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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Braden Pollock, Josh Eisenhower, and Ammar Kubba.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Braden Pollock
Braden Pollock
A frequent speaker or moderator at domain industry conferences, Braden Pollock is a serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and domain name branding expert.

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Josh Eisenhower
Josh Eisenhower
Josh Eisenhower is a paramedic/firefighter at County Government in Maryland, an individual investor in domain names, and is a regular contributor to

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Ammar Kubba
Ammar Kubba
Ammar Kubba is a principal and the chief executive officer of Thought Convergence Inc. and its various portfolio companies, including TrafficZ, the industry’s oldest and most experienced domain parking and traffic monetization service;, the global leader in domain leasing solutions; and, an incubator for the development of avant-garde Internet sites, services and technology.

Through the Name Intelligence acquisition in 2008, Thought Convergence is an owner in, the ultimate source for domain research, and, annual conference focused on domain names, new products, technologies and companies in the domain marketplace.

Ammar is a leading authority on Internet domain development and traffic monetization, as well as an active proponent for the continuing advancement and evolution of the domain industry.

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00:00:00                                 Sherpa review is back today we bring in a panel list of three domain experts. You know, you get to just sit around in a super casual conversation with three very bright minds and discuss what’s happening today in the domain industry. We look at sales, we look at investor’s portfolio, we look at a um, a domain’s up on name jet and really discuss from three pretty different minds. Two attorneys and a firefighter, all of whom spend a year have spent years of their time becoming very well esteemed experts in the domain industry, but also will have very different approaches to what types of domains they buy and how they sell. So enjoy the show.

00:00:58                                 Hey Sherpa network. Thanks so much for joining us today. I’m Tess Diaz, Executive Producer of and this is the Domain Sherpa review. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples. So we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We will do our usual three segments. We’ll review first we’ll learn what the share posts recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value investors, submitted meaning portfolio. And finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon at and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good investment opportunity for you joining us today are three oldies and goodies. Guys, introduce yourselves. Let’s start with um, with you. Braden.

00:01:48                                 Hello, I’m Braden. I like how you, we’re using your professional voice and just prior to that you are using it just like casual test voice and he like switched gears but they didn’t see that. They didn’t see that well they really, really missed assassinating pre-show conversation. They did smarter than portfolio sizes and whether or not they perform because big portfolios don’t necessarily perform like small anyway, size of the portfolio. It’s the monetization that counts. Josh, this is where you change your background at that moment when you got behind them right there. [inaudible] behind him. I like how Shane’s right behind him with no shirt on. [inaudible] st couldn’t be with us so I’m covering for him and, but I brought him with, with me. I thought

00:03:00                                 this was a family show. I’m going to do the next Sherpa topless.

00:03:05                                 You weren’t alright. Tomorrow schedule your next week all you, you did do a panel once in a row?

00:03:13                                 Yes. Yes. But that’s not topless, so I can’t let Shane just sit there topless and [inaudible].

00:03:20                                 Okay. Wait, I don’t know about a panel that Ammar did in a robe, but I do know that I called him when we were in Portugal and we had someone who couldn’t attend our panel at the last minute and he told me he couldn’t because he was in a rope. So you’re telling me that was just already done a panel in a row.

00:03:41                                 So

00:03:42                                 what’s that?

00:03:43                                 I said those are the only two times I’ve ever worn a robe.

00:03:46                                 Okay. When did he do I like how we haven’t introduced tomorrow, but we’re giving this sorted history. Should know who he truly is. Um, he, he did a panel. It was, it was a traffic and it was

00:04:02                                 Florida.

00:04:03                                 You’re in the Florida. Yeah. But how many of your other son 10 years ago or something. Right. I just don’t know why. Domainers in 2010 had an unprofessional reputation. Oh, weird. Why were you in a row?

00:04:17                                 Uh, it was a joke that the idea was I’m always late for panels and so, um, I, I’m, I intentionally missed the panel, the first part. Bye.

00:04:28                                 10 minutes of it. And I walked in in a rogue, I had just woken up and I want it to get to the panel. Cute. That’s cute. But you should have remembered that and put that all together in Portugal when I called you and when I needed you most. Sorry. On short notice. So there you go. And I’m not in the road. Hello.

00:05:00                                 Okay.

00:05:01                                 You are not introducing yourself. I am on bar. I’m Braden. Hi. What else you want to know? I’m a domain investor. Uh, and other things, it’ll be more interesting if you’d do it. I already know who I am. Okay, well fine. That backfired. Braden Pollock, who’s name is spelled P. O. L. L. O. C K is a, you know. You’ve been a domain investor for 12, 15 years forever, I think just right in the 13 years or so. Okay. And so, um, Braden, you own multiple companies. You, um, you know, got into this, I think through, um, the marketing standpoint and seeing your in your, uh, legal brand marketing company, how much you are spending on domains, um, and the value in there. And, um, and you’ve been such a valuable asset to the industry, um, for all these years with the, uh, the marketing background, the legal background and all your, you know, start up and, um, are you in the VC world too? Angel investor? I’m an angel.

00:06:16                                 Angel goes with vcs are gonna come later? No, no, that’s fine. Um, so yeah, uh, you, you got a lot, a lot of street credit and thank you for taking the time to be on ship all the time. Uh, Josh Eisenhower, Hulu, you have the best background award. Um, so I know definitely the other one. Um, yeah. Uh, Josh, you were so creative. I love all your, uh, means with Shane. Um, but so you are an integral part of the d s a d. Dot com team with Shane Cultra. Um, and you are really well known for your super thorough research. Hello, Lisa. Lisa Bloom, ladies and gentlemen. Braden’s wonderful wife is definitely better. Half. There’s no competition. Um, don’t know why you have her face, but, um, I like it better than yours. One day of my birthday. And they had made a whole bunch of these and they spread them all around my office out of town behind me that keep them company. Well there’s one, this one stays behind me and the plant, cause if she’s peering through the plant, she’s always like, wow, I think, uh, you know, you should send one to like bill Cosby cause he should feel like she’s watching him too from behind the plant. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any plants anymore. Oh yeah. Oh and he and he’s well aware of her. Yeah, I know. That’s either to kill himself in jail too.

00:07:56                                 He’s in denial. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Well, I hope, well, first of all, that’s all of them. Um, but I hope that you sent Lisa the big hug. I asked you too when I read the news about, um, at that Epstein that stinks and her legal work is phenomenal. Um, so Josh expired to means you do tons and tons of research, almost as detailed as Lisa, but not, um, and um, and you really share that beautifully on DSA d. Dot com for, because you just believe in humanity and growing this ecosystem. Uh, Ammar, you are like the o g, um, Ammar Kubba, ladies and gentlemen, um, with his diamond earrings. Let’s see him. Um, harder to see with the earpods and the background right now, but they’re there. Um, so Ammar, do you have a story about the earrings? Like did you them from a great domain sale or,

00:08:58                                 Oh, no, I uh, I got him late later in life, uh, cause I wanted him when I was a kid and my mom said she would disown me if I got him. And then I kind of forgot about it for awhile. And then I realized one day I woke up, I think I was 30 or something and I said, you know, I’m an adult now and I can kind of do whatever I want. [inaudible] yourself. Yeah, well, yes, I was legally an adult, not, uh, before the road. Yeah. Um, so, uh, yes, I just woke up one day and realized that I could do whatever I wanted. And so that’s what I did.

