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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • We change it up! Instead of reviewing an investor’s portfolio, the Sherpas talk about:
    ° Asset bubbles
    ° Impending interest rate changes and the capital flowing into productive assets
    ° A huge migration mistake
    ° Price value delta
    ° A stolen 3 letter .COM
    ° Plus, 3 more domains the Sherpas recently bought or sold:,,
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Shane Cultra, Mike Carson.

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We change it up in Section 2!

We discuss:
– Asset bubbles
– Impending interest rate changes and the capital flowing into productive assets
– A huge migration mistake
– Price value delta
– A stolen domain 3 letter .comPlus, 3 more domains the Sherpas recently bought or sold:,,

This Show’s Sherpas

Mike Carson
Mike Carson
Mike Carson is the founder and programming guru behind, a domain name backordering service for .io, .ly and .my country code top-level domain names.

After selling to DynaDot, Mike shifted focus to a new project, Impervious and Spaces, a naming protocol that leverages existing infrastructure and security of Bitcoin without requiring a new blockchain or modifying to bitcoin itself. Spaces serves as community identifier that are distributed thru an auction process built using pre-existing bitcoin scripting capabilities.

Carson studied computer science at the College of Wooster and the University of Minnesota, and has been active with technology for the last 15 years both as a developer and well-respected blogger.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Check out our show today with a great panel. We have really fantastic domains on the Sherpa review, investor domains from someone who submitted a few years ago and has really grown their insight in their investment choices. We also have some fabulous domains at Namejet. Really, really good. There wasn’t a single name in either group that these investors did not want to snap up. Enjoy the show.

Hey Sherpa network. Welcome back to the Sherpa review today. Shane can’t even remember what to do. Um, but I think we’ll guide them through it just fine. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and this is the review. None of you need any introduction, but we’ll do it anyway. Mike Carson. Um, what’s going on with dot I O lately.

Mike Carson: Oh, you know, just being the second most popular CC TLD or startups or ma, you know. Yeah, I think so. Look like the tech crunch, I think Morgan Linton posted something or something like the tech, the tech crunch disrupt, like, Oh, half of them are, I dunno. [inaudible] the majority of ones that were So pretty good. Pretty good.

Yeah. He, he phrased there was 50% of the ones which are Oh God. I am just saying growing. It’s growing. Just wait. There’s a lot of money. And number two that, you know what? Listen, when I was in the fish business, my boss used to say there’s a, there’s money to be made in the gutter and it’s, you know, everybody wants that big fish. Everybody wants to catch the one big fish. Right? But you know, who’s making the most money? It’s the guy selling the sardines. He’s just selling fucking Sardi’s making a Nicholas our Dean and sell and start being up to a because cause been while I’m out there trying to catch my big fish. Uh, so there definitely is money to be made as number two or number three, uh, just a smaller number of people that can make it.

It’s true. And you do an amazing job with park IO. Um, Shane D S A What’s the latest?

Shane Cultra: Oh, we’re just trekking along. Uh, everybody seems to be busy. Had Josh on here a week or two ago so you can see, uh, see what we’re doing there. Travis is killing it, I E he’s turning into Josh every day. He sends me a new sale. He’s getting through various places. So everybody seems to get in daily sales. But me, I keep plodding along. But the nursery’s gone crazy. I mean that’s, you know, that’s my other side of my life and it’s been, it’s been amazing. I can’t even describe it. I don’t know what I did or what I didn’t do, but it worked out really well. So I’m actually building a new garden center, adding ponds. It’s, it’s the craziest thing ever. So it’s a, it’s been a banner year. Domains are going great, my portfolio gets better and better. It’s amazing when you don’t sell a lot or you’re too greedy and you want more. How it just kind of builds over time. And if you have good domains that really doesn’t matter. I don’t think. If you don’t sell it, cause it’s just gonna get more valuable on time, at least that’s my feeling.

That’s super cool. But I think you sold yourself short on your plodding along. Uh, you ran 16 miles. Did you say today or yesterday?

Oh, my training. I run Berlin marathon again. I found the fountain of youth somehow after 13 years I am, I’m flying, I’m running about 75 miles a week and, and again, shout out to, uh, mr Seiger there. He’s planning a big 330 mile run himself. So we’ve kinda been talking back and forth. He’s gonna, he’s going to out shine me here with this big run he’s got going. So I’m proud of him. He’s been training well. He’s been working hard.

Yeah. Yeah. And so have you. So have you, uh, Andrew, Rosemary, welcome back. You are the Tannis I have ever seen you. Um, summer is over.

Summer’s over, back to the grindstone. Head down. Full speed ahead. Watch out.

All right. All right, here we come.

Danny looks fit too. That’s, yes, it’s been a, I think it’s been three months, but look real fit as well. He must be a keeping your diet clean.

I need to, uh, I need to start doing some cardio, uh, just to like get my, uh, some of the other, you know, elements of health in, in, in check. Uh, but outside of my, my cardiovascular endurance, which is like super horrible, negligible, uh, I’m in super good health. I like outside of that, like I probably would struggle running a mile. Um, but outside of that I’m liking the best health Arabic. I’m definitely eating really well and you know, just living well basically stop drinking. But you know, maybe some wine once in awhile, but I did not, you know, like dinner, whatever, uh, maybe, you know, but that’s once a week, once every two weeks. So, uh, I would say actually cutting out alcohol was like almost an instant impact. It had like, it was like excellent within two weeks. I was like, do you like, don’t leaner. So anyways, but this isn’t a nutrition show. No, but it is. It is something to say about once you get enough money and you get all the stress out of your life, the first thing you turn to is your health. So I bought your, I have all the stress out of my life yet. Not I should say financial stress about that.

Well, I have a lot of financial stresses, uh, more, you know, a lot of big, uh, you have a lot of responsibilities with, you know, a couple of companies. Yeah, it keeps you busy, but you look good. We all look good. Um, so let’s, let’s start, what’s new Sherpas? Um, we’re going to share one purchase or sale you’ve made over the past few weeks. How have negotiations prog progressed. Um, and, but first you get to guess on the prices. So a domain you personally bought or sold in the past few weeks. Tell us the demeaning but not the price. Um, and who is up first? Um, Shane, you’re up first.

Alright. Um, I’ve actually been kind of active in the purchases, but I’ve overpaid for most of them so I don’t want to embarrass myself. So I’ll go with, I’ll go is singles. I bought single, single But why did you overpay?

Because a, you have to, to get the best names. I mean you always pay a little higher than you should. There’s, if it’s a good deal into the, this is my opinion, of course, that’s why I’m on the show, but there’s a lot of eyeballs on it. We’re all looking for the same names right now. So you’ve got the same 50 people bidding on the same names and you’re right now, you over, you overpay comparatively. You know you’re not overpaying. In hindsight, it’s not going to be overpaying, but if you look at it now and you’re a domain better that was here five years ago, you go, you’ve had to pay that now in the market to get that name. But that’s just where we’re at at this price. At this point. There’s fewer names, more money in the market, and we’re paying certain types of names, double what we had had to pay before. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m not saying that at all. It’s just the reality that you’re going to go to a GoDaddy auction and get a name for 2000 that would have cost you 600 a couple years ago, but that’s what you’re gonna have to pay just yet.

Eh, listen, that, that is only going to exacerbate. I mean, we were in a ring, a financial reality right now where, uh, we’re more than likely in the next six months going to enter, uh, negative interest rates in the U S and that’s going to turn everything that all of us have ever learned about money, uh, on a tag. I mean, literally like rule one Oh one. Like the first thing you learn in every economics and finance class is the time value of money. It’s like the fundamental principle. The two fundamental principles of [inaudible] economics are that there’s a time value to money and that capital must earn a return relative to risk. These are the most fundamental principles of [inaudible] finance and, and both of them are going to literally be thrown out the window when we enter a world of negative interest rates. So, um, capital is going to become abundant, not to everybody, but to people who have access to credit and to people who own assets.

