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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by two Domain Sherpas: Shane Cultra & Adam Strong.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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Adam Strong
Adam Strong
Adam Strong is co-founder of, a consulting firm that helps companies create, acquire and manage their digital brand assets, such as domain names and other online markers.

As an internet entrepreneur, Strong has co-founded many online ventures including, and

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It’s time for our second annual Sherp-o-ween episode. All fun aside, we have some serious informative conversations about the GoDaddy appraisal tool for market today we discussed the acquisition partnerships and lessons learned. We also discussed negotiating two offers at once, one payment plan versus an all cash offer. Very interesting and super fun. Enjoy the show. Hope you had a great Halloween!
Happy Halloween Sherpa network. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and this is the domain Sherpa Sherp-o-ween review. This is a show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We have three segments to the review. We’ll start off learning what the Sherpas recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value and investors submitted to maintain portfolio and finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon at and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good investment opportunity for you. Joining us today on the domain sherpa review is the Sherp-o-ween initiator, Adam Strong. Hi Adam. Thank you for beginning our annual Halloween Sherpa last year. How you doing? Okay. Spidey Spiderman, is that yo [inaudible] Oh yeah, I think you have to talk for sure.
I think I’m going to have to really fill in some, uh, words today cause this can be just me talking.
Shane Cultra: Hey Shane, are you all warmed up?
Yup. Yup. I’ll probably do a couple of laps in between you guys talking though.
All right. All right. The best was pre filming while we waited for Adam to arrive. Shane spent like the entire time warming up. Um, hilarious. Um, yes domainers have a sense of humor and a lot of free time. Um, let’s do this guys. Um, first segment of the review, what’s new Sherpa has, um, so you’re going to share one purchase or sale that you’ve made over the past few weeks and we get to learn what you pay to receive for the domain, why you thought it was a good deal and how the negotiations progressed. So, um, I know you guys have some, some things you mentioned that you don’t want to talk about too, but tell us what you can, let’s start out with one that you legitimately want to discuss and then we’ll poke and prod. Um, Adam, you’re up first. Spiderman, what’s going on?
Adam Strong: I gotta give this a rest already. It’s already killing me. I mean that didn’t take very long at all. Sorry about that.
Well, now you’ll look like bad Santa
now. Yeah, exactly. Oh my gosh, I look terrible. Alright, I’m actually a, I will talk about a domain name that, um, Jamie Zoch had mentioned in one of his tweets. Phew. A days back. So don’t go and look up. Jamie’s tweets are saying, but, uh, the domain and since we don’t have third test, that means you got to guess. So a, the [inaudible] is zero zero down zero and And you purchased or sold it? I sold it. All right. Shane, what do you think he sold it for?
Beautiful name. Really good name. Um, I guess we’ll talk about it afterwards, but how long have you owned it? Since a good old days.
Um, you know what, it’s, it has been quite a while. Uh, I’m actually looking that up right now. Um, I think probably, yeah. Good old days. 2000, let’s just say 2000. How’s I saw?
Yeah, yeah, that’d be the good old days. Yeah.
Long time. Yeah. And in 2000 that still wasn’t a, um, that wasn’t a hand rag, right? No, it was probably a expiry name at some point. So yeah, I’m looking up at me. I was, I was trying to find what I paid for it and, and uh, I don’t have it on, I started tracking probably around 2005, 2004, 2005 and I don’t have it on my list, um, from my, uh, depreciation schedule, if you will. So I don’t see it. So that means I bought it pre 2004, 2005 long, long ago. Yeah, like 15 years plus. So nice. But I’ve had a, I’ve had a lot of inquiries over the years on the name. I just never moved it. Um, I listed it on afternoon. Uh, that might help you out a little bit on the, on the price. But um,
well since we talk, I know that you don’t move very quickly. You don’t have to move very quickly anymore. So unless they, uh, throw the right number, it’s not even worth the bother. And that’s such a great name that, I mean, anything that involves money, it’s huge. Um, I didn’t see the price. I didn’t even know if there was a price on the, I can’t believe I missed the Jamie’s cause I did something I look at every day, but I will say I’ll just say 150 grand. I’m just making up a number. Don’t knows that number will surprise me unless it’s under a hundred. That would surprise me, but I’ll say 150 grand. I think it’s worth more just to the right company, but it just depends on how Adam was feeling that day. If he needed to renew his license plate or something.
Yeah, there you go. I think you need to go with the theme chain
he needed. What did he need to pay for y’all to find something else? New webbing? No,
I don’t know what Spiderman was. Spend his money on. Oh, you know what, I’m looking this up. I got, I gotta I gotta backtrack this a little bit. This name actually, just the information was just released on this name selling, but this name actually, I actually sold this thing. Oh gosh, this soul shows you how prepared I am. I sold it a while ago. Let’s just that way, uh, yeah, maybe, well, Hey, at least it’s the first time that the price has been released. It’s the first time the price has been released. That’s all that matters. And, and it really just officially kind of became known, um, as an entity as well. So, but, but yeah, so,
okay, I’m going to go for 200 K, I mean, lot of lead gen in that it’s what every buyer wants to put zero down.
Um, I’m just going to go with 200. Okay. So since I sold it a while ago, I must, the prices must’ve gone up rather rapidly. So the domain sold an afternoon. The company that’s running the domain is a Y Combinator company, which is a startup incubation company. Um, or they bought the domain. Yeah, I looked at, I’m looking at the site now. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty, they’re actually in the top a 100 I think in their valuation wise. So I, I let it go cheap according to what you guys are saying. I let it go for 31 K. it’s kind of a lot of inquiries over the years, but it just never, it never moved. Um, and I think at some point, um, last year at some point I just started listing all my names for sale and after Nick and, um, I took them down this year there I had made a few mistakes and then maybe this one was one of those mistakes. But um, yeah, so I don’t know. I’m still okay with the price. I don’t even know what I paid for it. So 30 K in the pockets it believe me, it covered the price.
Sure. So, um, when you, so it was lifted on listed on afternoon, it was just a buy it now. Yeah. Is it 31 K? That’s a weird number for a buy it now.
I know, right. It’s a, actually it was 31,250 to be precise. Um, I don’t know. I just, yeah I have no idea. I probably priced it’s um, I probably tech tapped on some cash on the front end to cover it to 22 just to make it like kind of close to 25. Hmm. Cause my net was less obviously. So
do you
generally recommend listing at a weird price like that? Um, I don’t really think it matters when somebody wants something really bad.
Okay. That makes sense. Yeah it does. Okay.
There’s an interesting, the, the company’s an interesting concept. It, it, they buy the home, you want a house, they go and buy it from you and then you lease it from them, which not sure what that is other than you do the work. Finding a good house. Yeah. And then sign a contract to pay them. But it’s definitely an interesting and of course anything that starts in the Bay area isn’t it? It doesn’t mean anything cause it Bay area is its own little world. Just cause it works in the Bay doesn’t mean it works everywhere.
Right, right. Well I, I can’t remember what their valuation was, but it’s pretty high.
It’s a 150 million I believe here. Um, and it’s, uh, looks like, I mean there’s, there’s, um, is this on tech crunch or something? Yeah, it plant is from just a couple of days ago that the plan to take on Zillow. So yeah,
plans to take on Zillow.
Well, they’ve raised 30 million in total equity funding, more than 110 million in debt financing. Uh, Berry homes. I don’t know how far that’s gonna go for a single. It’d be interesting to watch. And you know what, they have equity in the do mean if, I mean, that’s a great thing for startups. They have equity in the domain. If [inaudible] things don’t work out.
I think the $150 million payback of a little more difficult.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah. 31,000 is a drop in the bucket.
Yeah. Right. And that, and just so you know, like, uh, that, that uh, it’s since go daddy sold it. I I, it’s kinda funny cause I had to go back into uh, uh, Elliot just wrote an article about this domain appraisals from GoDaddy and uh, how much, yeah, that domain was worth, you know, go down, he sells a domain and then they appraise it for less than they sold it for. Um, so go daddy is actually appraising. Hold on a second. I had it up here and now I lost it.
