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DomainSherpa Review with Michael Cyger, Andrew Rosener, Matt Overman and Shane CultraThis is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • Two Sherpas fight over and make an offer; What registered extensions of your domain tells you; Quick assessment if a domain sucks
  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • Plus, much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Andrew Rosener, Matt Overman and Shane Cultra.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Matt Overman
Matt Overman
Matt Overman is currently Chief Revenue Officer at Identity Digital, which simplifies and connects the online world with relevant and memorable domain names that allow people to build, market and own their digital identities. They own the world’s largest portfolio of top-level domains and operate hundreds of others for registry partners on our innovative registry services platform. Across all their businesses, they safely and securely operate nearly 25 million domains.

Before re-branding to Identity Digital, Donuts acquired Rightside and Matt led Rightside’s monetization and premium domain sales business.

Matt previously served as General Manager of NameJet, establishing it as the premier auction marketplace in the domain name industry. He has also managed specialized sales efforts for five of the web’s top 10 registrars.

Prior to joining Rightside, Matt held positions at Hotkeys and McCann Erickson in Seattle.

Matt holds a B.A. from DePauw University.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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On today’s Review, two sherpas battle over buying a domain from today’s investor-submitted portfolio of marijuana domains. How much is being offered? Who’s battling? Stay tuned!

Michael Cyger: Hey Sherpa Network, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m Michael Cyger, publisher of and this is the DomainSherpa Review. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors. We have three segments to the Review. We’ll start off learning what the Sherpas recently bought and sold, next we’ll discuss and value an investor submitted domain name portfolio, and finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon at Joining us today on the DomainSherpa Review are three past Sherpas and industry thought leaders. In order from left to right we have Andrew Rosener, CEO on the domain name brokerage firm; Matt Overman, VP and GM of the Aftermarket & Premium Domains at Rightside, the registry that runs .ninja, .lawyer, .social, as well as eNom, and aftermarket, one of the sponsors of this show; and Shane Cultra, publisher of the blog and owner of the Country Arbors Nursery in Illinois. Sherpas, welcome to today’s show!

Shane Cultra: Hi, Michael.

Andrew Rosener: Thank you, Michael.

Matt Overman: Thanks.

Michael Cyger: I still sound good guys?

Shane Cultra: Oh, wonderful.

Matt Overman: Perfect.

Michael Cyger: It’s great to have all three of you on the panel. Thanks for joining us. Matt, I was looking it up…it’s been over three years since we had you on the show…much too long, especially for a fellow Seattlite.

Matt Overman: I know. I think it was…I was GM of NameJet then living down in California.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: So yeah, it has been a long time.

Michael Cyger: It has. It’s good to have you up here. Last night we got the big W. Seattle played Buffalo.

Matt Overman: Yup.

Michael Cyger: Good game.

Matt Overman: Yeah, it was an exciting game. I need to get out to the island and see you one of these days.

Michael Cyger: You do. I’m looking forward to that. We’ll grab a beer, we’ll go to the distillery, we’ll grab some food…lots to do out here on the island.

Matt Overman: All the things.

Michael Cyger: Alright, hey guys, we’re taping this show on Election Day in the United States. As domain name investors we speculate on the outcome of domains every day. Should we buy them? Should we hold them? Is it the time to sell them? So, I’m not asking you for who you’re voting for and why, but are you guys willing to speculate on who will be elected the next president of the United States?

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Yeah? Who…who do you think is going to win? We’re not…we’re not judging here. Who do you think is going to win?

Shane Cultra: If I had to put money, I’d…I’d have to put on Hillary.

Michael Cyger: Hillary?

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I think Hillary. I think Hillary’s going to take it.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Alright, everybody’s putting money on Hillary.

Matt Overman: [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: I think Vegas is…is geared towards Hillary as well.

Andrew Rosener: I think Vegas is, like, landslide to Hillary.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: I mean, Vegas is, like, seventy or eighty percent chance…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Of Hillary.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, I…I put money down when we were in Vegas last year. We were having breakfast…I think Shane you were with me, and…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …And somebody was, like, “Trump is going to be the nominee.” I’m, like, “BS, there’s no way Trump will win the nomination for the Republican…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …Party.”

Shane Cultra: You started taking a lot of them. I…you…I got a hundred dollars from…from [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: You got a hundred bucks, and then Bill McClure from…he’s, like, “I’ll take that bet for a hundred bucks.” And then recently departed Lonnie Bork, may his memory be a blessing, put a hundred bucks down, and then I did double or nothing. I said, “Double or nothing whether he wins the presidency.” And Lonnie got in, and Bill got in, you’re, like, “I’m just taking my money.”

Shane Cultra: Yeah, no. I’m not that dumb.

Michael Cyger: So…so, I definitely owe you a hundred bucks either way, Shane.

Shane Cultra: Yeah. [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: And I may owe another couple hundred other bucks out to…to Lonnie Bork’s memory and Bill McClure, so…

Matt Overman: You’ve got…you’ve got pretty good odds I think.

Michael Cyger: I’ve got good odds though.

Matt Overman: It’s five to one I think in Vegas.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Michael Cyger: Alright, and even though, Shane Cultra, you were thirty minutes slower than my marathon PR, you’re still my idol because there’s no way I could run within an hour of your time today. Congrats on running and finishing the New York Marathon just two days ago.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I don’t know…in…in hindsight I don’t know if it was that great of an idea, but yeah, I could…I…I was counting. I think that’s my thirtieth marathon, so…

Andrew Rosener: Thirtieth, holy God!

Shane Cultra: Yeah, thirtieth. Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, that’s crazy, dude.

Shane Cultra: And I did…but I did break my strike…streak of straight faster times than the last. It’s over. I had run every marathon quicker than the one before it but…

Michael Cyger: Wow.

Shane Cultra: …I think age caught up with me, yeah.

Michael Cyger: You ran twenty nine marathons…

Shane Cultra: Well, I don’t count…

Michael Cyger: …in faster and faster pace?

Shane Cultra: I don’t count the 2008 marathon of the Chicago heat, because it was, like, ninety degrees and the whole world didn’t do anything there, but yeah, I’ve been…pretty good streak of every year just a little faster, and I don’t know if they were a sequence, but yeah, you kind of get…as…as anything, as you get older you get smarter and I learned how to train a little better, and people are tougher as they get older, but we’re also stupider. God! Man, I don’t know why I, you know…luckily I’ve got a short memory on these kind of things.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: But I do…I do like challenges. There’s no doubt about it.

Michael Cyger: That is the key to running a marathon. You need a short memory forget the pain.

Shane Cultra: Oh yeah, it’s…

Andrew Rosener: It’s like…it’s like having children.

Shane Cultra: Exactly.

Michael Cyger: Exacty.

Andrew Rosener: If you don’t have a short memory you’re never going to have another one.

Michael Cyger: Or, it’s like drinking tequila. Yeah, those all sort of go in the same bucket.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, but, it’s tough.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But congratulations again. I…you know, anybody that finishes a marathon, regardless…like, I even give more credit to the people that take, like, six, and eight, and ten hours…

Shane Cultra: Absolutely.

Michael Cyger: …Because I can’t run that long. That’s just crazy, so…

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I know. I mean, fifty thousand people…

Michael Cyger: Fifty thousand.

Shane Cultra: …That’s what’s amazing, is fifty thousand people all in one thing doing something like that…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …And then over a million people watching and cheering you on. If I hear one more, “You’re almost there,” I’m going to throw up. God, two miles is not almost there and I don’t look great. That’s the other thing…”You’re looking great.” Bullshit. I…I’m exhausted and I’m crying and there’s blood coming from my nose. That’s not looking great.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, sometimes you’re body tells you, like, enough.

Shane Cultra: Exactly.

Matt Overman: I can’t even imagine it. I think the furthest I’ve run in my life is six, seven miles.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: You know? [inaudible]

Andrew Rosener: [inaudible] miles is the longest I think I’ve ever [inaudible].

Matt Overman: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Well, Aaron, you know, my…my…one of my partners at DSAD, he did…he does a hundred mile races up a mountain. Seventeen thousand foot of ascent and he does it in…one of them he did in thirty two hours, straight running.

Andrew Rosener: I mean, that’s just…that’s just not even [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: No, that just does not seem healthy.

