpa network. Thanks for joining us. Uh, please comment below if you have anything you want to say. And uh, sheriffs on shout outs, shout outs. I didn’t know, I thought we ran out of time.

People, you know, they come on the show they needed, this is payment payment. Shaya gets a shout out. We get there, you know, promote.

All right. All right. Michael Seiger shouted at right

shout outs. I am giving shout outs to the people who pulled over on highway two because they saw me sitting on the side of the road and the freezing cold cause they just needed like a 10 minute break when I was running a marathon every day for, uh, for 12 days. Um, and they’re like, are you okay? Do you need a ride? I’m like, there’s just no to sit. I just have to sit on the freezing cold ground. So, uh, if you, if you haven’t heard, I ran a 323 miles from Seattle to Spokane in 13 days. I had to take a day off and beautiful Wilbur population 800, uh, because my quadricep was hurting. Shout out to Shane who, uh, talked me through, you know, we did a couple of phone calls along the way, um, and, uh, got me through there and my wife who got me on my lows, but it was just this phenomenal experience that I, uh, going into it, I’m like 50, 50, whether I think I can do this or not, but I ran 12 days of an average of 26.9 miles per day [inaudible] and it was pretty phenomenal.

And I’m, but a month later, and I’m, I think I, yesterday I ran eight miles without any pain, so that’s good. Um, wow. That went out to a lien carrier. Alene is our new teaching assistant at DND Academy. She’s been with us since August and she’s fantastic. She specializes almost entirely on brandable domain names, so she’s making up these words. Uh, she’s, uh, she’s a lawyer, professional practicing lawyer. Uh, and she’s also a, a word nerd and I love word nerds and they put words together and they figure out like markets that are big and how they can get words. And it’s something that I wish I could do. And I just can’t after all these years of trying. So I’m so happy that she’s come aboard because she’s helping figure out, uh, the different, the four different major marketplaces like brand Palm brand bucket and squad help. It’s another one.

And, uh, their commissions and how they work and their processes and what kinds of names they like. And so we’re putting all of that into Deanna Academy and she’s fantastic at providing feedback on valuations to students in our private discussion forum. And anyways, she’s doing some great stuff. You get newsletters if you’re a student from her nowadays. Uh, and I love, I love her insights. She’s a great compliment to me. Um, and uh, yeah, so we brought on GoDaddy, uh, after Nick as a corporate training provider at DNH Academy a few months ago and uh, and we’re happy to have them along. [inaudible] any other large registrars brokerages, uh, registries, wants to train their staff, reach out to [email protected]. We’re happy to put together a package for you that’s either customized like we do with unit registry and we bring in their customized training. Like how their phone system works and how their internal policies work and it’s all integrated into DND Academy with our content or, or just separate, um, separated out. And then, uh, finally we’ve got a couple of really big development projects in the works at DND Academy. Uh, really exciting stuff that’s going to help students do their reviews, uh, do their evaluations, um, much better and faster and more accurately. Uh, and another project, um, by a guy that probably everybody knows James Isles over in the U K he’s a lot of writing

for the company that shall not be mentioned according to drew. Um, and he’s just a great guy and he’s working on a big project for us that’s going to help. Uh, all right. Everybody in the industry. Um, and so shout out to James, uh, for, for being a part of DND Academy and helping with that. So that should probably launch in the next month or so. Um, James is doing some writing for us as well. He’s a sharp guy. Good guy, good guy, good guy. And he’s doing some case studies for us. Okay. Great writer role. Nice. That’s all I got.

Thanks for having me. Thanks for coming back, man. Always good to have you. Early in the morning. Mike broke no time zone. I do have a policy. I don’t like to, to interact with people before noon, but no, it tells me to call him later. Yeah, I skipped swimming for you guys. That’s how much I love you guys. Wow, thanks. I think, all right, change, shout out. Uh, well as usual. Thanks everybody for coming every morning to, uh, reading my ramblings every morning about everything but domains. When I start off my daily list, um, you know, shout out to NamesCon. I’ve been really tough on him the last couple of weeks. Just, uh, you know, that’s a beauty of not really having to worry about anything. I can state my opinions and, and say what I think needs or doesn’t need to be done in the industry. And I’ve been pretty hard on them.

What I expect, you know, we’re coming to, you know, I just spent $2,500 to come to Austin to see my friends. And, uh, I’m really looking forward to it. Names. Tom has always been good, but I think it’s really important to also give us a reason to go there besides you three. I mean, I absolutely look forward to going to the conference for, I would say 2000 to just come and have dinner with you again. I mean, that’s how much I enjoy talking with my friends. But, um, I’m really open. They put some things together and I get to listen to some people that are smarter than us. They can teach us things that we don’t know. I love you guys. I love Brayden, but, uh, maybe, maybe somebody I haven’t seen before and I can learn some things. So I’m hoping, uh, I open to everybody goes to NamesCon.

