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Domain Handicapping the 2020 NamesCon Auction

Three of the top global minds in domain name values handicap the upcoming 2020 NamesCon Auction. Monte Cahn, Joe Styler and Andrew Rosener review the domains and discuss what will sell, what you should keep an eye on, and how the auction is the same and different with GoDaddy as the new backend provider.

Monte very carefully monitors industry trends, so even if you don’t plan on bidding on this auction, hearing about the industry trends themselves has its own value.

From premium one word .COM domain names that have never been on the market, to easy “no-brainer” investments under $1000, these experts take you through the auction list and highlight the shining stars. We analyze:

  • Best brandable domains
  • Best domains at each pricepoint (see the reserve ranges here)
  • Great liquid domain buys
  • Plus, how Monte curates the auction inventory, how GoDaddy is interacting on the back end, how the auction works, how to bid, and more!

Any domain name investor or company who plans to acquire a domain in 2020 will benefit from today’s show.

Workable Excel Spreadsheet of All Domains Currently at NamesCon Auction with reserve prices, bids & more.

Download Here: UPDATED Workable Excel Spreadsheet of All Domains in pre-bidding at NamesCon 2020 Auction!

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Monte Cahn
Monte Cahn
Monte Cahn is co-founder and president of Right of the Dot, LLC, an Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategy, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales and services.

Cahn has been pioneering domain name and virtual property aftermarket services since 1995. He is founder and former president of and former president of, which together made up the Aftermarket & Registrar division of, where he also managed more than 6 million domains and 117 ICANN accredited registrars.
Cahn helped start one of the first domain name brokerages in 1996, contributing to or leading the sales of more than $300 million, including the first domain name sale for over $1 million – – and the sale of for $2 million.

Cahn is also Executive in Residence and Advisor to the Board of Domain Holdings.

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Joe Styler
Joe Styler
Joe Styler is the Aftermarket Product Manager at GoDaddy.

Styler also served as Aftermarket Director, Director of Aftermarket and Executive Accounts and Aftermarket Support Manager at GoDaddy since 2009.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Monte Cahn, Joe Styler and Drew Rosener join me today to discuss the upcoming live domain name auction, which will be held in Austin, Texas at the NamesCon conference on Thursday, January 30th. We discussed what’s the same and what’s new now that GoDaddy is the backend provider for the first time for this auction. We also discuss primarily the domains themselves. Monte says this is the largest list that he’s worked with. Monte very carefully monitors industry trends, so even if you don’t plan on bidding on this auction, hearing about the industry trends themselves has its own value. Listen as we pull out different categories and highlight the names that jump out to us, enjoy the show. Happy bidding!

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Hey, Sherpa network. Thanks for joining us today. We have a great show about the upcoming names con auction. This is usually one of our very most popular Sherpa shows so that everyone can prep for the auction, whether they’re there live in Austin, Texas or online, or sometimes though joining us today per usual Monte Cahn of right of the dot. The master behind all the auctioning. Hello Monte. How you doing? Hello from South Florida. Glad to be here again. Nice to see a, can’t wait to hear about what’s new in this auction. And uh, for the first time ever we’re joined by Steve Jobs. I mean, uh, Joe styler. Uh, how you doing Joe?

I’m doing great. I’m going to say is it come and talk about the auction.

That’s cool. So I gave you a hard time about your turtleneck and you said you just read what book?

I just read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter. It was, it was really great. It’s a, it’s a long read, but it was, I think it was really worth it.

That’s cool. Um, did it come with the turtleneck?

Yes, actually you open it up and it pops out

my size. Amazing Apple. So smart like that. And drew Rose. Now how you doing that top auction? Bitter. Usually what’s happening? Are you ready to spend some money? I am. I am. There’s some great names in the auction and you know the parents, uh, watch out. All right, so this is something new. Go daddy is the provider on the backend. Um, what do we need to know? What’s, uh, let’s start out with um, the basics of anyone new to these auctions and then a little bit of what’s different with GoDaddy being the backend provider. Does that sound good? Okay, cool. So Monte, um, for bitters, uh, first and foremost, where do we go to look at what’s on the auction block?

Well, the auction this year is going to be on GoDaddy auctions this year. So there’s a special event that set up, um, it’s best to go to and then there’s a banner at the top, the click, and then you can get right to the, um, pre bidding page. And remember right now it’s just names and pre-building and uh, we’re doing testing on traffic and click throughs and bid interest and everything. And before we select what’s going to be in the live and the extended auction list, so nothing on the pre-vetting list means it’s in the live auction or extended auction yet, but this is where we’re going to get an indication of interest and then we use that information along with us, some other information on gathering and data to determine what’s going to be in the live list. Uh, the good news is is that 47 names have already hit reserve out of the list.

Um, a lot of low price names, a lot of no, no reserved names, which is good. And a, a couple a decent price names. And then we expect some larger names to be hitting reserve in the near future. So a pretty excited about that. And um, um, the new partner, which is GoDaddy is a of course known for being the largest industry, uh, auction, I mean the domain provider and the in the, in the universe. So, uh, we feel that we’re going to get a lot more breadth and lot more marketing and strength from that and a lot more users and lot more interests. So excited to work with Joe and his team and the GoDaddy team for that for the first time.

Super fabulous. And um, I’m glad you mentioned that because Joe, I was so busy talking about Steve Jobs. I should mention for anyone who doesn’t know you, you’re the aftermarket product manager at GoDaddy. Um, so thanks for joining us. You do more than just read biographies. 47 names have already hit reserve. I cannot wait to dig into the list before we do. What’s, um, first of all, we’re filming, um, today’s January 8th, we’re going to go live with this on, uh, next week. And then the live auction itself is on January 30th. Is that right? That’s right. Okay.

January, January 30th at 4:30 PM till 7:30 PM we’re actually going to go live at four o’clock. There’s going to be some awards going on before that. And, uh, we’re actually gonna auction a couple of charity name, um, things for ICA. And some other things to help, uh, build awareness and, uh, separate the ICA and the industry.

Fabulous. And so the internet commerce association, I saw you made a generous donation there, Monte with um, with this project, um, as the commissions go, some of them go into, uh, the internet commerce association. That’s fabulous. So four o’clock. What time zone? Mountain time.