Andrew Rosener: No, no, come on. It’s, like, I don’t even want to hear about that. That’s…that’s like…

Shane Cultra: Yeah, every time I think I’m cool I just…I look at him and he just smiles.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, but he can’t run it as fast as you so you always have that.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I…I can find something that somebody can’t do as well as me I guess if you’d search hard enough.

Michael Cyger: Alright, if you didn’t listen to DomainNameWire’s podcast from last week, Andrew Allemann had Shane on discussing numerics, acronyms, the Chinese market, you know, just a whole host of stuff. Always entertaining, Shane. Go listen to that. Drew, big day for you and…couple of ballots have legalization of marijuana on the…on the initiatives on the ballot today.

Andrew Rosener: Yup. Yup.

Michael Cyger: It could be a…a turning point.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I mean, we’re hoping it will be. I mean, it looks like California will go to a full, you know, adult recreational use. It looks like Nevada will go to, you know, full-on recreational loose….use. We’ve got Ohio…a little bit more questionable. We’ve got Vermont, Massachusetts, and then there’s one more that I’m…I’m forgetting, but yeah, I mean, actually I think there’s two more. I think there’s..there’s seven states.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: So we’ll see. We’ll see…I think this will, I mean, California really is the one that matters, Nevada’s big too. But California represents seventy percent of the entire, you know, market for the entire United States. You know, it’s basically a country in and of itself.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: So if California goes, you know, federal government is going to have a real hard time, you know, just…just enforcement actions…if you have that much of the country saying that we want cannabis to no longer be a crime and we want to have, you know, access to…to it, it’s very difficult for the federal government to…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, enforce.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, definitely.

Andrew Rosener: So, and, you know, beyond just, like, the…the, you know, the…the fact that, you know, for recreational use, it’s…it’s really, it’s about, you know, what’s…what’s right. I mean, there’s a lot of people that are life in jail, twenty years, thirty years, you know, that otherwise could be productive members of society in some capacity and their…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, their families are suffering.

Michael Cyger: And as we look at societal shifts and changes, along with this election, you know, this is the opportunity that a lot of domain investors have taken. They’re…they’re buying marijuana related domain names…

Andrew Rosener: Absolutely. We…

Michael Cyger: …Hoping they can grow with the industry that’s growing, you know, like a hockey stick. And so, today’s investor portfolio which we’re going to get into in…in the second section, are mostly marijuana related domain names, so, you know, here you get to…to…to open the kimono and take a look at what another investor is doing and we’re going to find out what these Sherpas think about that. So, let’s jump into the show and we’re going to start off with the segment called What’s New Sherpas where the Sherpas get to share one purchase or sale that they’ve made or brokered or facilitated in the past few weeks and we get to learn what they paid or received for the domain name, why they thought it was a good deal, and how the negotiation progressed. I’m going to lead you through the questions but the other Sherpas are going to get to comment during the process as well. This segment we’re going to go Shane, then Drew, then Matt. Shane, what’s one domain name that you’ve personally bought or sold in the past few weeks? Tell us the domain and not the price yet.

Shane Cultra: I…did…did you say, “Open the kimona”?

Michael Cyger: Open the kimono.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, open the kimono.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: I…I’ve not heard that saying. That’s a new one that I’ll have to be using, okay.

Michael Cyger: Use it, baby.

Shane Cultra: Just making that…I want to note that. Alright, and I might have talked to Drew about this one before. I can’t remember if we discussed, but…and the other thing is it’s…it’s not quite finished and it would be…it would definitely be finished by the show, but the domain’s at Network Solutions so it could take like, seventy four years to…

Michael Cyger: Uh oh, yeah.

Shane Cultra: … get over to my…

Michael Cyger: It could be an issue.

Shane Cultra: But the domain…

Andrew Rosener: I think there’s somebody on this call that might be able to help you with that.

Shane Cultra: Please, we’ll knock it down to [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: We’ve got to get this done, Matt. We’ve got to get this done by Monday.

Matt Overman: We’ll get it done.

Shane Cultra: Net, yeah, Networks…we’ll send you the code in just a couple years. The…the domain is Blowtorch.

Michael Cyger: Blowtorch.

Shane Cultra:

Michael Cyger: Alright.

Andrew Rosener: Wow, nice one!

Michael Cyger: Did you buy or did you sell.

Shane Cultra: I’m a buyer.

Michael Cyger: Oh, buyer of Blowtorch.

Shane Cultra: And I’m going to have to give a rough…I don’t want to give the exact, but I’ll give a really close, close range.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, that’s cool. Alright, Drew, let’s go over to you. What do you think Shane paid for

Andrew Rosener: I’m going to say…I mean, I know…I know he’s been on the hunt for…for a minute here and, you know, probably evaluating a lot of different names, looking for the best opportunity, so I’m going to…I’m going to say he paid twenty three thousand dollars.

Michael Cyger: 23k. Alright.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Matt, what do you think Shane paid for

Matt Overman: I think it’s definitely worth more than that.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: I think he paid a little bit less. I’m going to go high, high teens. I think he paid eighteen, maybe nineteen grand for it.

Michael Cyger: Alright. 18, 19k. Shane, what did you pay for

Shane Cultra: Well, I paid very, very low five figures below both of those guys.

Michael Cyger: Low five figures.

Andrew Rosener: Wow. [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: So over ten thousand and below eighteen thousand?

Shane Cultra: Yeah. Yeah. Yes.

Michael Cyger: Somewhere between there. Good buy.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: That’s a good buy.

Matt Overman: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: What do you think…what do you think it’s worth, Shane, retail?

Shane Cultra: You know, I…one of those things that obviously you’re supposed to think about what it’s worth retail, but in…in my mind I was thinking…to me, it was easily worth that amount of money. Yeah, I mean, I…I probably wouldn’t sell it for less than fifty because these are the kind of names I’m just putting aside and when the day comes, the day comes, and I’m not actively flipping. It’s just so special. Names like Botany I bought earlier in the year. Drew’s right, I’ve been on the, you know, there’s names that I type in that I think are just great brands, and I just literally type them in Google and see who owns them. And this was a old, heavily funded movie company, so if you look them up they…they got a couple hundred million dollars to…to form a movie studio and it didn’t do well, and the…the assets stayed with a couple guys and I just kept emailing them and I stayed on them and on them, and every, you know, Drew said two or three times a year, I was every month. You know, it was a name that I wanted. I didn’t mind paying a little more. Their logo’s fantastic. I’d love to have the logo, I didn’t approach them, but it’s just a great brand. I love the thought of it. It’s not…the word that…if you just think it alone, it isn’t that special but it…hot and burn; it’s…it’s a great brand. So, it’s one of those I’ve been working for over a year and I just touch base every once and a while and say, “Hey.” And finally they agreed to the amount and…and went to escrow and that’s how it ended.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, and that’s a great brand. It…it…Drew, it’s the kind of brand that could go for a lot of different companies and a lot of a different industries. Would you price it…if you owned it, would you price it above 50k?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, yeah, so I mean, you know, I just looked him up really quick on…on CrunchBase. You know, they…they raised fifty million dollars in a seed round. It doesn’t look like they raised any capital beyond that, but there is fifty million in a seed round. Like, that’s probably one of the largest media and entertainment seed rounds ever. Looks like, you know, they were getting a lot of press, you know, saying that this is one of the…this is back in ’08, they were, you know, one of the greatest media innovations to watch, you know, by like Wired Magazine, so you know, I think it doesn’t really matter what any of us are saying. This is a proven name. You have a company that chose Blowtorch that was in a mainstream industry, one of the most mainstream industries, and they raised fifty million dollars, you know, on this, you know, using this name. Not…not that the name is the reason they got fifty millions dollars obviously. The technology was, and the team. But still, that team and that technology that was worth putting fifty million dollars into a seed round, was on, and so, you know, I think that’s…that proves it out. It’s a proven concept. It’s…it’s…it’s a…that’s a name that a fifty million dollar plus company can be built on, and if they raised fifty million, they were probably, you know, being valued at, like, probably a half a billion or…or…or…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Two hundred and fifty million. Something like that. So…

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Well, it’s a great…

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, great, great name. I would…I would price it…I wouldn’t sell that name for, you know, me personally, I’d probably be looking at, like, two fifty to three fifty but, you know, I would say, you know, one fifty is probably, you know, the…

Michael Cyger: The sweet spot you’d go after?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah. Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Awesome, Shane. Great buy, bud. Let’s…let’s hook up Matt and you after the show and make sure that name the gets to your…

Shane Cultra: Make sure it moves before this comes out [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Exactly. Alright, thanks, Shane. Drew, let’s go over to you. What’s one domain name you’ve bought, sold, or brokered in the past couple of weeks. Tell us the domain name and not the price yet.