00:09:38                                 Nice. You know, when I first got into domains around 2006, I remember reading about you, um, and um, and you’ve done so much for this industry, so, um, but this was way too long and Intro, uh, even though we are all such fascinating conversationalists let’s do this. Uh, what’s new Sherpa? Um, what’s the domain that you bought or sold recently and don’t say the price and the other two guys got a guess on the price just to get, you know, an idea of the market today and what’s going on. Um, so, um, Mar your question.

00:10:20                                 Okay. Yeah. Um, yeah, so I sold game Ooh. So I thought I’d throw in a, I’m not Let’s see what people think

00:10:37                                 Just crazy. Um, all right. What do you guys think he’s sold game prices please.

00:10:48                                 Um, game on I’m going to assume it’s the nonprofits. You said that orange and uh, game on sounds like it could be a nonprofit. Like it could be wrong and it could be somebody that just couldn’t get Um, I would guess it’s only worth 2,500 bucks. But I think you did better than that because you are a mark Buba. Um, and you’ve got to afford those diamond earrings. So, um, I am going to say you got $8,000.

00:11:27                                 All right, Josh.

00:11:29                                 Um, yeah, these guys are, they’re playing on a whole different level than I do normally. So when it comes to valuations of, of what they sold something for, um, sometimes I’m, you know, I, I don’t have any idea. I mean, even no one myself, sometimes people bake crazy things for crap, but, um, I’m not saying that that’s crap, but I would

00:11:54                                 say that a [inaudible] four to five 45 k would be, I think I’m reasonable. Probably the high end price for it. Hmm. Okay. I think it’s interesting how, you know, it could be something besides just gaining and we know like I did that, um, the um, online casino guys and they were talking to all about the SEO and how it was no, no problem. As long as they had those keywords in there so I could see it for gaming and for a much different, you know, a charity or uh, something totally different. That’s like, let’s bring change to the world. So I’m more interested in who you sold it to. So tell us.

00:12:40                                 I am too, I’m interested in who bought it. It’s still not resolving. It was purchased on a, in a buy now and it was a buy now. Price was 98, 88, so 10 k and um, and I was like, I woke up and I’m like, wow, okay. That’s cool. Uh, it just shows you, and it was listed at multiple places. It was, I believe it was parked at, at unit registry at the time, but they chose to buy it through GoDaddy, which is interesting because they just did the buying. It had had a buy now on the lander, but they went and bought it at GoDaddy and it’s not resolving at all right now and it’s privacy protected so I don’t know who bought it. Um, but I would assume it’s a gambling road. It’s going to be gambling related. Um, and it could be the guys that owned game which is a developed site. And so maybe cause a lot of the gambling guys like to do and or dot Oregon. One of them is for free play and the other one is where you’re actually using real money and because they have restrictions in different jurisdictions on where you can, where you can actually bet, uh, online.

00:13:58                                 Interesting. Is that why you acquired it? Because you knew that?

00:14:02                                 So I’ve been interested in the gambling space for a little while now, so I have been trying to pick up some names related to that. And so I want, I bought an auction and I actually got it only in December. So how much a for her under a hundred bucks game on Good Java.

00:14:22                                 Nice. Look at that smile who needs diamond earrings and you got a smile like that.

00:14:28                                 So, but that was good guessing on both of your parts. I mean, but this is, we, and we can talk about this later, but um, this is what I’ve been stressing to people. The last few shows we’ve done is you really should put by nows on, you should price your names that are um, definitely under 10 k anything under 10 k you be pricing. And I would say even up to 25 k you should be putting prices cause you just, you never know. And these people obviously didn’t want to negotiate. And if I had put, you know, no price on it, I may not have, you know, sometimes I just ignore inquiries and that deal may never have happened. They may have inquired an offered 500 bucks and I probably wouldn’t have even replied. And, but this way there was a price set and they’re happy with the price. I think it’s reasonable. Um, and so, you know, and it worked out.

00:15:23                                 Sure. Dad, good job. Congrats. I’ll do it by now. So, all right.

00:15:29                                 Kind of an afternoon. Bye now sale.

00:15:34                                 Uh, unless I don’t think I talked about it. Love

00:15:38                                 Talk about it.

00:15:39                                 I don’t think so. Nope. Okay. Dot Com. Love wait, I think that’s where you take out the picture of your wife. That’s when Shane pops up behind. You’re right. You’re right. Josh, you’re completely failing as a love texts. Usually love emails. As long as he’s not alone. We don’t want love taps. So love letters got out of bed for anything. You wouldn’t even price anything under 50. That’s what I thought. I mean, there’s smaller stuff in my portfolio. I mean, I’m going to throw a, it’s a good, it’s a good, it’s a common term. Like, you know, like a love letter passive. I mean, back and forth.

00:16:37                                 She’s uh, she’s throwing stuffed animals at me. Now. Your love letter from your daughter. Um, let me say, I’ll say 35. I don’t, I don’t really 3,500 or 35,000 thousand. Do you only say that because it’s Braden, like that’s part of my equation to a little bit. I think it’s one of those that, you know, um, Omar’s point of price of what the buy it now. Like you can always price it at something high and get that impulse purchase and then they can still negotiate if they want. So like I would, I would throw a price up there, you know, in that ball park and um, you know, negotiate after that. The, the other thing is that you get exposure to the registry path a lot easier if you have the buy not price on it, whatever it is. So, um, I don’t know, I mean it’s a, it’s a common term.

00:17:35                                 It has mindshare. Uh, it depends on what somebody wanted to pay for it. There’s a think there’s a broad spectrum of what it could have gone for. So I’m just throwing it out. There was the last thing you taught, like food trucks. I was surprised. Like you got two 50 on that. I was a three. Was it three 52 50. Okay. Yeah. So, I mean like something like that you, you know, a love letter almost seems like it’s a little bit more of an open vessel type thing. Not, I mean then you know, then some keywords specific type thing. A couple letters, not an industry like food trucks. That’s the true. Um, so yeah, it’s sounds, it’s still 10% of what that was, but that’s my guess. Okay. Ammar has been checking if that’s resolving.