Central time. Uh, since the auctions taking place in Austin, Texas, which we’re pretty excited about a new venue. Um, we’re, we’re going to be starting at four 30 central time until seven 37.

Okay. Very cool. Um, so what is different with GoDaddy on the back end?

Um, there’s a couple of things that are a little bit different. The one thing I think that’s really important to point out is we’re, we’re not sure, as Monte mentioned, it’s been preventing still, so we’re not sure which names are going to be selected for the live auction until it gets sooner. Um, so if your name that you’re interested in bidding on is going to go to the live auction, it’s really important that you either put a watch on it, which, uh, you know, nobody else would see. You can just watch on your list or you place a bid on it because we’re going to pull the people that are watching and bidding on names when they get sent to the live auction and send an email and let them know, Hey, these names have been selected. So if you want to continue to bid on them, you need to go and bid on the live auction, which you can do. We’ll send you the link that you could do it online if you’re not going to be at the event or you could do at the event.

That’s, that’s fabulous. Okay. And, um, are domains still being submitted as well? So new domains are still being added, correct?

Yes, I’m, I’m winding down that process, uh, because we’re gonna we’re, we’re now starting a Nado starting, but we’ve started, uh, uh, targeting all of our time and energy to marketing the names that are in the auction. Uh, or in the pre bidding stage, uh, for sure. So, uh, but names are trickling in still and I’m trying to pick out some of the cream of the crop from those lists. Uh, to date there’s been over 38,000 names submitted. Um, that’s on track by the end. By the time the auction hits, it’ll be more like between 50 and 60,000 names submitted. And of course I got to eyeball them all and do, uh, do our evaluation process and find out what names might be of the best interest to a global audience. So, uh, obviously there’s a lot of work still involved with that along with marketing and doing outreach and doing all the outbound for all the names that, uh, what I feel are going to be, uh, candidates for the live auction and the extended auction.

Makes sense. Okay. So let’s, um, so I went to I click this blue banner up top that says, you know, names con, right of the dot domain auction. And I see the names here. Um, and then just like any other GoDaddy auction, I can sort by alphabetical order by numbers of bids or offers by the price. And that would be the current bid price, right? Um, or by the time left, but that doesn’t really count. Um, so then let’s just take a I can click the plus button next to it and see, um, what underprice this one says right now, you know, 44,000, $944, and it has an asterix next to it. What does that mean? Does that mean the reserve is not net or that it has a reserve? That means a reserve. Okay. And then where do I click to get a little more info to know the reserve rate?

There’s a details link right below that. And if you click that, it’ll expand and show you the notes on the domain itself.

Okay. So there’s on the plus side we can click the plus sign, right? Okay. So, um, you can also click, there’s another button for description. So it have a couple different ways to do it. That’s really, really a convenient. And then it says, you know, reserve range, 500 K plus. So, and obviously a name like laptop. That makes sense. Um, can I search this list by what reserves have been met? Which domains have reserves that are Matt or no,

no, you can’t. So we never, this is the first time we go to his history that we’ve published reserve ranges on the auction. So we wanted to, uh, to make it, it was a, a couple of customers came to us. I, I think, uh, Shane was one of them and said, Hey, we’d like to see the reserve ranges so we put them in. Um, but if we do this side again with reserve ranges, we’ll make it a little easier for people to find. And as, as we discussed a little earlier before we started the show, I’ll make a list available to you that you can publish, push on your website that will have the names and the reserve rate ranges next to them so that people can just [inaudible], you know, copy the sheet down themselves and sort through it.

That sounds super easy. Thanks Joe. That’s great. Um, and, um, you know, looking at some other names here, like, uh, you know, election you can see the reserve range five to 10 K, so that’s a lot more specific. You know, obviously the premium domains 500 K plus, um, is different, but the names that most folks will be bidding on are a lot. Um, you knew a closer range. So that’s, that’s really, really helpful. Um, do you have any that are no reserve?

Yeah, there’s a lot that are no reserve and it’ll tell you that. Mmm. Those are easier to spot. There’s no asterick. Um, all betting starts, the pre-building off starts at $300. So if there’s no reserve, that would be the minimum bid and then it will show you as winning, so you’d know right away.

Super cool. All right.

He’s done a, an excellent job, which I’m sure we’re going to get into, uh, picking just a, a wide variety of really great names. So there’s, there’s names at every price range and there’s also names for different types of people. So there’s names for end users. There’s themes that I think are a huge for investors. You know, you really have a great, uh, opportunity as I’m loading these names up on a, you know, sometimes daily basis. I see these just gems that are really reasonably priced

well. That’s cool. That’s what we like to highlight in the show. Um, today. So we’re, we’re, I got one more question and then we’re ready to get into exactly that just by different category. What are, what are the gems that each of you have noticed? Um, so last question. What’s go daddy been doing in terms of, um, outreach for the auction? Anything you want to feature about your participation on the sales? And this is really something new. Of course, you know, um, w we were all together in Portugal this summer when news broke of GoDaddy’s Can I say brokerage? Mmm. And, um, so what, what’s go daddy doing to bring in end users to this auction?

Oh, we’re doing a few different things. So we all, we also help to bring in names by, uh, talking to [inaudible] customers that we know that have good portfolios. And some of the premier services customers that have good portfolios and we knew would sell at reasonable prices for people. And it made sense, you know, [inaudible] contact them and see if they want to get their inventory here. So we reached out first to let people know about inventory and we also had a lot of conversations with those same customers and also people that we know that by in certain verticals, um, that these names are available for you for sale. So we have several different teams echoed Eddie and one of them is a broker team that does, uh, purchases for people. And we do a lot of repeat purchases for different companies or um, VC firms and places like that.

So we were able to contact them as well and say, Hey, you know, these might be some, some great opportunities for you. And we also looked at anyone who’s had, um, interest in names like this before, since we have a broker service, we can look back and say, okay, well this, you know, somebody wanted to buy this name before, let’s let them know. Now it’s at auction. So we’ve had conversations with people like that and we’ve also done, Mmm. The front end site, if you go look for one of these names on the main good a web search, it’ll show that the name’s available and guide you to the auction. So we have a lot of end users that come to look for names. That way they might not even be familiar with the fact that there are auctions at all for domains and we can reach them by having them know that names are looking for, actually they can get,

Oh, that’s really cool. So I just went to go I typed in and it says current bid $136,000. Why it’s great. Um, and place bed. That is a really smart, very cool. That’s exciting. Yup.