Well here’s what’s even worse is I buy them from their name, find portfolio and then they put it in the similar domains and the sale price of, so if you go look and see what I bought, bought me four or propagation or whatever names I’m getting from them, it tells the exact, you type in a name that similar and I’ll tell you exactly what I paid from them 10 years ago, which doesn’t help me sell the domain.
Right? So go, daddy has this list. It says zero down is in good at his appraisal tool listed at 14,943 appraisal and then over on the right because it was sold for more than 25 K it just says than comparable. Tabane sold zero more than 25,000
yeah, so not very smart. Let’s pick on go daddy again because there haven’t been many podcasts about go daddy. Oh come on. You have to admit it’s not a hard if then statement to write in your code that if you sell it that maybe you should raise the price above what you’re, well you’ve got actually bought me is worth more than it’s valued more than, well at least it’s worth more. But then someone says, Hey, you just, you bought it right here. First of all. I gotcha. I gotcha. Can be a great idea for go daddy to have a page and articles something and definitely info underneath their appraisal that says, listen, this is automated. You know, there may be other factors, especially for higher value domains. I mean that would be very, I like if somebody buys something from name find, I can pretty much type it in and find out what it sold for. But as long as it’s under 25 yeah, if it’s under 25 you’re right on the whole, yeah, I guess that pads there. Yeah. Secrets if you will. So, so, so now that no other company named Brian comes in, scrapes and grabs more data from them. [inaudible] pop up.
So if it sells on the inside over 25,000 go daddy doesn’t ever share that data.
It just says on the screen, I’m looking at um, uh, botany. I pulled up and there’s three names and uh, botany. What it sold for was on there. Forage is on there. What is still four is 20 and and sold for more than 25 K. so if it’s over 25 K it just says more than 25K so it could, could it’s forest, that concrete is a for I don’t know, $2 million and they just put more than 25 K
so they leave this like and where are you going to look for that Adam? Um, go daddy’s appraisal tool. Eh, not a very good domain name or not, I’m sorry. Not a very good URL. Um, but it’s good area. Good at it. Com slash domain dash value dash appraisal. [inaudible] um, or just Google it back slash appraisal. Yeah, or just Google it like I do, but like yeah, I think they’re going for a little bit of the SEO value on that URL. Okay. So then, so once you run the actual appraisal then you’re looking at the comparable names sold but they know they give you three, they give you three on the side or you know, if you’re looking for comparables, there’s a, there’s a few other places or there’s one other place you can go that’s a great place. Brighter man recommended named biotech name. Bio gives you the info and lets you pick your own appraisal value. Right. There you go. Exactly. Yeah. That’s really smart. Um, yeah, so those are named fine, but some of those names are named find domains. Like Shane said he just bought botany and that was the name fine name and it’s actually listed there.
Look up uncomfortable look uncomfortable that com I bought that. See if that comes up there. I think it did too.
Awesome. is that the name you’re going to discuss? Oh, I like unhappy. Comparable to means and damn. Wow. Does it show the actual price of uncomfortable? Yeah. Does that make you uncomfortable? Okay. 10 grand or something? Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah. Yeah,
yeah. No, I wouldn’t go to talk about, I just, I just, anytime I buy something from the name find it shows up and I’m like, Oh man. Not that any of the buyers would know to look there, but
good majority of them might something to get to know as an investor that you’re going to get put in that position if you’re buying through your daddy. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe you can request not to have. Yeah. That’s another thing that Paul can think about. Yep. Or at least at least put the date that it says it was 10 years ago or something. Right. That’s the other thing. Do you think this tool has something built in that only poles? It’s the like, you know when you look at the MLS or real estate, it only is able to pull from a certain timeframe. Do you think we notice comparable as I could figure that out because they’ve got, see they’ve got old names that I sold on after next, so let me pull up like one of my really old FMX and see [inaudible].
Yeah, I mean those names I bought, I don’t know how time flies. I have no idea how long it’s been, but
it’s recent enough. I think they’d show it. Okay. Zero just threw it in there. They put sold for more than 25,000 as a comparable, you know, it is its own comparable. Yeah. But then it also says estimate of value $14,943 and you doubled that up. They downgraded it. And you know what Adam vane like your weird numbers, apparently $943, man, I just threw him through the, through the algorithm off. They’re very specific. Yeah, I like that. I sold a, just to give you another one, I sold, uh, you know, forgive me for bringing up an old one, but it came up in the news, so I just thought I’d throw that one out there. Um, but I did sell another one just to go back and to go to Eddie’s appraisal tool. This is a, a geo specific ones. I don’t mind sharing, but I sold Los Angeles pest, Los Angeles pest control and this was back in 2017. Um, I sold it for awhile. You can go to go daddy and see what I sold it for. But um, you could see there, it’s 60 to 50, but GoDaddy again appraises it for 1477. Wow. Yeah, that’s weird. Yeah. Well, I mean in the put they’re using, you know, obviously I killed it on that one, but, but they’re using, they’re clearly using in their algorithm. Other comparable city names is a little bit, Hey Los Angeles is also like, I don’t know, a little bit bigger than Nashville and Albuquerque that are listed there. So,
and it actually appraises it. This is even weirder. So not only does it not pull the fact that you sold it for 62 50 into the value, but it also, it’s comparing it to Nashville pest control and Albuquerque pest control, which are much smaller cities, but they sold for 1800 and 1500 and they appraise Los Angeles pest control at lower than Albuquerque.
I get it. I know why. That’s because as longer, right, there’s more letters just cause bad. I dunno. Like
they knew to pull in the geo from the others. Right. I mean and it doesn’t have like green pest control or
without beating them to a horse. We know that they’re not putting in tons of time. There’s not some group sitting in a room working on the algo at night like Google or something. They’re just using as a tool.
I do think, I don’t know. I, I disagree with that because I think that if they’re smart, they’re using it for a secondary purpose. This might be, this might be like completely tertiary purpose to use their appraisal tool, but you know, they’ve got to have something that they use internally to purchase names when they buy portfolios and things of that nature. So, you know, they have to have something intelligent to make those decisions as well. But um, and sometimes I think sometimes people forget that, you know, this is what, this is what they may be using as a guide to how they’re going to sell the mains. So
that’s a good point. Very good point. Yeah.
We got to provide all the people was, they can’t just let everybody go by what they think. They got to give them something to go by.
Right. I just think it would be spectacular if they also included in there like just on this page with the results. Listen, this is automated there, there may be other factors and they could even put in there, contact us to learn more or you know, um, or only if it’s a Jeanine, ironically at a certain value, um, then they put that in or who knows. But you know, I think their daddy’s always growing and,
and I’ve pre, I appreciate it as a tool. I won’t lie. When I go through a list and I’m searching, I use their evaluation work down because it, it does flag names that are better than others that are either not old or get mixed in a giant list of 12,000. So it is an extra helpful sorting tool when you’re going through an expiring list in my opinion. So I don’t, I like it. I don’t mind it at all. All right. Where are you using it and expired
Got it. Okay. They, they pull in the go daddy appraisal. Yep. Okay. I haven’t yet. I haven’t used it for a while. I haven’t been, I haven’t been doing a lot of buying lately. Yeah.
But it is helpful. Anytime you get to have another search, something to search through, another way to, to break it down and to dig down. It’s helpful. And like I said, like I was going to say I’m smart enough to figure out which I think is real or not. I don’t, I know it’s automated. I don’t take it as that gospel and I’m not going to complain about it. I do think, like I said though, if something sells for a certain price, then obviously you should take that into consideration and maybe they do and it doesn’t affect it, but it shouldn’t be less than what it already officially sold for.