Andrew Rosener: Okay, you want a one word .com or a three letter .com?

Michael Cyger: One word.

Shane Cultra: One word.

Andrew Rosener: Alright,

Michael Cyger: P.H.A.S.E.?

Andrew Rosener:

Michael Cyger: Alright, Did you buy it or sell it?

Andrew Rosener: Bought it.

Michael Cyger: You bought it.

Andrew Rosener: Bought it.

Michael Cyger: Alright, Matt, let’s go to you. Drew bought What do you think…so clearly has a retail value, but Drew is buying not at retail, he’s buying at wholesale.

Matt Overman: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: What do you think he paid for it based on what you know about Drew and the…the value that you think it has?

Matt Overman: I actually really like that name and I want to say that he paid twenty, thirty, forty grand for it, just to make myself feel better. But yeah, knowing you I feel like you got a steal on it. I mean, typically the ones you talk about you have. I’m going to go seventy five hundred.

Michael Cyger: Seventy five hundred dollars?

Matt Overman: Seventy five hundred dollars.

Michael Cyger: And Shane, what do you think Drew paid for

Shane Cultra: Well, Drew and I have been doing this a while so he threw me in a huge loop last week with his incredible buy and…because he, you know, he doesn’t have a problem for paying up…

Michael Cyger: Right.

Shane Cultra: …For good names, and then he got a steal last week to throw the whole kink in there, so I don’t know if he’s on…on a kick of good steals or we’re back to paying the fair value in the wholesale market.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, I’m telling you, if he paid five thousand bucks again for this domain I’m going to have to slit my throat or something. Like, it’s, like, the…the game is over. Drew’s just got a lock on every single domain. So, what do you think he paid for it?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, there’s so many good uses for that one between electricity and going through phase. I will say higher though. I will say seventeen thousand. I think it’s obviously worth more.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shane Cultra: But seventeen grand seems like [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Yeah, ton of…ton of trademarks, exact match and…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …Broad match trademarks. Tons of companies using it. Drew, what did you pay for

Andrew Rosener: So, I’m very proud that we were able to acquire but I, you know, this was not one of my stellar negotiations. We paid…we…we paid up. We paid up. It…it…it’s…we paid fifty…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Thousand dollars for

Michael Cyger: Okay, 50k. You wanted it that badly that you went a lot higher than, you know, bargain basement wholesale. Fifty thousand bucks is a lot of money.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, so, I mean, so…so…so, like there is in many cases with the domains I share on DomainSherpa, there is a little backstory of why I paid fifty thousand dollars. So, number one was, yes, I mean, there is an absurd number of trademarks, companies that are under the name Phase.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: You can literally…I dare you to try and find Phase with, like, any type of common sense prefix or suffix that’s not registered. It…it doesn’t exist. Every single version of Phase with every TLD, every suffix, every prefix imaginable is taken. So, it’s, you know, the adoption is, like, you know, probably one of the wider adopted, you know, keywords of any domain I’ve every acquired. So, that was one. Number two is my first company ever, while I was still in college, was called Phase Two, and we were Phase Two Business Solutions. And so, you know, it had some sentimental value, you know? I was like, I…I…I just…I …I wanted that name for a long time and, you know, finally clicked and I was, you know, I wasn’t ecstatic to pay fifty grand for it, but I think that that’s one that’s going to pop for, you know, easily, nothing’s easy…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …But, you know, let’s say two fifty to five hundred.

Michael Cyger: And so, how?

Andrew Rosener: I’d probably be asking five hundred for that.

Michael Cyger: So you were chasing down an end user who had it, and then you had to convince them to…to sell it?

Andrew Rosener: So, actually…coincidentally it is a name I’ve tried to acquire in the past multiple times without success and another domain broker actually came to me and said, “You know, we have an option on this name but it’s a little bit…it’s a little bit rich. I’m not going to buy it, you know, are you interested”? And I said, “Yeah, sure.” Actually, to be honest, I paid more than that. I actually paid more than fifty grand because I had to pay them, so I think I have fifty five…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Hundred in…fifty five thousand in for it actually.

Michael Cyger: So, you want to give a shout-out to who the broker was?

Andrew Rosener: No.

Shane Cultra: They got their money. Let them be. That was good enough.

Michael Cyger: Exactly.

Andrew Rosener: That’s right. That’s right.

Matt Overman: I mean, I think…I think there’s no question it’s worth more than that. You’ll flip that, if you wanted to…newsletter…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …And do it quickly and you could flip that for hundred pretty quickly.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Matt Overman: It’s not going to shock me if you sell that for, you know, pushing north of two hundred.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, so, yet again, this…

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …You know, Shane and Drew…it’s hustle. It’s chasing down the domains that you know have value that, you know, over a long period of time it’s the persistence. You know, I…I made fun of you last time, Drew, because you’re, like, “It’s hustle. It’s about persistence.” I’m like, “This is actually it. You need to follow up with people month after month in Shane’s opinion, or quarter after quarter, or year after year and make sure that you’re on top of their mind when they’re ready to sell. Or you’re still tracking down the domain so if it does flip to somebody else, you’re…you’re there and you know, you know, which ones have value.”

Andrew Rosener: This business, man…this business…this business, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the buy side or the sell side…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …It’s about timing. It…it literally, I mean, timing is eighty percent of the equation. You know, ten percent is pricing, and…and…and ten percent is, you know, the quality of the name let’s say. You know, quality of the name is going to put it in a ballpark, you know, a certain universe of pricing, but, you know, really, if you have the right name at the right time, magic happens, and on…on, buying or selling, right? You’ve just…you’ve got to be there. You’ve just got to be there. You’ve got to be there at the right time and so that’s, you know, it requires hustle to be there, to position yourself to acquire the name, to position yourself to sell the name, you need to have the right name in front of the right people and then it’s about timing, right? If…if you set yourself up, and you’re persistent, the timing will eventually work itself out and you’re going to either get an opportunity that, others, you know, can’t believe, and it’s because you’ve been working on that opportunity for however long, and that could be on the buy…that could be on the sell.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, great point, Drew.

Shane Cultra: You’re just hoping that…you’re just hoping that the one day that person says, “You know, what? I wanted to go to Hawaii, my wife doesn’t…I don’t have the money…

Andrew Rosener: That’s right.

Shane Cultra: …Hey, I’ll take…I’ll take the ten grand.” [inaudible]

Andrew Rosener: You know, I…I…I don’t remember if I…if I talked about on one of the shows. I think I did. But, you know, we acquired and that took eighteen months and that guy was, like, “No, this domain’s worth, you know, way more,” and, “Oh, I saw it on Estibot. Estibot says it’s worth six hundred and fifty thousand,” and, “You know, you’re out of your mind,” and blah, blah, blah. You know, months and years of…of going back and forth with this guy. We had a deal, he walked away, I mean, and then, you know, one day, I…I pinged him. I had him on Skype and I pinged him and I was, like, “Hey, just following up, you know, I know we had a deal six months ago, you know? Like, have you reconsidered”? And he was, like, “You know what? My wife retired last week and, you know, I really want to take her on a nice vacation.” I mean, I thought about it because you just said that. And he was, like, “You know, I want to take her on a nice vacation, you know, bump up your price five grand and let’s do the deal.” I said, “Alright, done. Let’s do it.”

Michael Cyger: Nice.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. How come you always get the…the guys that, like, “Oh, it’s worth way more”? And then when, like, I get inquiries that are offering, like, a thousand bucks, I’m like, and they’re like, “Hey, it’s only worth, like, twelve hundred bucks on Estibot.” I’m like, “Yeah, but I still want thirty thousand dollars for the domain.”

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: It never seems to work out for me in that case. Alright, thanks, Drew. Matt, let’s go over to you. What’s one domain name that you’ve either personally bought or sold, or brokered through Rightside in the past few weeks? Tell us the domain name and not the price yet.

