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DomainSherpa Review – Jan 13:,,

This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,, …
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more !

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Joshua Schoen, Josh Eisenhower, and Andrew Rosener.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Josh Eisenhower
Josh Eisenhower
Josh Eisenhower is a paramedic/firefighter at County Government in Maryland, an individual investor in domain names, and is a regular contributor to

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Joshua Schoen
Joshua Schoen
Joshua Schoen is the owner of, a marketplace that carries a premium selection of domain names appealing to a wide variety of people and industries.

Schoen is also a marketing and business development professional. He earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, psychology from Endicott College.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Happy New Year, Sherpa Network! On today’s show, we have three really unusual domains that our Sherpas recently bought or sold. But at the end of the show we have a historic live negotiation, a six figure offer from one Sherpa panelist to another. Good only for the taping of this show… Watch it and see what happened.

Happy New Year, from Domain Sherpa! Hello and welcome. Today we have another Sherpa review. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain Today’s show we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. So we’ll do our usual three segments to the review. First, learn what the Sherpa’s recently bought or sold next, discussing value and investors submitted domain name portfolio. And finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction [email protected] and whether the sharpest thing, they’re a good investment opportunity for you. Joining us today on the domain sherbet review our three pasture as an industry thought leaders. Um, we do have two Josh’s, so that’s going to be interesting. Uh, Josh Eisenhower from DSA. D hello. How you doing? Good. Hey. Not a whole lot. Just living the dream right here. Yeah. Um, are you joining us from the firehouse or elsewhere? I just got home this morning. I worked for two days. Yeah. Well, no, it’s like half hour. I took a half hour nap. Wow. Perfect for it. For joining us. And I don’t think, I think maybe once you joined us from home, most of the time. I like it when you join us from the firehouse. The exciting moment. All right. Joshua Schoen from ultra domains. Hello. Welcome back. Uh, you just flew back in from Morocco.

Uh, Hey. Hey, thanks for having me. Yeah, just got back from Morocco. Uh, we’re supposed to get in on Sunday, late Sunday night, ended up getting in at 4:00 AM getting home at 4:00 AM on a Monday. Um, which is about, uh, wow. At the time of this filming that a Monday was yesterday, so yeah, just, uh, slept a ton last night. Um, yeah, getting, it was a long journey home, so I was two weeks in Morocco’s. Great. Uh, but yeah, it was very tired. So getting tried to get back on the time zone here.

Well I’m glad we can help you out with that. Um, thanks for coming to get up this morning. Demeaned Sherpa, a reason to wake up in the morning. Drew Rose narrower CEO of media What’s happening? How you doing?

I am good. I’m good. Excited for 2020 coming off, you know, a nice restful holiday. We didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t do anything first time ever I think and uh, I am so grateful for that. Um, so yeah, that’s it.

That’s good. Well definitely you are starting the year with a fresh start. Your shirt is the color of Josh is sunrise background. Never seen you in such a happy bright color. Welcome to 2020.

Oh, you know, this is going to be a year of being happy and bright I suppose as opposed to angry and dark

cause like DRO, is that your resolution?

Yeah, I guess it is now.

Nice. All right, let’s do this. What’s new Sherpas? Josh Eisenhower, what’s a domain you recently bought or sold? But don’t tell us the price.

Okay. I’m trying to make sure I get the price right here. This one a, you’re going to think [inaudible] what did they, what did they even buy this for? It’s a crypto

Interesting. Crypto

Yeah. Sold it. Yeah.


All right. Drew, what’s a funny,

well, I mean I guess one of the biggest, you know, complaints about crypto is the, uh, seemingly not necessarily true, but seemingly, uh, you know, ease with which one can clean dirty money. Uh, in other words, you know, money laundering and so crypto clean seems like a, you know, edgy brand, let’s say the least for a crypto company.


Awkward silence.

My mind went right away to like some software that just cleans out your account, your crypto account. Sign up. Don’t worry about all that cryptic. You got the word out. We’re going to take care of that. Exactly. Clean your write up where you write out special discount for people over 50.

All right. What do you think somebody paid? Josh bore it.

Marty longer is good money is a lot of money in it. So I, you know,

I think this is the part where you say, or so I’ve heard,

so, uh, let’s say, I dunno, uh, but you know, no, Josh is, you know, he’s a been the bin seller, so I’m going to, I’m going to say 3000, $888. [inaudible]

all right, Joshua, what’s your guests?

Yeah. Uh, so it’s a cool damn. I mean, I love, I like the alliteration makes a, you what there play it on using it for, but definitely a catchy brand. Um, yeah, I was thinking in a similar ballpark, low, lower four figures a, I’m going to say, I’m going to say 2100 bucks.

Um, I have a question. Josh, why did you buy this name

if you didn’t? You know, uh, I don’t, I, I might’ve spun it. I don’t know. I can’t remember actually. Yeah,

you didn’t even know why he bought my single main heel and he just knows that they fit into his programmatic, you know, do a lot for domain buying and selling, which works.

I go into a trance, I go into a trance for a while and I know they’re in my account and then I just, uh, I put some prices on it and they sell. I don’t know. Um, I, I can, like I said, I can’t remember if I, I registered like a couple hundred a couple of years ago when I sold a bunch of them. I, I meant to track them all and see which ones that I like just, you know, spun out the, that I sold, but I never really, I have to go back and do that paperwork and I’m not really good at the paperwork.

This is where you go in like the celebrity magazine. Look, they’re just like, yo, I mean that is a very common domain investor problem at any level. Um, but I’m just, I’m really surprised that you didn’t think of like of money laundering. And actually, I guess out of the four of us, I’m the only one who’s really worked [inaudible] in like a corporate environment in the domain space. Um,

that’s your weight. Like, I mean, it’s not that I didn’t think about, you know, money laundering, but, uh, I mean, I think about that all the time with crypto. Right? Does everybody think about, no, but I’m just, you know, it’s a double C crypto clean. It’s a one syllable, second word. I’d, who knows? I don’t know it, you know, I don’t think I had, I don’t think I was getting down. It’s because I don’t, I mean, I don’t think I paid more Nate bucks for it. So, uh,

and again, to all our uses at home, Josh is one of the extremely few people who is really talented at hand registering domains and flipping them.

Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, there’s hand catching. I like to, if it was pretty registered and I’ve got, I’ve got it off of droplets or something, I like to go, well, he ain’t catching as opposed to the registering. It makes me like, there’s a connotation of that. I just wrapped it up. So I like to make that distinction. Like, I’m not dreaming, I’m up getting him off the lists that as they dropped sometimes. But the Lake behind you where you’re fishing for them? No. Well that’s um, I should have changed it, but I didn’t know it was the Renaissance that’s still the James river from wow. March or whenever I [inaudible]. Uh, in Virginia. Um, yeah, there could be there. Yeah.

At any rate, you bought it for an extremely low price. You probably listed it with buy it now on afternoon. It was afternoon. This is a funny one though too, because it, it, it was had a landing page price that was less, this happens all the time. And people don’t realize that domain buyers just, they just, they’re just out there just burning money I guess. Well, when your whole business is money laundering, overpriced domain acquisition, you would think you would navigate to the, to the landing page, see what’s there. But no, so it’s sold for 5,500, 500. Good for you. Right. But there was a lower price on the landing page if they would’ve gone to it for like 5,500 bins through some pathway. Okay. So yeah, that was that price through Africa because there had been an inquiring on its fruit util registry when I had it parked at unit registry since it was at NameBright.