Yeah. I just think GoDaddy has a lot of power in end user education, like domain investors know. But go daddy in particular with their brand recognition has so much power in helping to grow the whole industry and um, and educating end users with the trust that, um, that the general public globally puts into them. So over time it’s just like,
great, sorry it doesn’t there. There’s a page that kind of explore. It’s not on the actual, so when you, when you search for go to go daddy’s appraisal tool through Google, it gets you to the appraisal tool. But uh, I just clicked on, there’s a bar across the top that says domain appraisal, like on the menu and you’d click that and it takes you to another page that has like kind of what you’re talking about, which is an explanatory thing, which I think you’re absolutely right. Like it kind of needs to be [inaudible] explained a little bit. Maybe they could think about like putting a link if some could because somebody is coming in through that channel through go daddy’s, you know, Google ad or, or their Google listing. They’re not going to necessarily see this explanation pages explanation page is pretty decent about, you know, where their appraisals come from and comparing them to real estate and things like that. So it’s a good, there is an educational portion of this and it’s, it’s a quite a long, hefty page.
Wow. Where is it? Well, I’m sure it’s great for SEO. Where is that?
Oh gosh. So if you’re on the, yeah, actually, if you go to take off, if you’re on the appraisal page, just, uh, at the first hyphen, just so it should [email protected], a forward slash domain hyphen value hyphen appraisal, and then hit that.
Okay. Yeah. And then you see all that stuff at the bottom. Oh yeah, this is great.
Yeah. So that’s, I mean, that’s, I guess that’s pretty good. I mean, you know, I wanna, I really, uh, I call him famous demeanor, uh, as, as if there is anything, but most people don’t know this person. But, um, he wants, we were talking about appraisals and he said, you know, in the absence of any data, any data is good data. You know, like, so the, the metrics, even if you don’t like the appraisals, there’s still something, you know, at least you have something to bitch about. So, but, you know, in the absence of that, what, you know, what is, what is there,
you’ve got to start somewhere and go, daddy does a good job with that. And that’s why I was like, you know, they’re always growing. Um, and this whole industry is, is just building bit by bit by bit off of nothing. So, you know. Alright. Shane, what’d you buy yourself lately?
Really nothing. Um, I,
I know that’s not even true.
Well, yeah, I’m so boring that, uh, um, you know, I’ll just, this isn’t going to help anybody other than just to start a story, but I bought, I’ve been buying for let on back to bind four does a store of value. So I bought just to talk about where they’re at. I bought T L S a yes. Not Tesla, T L S Uh, yesterday or the day before. Let me see what they’re [inaudible]
I noticed on go daddy’s a after market. Um, I was just scrolling the, you know, the entire list. I usually pretty much every day, six or seven days, I’ll go in there and just click my favorites that are on the multiple bids or whatever. I’ve noticed a lot of four letters popping up in there and getting action. But, um, as if, you know, they’ve always kind of had that action. Um, and I actually, I had my tulip cause it just alerted me that something that I’m tracking is coming up for auction, but
okay. In your face Adam. I had my tool up.
Alright. I’m, I’m done. Yeah. Um, because my tool was that, but uh, yeah I have, you know, like I you bought it probably I go daddy. Um, $400.
I no longer even know what he’s talking about. Four letter T four letter. Got it. Tesla without 400 she already know. So Shane, okay. First of all, why are you rebuying four letters? Has anything changed in the four letter market or this is just things have changed in your
no, I mean, so when I first started doing it back in 2000, Hmm, I dunno to two thousands, I used to read the blog. You remember this one, Adam? Four letter newb by M [inaudible]. Oh gosh. Now I have, now that I have to say his name out, I can’t say it. He wrote a, the first blog that I read about domains and eats, he used to like four letters because they were kind of like stocks and they were trackable and certain letters are worth more, more than others. But, uh, I bought, I’m not even thinking about end users thinking about just liquidity. They were easy to buy himself. So being new, since I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew that I could always get out of a four and not really lose too much money, but there was a chance that I could make money.
And um, I kind of stopped doing it cause I started getting into words, but then the word started getting super expensive. So I just kinda did nothing for the first part of this year. And then I realized that they, uh, four letters were pretty low at the beginning of this year. They dropped to as low as they’d been in the last four or five years. And there’s just some letters that are good. Like if the end in C and a and the ed and I and they have good solid letters and it’s don’t seem to lose value from here. So if you can get something for 400 500 or a thousand are you going to make 50,000 probably not, but you probably not going to lose very much either. So I’ve just been using four letters, like a store of value so I’ll buy it. In this case I actually bought it for a thousand I wasn’t the winner.
I think it went for like 1800 but then I got the email saying that the main bidder backed out and I was a second person and I could have it for that price and for $1,000 again, it’s ends in a for association. It’s not bad. It’s pretty good letter. So I took it for a grand and I probably won’t lose money on it. I’ll just hold it and if I want to put it back for auction, I think I could get it. There’s a couple of hundred if I did that. But I’ve been doing that. I’ve been buying one or two every month for 10 years and now I’ve got hundreds of them and let’s say they’re worth $800 or a thousand a piece. Now I have a 150 $200,000 worth of liquidity that I could get rid of tomorrow and get my money back. So I’ve always had that little, I don’t know what you call it, but that little side part of a domain investing where I feel comfortable that no matter what goes on, I’ll probably be able to get some cash. And that’s my version of domain Bitcoin, I guess you’d say.
And I sell them every once in a while. I’ll sell four a year for $7,000 a piece and that pays for what I do normally too. So it uh, there is profit in that as well. So that’s kind of my explanation. I’ve probably said it 20 times on this show, but I’ve stopped doing it. But then I realized it’s like investing. If you stop doing it, then you miss the highs and lows. If it gets low, you should probably still keep doing something. If it gets high, maybe you should sell. And that’s the other story is, you know, it was reported when uh, Frank Schilling during the big Chinese rush sold a thousand, uh, four letter dotcoms to an investor for, we’ll just say whatever, but it was over a thousand dollars cause it was really hot. If you go to the auctions now you’ll notice your inner gadgetry is buying four-letter dot Toms and replacing those thousands at 500 and 600 and 400 and 700. So that was a super smart move as they sold when they conceived it high, but know that they wanted to refill the coffers and they’ve been picking at it and filling right back up with the same thing for cheaper. So that’s really how you do it. I’m not that good yet, but that was really barely, you watch that and apply it to your own. Absolutely. Wow. Really, really good move. So they essentially got a, I don’t do my numbers 10 million now. Is that right? Thousand thousand. 1 million, yeah.
Thousands. Thousands. Yeah. Thousand thousands, so 1 million bucks and they’re going to get it back for half a million dollars. So they’ll make 500 grand over three years. That’s not too bad. Yeah. Hmm. Um, Adam, you recently had a great sale that you don’t want to talk about. What can you tell us? Oh yeah, sorry. Um, yeah. You’re not getting away jet with zero down. Yeah. It was a, it was a phrase. Gosh. Even the skullcaps killing me one sec. Yeah. Okay. It was a, it was a recent one. What the heck was it? Hold on. I was like, I have been, I actually been on a little bit of a vacation too, um, to irritate some people that go daddy and after Nick I took all them. Not really, but, um, we took a little bit of a family vacation and I took all my names down and, uh, I’ve just been kinda chilling, but I did get, um, yeah, I did get a pretty decent sale recently.
And, um, I came in, it was a direct, um, inquiry. It was negotiated a little bit. And interestingly, during, um, the negotiations, um, we were kind of going back and forth and, and, and they didn’t like the price. And I think I’d priced kind of in the high, um, maybe even the six figures. I’m not, I’m not quite sure. So that kind of caps you for, for the price. I’m not going to tell you what the price is, but, um, we were going back and forth and then we were going to put them on a payment plan and randomly out of nowhere, a second buyer came in. And so we were on a payment plan with them. And then the second buyer came in and said that they wanted to do it all cash deal, but they had offered less cash. So it’s kind of a, you know, pretend it’s $100,000 sale and the, and it was over three years, four years time, the other buyer came in and let’s say they offered 50 grand cash.