And it’s going, there’s nowhere to generate a return in the world today. Uh, pension funds, huge funds. They cannot buy government bonds, they cannot buy corporate bonds, uh, which is where most of their money generally goes. Uh, because there’s no return to become a negative and negative plus a degree of, of risk. And, uh, and I would argue a very high degree of risk right now. So, uh, where’s that capital gonna to go? I mean, there’s trillions. I think it’s $16 trillion, uh, in global capital right now is invested into negative real interest bonds, $16 trillion, currently invested in negative negative rate bonds. Uh, that’s not sustainable. And so we’re going to create, you know, everybody’s like talking about asset bubbles that, you know, asset bubbles are going to pop. Asset bubbles aren’t gonna pop. Oh, they will eventually, but right now, uh, and for the foreseeable future, the only way that asset bubbles will pop is if interest rates rise and raising interest rates.

By even half a point today would be like the equivalent of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, like atomic bomb on the global financial system. Raising a half a point would literally collapse the entire global financial system today. And I’m not exaggerating, I’m not saying that like lightheartedly that’s fat. That’s a fact. Businesses are operating at a loss, but continued to grow and continue to be able to pay dividends, continue to pay, you know, buy back shares, uh, because they have access to basically free money. And so capital is going to flow into assets, particularly productive assets. Um, but you know, I think domains are getting there. Um, you know, we’re going to see very little amount of that capital, but, uh, good domains, the best domains, they’re only gonna go up. I mean, there’s just so much capital out there. It has to go to assets. Real estate. This is [inaudible] go up, everything’s going to go up. Anything that’s productive, it’s going to go nice. Do the drill. Welcome. He’s been waiting three months to say that.

Okay. Single is the one you want to share. And that one you feel like you got a better deal on it sounds like than the others?

Well, it’s plain. I don’t know. I’m not saying anything until it’s done.

All right. Okay. Uh, Mike, get a word in edgewise. What do you think you’ve paid for it? And I know, you know, um, your intensive specialty but give it a shot.

Single serving. Single serving. Yeah. I’m trying to think like, it’s hard for me cause I’m always thinking about like tech, like companies and like,

well I was going to use kangaroo, I was going to use kangaroo.

Everybody thinks about ice cream single serving. So that’s what it means. Ice cream, single [inaudible] single serve ice cream is not a thing. Isn’t that? Well, I guess there’s also single serve and seeing I, yeah, I don’t know. So I guess I would, uh, say he got it for 500. I’m sorry. I don’t know.

No, that’s like I said, I had kangaroo. Dot. IO. I was going to bring the table.


Okay. I um, am not, I, sorry. Um, I never saw fight club. Um, but I just looked up. I know, I don’t know why I’ve never seen it, but maybe I’ll do that right after this time.

Host the show and that I’ve seen fight club. Those are their rules.

I know that what the first rule is. But um, I just looked up single serving cause I’m like, what do you mean Mike? You don’t know it’s ice cream. But I was like, is there any other meaning? And that’s what came up. A person with whom? One chairs a temporary friendship in a setting where everything is provided in single serving form from, okay. So a 500 bucks, Mike thinks. What do you think drew? Hello?

I liked that. I like yet to get the vision. That sounds like, you know, it sounds like a whole like me show people like, like people they dress up like rubber animals and have origins. Eagle serving, I think, ah, I’m going to say $700.

Okay. 500 and 700 what’d you pay?

Yeah, they’re right on the money. $670 and mine was honestly, I didn’t think of either one. I was thinking cooking, like people that are alone have to make single serving stuff that’s like you people trying to cook for themselves. They don’t have a choice, make huge batches of stuff. And that’s the first thing that came to mind. And, and so I said it got the better deal. I don’t if I got the better deal, but I felt like it was an easy $3,500 sale. Like you put it up there, some company’s going to make single serving food for people that you know, don’t need as much. I just felt like it was an easy turn, whether it’s never easy, but other I bought, you know, I bought fin and I bought, um, what was the other one that I was looking at? Leaf You know, they’re good names, but at a couple thousand dollars a turnaround to me it’s not quite as easy. So that’s kinda where I went with that. Cool.

Yeah, that makes sense. Um, and a single serving food and recipes did come up, by the way, way before fight club. I just, I was familiar with recipes and I wasn’t familiar with a fight club quote about surfing. Um, anything interesting in the negotiation process? Where did you buy it? How did you buy it?

No, I bought it. It, I think it was a Gaudet it was definitely an auction. Um, and again, there’s, you can kid yourself into thinking what something means. Like you’re, Oh, I definitely get it, but nobody else in the world does. But I do feel, and the cooking, once I, you know, people have to explain their name, which means it’s not nearly as good as you think. But once I said individual cooking, everybody’s like, yeah, so it’s okay. And again, under $700 at this point is a good risk. You know, before, in my career, that’s a lot of money that I’m not willing to risk, but when it comes to domains under a thousand dollars to something I’m willing to take a chance on, and it’s silly, I’d never think of it in reality. Like, I could fly to New York and go out to dinner for the price of me taking a risk on a shitty domain that you just can’t, I don’t know why I can’t, you can’t relate those two things. It doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous. You know? Funny use, I even looking at it like restocks like, like I’ll go to buy a company and I’ll be like, Oh, I’ll buy like $5,000 that stock.

Right? Yeah.

I can take it daily pumps on domains and I’m like, Ugh, make 15 grand to that 20 grand for that. Yeah. More or less within the money, you know, it is, it’s a silly traders. As a trader, you learned to do that. You just don’t associate it. Just tokens, you know? It’s not, it does just somehow comes.

Yeah. You have to do that because otherwise it’s like, alright, where’s your money? I just like, how did you come up with the $3,500, um, list price for it? Now

it’s a kind of a, that’s a good easy number. They know the number from 2,500 to 4,500 is just, that’s what people are willing to pay on a, on a real quick punch, they’ll buy it and they won’t even use it. 50% of the games I sold think they’re going to use and never ever use

spending between 2,500 or 3000 or 3,500 or 4,000. You listed it at 3,500. They

don’t sell much below 3,500 anymore. It’s just not, I just don’t, I mean if I’m paying twice as much as I used to and so the $22,000, unless it’s a name that I, nobody’s ever made an offer I was gonna drop. I just, I just don’t have it at those price points anymore. That’s, that’s a personal choice.

Okay. Alright. Good to know. Alright, congrats single serving. Um, ah, who’s up next? All right, Mike, what you got

all right. I sold I don’t have many com but I sold so, and I, I have no idea. I mean, I think it was, I’m happy with it, but I want to know like what you guys think. So I’m curious. Uh,

so where did you get, did somebody, did it, was it on laying on the street and you picked it up accidentally?

[inaudible] in the gunner,

I’m float over to your portfolio. I have to fight with the dot. iOS. What was the deal?

I bought a portfolio of dot L Y a domain. And this was included in it. It was just like in co there’s some dot cons because I had, so the domain I sold was w E a R L Y and I had where dot L Y where Lee. And so this was just like included with it. So

really, and, and when you sold just now did you sell along with it? W E a R. dot. L? Y?

No, I offered, but they, they weren’t interested in that. I mean it was, yeah. So, yeah.

Uh, what do you guys think?

Ah, sad when the $800

and I’m, I’m going to say I think he’s going to compare it to, is it that L Y what he would ask for it. I know that’s what Mike’s saying. What would I get for a dot. IO or that L Y uh, I’ll say 6,500.

No, fine. Yeah. Okay. 25,000 pulled apart. Wow. Nice. That’s very nice. Yeah, I mean I think so. I guess I feel, yeah, so that sounds like a good thing. I mean, I don’t even know what that means. Where like what,

what does where dot L Y mean?