00:18:25                                 No, no, no, no. I didn’t check anything. I was just thinking about it. Um, so I’ll go with, I’ll go with a, you know, with what Josh is saying that uh, you know, Braden probably would be pricing it, you know, at a higher number. Um, but on the flip side, cause because you said it was a buy now, so if you hadn’t said by now, I would put a, I’d give a higher number, but because you said it was a buy, now I’m going to guess 20 and um, and I still think that’s a good price for that name. Uh, but I think for the right buyer you could have gotten more, but I’m just going to guess 20 because you said buying now and I think that’s a reasonable price for that name. 15 to 20 would be reasonable on a buy now for that I could see somebody doing an impulse purchase. Um, and so I’m going to go with 20.

00:19:19                                 Josh was spot on, 35 Bravo, well done. Why did you choose to price it at 35? I was going to go with a standard like 25, you know, like the, they used to be, you know, registries like Goto price, you know. Um, but I added 10 grand. I don’t know the burden factor that added the Braden premium is that it adds at least 40% onto the top. Right.

00:19:49                                 That was a buying now price at 35 and somebody clicked buy now and checked out. Yeah. Okay. That’s great.

00:19:59                                 Got the proof to see what they do with that. [inaudible]

00:20:02                                 um, and, and I would have sold that for less if somebody had reached out to me. Um, I can look it up, but I think, I think I had like a 15 or 20, um, as a, as a, um, for, I, I have three prices, right. So I’ve got to, I’ve got my, my low price, my ask price and then the buy it now, right. To compensate for commissions. Um, so I think my lowest 15 or 20. Um, and so I just put a big number on it to cover commissions. But I, the interesting thing is, so I’ve only had it for almost exactly two years when I sold it. You guys want to guess what I paid for it?

00:20:46                                 2000.

00:20:51                                 He bought it in a portfolio, didn’t you? Um, I’m not, oh, did I just ruin it? Was I not supposed to say that in average down price or I don’t confirm nor deny. I’ll go with three thousand one thousand dollars. There you go. Yeah, I paid a grant. It wasn’t average. It was a price that was assigned to it because of the portfolio. Um, although I’ve more than made my money back from the portfolio. Um, so, so it’s all good. Has a nice portfolio. That was a portfolio that had in it, which is what I wanted. But then I’ve sold a few of the others, so it’s, it’s worked out I just am so enthusiastic about that. Loved that name. Um, when we were working with it, um, I bought it from new guys, so that’s why, you know, I’d like to see where it goes. Oh, Ammar just couldn’t take it.

00:21:55                                 He left. Oh, hey, you’re back. Okay. Josh, what’d you buy or sell lately? I want to say real quick, just to point as we’re talking about these by now prices and what you know, you could still negotiate. Um, one thing that I think a lot of domainers will realize is that the average person doesn’t even know what the heck they’re doing at all with this. I’ve sold domains with a, with a price on the landing page. I’ve sold it for twice as much in a registration path. They didn’t even check, I’m talking like I had a $5,000 lander. Like on, if they would have just take the damn thing in, they would assault. It was five grand. It’s over 10 grand on cdot with the buy it now price so people don’t, so it’s okay to mix it up. Like a lot of times I’ll, I will put anything on the lander so that I can get offers that might be higher.

00:22:45                                 Then I’ll take the bite nails down. If something comes in, it’s still a very inefficient system and business and people don’t, they don’t even know what they’re doing. So we can play that to our advantage. Um, so I was looking at some domains I sold actually through huge domains. Um, and you had to keep in mind like, I don’t consider myself an investor for the most part. Not all the time. I’m, I think there’s a certain aspect of me that I’m just a domain seller, right? I find something that I think people might want, they’re not investment grade by any stretch, but they could make good brands or, and I’m picking them up for eight bucks a piece. Right? So in this, I mean, I have some decent stuff, but um, let’s go with, uh, herbal rehab. Oh, herbal yep. Dot Com sold on huge domains.

00:23:48                                 So when you say on huge domains, you mean through drop catch or probably prided optional on huge domains?

00:23:55                                 Yeah, I’m Thomas. I’m in selling the product. They’re probably gonna open it up pretty soon. I just talked to the rebars to see if I can talk about it. But yeah, I’ve been, I’ve been, the stuff that I have at namebright, most of it that I picked up through drop catch is, um, I’ve been selling it through the, through huge, I mean as the landing page, which, okay. I got it. It opens me up to, um, they act, they actually, they put it on cdot as well. We had some problems with after nick. I have to listen on athletic myself, but, um, uh, so I can use the paint. I got one under the payment plans right now. That’s awesome.

00:24:34                                 Yeah, I liked their payment plans.

00:24:36                                 That’s all that’s all taken care of by them. So it’s a pretty good, I mean, there’s, there, they just came out with a new dashboard before that we were just kind of a, um, you know, they, they’d email me and tell me about it, but got it. Um, so yeah, it was something we, we, we’ve been, we were conceptualizing and talking about for a couple of years and we, we got it together and so it’s been, it’s been working pretty good also herbal So I think, um,

00:25:06                                 you know, with the, with the CVD and the weed business opening up, I think that you’ve got a premium for it better now than you would’ve gotten a few years ago. And I think you’ve got more for it than you normally sell your names for. Uh,

00:25:24                                 I’m going to say 68, 88. That’s my number. All right. Sticking to, I’m gonna say, um, I’m going to go under and I’m going to say six k that’s so close. The sales price, and this is, um, you know, a week and a half ago it was 2195. Okay. So it’s funny cause I was hammering him hard, like picking up a ton of inventory every day on the drops. Um, which I mean, you’re your biggest competitors is them actually. Um, but I based, I didn’t go through and price any of the stuff myself. I use their algorithm. Uh, and um, so like let that out of the shot. Well I did, I did preface it with the, um, the, the whole non-investment, you know, more of a domain seller and that’s kind of what was getting at with this. Like it’s, it’s, it’s all automated basically.

00:26:30                                 Right. I’m picking them up, I’m uploading them to a certain folder and then they’re pricing them and putting them out. I can go in and change them. Um, and what I did is I had anything that had that unit registry had made a bed set a price because your registry used to price my domains to, um, cause I mean I was talking at one point, I had like 15,000 at Edu at namebright and I was like, I’m not going through and pricing them out individually, you know, like especially all of them, I picked up for eight bucks a piece. Right. So like I’ll let their science and their, their data points handle it for me. Not like I’m not, you know, but the ones that I did that had gotten inbound inquiries and that util registry had priced, I went through an h, I changed them all to what the quoted price was to have consistency across the board.