I then changed it to park at, um, that huge with huge domains cause I’ve been selling for huge domains. But I changed the price on that on after Nick to what the unit registry I’m a broker and set the price at. So they said they said it at 5,500, so I changed it to 5,500 on the afternoon. But, but I guess when I, I let ’em huge do a lot of their algorithm all on the, on pricing. And it was a, it was a different price, but I never changed the after neck. Does that make sense? So the price came, so, you know, so I don’t mess up the negotiations with unit registry when they were negotiating it. I went through and changed everything that they had priced from an inbound inquiry that, you know, they pray in 55 was kind of the default, like low end.

We’ll just, you know, Dan actually prices them. But, uh, so I changed it and it was just like the default price there, but I’d never changed it. Huge domains, which was the huge domains. Price was following their algorithm, but the person that bought it never checked it. That happens all conscious about, you know, the difference between two grand and five grand and a lot of buyers really don’t care about that. I sold because it happens all the time. I still refer 10 grand that I had a uh, it had the, the, the price on the landing page of like six something. So it’s several thousand dollars to have it. These are, when we talk about impulse buys, somebody spending double, you know, from 6,000 to 10,000 just cause they didn’t, they didn’t type it in. So it’s, it’s something that you can play with. Yeah,

I think there, I think there might be like an element, I mean maybe some people do type it in, but let’s say they, you know, really trust GoDaddy for example, and they’re like, well, let me spend a couple extra grand just because I feel, you know, safer about buying it on go daddy. Maybe, I don’t know.

Yeah, I think that definitely happens. Mmm.

But I think it’s, I mean, honestly we’re all speculating, but I would, my feeling would be a dad would be the minority. Um, I think people actually are just really stupid, like, um, because I’ve had super similar situations where like, we literally had a bite and now price super low on a domain. If somebody came in and negotiated through Sado or through after Nick or through a broker, Mmm. Ultimately paid far more than what we had it listed out. Um, it just happened. It was, I, and it wasn’t even a small name, it was like a big name and they paid like 40,000 more than what it was literally listed for, with a big price on the domain, uh, like, like a month or two ago. I don’t remember exactly which domain that was, but, um, yeah, I think people just, you know, like, they’re like, Oh, I want to buy this domain. They don’t even go to the domain. I think they just go to a Sado or an afternoon. [inaudible] Mmm. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not sure,

even if they think that, but they’re, they’re buying it through GoDaddy and that there’s some kind of, you know, higher level of trust. I mean, that’s still an education problem with the general public, right. So it all comes down to ultimately these people know nothing about what they’re buying. Like that’s, I mean that gives you some sense of, uh, you know, there’s, there’s some power there as far as the, the, the selling process goes because, or even, you know, consulting and, you know, people don’t, they’d have no idea what they’re doing. I mean, I still leave this to people. They think selling websites.

I mean, that’s, yeah, so many people are clueless. Yeah, I agree. I just have a conversation with a German Whopper about an hour ago and, uh, I was explaining what we do and they thought the same thing. They’re like, Oh, so you sell webs websites. I know. We don’t sell websites. We sell the precursor to a website, be the underlying asset, the main name. If the website lives on. And they, they literally couldn’t wrap their heads around that. That was a very, and this is, this is a German law firm that has a big badge on it. You’re on the website that says, you know, you know, the best lawyers is, you know, one of these, um, whatever award, you know, supposed to be recognized as one of the top law firms. Right? Business awards that you pay for. Yeah. If your words, EPA board, um, I, you know, you guys are top business law firm.

You guys are huge. Like they’re in every major city in Germany and it’s like you don’t even understand what a domain name is or that there’s a market for them. Mmm. To me that’s super bullish because we have so much more room to grow. I mean, so you people are actually educated. We could easily stumble and fall just simply because we’re all doing such piss poor job other than, than you find folks who show up and help us educate on demand Sherpa. Uh, but for the most part, as an industry, we’re doing such a piss poor job of educating the world about this asset class that is really cutting, bleeding edge of life, technology, innovation and all these different major macro technology trends that are dovetailing. And the DNS system should be at the, at the heart of all of that. But it isn’t. Um, so, um, anyways, I digress.

You digress. But it was a good digression and you’re totally right, Josh. Congrats on a great sale, Josh.

Yeah, totally.

Well, I’ve been traipsing Morocco for two weeks. Uh, what’s something that you recently bought or sold? Yes. So,

uh, I’m going to go with, uh, let’s, let’s go with, I sold grays Harbor real Oh my gosh, Whoa. It’s a longer when grays Harbor with an a

a Y. yup. Harbor Harbor, the, the American way HR, the American way. This is a nightmare domain. Really. You sold this, I sold it. Great. Grays Harbor real

And uh, for anyone that doesn’t know, so grace Harbor is an area in the state of Washington. Uh, it’s kind of, uh, West of,

let’s see, it’s kind of Southwest, uh, in the state. Um, it’s actually a, it’s actually a County, I’m not a city, uh, but you know, it’s kind of like a region, so,

okay. This nightmare when I worked at GoDaddy and I had clients who wanted to purchase, who wanted to look up like every city, every town, every County and ad real estate at the end. And sometimes this was a good idea, but most of the time, not so much. So this is very interesting to me. Um, and I know you’re a very smart, um, buyer. I have a lot of questions for you, but first, first list price guessing. Yeah, there’s totally, totally, why do you think Josh? Andrew?

Yes. I was going to say like 2,500 bucks. I’m, did you have to hustle it or was it to buy now or what?

Uh, it was by now. By now. So

yeah, that’s a good poker face.

Yeah. I mean, I guarantee you somebody just going around go crazy with any obscure Island real estate. Like they’re going to, there’s going to, they’re going to run it. There’s somebody right now is registering thousands of domains. It’s to no, I don’t know. I’m going to say 2,500. I have no one, I don’t even know where this, this thing is, how big the Island is. It’s, it was Ray’s Island, right? Yeah.

Raise grace Harbor. So it’s not actually an Island, right?

Say a County, a region, body of water,

grays Harbor. It’s not even a, was it for boats? More

interesting. The median home value is only $195,000, um, in, in Washington state. Big time. Okay. Uh, drew $888. 7,000, 880 decisive. Josh, what’s your desk? Did you say?

I said like 2,500. I don’t know. Just like at standard two to five grand, somewhere in there, but 2,500.


So, so yeah. So, um, I wish I sold it more towards Drew’s gas, but, uh, Josh was pretty much right on the money. It was a, uh, $2,488 buy it now sale. Uh, no commissions paid, uh, because it was on a ft Lander and, uh, was done through So, uh, that was the nice part. But, um, yeah, I think it was, I, I had the name for three and a half years. Um, I think it was a closeout purchase at GoDaddy a few years back. And, um, yeah, I just had it with a number on it and eventually a, uh, eventually a realtor, uh, from a grace Harbor in Washington, uh, came around and one in it and just click buy now. And, uh, that was it. No kidding. Yeah. So, um, yeah, you know, one of those geo real estate names and yeah, grace Harbor I guess, probably isn’t super well known, are known to anybody outside of Washington.

But yeah, it’s like a region of, of, um, a region in Washington. There’s a number of cities, I think Aberdeen is the biggest city within grays Harbor and, Mmm. Yeah, there’s a little tourism there, I think. Uh, there’s a lot of beaches and, and coastline and, and stuff like that. Um, yeah. So this guy, uh, his team sells real estate in the grace Harbor area and one at day. And now if you go to the sites, uh, you’ll see he, uh, he has a website up on it for his, um, is real estate, uh, company and team and yeah. So I think it’s a, a good fit for him. Sure. Wasn’t soccer.