Yeah. Where I guess where is like a word? Yeah, so Wehrli. Okay. But I guess, um, yeah, I think the key it, see this is what I would suggest to like a domain like domain investors. It’s like first you just don’t, you don’t, what you do is you just ask crazy amounts. Like most of the people that raise like, are you are going to respond to you. They should be saying, what the hell are you out of your mind? Like, do you know how much you’re asking? Like, I think that’s the key is just like crazy and math because like you said, these are like super valuable. You know, there’s only one domain, there’s only one way or there’s only like, you know, there’s the, these things are like way under priced. I think domains are way under price because you know, it’s like the, you know, it’s so easy to go to domain, like, yeah, I don’t know if they’re the way enterprise, so asking a ton, I think you’re still undercutting what they’re really worth, you know?

So I think the key is asking a ton and the way to ask it sounds, you don’t meet, you can’t need the money. Like you can’t need to live off this. You can’t be like, Oh man, I got to ask a thousand cause I need the money for groceries or something like that. Like he can’t need the money. So I think the key is asking crazy amount and uh, and not need, you know, not, I mean that, that’s, that’s why you can ask some crazy mountain when they say, no way, what are you crazy? You’d be like, okay, so you know. So I think those are the keys.

Interesting. And how, how long ago did you sell it?

Just like a month ago or something. Um,

cause so they filed for a trademark on a July 11 they do.

Yup. I saw the uterus union registry. I had it on there. So they broke it. It was through, it was done through a broker.

Yeah. Yeah. So they probably applied before or during. Yeah.

So I offered, yeah, I offered were dotL  Y but I don’t know if the broker relayed that to them or not, but yeah.

And did you, was your ass 25 and they just accepted or how did the negotiations though?

Oh no, I think my ask was even, I can check really. I mean I think it was like I probably asked 30,000 or

I don’t think five is a crazy amount. Like I hear what you’re saying about ask higher than you think drew and Shane, what do you think you would have asked for selling a domain like that?

Yeah, I mean not I’m, when it comes to brand doubles like that, I actually ask hire because it, there’s, I know that they can go somewhere else, but you’d only have to sell a couple to pay for the entire portfolio. Yeah, I’m ha I’m in that room. I would be in that range. 25 grand. What do I think it’s worth to me as a business owner come in from the other side to change the name of my business? It’s not worth 25 cause I think I could go. It just depends how deep you’re in, man. If you go deep in your company and you’ve named it and you’ve printed shirts and you put it on your car and he told us you’re deep. So that’s where they’re at.

We, we just did a very, very large transaction, very large. And uh, we bought the domain from an existing business. We were hired by the buyer and uh, the, the domain was used and the full company was a full on covering the travel company. Um, uh, yeah, I really can’t much.

Um, but it was, it was like a real business. They had hundreds of employees and the CEO was like an extremely non technical guy. He, I think, I think that he got excited about the price, but didn’t realize what the implications are for his business. He’s the classical guy that if I had come to him to sell it, then he would’ve written me off without even asking for a price. Like I could’ve told him, look, I’ve got your exact company named domain, and he wouldn’t have even just acknowledges. You wouldn’t have even asked me for the price. So when I come to him as a buyer, he evaluated getting the same, wait, what? He’s like, Whoa, Holy shit. You know? Sure. I’ll sell my body basically the same for that price. So he comes to Shelby, get a deal done. It took a, took a while, two months or something to get the deal done.

And then, um, a domain transfers within 24 hours. I’ve got 30 emails in my inbox. Oh my God, I didn’t know what the implications of this work can we reversed this? I can’t sell this domain. Oh my God. In the first year it feels done. Sorry, you’re shit out a lot. Um, but uh, you know, basically he came back saying that, you know, like there’s like the migration was going to cost him almost a half a million dollars is what his it guys and said no. So clearly he didn’t speak to the powers that be prior to making the decision to sell his company’s, you know, brand name. Um, uh, but I, you know, and it’s remarkable because this was a big transaction. Like I don’t know how you make that decision without talking to people who have like basket interest in, in the operations. So, but um, you know, this is how people look at this stuff. You know. Did you do like one of the things that I do is I offer a one month email forwarding and site forwarding for them to get other, we did, we did. So what happened is that the name was referenced in the code for the website. They have like a whole network of websites, like the main hub and then they had all these satellite sites and they all referenced the hub and the data comes from the hog domain and gets, and so it was like our whole business went down, drop down their whole [inaudible].

I feel horrible about it. Like it wasn’t my intention. I represent the buyer, I just got the deal done. I mean,

well and who would assume like you can’t. Yeah, it’s not your job to consult him or babysit him or double check that he did some vague due diligence. Now can I ask, this was the sale itself over under half a million? So he’s saying it’s half a million just to recover. Like is he okay?

Yeah, we’ll still make money. No, it’s more, yeah,

that’s pretty like it’s even gonna break even from,

well, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a valuable


It’s funny how when numbers, like you’ll say, I’m interested in buying your name. Their first thought is they’ve already received 12,000 emails offering $1,000 for that name. And then you come in and you’re at six figures and then they go, Oh, hold on, these are real. This is real numbers. It’s funny to see that reaction on a businesses. You know, and sometimes this is a big business, but like drew, drew owns and aim now trunk. But when we were buying trunk mom and pop shop and they were like, Oh no thanks. And you’re like, I’m going to give you a car for this tangible. Yeah. And they’re like, well, and then you have to explain, Hey, we can get you another website and we’ll forward it and we don’t forget the email. You know, like you’re concerned about the future of their business. I’d like to take your name, I mean everything you built around, but I also am concerned about you. So I want to make sure you get your email and you get your new web address and we can Recode this and your, your website needed updating a little bit. So maybe we can help you with that. But in reality, we’re just trying to get the domain name from, you know, it’s funny how they changed from no thank you. No thank you to Oh, what kind of car, you know, how, how expensive a car can I buy with that? So it quickly changes.

Yeah, for sure. Okay. So where did we leave off? Um, I think Mike, you undersold yourself saying that you asked a crazy price and everyone agrees that you asked a perfectly reasonable price that they would have also asked. So, drew, you’re up. What’d you buy yourself lately?

Okay. Um, since the last time I was in the show, but it’s still a lot. Uh, but let’s go with, so I’ve got two or three names that I would, I would talk about. One is the really sexy super monster. I don’t want to disclose the exact price I’ve paid. I’ll give you, like, I would give you like a ballpark, uh, or we can go with one of the other two.

What if, you know, we were looking to change up the investors submitted section. Um, also a shout out investors, please send some domains in that you want

about, what about Can you talk about SoFi?

So ma, wait, do you guys want to just do all of them and we’ll the investor section.

I love talking about Drew’s names. Really

target talking. I used to love talking about my names and then it came back to bite me in the ass on Uh, yeah, that’s screwed. What happened with that rude royally screwed? Uh, well because I had publicly stated when I paid for the domain and this guy, end-user to healthcare company now it could have paid me a lot more. Um, and um, I mean we did find, but you know, the, I think the, I think that was a three to $500,000 day anyways. Um, they just were, you know, they are the buyer and they really just weren’t anchored. We went back and forth and they were just anchored in, uh, yeah. Watches debate, Sherpa show where I said that I bought Walras dotcom for 50 grand and that was it. They just were not going to, they were like, it was just like, they knew they had to pay more than 50 grand, but they were just like, you know, like 50 grand to this.

Yeah. They mentally, they literally just could not [inaudible] negative interest rate and I can give you 10% yeah. So did you not sell it or do I have no idea. I ended up selling it just cause it was like, you know, that was the buyer. So that’s [inaudible] for us. Yeah. Yeah. It was not a lot of stuff. Kind of. If I have man, let me see, I don’t maybe this is why, but like that’s 5 million. Like a million. At least a million. I mean it’s a one word. I’m not talking 500,000 yeah. But like, you know, like that kind of needs. So before the, you know, [inaudible] and everybody now, but we’ve everyday mail didn’t work, you know, millions of dollars. Every, every single person. I inquired about a domain for a quiet now. Oh, it’s $2 million. $5 million. $8 million. $20 million, $60 billion. Like everybody, thanks their names are millions of dollars now but aren’t like, I don’t, here’s the deal is that I personally agree.