Yup. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to team up with go daddy because of some of that technology and uh, and their breadth of touching customers. So, uh, hopefully

over the next couple of weeks we’re going to get a lot more activity. And, um, and then, uh, we’ll have a lot more names to select from for the live auction.

Nice. I think it’s totally appropriate. You’re wearing your Nike shirt cause you are a, I think they’re giving you a run for your money. You got the swash before. Well we’re definitely getting a workout from GoDaddy on this auction, so that’s cool. Um, all right, let’s do this. Um, what are you most excited about? Let’s, I mean normally we go, I want to go through some categories like you said Joe and user’s bargain for investors. We want to look at no reserve, uh, premiums, but uh, first what, what are all three of you most excited about? What have you noticed on this list that you’re like, wow, I want this or I can’t wait to see how this auction goes.

I like a tie. I think that’s a really cool name. It’s a really great brand. It’s got I think a reasonable reserve and that’s going to be exciting. Mmm. I really liked that. And I like, um, you know, kinda on the, the no reserve area. I mean that I think was around $500. Last I checked, $500 for that’s a, that’s a steal, right? So it’s already met reserve by the way. Right? I mean it’s there, there’s great, great names that I want to see where they go. And personally like if anyone knows me and follows me on mostly on Facebook, sometimes on Twitter they know that I like to cook. Cooking is in there. And I thought man, what a great name that would be perfect in school. So

that’s really cool. And actually Joe, I’m just for, you know, transparency. I love the um, the transparent growth in this industry. The conversation is always there and I think GoDaddy’s a great participant in that. Um, so we were talking before the show about a little bit different cause sometimes um, go daddy folks bid at the names, con auctions that in the past go daddy has not been the provider of what’s the story this time? Are you buying cooking schools?

Oh, I wish. I am not betting on anything. Um, nobody would go to, it would be bidding on the auction. Since we’re, we’re providing the backend service. Um, in the past since it was, you know, everything was third party. We were, we were able to bid. We had no insight into anything that was going on. But this time, um, there’s a lot of great names that I see come across the desk and I think, man, these are going to be great for somebody.

Okay, cool. So get cooking now, while Joe can’t bet against you, it has a reserve range, 25 to 50 K. cool. What do you see drew? So, I mean there’s a lot of names in here.

Uh, I think I’ll be able to make a little bit better, uh, decisions on what we want to buy once, uh, was I’ve got a little bit more,

um, you know, high level view of reserves. Um, I think,

you know, by step back for one second. I think, uh, the thing that I’m most excited about with this auction, not, not a name specifically, but the topic is the fact that go that he is now the backend provider. And I think that, um, you know, this is like a really critical and important evolution for the domain after the market because, you know, ultimately we’re all just playing a little game of like musical chairs, uh, you know, unless we’re growing the pie. And so I think that, um, you know, I think two things like giving the broader market one, just the knowledge that there are these auctions happening that, you know, this is a thing that this exists, that there’s like all these great domains, they come up once in a while and auctions and you can go and buy them and bid on them.

Um, I think that just getting that concept to a broader audience is in and of itself very valuable to all of us. Um, second is, uh, the people that already know about go daddy auctions, um, which is unequivocally, definitely not limited to domain investors. Um, I mean recently, all of the best names that were expired that I was on GoDaddy auctions bidding for red, you know, well above my threshold, but I was willing to pay. And while that’s frustrating while I’m bidding on a particular auction, it’s pretty exciting to me from an overall standpoint of the industry and of the portfolio we already own. Um, because it tells me that there are end users participating in what used to be exclusively, um, a wholesale or domain investor marketplace. And so, you know, I as I think I’ve said for two or three years, it’s like, you know, we’ve enjoyed as domain investors and as brokers, we’ve enjoyed these massive margins between the wholesale market and the end user market.

And I think that’s just going to continue to get compressed. And I think that this auction is going to do a lot to, to, to expedite that. Um, so I’m really excited to see, um, if that comes to fruition, I’m excited to see like if domain investors are getting outbid at their own game in a live auction for names time, I think that that’s cool. I think that’s going to be really interesting to see. I’m, I’m very anxious to see how much end user participation we get. Um, I’m a little less excited about just because I think that there will be an element of that. So I think we’re competing against, um, deeper pockets with higher and better use cases. And then number two, um, I just a number of sheer number of investors, period. Um, and you know, uh, the names that I’m particularly interested in do have reserves, um, that are a bit outside of my comfort zone.

Uh, but there are a lot of like, you know, not, you know, let’s say the three to five names and I’m like, I really love that name, but it’s outside my bandwidth. But names like, I mean,, you know, three, four, five, you know, even love by fingers. It’s like, that’s, that’s, that’s a good brand. Um, you know, I, I don’t even know where to start really. Uh, hold on. I had one name that I thought, this is probably my favorite, uh, deal. Uh, I had it open before when you guys were talking and now I lost it. Come back to me. I’ll tell you what it was.

It’ll come back. Yeah. I think we’re going to cover quite a few here. All right. Uh, Monte, you have anything you’re real excited about, any name that you’ve, you know, hunted down over the years or really, um, it’s a feather in your cap to have on this auction at long last,

well, as everybody knows, I tried to get the very best names, um, that I can for these auction events and every year I think, uh, that I, that we outdo ourselves in terms of the quality of names that we have. And uh, this year is no different. We have some, you know, awesome names and in a variety of, of price range isn’t. And as everybody also knows, I tried to encourage no in low reserve pricing or great names so that everyone has a chance to compete and that we have a true market value situation that happens in every and every auction. And I’ll remind everybody that a over 52% of our domain purchases are, are purchased by, um, end users and, um, corporates and not just the main investors. So we have a, a pure mix of domain investors, newcomers onto the market, VCs and private equity firms along with end users by names and these types of options.

So when, when there’s a lot of bitters and a lot of Watchers, um, we’re getting true values in terms of, uh, where the price can go. So the name’s price at no reserve and as great opportunity to arrive, you know, to rise way above expectations. And that’s the point of doing this. And, and choosing a wide variety of names that meets different criteria for different people. So having keywords, you know, that are priced at no reserve, uh, that are three letter and four letter names in various extensions and keyword, um, um, you know, terms like finance that CC if anybody seemed that CC names are starting to sell again, uh, for higher prices. So we have, um, uh, that it was no reserve which has no reserve devil which was no reserve, you know, keywords and niche that can become, you know, web 3.0 names for companies, stuff like that.