Matt Overman: Yeah, we’ll…we’ll go with one, and I don’t remember exactly when it closed, but one that…that we sold at Rightside, a new TLD actually. I know that’s sort taboo on the show at times.

Michael Cyger: No, not at all! I love the new g’s.

Shane Cultra: No.

Matt Overman: We’ll throw it out there. I’ll get these guys’ opinion on it. It’s…it’s

Michael Cyger: You know, and…and I am not…

Matt Overman: [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: I don’t want, you know, I’m…I’m very much of the opinion that if there’s money to be had, if there’s sales being made, if there’s data showing, I want to get as many people on DomainSherpa to talk about how they’re selling them as possible. So I’ll throw this out. If you’re watching, you’re selling new g’s, geographic new g’s, you know, real estate new g’s like, .properties, send me an email. I’d love to have you on and how you’re, like, selling them. Love to do that. So Shane, let’s go to you.

Matt Overman: And, before these guys guess…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …Just one…one quick caveat. We, you know, we…whenever we sell a name we have to get approval from the buyer to expose the price. So, in…in this case we didn’t have sign-off. I can’t tell you the exact amount. I can give you a…a pretty accurate range.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: And for what it’s worth, the same buyer also bought

Michael Cyger: Oh, interesting. Yeah, no, the range is great because, you know, that’s what we’re trying to give investors a feel for when these guys are evaluating domains. What’s the range? Because we all know that, you know, I could sell a domain name for under ten thousand dollars, that Drew could, or fifty thousand or a hundred, or whatever, or like, you know, it’s…but we’re looking for the order or magnitude valuation. So Shane, let’s go to you., what do you think Matt sold that one for?

Shane Cultra: What’s…what’s the renewal on that one by the way?

Andrew Rosener: Good question.

Matt Overman: I’m not…well, I think…I think it’s a thousand dollars a year.

Shane Cultra: Okay.

Matt Overman: It’s probably public.

Shane Cultra: Well, it has to be, doesn’t it? How can you have private…is there such thing as…?

Matt Overman: I…I know, obviously if it…if it gets sold, if it gets sold, you can check that.

Shane Cultra: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, so that’s public info.

Shane Cultra: And that does make a difference. You know, that’s…before I guess I’m going…that’s what I was going to say. Drew and I, we’ll, you know, people…we don’t…it’s not like we like or dislike but we get paid to be part of markets. So if something…if there’s a market, we’re going to be involved. We don’t hate new g’s. We just want a market for it.

Matt Overman: I know.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: But nothing…there’s no hate or love or like. It’s all about ability…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …To buy and sell. But that one’s probably the best if not one of the best…

Andrew Rosener: It’s all…all about the Benjamin’s, baby.

Shane Cultra: That’s right. So, forsale, that’s…that’s got to be the top of the line. And selling directly from Matt, he’s the king. You…you go straight to the king.

Michael Cyger: Was it your team or did you…did you negotiate it, Matt?

Matt Overman: It was actually a…a broker on my team, so I can’t…I can’t take credit for this.

Shane Cultra: Oh, but if Matt would have had it, it would have been even more. So, I’m going to say Homes…HomesForSale dot…

Michael Cyger:

Shane Cultra: I will say fifty grand.

Michael Cyger: 50k. Alright, Drew…

Matt Overman: I’d also love to know what you think is worth too relative to that.

Michael Cyger: Homes, you want to know what…

Shane Cultra: Oh, that’s true.

Andrew Rosener: I’m actually…so I’m actually privy to what…

Michael Cyger: Oh, you are?

Andrew Rosener: …Sold for. Yeah, I…I…it’s not public knowledge so I can’t share it but it sold for a lot of money…a lot of money. That was an name.

Michael Cyger: Oh.

Matt Overman: Oh, wow. Yup. [inaudible]

Andrew Rosener:… owned as well as which was sold in that deal.

Michael Cyger: Alright, so what do you think about then?

Andrew Rosener: I do know that HS…I do know that I believe sold for fifty thousand dollars. That was the .net. So, I actually going to say fifty thousand like Shane. I’m actually going to go a little higher though. I’m going to say…I’m going to say it was a hundred grand, but I’m going to say…I’m going to say it was a hundred grand but with the other deal included, with the included…I’m going to say a hundred grand for the two.

Michael Cyger: Which one do you think has more value, Drew?

Andrew Rosener: Well, can I…can I…did it sell to the guys that bought

Matt Overman: No.

Andrew Rosener: Okay.

Matt Overman: It did not.

Michael Cyger: Drew, which one do you think has more value?

Andrew Rosener: But I…I actually would have discounted it…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …If it had sold to them because it would have been less valuable to them than to see somebody who wanted to compete against them.

Michael Cyger: Right. Good point.

Andrew Rosener: So, what…what were you asking, Mike?

Michael Cyger: Which one do you think has more value, homes or houses?

Andrew Rosener: Oh, HomesForSale by…by a hundred X.

Michael Cyger: Alright, and so you’re saying…

Andrew Rosener: Houses…

Michael Cyger: You’re saying…

Andrew Rosener: HousesForSale….HousesForSale is…is a toss in. That’s a…that’s a relatively…even is probably only a, you know, maybe…maybe fifty grand. I…I’d have to look…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Into that. I don’t know what the exact search number is but I don’t think the search is there for HousesForSale whereas…

Matt Overman: Yeah, the…the search volume on homes is much bigger.

Andrew Rosener: Oh, it’s, like, it’s…it’s huge. HomesForSale is…is one of the biggest [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Alright, so even with the thousand dollars per year renewal cost, Drew, you think the payor sold for about a hundred thousand dollars?

Andrew Rosener: I mean, you know, I’m assuming he went to an end user. Did it go to an end user, Matt?

Matt Overman: Yes.

Andrew Rosener: Okay. So, yeah, I mean, a thousand dollars a year…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: … If you’re an end user on a name like that, you know, if it’s, like,, and it’s a thousand dollar renewal fee, you know, not so much, right? Like, you’re going to have to fight pretty hard to get me to sign up for that. But, you know, if it’s Homes, we’re talking about a market that you’re trying to address, you know, billion, trillion dollar market that you’re trying to address, you know, your competitor is somebody that probably paid in the seven figures for their domain name. I, you know, I…I…I don’t [inaudible].

Shane Cultra: You can’t talk yourself out of it. Go a hundred.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, it…it’s not, yeah, you’re not going to talk yourself out of it over a thousand dollars [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Alright, Matt, let’s go to you. What did you sell it for, roughly?

Matt Overman: It sold… sold for high five figures and so, you know, when you combine them in, both…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …These guy’s guesses were pretty good. Drew got…Drew’s fairly accurate for…for both names. The way it actually went down is they were first interested I think largely because of budget in and acquired that one separately. And that was also five figure sales. It was certainly lower than Homes and closed that one. Those negotiations took quite a bit longer, you know, upwards of a month. Upon doing that, launching the site was pretty quick to come back and want to buy the other one. Our asking price on it, I believe, wasa hundred and twenty five thousand, potentially a hundred and fifty thousand, I’d have to go back and check. And eventually got up to a…a fifty thousand dollar offer and it was negotiated somewhere north of that…

Michael Cyger: Nice.

Matt Overman: …But sub one hundred.

Andrew Rosener: Sorry, is this or

Matt Overman:

Andrew Rosener: Okay.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Which is the better one, but…

Matt Overman: Which is a good question…

Andrew Rosener: But…

Matt Overman: …Because we definitely have…we have .sale as well.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, so you have I…I forgot about that, that you’ve got that tricky. You know, that whole real estate one is, as far as this new gTLD thing goes, the real estate segment is the most, just, I’m going to save you the edit because I’m going to say bunked up instead of something else, because you’ve…you’ve just got…you’ve got properties, you know, .properties, dot .forsale, .sale, dot, you know, rent, .rental, dot…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: A lot of choices.

Andrew Rosener: There’s, like, twenty different options there so…so, I actually, if I had thought about that earlier I probably would have put a discounted it…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …But I guess I was pretty close anyways.

Matt Overman: But there’s certainly a lot of competition in terms of a number of different strings there. I think the reason why there’s so much interest in that, and we get a ton of interest on ForSale and sort of that real estate vertical.