I actually think that uh, you know, $1 million is, should be the baseline for like a super great one registered in 1996 or before that. Um, but you know, the reality is that the market just isn’t there yet. So, so one thing is price and the other thing is value. And I believe that the value of the enterprise value of grenades is somewhere between like 20 X and a thousand X. The price that the market pays today and domain names, as far as I know, like the only asset class on the planet where that discrepancy, that Delta between price and value is that great. Uh, but I think, I think over the next five years we’re going to close that gap tremendously.

Um, so I just wanted to say to you, Sherpas are amazing. You come on this show for free, you spend on all your time on this, but you also disclose private information about your own transactions or like Mike right now saying, you know, I’m unsure, I want to know what you think. And this, oftentimes these happen in private conversations. Um, but I think it’s just really brave and generous of our Sherpas to come on and be willing to have these conversations publicly where other people can share too. And as much as we have a big audience of new investors, we also have a big audience of other short close and your peers who wish they were sitting here having this conversation with you too. So anyway. Okay, so drew, let’s start with Is that the big sexy one? No. Okay. So Shane wants to start with soapy. I’m with Shane. I missed pack.

He just had his first child whose daughter, Sophie. And so me being the nice guy that I am, uh, agreed to a really shitty trade deal with Andy and I gave him in exchange for too absolutely garbage. but I can’t even remember what they are. All I know is that one of them, uh, came with a lot of baggage and not going to go into the details wasn’t necessarily Andy’s fault. Uh, but it caused me a tremendous amount of headache and, uh, uh, loss of capital. Uh, it was, it just turned into a disaster. It turned into an absolute disaster for me. But the good news is that Andy’s got a healthy, happy baby who will own

That’s really sweet. Yeah. So P H I. E. okay.

I just like to like, just so we’re more aware, like I want to know how I could get burn like that. Like when he sued or like was it stolen domain or, yeah, one of the domains was turned out to be stolen. I really didn’t want to say cause it wasn’t anybody’s fault. Uh,

but I think how do you protect from that?

He could have handled it differently. I’m not gonna lie, you could have handled differently, Andy. I’m sorry, but you could have really weird douchebag. They’ll love you.

Andy is over there holding and he’s like [inaudible]

but, but you do, and I’ll, and I’ll truthfulness Andy and you and all of these guys had been friends for a long time and y’all help each other make money in the long run. So one little blip in there is a year. We, you’re both fortunate that a huge loss like that, as much as it hurts, you’ll get it back from one way or another.

Yeah, that’s a good point. And, but really drew what, what is the Sherpa audience is going to hear? Is drew Roser got burned? Um, then kind of get then, yeah, then how am I not going to get burned? What can I do? What do you learn or miss or wish had happened?

This was a very, very, very unique circumstance. I can’t go into the details just because of the settlement. Uh, uh, it all good. It didn’t turn legal was, you know, well it wasn’t all good but, but it more or less, it’s all good. Uh, you know, so, uh, here’s the deal. This was a super, super unique situation and I don’t really know that there’s much I could have done. I don’t know if there’s anything that Andy could have done. Um, all of the tools and, um, actions that I use and that I’m aware of, uh, to do proper due diligence for the acquisition of a domain for myself, for clients was done. And none of that shows, even in hindsight, even knowing what I know now going back, you still can’t find any red flags, um, that would indicate that this was a stolen debate. So the reality is that, um, this was a very unique situation and I don’t think there’s anything that anybody could have done to have avoided this other than going back and contacting the last four odors of this domain and finding out if title had changed hands cohesively with each of those transfers. Um,

I had the registrar been notified in any way. Do you think if you could,

well, the original registrar three registrars ago was notified? Yes. Okay. So there was no public announcement made. There was no article ever written. There was no comment ever made. There was no red flags ever raised. And the fact actually happened like five years ago. So, um, you know, a lot of time had passed. Uh, it just really wasn’t a,

and how, like what percentage of a chance is this that it’s going to happen to someone? I mean, how many demeans have you traded hands and how many have been stolen?

All right. Had a problem. Are illegal. I mean, it’s, yeah, it’s a fraction of a percent. Um, okay. More often than I’ve been at white, and when it comes to three-letter dot-coms in the aftermarket, it happens, um, uh, you know, um, very significantly more than it does in any other category for me, simply because they’re so liquid. So, um, you know, you want to be able to just sell something for, you know, whatever’s got the highest liquid value, three letter off times. You can sell it in minutes for know if you gave it away for 15 grand or 14 grand, you tell it, you know, in minutes. Um,

okay. So what we learned is anybody can get burned, probably highly unlikely and be a little extra careful with three and have a child and

when you’re trying to name it, look up Drew’s portfolio and see if you can guilt him into giving it to you. Yes. Good, good takeaways. All right. Yep. Special

treatment because MV has sold me domains that has netted media options, like you know, a lot of profit. Yeah. So Andy gets some, you know,

yeah. That was his Christmas gift from anybody. Yeah. Yeah. Very nice. Okay, so you want to do another domain?

Well, I haven’t done any domains other than to tell you.

Yeah. Um, I mean it, I get all my news from domain gang, so I, I just wanted more detail,

  1. Okay. Um, all right. How about but I woke this closed the, I cannot disclose the exact price. Well, I’ll give you like a range. You’re appalled, you know, or we can talk about lettuce, not calm, in which case I wouldn’t tell you the exact price or

let us talk about all of them. Um, let’s do Swan first spot.

Amazing. Yeah. Swan [inaudible]

are you going to be okay with skipping the investors section and doing that? Yeah, that’s fine. Okay. [inaudible] who goes first? Shane, you seem pretty interested in slime. So I mean Swan, come on like basically. I know, it’s like, it’s like whatever number one about

dressing up in rubber, animal costumes and highly beastiality. You know, origins. Mike is worked up. Here’s all about the [inaudible].

Mike’s going to be my negotiator. Bingo. Serving the $19 billion 1 billion [inaudible]

first $1 billion. I think that in like, like 15 years from now, I think like $1 billion will be the equivalent of like $1 million. Like when I was growing up, like when you thought some day, you know, $1 million and it was like, that seems like such a huge number. And I think that $1 billion will be that in like 20 years, 52 years and 20 years there’ll be saying prices in Bitcoin, not, yeah.

Yeah. I was waiting for that, Mike. Yeah, I agree. I agree. Yup. Oh, okay. So what do you like readers? Bitcoin. What would you pay for Bitcoin [inaudible] out of your comfort range. At least Bitcoin is so much comfort range. 100 Bitcoins at least for that one. Okay, so that’s, yeah, seven figures. That’s I think for this. I mean that’s, yeah, right. Oh, you bought it. Oh. Oh, okay. Sorry. Changing, changing, changing it all around.

Yeah. Turn that ball was around.

Does it bring away to maybe one Bitcoin out of five Bitcoins? Maybe five a. So five I would say I have 10. Okay. I’ll say seven Bitcoins. Seven. I’ll say set. Well, okay. Five Bitcoins. 50 K? No, that’s Kate yet. Can’t get it. Okay, that’s right. I’ll say 10 big note. Any animal with a one syllable for seven. [inaudible] you got that? I mean, you can find, I will buy as many four letter words, single syllable positive meetings as you can fart or seven Bitcoins.

