NamesCon Fireside Chat: Crypto Meets Domaining

NamesCon offered valuable insights to domain industry trends, with crypto currency as a big topic, both on the stage and between all the attendees. Hear experienced brokers Drew Rosener & Jen Sale as they analyze trends and discuss the future in the Crypto Meets Domaining Fireside Chat, hosted by Richard Lau, from Tuesday, January 30th.

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5 Responses to “NamesCon Fireside Chat: Crypto Meets Domaining”

  1. Saro says:

    Great insights. Thank you.

    1. Saro says:

      *** side note: Ironically I actually sold C//O//I//N//E///X/// a while ago for a couple of thousand.

  2. Eric says:

    Very interesting show here with many good points. As usual Drew gets to the core of things with no BS! Great explanation of the crypto coin valuation with his example of “Drewcoin” and should be a warning to anyone who’s playing with cryptocoins.

    I’d take a .net over any of these so called new extensions, I mean it was there from the beginning and people simply realize that. There is an interesting analogy here, a flooded crypto market with “wannabe” bitcoin and a flooded domain extension market with “wannabe” .coms!

    Most of these will collapse, in both arenas, in fact a once highly touted new fangled extension that made a splash right here on this show can now be registered for less than $2.00 everyday and the site that promoted it as the epitome no longer exists.

    The new USA tax cuts are also a reason that quality business use names will become even more valuable, quite simply because with more free cash, more businesses will invest in them along with new businesses that spring up all across the board propelled by the new tax code.

    Thanks Drew!

  3. tldboss says:

    Thank you for sharing. Interesting chat.

    Haven’t invested in the space, but if opportunity presents itself I will invest. I have made payment using bitcoin. I will research more about, hopefully I can use them going forward.

  4. Would have been a good show if the people stopped walking in front of the camera and the volume would have been a bit higher .

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