Vacation.Rentals acquisition highlights its plans to disrupt an industry – With Mike Kugler & Brooke Hernandez

If you’re an entrepreneur who plans to disrupt an industry- or you want to learn to become one- spend some time listening to the out-of-the-box thinking of resort industry veteran Mike Kugler. Mike’s company, Vacarent, LLC recently acquired the Vacation.Rentals premium gTLD, purposely paying the most ever for a public gTLD acquisition.

Entrepreneurs like this who surprise and confuse us are often visionary thinkers. We don’t need to do the exact same thing, but we can definitely benefit from learning about Mike’s perspective and seeing where to apply that in both our domain name search and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Brooke Hernandez also joins us to give us insight from the UniRegistry brokerage perspective.


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Tess Diaz
Tess Diaz
Tess Diaz is SVP of Business Development for Buckley Media. Previously she was Executive Producer and host of and Business Development coordinator for With a passion for consultative sales and education, Tess grew to understand the domain industry during 7 years as Executive Accounts Manager at GoDaddy, while also serving on the Domain Product Sponsorship Team there.

A Massachusetts native, Tess enjoys hot yoga and hiking in the beautiful Phoenix desert.

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Brooke Hernandez
Brooke Hernandez
Senior Domain Broker at Uniregistry, Arizona native, World Explorer!

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13 Responses to “Vacation.Rentals acquisition highlights its plans to disrupt an industry – With Mike Kugler & Brooke Hernandez”

  1. ben pedri says:

    Great show ,Mike is a real great guy and will probably make a lot of money with this company ,My guess is the company will be bought out for tens of millions in the future. In my opinion had he not shown him enthusiasm he may have gotten this domain for a fraction of what he paid.

    In the future inexperienced business leaders ,trying to buy domains for their business should seek out professional domain brokers to negotiate their dream domain names.

  2. Tess,

    I cannot thank you enough for doing this. I remember thinking to myself “Compose, think, DON’T BE STOOPID!” LOL.

    You are a great interviewer and the experience was something I will never ever forget. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible opportunity you afforded us and will always recommend your company and site whenever possible.

    For those out there blowing me up for making a stupid buy, relax. It’s my cash and I have never regretted the decision once.

    TODAY – 04/17/2018 We are ranked #10 on Google for Vacation Rentals – Hand to God truth.

    Our problem has not been getting customers – our problem has been getting a working (flawlessly) website up and going. It has been disappointing to be honest, but it reinforces much what I believe. We will be successful in the end.

    With deepest respect, Mike Kugler

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Thanks Mike, you’re truly an out of box thinker and I’m excited to watch the development & SEO progress! It takes time and creativity to build, and it sounds like you have an excellent team. Can’t wait to book a vacation with you soon!

    2. Richard Morris says:

      Mike…there was a time in my life, I would have done exactly what you did. I’ve already commented about your purchase, and I’ll do everything I can to help and support you. Of the 1,350 domains I own, about 800 of them are nTLD’s. After your purchase was announced I spent about four hours searching for .rentals domains I wanted to own, and unlike .loan(s), I only found a couple, but I did register 20 .online domains that tie to vacations of all kinds from Beach Vacations to Ski Vacations to European Vacations to even NudeVacations. If you think they would be helpful to drive traffic to your site, I’d let you have them, and if they work, you could compensate me later. Finally, I know you’re busy, but we should meet. I sent you an invite to join me on Linkedin, and I do hope we have an opportunity to meet and shake hands. After all, I own a number of “HandShake” domains that are simply common sense like Vacation.Rentals. Thanks again.

    3. Platey says:

      thank for agreeing to do the interview on ds

      Because we think alike on the seo front eg gtlds

      I have no qualifications but I used to scan manually pages and pages of lists of uk number plate eg licence plates etc which people pay big money for in the uk but Internet search engines made what I could do the hard way easy and the easy way even easier which is why few can beat me in a search engine because to buy a domain name I want to buy before me a person needs to have had the idea I am thinking of and the vision behind the idea that I have and then be able to type the keyword of the idea in to a domain name search engine and buy it before me etc

      Bought a few gtlds early on

      I used to own gtld but didn’t have the vision behind it etc

      But I knew very early on that not much can beat a gtld for organic seo which will save you a fortune in seo and no need to pay for ppc ads etc

      If you made all. listings free and took your money from ad £”s there isn’t a company on earth that can stop you from being number one in Google for the search term

      vacation rentals

      and number one in Google images for the search term

      vacation rentals

      So much so that the only way that the two huge companies in the top five listing in vacation rentals in Google is to buy your company

      And they would need to be to be looking at 500m minimum because 20 years from now your website will still be top listing

      Google search doesn’t recognise the


      as it reads your domain as two keywords

      They just happen to. you can be two of the biggest industry keywords on earth lol

      I used to own gtld

      I bought it for reg fee as I pre ordered it but let it expire the follow year lol

      But I own a few gtlds as I have

      1. Richard Morris aka Bulloney says:

        Thanks Platey…I own a couple of nice .vacations domains as well as When you see who else is in the prescription rental business you’ll see why I own it. The real key to success in the new GTLD arena is to have a plan for it’s use. Once you have that figured out, the world is your oyster:)

      2. Richard Morris aka Bulloney says:

        Interesting Patey…I commented on your post yesterday but for some reason it didn’t show up. I just searched “vacation rentals” on Google and it came up on the first page, but #5. That’s still pretty good imho.

        Thanks for chiming in here, and it looks like Mike’s doing a real good job. What he’s doing is very encouraging:)


  3. Magnus says:

    Very interesting interview.
    Gives me a “push” to look at the new Gtlds domains differently.

    Many thanks for input

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Glad you enjoyed the show, Magnus. Yeah, the advertising video Mike created is a great visual for how the new gTLDs can be leveraged…

  4. richard morris says:

    Great interview…after nTLD was sold for 500K, I went on a buying spree and have purchased around 75 .loans domains from; to, to
    I have a similar, but little different strategy with regards to Vacation.Rentals. Congrats Mike Kugler…I’ll be in touch.

    Oh, I just purchased CommonSense.Domains, and without question, Vacation.Rentals makes COMMON SENSE!!!

  5. Chad Ellis says:

    Thanks Tess and Mike!

    What a great interview and insight. Good for you Mike, looking forward to seeing whats in store and love the business model!

    P.S. Go Branson!

    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Hey Chad, I knew you would like this show a little extra!! Sounds like you & Mike have a lot in common…

  6. Thanks Sherpas!

    That was a great insight into behind the scenes of selling and on the front line of using new gtlds. Congrats to buyer and seller and very much looking forward to another instalment from Mike in a years time to see how his business has grown.

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