A lot of three names like and R I Um, I’m sorry, that was I M um, So a lot names, a lot of dotcom names, a lot of two word names that are really valuable names. And then we have some really good three letter, uh, dot com names like urn or a slang word for urn, which I really like a lot. That’s um, I’ve got a lot of bitters and Watchers, um, names like which is a higher price name, but a very popular uh, market segment. I have everybody uses airdrop on their iPhones, but think of it as the new service for drone delivery, um, or drop shipments. Uh, that’s on the auction as well.

Term for like in cryptocurrency, if you own one particular cryptocurrency and there’s a fork, uh, you know, or, or, or some kind of change to that crypto blockchain, uh, they do what’s called an airdrop. So let’s say, you know, when, you know, if we go back to like when there was only Bitcoin, right? Um, when there became Bitcoin cash, uh, the chain split and if you held Bitcoin, you’ve got an airdrop of Bitcoin cash. So if I had a hundred Bitcoin, I got an airdrop of a hundred to coin cash, Bitcoin cash split into 20 other different things. You got an airdrop of each one of those stupid cryptocurrencies.

Yeah, a lot of names. Yeah. A lot of names that have multiple uses and meanings like we’ve had in the past. But in this case, you know, that, you know, there’s a wide variety of those, you know, um, um, uh, even though that high on my list, right. And even though I’m a is not the back end provider this year, they’ve submitted a lot of really good names for this option and, and are participating like they did last year. They have for example, which is, which is a great name entered in, and they have and and they have and uh, entered into the auction and they’re doing well. Um, of course, can be used for a number of different, uh, fitness and weight loss and, and those types of things. We have some single letter domain names again, like w. dot. D and X. Dot. Dot X. Dot. D uh, I mean this is getting a lot of popularity is, believe it or not. Um, and we have birth in the auction.

That’s really cool. A What’s the reserve?

[inaudible] what’s that? Fix? Fix, fix. Fix. 105 hundred. Yeah, six figures. But it’s priced. It’s priced a, it’s priced to sell. Might be new.

Yeah. First What’s the current bed,

which, which name? Earthlings Current bid is a $1,333.

Okay. really caught my eye. I was surprised at, uh, at, at that. That’s, that’s a good one for an I N. G.

yep. That’s a great name. Dancing. I didn’t even see dancing. Yeah. Dancing is on there. Rental is also on there. Fresh food is on their We’re coming up to an election year. We have tax Um, um, another, another name that’s really cool just because of the whole, you know, Uber and Lyft and uh, where I chair is my car back home is on there. And we also had had used on there as well.

Interesting. And another big trend, fresh that uh, should be interesting with the reserve at 10 to 25 K I think that’s one to watch.

Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of deals. Yeah. Long deals. Um, um, things in the cannabis industry like hemp and hemp have some of that has stuff in the web and internet space like web Um, a really a really cool name, which I’m really hasn’t picked up yet, but should is B U R B. So a lot of cannabis companies are interested in that name and also it’s short per suburb. Um, and could be the real estate name as well. So there’s a lot of short, short names to words that are cool and have a, you know, like a new urban dictionary meaning and, and those types of things. Um, there’s I mean, how often do you see a state name come up that Connecticut and we have that’s just got loaded by the way in the latest upload. So in two

she wants that one. Okay,

good. Uh, it’s really rare. I think. I, I don’t see which one we have., It’s probably doesn’t show up. Is it loaded? Get Joe? No, we sent the latest list over to them so it should, okay. So it should be up by the time the show airs. There’ll be several big names that are loaded for this week. Um, so uh, is one of them. We have Connecticut back on as well. So, and we have a number of other city names that are in the auction. So we’ve got, we’ve got the geo segment really targeted and, and uh, and covered. We’ve got two letter, three letter, one letter names. We’ve got um, shorteners of words. We’ve got great two letter names with meaning. We’ve got finance names, we’ve got a variety of extensions, uh, from you know, dot D. dot. Uh, CC stop. A lot

I like you have Texas dot I O and a couple other Texas names since we’re in town and, and Austin has a great startup community. That’s, that could be Texas dot. IO I think is a thoughtful for the location. What else do you have anything specific?

Texas dot. I mean Texas is in there as well.

Okay. Nice. Latino’s dot com you got some fabulous one words in here.

Yup. In other extensions that you’re bringing up. But I really like Prince Scott’s Yoda. You can clean that COE that you gave me. If you’re talking about, you know, great names for England and there are no reserve names. I think one’s a 300 ones or 500 or that’s it’s, you know, ridiculously cheap.

Wow. And you and you all make sure if you know one of these extensions like dot D is purchased, that it’s a transferrable extension and you help through the whole transfer process. It’s kind of like guaranteed that this isn’t going to be a big deal. Like you’re not going to find out, it’s some weird extension and you have to stand on your head and send a blood sample.

And, and not only that, but again, I’m not allowing any, uh, super premium renewal prices going in so we don’t have surprises at the end. So, you know, any new TLDs are priced at the normal renewal prices that they are registered for. There’s not going to be any tiered pricing surprises, anything like that. So if you see a new TLD that’s in there that’s a popular, it’ll be at a regular renewal fee.

Okay. Well speaking of tabular, what I said, that’s good to know. Yeah. Speaking of popular here with 47 beds, no reserve med like

I had that highlighted on my list. It’s

who figure it out. I mean who taught who?

That’s an amazing name. I didn’t even see that on my lips.

Yeah, that is an abusing name. I don’t know, I’m just going through, I just opened up a bunch of [inaudible].

Speaking of a DNA name, we have in there as well, and that’s no result of that. but still, you know, that’s a great, a great geo name with and uh, you know, we, we just added a domain conference in Nashville, uh, with a rich warts and it was a great city. It’s a new up and coming city that was built after a little New York. And so it’s very popular name. I’m sure Michael Berkins might be all over that.

Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of, so are any GoDaddy owned domains in this auction?

Yeah, we submitted about 20 laptop is one of ours. We, um, we want it to help as much as we could get some good names in there to get things going off the bat. So we did put some name, find names in, have those in.