So it was kind of a predicament, you know, what do you say, because I’ve had quite a few of these, you know, over time deals back, you know, down. And then you’re kind of stuck, you know, not stuck, but you got the note domain back. And so, uh, I made the decision to, you know, push both parties at the same time and got the one that wanted to do the payment plan to do an all cash deal. And, uh, so the name is digital trust based on what you guys gave the zero down price, I would, I’m going to imagine that you would have priced, if I hadn’t given you the cap there. Um, Shane, did you hear the price cap that I gave? No, I didn’t hear the cap part. Okay. I can re I guess digital trust. Oh, if it’s Bitcoin money, it could be
hundreds of thousands of dollars, right? Yeah. Yeah. That Bitcoin money doesn’t have a cap,
but it can’t be Bitcoin money if somebody was looking at a, um, a payment plan.
Oh wow. You sure that, I guess that’s true. That’s a very good point.
But you know, there’s, I mean, trust is incredibly important. Um, and um, it’s interesting that you had two parties at the same time. I’ll bet you that could be in completely unrelated fields too, because everybody wants to grow their digital trust.
Well, my question is how did you convince the other party to believe that there really was a second party? Because it’s honestly, that’s, that was the most difficult thing. First we told them, you know, look, we’ve had a lot of interest in this domain. Uh, you know, it’s gonna have to be a six figure number two to get us any kind of negotiation going at least this, at least a, a high five-figure. And, you know, I think they started out around, I’m going to guess 20, you know, somewhere in that ballpark. And then, no, we can’t afford it. We’re a startup, you know, the same story. Um, I’ve had multiple instances of this and even when I’m on the buy side, a working for a client, I always tell my clients, look, you know, your, you may think that they’re be asking you about a second buyer.
It doesn’t matter what you think, you know, in a lot of times I’ve run into cases where they’re like, ah, that’s, you know, that’s just a negotiation strategy and we lose the domain. Um, so, you know, I, I, I didn’t, I don’t, I don’t know how we can miss them. I just said, you know, we’ve got a secondary offer and, um, we’re going to take it if, if you guys don’t take this offer. So, um, it, it worked, but it was true. Um, I, I don’t know, and it was, I probably actually, we didn’t say, Hey, we’re going to take this a secondary offer. We just said, we have an all cash offer that we’re considering. Can you give us an all cash offer that’s better than, than, uh, what you’d offer previously? And I think that’s kind of what sealed the deal. Um, I don’t know from, from, you know, the buy side, it’s always, I, you know, I would always think it would to be BS too.
So, you know, you’re absolutely right. Sharing theirs. Yeah. Yeah. Cause when somebody says to me, and I’m not really serious about it, right. I just kind of thinking I go, yeah, good talk to them then. Yeah. Right, right. I guess you have to be, you know, either side of the equation, you have to be willing to walk at some point and a, so if you’re on the buy side and somebody, yeah, yeah, we got a better offer and you know, Guinea go up, no, you know, I’ve given my best offer and see you later. And you know, sometimes they’ll come back and learn quickly who you’re dealing with and you know that they’re alive. It always falls through and I deal with them. They’re like, Oh, the other person fell through or they were trying to in,
yeah. They’ve been some made up story. Right. Or something. It’s funny, you know, and I agree with you on and ironically, this entire conversation is about trust right now. But, um, while I agree that on the buy side, I don’t believe it, when somebody says there’s another offer on the other end, I always wonder when another offer comes in. If it’s the same party, sometimes it’s a different entity within the same company that isn’t, you know, especially for the big company that isn’t talking to each other. Sometimes they want to try you out on a totally different field. I mean, it’s, I would say it doesn’t happen very often, but I’ve seen it enough and sometimes they really show their hand by accident.
Right. So we had this, I’ve been negotiating a domain in that with that situation. And I think what we did was, and they, Oh man, they just, they just, you know, this is another reason to use a, at one entity, one buyer broker, you know, I’ll, I’ll say that Jen, uh, with my company, evergreen does a great job. Um, but if you’re using, if you’ve got a bigger company and you start to S, you know, like the CEO thinks he’s the hot shot, he’s gonna go get it. And then in their board meeting, the CTO thinks, Hey, that’s my responsibility. And then you got two guys going after the same thing. Yeah. They bad. Right? There’ve been each other up and, but uh, yeah, we had this situation where somebody had hired a buyer broker, probably hired Utes ESSA, and then we, we went and got the, uh, um, get the, got that bitter or we got that person to get bit out and, and, and, you know, negotiate a deal and then somebody comes in out out of nowhere.
And, uh, so we’ll get, we’re going back and forth. And then that person, the second person says, well, Hey, the first person is, it works for me. Oh, why are you outbidding them? Right. You know, why are you even, you know, and then, and then they, then they backtrack and, well, we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna give you that money. I go, well, you’re full of it. The second person wasn’t you. You’re just saying that because you, you want to push back the price back to the original person’s bed. And no, no, it is us. It’s us. And I go, well, I’m not playing the game. I’m done. And so that’s been a year. So they keep going back and forth. And so now he is saying, uh, let’s say his name, the first guys, you know, his tests, the first person, Peter, the second guy, now there’s a third guy saying, well Peter doesn’t work for our company anymore. We fired him cause he couldn’t get the deal done. Now can you get a deal done with us? So like there’s no, I don’t even want to work with you guys. So anyway, there’s situations like that happen all the time and I don’t, I still don’t know whether test Peter and Bob are all the same people. Like because they’re all BS and me at some point your BS is going to come back.
Not us. It’s necessary. No, I do want to point out, Shane, I were going to cheat, um,
just to factor in before you guess the price that go daddy values it at $9,928. Well that’s all it’s worth then. Okay. I assume that’s what it says. Okay. Sorry Paul. I couldn’t resist that one. Yeah, I bought this name originally because we were doing some things in this sector with domains and you know, trying to build trusts for people. So trust in the, in a different sense. Um, the main Guardian’s name? Yeah, the domain guardians. Yeah. So, um, I thought digital Adam, is that like a super thorough reference? I mean I’ve always known you’ve been your affinity for superhero costumes. Yeah. Alright. Okay. Guardian guardian coming from, you know, a, you know, somebody being in charge of uh, somebody’s assets after their passing or whatever. So I just know tribute there. I’m fine. Just never grew. I kept getting guardians of the galaxy. Where’s your Cape this time?
Yeah. I probably wouldn’t interest my digital assets to someone in a cave, but anyway. Um, okay, so digital trust, I’m guessing. Well we can get a price. I thought we couldn’t say it. I’m not going to say you still gas 4 million. Are you going to like leave twice? Um, I guess 70 K Oh, luck. He did that with his nose like uh, well considering I’ll say 122 K so there now we get nothing for figures. We’re right in the ballpark. There you go. We’re in the ballpark. I would close with them. Go daddy’s appraisal. Um, Shane, um, you know what we’ve talked for a long time. Even though I want to push you on another reason sale, we should move on. Darn it. I haven’t been as selling it. Purchase will be a chicken. Oh yeah. I mean I can say I said it on the blog, so it’s public that Travis and I bought and we love it as a brand, but yeah, it’s not, you bought what? Wait, what? The collected you buy now. Good luck. Was that, was that part of your tool set? Exactly. I know that’s what I’m kind of known for is my tool. So not too old pointed that for this tool chest. Press up as a chicken for being a tool. Yeah, exactly. True. That’s very true. Absolutely. Yeah. The problem is my tools don’t sell very well, I should say. I get orders for car parts on monkey wrench, literally every day.