00:27:20                                 What registry price or what a huge domains price [inaudible]. So, um, the unit registry price was usually higher. Like the, the quoted, the opening quote was higher. So I would, I would go through and um, change the, the um, the drop catch or the parked, um, price to whatever the quoted price was from unit registry just so they didn’t, you know, the point was that not to have them work on it and then now that the landing page is going to huge amazed, just go pick it up or in, under biom under, you know, under bid them. I didn’t know you used automated pricing. I do it with after nick to actually without, I mean, so names that aren’t even with name. Right. And it’s not always, but there again, like, you know, say I think I have like 6,000 of GoDaddy right now. It’s been a lot less. I’ve been auctioning. That’s the other thing with name, right. I can auction them off through drop patch and I’m not going to get the prices that go that he gets for their inventory cause they got that locked down with the valuations. But I’m still, instead of letting them drop, I can, I can liquidate them. Um, what was, I said man, I could have my add is kicking in. Where was I at?

00:28:41                                 I, it’s probably only around like 12 or 12 to 15,000. Not, not, I’m not a good volume that you transact cause you’re a very unique, um, buyer and seller. Um, what’s the volume that you transact? I Dunno. Weekly, monthly. How many do you buy? How many do you sell? It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s all dynamic and I would say that’s, um, um, I mean it’s been going in waves like this and so I did, I can tell usually if there’s a problem, um, because there’s sales aren’t coming through, then I can investigate it. But I mean for a while I was selling like four or five a week, you know, and that’s not all the time, but you know, they were, they were ranged from, um, that was when I had more stuff down at like nine 99. Right. They had to buy it. Now, price of nine 99 since I’ve let the algorithmic pricing go go and there’s usually, they’re usually two to five, so there’s a lot less sales then at nine 99 or below because, I mean, my thing was, you know, even if I can move something for four 99, right, it’s momentum.

00:29:55                                 I’m just pulling, I’m turning stuff over. I’m picking up inventory, I’m going deep with the searches. When I’m, when I’m, when I’m processing the depending deletes and stuff, I’m going deep and I’m getting stuff for eight bucks. It’s you and you always, there’s anomalies to rate. I’ll pick something. I sold um, a domain for 20,000 a couple of months ago that I’d picked up for eight bucks. That was a weird one. I had it priced, but a cdot broker came to me from a Chinese company and I was like giving the offer and the opening offer was 20 grand and it was a corn and holy crap. And I’m like, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should counter not take, you know, I told him to do what every whatever he thought best because the are always gonna close. They just kinda like, they want to wait and it’s not like, it’s not like in this business where the brokers like, you know, trying to get the buyer a great deal.

00:30:54                                 Right? They just want to close it. So I was like, I was like, hey man, you know this customer better than I do, do you do whatever you think is not going to scare him away. And so I did at after nick and I took it down right away. It was a hell of a lot less than what it sold for. Like it was a need that I would have wholesaled for 100 bucks and not bad. And Nei are you going to tell us that name? I guess so they didn’t want it published. Um, but I didn’t sign anything.

00:31:32                                 They had a product for awhile, for like a month. Now it’s parked at unit registries. So I don’t know. I think they paid too much and they went out of business is what happened. You put them out of business, Josh. Yeah, but I didn’t expect that they should’ve, they should’ve came in a little lighter and then, you know, when they offer 20,000 you could have said no, no two grand is sufficient. That’s what she said. That’s a ridiculous price. Why would I take that as this? Th th this domain is worth 500 at the most, but I’ll let you give me a thousand. We’ll call it you gotta negotiate better next time. Oh Wow. Um, well then, and you know, Josh, you are such an anomaly in the industry and I love how you say your like anybody can do this. They just have to invest the time and grow the experience and arms. You’re right. That was done. Take that much. Not really. There’s so many different angles. I know. I don’t want to get sidetracked, but there’s so many different angles. You don’t have to spend a ton of time, but you’ll be rewarded for what the time you do put in. And then once you find something that works, you expound upon that. You know, that’s the key I think.

00:32:46                                 Yeah. Agreed. All right. Um, I’m going to tell you about, um, our advertisers for today’s show who support us and our mission to educate people in the domain industry. First serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. Alright, in the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted to meaning portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owners so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold them longterm or figure out a sales strategy going forward. And we have two partners submitted this list. Um, their company is target specific marketing. They made a very generous donation to um, the Fred Hutch, uh, research for, um, cancer. And, um, they had a long call with me where they really feel there’s a lot of value in these domains. So I appreciate the three of you taking your time to give them some feedback. So, um, so let’s see what we got. Who is up first? Um, Josh, you’re up first. What are your thoughts here? What stands out to you?

00:34:04                                 Sure. Um, so last time I had a, there was a portfolio like this and I was on a review panel. I said, it gave me chest pain, this, this one, this smell, this, it makes me want to punch babies in the face. Okay. And I like babies. So I was like, Oh, good. I think we’re at a point where we like how many shows have we done? The just giving, giving basic principles. And this is tough love time again. It’s like I, if they told you that, that they were, they thought this was a great portfolio, um, they’re, they’re doing it wrong, right? Like they’re, they need, this is where I think it’s critical. I don’t think we can bullshit and, and say like, well, you know, maybe this one, no. Like they’re doing it wrong and so out of, out of the whole list, right. I hate acne I think is, uh, something that could potentially sell. Right? I mean, it’s got a negative comment. I hate, it’s not like, um, I think, you know, I love clearskin would be better. Right? But

00:35:16                                 I hate acne. Advertisers don’t like negatives,

00:35:19                                 right. But at least with that one, you know what it is, you know what it’s saying, you know what the messages. Um,

00:35:26                                 but again, the message is shame,

00:35:28                                 embarrassment. I’m saying with this list, I’m trying to salvage something out of here without, you know, um, the, some of them, there’s a lot of them that are there, like their keyword domains that are, that are low CPC, low, low, low search volume. So they’re, they’re, they’re worthless. Like, yeah. I mean, my migraine like nobody’s gonna, nobody’s gonna name their, their business migraine medication. It’s completely generic. Maybe it’s got some search volume, but I don’t, I don’t see anybody even using it for an SCM or an SEO campaign. Um, uh, so some of the other ones that I thought maybe maybe you get, get away with and somebody, so the co the Cambiar one, right? It’s two. It’s the infinitive to change in Spanish, but this is the subjective, um, past tense, um, Elena and [inaudible] conjugated form of it. Right? And there’s, so there’s like 70 conjugations and this one is one of them.

00:36:38                                 So it’s an actual word in Spanish, but I mean, maybe you could squeak a brandable out of it, but it’s just a conjugated form of the verb. So like, he changed, she changed. You changed. Um, then like series in a way of us is, you know, new series in Spanish. I don’t know what you do with it, but it’s one of the only other domains that like, make sense as as words together. Um, I don’t know. I mean, the app, the app ones are good. Uh, they’re good. High CPC, he words, but I don’t know what you do with them on app. Uh, dot. app. I mean, maybe, maybe there’ll be something, but they’re still there. There’s a generic, um, which I guess that’s what you’d want. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Like I’ve stayed away pretty much from the new gtld. Um, and I don’t know what, um, I’m afraid to see what they paid for those keywords. But some of these other ones, like, like what did they put? L A a [inaudible] dot com. The only acronym I could find for that was Los Angeles angels of Anaheim.