Andrew Rosener: I mean, real estate for me…for me, I mean, real estate’s always been one of the most hot verticals for domain names ever. I mean, people in real estate, they get it. People in real estate understand marketing. People in real estate understand internet marketing generally, you know, at the higher level of..of internet real estate of…of real estate. And so, yeah, it’s always been a vertical where people are willing spend for the right domain.

Michael Cyger: Hey Matt…

Matt Overman: Yup.

Michael Cyger: …Do me one favor and shift a little bit over to your left. Just…just slightly. Right there. Perfect. Alright, thanks, Sherpas. Great domains. Congrats on the sale and the buys there. I’m going to tell you all about three of our sponsors for today’s show.

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Michael Cyger: Alright, we’re going to move on to the next segment of the show. In the Domain Portfolio Review we take user submitted domain name portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owner so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold long-term, or figure out a sales strategy going forward. Today’s portfolio was submitted by Colin Clarke. As part of Colin’s submission he made a generation donation to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center right here in Seattle to help us all find a cure for cancer. They’re ground…they’re doing groundbreaking work in a lot of different areas. My daughter just made a donation to their immunotherapy group that’s having tremendous results targeting cancer with people’s own T cells. Colin’s list of twenty five domain names starts with, and so we’ll find out why 420 is significant in this segment, and it ends with a brandable that I’m not sure I can pronounce, it’s…or if I pronounce it, I’m not sure you’d be able to spell it. It’s Xaiga, X.A.I.G.A. .com. He has a bunch of marijuana related domain names in his portfolio, very fitting for today being Election Day in the United States as we discussed earlier, and he’s excited to get feedback on that industry that’s exploding. So this segment we’ll…order…we’ll go Drew, then Matt, then Shane. So Drew, let’s start with you. When you look at Colin’s list here, from a high level, from the marijuana related domain names, is he heading in the right direction?

Andrew Rosener: So, we’ve sold…we…we’ve really…we’ve made a killing selling marijuana related domains. But it’s my experience that the ones that have been selling are really the…the…the brandables, not so much these sort of exact match names, which follow suit to many other categories and industries, so, you know, like, for example, there was one I saw here, like,, or Like, I…I…I don’t think that name sells. I don’t think that that name…I don’t think there’s anybody that’s going to buy that name for, you know, much more than he paid probably. Whereas, you know, something like, I think that that does have potential to sell. Like, that’s, you know, a decent brandable for somebody, you know, not going to be a…anybody’s retirement, but you know, it probably, you know, fifteen hundred to five grand. You know, you know, decent name. You know, Budtender is the keyword for, like, the bartender but the guy at the dispensary selling you the weed. And so, you know, that’s a…that’s a pretty decent name. But it’s, you know, it is .tv, so again, it’s not going to be big money but, you know, probably a high propensity it will sell.

Michael Cyger: So what…what price range would price that at if you had

Andrew Rosener: I…I’d probably price it, you know, a bit higher than the other one.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Probably…probably five to ten grand.

Michael Cyger: Because that could be, like…

Andrew Rosener: Probably where I put that.

Michael Cyger: It’s almost like your sommelier, like, right? You watch TV, you want to learn a little bit about it, and here’s a person that could come on, talk about the different strains and…

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, no.

Michael Cyger: And then, like, have a bunch of different sponsorships.

Andrew Rosener: No doubt. I…I…I think actually is probably my…

Michael Cyger: Gotcha.

Andrew Rosener: …Favorite name on the list, so, yeah.

Michael Cyger: Cool. What’s the…what’s the significance of 420. Why…why do I see that number so much?

Andrew Rosener: So, there’s actually a lot of different stories about what 420 means but I…basically what…what I’ve think come to understand is that I think it refers to a penal code reference. So, like, when the…when the police are on the thing…radio and they’re, like, you know, “We’ve got a 420 at, you know…you know…”

Michael Cyger: On Wyatt Madison on [inaudible].

Andrew Rosener: Whatever, right? Like, it’s…it’s somebody…

Michael Cyger: Yeah, got it.

Andrew Rosener: …Possession…possession of…possession of marijuana is, you know, it’s, like, it refers to some penal code. I don’t know if that’s at the state level or federal level or, you know, whatever or where…

Michael Cyger: So then, is kind of a nice brand for maybe an umbrella company or something like that?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah. Absolutely, but again, you know, let’s say, if we’re looking at sort of the first principle…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, that we try to educate here, right? So, if you look at the higher principle of why, you know, what is 420? Is…is 420Holdings a good brand? Yes, if it’s a holding company it could be a great brand, but how much is a holding company going to spend? You know, generally a holding company is by definition not a public facing entity, right? Like, their portfolio companies would be the, you know, the either business facing or consumer facing entities, and the holding company is not. And so, they may be using it for an email address. They may be using it, you know, as a landing page to say who they are, but it’s not going to drive any business and so they’re probably not willing to spend a lot of money until you get to, like, the really top tier echelon of…of holding companies in the financial world. And so, I don’t think it would sell for much. I think you probably might be able to find someone that was willing to spend twenty five hundred bucks to…to buy that at some point, maybe five grand. I…I…I don’t see it going for that, but the good news is that I think, you know, it…it…it has a fairly, you know, high liquidity, you know, to the overall market. If you put that name on NameJet, you know, it’s going to go for five hundred bucks to a thousand bucks, right? Because…

Michael Cyger: So that’s a…that’s a great domain if…

Andrew Rosener: …You know?

Michael Cyger: …He picked it up for reg fee and…and it’s got that kind of liquidity in the market wholesale.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, if he…Yup.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Awesome. Alright, what else do you like, if you had to pick a couple more domains on this list that you love, what would they be?

Andrew Rosener: You know…

Michael Cyger: It sounds like it’s a good list but it’s not a phenomenal list.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I mean, you know, I…I…I don’t think there’s many names I’d be like, “You’ve just got to let that expire.”

Michael Cyger: That’s good.

Andrew Rosener: But there’s also not, you know, there’s the plug-InEV, I would let that go.

Michael Cyger: Plug hypen I.N.E.V.,

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, it’s something to do with electric vehicles. Still, it’s…it’s a hyphen. Literally, I mean, we…we own some amazing hyphen domains and…and they’re all but worthless. I mean, there’s just nobody buying. Especially in a world where you’ve got, you know, a thousand new gTLDs right now. It’s like, instead of a hyphen, you know, if it’s, like, “Oh, spend ten grand for the…for the…for the domain with the hyphen or spend, you know, a couple hundred dollars to get some new TLD that, you know, looks better,” at least you can say the new TLD without having to say, you know…

Michael Cyger: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …”Oh, there’s a hyphen.” That’s like…

Michael Cyger: So, let me ask you about the g’s on this list then. You’ve got MMJServices, well actually, that’s pretty much it, that was a .com, MMJServices. What do you think about

Andrew Rosener: Well, yeah, I mean, I…I don’t necessarily know that there’s that many places that refer to themselves as an, right? And…and again, I think that most of those companies are going to have a brand and they’re going to want to emphasize that brand, so, I don’t put much value on that particular name.

Michael Cyger: Okay. And MMJ, is that stand for medicinal marijuana?

Andrew Rosener: Medical marijuana.

Michael Cyger: Medical marijuana.

Andrew Rosener: Medical marijuana, yeah.

Michael Cyger: Marijuana MJ.

Shane Cultra: What’s the J for? Jane?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Oh, Mary Jane. [inaudible]

Andrew Rosener: So, MJ…MJ…MJ is just a reference to marijuana, Mary Jane. You know the MJ, I…I always say the MJ kind of…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Leaves something to the imagination. It can be…it can be…

Michael Cyger: Who’s got I wonder?

Andrew Rosener: We do.

Michael Cyger: I know.

Shane Cultra: [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Alright, so nothing on the list that you would definitely drop except for the

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, but it depends on his financial situation and the rest of the portfolio and how many names he has. If he has thousands of names like these, then yes, I think he needs to…

Michael Cyger: Gotcha.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, time to start trimming.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Trim the fat. But no, there’s nothing on here that jumps out at me that I’m, like, “Oh, God, that’s awful,” you know?