Hey, maybe, maybe, possibly. No. Certainly I, I can understand a real estate agent, if they’re looking for those key words, they’re going to make this commission off of one extra house they sell. Yeah. Yeah. It can be a very cheap purchase for them, but most real estate agents don’t understand or agree with that. Even if you all, all of them and try to educate them on it. Yeah. No. Why should or shouldn’t someone listening to the show, let, let me let alone the median real estate prices are $195,000 a house. Mmm. And this is a County, I just cannot even list all the reasons that [inaudible] Mmm. Right. Then Josh, isn’t your whole portfolio full of okay. [inaudible] top or the bottom from this? You know, counties in America and with real estate at the end. Yeah. So I think, um, if I had a ton of these names, uh, yeah, it probably, I dunno, it probably wouldn’t be super profitable.

I think these types of names Mmm. Are from what I understand tougher sales today than they used to be. Mmm. But I think they still can make a good brand and a good website for, for real estate agents. Why I have this name. I think I, back when I was kind of first dabbling in domains, I just picked it up. I was like, Oh, a geo, you know, I probably looked up grays Harbor and I was like, Oh, there’s a coastal region of the state of Washington and, and uh, let me describe it for 20 bucks or whatever it was. Mmm. Would I buy it again today? I don’t know. Maybe. Um, it probably more of a lucky sale than anything. Uh, you just had the right guy come around because you’re at, I mean, most real estate inside I’ve, um, dealt with regarding domains. I mean, they, they don’t want to pay more than like 10 bucks for a name or 15 bucks for that. And I don’t really see the value. Um, so you need that one guy to eventually come around and you’re like, yeah, 2,500 bucks. Sure. I’ll, I’ll take it.

Mmm. Yeah. I think I’ve sold a few real estate domains, but not anything substantially a greater. Mmm.

Yeah. I think they can be tough to move even via outbound. So I think a lot of times your best bet is just sitting on them and it can take awhile [inaudible] to sell them. Um, this I’ll touch on. So most I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t recommend going out and looking up all the top counties. I think in the U S a lot of times counties aren’t really. Mmm. Yeah. They’re not really what people know in area as they know him at this as the city. But I think you do occasionally run into certain counties where that is like what the region is called. And that was what this case was. Grays Harbor. I mean there’s a couple, uh, tourism sites, uh, I think one might be discovered, grays one might be, I think I was just [email protected]. So it is like an area that people actually call grace Harbor. Like uh, yeah, tasks. You and I, we both live in Maricopa County, but no one, I mean there is a city called Maricopa as well, but it’s not like we’re going to go out and get Maricopa County real because no one says, Oh, I’m going to Maricopa County. Um, I think this, in this case it was a little bit different. I wish I had some more examples of counties that okay. People actually refer to as the area that they live in and that they’re going to. But

yeah, and I think too to say what percentage of your portfolio is this. So if, yeah, you are a very experienced investor with Mmm. A moderate sized portfolio. And if this is two or three of your domains, it’s something else for a brand new domain investor to go spend their entire day budget. Oh, it’s a whole bunch of these and the percentage of this selling is really low. In fact, I really wonder guys how mean, well, I dunno, the two. Josh’s are really nice, aren’t they? Drew and now has an orange shirt on and he’s new year. But I think if this had been on our second segment, you guys would have been really mean. I would have been like, burn

that name. Get rid of the last list. I said it made me want to [inaudible] bunch of babies in the face. So the one before that, the one before that gave me chest pain. Hurry up. What’d you buy or sell? I can’t wait to see Jackson’s reaction. I thought that’s why you put me last. You put me last for the next segment. I just figured you let, does everybody else get it out of the way first? So I wasn’t, no, it wasn’t intentional. I have my sister. It has to do with, it actually has to do with who? Who went. Yeah, no, I understand. Yeah. All right, drew, what’d you buy yourself? It better be better.

Okay. So in line with my, uh, new year’s resolution, I bought multiple Mark Black of the world knows God knows that the world is full of more than one asshole marijuana assholes out there. You’re right. I think that’s all, you know. I think actually it totally, totally. I used to love the expression. Excuses are like assholes. Everybody’s got one. Okay. Is it Dennis Leary song I’m going to ask so let us come back. You know, go gate says you want to make $1 billion going to touch a billion lives. Only people have assholes. That’s for damn sure. Okay. Is good. I don’t want to try a million assholes though. I’ll tell you that much.

And you bought it right? Got it. Yup. Is anyone’s picture currently on if you go to the domain, call me an asshole of the week. Yeah, something like that. Oh, we’re gonna we’re gonna I’m going to have so much fun. This is to have a light. You’re a little landing page. No. Like a [email protected] idea is actually, um, no, no, no. Let them list a prices. [inaudible] uh, w w is it, was it one of these, um, these deals where you have your, these little henchmen out there running around finding the deals and brought a team, Hey, buy this. That one seller came directly to me. He knew he had a good target audience.

Mary Rose and her little by this as far as I know, it was emailed to two people. Um, and both of us said, okay, Tim and the other person is the other, the most, the other most obvious person who would want to own asshole. Okay. Got it. Although I also kind of feel like he should already own it. Rick, there’s a wrecker who is, sorry, Rick, you gotta get up early if you want to catch this worm. Ah, ah, yeah. It’s really hard to put a number on it cause I mean it’s, you know, I don’t, it could be a long time till somebody comes in as priceless because it’s priceless.

There was one name we were talking about, I thought no, I think it was a Edgerly. That’s negative connotation. Nobody wants it. So, uh, you know, there have been awesome, you know, it’s like the, um, the Mmm Luke warm, no. Dot. Blah blah, blah, blah, assholes or a couple of other names drew owns. And we just want the same categories that I’m just saying that’s the same like you got the whole negative argument. So D to deal with pricing and whether, you know, this one is intentionally negative, he’s against plurals, but this fits everything. But my point is, but my point is that, and give it a bad tone. I don’t think it’s a bad name. I’m saying it does limit the audience though, right? Like, so that is to resell it. Uh, I don’t know. 10 brands. Somebody came to you that I don’t know. I have, yeah. Yeah. 10 brand in your mind would be what? Good, good price. High price and moderate price.

It’s hard to, hard to price it, but I mean for as a pricey, you price it at 10 grand. So what does that fall in the low, high or moderate price? I’m going to say that that’s a, that’s as a buyer. As a buyer, right. Uh, that’s a, you know what, it’d be like an average wholesale price for it. Right? I don’t know. Well, I mean obviously, you know, they just wanted to get it sold. They needed some cash. Okay. Joshua Price, let’s go hard. All right. Um, yeah, I mean, I think, I don’t think drew paid a ton for it because, you know, he’s probably not going to be reselling it, um, anytime soon. You never know. Some other asshole could come around and want it, but, um, uh, you

know, another axle coming around and what we had, we had an inquiry through uni registry today. Nevermind. I can’t talk about it.

Okay. Come on. Don’t let Josh delay.

Uh, I’m going to say so. I don’t think drew paid a ton for it, but I think he paid a, you know, a fair number. Um, I’m going to say he dropped, I’m gonna say he dropped 15 in grant on this name because he [inaudible] and he thinks he can have a lot of fun with the name and you know, even if it maybe doesn’t have a ton of commercial appeal for a brightened, um, it’s one of those she was willing to drop, drop some money on, uh, yeah, to have some fun with, with a website or emails or, you know, it’s a great conversation starter, that’s for sure.

I send the transcript to count how many times you just said dropped and you’re, you’re like sweet little innocent baby face. Really make, if you’re intentionally making that pun with your poker face.

No, no, no. Rick offer you anything for it. Did he offer you anything above the price you paid?


I don’t know. I didn’t talk to Rick about it. The guy that was selling it offered it to him, offered it to me. Okay. Uh, I, there was no negotiation. I just said, yup, I’ll take it. And then immediately after that, Rick also said, yep, I’ll take it. Uh, but Mmm. To the credit of the seller, honored my deal and didn’t try and read the paper.

Okay. What’d you pay for it?

