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DomainSherpa is the leading educational media company dedicated to the domain name industry.

DomainSherpa is where you can learn all of the secrets of the domain name industry – directly from experts.
Our mission is to provide unbiased, authoritative information to help you discover, acquire, manage, monetize and sell domain names.

DomainSherpa is Your Information Partner

Whether you buy/sell domains full-time, manage domain name assets for your organization, or are an entrepreneur interested in purchasing a domain name for a new venture, DomainSherpa is your go-to source for domain name information.

The domain name industry is constantly changing with new domain TLDs, legal rulings, social network offerings, new technology and service providers, and sales opportunities. DomainSherpa helps domainers, organizations and entrepreneurs keep pace with and capitalize on the latest data on domain name trends.

DomainSherpa provides industry intelligence related to domains names, and will help you discover, acquire, manage, monetize and sell domain names better, faster and cheaper than you have in the past. We do this through in-depth articles; how-to guides; unbiased reviews of service providers; expert interviews; detailed question-and-answer sessions; industry research; and a comprehensive directory, events calendar and dictionary of domain name terms.

DomainSherpa also provides links to the latest domain name news, people, events and trends that shape the practice of domain name investing.

We do all of this with a mission to bring transparency to the domain name industry.

By exposing our audience to new thought patterns, we help them think more creatively to develop strategies and tactics and become more successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Transparency Pledge

The domain name industry is difficult to figure out. Domain names expire and suddenly are sold in auction to the highest bidder at another site. Setting a valuation of a domain name you want to purchase in an aftermarket is difficult. People will claim the value of the domain name you want to purchase is magnitudes higher than it should be. As such, we pledge to help bring transparency to the domain name industry through the publishing of professional editorial content.

We set a clear distinction between editorial and advertising. Editors have an obligation to readers to make clear which content has been paid for, which is sponsored and which is independent editorial material.

All paid content that may be confused with independent editorial material will be labeled as advertiser-sponsored. You will never find paid links, referral codes or affiliate links within any of our editorial content. Period.

Our Confidentiality Policy

Our confidentiality policy.

Why “DomainSherpa”?

The term Sherpa is used to refer to a people who are employed as guides for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, particularly Mt. Everest. They are world-renowned and regarded as elite mountaineers and experts with respect to all facets of mountaineering.

We at DomainSherpa know that understanding the convoluted and sometimes clouded world of domain names can seem like a perilous journey at times. We also know that there are many ways to get “injured.” However, we promise to provide the resources, guidance and advice you need to successfully reach your domain name goals. That’s our promise.

Read the article written by DomainSherpa founder Michael Cyger entitled, “Why We Selected DomainSherpa As Our Site Name“.


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