It’s the craziest thing. I have a minimum
of like $800 and people will type in. That seems expensive for breaks. But I’ll take this model for this model, this model and try and order it through the offer phase. You should get some go through Alibaba and get some, you know, plastic wrenches made or something. Yeah, I know it’s, it’s the create the offer page on monkey ranch is literally an auto parts store
of ordering. Changing the subject you don’t want to talk about the price. What about the partnership? Um, why a partnership and how do you arrange a partnership? What do you think the Sherpa network would like to hear about that? Well, I think,
I think it’s very difficult for partnerships unless you back to trust completely trust the person that you’re working with. Unless you want to make it super official and get paperwork and lawyers and
we can slow down the acquisition process or make you totally [inaudible]
becomes an nightmare. I mean like if you talk to Travis, Travis is an investor in lots of other real estate and he, I can’t remember the number he said, but it’s somewhere in the hundreds of K one hundreds of K ones at the end of every year for all his different things because he has to set them up as individual entities and on domain names. I mean officially you probably should if, but, but the names I set up are with people that if it goes to hell, then it goes to hell. You know, I mean, we’re going to be out a little bit of money, but it’s not worth it unless you’re doing a bunch of stuff to set up the paperwork. And then,
but in terms of your long time partner at DSA D, what did you first, did you first decide that you guys wanted to go in together on a domain and then look for the domain or did you first see the domain opportunity and decide to go in together? So what came first? The chicken or the egg?
Uh, that’s a good one. Um, I found I had the name first in this case, but we own several domains where whoever finds it first says to the other one, Hey, what do you think of this name? It always starts off with the like the name and then they’ll say, yeah. And then once they say, yeah, they’ll, if they really like it, they’ll say, Hey, can I have half that or do you want to go in together? And the reason is there’s several different reasons. One, you can be part of good names and not have as much cash out flow of cash into the name so you can have more exposure to different names for less money. Um, too, it’s kind of fun to partner cause you kind of hunt. You have another person hunting on certain occasions if they’re, you know, they can keep it to themselves, but you find two people finding different, various names, uh, that you can be a part of. So that parts, uh, kind of nice. Um, and again, I, I just, I do, I’ve had it with several people. Uh, Adam, I had done a name together. You know, there’s probably four or five people that I’ve done names together and it’s, I’ve never had a bad experience yet. I really haven’t had a bad experience. Nobody screwed each other over. Um,
please careful with your partner
100%. But you know, I’ve been doing this long enough that they’re up and there’s a lot of guys that I really like and I consider friends, but there’s probably a handful that I would put my money together and feel 100% confident and nothing’s going to go wrong. And even if it’s something went wrong for some reason, uh, that person would figure it out and make it right.
Okay. I think it’s, I think I, you know, Shane and I are partnered on it and you know, he’s a minority in terms of like, and I ended up making the decision, but I think it’s, it’s kind of like, you know, if it was, if the roles were reversed, I would, yeah. I would trust that, you know, whatever he, it doesn’t, you know, kind of like, you know, if we bought it for 20 grand and he sells it for a hundred and I think it’s worth 250, you know, Oh, you know, you know, we might have a little discussion about, you know, what, what we’re doing and why, you know, if she needed the money for some reason and I didn’t. Yeah. You know, whatever. Um, so yeah, I think you, you really have to know who you’re dealing with. I, I actually have been partnered with multiple people as well, and, uh, no joke there.
Um, but, uh, and, and one of the cases, uh, I saw it, we had, uh, eh, we probably had 10 or 15 names and I held them all and we were, we were 50, 50, which is really in a partnership. Everyone knows that that’s not a good situation to be in. But, um, you know, fortunately I was just really worried cause I knew this person, you know, needed money and, you know, he wanted to, you know, get out and, you know, he just, he just basically gave me a price that he thought was fair and I thought it was fair and I just ended up buying them all back. But along the way we sold one for, you know, like maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars and, uh, you know, it kind of, you know, made, made everything else selling all the rest of them, just kind of a wash.
But, um, it, it is, I think it’s difficult, you know, the old saying is, you know, the only ship that can’t float as a partnership, but, you know, in this industry, we’ve, a lot of these guys have known each other for quite a long time and I think you’ll see any of the Sherpas that come on here, I would venture to guess, have some sort of relationship or partnership with some other demeanor. Um, and I think that’s just kind of commonplace, but because you want to get in on, everybody wants to get down on somebody else’s, you know, I’ll, I’ll, you know, this guy’s got good eye for this and you know, I want to get on his three letter train or four letter train or whatever. Um, so I think it’s pretty common. Uh, you, you, I’ve talked to a few guys who have gotten burned.
Um, but you know, again, it’s a small space and getting burned, you know, everybody kind of figures it out pretty quickly. Who, who to who not to deal with 50, 50 partnership generally as an ideal. Why did you enter into that anyway? Um, I think early days, you know, kind of are both, we’re both chasing drops and it’s like Shane said, you know, you’re both chasing different things and um, you know, one guy sees it and the other guy didn’t on name Jett or whatever, or a snap names back when snap names you had to get your, your bids and ahead of time, you know, he’s got a list of 20 names. He’s like, I don’t have enough money to pay for all of these. Should I still bid on them? Sure, yeah, I’ll, I’ll back you up. So do that again. So, lesson learned. Um, yeah, I just think in any case, if you, if you’re okay with giving up a minority, being a minority shareholder or whatever, it’s like shares, you know, if you’re okay with the decision the other person makes because they’re technically the, you know, the majority shareholder, when you got a 50, 50 split, you just end up at a deadlock and, and there’s not, you know, then that’s what the possibilities illegal that can always come in.
But, um, you had a 50, 50 split. You know, if one guy wants to do one thing and the other guy wants to do something else, what do you do? I, it’s always going to be difficult in some, some regard. You know, Shane wants to put adult content on our domain and I kept telling him, Oh, you know, like, so sex sells. That’s, that’s, I’d lead every conversation with [inaudible] dot com we know what you’re doing. And I will say, I do have to convince Adam, I don’t want, I don’t say pessimistic, but I do when it comes to partnerships, I have to convince Adam that it’s going to be fine. That you know, that it’s,
it’ll work out okay. Because he’s, you know, he’s,
he was in city every, every situation provides an opportunity for learning, whether it’s a good situation or a bad situation. But now that you mentioned it, I will say that all my partnerships,
every single one, I don’t feel that the other side has any need for money. You know, that’s really not even close to a bad place. That I feel like at some point they’re going to have to get out unless it’s some really major crazy off the wall thing. But I would be the, I would be the weak point if people saw, Hey, does this person want to get out? But you don’t want to be, you definitely don’t want to be with a partnership where you have to come up with some buy sell agreement because you think right off the bat that the other side won’t be able to stay in long enough that the full haul, you definitely don’t want to be in that.
Yeah. You know, the early days, the partnership with the 50 50, it was, you know, we’re talking about, you know, maybe, you know, 10 to 15 names with a total and of couple thousand dollars. Now the total, you know, we’ve made it, you know, multiple, you know, six, there was a six figure deal thrown in the mix and, and the, you know, uh, I think I ended up find the portfolio for maybe five for years. So, you know, probably a total, you know, low six figure portfolio. Um, but again, this person, it wasn’t, it wasn’t inconsequential, don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to say six figures is chump change. But, um, yeah, it was, it didn’t matter to him in terms of, uh, you know, overall. So I don’t know, that’s kind of weird to say, I guess.
Yeah. W but the thing is if somebody wants to get out, that’s what becomes difficult. You don’t want desperation. Yeah. Desperation means that there’s going to be problems. So yeah, I think
you just have to know who you’re dealing with. And I think, uh, you know, once, always one party owns the domains in the, in the who is since two, so, you know, maybe one party has the domains in there who is and the other party monetizes the domains or something, you know, there’s gotta be some sort of way to do it. I think in our case, we, in the original partnership, I think we both put our names on the who is, but only one of us had the, you know, the domains in their account. Yeah. So I don’t know if anything ever would have happened in illegal sense what that would’ve, how that, it’s amazing that in this day and age that we don’t have a way to split or the main ownership and the who has this, like what, what is the purpose that I can averse sign if they can’t do, you know, we’ve got domain assets that are worth $30 million and you can’t split the assets into,
they want you to form an LLC and do it all on your own.
