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Michael Cyger’s Pitchfest Presentation About Resolution Club

On Saturday I presented at the Domain Startup Summit Pitchfest competition.

I’d appreciate your input on my business idea, Resolution Club, an application that uses your social media network to help you build a healthy habit, break an unhealthy one, or do something to make the world a better place.

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I am sharing my recent Pitchfest competition presentation to show you that if I can do it, you can do it. Get ready to be better, together.

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Hey Sherpa Network,

I’m Michael Cyger, publisher of, the website where you can learn how to become a successful domain name investor or entrepreneur directly from the experts

On Saturday I presented at the Domain Startup Summit Pitchfest competition.

This was the first Domain Startup Summit and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about both building a startup and branding it properly from day 1. Kudos to Dwayne Walker, Felecia Walker and Jason Thompson for putting it together.

Pitchfest is about sharing your new business venture, getting feedback, being asked some tough questions about your business model, and potentially finding investors in the audience.

Although I know this startup presentation is not directly related to DomainSherpa, why I participated in the competition certainly is.

Many of you investing in domain names are also entrepreneurs and have your own business ideas. Sharing those ideas with others in order to gain feedback and traction—and possibly funding—is part of the journey.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. You’re putting yourself out there, waiting to have your idea judged by others. Plus, there’s public speaking, which some say is their greatest fear in life. I still get butterflies before presenting in front of a large audience, even after doing hundreds of DomainSherpa shows.

So, I am sharing my recent presentation to show you that if I can do it, you can do it. And I thought some of you would be interested in what my team and I have been spending some serious time on.

Finally, I’d appreciate your input on my business idea, Resolution Club, an application that uses the power of your social media network to help you build a healthy habit, break an unhealthy one, or do something to make the world a better place. I hope you’ll spend 5 minutes listening to my pitch and potentially using Resolution Club.

In the domain name industry, you can use Resolution Club to, for instance:
• Resolve to make one outbound sales call per week
• Resolve to inquire about one domain name you want to buy from an end user per week, or
• Resolve to reach out via email to make a personal connection and extend your domainer network once per month

If you’re in a DNAcademy networking group, it would be great if your group agreed and resolved to make one outbound sales call per week so you can work on your sales message. Give it a shot for four weeks and see how it goes.

Here’s the pitch. Let me know what you think by posting a comment or emailing me at [email protected]. Thanks.

By a show of hands, who’s heard of the movie Fight Club?

What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

That’s right. The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club.

Resolution Club is the opposite of Fight Club.

The first rule of Resolution Club is to talk about your resolutions to your friends and family, because people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than people who don’t.

With Resolution Club, you can build a healthy habit, break an unhealthy one or do something to make the world a better place.

For instance, you can resolve to spend 10 minutes a day learning Spanish for a trip you have planned later this year. Or resolve to call your mother and have a conversation with her once a week. Or resolve to volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month. Or just simply resolve to put the toilet seat down every day – my wife made me add that one.

The key is that Resolution Club forces you to define exactly how you want to make yourself or the world better, and deliberately set about making it happen.

But creating SMART goals is only half the process. Sharing your resolutions with family and friends and asking them to hold you accountable – asking them to join you in your resolution – is the other half.

You’re already on Facebook three times a day sharing pictures of your kids, your meals, and your latest bike ride route.

Now you and your best friend from high school can together do 25 pushups a day for a year, even though you haven’t done much more than like a few of his pictures over the past year.

Or you can quit smoking together.

Or you can volunteer at local charities together, even if you’re separated by thousands of miles.

If they choose a different resolution to pursue, or choose no resolution at all, they can still participate with you by monitoring your progress and cheering you on.

Or, by publicly chastising you if you aren’t on track.

And because all resolutions are public, any Resolution Club member can join your resolution and you can join their resolutions, creating the potential for large groups, previously unknown to each other, to come together. It’s the snowball effect.

And companies can sponsor resolutions that members can join, creating more excitement, a sense of inclusion, and group motivation. People like being part of something bigger. And those companies can offer additional incentives to those that join their resolutions, like trials of their products and services or freebies for completing a resolution.

Ok, so here’s where Resolution Club gets cool.

Facebook and other social media networks bring together more than a billion people, and allow companies to target those people based on their geography and likes. But how do you know what their intention is behind liking those pages? For example, I might like the page for my local gym, but does that mean I go there to work-out? That I know someone who works there? That they post inspirational quotes that I like? Or that they sponsored my kid’s baseball team? Who knows.

And maybe it’s old data. Maybe I liked the page years ago and have never bothered to unlike it once my interest stopped.

With Resolution Club, targeting potential customers becomes hyper-focused. Because by stating their resolution, Resolution Club members have identified their intent. If I publicly announce that I want to do yoga for 45 minutes three times a week, then you know exactly what my intention is.