00:38:03                                 That was how you really feel, Josh. Oh, I’m trying to see, I just want to make it clear in case it’s not clear. Right. It’s not clear. There’s what, like the basic principles of what we’re looking for. Can a company use it? You know, we’ve, we’ve expounded upon that over and over and I just want people to understand that when you deviate from that, I mean, even if it was just as simple as, could you see yourself naming a company this and no, no, I can’t. And so I think there, maybe I’m being too hard. I don’t know. But I think you like, that’s the, if you, if you haven’t got that, then you need to stop and reevaluate instead of just blowing money. I don’t, I don’t think any of these will ever sell. And I hope they didn’t pay more than the wretch fee for them. And I hope you don’t punch any babies in. So I don’t want to, like I said, I like, I like babies, but you see a list like this and you’re like, man, it’s, you just get so angry. You’re like, that baby is right there.

00:39:03                                 No.

00:39:04                                 Okay. Yeah, I do not know. I do not relate to that part. But, um, as a joke, I’m not punching babies. No babies were harmed filming up this next, I don’t know why I skipped you. I guess I just felt the vibe that just like I was prepared to go last and then you put me on the spot. I just had to, I just had to bring it.

00:39:26                                 Wow. Yeah, sure. Do not hold back. Okay. Braden. Oh, okay. So I’m not going to be as harsh. I don’t think this list is horrible. I think it’s terrible. However, um, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s really bad job. Josh’s, right. Um, um, punching babies aside. There’s nothing on here of any value. So I’ll, I’ll talk, I’ll talk about the few that I hate the least, and then I’ll talk about a couple that I hate the most. Um, but there’s nothing on here that I look like, uh, because they, by and large don’t make sense. Uh, seven 70. Dot app possibly, you know, it could sell. I mean, is it, is it three number? Uh, numbers are good, but dot. app. Who knows? Um, there was one, three number. Dot app that sold from about 500 bucks a once and then I could find, so who knows?

00:40:22                                 Auto insurance is a great, uh, keyword. Very good keyword I don’t know, maybe I can see an auto insurance app, but I don’t know who would brand it. It would have to be a directory. Um, the others dope blinds, you know, who knows? There’s all kinds of wine labels out there. It could be a wine called dope, but, or they thought maybe marijuana and wine. Um, yeah, I suppose it’s, but it’s, it’s uh, you know, likelihood is, is, is pretty low. It’s not, it’s not worth the investment. It’s not worth eight bucks. Um, free credit report also good key term, but on So that’s, that’s another one that’s, so those, I hate the least, the ones I hate the most, um, to see it now doesn’t make any sense at all. Um, Lex drone. Okay. Aside from the fact that you can’t have any drones in around an airport, um, but that’s not the worst of it. The worst part is Lex isn’t trademark. So as just bad for any,

00:41:30                                 only a lawyer from la would know that I, Elijah Lex

00:41:34                                 was the last night as our report and that’s their trademark. So it’s a bridging on a mark and you can’t have a drone there anyway, so there’s nothing about that. That makes sense. Um, and then I think my most favorite least like name on this list is wife is hot, which it doesn’t make any sense. Does it not make sense?

00:42:01                                 Um, it’s, um,

00:42:03                                 it could also be pronounced Wifi shot. Oh, I didn’t think about that. I liked awkward case. And that could be it. They’re all capital letters, right? Look, if he keeps looking at this list, that’s what Josh is going to do. A shot. If you shot your wife, you probably wouldn’t put it up online. I’m just saying people like live streaming on Facebook. It could be a book title wife. I shot the shot

00:42:40                                 you missed with a hot wife. And so, all right, so I think brains, now you guys have already said everything, but I’m in all, I’ll say it. Um, I’ll just give a few comments. I do think overall the portfolio is not good and that’s putting it politely. It’s not a good portfolio. We should definitely be dropping a lot of these names. Um, unless there’s something they know that we don’t know. Right? Like, I dunno. T I uno is allowed to, you know, and maybe it’s some kind of brand that I haven’t heard of. Um, but l AOA, they’re probably just thinking it’s five letter. So if I l they picked it up. Um, so, but some of these I like, they’re just, they really are terrible, you know, like wife is hot or Wifi shot is a terrible domain. If it was my wife is hot and she is, then I would say that’s okay.

00:43:39                                 But wife is Makes no sense or Wifi shock that actually makes more sense of. So maybe Braden will buy it from you. Um, the name I liked, uh, the, the names I like on here, I do like a couple of the dot apps. I like auto I don’t know if that wasn’t purchased in an auction or if it had dropped cause I was looking at it even though it’s a great name. Dot. APPS aren’t selling right now as far as I know. So you have to hold it and I, I’m almost a hundred percent certain, I’m going to say 99.9% certain that that’s a premium. So now not only do you have to hold it, but you’re also likely paying a premium renewal fee. So, um, so that’s a big problem there even though it’s a great name. And I could see, you know, companies using that, you know, use just on know on your app, you’re going to select your car insurance. You put in a few things, that’d be great.

00:44:36                                 What buy it now price would you put on auto

00:44:41                                 Um, I’d put, I’m ridiculous but I put north of 10 k 10 to 25 days. What I would put, um,

00:44:50                                 somewhere in there in that range, and Josh, you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum.

00:44:55                                 If I was them, I’d put it at a hundred, just as like a wild shot in the dark that it covers everything else and you know, it gives them some kind of eye. But I also think that’s horrible way to have to go where you have to completely hugely speculative, um, niche, right? Like the, these, these new g TLDs and key and crappy domains. Like that’s not a good date. A new investor. They need to be figuring out what works and not, not something that’s going to happen in 10 years cause they’re not going to make it that long. Right. That they need to be, maybe can be finding something that they can sell tomorrow and keep moving.

00:45:35                                 Yeah. And Ammar, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I’m sorry.

00:45:41                                 I do like auto, but if they can sell it sooner than later, at least they get out from underneath the, um, premium renewal and use that money. You know, on the premium renewal they could have, you know, I’m thinking that’s probably 150 bucks a year. Maybe more. I don’t know what their premiums are, but um, you could get for that. Right? The dot PM’s. I have no idea is. And I don’t know why you don’t smoke in or why you do smoke in the doc pm because they have both.

00:46:14                                 Can you think of any companies associated with smoking and p m

00:46:20                                 hmm. Phillip Warrens. I guess maybe, maybe that’s what they’re thinking. But they also changed their name to Altria now. I think. So

00:46:27                                 no smoking at night or not smoking at night. Right. So either way you can have both, but I also, I disagreed with a little bit with Brandon. I actually like dope wines.