Okay. Wait, were we already filming when Shane went and got his weird artwork? I don’t know that that was a thing. Sherpa network. You missed out. Um, we had a whole artwork conversation and I really think drew, we need to make you some office art with, um, a collage of every animal domain you’ve sold or owned. So there’ll be like the Swan and the giraffe and the, Oh, I don’t know. Um, who, okay. Um, yeah, I think, I think that’s in our future here. Um, so Mike, what are you committing to? 10 Bitcoin.

Uh, okay. Yeah, I’ll say I’ll say 10 Bitcoin. 100 K.

okay. All right. Chain?

No, I didn’t. I mean I’m too lazy to look at who owned it to help me out and that fry. So obviously it makes a huge difference, but uh, yeah, a hundred cans not gonna get that. You can’t even buy a fully stocked SUV right now for a hundred grand. I would say I’d be at 160, 170, just cause he knows that that’s possibly $1 million a main to the right person. So, uh, yeah, I’d say somewhat just under 200 grand is what you would say. Right? That’s the Roadrunner. You can’t say exact on this one though. How on earth did you get ahold of a domain like this? It’s really fun. What’d you pay? Ish. So more, what did you say, Shane? Just under 200 grand. So more but not a lot here. Yeah. Yeah. What’s the difference? It’s 50 grand at that point. Really? Yeah. For me, you know, this was a really unique one for me. My thought process was like, you know, and

I was really torn. Um, but what it came down to is that literally there just was no more discussion on the price. This was the price it was pay or don’t pay it either way. So I had asked myself, do I want to own and ultimately I looked at it and I thought, I look back at the last hundred best domains that I’ve been offered that I had opportunity to buy. So my blots and my passport, and there wasn’t a single name, uh, whether it was like two, but they were like, you know, much bigger. Um, but it was the pretty much the best name that realistically I could buy. Um, uh, that I had been offered in, in a very long time. It might be, and it has, it’s a single syllable. It has incredibly positive connotation. It’s in I, it’s a lot, you know, it’s bigger than icon throughout human history in Asian cultures, European cultures, American culture, uh, the, you know, you’ve got black and the black Swan a is not just a ballet, it’s, it’s, it’s a term that’s used like a daily these days. I mean, yeah, everybody’s anticipating a black Swan event that will, you know, change the landscape of, of society. Um, and so, uh, you know, swans are the symbol of fidelity. Uh, it just a lot of powerful, uh, symbolism with the Swan. And so, um, yeah, I dunno. I like it.

Okay. But how did this come to be presented to you?

Somebody offered it to me, one of the, you know, one of the domain brokerage, a domain, like, like flipper guys.

Okay. And so probably they offered it to a number of other people similar to you, people who were there.

So I don’t think they offered it to anybody else. I think I got first dance.

Okay. So it’s really about relationship management. Oh yeah. Okay. And your reputation, I mean, media options has a reputation that they pay in like faster than anybody. Do you think that was a factor? Definitely. Okay. So build up your reputation, builds your, uh, relationships. And you can oust Dru as getting offers like that. That’s incredible. And how was the,

what you say you’re going to do? It doesn’t matter what your business you’re in. Do what you say you’re going to do. Pay on time, pay fast. Yeah. Super simple, very simple rules to running a business that will get you very, very far. All other things being equal. If you do what you say you’re going to do, you’re already ahead of 90% of the people you’re competing against because unfortunately most people, they just don’t do what they say they’re going to do. But it’s the single most important principle that I know of in business.

And um, how was the price negotiation? Was it just like, listen, pay this

and it’s yours or there was a little bit, there was a little bit of negotiation. I think, you know, it started maybe 75 or a hundred grand above what are good? I’m getting a four. Okay. Do you know how they got it? I believe it’s the original owner. Oh wow.

When was it registered?

Two 93 so this is early domain flipper that’s been around for a while.

Oh, there’s people that do this well living.

He just like, you know, it’s one of these guys, it’s just out there inquiring on every domain.

Yeah. There’s lots of guys like just reach out. They shake

an Apple falls and then they come knocking and say, Hey, I found an Apple. You want to buy it? Huh?


And they get a little little

and they don’t have to put up any capital. All they did is find a buyer and starting to get greedy though.

They want more and more. You know, it used to be like, get a little finder’s seat now these guys alive. Yeah. I want 15% 20% I want it like, you know, it’s getting, getting competitive out there.

Hmm. Okay. Good job. Congrats. That’s an amazing acquisition. Uh,

give us another one.

There’s two letters.

All right, let us let you bought us bought. Okay. Okay.

Which means money to some people.

Great. Hold on a second. Let me just

double check to make sure it’s in your account.

No, I got the name. I just want to make sure it wasn’t one. Like I can’t,

yeah, he’s checking like the NDA,

but it’s good thing I could talk about single serving to keep the show rolling.

Well you talk about, uh, one of the ones that you’ve, you mentioned, you know, overpaying, and then we kind of clarified what that meant. Um, talks about one of those.

Yeah. So I, I bought a fin Mo, F, I,N , M, O,


I bought it cause Mike’s Elise is my friend and I’m every day talks about FinTech and [inaudible] names. And I don’t really, I know what it is, but I just, I live off his enthusiasm for everything that related. And when I saw it up there, I’m like, I’m going to buy it. And I put it in a number. I literally put in five grand. I didn’t even care what it went to. Uh, just to get it for, so I could show Mike’s Elise that I had a thin tech name and uh, so I just put it up there and then I came in. He goes, did you get it? And I go, I’ll check. Yup. I got the name. No. So

like how do you feel that Shane never even He’s just been nothing. No. If I am, I am. Oh, but didn’t even mention [inaudible] dot com

it doesn’t surprise me. These guys are all I mean, okay. Yeah,

I think he um, paid for it. Oh, did you just say that you put in five grand?

Well, I put in five more obviously, so you know, it’s less than that. Okay. Yeah. Or, um, what kind of auction was that? Was that, was that an auction again? I don’t remember where. Okay. Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll say 2000. Okay. Drew. Okay. Uh, 1200. Yeah. So it, it ended up going for 2,600. Gotcha. I’m then thinking of go anywhere near that again. I don’t know. I have no life. Do you know how it’s going to play out? I didn’t even think about Venmo until later like that. That’s probably why some people are a little bit more on that. It might be a FinTech payment. Again, you know, it’s not to brag about having money or not having money, it’s just you’d come up with this kitty of cash that you’re going to spend and you sell names and then you spend that money that you’ve sold names on.

It’s no, you know, I’ve always said that I spend what I make and just like Mike said, the big key is to not have any lions on that money, to pay bills. And we talked about the nursery early. I have money to pay my bills and I keep my domain money separate. And so I had money to spend with it. It’s a bad place to be when drew and I have money to spend because we sometimes spend more than we normally would because we’ve got, you’ve got to get some names moving, you know, it’s our nature to constantly be. So, uh, I probably, in hindsight, would I bought the name? I would have never thought about it unless it was Mike’s Elise involved and he got me on a couple other names cause he keeps saying, Hey, are you in on this name? And I’d be like, I’m not, but I think we’ve got to be now that he texted me. So I got honey, you know the name. So anyway, that’s the story behind it. It’s kind of interesting. Maybe I’ll come back later and say some big companies in the FinTech and built up the name.

Very cool. Very interesting. All right drew, what’s, what’s, uh, are you able to talk about lettuce?

Yeah, I think so. Okay. Might be some editing later. Let us let us. Huh? It’s not,

it’s two syllables. It’s not the most attractive vegetable of all the vegetables there are, it does pick up salmonella if you don’t handle it. For me, my biggest domain concern, but yeah, it’s money can be money, I guess you said money and it’s a healthy vegetable. Whole vegetables are the biggest restaurant chain or I should say investment. Common. These called lettuce entertain you. And uh, in Chicago I didn’t know that, but they’re huge. What do they do? They run most of the big name restaurants in Chicago. It’s called let us entertain you. And I don’t know if they use is their domain, but you know they don’t. Yeah, they put it on the front. I think on a lot of the restaurants. Come on own it drew. You can rethink that better, huh? I’ll say 30 K 30 K doesn’t get you a vegetable in today’s market. Maybe not. Nothing gets you a vegetable.

