Utilizing a Premium Domain for a Rebranding Statement: Halp.com

Boulder-based entrepreneur Fletcher Richman’s background in investment capital and VC give him a unique approach to his startup, Halp.com. Learn how Halp masterfully combined the power of its $2.6 million seed round with a premium domain rebrand to maximize its growth to the next level.

Within the close-knit Silicon Flatirons culture, Fletcher built a standout SaaS company BubbleIQ, but reached the next level when rebranding to premium domain Halp.com. Learn how VCs should provide guidance to startup domain name choices, the acquisition process, and how Halp is making a statement via its rebrand!

On today’s show, hear what the premium domain name acquisition communicates and achieves for this B2B startup:

  • Identifying product expansion
  • Growing credibility and positioning
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Sharing company culture
  • and more!

If you’re looking for guidance for your startup naming choice, you’ll want to hear Fletchers’s thought process and VC experience!

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Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman is the Co-Founder & CEO of SaaS company Halp. With background working for VCs, founding a few of his own companies, working at an early stage startup, growth stage company, a venture fund, and more, Fletcher has a full spectrum vision of navigating startup funding and standing out.

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5 Responses to “Utilizing a Premium Domain for a Rebranding Statement: Halp.com”

  1. its very informative

  2. Of course, for a good business/ideas you need a good domain!

  3. Dave Tyrer says:

    This is a great interview and it was fascinating to learn how this startup’s domain identity went through four or five iterations until it finally became Halp.com. It even had another name prior to BubbleIQ! No doubt about the instant credibility that HALP delivers, as Fletcher illustrates by describing the immediate positive reaction by colleagues.

    I nearly fell off my chair when I heard about who the seller was, who I have read about. So Fletcher did really well to acquire the domain at that price (revealed in the video) despite the hurdles and the price being jacked-up.

    My specialty is brandable domains so funded startups are probably my best potential customers. They have money and vision. So learning about the thought processes that Fletcher and his co-founder went through, and their strategic approach to the acquisition, is information gold.

  4. Data Glasses says:

    If you say that word on the radio it will sound like “help”

  5. Nick says:

    Great show!

    Will there also be a video of the Domainsherpa review at Namescon Lisbon?



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