Six grand. Good seller. I’m actually surprised. I mean, in my mind that was like a steal. Um, I couldn’t believe I went back in my emails. It was offered to me in 2010 and 2011 for 125,000. Oof. Um, by the same owner. Um, patience, patience is a virtue. Um, so, uh, I agree with everything you said that, you know, there’s not a large commercial audience for this, although there is certainly a lot of maybe and shaming type of websites out there. Halls of shame and what not. Mmm. But, uh, yeah, I dunno, I, I [inaudible] I don’t [inaudible] for six grand was about best buy maybe this year. They did see the email said 10 grand. Would you have bought it? Nobody has stated. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That sounds good by me. Even just based on our guesses. 10 and 15 and then six. Yeah, that’s a, I’ll say goodbye.

That’s a really good guy. Um, and maybe that’s, you know, to the seller’s credit, he certainly knew his audience who’d reach out to you, especially if he had a time sensitive deal that needed to be done by the end of the year. Um, but Mmm,

you probably don’t want to list things that 125 grand, never get somebody’s attention who’s an obvious buyer and then have to go all the way down to six grand. Cause maybe in between, you know, a more reasonable offer at the beginning would have gone somewhere. Drew, it sounded like you thought there was some commercial value here beyond what you just mentioned. Uh, you have, are you out of Maine? Whatever you’re going to use it for. I mean, I’ll tell you what, if my product knowledge is not that I have approch colleges, but if I had one and his email address was, I’d be like, this guy’s the fucking coolest. Proctologist in the world is such a thing to him.

I dunno. I’m like, I look [inaudible] clearly is not like a tremendous number of commercial use cases. However, uh, I do think that there are, uh, a lot of people that would like to own I just do, I think, you know, as they say, more money, more problems. And so the more money you got, the more successful you are in life, the more assholes you have to deal with. And so Joseph, as a result of that, I think that there’s a lot of people with a lot of money that probably would love to name and shame some of the assholes in their life. And I’m the only one that can do it. There’s value there, man. Scarcity. Um, I will be checking my email inbox for Drew’s request to set up emails. I’ve got a scarce asset within probably the least scarce abundance of, you know, content for it.

Uh, an endless flow of assholes. There’s an endless flow of puns that could be coming along here. I’m holding back big time. I’m going to make to a podcast all day. We’re just talking about assholes, I suppose. Dot com. Are we talking about assholes? That would be great. Okay. Um, let’s do this. This was a little long. This was wonderful Sherpas. Thank you for what you bought or sold lately. Congrats. Very interesting. Um, this was one of the most like quirky bought her souls that we’ve ever had. I think. Um, let’s talk about our sponsor. So I’m sure are proud to sponsor this conversation. Mmm. Uh, they support us in our educational mission for the domain industry. First serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your merchandise safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust. Ft was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived

emails. Manage your entire investment portfolio in one place. Using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at ft com, that’s E F T Y F

So it’s time for the domain portfolio review. We take user submitted domain portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owners so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold them longterm, or figure out a sales strategy going forward. Mmm. Today’s portfolio was submitted, uh, by Sebastian. Um, we have, um, couple weed and crypto names. So interesting for both through your area of expertise. And Josh, your recent crypto sale will be interesting to discuss. Uh, Josh shone you’re up first. What, what advice do you have based on what you see here? Mmm. What do you love or hate? What would you do with this portfolio going forward?

Yeah, so, uh, obviously thanks to a Sebastian for submitting the list. Um, unfortunately I don’t, I don’t love it to, I’m not really a, I’m not really digging the, the list right here too much. Um, you know, one, I, I guess one name on here that, that I guess sticks out is, you know, maybe at least there’s a development play is soccer I mean that name, again, I don’t know how many people are gonna actually be a viable buyer for it, but, uh, you could develop it and I don’t know, have a database of active or past soccer players or something like that. But I mean the less the, the rest of the list, uh, what I’m seeing is I’m seeing a lot of names where if you just removed a word, they would be, they would be killer, like a [inaudible] like world data science. If you just took off the world data, that would be, that would be amazing. Um, intelligent speakers, uh, there, there are such a thing as smart speakers, but

intelligent speakers I don’t think is really the correct word for it. Uh, so not really liking that one too much. Uh, my deep learning, again, if you took off the my deep, that’d be a really cool name. It’s, it’s like he’s close with, with the terms. He has some good terms, but there’s just too many other words, um, around them. And fortunately, uh, you know, I don’t think there’s a ton of value, um, with the name here, uh, with, with, with the names on here. I mean, wallet bite. Uh, that’s kind of cool. I’m kind of catchy. Um, maybe see someone buying that one.

So for someone like this who seems to have, I think this is, you know, it’s, cause sometimes we think all the lists are the same, um, from our investors. Um, but this one, um, I agree with you that he seems to have a talent for picking some good terms, just too much around it. So would you say to someone like this, use the, you know, 500 bucks you spent on acquiring these 20 domains and instead spend 500 to a thousand on like you have good instincts on something a little more expensive, don’t get scared off

and delete all these. Yeah, I mean I think he’s, as far as the terms go, uh, that are in these domains, I mean he’s, it certainly seems like he is up to date with, you know, tech and trends and, and what’s hot. Um, but yeah, I mean, I don’t know how many of these I would really keep. I’d probably be dropping most of them. Um, just because they’re there too, there, they’re too much of a long shot. I think too, ticket sales, I mean, you might get get lucky and get one over time, but

yeah. Which is literally what you just did. But I bet you deleted quite a few of them. And you had the financial situation too. Mmm.

To hold a few. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s just tough. I mean, like a name like machine learning, It’s just the odds of someone wanting that exact name is so low. Whereas if you just took off the USA, I mean machine that’d be a, that’d be an expensive one to acquire. So it’s not like he could just drop the use and then go and get deep for 500 bucks because that’s probably not feasible. So I dunno, I mean, he’s on the right track. But yeah, as far as terms go, and I also think that sometimes terms like this, buying names that contain the [inaudible] trendy tech terms can be a risk too, because those, those trends can go away. Um, let’s say three D printing just phased out then no world three D printers, uh, wouldn’t really, not that it is. Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna say so.

Yeah. Deep and it forwards to Okay. Drew, what do you think about this list?

Um, yeah, pretty bad. Uh, basically, you know, not a lot to add would these guys said I any soccer I think there is something there. People are very passionate about soccer and so, uh, I’ll go with a global word would be more football, but uh, U S soccer and so yeah, you’ve got use in search volume, it’s registered a few other extensions. There’s something to be done there. Mmm.

Uh, uh, beyond that, I don’t know, maybe like my machine learning, like maybe I probably just keep that one maybe. What would you like or like online deep learning and my deep learning had probably just [inaudible] he knows, but like, honestly the likelihood of a sale is very low. Prop tech USA is the only other one I’d keep. And you know, all of these are probably like $5,000 by now. Listings, um, soccer players, you know, maybe it’s working a little more, but you know, it’s plural. Like, I mean, not soccer player would be better, but it’s just in general, not a great term. Um, I mean I, I guess you could like, they stole the great soccer players and have, you know, but I honestly [inaudible] sports, it’s hard. It says, let’s see. Everyday it’s commercial, it’s licensed. And so, you know, there’s no way he’s going to be able to compete. Mmm. Uh,

okay. I want to price, what would you last? Um, my machine for buy it now?

24 99 or

okay. 38 88. Okay. My deep Yeah. Say same thing all over soccer

Yeah. Maybe 10 to 1525

even though you’ve said get rid of domains with weed in them.

Yeah. Workforce. Okay. Just, yeah. Yeah. Prop tech USA. Like I could see a company being called that, so maybe. Mmm. May. Same thing. Two to five grand. Okay.