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Except for the hyphen. You know, look, I mean, when a domain is only registered in .com and no other extension, which is the case with most of these names, you know, you always want to sort of ask yourself, like, “Why is that,” right? Like, when the…when a keyword is taken in…in many extensions, it just shows…in most cases, sometimes they’ve all been taken because one company took them all, right? But in general it means that there’s not a high level of adoption for that particular keyword and so, you know, you might…there might be intimate details within a specific industry or segment, you know, that, you know, is the reason for that lack of adoption that you may not be aware of because you’re not in that industry, even though from the outside it might look obvious. So, that’s not always the case but I…I…I generally take a second and a third look on any name where it’s not registered in any other extension, and most of these are not. So, I don’t think any of these are, like, you know, lights out, amazing domains. But yeah,, a couple grand, you know, someday, you know, probably five hundred to a grand today., that’s probably worthless. You can probably let that go. BestElectricVehicle, yeah, I don’t love it but, you know, it actually isn’t probably…it probably does have some decent search volume and that search volume will increase with the number of people…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …That are buying electric vehicles, so, you know, so, that…that…it’s probably…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Worth keeping…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …For eight dollars, nine dollars a year.

Michael Cyger: Cool.

Andrew Rosener: But yeah, not a real strong list but also not terrible.

Michael Cyger: Thanks, Drew. Matt, let’s go to you. What…what are your favorites on Colin’s list and why?

Matt Overman: I…I actually agree with…with Drew in terms of my favorite name on the list and one that if Colin is ever looking to sell I’d personally buy it for the right price,

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: And for all the reasons Drew mentioned, you know, firsthand, you know, we’re up here in Seattle. It’s legal, marijuana. That is a thing. I know Budtenders. That has the potential with legalization expanding to really be more of a true profession. So, you’re…you’re buying that and you can see I think tends itself pretty well, you know? Obviously I’m a proponent of using the right of the dot but there could be a show, or there’s…there’s funny…I think some funny ways to use that. So yeah, I’d…I’d buy that for a few grand. I think someone would [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Are you going to make him an offer right now, Matt?

Matt Overman: You know, if he wants to sell that I’ll buy it for two grand from him.

Michael Cyger: Two grand. Cash offer. Two grand on the table right now. Colin, watch on Monday.

Matt Overman: I’ll come over.

Michael Cyger: Drew, do you want to offer more than two grand for

Andrew Rosener: I…I…I would…I would like to participate in…in…in that sale if that was going to transpire. I don’t, you know, I don’t want to get into it pissing match with Matt right now, but…

Michael Cyger: Come on! We’re amongst friends. Matt’s not going to mind.

Matt Overman: We can talk about it later.

Andrew Rosener: I…I agree.

Matt Overman: Drew and I will go in and buy it from him.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, exactly. Matt and I are going to split that name so [inaudible]. We’re going to pay you two grand [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Alright, you know, I…I love it when you guys like names enough to make an offer on the spot. This is what we try and do when we’re at NamesCon live as well, which we’re going to do in…in January when we run the Review live. So Colin, I’ll connect you with…with Drew and Matt after the show airs and you get to watch and see that two Sherpas want this domain from you. So, I’ll let you negotiate it.

Andrew Rosener: I…I’ve got to go back and look. I feel like I spoke to this guy once.

Michael Cyger: Alright, go…go search while Matt’s finishing his section.

Andrew Rosener: Because, you…I…I…I was actually just looking at my old…from 2014…July 19th, 2014, with, I registered…I pre…pre-registered and then I never actually got the registration. It says, yeah, [inaudible] “And unfortunately, we couldn’t get it.” And then I got an email, yeah, Clarke, Colin, yeah, here it is, Colin Clarke, yup. And he said, “Sorry for the confusion. I tried to chat via email this morning but didn’t receive a reply. It must have been you I was battling it out with on auction for Great name. Anyways, I didn’t mean to…mean to intend your site was shady. Sorry.” And then I wrote back, “Colin, thanks for clearing up the issue.” So, we…we emailed. I don’t even remember what he said.

Michael Cyger: Alright, but you…you didn’t negotiate over yet?

Andrew Rosener: Must have been…maybe.

Michael Cyger: Alright. Alright.

Andrew Rosener: First time I’m seeing

Michael Cyger: Alright. Cool.

Andrew Rosener: And I…I do like it. [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: Yeah, totally. Totally. You’re…yeah. So, Matt, let’s go back to you. you like. You’ve got an offer sitting on the table. Colin might just take your offer and…and, you know, Drew’s left out in the cold. We’ll find out. What else do you like on Colin’s list?

Matt Overman: You know, some of the other ones…I think it’s a decent list. You know, I do like the marijuana names. HempStrains I think is kind of interesting from, you know, maybe it’s a review site. I like that…I do like the brandable ones, BudBaron, BudPorium. I don’t think they’re worth a ton but it…it doesn’t shock me if someone buys those for, you know, a couple grand. I think they’d sell on NameJet, for example, for probably pretty well, but I think they’d sell. You know, Drew may buy them. I don’t know. I like, you know, in terms of the new TLDs, I actually like better than I think there’s…that’s a thing.

Michael Cyger: Yup.

Matt Overman: Oil field service companies. Search volume probably, I don’t know, probably decent CPC there. I…I would also agree. I don’t there’s a ton of them that are, like, that screaming to be dropped. You know, I…I think there’s probably search volume with but I don’t love that one. I don’t like…I don’t like the hyphenated one. PublicChargingStations are definitely a thing, both for cars, for cell phones, but that’s long. I don’t think that anyone’s going…I don’t know who the buyer is for that. I think it would sell in wholesale but I don’t think there’s really an end user or buyer for that. My favorite’s definitely, Hemp…HempStrains…I’d hang onto…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …Because I think someone will buy that eventually. I don’t know what the renewal is there.

Michael Cyger: If you had…if you had to pick one to drop what would it be?

Matt Overman: I completely agree with Drew, definitely the hyphenated.

Michael Cyger: Alright. Thanks, Matt.

Matt Overman: Yup.

Michael Cyger: Shane, you’re still muted. Let’s go over to you. What…what do you like on the list that the other Sherpas haven’t talked about yet?

Shane Cultra: Well the first thing I saw when I saw the portfolio was I thought this is going to be a net gain. When I look at a portfolio I think are they going to get more right than they do wrong if it’ll pay for it…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …Because that’s what it really comes down to. You don’t have to get every single name correct. You just have to get a couple that pay for all the other ones you didn’t do as well and these two made that happen already. Budtender alone will pay for everything else that’s on this board, so, he’s…he’s a winner plain and simple. Everything else is gravy.

Andrew Rosener: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, exactly. You know, I…I…I always look at this…I’m more of a business man than anything so I’d look at…when I have a company, am I going to name my product this and, like on Oilfields here, I know there’s oil fields services, but most of those guys are going to name it after themselves. It’s going to be Johnson Oil or, you know, I…I don’t think they go as generic as Oil Field Services. I think the company that does that is a million, millions of dollars and they’re going to go more towards themselves. I think…I don’t think generic is good at all in oil field services, but again, I’m…I’m proven wrong, but I’m thinking as a business, I don’t want to go that generic. I want my name on it and I think that’s probably how it’ll be. And I see…

Michael Cyger: And you’re speaking specifically about oil field services, not necessarily about, you know, or, you know…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …Whatever, a…a different area, but you’re…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …Specifically about the industry of oil field services. You don’t think companies are going to [inaudible].

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I…I don’t think that somebody sets up a site…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …That’s about oil field services and so I think that the buyer would be someone that offers oil field services but they’re not going to call it that. They’re going to say Johnson’s Oil Field Services [inaudible]. That…that…

Michael Cyger: What if it was, like, a media company, a magazine that focused on oil field services and, you know, featured all the contractors and products that, you know, multi-billion dollar oil field services, probably hundreds of billions of dollars oil field services…

Shane Cultra: Well…

Michael Cyger: …And they just wanted to brand it as

Shane Cultra: Well, and…and I think that’s true and I think that’s what all of us think exactly time, every time we buy these kind of names. We think, “What if this company did that and what if they did that? This thing would be…” Yeah, of course, if that all happened it’s great…

Andrew Rosener: Exactly.