Oh, laptop has one offices is another, Lasers. Dotcom is another to some really good name, find names that are in there for sure.

Wow. And, um, how, how were those selected? What’s the process?

Those guys sent me a, well, um, though daddy sent me a list and I’d made it through them and we selected what we felt would be the best names and best names, chances to sell, but Joe can explain why they selected those names to provide to us on another side. But I’m out of a global list. I selected, you know, a handful of the super premium names to put in. And then a, um, um, a number of the, um, you know, the second tier names that I would call to put in. Also, they were also the first needs to get loaded. So it was part of the new testing of putting up this pre bidding page for them for the first time. And so they then on the page, you know, on the site the longest, which gave them more visibility as well. So we did that as well to try to have to work the process to get all the weeds out, you know, all the bugs out.

Okay, cool. So top domain today, uh, on bid for number of beds is which is really interesting. You know, I don’t want to, what you do such a great job of is knowing to what the trends are for end users for start ups. Um, so has 93 beds. Uh, 22,000 plus is the current bed. Um, that’s some nice, nice activity there.

Yes, as a matter of fact, um, I sold, uh, tee shirts a while ago and an auction in New York, uh, under traffic years. And years ago. So I had the tee shirts, uh, a portfolio sale done and the same provider has church left and he gave it to me at the last minute. We came in like two or three weeks ago. And so, uh, it’s added really good price. It’s a huge industry. Obviously.

I remember when they bought the, uh, that was a, that was a Phil Phil Gordon name that sold to, uh, Todd, uh, uh, Todd Rohan. And then Todd sold it to those guys. They’re the, the,

yeah, they opened up an online tee-shirt shirt store and that, uh, t-shirts division I helped sell and that, so that sold a about a year and a half ago and was left. And so we’re putting it in,

it’s literally, that’s such a huge domain. It’s crazy. Um, I always thought I, you know, we, we took a stab at a stab at buying that years ago and I actually always thought that like, you know, the, uh, custom tailored shirts, uh, like men’s button down shirts, you know, Hong Kong Taylor’s type of thing. Um, that, that, that would be a great play if you could, you know, get like,

or the guys remind pop on top guys start up and doing well.

Yeah, it’s a huge space. It’s a huge space. I mean, so many angles. Yeah. Like three or four startups that are all very well funded, um, that are doing like, you know, sort of brand merchandising, like, like basically like crowd funding through selling t-shirts. So it’s like you can launch a campaign for your startup, uh, and raise money just by like selling branded t-shirts. Um, Teespring is one of them. There’s a, there’s a few, a few big ones.

Um, yeah, there’s just so many angles. [inaudible] dot com another great name, which is probably the most popular Latin name in the entire world, which is is in the opposite, mean when I go to Costa Rica, as everybody knows, I have a place in Costa Rica. Everybody’s either Jose or Hey suits. Jose is the number one popular Latin name, a Spanish name that there is in the world. And so

he knows how to spell it. It’s super easy. Um, you know, passes the radio test. No problem. It’s a very, very nice name. Um,

right. The second most popular or a probably,

uh, I wanted to say back to Monte, you mentioned that you’ve sold a portfolio for that owner before and I think that’s so important to highlight why someone like you is coordinating these auctions and the power Joe that you mentioned of GoDaddy bringing in, um, those sellers as well. It’s not easy to build trust to sell a domain to, um, and the relationships that you’ve built create these unique opportunities. And some folks who watch this show are not regulars in the demean industry. Um, but these are opportunities that you’re probably not going to get if you just, you know, look up the owner and try to make an offer, but they trust this process. They trust go daddy is the provider and trust that this auction is, um, is going to position these names well. So that’s really cool. Um,

is that right now is I’ve been, well, I got into the industry in 1995 but I kind of pioneered the online and live auction, uh, scenario for the industry, including brokerage and all that stuff. And so, you know, one, it’s a perfect match because for years and years and years, you know, we’ve sold so many names, uh, you know, before I started moniker and then of course moniker was, uh, the leader in auction and brokerage sales and uh, and then teaming up with GoDaddy, which is the largest, you know, domain provider and domain services company in the, uh, in the world. Also. It makes a lot of sense from a trust standpoint, from a transaction standpoint. And um, um, so you know, again, it’s a, it’s a perfect match and having a new venue this year for name’s con and having the show getting bigger and bigger, it’s uh, you know, it seems like all the right pieces are in place to make it a very successful, uh, conference event, um, auction and set up the foundation and the platform for the future.

That’s really cool. Yeah. A is one of the most popular ones here for the current bidding, uh, status, uh, tech term. Uh, any other applications for it? What’s, what’s the deal with bash? Who, who do you think is going to buy that great brand?

Like it’s, it’s great if you’re like a party company, party planner. It just got so many different uses and it’s short. Like you said, it’s a radio test. It’s a wonderful name. Um, that, that, that could be used by so many different companies. It’s, you know, it’s like I said, you know, mod has done a great job of picking names that are, that are appealing to a broad variety of people.

Yeah. Um, okay. So what are a couple of the brandable ones here that for anybody looking for, um, a good brandable domain particularly, you know, that might be good for end users. What do you see in here for them?

Well, that, I mean, that’s one of them for sure is, you know, I think bash is a good, um, is a good name for end users. You know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of names that are names and other things that can be turned around and made use of, of for end user company. Like for example, is in the auction. Love, love that. Yeah. Yup. And, uh, which all the variations of sleep sleeping, uh, have been sold for high dollar amounts. So we have in there, um, as well or a a, you know, um, uh, pharmaceutical company or sleep apnea company or something like that that’s uh, addressing those needs.

Mmm. Mmm.

Yong Y O N, which is getting a lot of bids as well. It can be turned into something big.

Mmm. Mmm. which can be an online retail or wholesale store online as well.


There’s no what I think what one of the, I don’t want to say it’s a sleeper because it’s an obviously a valuable domain, but I, I think it may be overlooked as its potential for being a really great brand is I mean, I’ve looked at it 25 times just to be on this call and it just keeps coming back to me. It’s like, I love that name. You know, if there’s anything the world needs today, it’s like everybody be a little more polite, you know, it started with me. Um, but I really, I, I just said It’s like, you know, it’s like when, um, when the honest company came out and they were, it was like, that was a, that was a a, what do you call that? A, um, like a, a platonic shift in the market. It was like, this is where branding’s going.