And the timing is right now.

This would be good information for companies that provide yoga equipment and athletic wear, yoga houses that give classes, maybe even vacation packages for yoga retreats.

Resolution Club brings together People, Companies and the Demand of those people that companies can satisfy in a way that no other business venture has. It’s the perfect time to reach the perfect customer.

For members, Resolution Club is about being part of something bigger than just setting a goal by yourself. It’s about creating momentum, building community and improving yourself and the world.

With Resolution Club, we can be better, together.

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Finally, if you’re struggling with how to buy, sell, and value domain names, you need to check-out Published by me, Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa, and trusted by Uniregistry to train their new employees, you too can learn using the DNAcademy accelerated learning system for domain name investing. Learn more at

Watch the full video at:

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16 Responses to “Michael Cyger’s Pitchfest Presentation About Resolution Club”

  1. Noble Sutphin says:

    This will be a terrific website, will you be involved in doing an interview regarding just how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  2. Anunt says:

    great idea Mike…very impressed…wow!!!

    you’re website looks amazing…i love the simplicity of the website, yet so powerful.

    who designed your website?

    1. Thanks, Anunt. I appreciate that you checked it out. :)

      Our team at Web X.0 Media put it together. You can see our other properties at

  3. Matt says:

    Michael, that was a great pitch and great idea! I can’t wait to see the company take off! Who was on the panel? I recognize Morgan Linton, but who were the others?

    1. Thanks, Matt. Lots to do before it hopefully takes off. One step at a time, just like Resolution Club! :)

      The judging panel included:
      Dwayne Walker (angel investor, conference founder)
      Braden Pollock (angel investor, entrepreneur)
      Carmen Palafox (partner, Make in LA [startup accelerator])
      Morgan Linton (angel investor, startup founder)
      Jason Thompson (conference founder, security expert)

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Michael,

    I watched your pitch live and I have to say that you could sell snow to an Eskimo based on your speech and presentation. You are a great speaker and I enjoy your Domain Sherpa Interviews. But, I just don’t think your Idea would work.

    Most people are not honest enough and big brother is watching everything on the Internet.
    Privacy is at a premium these days and I think that some people would not want to divulge certain personal Information about themselves.
    But I could be wrong.

  5. Hi Michael:

    Good idea… incremental self improvement, just like compound interest, really adds up to a lot after months and years of accumulation.

    Best Regards,

    Bill ~

    1. Love that analogy, Bill. I’m going to use it and credit you!

      Thanks for watching and posting a comment. I appreciate your support.

  6. Joe Alagna says:

    Hi Michael,

    It’s a great idea – great domain too.

    I was quite sure that your pitch was going to be the winner. Not to demean any others but it seems that most ideas today begin with’ “this is the airbnb or uber” for “something”. So in that sense, your idea is very original and at the same time a time proved concept that can be used by anyone to success of their goals more likely. It has utility for those brave souls willing to make their goals public.

    Wishing you the best on it. You’re an inspiration to me just in how you run this blog and business.

    1. I was honored to share the stage with the other Pitchfest contestants, many of whom have actual, paying customers — which is awesome — and a bright future.

      I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for your support. I hope to see you on Resolution Club — perhaps we make a resolution together? :)

  7. Joseph says:

    LOVE, LOVE this idea. I signed up. Can’t wait to get my buddies on it.

    1. Thanks for watching and taking a moment to post a comment.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your resolution (all resolutions are public) and maybe even joining you in the improvement journey!

  8. Eric Borgos says:

    First let me say that I loved being able to play the video at 1.5 speed. That is something I have never seen before, and I see a lot of stuff online.

    Resolution Club reminds me of, which is talked about extensively in the book (you can also see some good info about it at ). I think very few people know about Stickk so that means Resolution Club could easily take over the market. I agree with your premise that the beauty of it all is in being able to make money from knowing exactly what people want. If I say I want to lose weight, for example, there is all sorts of marketing you could do to me, and I would be happy to receive it.

    1. Thanks, Eric.

      There are quite a few goal tracking apps that have existed and gone out of business in the past. Stick with an extra K is one of the ones that currently exists, and they’ve raised quite a bit of money in the past.

      We’re going to make our system really usable, and this is just the first step — our public alpha. I hope you join and make a resolution. Each small step puts you one step closer to achieving a large goal. :)

      I appreciate your input.


  9. hard to hear ,much echo ..

    1. Hi Frank,

      Yes, sorry for that. The acoustics weren’t the greatest where my iPhone was setup. I know it’s not ideal, but the transcript is below the video so you can read along.

      Thanks for watching. Hope you give it a try.


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