All right, Josh. All right. So I disagree with Josh a little bit on the, I don’t even like a lot of the [inaudible] underlying stuff. I mean of all the words out there to add modifiers to, so like three D printing, that’s like 10 years ago, right. With as far as to me and who sold them. Like I don’t, I don’t, you know, I don’t even know what some of these other things are. I don’t, it’s like, you know, you can take a keyword, right? There’s different kinds of brand doubles, right? There’s made up brandable there’s, there’s the single keyword, like what was the, uh, that that is going to be a brand, but it has nothing to do with what the word is. Just mind share of the word. And then there’s like I talked about this the other day. It was, it was mountain bike shop and I hated it.

And then it was a guy, somebody, one of the, somebody said they sold my bike shop. So you’re taking the keyword, their bike shop and making it a brandable by adding the mind with, but it’s a nice, so this is like, you’re trying to make a brandable out of these keyword nays but it’s, I mean, there’s a million variations when you get out there. And I don’t even know. I really don’t even like the root keyword. I’m on a lot of them and I don’t like is that, and, and I know that there’s a, there’s a lot of advice out there to like bid on something that, that somebody else’s, that you know, that as your guide to, to, you know, spend that $500 like you said. Like should he, should he buy one good name and well I think that’s what he did with soccer players.

Soccer players has like a $50,000 Esteban, right? So somebody, people were bitten on it and I think he took his money in that advice and, and bought soccer players, you know, as a good one. Like, look, I got this one good one, I hand register these other ones. And the problem is, you know, if you don’t, if you can’t recognize an $8 good name, you’re not going to recognize it. That 1000 bucks, you know, what a saleable name. I intrinsically, you know, soccer players isn’t a bad name. You know, it’s not a, but it’s not, it’s not one that’s a [inaudible] that there’s a ton of buyers force. Somebody like this needs to be getting buying names and niches, niches that’s a, that have a lot of buyers, you know that, that, that have people that not just good names that seem good, but ones that where there’s going to be. Um, and like, like Teresa said, it’s soccer players here. Apparently there’s, there’s major league soccer in the U S I didn’t even know that. Who knows? Did you have it? Anybody? Shit, I’m just joking. But what point is the rest of the world? He doesn’t know about soccer.

I’m not going to talk about money laundering. That’s a but so the rest of the world football, right? Americans don’t even care about it. When we gave it its own name and my annual budget is soccer crap for my kids. America spends a lot of money. Name a name of a professional soccer player in your town. No idea. So there you go. No, I have to soak it. But um, so I don’t, I don’t understand. I really don’t. And we’ve said this before. Um, I, I think maybe we should give them a, uh, a free, a DNA Academy membership. Like what if we bust your balls really hard, like a bunch of assholes on your list then, then you get like babies, you work stuff that will Seiger give them six months free so they can go. And at this point, how many, how many Sherpa episodes are there? Oh, a hundred. Just watch them first. I don’t, I, it’s, it’s mind boggling that this kind of thing gets submitted still. I don’t know. All right. 2020

the year we’re changing our submission process or something.

All right. Um, thank you each and truly, you know, Sebastian, even though they gave you a hard time, um, thank you for your donation to the Fred Hutch cancer research and thank you for sending this in because clearly you’re not alone because we do get these weeks, these lists week after week after week, so you’re not alone. But, um, I mean these three experts here take their time for free to come on the show and share their expertise with you. And that’s really special. Um, so thank you to each of you. Let’s take a look at the name Jett list. Mmm. Uh, let’s see here. So we have again, uh, drew, you’re up first. What do you see on the name jet list that jumps out to you?

Uh, so, uh, there’s a few names I liked here. Mmm. I like Umoh. I mean I like three-letter dot com and this is a pronounceable one. I don’t know if it has a meaning. I bet it does. And some language seems Japanese to me, but I could be hallucinating. Um, uh, I think even though I don’t love plurals other than, uh, I think is actually a really good name, um, because there’s different types of burns and I don’t know, I’m not sure, uh, but obviously both would be great. Mmm. I mean probably front and center front of mine, like, Mmm. Uh, yeah, I dunno, but I like it. I like Uh, I have, I’ve seen river, like 10 times on mean jet. And I, I laugh every time because growing up there was like, I grew up in this town called Barrington. The next door town was called Riverside and Riverside. Uh, we had, there was going to arch rivalry, we just called them river rats. That was like, so I, you know, I gave a shit anymore. I buy river too. Um, but I don’t, uh,


um, I don’t love love but I bet that’s a sleeper. Like I bet that’s a name that pops off for 10, 15, 25 grand at some point just because it’s a huge category. These like love life coaches, dating coaches, it’s a, it’s a big business. People like, you know, they have like live, have you felt like a thing in your ear and like person goes on a date with you and you’re paying them hundreds of dollars an hour. Like it’s like it’s big business. So. Mmm. I

think love science, I think that could like pop off and that’s why you need to talk it over with other people because somebody is going to look at that domain and just see like, I love science, like bill Nye the science guy and somebody else is going to see it as the science of love.

I think if you examine the people who have been most successful in domain names, it’s people who would be considered multi-disciplinary. People that are interested in a lot of different things may or may not be experts in lots of different things, but read and are curious about a lot of different subjects, obscure subjects. The more obscure, the better. Yeah. Good jeopardy players. Exactly. And uh, that is [inaudible] I’ve recently come to believe the single most important characteristic in, in, in what makes a successful domain investor is multi-disciplinary thinking. Mmm. So, yeah. Uh, those are the names that I like, I think the most, I mean, none of these are horrible except maybe muscle drink. Mmm.

I kinda like it. It’s straight to the point. I wanted to say too, for our listeners, drew likes the most Umoh is U M

Yeah. Which is also very similar to like the word for smoke in Spanish. Who Mo with an H in the front and it could be a little plater. I like you. I like that need a lot. Um, yeah, guitar, music, it’s a little generic for me, but it’s skill. It’s guitar music, you know, can’t, can’t confuse that. Uh, and there’s probably a lot of people buying guitar music sheet music online. Um, yeah, I think these are all, you know, all moderate names, but I think Lumo and burns are the two big kind of popped out at me as like the most valuable. Mmm. I’ll leave the rest for the other guys.

All right, cool man. Thanks. Uh, mr Eisenhower, you’re up next.

Yeah, I like ’em grays Harbor properties. Uh, I actually, I don’t know how much you guys want to bet that somebody is going to go out and register the Harbor with the same domain, but the O U and then try and sell it to the people you sold it to. Somebody will hear it. I promise you. Every color, red Harbor, red Harbor, you are yellow Harbor. Yeah, they’re good. Somebody’s going to register gray with a G R E Y, but I was the Harbor

with the O U and they’re going to be Greg barber hyphen. Okay. Mike. I’m losing Tropic. Okay. Right. So did you say reasons is, you talk about reasons I have some reasons I have. What do you do with reasons? Well, we had like a, it’s the reasons why, right? You know, right. It’s your, uh, it’s the, it’s an excuse, right? It’s, it’s excuses. It’s, I mean, I kinda, I kinda like it cause of reasons. How many reasons you, what’s your reason? You know, like it’s, I don’t know. Um, I, I grew up, I think as more commercial then refill reasons, reasons has a good, like I said, it’s a, it’s your, it’s, it’s, I mean, number one, I can tell you that people are not reasonable. Okay. Number two, eh, people don’t even want to be told the reasons for something. Well, we don’t need a good excuse. They need a good excuse. They go with a no go to resign. A good extent. I might do it’s an answer. It’s an answer. Uh,

is this like, okay, domain Sherpa is entertaining to listen to, but it is also informative and this is exactly what you at home listening me to do. When you think that this some random domain is a good domain and you’re Josh and Josh, you keep saying

you like

reasons and that people need reasons, but none of this is about money. Where are you going to make

money off of reasons and this

to the Sherpa network? It’s, you can’t answer that question.