Shane Cultra: …But most of the time it never does.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, it’s a numbers game. It’s, like, what is the probability that that’s going to happen…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Versus the renewal cost, versus the acquisition cost, versus the opportunity cost of buying a different name?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, that’s…I…I could talk myself into any name and make it good. If I think deep enough of something that will make it valuable I can find that, but the reality is I don’t see it as a business. That’s not the way they go. The generic is harder. Generic names have to be strong products or words to be used. More and more often people are using brands and that’s…that’s just where we’re at right now and…and it makes sense. So, you know, if…if you buy HempStrains, it’s…it’s not…it’s going to be probably a site of all the hemp strains and how many, you know, there’s going to be some, but there’s only so many cultivar sites out there, and there are names…there are some good sites out there that have all the different hemp strains, and I know Drew buys the individual ones. I know that he’s going brand by brand and strain by strain.

Andrew Rosener: Well, we actually own as well.

Shane Culta: Yeah, see, now that’s where you want to be. Now strains…

Michael Cyger: There’s an example of a…

Shane Cultra: Or even, how about, like…or strainer? Or I was thinking, my thought, I’d rather have strainer than any of them.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, the reason I like HempStrains is because hemp is an industrial product.

Shane Cultra: Yup.

Andrew Rosener: It’s a consumer product but not for strains, right? Like, the guy that’s buying a strain of hemp is a farmer looking to grow it for, you know…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Industrial purposes. And so, there’s no…nobody’s looking at the variation of strains. There’s no Leafly for hemp strains. It’s consumers looking for marijuana strains. So, I don’t think the hemp strains really has any…has any value.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, that’s…

Andrew Rosener: I mean, that may change in the future, you know? Who knows? But…

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I was…I was talking to a…I had lunch or dinner with a former Chairman of Goldman Sachs this weekend, and he was telling me about how people are always looking…they’re always looking for someone that knows more information than the other side so that the…the buyer knows more than the seller even though the seller owns the product and knows everything about it, you’re looking to be as a buyer to know more information than the…even the seller, and that’s how markets are flipped. And so, somebody who comes in and really knows about the hemp market like Drew is going to know that hemp doesn’t go with strains, or these people don’t use that term and that’s where the data is going to really, you know, knowing your product, that’s where we get back without getting on a big discussion, knowing your industry and knowing everything about that, that you’re going to be able to buy a better domain at a better price or sell it for more, so, that’s how I’m looking at these things. April 20th, gone. Maybe April 20th in…in Canada’s some…

Michael Cyger: Maybe.

Shane Cultra: …Some date I don’t know about.

Andrew Rosener: Well, it’s 420. April is…

Shane Cultra: Oh, see…

Andrew Rosener: …Is the fourth month.

Matt Overman: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Oh, 420. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Andrew Rosener: That’s 420.

Shane Cultra: See now…now we’re starting to get into the actual month.

Andrew Rosener: But nobody..nobody says…yeah, yeah, and it’s, you know?

Shane Cultra: April 20th?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, yeah. And if you were going to do that, like, at least it would just be April 20…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Not April 20th. Yeah, it’s…it’s just…I mean, it’s friggin Canada, you know? Like…

Michael Cyger: We love you Canadians.

Shane Cultra: Then…then of course it’s Canada.

Andrew Rosener: No, don’t get me wrong. I actually love Canada. Like, I wish, you know, we could just sort of adopt a lot of what’s going on in Canada in the United States but…but at the same time, you know, the….the…the domain market is not booming the way the .com is, right? .ca sells for, you know, maybe one percent of what the .com sells for. So, it’s, like, if this was, it would be, like, a twenty five hundred dollar domain. And, April…so what does that make, right?

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: Like, it’s…it’s…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …You know…

Shane Cultra: Eight dollars.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, it’s like a…a quarter.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, so again, I think all these name are…

Michael Cyger: What about the five letter ones, Shane? You’ve bought a lot of five letter brandables.

Shane Cultra: I…I always say if you can pronounce a five dot…a five letter .com, twenty five dollars or under, you should always buy it. You have nothing to lose on a pronounceable five letter.

Michael Cyger: So this one…he’s got Krixo, K.R.I.X.O. .com, and he’s got Xaiga, X.A.I.G.A. .com.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I’d…I’d buy them all day at twenty five dollars. He had nothing to lose. That’s again a numbers game.

Michael Cyger: So, what’s the…what’s the retail price on brandables like that which, you know, you’ve got to spell for people?

Shane Cultra: BrandBucket will have them for fifteen hundred to twenty eight hundred all day. And they’ll say, they’ll sell one out of every three hundred and pay for it, and again, it’s a numbers game. And again, the right price on anything, it’s good, but five letter .com’s, they’re…they’re brands, and I like the X names because they go for next to nothing and I think it does make the Z sound. At least most people would…if I asked all four of us how to pronounce it we’d all probably say…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Zy-ga, you know? We’d put the Z in front at least.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, we have one…we have one, X.I.G.I., X.I.G.I. .com, and it’s super popular. We don’t get anybody making big offers but…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Tons of inquiries and it’s just everyone will pronounce it, call me and say, “I’m interested in buying your domain” And I’m like,

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: I don’t have And they’re like, “Yeah, X.I.G.I.,” and I’m like, “Oh, okay.”

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I think…I think there’s good value in that because any…as long as everybody’s consistent with it then it…it…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: And yet people see an X and the first thing they think is…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …”Oh, I don’t know what to do with it.” But they really do know what to do with it.

Michael Cyger: Alright, so your general impression is positive on here, Shane? You think overall he’s going to end up with more money in his pocket as a result of this portfolio than less money?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I mean, if he did this a hundred…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …Times, then he’s going to make money. I mean, because he’s…he’s got more value than what he spent and that’s the name of the game. Could he improve it? Yes. Could he…could he have gotten rid of twenty percent of them and made even more money? Yes. But he’s…he’s at a good starting point. So, it’s much better than some of the other ones.

Michael Cyger: Now, one thing that I want to point out before we wrap up this section is that I run everything through Of course, Estibot is a sponsor of the show. I use the tool on a regular basis, almost daily. I ran all these domains through here. The Sherpas went through, they told me they like best, they liked BudBaron as a brand, they like BudPorium. And so, these are brandable domain names. You cannot put a brandable domain name into Estibot and expect anywhere close to the order of magnitude valuation, the estimated value of the domain name. I put in, you know, what did Bud…BudBaron came back as thirty dollars retail. came back as ten dollars retail price. So, here’s a great example.

Andrew Rosener: Sold! Ten dollars! Sold!

Michael Cyger: Ten bucks, sold, right? Like, you’re going to email Colin, you’re, like, “Colin, I’ll take it today for ten bucks because Estibot says that’s what the value is.” You cannot use Estibot to value brandable domain names. It’s just…

Andrew Rosener: Except when it works in your favor.

Michael Cyger: Exactly. Anything else that we need to say about that or is that a good sum…summary for newer investors that are watching this show?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, done.

Michael Cyger: Done. Colin, thanks for submitting your portfolio and making a donation to cancer research. We hope this review has been helpful to you in your domain investing activities going forward. I look forward to you…you watching the show on Monday and finding out how the negotiation transpires with Drew and Matt. Maybe we’ll get you on the show. That could be a profitable flip right there. Alright, before we jump into the domains going to auction soon I want to tell you about our three other sponsors of the show.

First, if you’re buying a domain name from a private party and want to know what else they own, is the tool you should be using. View their entire portfolio, filter by Estibot value and be a better investor. $49.95 for 250 queries per month. Visit to learn more.

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Michael Cyger: Alright, we’re going to move on to the Marketplace List. Hold on, Drew.

Andrew Rosener: [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: This section is sponsored by NameJet. We’ll be reviewing thirteen mostly no reserve and reserve-met domains going to auction soon. I say mostly because, if I, you know, I want to have only no reserve or reserve-met for newer investors but sometimes the list just gets a little bit too short so I have to throw in a couple of good ones. We’ll see if the Sherpas like them. If you like one of the names on the list click through soon because once they go to auction if it’s not a…a private sale, public auction you lose your chance to put in a minimum bid and be a part of the auction or even just watch the results. The links below go directly to NameJet. They’re not commissionable links. They…they’re just trackable so NameJet can see how much traffic we’re sending them. The list starts with and it ends with I don’t believe it’s the case but for transparency I always ask if any of the domains below are owned or brokered by your companies…not you, Matt, because clearly Rightside owns a part of NameJet. I don’t think any of these names are owned by you guys, right?