This is where, you know, the market’s going. Society’s going. It was like, people want honest products. They want to be marketed bullshit anymore. Right. And it was like, um, and I think, I think is in that vein. It’s like, you know, you could put on anything. You may, it could be, you know, customer service, business. It could be, you know, greeting cards. It could be, uh, you know, honestly, I think one of the coolest things it could be is like elderly care or just like home services. Like I handyman thing for particularly in a handyman thing for like the elderly, you know, to be able to call on like service providers. Yeah. We aim to cleans. We’re here. Please. I love it. I did please. Dot com is an amazing, amazing brand.

Yeah. And it’s, and it’s at a reasonable price too, for our single ordination that you used every day and everybody’s vocabulary, you know, we should be,

I think too, when you can offer that many different ideas for a use case on a domain, that’s a really good sign. I’m thinking about, um, grocery delivery, um, all the other delivery services that you can do now as a busy mom, unlike somebody. Um, yeah. You know, Oh, lot. That’s nice.

Just problem solving, like whatever the problem. [inaudible] please, please. For the love of God, please. I love it. I think, I think comments.

We’ve already read their commercial. I mean, that’s a really good sign. That’s a really good sign. On a brandable, which you know, obviously is not only three letter to hit a three letter category. It also stands for attention deficit disorder, but it also is short for addition, or it is acute and addiction.

Yeah. What are we talking about?

So, I mean, that’s a really good broad three letter Dell a repeater letter word with two. You know, it’s a, you know, it’s a great, it’s a dictionary

and value add customers your bank account.

Yup. Yup. Add together and you know, just all the variations of that for sure. You know, um, so the, you know, again, there’s a handful of more names by the time the show airs that, that are really kick ass names that’ll be on the auction and be selected as well. Yeah.

How do you pick out that many names? Which two, three and four character domains? Let’s look at a couple of them. See which ones stand out to you, um, as having great reserves.

I think a good point. I threw a lot of, uh, three and four character names up here and various extensions. I mean there’s a lot of chatter and [inaudible] dot net and and of And um, you know, even though they’re, they’ve technically, you know, traditionally been in a certain price range, they’re, they are becoming more important or important. They are, um, um, you know, there are limited selection, you know, there’s a limited selection of variations of those, of those letters and they can stand for a lot of different things. And we know that there’s a, there’s a, um, you know, Chinese, uh, variation of how those letters are used. And so I put a lot of those names in and various extensions, uh, as a litmus test to see what’s going to float to the top, uh, this year more so than I’ve ever put in.

As a matter of fact, the pre bidding list is larger than it’s ever been. This year there, there’s going to be about 700 this year in pre-vetting. Um, I’m to, I’m gonna eliminate a bunch of names out of there so it’s not going to be overwhelming, uh, come, um, extended auction time. Um, and again from that list, from the 38,000 names so far, which will be about 58,000 or 55,000 by the time I’m done. Um, you know, to get to the top and have float to the top 120 names for a live auction and then 500 or so names, uh, for extended auction or 600 Ayn for extended auction probably this year. You know, it’s a lot of work. Uh, and, and you have to go back in history and look at a lot of the presales and uh, what they sold for and some of the new things that are trending online and, uh, on the web and in tech, the tech industry. So that’s why some of these names are in here that may or may not make sense to, uh, generally to the global population. But for our handful of niche people who understand what some of the terms mean, um, you know, there’ll be all over

that. That makes a lot of sense. Like I see here H R, like a shortened version of herb, I think, you know, it has a reserve of 10 to 20 ledger number one pick in this auction, the rescue as the recipe had by doing the show. If that wouldn’t get a lot of attention, but then it’s right, right on the way I’m looking at it, it’s right nearby Z which has a reserve much higher at 50 to a hundred K. um, and I mean walking in here with no research at all, I would think it would be the opposite. Um, so that’s good to know. You know, whether you happen to remember that name and have some insight.

The point is, is just having three letter names to be able to sell an auction, um, is really important because again, it’s a limited list of three letter names that people own that people want to put up for sale. Um, there’s been a lot of trending downward on those three letter values by the way, unless there’s really key word meetings. So, you know, some are higher, some are lower, some has specific meanings. I’m stand for, you know, if you, if you do a lookup in Google, what those letters mean, you’ll see various things come up that, you know, uh, might meet the needs of some buyers and bitters. So, um, a lot of these, um, three letter and four letter names, especially the, the ones with repeating, um, characters or with double characters within the string, you know, I mean a lot to people. Um, so you know, that’s just one of the things like there’s K, which is a, it’s already hit reserve. It’s a low price name, but it has two apps. And, uh, and if you look up that name and Google, you’ll see that it has some meaning. So, um, that’s a lot of how those things were, were, you know, selected.

Interesting. Okay. So let’s talk about some real bargains. Um, what are, what are some of the bargains that are, uh, on your radar for anyone? You, all three of you? Not anybody specific.

I like New York investments. I don’t even think that has a bid yet. No reserve. Um, no reserve, no bids. It’s a bargain. New York investments is a great name. Huge, huge opportunity.

Ghost stories, which has already hit reserve, but with that, no reserve. I mean, that’s a huge, that’s a great name at no reserve or beauty spa, timeshare sales. There’s a hack in there, which is singles, which is single dot. E S S I N G L. dot. E S or singles. That’s a, you know, I think that’s a cool name. There’s a lot of good hacking sales now that’s been going on. Kind of like my home homes, my H O M. dot. U F O. I don’t own that anymore. Xylophones is inside that, which is a musical instrument instrument that’s at no reserve and a doing well and no reserve. Um, [inaudible] dot com yup. Or, which makes linguistic sense. Tattoo me. Um, that’s an, that’s a no reserve name. Um,

yeah, but that’s a typo. Unless it’s a typo maybe in your system, but it’s,

I know, but it’s still spent, it’s still spin on something that we can make something up. Right. Um, um, luxury pre-owned that could stand for cars. I think a Joe’s mentioned, not Dot. UK and the queen. Um, you know a lot, a lot of names like that on the, you know, devil dogs is a great one.

Credit card No reserve,

right? Yeah, that’s a great one.