I hope we all, uh, you know, voice our opinion of what we’d like to see, give us some good ideas, you know, help them become better. So that’s a, that’s what I’d like to say. And I’m, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going, yeah, I, uh, I am going to defend names, gone for one second or I’m not going to defend means Congress. Really, I’m going to just say that. Um, I’ve been having some super in depth conversations with them, with the whole team and, um, on a call on a couple of very, very specific

topics. And, uh, they’ve totally embraced, uh, the ideas that I’ve given them [inaudible] running with it. And, and I think, I think if they pull off what we’ve discussed, if they move, uh, ahead and they implement the things that we’ve talked about, um, I think that this will be actually, I don’t want to set expectations too high, but this potentially could be one of the most impactful domain conferences in a very long time, if not ever, uh, they’re, they’re gonna set out to, uh, you know, I, it’s not my job say what they’re going to do, but, but what I understand is if they’re going to set out with some very specific objectives, uh, there will be tangible that will be measurable and, um, uh, it would be collaborative. And there’s going to be, it’s going to be some very, hopefully he’s going to be some very, very important and interesting results that will come out of this, uh, this conference if they, if they, if they manage it. And, um, you know, it’s not an easy task, but, uh, and I hate to be so vague, but it’s just not my, it’s not my, it’s not my place to, to, to, you know, tell you what’s for dinner. I’m trying to decide if they’re gonna have like nice, good cheesecake.

I guess what it comes down to is that I think we’re really at a tipping point in our industry. I think that, uh, you know, the people that have been doing this for a while, you know, we’ve all made decent money because you mean values have gone up. Uh, more and more people need to own them if you’ve made good decisions. I, you know, it’s like some of these, uh, throwback articles that Raymond has been posting from Martin, from Barb Birkins like five and 10 years ago. You know, it’s like, it really is that simple. If you were in this business for the last 10 years, 20 years, ah, if you understood how to value a domain, and if you were actively buying and selling domains during that period of time, you’ve made money. And if you didn’t know how to value a domain and you did the same thing, then you’ve lost money.

And it really is that simple. And, um, that’s been fine. And we are where we are and we’ve got, you know, domain Sherpa, yeah. Academy, we’ve got, you know, and all of these things or you know, really let’s say in the last five years, you know, you started a dementia six, seven years ago, you know, but it was really like the last five where it got [inaudible] sort of had the whole industry knew about to being sure Penn was watching, you know, uh, at least some of the episodes. And Mmm. I think we’re at a tipping point. I think they’d like, there’s a lot of fact macro factors, no apps going the way everything going. Web native people don’t trust social media. Mmm. You know, the, the, the, the downslide commercial real estate. And in the brick and mortar world. And that value transfer going online as the value follows the commerce, the underlying assets, which, or the domain names I believe will appreciate value.

We’re just kind of, a lot of things are, you know, there’s a whole cryptocurrency thing, open people’s eyes to digital assets. Uh, the way in which we can transact in digital assets, good platforms and the availability. These things are all changing and there’s a lot of things changing, uh, faster outside of domains than it is inside of domains. In a world of digital assets and domains are the original digital asset. There’s some decisions that need to be made. There’s some things that need to be done in this industry in order to catch up, in order to not be leapfrogged in order to extract the value that we should be attracting. And they’re not things that I can do. They’re not things that go daddy can do their things. It’d be neat to do as an industry. Mmm. And, and I agree with you Jane. I think I’m, I, I basically, and this is why I sell them the response or anything anymore because I really look at these two main conferences as a social event.

I like going and visiting you guys having dinner and then drinks, you know, doing our thing. I like getting up on stage and sharing my ideas. Um, I like seeing people I haven’t seen, I liked. I think it’s just important as that for any industry to come together once in a while there’s just the [inaudible] transfer of knowledge that happens consciously or unconsciously and all that is super important. But right now we’re at a point in time where things need to happen. We need to make some changes. As an industry we not even changes. We just need to agree on some things. And, um, uh, I think, uh, there’s an opportunity, uh, I’ve given some ideas, my ideas, uh, to the name’s con crew, um, about what I think are the two or three most important things that need to happen in the domain industry. It does not, it affects my business affects everybody says, but it’s not directly correlated my business.