What do you think Shane? Uh, [inaudible] it probably gets you a vegetable. I’m thinking about, uh, some of the other ones, but I’ll say, I would say it’s a pretty good bet. It’s the most popular vegetable. I’m going to say. Uh, it them, it’s the most popular vegetable. Is that a true statement? I think you, I think more lettuce is sold in tomatoes. [inaudible] yeah, I think, I think tomatoes goes into ketchup. I shouldn’t say, yeah. Grown and put into food sources. Tomato kills it. But as far as a tomato sauce, ketchup that, but when you go to the store, how many tomatoes do you buy versus bags of lettuce? Probably more lettuce than you buy an actual, and it’s actually actual form. Okay. Spit out a price of 45 grand. 45 so 30 and 45. What’d you pay drew? Uh, yeah. You guys are spot on. I think I paid, let’s see, hold on. I paid a 38. Nice. All right. What do you ask for that? Uh, in Bitcoins please. Yet? Um, I like lettuce a lot just because I, you know, it is a common, um, program for money. Um, so I like that. Okay. You know, it’s common enough that I know. Can you please, I’ll live in the hood like I do. I would like an example, like let his cabbage, I mean cabins dotcom. It’s like one of the Bates a huge

finance. Yes. Carriage readiness.

Making that green, making that lettuce.

Okay. I’ll try to use that today. That’s like the only word. [inaudible] give me the money. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re rocking with the lettuce. Yeah. Yeah. So anyways, I know I will probably ugly price that name in with three 50 to 500 range. And can you see where it falls? Okay. How’d you get that one? A good question. Uh, I think it was also gathers if somebody had brought, you know, brought me the name. Ah, man, I wish I have that.

Yeah. I always say Drew’s crumbs. Like if I talk to me is I got not answers knees. Here’s a couple that you may name. Don’t people don’t bombard him. This happens. I mean there’s, that’s the beauty of being good at what you do and having the reputation of buying names. You don’t have to do anything that they come to you. If I was telling somebody, it’s like a website. When you become a popular website, the content comes to you. You hardly have to do anything anymore. They come to you and bring you content. That’s the same with almost any business. They’ll come to you once you’ve built a good enough reputation.

Yeah. And drew, if you build it, they will come. Yeah. I didn’t do anything. I sit here all day. Rain those emails.

Honestly, comparatively, how you used to have to hustle domains, it isn’t as difficult because a lot more [inaudible].

Okay. So when it’s not true, freaking out, freaking out. I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked in my life and it’s because, uh, too much is coming guys. Um, but so, okay, so this is what I’ll say. Uh, it’s, it’s easier than it’s ever been to uh, get that deal flow, but it’s not as easy as it used to be just to run the business. That’s for sure. Uh, and what my, what I do is make sure that we’re keeping the gears turning so that we’ve got cashflow to buy those names when the opportunities present themselves. Because at the end of the day, it really, you know, sometimes I’ll buy a name, sometimes all over paper, a name that I don’t, I don’t even feel 100% convicted about, only because I know that he’s working on some other names that I want for a state job or because I know that I bought the last two or three names from this guy.

And if he, if I pass on this one neat cause they would call somebody else and then that guy’s getting the first names on the next day or you know, the next day. And so, you know, consistency. Um, is is important. You know, like I used to in the fish business, I’d have customers, you know, who I’d been working with for a long time. And, um, you know, sometimes they need inventory, but they, they buy inventory just, just cause they just cause, you know, just to keep it consistent to make sure they were still going to get that sharp price the next week, you know, to, uh, just to maintain the relationship. So, and there’s a lot selective goes into it. Um, but yeah, just gotta make sure you’ve got the, you know, that you got cash flows. So when the opportunities present themselves, you gotta be quick. You gotta, you know, there’s no, let me think about it for 24 hours or you know, let me talk to you know, five people about this.

It’s, you know, literally in that moment we didn’t, a few minutes of getting that email or WhatsApp or phone call, you have to say, yes, I’ll take it. Or here’s my offer. Uh, and you have to know that when you say, here’s my offer, it could very well be that they’re going out and none of these people have any loyalty. Um, and so, you know, surely it’s the money game. And so it’s, you know, uh, if you make an author, they may very well take your offer and go see if somebody else go and pay more because the more they sell for, the more margin they get. So, um, yeah, powder, that’s what they always, yep. Keep your powder dry. Powder dry.

Yeah. Okay. So let’s move on to the name jet part. Yeah.


Okay. Take a moment. Let’s talk about our, um, our advertisers who support us in this educational mission. First, serious about online trading. Secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust.

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All right. Now it’s time for the marketplace list. This segment is sponsored by name jet. We’re reviewing domain names, heading to auctions soon. You know the drill click if you want to watch the auction or participate. Um, and, um, Mike, why don’t you go first this time?

Okay. Uh, so you just to know which ones I like

or, uh, I haven’t, I haven’t really looked at this list that, that much, but, um, do you want, um, somebody, yeah. Well that’s okay. I can just, I can name the ones that stood out, I guess, like, so, um, yeah, I guess, um, vegan store. I mean, that’s okay. But it’s just like such a generic, like I dunno if I would, you know, why not name it lettuce, that comment stat or something like that. So, yeah, I don’t know if I liked that one, that much on source. I liked that on source. I mean, I could see that a lot of times when I look at names, I think I, I think like if I was going to start a company name and I, you know, like I was something LLC, like I think OnSource LLC, like that’s a good name, that’s a nice sounding name.

And especially with like coding, like source, but that could be for a lot of different things. I mean source and, uh, so I think that I liked that one. Um, property world, uh, nah, I don’t really like that one. Snappers, it’s kinda cool, but I don’t really know what would be there. I mean, yeah, I don’t, it’s not something I would, uh, start a company name with that. Uh, so yeah, but it’s fun. I don’t know. Something about is kind of appealing, but it’s weird that it’s, it’s uh, pluralized if it was just and that would be really, um, mega data. Uh, nah. Huh? What does that like a place you go to get all the data? Uh, I dunno, it doesn’t make a damn. I guess if you were studying data company, that might be okay. But I dunno mega, I don’t love it. Like it’s just sounds kinda like shit. It doesn’t sound as good to me. I like pixel soft. Like that could be a really nice company name. Pixel soft. I think if you were in the nineties.

Yeah. But that’s like a cool song to me. I mean, maybe I’m not, I think it sounds cool. Pixel pixel saw everything that’s old is cool again. Yeah. Right? Yeah. Oh, you know, everyone, every, not only girls, but even my teenage boy from his girlfriend, they’re all wearing the scrunchies. The nineties are coming back. There’s not their domain by domain names. It’d be banned from coming back. We should be, you know, some damn good. We used to put a whole wall, you put up a wall while the nineties from coming back, I’m going to cut that. Just have you say we need to put up a wall. We need to put up a wall. Um, so yes. Silkwood I think sounds good. That sounds like a, a thing like, right. Like that’s so kind of, I don’t know, nice looking wood thing. Maybe not that. I wasn’t thinking I wasn’t going there, but um,

where is your head out? First it was rubber animals and now it’s you. No one wants to do it while we’re [inaudible]

so, um, yeah. Then once, uh, once you go down the list, then it’s, that’s getting longer. I’m not really, um, and then there’s like a dot war that I don’t really like that, so I, yeah, I don’t see anything else I really like. So yes. My favorites would be OnSource pixel soft of Silkwood.

Okay. All right. Good names. Yeah. Uh, I like, so quick. That’s cool. Uh, Shane, what are your thoughts and what would you pay?