No, I disagree. What do you have to, you have to envision it as a company owning it. Right? I think that’s a little different than what exactly I’m going to do with it. Cause I’m not going to come up with ideas for everything. Right. But if you can envision it as the name of a company, then then it has value and I, and I can in that case, you know what I mean? Like I’m not gonna I don’t want reasons. Aye. I don’t know. But, but I can see a company be named it. Right. Who knows exactly. It’s the reasons, but let me talk about, I just, I just mentioned that cause um, drew didn’t, and I, and I think it’s, I don’t think it’s a horrible name. What I like about Umoh, this is what I, when I first saw it, I was like, like a question and answer. Like, um, why? Like, um, yeah, like that’s what I thought, like question, you know what I mean? Like, um, uh, um, and then, Oh, okay. I got it. I don’t know. That’s why, but um, a muscle drink I don’t think is bad is as bad as a, I can see a bar like

this. You go to the grocery or the, um, even, uh, like a seven 11 or a whatever convenience store and you, uh, you just worked out and then there’s like a little cart drink for $10 or whatever of protein, muscle drink. I bet somebody would, uh, you know, brand even some, some generic off-brand stuff that I kind of like that it’s like anti branding, like muscle drink. Yeah, it’s in your face. That’s a tough muscle drink. It’s not messing around. It’s like a cave band. There’s a cave man on it. We spend all our money making this product good. Not figuring out a brand and funny catchy lines. Yeah. We’re thinking of lots of reasons for lots of different things here, but I didn’t need to go to for it. But if you didn’t have any idea about it, you want to, if you could have, that could be reasons there to find. I would have gone to ideas. Is that something, I don’t know. Some Apple probably came up with that. Well, ideas, ideas isn’t up for auction, isn’t it? So you’re going to look at a reasons. So do you think domain Sherpa will now rank number one for the keyword domain assholes? No. We’re probably going to be blacklisted now, although I think main pros will forever hold that position.

There are many, many opportunities missed. But drew did not miss a chance to knock name pro, nor will I ever. Okay. Well, uh, are you, uh, where do you go to now to go to Dan? No. Okay. What do you think of this list? Insulated myself controls and if any trolls shell breach my bubble, they will be found on assholes. Love trolls. You love trolls. Fighting trolls. I used to be a troll gladiator and I looked and I looked for fighting trolls. No longer wish to live for five months rolls. I, I wish to use my time in better ways. I remember you, you, you told, you told some troll that you were going to stone them to death.

There’s a couple of trials that don’t show up on the pros anymore. I’ll tell you that much. You posted that? Yes. Yes. The Photoshopping random things. I would like to see his face on like stoning something and then the stones each or maybe like the coming out of his mouth holes, exclamation Can you do that? Yeah, I can do it in one. I know you’ve only had 30 minutes of sleep, but this is a priority. You let me do it now. Just make a buy right now. Get to work. Josh. Uh, Josh [inaudible] the more respectable one. Oh, I see what you did there. My mom used to call him when I knew I was in trouble. The whole, the whole formal formal name Joshua.


Uh, yeah. Well, I bet that happened pretty often. It’s either be in trouble or respectable people are called Joshua. Mr Sean, what do you think of?

All right. All right. Um, so probably, yeah, Def, definitely my two favorite names on the list are, uh, you know, three letters. Pronounceable Mmm. Yeah. It makes a, makes a fun brand. Uh, you know, a name, like that’s always going to have a lot of value. Uh, but it my, so my other Mather, a favorite name is Um, and actually for a little bit different reason than a what tree mentioned. Uh, the reason why I like Gumtree burns fan. No, no, no. But the reason is because of the surname factor. So it’s a last name. Uh, there’s a lot of people with the last name burns. Uh, there’s a lot of companies more famous in Montgomery, Montgomery burns, Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns.

Mmm. So, yeah. really like it. I mean there’s, there’s tons of companies, uh, named burns, this and that. I mean there’s law firms, entertainment companies, whatever. Uh, that’s, I mean, that’s always going to be the case with, uh, decently, you know, semi common, uh, surname. So I think that, um, yeah, it’s a desirable name because it’s a lot of people’s last name and I’m sure there’s a lot of companies out there named, uh, burns this or that, that would love to upgrade to So, um, yeah, surnames, uh, always have always have good value. Um, this one’s only five letters long. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s a good name. I like it. Uh, yeah, the, the other names on the list, I think there’s no like tropical kind of cool. Um, probably not going to have a ton of value, but you know, there’s a, there’s other websites out there that are tropical tropical properties, or, uh, maybe, you know, so there’s potential a few end user, a buyer’s out there, potentially tropical

property, maybe it’s on the water. So, um, you ever know, I mean there are a lot of tropical properties out there, so yeah. But you know, names like real estate, software dot gob. I just think that’s way too generic. Mmm. Even maybe data as well. Uh, yeah. I mean, I don’t absolutely love the list, but there’s those first few names. Emo and Baron XY. I like, I like both of those go. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. Good insights. I’m going to Austin. I’ll be there. I’ll be there. Yeah. Uh, I plan to, I haven’t bought a ticket or anything yet. That’s the thing. I might just drive. Just show up. How far is it? That’s the only Texas, I don’t know, 30 hours I drove to, I drove to Flagstaff one time straight through.

It was like 40 hours, I think I went to Kentucky twice a then they’ll pass your to buy boats. I bought an auction, drove the old Toyota up over the West Virginia, Kentucky. My brother in law bought like three boats and all his Copart Copart auction there. Right. Thank you. That’s fine. But I mean, they’re all over the place. It’s on what they, yeah. I don’t know why I went there a couple of times. That was a no, like 12 hours, something ridiculous. So now I haven’t had a good road trip in a while where, well I wasn’t pulling a boat, which is kind of nerve wracking went up. Especially when you pick up the boat. You don’t even know if the, like if the bearings are good on the trailer, you know, at any minute they could just blow apart and drop the boat on the highway. That’s nerve wracking. What a bunch of assholes who drive like that. No, I, yeah. Well I, I plan to like if that happened I’m just going to get out and disconnect it and just keep driving.

Does that mean, just imagine like the actual be blown across the huh? I wave the boat rolling. It would be, you have quite the sense of adventure. Um, I am really looking forward to going to Austin and um, tomorrow drew and I are going to film with Monte and uh, Joe styler from GoDaddy about the auction. Do any of you have domains in the auction that you’re selling? That’s go daddy doing it. They are at big, they’re the new backend provider. Yes. I do not do not have any names and I’m really good at taking over the world. Jeez. I think it’s a, you know, I mean, let’s see how the auction actually gets handled. Mmm, right. You know, I, I think it’s good. I think, uh, well the last few years, I mean, you know, it’s pretty clear that there are end users bidding on auctions.


it’s not good for me, you know? Okay.

No, not to the names yet. Um, but,

but I think for the whole domain industry and expanding the domain industry, especially to end users, it’s really exciting to have a partner like that. More people know GoDaddy then the names yet. So. Yeah. You’re usually one of the biggest, um, uh, buyers at the auction. Are you selling anything at the auction?

Mm, I don’t think so. I, I still might put it in a name or two. Just for giggles. I have this funny feeling that this nature talking is going to like pop off. I’m a little concerned that most of the games that I would want all have very high reserves.


So I don’t, I don’t know how well it’s going to do, but I think it has the potential they do extremely well because I really do think there’s going to be, Mmm.

There will be end user participation.

Um, but we’ll see. We’ll see. It’s going to be, it’s going to be fun.