There’s zero self promotion here. Um, but I love domains. Domains have been good to me and my family are good to my business. Uh, I love domain names. I love this business. I want to see continue, I want to see it thrive and to make that happen we need to do some things. So, uh, what I’m hoping and what I think is going to happen is this conference, it’s not unlike others, is that there will be measurable goals where we as an industry are going to make some decisions like it or not participate or not. I think there are going to be some important decisions made and if we can get any type of consensus around those decisions, I think it will be a potentially game changing over the next couple of years. And I think it will lead to a tremendous amount of prosperity for all of us who are in the domain industry right now. Because I think that we are extracting at best five, 10% of the enterprise value of these names. And I think we have zero chance of ever extracting more than that unless we solve some of these problems that

Mmm. It need collected,


address it. I’m just looking, you’re there for draining. In addition to that, that there is going to be actual real substance. I’m hoping.

Okay. Just one, two or three sessions of somebody outside the industry that’s informative and entertaining or, and, or,

and Anna want to say, I’m glad it’s in Austin because I haven’t been to Austin before. I don’t think it was a pain in the bottom to fly to Austin. I, you know, I don’t know how anybody [inaudible], I don’t know how they can have so much business in Austin and the, and the airport is so terrible. So that’s my feedback. But I’ve also been pinged by people saying, Oh, are you going to name Connor? Are you going to leave on Saturday? I’m like, stay for Saturday for the people that went to Lisbon and they stayed for the Saturday beach day and you got to go surfing and you and people that didn’t want to serve just hung out on the beach. And we played volleyball or we just hung out at the bar. They bought drinks for everybody. I hope they’re going to do the same thing again. It was awesome. Like I hung out with people that I’d never met before that I knew by face. It’s a different situation. You’re in different clothes. You’re not in a, in a conference room. It’s a great way to share information, get to know some other people. Um, so I highly recommend staying. I liked that part of Lisbon and I’m looking forward to it again. Uh, at this next name con conference. Yeah,


There you go. See what I see that worm. Can I open

Austin lots? I’m getting into 1130 the night before. Like it’s horrible. Me too. 10 o’clock, 10 30 then I get bored. Yeah.

Wait for me right there. I go every year to visit a friend and now it’s, it works out perfectly for me so I can later. I love, I love the town. It’s an amazing town. There’s no doubt about it. Yeah. I’m looking forward to going off to now. It’s going to be good. You know, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be good. It’s always good. I just, when I give somebody money, I expect certain things. That’s just how

exactly. Yeah.

Shut up in Austin. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Well, um, thank you guys for coming. I have a head cold and wish I could go take nap. This is a wonderful, wonderful show. My limping home. Yeah. So see y’all next time. See y’all next time there you guys.



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12 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Nov 18:,,”

  1. Noor Manji says:

    Super show… all are having too much fun, great to see. Supercharge is a super acquisition.

    thanks for sharing so much, glad the show was longer than usual.


  2. James Iles says:

    Great show! is an incredible purchase. Thanks for the mention :)

  3. Tess,

    Thanks for another highly enjoyable show. It’s always nice to have the old gang back together and hear their different perspectives. Domain knowledge at its finest.

    Thanks you all for your time and consideration,

    John Magavern

  4. Ricky Deas says:

    Thanks for another great, informative show Tess.

    Always nice to see Michael back with Shane and Drew.

    I vote to have Michael as a guest every 4th Monday of the month or something like that. ?

    1. Thanks, Ricky. It’s great to come back and be a guest on the show!

  5. Mike says:

    Great Show! Thanks, Mike, Shane, Drew, and Tess! Three of my favorite guests! Always learn something.

  6. albert says:

    Definitely one of the most educational Domain Sherpa Shows in a long time (not to take away from the others.)

    Thanks to Mike, Shane, Drew and of course Tess for doing an outstanding job.

    Drew, what do you believe are some examples of great exact matches?

    Thanks again.

    1. Shane Cultra says:

      Thanks Albert for taking the time to listen to the show and comment. Alway like to hear people are enjoying the show.

    2. Thanks for watching and posting a comment, Albert.

      Great question for Drew.

    3. The way I consider “Exact Match Domains” is a descriptive domain which is category, product or service defining. Examples would be: or

      The phrase “exact match” refers to the fact that the domain name is an exact match of a [popular] keyword phrase that a consumer types into Google.

      The idea is that you are trying to improve your search rankings and possibly more importantly matching your offering with a consumers “search intent”.

      Hope that answers your question.

      There is also “Brand Exact Match” but that is an entirely different thing in most cases as it refers to the .COM domain name which is an exact match of the registered brand.

      1. albert says:

        Thanks for the explanation Drew.
        I have sold a couple of exact match names in the last few years and happy to see that it looks like they are making a come back.

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