Well, I think what vegans do, well, vegan names. We’ve had a joke run in here for five years about vegan name. But the funny, the funniest part of the joke is that he do well, I mean vegan names very well and vegan store, you know, you have to remember things can be marketing names, it could be called something else, but they might use the term vegan store to remind people exactly what it is. So it has, it doesn’t have to be just their name. They can also be a marketing name that they use. So I think vegan store, what do I think it’ll go for? Um, I think it’ll go for over $2,000. 2,500 to $3,500. I really do beginnings do very well. Um, I can tell you I, I don’t like property where I just never like, well, I just think Wally world is, that was that I did a move and a vacation.

Bali world. I dunno, I’m not a huge world. I know that they make camping world and some of the biggest names are called world. Uh, I just never, never been a big fan of it. One he did mention with stress release. Uh, again, you know, if I have an app or something, I’m probably not gonna call it stress release, but is a huge, huge issue for people. Stress, stress release is a big term. Again, branding, that’s why I get confused and in my thinking on how to, to approach his name and, but I, and I generally don’t buy real generics because I would never named my company that. But I do think stress release is a pretty decent name that I think we’ll go for more than it’s should, but I think it will probably go from 1500 to $2,000

and, well, wellness and mental health apps are really on the rise, certainly.

Yeah. But what would you name your app stress release? I don’t think you would. I think you’d have come up with a cooler name than that. So the term is stress, belief, belief. Yeah. You’re already released here, right? You’re right. Release would be more like hitting something. Yeah. Or like a happy ending massage. Yeah.

And that’s, I mean you would call it happy.

The ending is be your name instead, most likely,

or still feel like I feel like happy ending. I was like, huh. That’s your massage parlor name right there. Silkwood God really is. This is going downhill fast and is visited by pink shirt. See this whole list as a theme. All right. No, let’s get back to real one. I think it gives an unreal name, jets gonna drop off. So these are all there. That’s why they’re so pleats names are perfect in snappers is

probably a name of a team. That’s what you know, someday there’s going to be a team named the snappers, like a turtle. A really like a baseball team.

I like it. Yeah,

but that’s, that’s where those names, those plurals that’s really the only use you can ever think of is some sports team. Uh, and the other one that I’ll say is, uh, you know, mega data and mega where they’re still used in naming conventions, even though it tends to be a little bit old, you still see, uh, that term used quite a bit in big data, big data, whatever you want to call it is billions and trillions of dollars. So that’s not going anywhere the way we’re throwing stuff onto the net. So managing information is always going to be a big business. And I think names like that really Meg aware of mega data really fall into that pretty well. I don’t like the a niche in glass. It’s a thing. But are you gonna yeah, if this isn’t 1998, so you’re going to make money on Venetian glass, uh, exact match domain. So that’s my kind of my take on it and I don’t like pixel pixel soft for the same reason through said it’s not a soft names. Even now, you hardly ever see, I don’t think I’ve seen any one of those come about and go check a Crunchbase. I guarantee there’s not a soft name.

That’s awesome. That is awesome. I’m getting it. I’m getting it. I’m gonna start a new company called pixels.

Um, okay. So what did I do wrong here?


Okay. So


I agree with some of what you said, but I disagree on many. I actually love the domain So, uh, I don’t know why. Absolutely. But other than like, you know, red snappers, like the fish, like your snappers, like, like the buttons, I just feel like it’s like one of those like probably useless, but super trendy consumer products will like come to market and there’ll be like, I don’t know, like scrunchies or like, you know, those [inaudible]


snap bracelets or like, I don’t know, it’s just snappers or maybe you know, people that use Snapchat are called snappers and Snapchat decides to buy that, you know, like, I don’t dunno, there’s just something about snappers that really appeals to me. And I’ll come back to one tip that I’ve mentioned many times, which is like if you look at, um, you know, old overture scores, um, domains that have type in traffic as indicated by overture prior to 2006, just for whatever reason. Uh, I mean I have a writer reasons why I believe, but, uh, for whatever reasons they represent a significantly higher probability of an easier sale just for whatever reason. It’s an observation that not just either many people have made. And it definitely is one of the strongest indicators that I’m aware of. Uh, other than just going out and seeing how many end users exist for a particular keyword or phrase. But it’s one of the best quick indicators of demand because if people are inherently just hyping it in, there’s a reason for that. And there’s either a company out there with promoted or it’s something that’s in the public moniker or, uh, you know, I don’t know. It just works. If domains have a decent overture score, uh, they most likely get traffic and they most likely over a five to 10 year period, we’ll sell two inches. So if you price it right. So, uh, I really liked that name.

Um, [inaudible]

I really like mega-data.


you know, because I think like the money supply, everything is just getting bigger. So it’s like, you know, if we had big data and we’ll have like mega data, right. And so I think, I think it’s

regularly, I lived down in the water,

uh, and definitely like, you know, they used to be the time was like the, the underlying asset of all other measures of value. And I think it’s data. Um,


I like pink shirt again, I don’t even know why other than, you know, I just think it could like represent something. Uh, and, and you know, you’re this, I like to main sake that create some kind of like an emotional response because that’s really what branding is. It’s creating an emotional response. And when I hear pink shirt, um, or would anybody here is pink shirt. It’s a name that they’re gonna have sub response to. They’re going to like it or hate it, but it’s gonna. It’s, it’s not like, I don’t know, women plus like women plus doesn’t give me any emotional response. Like, I don’t know, it just Wayman plus like nothing. It doesn’t do anything for me. It sounds like clothing store. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can think about it like what picture of his pink shirt and, and it’s like, you know, some guys love to wear a pink shirt and they think that it is, you know, makes them extra masculine because they’re not afraid to wear a pink shirt.

Some guys wear a pink shirt because they’re overwhelmingly gay. Some people wear pink shirts, uh, you know, and their breast cancer research is just like, it’s an indicator. It’s something that people have thought about. It’s something that people have in their closet or made a conscious decision not to have in their closet. It’s a color that already represents, you know, breast cancer awareness most visibly, but also other things. Um, and so, yeah, I like it. I like it a lot. I think it just, uh, that has value. I mean, for me, I guess for me, I like that. I think that’s a value. Like what you said about the emotional response like that, that’s helpful to know. But like if you have that domain, how much do you ask for that? Like, are you going to make money off of this domain? Like how much and like who’s going to be the buyer?

Is it actually going to be somebody who’s like, I need pinch, I need like it seems like, yeah. So I, I’m moving more and more towards a model where domains create a category. And so my, a pricing model, meaning, you know, we’ll have domains that are just like, it’s like we would just want to move them. So it’s like, you know, there’ll be a 1499 or one thousand nine hundred nine thousand dollars one of the other. And uh, then there’s like names that are $2,500 and five grand, five grand to 10 grand, 10 grand to 25 grand, 25, two 50 grand, 60 grand to a hundred grand, a hundred grand, 250 grand, 250 grand, 500 grand, 500 to a million. And then you know about that. It’s all, you know, you gotta be, Oh, you good. So, um, uh, you know, this is a name that I would put in the 10 to 25 bucket.

So I price it it probably 24,000, $999. And uh, you know, I, anybody that would come in and make an offer of 10 grand or more, I would, you know, negotiate them to the extent possible and, uh, you know, likely sell it for anything North of 10 grand, uh, you know, with my anchor at 25. Does that make sense? Yeah. And so how do I establish which pockets before then is a good, so, you know, this is a name with about a dollar CPC. So there are some advertisers, you’ve got a $12,000, 12,000 exact match searches month. I don’t actually think that’s too accurate. Uh, but why under, let’s just call it 12,000. Um, let’s take a look at that. The real numbers are pink shirt.

And I just want to say, you know, with that emotional response, it’s like, it’s not just you that’s looking for that. That’s what marketing professionals are trained to look for and create in a brand. So there is a reason you’re looking for that category in domain names because that’s what they are going to come looking for tip.