Nice. Yeah. How about you, Josh? Anything you’re selling at the auction? Oh, Josh? Yeah. Essential. Oh, sorry. No, I was still wrapping my head around the go daddy doing it. How do I feel about it then? I mean, I just, I want there to be competition. Right. I want them to be different varsity as far as no platforms. So I’m just, I’m still wrapping my head around it, but no, I don’t, I’m not selling anything. All right. Well, I do hope you make it. Uh, it’ll be a good show. Yeah. Yeah. No, I plan to, I just, uh, if not, I don’t even need a ticket, but if I can probably still get one, what would I do with a ticket? You’ll, you’ll sleep in your boat? No. Yeah, I think I can still get one. Nice. Nice. Okay. So anything you guys want to give a shout out to?

Uh, Eisenhower, your first, Oh, um, a D S a D. dot com. Well that’s, we’re still going every day. I mean, I’ve been really slacking today. Like I was like, have a great week. Like that was my, what I w what I wrote for the opening monologue thing and I placed as positive. Yeah. No, it was a positive. There’s a Shane rut, right? I don’t know how it comes up with shutter right every day. Like I don’t think so. Cause it’s not like I think I spent too, too long going through the list and then I’m at like, I don’t have anything to say to anybody. Like I can’t make anything up anymore. I talk about the same things over and over again and then I don’t want to do that every time. So, um, but I think, I think there’s a lot of good stuff I’d like, you know what, I’m [inaudible], I like to highlight the stuff with not with no bids. Um, that, that I find, so, um, but a,

you know, there’s a bunch of us there and we’re, uh, putting out stuff every day. So check it out.

Yeah. There’s a lot of reasons why we’re there. Oh, maybe John, speaking of all the Josh’s Josh reason whose last name too, he has a singular last name, but I guess his family is the reasons that is true. The burns and the reasons. Yeah. They can get the reasons [inaudible] holidays. Um, all right. Josh Schoen what you got going on. Any shout outs? What’s new?

Yeah, just uh, just try to recuperate from this trip, uh, that I just got back on and um, yeah, I didn’t, uh, didn’t do too much, uh, too much on its selling when I was, when I was gone. Um, obviously holiday time. Yup.

Do you see any advertisements?

So, yeah, so I saw not really anything too crazy interesting. But uh, but so, uh, Morocco country code is dot M a, uh, because, um, Morocco, uh, how they say it over there is, uh, Morocco, which is M a. R. O. C. uh, so yeah. Salata dot. MAs, which I don’t think I’d ever seen before. Uh, one interesting one that I saw, I think on the side of the road when we were driving was a some advertisement for Colorado. Dot. M a, uh, which is interesting, uh, being a U S state, but, uh, over in Morocco, I don’t know, it might’ve been around Fez or something. Mmm. Yeah. I saw dotcoms over there as well. It was really or dot. AMA. Mmm. Yeah. Nothing too. Nothing too crazy. So always interesting to see, uh, see what different countries use. Uh huh. Like last year in, in Japan, it was a lot of, uh, got JPS Dot. JPS. So yeah, that was neat. But yeah, nothing else really going on. Looking forward to going to Austin, it’ll actually be my first time going to Austin. So looking forward to checking out the city and, uh, se and everyone and seen all the, uh, Amigos from the, uh, domain industry. So,

Oh, we should talk since for neighbors. I wonder, we might even be on the same plane.

We might be


Um, probably, yeah, I think Southwest. Yeah, that’d be fine. 29, I think the 29th,

I have to look it up. I don’t know. I think Wednesday morning

I think. Yeah. Hey, maybe we’re on the same flight and um,

drew what’s going on?

Okay. Not much. Uh, well a lot of things, but nothing to really shout out at the moment. Mmm,

very exciting. I think 2020 will look like straight up widget.

Uh, I believe this is going to be the best year in my career in domain names. Um, I’ve easiest you’re going to be, it’s going to be a very good year, Mmm. For a variety of reasons and uh, I’m just trying to, you know, Batten down the hatches, get things ready for this year and uh, you know, thinking about the evolution of domains and where we’re going. So that’s it. That’s great. Look forward to hearing you speak at the conference as well. And it’s more your insights for where are we going? All right guys, thank you so much. I think it’s a really big deal. Hold on one second. Hold on. Hold on. My goodness. You could see it coming. Yeah. Josh his eyes. No, you’re not coming. Huh? You have a Josh. Y’all all good, Josh?

He knows it’s coming. No. All right. Ready? I’m going to take one shot. Ready? One shot. I want to buy from you live on air. Live on it right now. Oh man. Wow. Don’t mean history. I can tell you this. No domain has ever been sold. Live on air for the amount I’m willing to pay you for this domain name. Now. One word right now. Luxury assist. Have you made offers in the past room? I think so. Yes you are right now. Josh, you’re messing this up. All right. [inaudible] yeah, Um, so all right, I’ll start this off. Ready? I will give you $150,000 cold, hard cash right now. Period. End of story done. It is a lot of cheese. It’s a lot of a lot of dough. Um, can we try wiping the room? Can we get to work? Nah, she’s at work.

She was at work. He said that like, I got you beat. Yeah. Yeah. I got a decline, man. I got a decline. It’s 50 GS. There’s a lot of means. Departure counter opportunities, counter offer. I mean honestly I think it’s uh, I think it could be seven figure name. Uh, come on. It’s a, it’s a great day. Um, yeah, so honestly a data that ranch, I mean I hate to, I hate to disappoint, but uh, yeah, I would just have to be, you have to be a lot higher unfortunately. Yeah. Yeah. SA one I bought, I love plant on. Do you want to

do it? That’s it. Backing final offer. [inaudible] I got a pass bad. I appreciate it that I might send that email to your wife. I might tell her how many pairs of shoes you can buy for 200 grand. Oh man. How many trips to Morocco? She has enough shoes. Japan, Kobe beef sushi for sure. Nah, I appreciate by paying these names, they’re so hard to get these days. It’s, it’s hard. I mean, I’m buying them left and right. I don’t know what you’re doing, man. Yeah. Somehow beat me to that one. Josh name. I’ve been trying to buy through a decade. I got lucky. You don’t really have a business called posh and somehow you managed to get that out from under me. I don’t know. Got lucky. Got lucky. I guess $200,000 man, you really [inaudible]. You’re going to hang up the apartment, man. What a way to start 2020 with 200 grand in your pocket. You bet. You bet. Yeah. You’re almost the seventh fingers there. Yeah, I agree almost right? Almost.

I mean it’s, you know all of this, a quarter of a million, right? So that’s seven figures kind of hell. Let’s make it a quarter million. Let’s just make it, let’s make this a party. The quarter million dollars, quarter million dollars, man, you’re going to say no, really? Man, quarter mil, quarter max today, if 2020 is going to be successful this year, you can do a lot of reinvesting with that. Do I get a commission for washing this or something? Is there like a [inaudible]? What? Do you need to be part of the historical moment? If John would do the right thing and say yes, do it for dummied Sherpa. I mean, you might even end up in LA like Wikipedia. This could be like monumental. This is a game changer. This is, this is revolutionary. We are taking this industry to a whole new level. We’re doing live negotiation here on domain Sherpa. We are popping off names for quarter million dollars. Like it ain’t no thing. I mean we’re talking, I mean, I, I’m using Escobar fricking thinks it’s worth half of that asked about says 142,000 that’s what I’m saying. That’s about things he’s worth half.

No sir. [inaudible] yeah, so not bad. Does it have to be like right now or does it like right now? No, this is like right now, right? This is like [inaudible] severity of this moment is, is what justifies that price for me. But the go daddy appraisal says it’s valued at more than 25,000 comparable, demeaned, sold 3,500 more than 25,000 so like even if we said, you know, the, the dot nets were 5% instead of this industry standard 10% you’re talking about 150 grand, right? Josh, are you holding out to sell this to posh spice? You think you’re going to have puff space, do your kind of range. That’s why I’m buying it is I, you know, my lifelong dream was to meet her money. Just give it to her.