00:46:39                                 I think that’s a good brand.

00:46:40                                 I think somebody was on that was on the least hated list. Dope lines. Okay. So, oh, uh, well, you know, that’s probably the name of any name on this list

00:46:53                                 is that [inaudible] uh, because of the, okay, because of the marijuana, a connection. It’s kind of brandable. Um, I like it, so I don’t know what they’re, what they’re asking prices, but um, you know, I’d give them 250 bucks for it. If I were them, I would be asking more obviously. But, um, that’s the only name I buy that in an auction, I’d go up to two 50, maybe, maybe 500, but that’s the most, um, I like that name. Uh, and all, and I already said, you know, I like the, the auto insurance and seven 70. I don’t know what, I understand that, you know, three, you know, numbers are good, but I don’t know what seven 70 represents, if anything. So, I dunno,

00:47:45                                 what can you think of

00:47:49                                 okay. Are any young is okay as a brand? I’m sorry, what did you say?

00:47:54                                 Okay. Train what would you list it as a buy now? What would you recommend they listed? Trying to get out from under this,

00:48:04                                 trying to get out from under it. I listed it, you know, under 1000 bucks if you don’t mind, you know, waiting. I probably listed at 2,500 to five k. Okay. I think, I think that one’s, that one’s okay to see it now. It makes no sense. I don’t know what the hell that is.

00:48:21                                 Okay. And then what about domains?

00:48:26                                 it would be okay if it

00:48:30                                 what does it even mean? You know like Josh, you means to go direct.

00:48:36                                 Well there, there was a registrar, there’s a registrar, a domain direct, I think,

00:48:40                                 well that makes it seem seem like a worst style. Right?

00:48:46                                 So anyway, um, so I think we all agree these, these guys need to practice more, watch more shows, read more. There’s so many resources out there to, to learn. And, and the best thing to do is look at what’s selling. I, I would not see any of these on a recent, you know, sold list other than like I said, maybe you know, dope lines and maybe auto insurance about app, but I don’t think any of those other ones they’re going to see on, on the list.

00:49:17                                 Yeah. Yeah. Well thank you. I think that was great. Great feedback from all three of you. Um, I know they really were looking for it and um, and we’ll appreciate that. You guys are awesome. Um, so, uh, before we jump into, it’s going to auction soon and let me tell you about our advertisers who support us in our educational mission here. Yeah,

00:49:40                                 FD was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archive emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at ft com. That’s e f t y f

00:50:00                                 Love your enthusiasm for Aiden. So we’re going to move on to the marketplace list. This segment is sponsored by name jet. We’re reviewing domains heading to auction soon. Um, and this time I’ll get my order right. Um, or I guess, I don’t know, Josh, you want to go first this time again? All right. So I think the best name on this list

00:50:28                                 that you could be able to sell that has a lot of potential buyers is great. Um, I think, I mean, it’s, uh, there’s, there’s every town’s got a car dealers. It’s a pretty good, it’s a positive brand, so I think that’s the easiest to sell. Um, and that it, that’s, that’s, that’s good. The problem is it’s, um, it’s not an option anymore. So, uh, they could have renewed it after you sent the list. No. Um, we were supposed to come last week. I apologize. So, um, but it’s not an auction and it didn’t sell. No, it’s, it’s, it’s a wishlist thing. So I think they renewed it probably when myself under the bus for no reason. Guilty conscience. I like, I like Amnesia. Um, but it’s got a really high, it’s, I mean, it’s 50 to 75 k. Um, and I don’t like, it’s not, it’s not like a jump out at you like hear Amnesia cause it almost, I mean it almost has the pain, uh, a negative kind of like it would be a greater maybe like whiskey brand, uh, would make a dope wine.

00:51:56                                 Yeah. A nightclub. Like, you know, so fun. You got, you partied so hard you don’t remember anything. I don’t know. It’s kind of, it’s kind of edgy. You think instant Karma was also, um, I thought not bad. It was a cool little brand. It’s Karma. Um, and so then there’s, then there’s these, I think you said what names would, would I like for a new investor, right. Like that. So man, I like the crypto ones are, they’re going to be, they’re going to be appealing, right? They’re going to be like, they’re there. It’s a hard time. Whether the market’s up or down. It’s still a decent niche. I just don’t think the brands that, I think they’re going to go between domainers for awhile unless we get back into keywords heavily. And so they’re not bad domains. I just, I wouldn’t want a new domain or to buy them because I think they just end up wholesaling them like the crypto developer and uh, what was the other one?

00:53:02                                 Oh, bit coin storage. Yeah. And that one has a reserve on it too, but it’s, you know, so they’re good intrinsically, right? They’re good domains. There’s not, I don’t think people will jump over as, as brands and they’ll probably change hands. Um, and, and actually the crypto developers also not at auction anymore, so if it ever comes back up. Um, so I covered the ones that I like, the, like the price is subjective. There’s a bunch of other ones I like too, but I’ll, I’ll, I won’t hit everything. Um, so stuff I don’t like that then I think is an obvious, like there’s some obvious ones that suck. Right? Like casinos, games. I mean, I don’t like it. Maybe, maybe it gets some, maybe get some traffic by accident and it’s high CTC, but I don’t, I don’t think it’s good. And then there’s a couple of other ones that aren’t really, but some ones that might not be obvious that might look good, that I don’t feel like aviation watches like me.

00:54:03                                 Like it’s really, it’s very specific and maybe, maybe it gets some traffic. But for a new investor, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Um, even even like spam prevention, I mean, that’s not a bad keyword, right? Those aren’t bad words. It’s not a bad domain. I just don’t think it’d be a good idea for a new investor because I don’t see who buys it. Right. I mean to meet, maybe there’s a company that will buy it as a marketing thing, but it’s not gonna be their main push. It’s not going to be their main gig. Um, and also like ski clubs. We, we got, um, season passes from a ski club, right? But I went right to the, I went right to the school that had the club and got him for the year. I didn’t look up multiple clubs. So again, that’s when that looks Kinda like, oh, maybe it’d be kind of cool, but there’s nobody to buy it. So that’s, that’s where I’m at with those. Got It. Thanks Josh.

00:54:57                                 Mr [inaudible], what are you thoughts? Um, so it’s hard to, yeah, it’s hard to talk about from a new investor perspective. Uh, cause the new investor could have a lot of money or not a lot of them money. Yeah. I’m in a new investor that has some money to throw in there. I think Amnesia is a great brand. Um, I think you said the reserve was 50 to 75. Is that what you said Josh? Yup, that’s a lot, but for, you know, but it’s, but it is a great brand and, and um, so that one I liked a lot. Um, but for a new investor, depending on the prices, I guess I would be looking, I think view cam is good. Um, patent law is obviously great depending on what the reserve is, but also attorneys are generally, um, cheap, but patent law I would say of any Ammar is an attorney, by the way. I just wanna point that out. That’s right. Um, so I’ve tried, I have a lot of great legal names and I don’t know if I’ve ever sold one and uh, because they don’t want to pay, you know, the law attorneys oftentimes don’t see the value or whatever it is. I don’t get it yet. Um, so I like, uh, the top one Cura, that’s a, that’s a good, you know, that may, if it’s cheap enough, I think that’s worth picking up. It’s strong. I think it’s an expired,

00:56:30                                 the audience listening, I’m just going to spell it. K U R Four I like it. Yup.