Rouge domain, huge. Uh,

I like Regal. There are no reserve

legal fees, no legal,

no reserve, great name. Um, over I think that’s a funny name. You know, for 300 bucks. That’s a great name. Should be my email address. I was thinking it could just put a website in me, but I think it’s a great name. Um, there’s some really good, good deals. Um, at the, the no reserve level. I think it’s really, there’s, there’s opportunity for anyone.

Yeah, there really is. This is, this is a great list and I think this really, um, uh, helps, you know, someone who can listen to this, really start getting into where some of the highlights are, where, where to look through. Um, what do you have in any other verticals you want to highlight? Any interesting or, um, popular verticals in here that you’re touching on?

I mean, we’re hitting a huge variety of verticals, a catering service for examples in this on the list and has a, you know, I think a decent price with as big as that industry is awful. A golf is another one. is another one for collectors, a milk, Futons is I think going to check spelling, but I think that’s the German word for mother. Yes, I’d spell, I pronounce it wrong, but um, um, uh, a gentleman mentioned cooking schools, um, things like quick which is a good B for cars or houses or whatever. Um, so, Oh, didn’t make the last. Okay. I see it here.

But um, good point. Volt is a great name and that’s got a really reasonable reserve for service to a great vertical. Say it again. It coin volt, Bitcoin, Alto. Awesome. Unbelievable name.

Okay. How about this one? Fast five to 10 K moving is a great keyword.

That’s it. Yeah, it’s important. It may not even be related to the moving industry. It could be fast moves in business, you know, uh, in relationships.

Oh, I, and I think this is just like when you get a bunch of different ideas. That’s a really good brandable. Um, snack five to 10 K reserve. This is pretty cool. A been a whole bunch of election things, um, with, you know, and I think that’s great. You got time to acquire it, plan something and launch it, um, before all the traffic hits. Uh, that’s really good.

Sorry, sorry, I just totally drugged you. I apologize. But how can I help I think that’s also a good domain you can [email protected]. That’s how you can help me.

Is that the only reason it’s even here? Just so you could make that joke.

We’ve got some great medical terms or you know, in that industry like knee back childbirth, which go with which Andrew mentioned earlier, Um, there is a, there is a cool spin of a health name, easy So it got some good, um, health-related medical related terms, um, in the industry as well, which, um, it’s in the news every day about going online for healthcare and the Obamacare and things better. So those are all in there as well.

Interesting. Now, knee problems I imagine has just enormous search volume. Do you know what names on the auction have either the highest search volume or the highest CPC?

I had that on another list, but I, you know, I’d have to pull up that list. But yes, I have, I have all that, you know, a lot of that stat and data because that’s how we do a lot of other that valuations on how to select names for preventing. Unfortunately it doesn’t always match up, you know, what I, what people see versus what happens on, on bedding. But um, it’s good. Obviously to put in, um, names that have high CPC and have the most search volume on the key terms because a, you would think that it gets the most popularity, but that’s not necessarily the focus group of people that are about bidding and buying on these, on this list. But there is a correlation, you know.

Sure. Okay. Um, very, very interesting. What, uh, any, any, uh, G TLDs on here that we haven’t covered me?


what did we have? I’m trying to think of anything besides, we talked about comm net org. Dot. Me

the country codes you put in, like you mentioned Texas that I owed since Iowa has been very popular and we have like, which our country, which is a country code Oh, F or of that TV. Um, we have in there. Um, and then, um, some of the new TLDs let me look them up. Um, we’re still limited, uh, um, TLDs but I. Dot rent, which is I think is a great, um, a great, you know, linguistically flow name and short one letter character in front of Brent I. Dot. Rent is a great name for sure. Let me see what else I’ve got in here. There’s a property which I think is a great one. Beach front property. [inaudible] yeah, we talked about that on the show yesterday. Maybe didn’t retest on the review truck stop property or something.

Oh yeah. I think name jet has tropical for sale right now.

Ah, okay. Got it. There’s some names in the bids that were just entered like uh, that’s a new TLD that’s in there.


okay., that’s a great name. The demand for Bulletproof is about the increase so way being that farm anyway, new TLDs that are in there and um, and a lot of it’s country code extensions that are in there that were popular or have meaning and of course Dot is fully covered for sure.

Okay. Yeah, for sure. And two, um, big one so that I think are great brand bubbles that have not been mentioned. and extreme X, T R E a M Those, uh, I’d be really interested to see, um, and looks like they certainly have a lot of views even if they don’t have as many bids as some of the others. Uh, people are looking and thinking these things over, huh? Like over 800 views.

Yeah. It’s, it’s really cool to see, um, how many people are coming to watch the auctions. And like I said, it’s important if you’re interested in these names to, to place a watch login, watch the name yourself on your watch list so that we can email you and let you know if it’s going to go to the live auction. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Yeah. Okay. So how do I bid, where do I go? Monte, you, you sent me a link that I’m going to put in, uh, in the domain Sherpa post is that it used to be

you express interest in the name by bidding or watching, eh, uh, you know, at, at the GoDaddy’s auction site that I sent you the link on, which is the event that we have this particular auction set up on. And then from that list, obviously there’ll be 120 or so names selected for live auction. And there’s a, um, a link that I sent you test that you’re in a post on the, on the, um, on, on, on, you know, on this episode. Uh,

the same as like, you know, if I’m just bidding on a GoDaddy auction, like every day is a week, I’m at auctions, not go It’s uh, this process is different.

Yeah. Well if you remember that, if you remember the process we did with name jet last year, all pre betting was done it named jet. And then, um, then when, when pre-building has been suspended and we’re getting ready for the live auction, the 120 or so names, we’ll move into the live auction environment and then there’ll be a link on GoDaddy’s site that will lead people there as well. And [email protected] we’ll send people there as well. And then you’re going to post that particular link on, um, on your show, on your site as well, which is it forwards to our live auction system. The catalog will be posted, pre bidding can continue on that site. And then when we go live, just like in years past, we’ll be able to see the bidding live. You’ll be able to participate in the bidding live, you have to sign up of course on the live bidding site.

Um, and um, and then you’re going to be able to see the bidding per, you know, uh, um, participate in the bidding if you’re not in the room. And that will be the live site. And LA and years past we used a system called the [inaudible] system. And this year we’re using a system called proxy bid. Um, so that’s, that’s our live auction system. Uh, Wayne weed is going to be the auctioneer again this year, of course. And I’m so in correlation with in-room bidding, there’ll be online live, uh, internet bidding and uh, those bitters will be participating online and in the room. And then we’ll determine whether the bidder or the winning bid comes from the, um, online system or in the room while the auction’s going on.