Yeah. Well, it’s tough to tough to make a decision on air. It’s hard. Yeah. You know, it’s a lot harder to say no live on air to a quarter million dollars, uh, than it is to say yes, I can tell you that much. That’s true. That’s true. There’s the heat of the moment factor. There’s the heat of the moment factor and there’s a lot of value in that. I mean, you will become like literally your, your [inaudible] and the domain industry will be preserved indefinitely. No, you’ll be the first man to sell a domain for quarter million dollars live on air.

I think drew that you’re reading Josh. Ron, I think Josh is an introvert and a slow decision maker. I think that this is probably the most valuable domain in his portfolio and no, it’s not a neon that’s far more valuable. Okay, so that’s a big deal. I think you should play on that. You have somebody, I think I know everything that I need to know here. Okay, that’s good. I think that my money is green and I’m the only person putting up a quarter million dollars for right now and I don’t think that there’s going to be anybody coming even close to that number for a very long time. I think the name is worth more otherwise obviously I wouldn’t be paying that much money for it. Although I actually have a particular use case, which is why I’m willing to pay that much. But on that, Josh is the reinvestment opportunity right now. [inaudible]

well, I mean there are some [inaudible] throw a couple of names in drew. Do you got anything that spice it up with a couple? Well names you could add on to it. I just have to get through coffee. I mean, I love, love worth reading. Don’t get me wrong, I love fourth grade, but that just gets too complicated and too much time to time. no is not on the table. My friend is on the table. That’s not what they say. That literally is. That literally isn’t on the table. I zero interest. Yeah. Josh, seriously, what for your portfolio, what, what are your goals or hopes for it for the coming year with such a bullish year coming up? No, stop, stop, stop. This is not going to drag on. This is like we’ve got like 30 to 60 seconds left on this clock and then we all need to sign off.

Mmm. And so there’s no reason for this to drag out. I do. You want a quarter million dollars? You and I are sitting at a table right now. We’ve got a little poker table in front of us. You’re on one side. I’m on the other, I’ve laid out 250,000 in green on the table have put on the table and one of us is going to walk away with a quarter million dollars and one of us is going to walk away with those are the only two outcomes here. So what will it be? Will you walk away with a quarter million dollars or will you walk away with it’s really that simple. That is tough. I mean, I’ll, uh, I don’t want to make a decision right now, but uh, I, I is a decision that is a decision. Yeah. I got to not make it by word. And so even if I wanted to pay you a quarter million dollars in the future, I would never pay you a quarter million dollars in the future.

I can tell you that that’s, that’s fat. And you’re going to ask anybody who I’ve ever negotiated with in my lifetime. I live by principles. So I literally will never pay you $250,000 ever. Even if the name becomes more valuable to me, I will never pay you $250,000 again, simply because I’ve made that state. I just can’t. I have not, my hands are tied. I can’t, so it’s now or never. Not never. I mean, you might find somebody else, but it won’t be me no matter what. It might be me, but it will be at a lower price. Yeah. Gotcha. Gotcha. That’s tough. That’s like the guy that sold me, [inaudible] dot com and kids yesterday, I made him an offer. You said no, we counted like three X, my author. I said, no, forget about it. And then, uh, he came back and said, okay, I’ll accept your offer.

And I said, that ship has sailed. My offer is now, right. $2,000 less. And then the poor a bastard agreed and sold it to me for $2,000 less. Uh, so don’t be clever. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be him. I appreciate it. But, uh, I got a pass my head. It’s just 250 grand. You’re gonna walk away from that table and leave that money on the table. Really cool. I’m walking right now. Yeah. All right. Power to you brother. Power through. Yeah, there you go. You see that right there, ladies and gentlemen, greatest lesson that’s ever been learned on demand Sherpa right there. For better or worse, he might end up regretting that decision. We probably will. You don’t ever know until you have the balls to do that. So power to your brother Howard. [inaudible] there you go. Well I’m glad to have witnessed the main wholesaler. That is a domain Hoadley right there ladies and gentlemen. Cause guys get the badge of honor badge of honor. Dude knows how to hold it. That was some hardcore negotiating too, man. That was like wow, I like that.

I’m just saying it like it is. That’s it. You know, just be real. That’s it. Two beds sitting at a table. One of them has got a quarter million dollars, one of them has got a domain and you know, if you don’t buy this name right now I’ll set myself on fire on live TV cause I’ll do it. That has the orange shirt. Okay. Hey, we’ll see. You never know. Making a decision right now and let us know right now. Well this kind of shit can only happen once. So you know he sees now but don’t get, don’t lie. You knew that was coming I thought in your eyes. That’s why I made that funny little comment there is if there’s one thing I really am very good at, I’m very good at reading people and I could see it in your eyes. You saw that comment I saw there was a little like, let me run away.

I knew it was coming first. He thought he got away without any mention of and then, and then the bomb got dropped and he knew it. He saw it coming. But anyways, you did a great job. Show me the name. You are a sport and I appreciate it and I appreciate you coming on here. And like it or not, I think that we actually just taught a very valuable lesson. Maybe the most port lesson we’ve ever taught on this show. Uh, a very important one. Uh, happy to have been a part of another show. We can, we can, uh, what’s the word? What were you, what did we say? Debrief.

I don’t know. Whatever. Appreciate it. And uh, I hope you sell a for a lot of money. Yes. And I deserve, I deserve it. I don’t mind that. I won’t, I won’t put them on for it landing page on I think it’s great. Oh, thanks. Yeah. And I haven’t even know what it is. I’m one of these idiots. I’m one of these idiots that tries to buy a domain or offers over here. Hilarious. We’re busting everybody else’s balls for it. You know, we’re like these idiots. You spend an extra 150, but you sit there in silence. [inaudible] over here. He’s frankly typing, removing it. Afternoon.

Thank you. All right, your network. We’ll see y’all next time. You guys are really the best. Thank you for taking the time. Even if we didn’t make it through today. Three anyway, just who Josh is at the same time. You’re right. Next time they’ll try to get Josh. Reason I’ll do three Josh’s through your out, or we can find three Andrews. Okay. All right. Bye.


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7 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Jan 13:,,”

  1. Rajesh Duggal says:

    I especially remember the portfolio review that gave Josh “chest pains”! LOL.
    Andrew was smart to identify “Ambidestro” as one that might have resale value. I sold that one. I also sold “Nuturally” from that review list too. I didn’t do any outbound on them, and I still just focus on choosing good names to buy. I’m continuing to make small profits every year, and now up to ~900 domains in my portfolio and growing!

  2. Should we buy. Net version for EMD if com version not available
    And one more query that id PMD available in two versions.
    1. Target keyword is in domain suffix
    2. Target keyword is in domain prefix

    Which one should I choose for SEO advantage

  3. Go to the 1:15:00 mark and listen to the intense negotiation that came out of the blue between Josh S. and I for the purchase of!

    1. Scott Pruitt says:

      Great negotiation Andrew & Josh! Very informative and fun to watch.

    2. Very entertaining show with a lot of good information, but when Drew put josh on the spot with an amazing offer for his domain Josh rose to the occasion with his strong belief that his asset was worth a stronger premium. Not a lot of people put in that position would maintain their resolve to hold out for a higher offer. Nice job Josh sticking to your guns, I applaud you. It made for an intense negotiation and served as a valuable lesson to those watching. Sorry Drew was unable to secure it for his brand, but I understand Josh’s thought process. $250,000 or a quarter Million dollars in hard to pass up.

    3. Shank says:

      Should we buy. Net version for EMD if com version not available

    4. Albert says:

      Not sure if the name is worth 7 figures, but it must have been hard to turn down that offer.

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