00:56:37                                 Yup. And the dude’s is kind of a cool brand and that probably won’t go too high. So yeah, I would say Cura, the dudes and view cam are probably the three I would pick up as, um, as a newer investor. If I could afford the investment, I would look at Amnesia.

00:56:53                                 Nice. Maybe Patent Law. Okay. Thanks. Mr Braden, you’re up. Amnesia is a good name. It’s just the prices. Retail. So for an investor is not, it’s not a good investment. Um, well I mean I would buy that. I mean, if I, if I could get it for, uh, you know, 10 or 15 grand, I pick it up, but it’s a 50 to $75,000 name. Um, ski clubs, I think c comes can be a directory. Um, so that’s, that’s decent, not, not high value, but a couple of grants. Global Tourism, same thing. Patent Law. Um, I have sold hundreds and hundreds of the legal names. Um, but the sweet spot is kind of the typical sweet spot for domains. It’s, it’s gotta be under 2,500 bucks and then they move, um, that said that names, uh, move very, very, very slowly. Um, I, I have a bunch, I’ve sold a couple, but these are names that I get a thousand to $2,000 for.

00:58:00                                 Uh, they will, if they’re, if they’re, uh, geo specific, this is not, so, you know, it’s a 2,530 pound or a long name, but it’s a long fold. It might take years to sell that. So, um, I think that names a lot worth a lot more than 2,500 bucks. They’re tough to sell. And there’s a lot of names on the market. That’s what drives the price down supply and demand. Right. So I, I’ve got a whole bunch of patent related names and, uh, they’re on the market for, right. But that’s the name. That’s patent law, I think, if not the name. Because you’ve got, you’ve got patent lawyer, got patent lawyers, [inaudible] patent attorneys, patent laws, better than all those, but you reason the eye of the beholder. I, I have, I have had this same conversation with ton of lawyers where it’s whereas law, a lawyer, lawyers and some think, oh no, it’s gotta be plural. It makes us sound bigger, or no, I’m, I’m a lawyer, so it’s gotta be one or no, I practice law. So therefore,

00:59:03                                 I don’t know. I think that for the right, uh, I think that’s a five figure name. Nope, no problem.

00:59:10                                 All Day. Um, listen, I mean, I just, and I sold legal names, you know, for, uh, sold three word legal names for $35,000, and then I’ve sold them for $1,000. Right, right. It really depends on the buyer. I’m sure getting in a fight. This sounds like the deal. I just play when I’m on the, I’m just a firefighter, so I don’t, I don’t know what’s going on. There isn’t a firefighter walking into a bitcoin storage. Maybe a great car is, is, is a good brandable. Uh, Riga is, um, Regan is the main city in Latvia. People haven’t been there. Um, it’s a great, great old town, European town. Um, very cool. Very hip. Um, so that’s [inaudible] dot info is terrible. And I don’t know, I certainly doubt out in Latvia. I’m very English speaking by the way, but I adopt, they use info. So that’s the problem. It would be fine if it wasn’t Otherwise the list is gonna [inaudible] mediocre. Um, those are, those are probably my favorites. Unless you want to have wild sex with your hot wife that you shot. [inaudible]

01:00:46                                 no, no, I don’t think it’s horrible. I think it’s, I think it works as a brandable. You can sell it on brand bucket for probably for like a 10 K for it. Um, but so you’re not going to get any of these cheap because they’re all the oldest, right? These are like 95, 96 registration date. Um, and that’s what everybody looks for first. I mean, you know, the certain metrics that people hit and they’re, they’re going to go down through and they’re going gonna see the names that have bids and then they’re going to look by age and then the, you know, cause it’s a short list didn’t really narrows it down. And so these are going to go, they’re going to go for more than they would be if the, if, if that name Tan had a, uh, if somebody let it drop and I’ve made it all the way through the process and it had 2019, um, uh, who is creation date, you know, coming back in, um, or 2018, whatever.

01:01:44                                 Um, it, it would go for a lot less because it would, it would sneak through and to the end user, it just be, it’d be the same quality of name. But that’s, that’s where you’re getting into going a little deeper digging. But don’t you think, Josh, that Canada was picked up for 500 bucks? I’m not looking it up. It’s actually high bid is six, six, six. Um, go figure. Um, and turn it for 25 to $3,500. You don’t, you think that’s Kinda the sweet spot to turn that name? Yeah. Yeah. No, I’m saying like, I, I think it’s a decent name.

01:02:19                                 I think it would go for that. I don’t know. I, my point was that because it’s, uh, a five letter and it’s for announcable and it’s, it’s got an old age that it’s gonna go higher wholesale price. So it’s the right price, um, for retail person. Oh, wholesale, right. I mean, so the, and that’s not really, like, I’m not, I’m going to see that for my style. I’m going to see that and we’re going to know that people are just, especially, there’s going to be bitters that don’t even know anything about domains or what sells, but they see everybody else bidding and that’ll drive it up. So I wouldn’t even, I probably wouldn’t even look at it from my style because I don’t even to deal with that. Right. Like I’m going to go find stuff that people aren’t attacking you. I’m going to, there’s a lot less inventory on named yet the back when there was more, I would um, like I’d wait till 1159 eastern art 10 59 eastern time to put my back order in so nobody else saw it.

01:03:20                                 Um, and then it would be like a Ninja. Yeah. Well but it was a pain. I just said alarms and it’s a two step process and then I go back and Biddle the damn thing. Um, and so I would get decent names. Like when I got, uh, I sold last diesel when I sold a draft Um, and I got that for like 100 bucks cause it had a, you know, nobody, it didn’t pop up in the, in the frequently used metrics that everybody finds it, which is the bids are the main one. Yeah. So, so, but my point is I wouldn’t deal with that name just because I know it’s going to go higher than I want, but I think you could get it. Even if it went for a thousand and it sold for, it’s not a reasonable to get 10,000 for probably easily, you know, maybe seven, eight, nine. Um, you know, it’d be worth it, but not for a newer investor, I’d, I’d rather see them do a little bit extra work, not just follow somebody else’s bids and get stuff that they can move for for 2,500. Right.