Yeah. But there’s still only one person has control, you know?
I mean, can you do that with a house
titling? I guess? I don’t know.
I mean there’s two people on my title.
Yeah. I just sold a car and I had to have my wife’s, you know, both of us had to sign everything. So you know,
that was to, that was to make sure you had enough money to buy the car. No, no, I sold it because she had to co-sign for it. Right, right.
Well when you walked in there looking like spider man, they were a little unsure. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Sure buzz.
Let’s talk about our sponsors who support us in our mission to educate the domain industry.
First, serious about online trading. Secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s, payments you can trust.
Okay. All right. Time for part two domain portfolio review. Richard in the U K sent these over. Big thank you to Richard for sending in a donation to the Fred Hutch cancer research. Um, that is so important. And, uh, you know, we, you show up as come here for free. We do it all. You knew for a good cause, but this is an extra good cause, so thank you Richard. All right. Um, Shane, you’re up first this time. What are your thoughts here?
Well, I’d like to thank Richard for the Fred Hutch donation because I think that’s the, uh, the bright point of this segment is that he gave some money to a good, a great hospital and, um, I just don’t like it. I looked through it, you know, you should never giggle when you see a list. Uh, it should shouldn’t be your initial thought as you look at it and just start laughing. Like, I, there’s nothing here. If I, if I had a company, that’s how I always start. If I had a company or I want to start a website and I looked through the list and say, you have to pick one of these to start your company or to build your site on. I didn’t see any. The only thing I saw, it sounded like a flu shot was called flu Ella. And I felt like I could see a commercial of some kind of flu prevention or post flu, a product that maybe could be sold out.
The rest brutal. I mean I feel like he just went out one night and had a couple beers and kicked out some things cause I don’t even see these on drop list. Um, resigned tomorrow would be. I did see that and think Donald Trump immediately that one today, not tomorrow. How do you monetize that 24 hours? Well, I think it just be a marketing yeah. Monetized. No, but I think that somebody might buy that from them. Uh, for a couple of hundred dollars, and he may one, two, three. He might be able to pay for the whole thing by selling that one. Uh, if everything was a hand drag. So if he puts that up at a buy it now, what price you? 500 bucks. $500 and hope some big liberal crazy. You know, person buys it, wants to use it immediately. Okay, so 500 bucks and he’s gotta get it done soon according to the testimonies. No, I’m just kidding. Yeah, there’s, I think, I think it really, I think tests, I think you were right on that resign tomorrow. I think it’s like you don’t want a call to action to be [inaudible] later.
That wasn’t very good point or resigned. I’m going to give you a day to get your stuff. Yeah. Canned in your notice when you feel like it. All right. You’re right. I take back everything I say. Yeah, you’re on the way out tomorrow. Um, is it my turn? Sorry. Paved from here. All right. I think you’re mean Shane. I think you have caught the drew meanness. Look the portfolio isn’t, isn’t all that great. Um, no doubt about it. Uh, I, I don’t, I’m going to guess he’s just starting out. Um, I don’t know where these names came from. Aye. You could find better names than this on, um, go daddy’s domain. An aftermarket expirations. Um,
just because you say it nicer doesn’t make it nicer. No, I, I, here, let me, let me, let me back it up a little bit though. I think there’s names that are kind of on the verge. Like I think, yeah, like resign tomorrow is on the verge. Like you’re kind of getting the drift of it. Like, like you’re trying really hard, but you’re, yeah. You’re just not quite there. You got to get ne, you got to get things that are, uh, you’ve got to get phrases that, that are commonly used. Um, and I think, right, a long time ago when I sat down with a friend that was like kind of getting into the domain space, he, he’s like, what should I buy? And I said, buy stuff that other people want. Like, Hey, is it Shane? I know you’ve said something along the same lines, but you go to the GoDaddy auctions, look at all the bit the things that are being bid on, if other people are bidding on it, that’s another person that if you buy it, that’s another person you could sell it to.
Right. And if there’s 52 beds on there, there’s 51 of them that you could sell to. Um, I, you know, I don’t see any on here that probably would get any kind of notice like that. I still think that there’s a possibility like in a few of them. Um, but you know, PR in particular, you know, all of these are kind of like right on the edge. Fix your OCD, you know, that’s kinda on the edge. My son happens, have OCD. I, I, I kind of get the drift of that one, but it’s not, you know, OCD remedies or OCD, um, therapy or OCD, anything. It’s fixture. OCD is kinda like you, you don’t really know, see, do something that you don’t really fix on your own. Um, and it pigeonholes it’s only your OCD, not your son’s OCD, OCD fix. Fix. OCD is shorter.
It’s quicker. It’s, yeah, I dunno. They’re all kinda on the edge. Um, debt Wesley sounds kind of like a Brandy type of thing for getting out of debt. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue the right way. Um, I don’t know what an air con fixer is. Maybe it’s something that I should know about, but I don’t, uh, if it is something that sounds like a product, you know, maybe you’re on the right track there. I think these are all just barely on the edge. I mean like you mentioned from, well it does sound like some sort of, you know, flu remedy or something, but you can’t, you, if you’re gonna buy 25 names, you can’t have a portfolio of all names like this that are on the edge. You have to start kind of getting closer to, um, a name that actually makes sense and that people want price acts sounds like a brand, but there’s probably, you know, you go to squad help or any of the other brand oriented sites and you look up something on price and there’s probably a thousand price oriented names. Price slash obviously sounds better than price acts. I mean acts just, I don’t know. There’s something isn’t, isn’t. Yeah.
And well there’s just something linguistically, I mean I could, yeah, I could visualize a logo for price ax. I can also visualize a logo for price. Slash um, X just doesn’t have the, and people will type AIX. They won’t tie BXE um, proper haircuts. It just, you know, it sounds crazy. British, it sounds a little bit Euro. I, yeah, exactly. Um,
that’s interesting cause I was going to say that for several things. So if you’re in a different country, you know, basically the U S has does most domain transactions, um, but don’t box yourself in with like, um, ah, hand in your notice. We don’t call it notice. And, uh, there’s another one here that’s very, yeah. Um,
calls him trousers. I don’t know why trials is on scene.
Hey, chain, is this the part of the episode where you show us the Speedo you’re wearing?
Uh, Oh, that’s so good. Even saying bye.
Oh man. What the clock?
No, that one would need a proper haircut if he was going to show you [inaudible]
yeah. [inaudible] dot camp like we don’t call it that. It’s vacation. Um,
right. I mean, yeah. So these do have a little bit of a European ring to him, but I, the weekend lettings like, I mean there obviously there are some linguistic and uh, language oriented names that just
don’t ring here.
Uh, and so, you know, there’s a possibility that there’s, there’s some room for, you know, a UK market to purchase these, I don’t know what eight K tele is, um, to eightK television. I tally for tell at Oh yeah. Okay. There you go. There’s another Euro one. Okay. Yeah, I missed that. Sorry. Yeah, I think you need to do the rest of the episode in your British accent. But the problem is it switches between Australian and British back and forth. Right. I think we had an episode once where I tried to do an Indian accent and I was really, it was really bad and my Indian is pretty good, but I’m not sure how if it goes from racist to just just don’t do it at all. My wife tells me. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Anymore. The Australian English Jamaican combo is pretty funny when I do it. So I do it all the time, but we’ll, we’ll save it for another one.
Alright. Next time. Next time.