Yeah. So,


Um, yeah, 40,000 exact match searches about a dollar CPC. Um, yeah, so I think 10 to 25 is exactly right. Like back to the doc in math, that’s a, you know, to $15,000 a man. Um, you know, somebody really wants it, they’ll, they’ll pay a little premium. So it’s 45. It’s probably just, it probably is like perfectly priced at 25,000 asking 10,000 reserve.

Nice. Okay. All right. Anything else on there you want to comment on?

Uh, let’s see. Yeah, I mean, vegan store like chain said, you know, it’s got traffic. It’s got some search greats, you know, just uh, um, no, my wife was vegan. Uh, and so as default, I eat vegan like five days out of the week. Um, but I eat, I eat a lot of seafood. Um, I don’t eat any dairy anymore. No dairy. I basically eat no meat. Um, but I do eat a lot, a lot of seafood and a lot of eggs. I love eggs. I love seafood. Uh, but yeah, dairy, dairy, I don’t really out once in a while like, you know, I’ll miss the stinky cheese, but um, uh,

they seem to keep growing. Yeah, yeah. True. So I’m wondering as we, um, bring it to an end here, you mentioned and you, uh, didn’t, we didn’t get any info on it. Do you have time for one more or should we wrap it up?

Sure. Well, I actually am kind of curious to hear what these guys think about


Well, you know, it has a lot of names, but

you know, people will say, Oh, you should sell it to the Squatty potty. People that, that’s not how it works. Like they’re not going to upgrade from Squatty potty to squat. That’s not an improvement over [inaudible] that’s different. But I hear that constantly of like someone said, I can’t remember what it was like American airlines and they’re like, you should sell it to them as a marketing name. I’m like, they have a a,

what do they need?

What could you, how could that possibly help them? You know, I get, if they have a slogan, like, you know, if they use it for a commercial and they want to track it, maybe a tracking marketing name, but I just, I can’t stay in with people. So when I heard squad, I go, I guarantee someone will say, Oh, you should sell it to Squatty potty. Do they say $1 billion with the stools? But squats, I think it’s a great name. It’s, it could be exercise. It could be, I mean there’s so many. It could be, you know, all kinds of things. But I do think you’ve probably got it at a decent price because people aren’t sure. So I would say how many letters? SQA T so that’s your four, not quite Swan in the four letter squat

you ate.

Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Squat. S, Q. U. A. T. a. I still say 17,000 just cause it’s a known term. Very known term.

Sorry. Squat. Yes. An exercise company. And that’s what I see using it. Or let me guess. I don’t know. [inaudible] I mean they’re buying hauled like,

I mean everything could be porn. You don’t have to get detailed on that.

Yeah. Well what is it? I don’t know, like, well you said there, it could be like a lot of different companies. What else besides exercise and uh, like what, what are you not like? Squatters, you know, like, like a cage. Squat. Squat is also a big term. The light, uh, like super low. Uh, uh, yeah, that’s true. Okay. Yeah. Like subsidized rent

or temporary, anything like squat on it real quick.

Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Okay. That’s a good one.

But you got a name of price. Yeah, I mean,

I mean, yeah, that’s the thing, like naming a price way bought it. That’s hard because you know, who knows a good deal. The reason we’re on a show right now is because it’s hard. We’re trying to help people learn how to do it. Look, I have this, I have to be hard. Otherwise it wouldn’t be money either. I should’ve put this sign right here. We could really do hard. That’s right outside the massage parlor. Yeah. That’s the subtitle for the porn site, man. Uh, 17 Oh Oh one. Oh my God, I don’t know. 20,000. Okay. I won’t, I won’t do that.

But do you really think that 20 K just throwing out a number? Like what do you think?

Well, if you own it, what would you pay for it? What would you, it’s got nothing to do with being right. It really, I don’t, but I don’t, the idea, the idea here isn’t to be, right. The idea here is to, uh, today several different, you know, opinions about a particular name and then afterwards we can figure out why did some people think too much, why some too little and why did I pay what I paid? So don’t think about what, you know, don’t even think about me. Don’t even think about, just think about If it was your domain or, or if somebody offered it to you, what would you pay for it, if anything? And what would you sell it? Well, once you want it.

Yeah, I guess squat, squat, duck. I guess I would maybe pay 25,000. I don’t see, I don’t, I don’t know about comms that well, like the, I would feel a little uncomfortable, uh, but

Oh, take price and multiply it times 10 if that makes sense.

Yeah. So, uh, yeah, maybe I, I dunno, I probably would seriously consider paying 25,000 for it, but that, yeah, if I had it, I would see, I’d be asking crazy amount probably. I’d probably say $1 million. I want $1 million for that domain

because I’m going to, can I make videos of you just saying that and putting them in each of my domains? Like $1 million. I just want a video. I want that video of what you just did. I just want that on every landing page.

I’m never gonna buy a name from Mike. I’m putting that in my computer. It’s 0% chance of, but he’s going to ask $1 million every time.

Yeah, but you’d probably pay 25 K or you’d consider that and then you’d do some research. I’d probably ask you a million, but then I could probably, I mean I get like if somebody is like, I’ll give you 100,000 for it then I’m like, that’s what you know. So I would probably, I might sell it for like a hundred. Yeah. And that’s like 75 K property. Get them on the right day. Yeah. You could talk me down. You pay for it.

So I specifically bought it because of the 30 day build your booty challenge. Um, okay. Uh, no. So we paid what we pay. I’ve just had it shit.

I was waiting for them to say, which I am participating in.

I already got a big booty. I don’t need to participate 30 to 30 2030 2000. So I was a little bit on the fence on this one and I think probably I was more in the 2020 5,000 range. But again, it just comes down to, you know, do I want to own this name or do I want somebody else, don’t they name. And, um, you know, if I look at the metrics on this name, it’s got a ton of search volume. So 41,000 exact match searches in the U S with a dollar per, you know, a dollar 17 CPC, a global search volume is well over 300,000.


there’s a ton of long tail on this name, like another couple hundred thousand and long tail, a Bulgarian split squat, goblet squat, squat racks, Slavic squat squat, how to squat, how to do a squat, how to do a proper squat. You know, all exercise though. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Most of the exercise. Um, but that’s a pretty big category. Like, yeah, that doesn’t scare me. Um, think so. Um, anyways, so that’s it. So, uh, you know, when I think about this, it just comes down to like, I don’t know, name like that. It’s like, it’s like it can be a brand, but it’s probably a bit more e-commerce, uh, driven and a, the value is probably more encounters driven. And I just think like, you know, it’s like my final decision maker, I’m talking names wrong on the fence, is like if the shit hit the fan, could I take that name and build the business on it that would, you know, pay the bills or help pay the bills. And it’s like Absolutely right. Like worst case scenario, I’ll go on there and start making videos of me doing squats and people will watch one form or another.

You can just do that on the deck. You’re fine.

Yeah. Or I’ll have Mike do it in rubber animal costumes.

The fact that my brother animals lie. Okay. Um, with a wonderful show. So great to have you guys back. Um, and we are ready for the fall. Things are picking up. Um, I’m going to cut you off. Um, thank you for being here and taken all the time for this. Um, and big things of course is always to mean jet for sending over these names. Um, so fun. So interesting. So, and I think, I think we all learned a lot. Um, so see y’all next time. All right. Bye guys.



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  1. Jivan Bansi says:

    Drew may be a pescatarian or pescetarian, a vegetarian who also eats fish, but not chicken or mammals, but I don’t know if he eats meat.

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    Thanks gang, DoubleTheDeal/Com = $499

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    Great show. immediately jumped out to me as the name I would most like to own on the list. Data industry and data analytics is already huge but only going to explode more with IOT integration into society. Every electronic device in your home will be transmitting data, and companies will need infrastructure and services to manage the massive amounts of data to make their business and products/services more appealing to conumers.

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