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DomainSherpa Review – October 26:, 4L Portfolio,,…

DomainSherpa Review with Michael Cyger, Andrew Rosener, Larry Fischer and Shane CultraThis is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:, 4L Portfolio,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for,,…
  • A surprising result when a Sherpa summits the mountain in the “Name That Price” game
  • Plus, much more!

For each domain name portfolio, the Sherpas answer:

  • Which domains are valuable, and in what way?
  • What is the market value (both wholesale and retail) of the best domain names?
  • Which domains are worthless and should be dropped?
  • Which domain names may invite legal issues, such as a UDRP case or cybersquatting lawsuit?
  • Which domains do our Sherpas want to make an offer on?

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Larry Fischer and Shane Cultra.

Review (71:22): Watch | Listen/Download Audio | Domain Lists

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19 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – October 26:, 4L Portfolio,,…”

  1. bullet force says:

    can you explain more about Sherpas please? I am still a little confused about what it can do and how can it help other websites. Thank you.

  2. Tom says:

    Larry’s email response about the cracked me up.

  3. .xyz sucks says:

    Been watching for a few years now. Great thing you’re doing here Michael. You’re a hero.

  4. Daniel says:

    Thanks for another great show:)
    Thanks to the show I picked up :

    Keep up the good work

  5. Eric Jenkins says:


    Another great show…..Thanks!!!!


  6. Ross says:

    Great show all, I always pick up small nuggets of info I can use in my business. Even got a few new business ideas – oh no – look at that shiny object.


  7. DT says:

    Well done Sherpas! And thanks Michael.

    I always look forward to this show.

    It would be great to include some more content related to new tlds. Whether we love ’em or hate ’em, we know they will eventually get traction (many already have limited availability) and impact dot coms in some way. It’s just going to take an injection of advertising dollars from registries to establish a clear leader. As a ‘thought leader’ I think it would be prudent to stay ahead of the game. Chatting about premium (and not so) .coms is always fun though.

    Thanks all

  8. Nick says:

    Thanks for another great show!

  9. Marty Pelletier says:

    Another great episode. A huge thanks to Michael and to the Sherps for reviewing my portfolio this week. I truly appreciate all the thoughtful input, guys.
    The one thing missing, imo, is more Michael. You rock as a mediator, Mike, you do an amazing job running the show and keeping your sherpas in line… but I’m often left wondering your opinion on the portfolios you bring on. What names would you drop, keep, or sell if the portfolio was yours? What have you been buying and selling these days? Give us some Mike, too!

    Thanks again my friends.

  10. albert says:


    Good call on Drew.

    I thought easy over $150,000

    But my guess is that if it is too generic, it would have to be advertised more then then a more of a descriptive name, thus making the price lower.

    Not sure, but that is just my guess.

    Thanks again guys.

  11. Gary Moore says:

    Really fun show again. Thank you to all the Sherpas. I, for one, enjoyed the discussion over the .ca names since I tend to focus on .de. It gives me some more insight into the other smaller areas of domaining. Seeing the big .com sales are always fun. But like any industry, there are the BIG deals which are the top 10% and the glamour, but it’s the little, ugly deals, the bottom 90% that drives the engine.

  12. Marty Pelletier says:

    Thank you Michael and thank you Sherps, another great episode. It’s awesome to be part of the show and get solid feedback from industry leaders. Time to contact Drew and see if I can’t close a deal!

  13. Dan says:

    Another really interesting show. I would like to see more higher quality portfolio’s reviewed though Mike – there seem to have been a lot of long tail 2 and 3 keyword rich portfolio’s recently, and whilst I understand the educational value of these to your readership, mixing in some more prestigious reader portfolio’s would also be quite inspiring!

  14. Omar Negron says:

    Thanks Mike and the rest of the Sherpas for this segment!


  15. Noor says:

    Super show guys……looked like you guys had a blast making it.

    Thanks for sharing all the info….Shane, Larry, Drew and Mike.


    1. Had a lot of fun. thanks for watching

  16. Helmuts says:

    Shane is so right.. It feels good to do deals with nice guys, especially when there are some, let us say “different” domainers.

    In the end of the day we all want to be respected and have a pleasant experience.

    .. talking from my recent experience while dealing with a “different” domainer.


  17. Jay says:

    good show Mike / Sherpas

    When Larry said they offered 5k for it reminded me of your interview with rick. Rick said they would lowball a great domain. have a good week all.

    1. run 3 says:

      The things you share are so great, thank you for making me understand so many things

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