So I know, going back to the list, um, yeah, our I mean it’s a, I’m
not a new TLD person, but it sounds okay. Holiday more being a European vacation household. That pet. Yeah. So here’s the question that everybody has. So if we go to GoDaddy oxen and we see the names that we take away, the names that have all of that, all the back links. So if you’re going to look through the names of lots of big, get rid of the ones that backlinks, cause you’re not going to be able to flip those. But now they’re always at (300) 400-1000 dollars. This person didn’t spend, Richard didn’t spend that probably on all the names combined. Where does he find names that are saleable for under $20? And my answer is it’s almost [email protected] um, there, there’s a reason that this an $8 name that’s left is there’s thousands of other people for 20 years of mine names and all of a sudden you’re as a new investor going to be the person that finds the $20 gem, doubt it.
You might find one, but you’re certainly not going to find 20. So my advice would be to save up and buy a $200 name or a $300 name if you can 500 and take your time. And so is there, is there no, it, you know, I, I think it go daddy, you’ve seen the prices like I don’t, Oh shoot. Speaking of which I was watching an auction. But um, you’ve seen the prices kind of go up, is there no, is there nothing between registration fee and $200 year? So if, if Travis are on here, Travis and Josh, they would disagree with me because they have become very good at getting, putting in back orders and catching drops, drops that um, that drop catch themselves don’t take, you know, cause drop catch. They pick their own out first. If there’s another bitter, it goes to auction and if they don’t want it and there’s no other bitters, you get it.
So you’re kind of three down the road they have been able to find names that have S that they’re selling and after Nick and later for even five figures, but definitely four figures and profitable at it, they’re going to kill it from talking about it. They’re going to kill you for talking about it. Oh no, they, they, I mean everybody tries it. Everybody puts it back there. The only people I know that are successful at it. And they’re also the only people that can give me numbers to prove it because everybody says, yeah, I’m doing fine. I’m buying them. But then you asked for all their sales and those texts stop. But on those guys, I get to see it and I don’t know exactly how I’m gonna buying, I mean conceivably a Josh to be buying 10,000 a day and selling three. But from what I’ve seen, uh, I think they have found a model that works for them, but it’s very, very hard to do. And it’s very easy to buy a drop and just have them build up our experts. You know, the top level, it’s taken them years. I mean, and I used to talk about not selling anything for a long time. He just couldn’t get it down. And then all of a sudden it starts to come in and drops that he bought five years ago had become a little more valuable too because they were drops five years ago and they’re not drops and they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t pass through anymore.
Okay. So I want to talk to Richard for a minute. Richard, I can see in my opinion that you’re on the cusp here. Like you’re just about to turn to the next level. And for one moment, Adam, I thought that was a Speedo. I don’t know. I was like, what is happening?
Well, let me tell you what I’m flying, Richard, he’s watching.
It’s right before you buy a domain now or renew one. You could talk to five people and explain to them, if this was your company, how would you make money off of it? And so, you know, suit,, how would you make money off of that and not off of any suit repair company, but that to me when you could buy a different one yourself, um, or um, why would someone agree to pay you, you know, $200 for themed What would their business be that they just need themed over something else for X amount of investment. And that question is going to get you to the next level. Um, I do want to ask guys wild nights I’m surprised nobody mentioned that. Like 200 bucks. Put that up. Buy it now. No,
possibly. I know we can. W themed breaks is, you know, again, you got two guys from the Midwest talking about European names. I, you know, like so right away we’re, we’re handicapped. Yeah. There’s been no, we haven’t gone to a foam party. I spent weeks as in it. Adamson, yeah, the, I you know the one with the, with the the rage thing. With the yeah. Lights. Yeah, that, yeah, in the fire. I mean we had to grab our kids’ little break sticks to spin. It was embarrassing, but it worked. Right. It was clear. Same thing that you had going on. Please reenact this and send pictures. Yeah. And he was, he registered. Yes. Like Urbana can suck it. And I wore a shirt that said Springfield can suck it and weed. It’s crazy. Thank you Richard. Um, I think he’s on the verge like mean Shane. Good, bad cop. Good cop. No, he’s not. He were all there. We’ve said this again a million times. Our is all started
pretty rough and the connections I still get, I still get emails about organic this and none of them are offers, just, just people making fun. So that’s awesome. Okay. Um, before we jump into, to me, it’s going to auction soon. Let me tell you about our sponsors who support us in our educational mission.
EFTY was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit! Forget spreadsheets and archived emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at, that’s E F T Y .com.
So we’re going to move on to the marketplace list. This segment is sponsored by name where we’re, um, we’re reviewing domains, going to auctions soon. And as always, if you’d like a name, you need to click now to, um, watch it or to bid on it because once the auction starts at, so, uh, Adam, you’re up next, uh, first this time we’ve got some interesting names. [inaudible] Uh, what stands out to you and why?
Um, yes. So just looked at the ease like right now. Um, I like, uh, off the top of my, yeah, right. Um, I’m just going to go somewhere bad with that. A Uh, I like, I like it, uh, because it’s short. It’s one word. It’s a brand kind of sounding name.
And for our podcast, that’s C H I L L Y children not comparable.
Yeah. Not, not chili. Like
no sir. Or the app or the different spelling like the country. Sure. Actually there’s two different spellings for the chili that you eat to Springfield. Illinois has a spells in a different way. Yes. So you pee. Yeah. Right. You’re just biased towards four letters. Chain. Yeah. I asked sprang fail. Yeah.
I, you know, they’re all, you know, fairly decent. Um, I would, uh, I would bid on all of these. Um, yeah, I have a little bit, I mean, I wouldn’t bet high on T V eight. I wouldn’t bid high on blue pair, although I like blue player paired as a, as a brand. Um, I know Shane likes color animals, so I’m probably talking over the top of his, his thoughts, tropical fish stores a little bit too long for me, although I could see it being, you know, a niche business online. Um, yeah, I mean I, if I was going to throw a few hundred bucks at everything here, I would do it. Um, I wouldn’t go nuts. I haven’t been on a buying spree. I would put a little bit more money on chili. I kinda like head banger just as a kind of a funny, um, brand and uh, you know, I’m, I’m a recovering headbanger.
Um, but the plural kind of, I don’t know if the poor Ole sounds better or not. Mega storage. I like Not so much TV eight, not so much fitness today. Not so much. Live cameras. Uh, yeah, that’s definitely got an adult to us. Do it. Then I think probably we’ll push up a bear cam, but now you’ve mentioned that that’ll push up the, I guess that could be adult too, right? Well, I don’t know anything about that change. Uh, sports coats not so much. Um, if you’re going to buy a sports coat, hopefully you go to somebody that can visit sport coat or sports coat sports.
Oh, you’re right. In real life.
Yeah. Now that I see that sport, I thought it was four coats, but uh, yeah, that’s, yeah, no good.
Yeah. What about, so we, what’s the one that you said you’d throw some money out, Define some money. So you said a couple hundred bucks for any name, but Chile would be more what, what is mower to you?
Oh, how much do I spend on chili? Like right now, if somebody was offering it to me for sale?
No. If, if, say for example, perhaps it was on auction at name jet,
it’s gonna go it Chili’s gonna go in the, I’d say, I dunno, I haven’t really been buying that much lately. Uh, I, you know, if Clark can go for, if the chain could buy Colac, I’d imagine chilly, I’ll sell for, um, five figures quite handily. Um, so I had to S I expected to have, I didn’t even check. I expected to have a, um, none of these have a reserve or do they? I don’t know, but I will check right now. I would bet. I bet most of them have a reserve
Chile high, low or medium five.
Uh, more than more than 30. Okay. All right. I probably wouldn’t spend, well I don’t know. Now I probably wouldn’t spend more than that. The problem is the, you mentioned it earlier by saying that the three other chilies that there are chilly that are the two other Chile, the, the soup variety and then she’ll lead the country, makes the podcast listeners and anybody else’s, it fails the radio or the podcast test. Um, so yeah, that kind of creates a problem. However, as a brand, if you’re, you know, if you’re selling ice to Eskimos, you know, they’re going to know what Chile, which chili to type. Um, yup. Yeah, yeah. I, I don’t know. I don’t know anything on here that they’re all, they all are good domains. Um, I probably add all of these, believe it or not, I think live cameras may have the best ability to flip. Um, if you can get it for under low five figures, I think it has the potential to flip for five figures. I doubt it will go that low. But maybe, I don’t know. I can’t, I’m not, haven’t been buying lately so I’m just kinda out of the loop. Shane. Go take it over.
