Domain Handicapping the 2019 NamesCon Auction

Two of the top global minds in domain name values handicap what is likely the best domain auction in history, the upcoming 2019 NamesCon Auction. Monte Cahn and Andrew Rosener review the domains and discuss what will sell, what you should keep an eye on, and some of how the auctions work behind the scenes.

From premium one word .COM domain names that have never been on the market, to easy “no-brainer” investments under $1000, these experts take you through the auction list and highlight the shining stars. We analyze:

  • Best brandable domains
  • Best domains at each pricepoint (under $1k, $5-10k, $25k, $50k, low/mid/high 6 figures)
  • Great liquid domain buys
  • Plus, how Monte curates the auction inventory, how the auction works, how to bid, and more!

Any domain name investor or company who plans to acquire a domain in 2019 will benefit from today’s show.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Monte Cahn
Monte Cahn
Monte Cahn is co-founder and president of Right of the Dot, LLC, an Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategy, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales and services.

Cahn has been pioneering domain name and virtual property aftermarket services since 1995. He is founder and former president of and former president of, which together made up the Aftermarket & Registrar division of, where he also managed more than 6 million domains and 117 ICANN accredited registrars.
Cahn helped start one of the first domain name brokerages in 1996, contributing to or leading the sales of more than $300 million, including the first domain name sale for over $1 million – – and the sale of for $2 million.

Cahn is also Executive in Residence and Advisor to the Board of Domain Holdings.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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15 Responses to “Domain Handicapping the 2019 NamesCon Auction”

  1. Snoopy says:

    So last week you guys called out all the doubtful bids under reserve, and this week when Monte is on you say nothing when he says that those bids are real? C’mon guys.

  2. Anunt says:

    Great interview…Great Show…Great Domains!!!

    But who are we kidding…most of the reserve domains are priced for the end user and not for the resellers.

    Good Luck!!!

  3. albert says:

    Where is the list?

    1. Vito says:

      @ > “NamesCon Auction” link or if smaller device it will be the “NC” link

      1. albert says:


  4. Thanks for this one. While it jumped all over it brought out just how many great names there are in the list and how they catch the eye and the mind of each of us a little differently. Looking forward to the auction.

  5. Vito says:

    Awesome Show. One of the best. You guys could have went on for another hour and a half and i would have watched. It really is an incredible list of names this year. is my absolute favorite.

    I have been fortunate enough to grab some domain names from the past couple NamesCon auctions and it really is a blast. I have always made a cheat sheet/spreadsheet for myself with categories of reserve prices to see domains in my price ranges but all on one page for easier research

    I created a better one this year and am sharing it with everyone. All Reserve Price Categories and all Estibot valuations along with each domain name. It has been brutal updating it each week since so many domains have been added but I believe I am back up to 100% with my last update this weekend (all domains in blue).

    I hope it finds you very helpful.

    It is right here…

    Thanks for an awesome show Tess, Andrew and Monte!

    1. Tony says:

      Your cheatsheet was immensely helpul. Thanks, Vito.

    2. DomainSherpa says:

      Vito, this is awesome! Thanks for the hard work and for sharing it!

  6. Mike Sallese says:

    Entertaining show sherpas- thanks! Some incredible names in the auction and spoken about- hope to see some great sales as this would be good for the entire industry.

    Looking forward to catching up at Namescon and attending the auction!



    1. DomainSherpa says:

      Cool, see you soon Mike!

  7. Mike Cyger would definitely not allow his kids to listen to this show! ?

    But it was enjoyable and useful for me as I prepare for attending the Live NamesCon auction.

    Thanks everyone!

    1. I see it this way:

      If your kid is under 12 they shouldn’t or wouldn’t watch the show anyhow unless they are a prodigy in which case they are destined for a foul mouth anyhow and social courtesies won’t matter as much in their life as they’ll make their own way. If your child is over 12 then they are not gonna hear anything they don’t hear with their friends anyhow!

      I also firmly believe that the more we can push kids to NOT act like everyone else the better we are. And that applies to almost all areas of life except brushing your teeth!

      Remember: You’re hear to make money, not friends. If you make friends along the way that’s gravy!

      1. It was just a joke, my friend. ?

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