01:04:25                                 Yeah. You should be able to get a lot of names of the same quality as Tan buffer, a lot less than a thousand bucks

01:04:33                                 under a hundred bucks and then sell them for two to 5,000. Yup. That’s where, that’s the way to go. That’s good point. Yeah. Um, well thank you. This is a good list. Any of these you’re going to bid on anybody.

01:04:49                                 Well, now that Braden told me about lawyers and how lame they are, I’m not gonna bet on patent law anymore. It good thing you got those earrings to make you less lame. If fish heads is cheap enough that that’s something that could be, that reminds me of the south a episode with fish sticks. But um, anyway, yeah, that one is okay. Brandable

01:05:18                                 I mean, yeah, as like a, as a band, like the fish heads, like that wouldn’t be even, it’s not even on named John Anymore. Somebody renewed it. Geez. It’s gone. These aren’t the ones that sold because I’m late. No, because you know the others, the others are there. There’s still like 10 days out at least. Okay. Alright. Wow. Well fish is really fully remember that song. Yeah,

01:05:45                                 but it makes me think to have fish there already is the band p, h I s h and there aren’t they called fish heads.

01:05:51                                 Yeah. That’s, I think it’s spelled incorrectly for those, for that group. Yeah. Yeah.

01:05:58                                 No, I think Kira is the big winner on this list. Very nice. All right. You guys are the best. Um, thank you so much for your insights. Anything you want to give a shout out? What’s going on in your life and your business? Um,

01:06:14                                 anybody Ammar [inaudible]

01:06:16                                 no, nothing those same, uh, give a shout out to Shane. We miss them. Yeah. Um, but uh, no, nothing really too exciting right now. We’re in La this week, which is kind of Nice to be back. But um, other than that, everything’s great.

01:06:33                                 Nice. Nice, good bye to hear it. Braden

01:06:36                                 and you coming over tomorrow to do lunch threatening? I just moved so I’m inviting everyone over some money please. I didn’t get invited.

01:06:49                                 Josh, did you get invited?

01:06:53                                 Maybe it’s cause we’re not in la. I don’t know. But I getting invited out of my route. Yeah. I don’t really have any, I just been focused on moving in, unpacking and um, it’s amazing how much stuff you have when it’s all in boxes piled up. So I’ve got far too much Tufts, Ms Breezhaler was all put away now. Yeah. And now we’re buying all this furniture. Good for Ya. Yeah. So that’s what I’ve been doing shortly. I’m going to leave here and I’m going to go back home and continue. Okay. Yes. Sounds about right. How about you, Josh? What’s going on? I mean as far as promoting anything I write for DSA D. Dot com. I’m what? Never heard of it. Yup. It’s a couple of guys, uh, putting lists out there, door to the beach, taking our shirts off. We do a daily list of domains that are going to auction and like, I’ve really been slacking lately cause I’ve been, um, I’ve been doing a lot of fishing but I am not doing it. These, I released these, um, towards the stuff that the same and we were talking earlier about it exit, he’s called me a fish mer because the salmon that are gonna die. I eat them by a, but that, but the catfish I left go. So I feel like it’s, you know, that should balance it out on a good, great.

01:08:22                                 No, you didn’t hear him, Josh, he also called you a torturer.

01:08:25                                 Oh, right, right. Okay. Yeah. What about the other fish to eat? The other fish? Are they torturers or murders? They may need to do that to survive.

01:08:38                                 You don’t,

01:08:39                                 oh no, I do. I do. I need to do something to survive coming up whole foods and buy whatever. No, not to eat. Just not to go crazy. That’s why I fish. That’s say you murder for entertainment, right? No, no. I let them go. These mangled them first. Got It. Okay. What’s that? Can you fish for spinach? Are you guys anywhere?

01:09:09                                 Uh, no. No. I, I’m a, I’m a carnivore, but, um, but because I’m Braden, I have been eating more, uh, vegetarian stuff and Vegan stuff, so, so I’m, I’m being more moderate now. But you and you be healthier for it? Yeah.

01:09:28                                 Oh Wow. Look, I mean, you probably ate genetically modified food too, and now you’ve grown arms on your shoulders. Saw that mercury. It must be yet freaky. Somebody call a firefighter for help.

01:09:44                                 He’s, um, that’s my daughter and her, her mom was a vegetarian and I don’t think she just eats chicken now too. Is that, is that a thing like a chicken, a puja? Tarion I don’t think so. I’m like, I’m a vegetarian plus Churros I, I ate vegetarian for a while. I lived on the Kubota at Israel and uh, that was pretty much, you know, let me, they kept a kosher so it was almost easier just to eat vegetarian. So, and falafels are good. Yeah. Fathers are great. Donate.

01:10:25                                 All right. You guys are wild. Well, um, I’m so glad you joined us. Uh, I love doing this and you are so do love doing this and interesting. Yeah, I really do. This is the best. Um, I liked the one on one interviews, they’re great, but the panels are always hilarious when just different personalities interact differently, you know. Um, and we have a really good time. I do have an announcement. I will be in a one on one interview with you on domains, your book that’s coming up soon. Yes. I, we had a great interview and I do think you talked about love letters there, but I didn’t want to spoil it when you were talking about it now. Okay. So, um, yeah, Braden shared like a whole year of sales of what’s been going on, which a lot of brokers can’t do because of NDAs and, um, and it’s just neat to get a full picture from one person or company because a lot of times, um, only the insiders see that I’ve never signed an NDA related to price, so only related to who the buyers, but I, I want, I never have and uh, not to say I never will, but I probably won’t.

01:11:41                                 And to date I have not done it, so I can share all my sofa. Yeah. Super Cool. So I look forward to seeing that air sometime soon. I just had a fabulous like two hour call. Actually. It was longer than that with the media options team. No, right before this. So I’ve been talking all day long and um, well, you know, drew got like people, um, and uh, no. So I’m really, really excited for media options and, you know, we got some, some things works. And uh, you know, it’s always nice after summertime to ramp back up in this industry. Always slows down a little in the summer, and now it’s time at game on. Maybe we bought it. All right. We’ll see y’all next time. For sure.


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  1. Kevin Fink says:

    Great show.

    Braden’s “YEAH!” at 49:40 was hilarious.

  2. albert says:

    A great learning session with four great people.

    Can you please tell us all of the platforms that you put your names on.


    Thanks in advance

  3. Bar says:

    Tess… these people really tried to convince you that this portfolio is worth something?

    I haven’t been doing this domain thing that long but it only took me a glance to see that these names are hot garbage. Amazing what goes through peoples’ heads sometimes…

  4. Nick says:

    “it makes me wanna punch babies in the face” – Josh Eisenhower 08/20/19

    Great show as always! ^^

    1. Rajesh Duggal says:

      LOL.. “punch babies”… I remember Josh’s “This list gives me chest pains” episode well…

  5. danny says:

    Great show – I learn something every time I listen.

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