Well I think if it was live cam it’s a six figure name, you know? Yeah, yeah. Easy. Yeah. You haven’t figures for that but you switched to cam. So live cameras is a cheap form of buying it, but yeah, easily five figures. That’s, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want to build it out cause I have a family but that’s a pretty good money making name if you’re in that. Um, yeah, the cheese. I like chili but for exact reason you said I hate getting in names and I’m fighting with misspelling. I mean you’re already, you put all the money in and then you have to battle the marketing name of trying to make sure they know. Now if it’s a a winter coat and you call it chili, it’s probably not tea lay or chili is in the food still. It just, you hate to battle things right off the bat when you’re marketing. So I had to look that up. [inaudible]
does a homophone or a homonym where’s this? Sounded like would have different meanings as a homonym.
That’s a hominem so that we’re going to use that in the future. Hominems are tough. It’s, you have to market your way out of those. So I like it but I wouldn’t be bidding on it. Uh, and same with the, and again, tropical fish store. It’s a name that is a good bill out and they aren’t anything. Shippable is a better name than non shippable and tropical fish are definitely shippable. Uh, I think you can’t really pick a better ending. You almost would rather have in this case if you’re, I don’t know what you’d do with it, but we know we’ve got a friend that does like a OSHA stuff and none of that is Adam and that’s a perfect name for like safety and uh, [inaudible] defibrillators and cones and uh, you know, all the, all the things. I think that’s a really nice name for that.
So I really like, I do think blue pair, it’s probably the cheapest one on the board that could sell just because people are always looking for an easy logo, memorable blue parents, not when you’re going to really misspell, you’re going to be easy to remember. It’s just a clean, simple, cheap, fairly cheap name. Those used to be really cheap. I bet you it still goes for $1,000 in today’s market. So it’s not as cheap as it used to be. Physician right now, I think tele med and tele docs are huge. I, there’s really not a better business. You know, I was talking to a doctor who’s thinking about starting it up and most doctors have no compete clauses locally. They can’t, but the boundaries are within, uh, like 60 or 70 miles and they never thought that make contracts to where these doctors couldn’t Moonlight online. So the doctors are all seeing the holes in this, in their contracts to do telemedicine. I think it’s going to be huge, but physicians isn’t the words. Nobody can spell it. Um, yeah,
yeah. It’s nice to combine with but not physicians is, is hard to spell. What about, um, nobody mentioned which we’ll talk about in a second, but fitness, not tomorrow but today. Fitness What do you think of that?
Um, to me it sounds like a brand that’s already out there. I mean so [inaudible]
which as long as it’s not a brand that’s already out there, that’s awesome.
Yeah, I mean it doesn’t, it’s not a bad name but it’s, it’s pretty boring. I mean it’s a, it’s a fine name and there’s fitness is definitely something you, there’s not a ton of startups but there are new fitness places in every mall and every location. So it’s, but there’s not a ton of money in it. I don’t think that there’s going to be as much opportunity as some of the other names. Mega storage and hosting. I don’t know how Megan names are going. I’d have to go to name bio on type. That’s, that’s where I would use name bio right there. Cause I would go a Meg and go, are people still using mega? I go and type in may and named bio and see how many local or recent mega names have sold and what for what price to kinda figure that out. Yeah.
And actually, um, I have two things to say to Richard and anyone in Richard shoes. Um, another great thing to do it, um, is pick five people, not like people who have the best memory in the world or something that would be cheating and say, um, tell them the domains and then ask them an hour later what were the domains or say something different and be like, was this it? And see if there’s a, Oh yeah, that was at, um, or to, um, to say, Hey, have you heard of fitness today? What, you know, they came out with a new product and if they’re like, it’s not a real company or if they say, yeah, I’ve heard of them, that kind of, that it, it shows you that it could be a brand or that people think that sounds like it could be recognized. So, um, cause definitely we all think we’ve heard of fitness today and hopefully we haven’t, but we’re not all searching. Right. Um, what could you even do with that? Envision something for me. Like I kinda love it, but I don’t know where to go with that site. The cells,
black tee shirts. I mean it’s all about music. It’s metal and old concert tee shirts are old cow cheese. Those are gone. Yeah. That’s actually fine. Get yourself a Cinderella shirt, man. It’s hard.
Yeah. Kind of like flu. Ella,
what’s the shoe site that you know, just is making is killing it. Stock X. So you can be the stock X for t-shirt. Yeah. There’s a huge market presence.
[inaudible] dot org. What, what do you think that somebody should bet on that?
I think keynote or whatever. What’s a, what’s those? I use keynote. What’s a version of it and word? Uh, let’s see. What do you use to give presentations? Not power. Power. Power. Sorry. I use keynote. PowerPoint. That’s what I think is when I think of a power point type wow tool. But even doesn’t to me, doesn’t work nearly as well as emergency. Uh, what do you have a fund raising for people that get nervous when they talk in front of people? Yeah, it doesn’t,
yeah, it’s definitely, I say if it’s does at least sound like you’re organized or doing it for your work better than that co Um, but if that’s the best justification you can come up with.
I mean if I were, if I had, I’d take live cameras, Chile, would probably be the ones I like to have. And if I were bidding, I would probably bid on blue parrot. If it didn’t get to crazy, the rest of them, they’re fine. I mean they’re, they’re not bad at all, but I think there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s going to be in the same price range that each Adam and I would feel more comfortable bidding on.
Nice. Yeah. Um,
I’m going to backtrack. I’m going to backtrack and say the chili is not going to go for over 30. [inaudible]
okay. Give us something new then once you say a number you gotta.
Oh, I, yeah, if it pushes into the low five figures, I’d be surprised because of that. I mean, I, I’m sure he’s got a reserve in the five figure range, but that, yeah, the hominin problem is definitely a distraction. I’m sure named jets are really going to be excited to hear us down talking the name you said almost every single name on this list you would, yeah, but I don’t know reserves and I didn’t, I didn’t look to see if there were reserves, but I’m assuming there are and, and that always kind of,
I mean, it’s a great name to sell cold weather gear. Plain and simple. I mean, that’s what it’s made for. That’s what it’s, that’s a great name. Would it be a brand? I don’t know if I made my like a jacket that had chili on it, but it certainly be a great place to sell air conditioning it at goose.
Yeah. There’s, I mean there’s products you can sell. Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. All right. Um, this was good guys. Thank you. To name jet for sponsoring this, uh, keeping this show going for everyone. Thank you to Richard for submitting that. And most of all thank you to Spiderman and possibly Michael Phelps. Um, you guys are awesome. Uh, you look just like him. Shane, just like Adam has his backup costume on right now. His first costume was Spiderman, but its backup is like unemployed
central division champions there. I believe I still got it. I got a big game next week. LSU.
All right, well thank you guys for your time. This was a long show, but a really good one. Um, how well, you know when we don’t have three panelists, then I’ll let you guys talk extra, but then I’m like, Oh my, we could film for hours.
Adam calls me at night, like, have you seen Fleabag it’s such an amazing show. And I’m like, Adam, I gotta get to bed. Oh my God.
Bag. Oh yeah.
He calls me all the time, like every night telling me what I should binge watch and like Adam’s voice. I just like listening to you. I don’t, I don’t talk. I just like, I couldn’t get ahold of Woody Harrelson, so I just call you.
Yeah. Shane, he’s envisioning you in your Speedo
and then I’m like, just drive over by five.
All right guys. Thanks for coming on. Happy Halloween. We’ll see y’all next time. Yeah.

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