Super cool. So it really is like previous years, but um, different to different providers, but for people to be aware, um, just because so many folks are so familiar with just big non GoDaddy everyday of the week. This is different because it’s a live auction. So you go through the link that is accessible everywhere. It’ll be on domain Sherpa, it’ll be on right on the dot R and it’ll be on GoDaddy. What were you going to say, Joe?

Yeah, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just don’t want to forget. I made a short link up because I knew that this might come up. And it’s for rather So help and that will take you to a help article that explains the entire process in more detail. So if anyone has questions, they can reference that

brilliant idea. Uh, don’t get drew started on and

yeah. Well while we’re on that. So


I was one of the people who probably appreciated the X. Dot. Tio URL shortener more than anybody else. Um, and I to this day have been using it on an almost daily basis. Uh, and suddenly you guys made it so I can’t edit my links anymore.

I know they stopped supporting it and they tried to get rid of it and I fought hard to not get rid of it and it’s still around but they’re not making it easy for a new new

thank you for keeping can, can you guys just sell it to me or something? I don’t know. You don’t even make money on it.

Maybe we can talk about it.

I cause I lumped the X dots yo service and I literally use it on a daily basis. Like in everything that I do, cause I’m really bad at memorizing and where things live. I just create short lanes and I think them to the various things and like when we have domains in auction, I’ll create short links, like just point to that specific landing page or you’re like I use these things constantly and uh, yeah, I have all the great links and you guys don’t let me edit them anymore.

Yeah, I know it’s, it’s uh, it’s been tough for me too cause I use it a lot and actually want to use it. I think we’re, we’re on the same page locks. So I told you I was bidding against you on other options in Europe when I was allowed to bid and um, yeah, I’ll, I’ll try and set up a short Lincoln and it exists and I will type it in and it’ll go to something of yours and like, Oh, it’s him again. He’s got it.

But I, I think it’ll help people to be able to, you know, find out exactly what’s different. Like Monica said, we’ll update that article and we have the link that goes live so that you can go from that article, have a link where you can go bed. Um, I’m going to be on site when, when you’re there to and name spawn to sign people up for paddles. So if you want a bid in the auction, you can bid live. We’ll have people there. I should be at the table helping people get signed up and ready to bid. So we’ll have a lot of opportunities for people and anyone can reach out to me. Um, if they have questions, I’m happy to answer. We want, we want people to get involved into it. So if you need to email me, it’s J styler, go to [inaudible] dot com. Um, feel free to reach out if you have any questions we want, we want people to make this, you know, as easy as possible for people to come in it.

Thank you Joe. That’s really fabulous. I’m excited. Uh, anything else you guys think that we should cover, uh, about this auction? I think we hit it all,

I think. I think we did. I think I’m again, because there is a little bit new of a process that makes sure you get in early, get signed up or by bidding early, uh, through the links that will be posted both on the GoDaddy help page as well as on our help page and make sure that everybody signed up and um, you know, agree to the terms and then we’re really excited to be in the live environment and a new location and Austin, Texas and uh, with a great list of names and, and look forward to a successful event.

Super cool. Yeah. Uh, Joe, you’re such a big barbecue fan. Uh, I know it’s not quite, you know, Kansas or uh, but you, you already have places picked out.

I already scoped out a one place that I really want to go to, which is aerifying Franklin’s barbecue, which is a supposed to be the quintessential brisket in the country. So I am, uh, I am playing the name Aaron Franklin. It’s Franklin barbecue. It’s about 10 minutes from the hotel. Uh, he’s only open for lunch, so I’m trying to find a time I can sneak away and get some breastfeed.

All right. So if you don’t email Joe, commit Aaron Franklin.

Right. Eating brisket.

Good Monte. You won’t have time to eat. You’ll be too busy running this show.

Yeah, I’d be drinking during my option there. Like I always do it.

Speaking of which cocktails dot Tom is for sale.


Not yet.

He talked to him and I went through literally every name I just finished. is in there.

Hmm huh. Yup.

Cocktails. There are a lot of good names and that’s what happens when you have such a big list. I think that’s why folks listen to this show. So I’m like, these shows have like triple the viewership of our regular weekly shows because we do all the hard work for ’em telling them all the good names are, get getting it started and getting up that

there’s a lot more, there’s a lot of great names other than what we talked about. It’s just there. There’s a lot. There is, there’s, there’s a, there’s more names, more, um, good names on this lesson I’ve ever had. Uh, that’s why it’s been hard to shorten down the list. But, you know, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll make a point of, uh, getting lists a little bit smaller before we go into a completely extended option for sure. But, um, unlike previous years, I think there’s gonna be a lot of action in the extended auction because there’s such a wide selection of good names on this list that they’re not all gonna make the live auction. We only have three hours for the live auction. And so you just can’t sell more than 125 names in the live auction. Um, because of that. So, and also get, you know, you start, you start losing people at the end. So we want to make sure that we have the right target list during the live auction and then the extended is really gonna kick ass this year. I have a good feeling about it.

All right, so Thorpe, so, uh, first of all, you can watch now and that will affect, uh, watch or bid now. And that will affect what, um, may go into the live auction. You can sign up now for the pre bidding at the link that all three of us will have on our websites. Um, you can check out the help article that Joe put [email protected] and most importantly, 4:00 PM on Thursday, January 30th 4:00 PM central time, which is what time Eastern.

That’d be a 5:00 PM Eastern

5:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday January 30th let the games begin

and it would be 2:00 PM Pacific time.

Okay. Barry, very exciting. I look forward to seeing each of you there. Um, it’s always a good time. It was wonderful to have you on [inaudible]

great to be here as always. And we look forward to a successful auction and watching Andrew raises paddle on every name

at our Texas. Now we got to take on the Austin. Own it. All right. I’m going to keep it clean. All right. All right. See you all next time.


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One Response to “Domain Handicapping the 2020 NamesCon Auction”

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome conversation! Much thanks for sharing your insights. I’m really surprised that there’s only one bitcoin/cryptocurrency related domain in the entire list.

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