Andrew Rosener: Matt’s brokering all of these.

Michael Cyger: I know.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, we are brokering…

Michael Cyger: Oh, you are? Okay.

Andrew Rosener: …

Michael Cyger: Great. I’m glad I asked. Shane, anything on the list…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …That’s yours? No? Okay.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I don’t think so. No. Yeah, I don’t think so.

Michael Cyger: Alright, so this segment we’re going to go Matt first, and then we’ll go Shane, and Drew. So Matt, let’s start with you. From an investment perspective, what do you like on this NameJet list and why?

Matt Overman: I encourage all your viewers to bid on all of these names.

Michael Cyger: Bid early and bid often is what the NameJet representative said.

Matt Overman: No, I…I mean, it’s…it’s a pretty decent list of names. You know, I think AprilFools and DVT are the two best names on there. I don’t think they’re going to be cheap necessarily. So, if you’re a brand new investor…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …That may not be realistic. I think…

Andrew Rosener: Not that it would be a bad investment, but it just may not be realistic for your budget.

Matt Overman: Correct, it may not be realistic for your budget. I think if you’re going…if you’re going to buy DVT, you know, from a wholesale…now, Chinese don’t love V’s but there’s also English language applications for that one, that acronym as well. I think if you bought it in wholesale there’s a good chance, you know, you could sit on that. You could definitely liquidate it back on NameJet or otherwise…

Michael Cyger: What do you think the…the wholesale price for DVT is?

Matt Overman: I mean, I bet it goes for twenty five.

Michael Cyger: But that’s not that great of a wholesale price, right?

Matt Overman: Is my guess. I don’t even…

Michael Cyger: Like, sometimes I find that the desirable…or sometimes I’m finding that just the…the short acronyms are selling for a little bit over, like, a good wholesale price. It’s not retail, clearly…you can still make money on it if you find a company.

Matt Overman: Yup.

Michael Cyger: But it’s not, like…they’re not going cheap nowadays.

Matt Overman: I mean, you guys, actually Andrew and…and Shane…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …May be watching it more closely on a day to day basis. I know there’s three letter com’s…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …Selling for, definitely for less than that.

Michael Cyger: Okay, we’ll come back to them.

Matt Overman: You know, I.T….

Michael Cyger: So, you like AprilFools, you like DVT.

Matt Overman: I think my…I think my favorite on the list is T.R.Y.P. .com. That one’s going to be a bit cheaper, probably more affordable. It’s a CHIP. It’s not the best necessarily from a…from a…from a CHIP standpoint, but it’s also kind of an interesting brandable as well at the same time. You know, flipping in the…the Y instead of and I for…for I like that one. That’s one that you could get lucky I think flipping…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …That one to someone who wants to…to brand.

Michael Cyger: Well, they won’t get lucky…

Matt Overman: They could build a brand there. So…

Michael Cyger: …Now that we’ve talked about it, but yeah, the travel industry’s a big industry.

Matt Overman: You know, maybe not. I think it’s also…I looked it up earlier. I pretty sure that’s an expiring name too, not sold by a…a, you know, which…which had a certain level of appeal as well.

Michael Cyger: Do you find that…that domains sell for a little bit more in NameJet when it’s expiring versus a private sale?

Matt Overman: They certainly used to. Relatively speaking, I don’t know that that’s the case anymore. I would…I would again probably defer to these guys or get Jonathan on here to speak to that. There’s a lot better private inventory right now.

Andrew Rosener: The gap is closing…the gap is closing.

Matt Overman: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: NameJet’s done a really good job of bringing in a consistent flow of really high quality names where, you know, in the beginning, and I think I might have been the first…or one…I was one of the first, you know, resellers, one of…not the first, but one of the first resellers on NameJet.

Matt Overman: You were certainly one of the first high volume resellers.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, and…and…and exactly. There was one, like, people selling one or two names, exactly. So, but, I noticed in the beginning that when people discovered that this was…like…like, we used to put the names under…under privacy a month before we would put them on NameJet or, like, we would do things to obscure it because there was really a very wide gap of, “Oh, but this name isn’t expired, it’s owned by Media Options,” and…and it…we would see a very clear, tangible gap in what the name would have sold for if it was expired versus what it sold for, you know, knowing it was a reseller, and I think that gap has closed substantially.

Matt Overman: Well it’s that…it’s that notion that if you’re getting it and it’s expired it hasn’t been…someone hasn’t tried to sell it. It’s fresh.

Andrew Rosener: Yep, absolutely.

Matt Overman: And now I think that that’s largely gone and I think that it makes sense that it is. There’s so many different people buying for different reasons. You don’t know that a name…just because it’s being sold by a third party lister, has been really worked from a brokerage standpoint.

Andrew Rosener: Yep.

Matt Overman: There’s still value there, and there’s…there’s [inaudible].

Andrew Rosener: We don’t…we didn’t broker any of our names. I mean, you know, all the…literally, all the names that…that…that we put on NameJet we don’t try to sell any of those to anybody. We…we, you know, we broker third party names [inaudible].

Shane Cultra: I mean, that…that…that’s the information that most people didn’t…they assume that…that every broker…

Michael Cyger: Right.

Shane Cultra: …Gets it, works outbound leads through every single name, but once I met everybody I realized they did the same as me. We don’t hardly do any of that. We just wait…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …For the people to come in and we negotiate from there.

Matt Overman: And you see it all the time. I mean, if you follow the sales closely you’ll see privately listed names that people buy on NameJet that’ll maybe pop up in public sales later on and…

Andrew Rosener: Yep.

Matt Overman: …They end up getting flipped for a lot more, so there is value there. There’s a reason why you guys sell on NameJet, right? It’s liquid, you know you guarantee a sale on a certain amount. Yeah, you want to free up cash, whatever it is, it’s not…it’s not because the name is…

Michael Cyger: Right.

Matt Overman: …A bad name, certainly.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, these…these aren’t leftover names.

Matt Overman: Yep.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Tryp is a good one.

Matt Overman: So…so I would steer him that way.

Michael Cyger: What else do you like on the list?

Matt Overman: I like just the keywords of ChemistryTeacher and MarketingConsultant but I don’t know who’s buying that or how. I don’t think that it’s necessarily an easy one to sell to an end user. I don’t see them investing there and surely making money off of it. I mean, I know that this…this is kind of a theme for, you know, for new…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …Investors, to steer towards what’s liquid for a reason, right? I mean, you…you’re putting money into this, real money in a lot of cases, you’ve got to make sure you can get out of it if you need to.

Michael Cyger: And those might take a little longer to get out of, or you might have to go and liquidate it to another investor.

Matt Overman: MarketingConsultant. Like, that’s probably, to me, the biggest…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …Huge search volume for that.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: That’s probably, to me, the biggest on this list.

Andrew Rosener: Wait. Which one?

Matt Overman: MarketingConsultant.

Andrew Rosener: Oh, wow.

Matt Overman: But I don’t…but it’s a long domain and I just don’t know who the buyer is. It’s kind of back to Shane’s point. Like, are Marketing Consultants labeling themselves Marketing Consultant? No.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Good point.

Matt Overman: It’s not like a…you’ll end up selling it again in a…in a wholesale environment [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Matt, based on what you know, what’s a…what’s a domain name that probably wouldn’t be a good buy from this list?

Matt Overman: I wouldn’t bid on ABCRecruiters, CreditRemix. I mean, I’m not a huge .net fan.’s not bad but I think…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: .net has gone down in value.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Okay.

Matt Overman: I kind of like but then you’re…you’re talking about, you know, that…those three letter domains and I don’t think org does particularly well in China, so that one’s risky. Yeah, I mean, I…I really don’t, I’d…I’d probably stay off of ABCRecruiters. I like HelpEarth but I don’t know who the buyer is for that either, so…

Michael Cyger: Right.

Matt Overman: …That’s…that’s very speculative. I would very much steer them towards, if they could afford it, AprilFools, DVT, or the…the…the creative spelling of Tryp.

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Alright, thanks, Matt. Shane, let’s go over to you. What do you like on the NameJet list and why?

Shane Cultra: One I realize GetDivorcedFast is in our auction, so I’ll leave that one alone.

Michael Cyger: I think I picked that one because that was on your auction.

Shane Cultra: I said, “I know I’ve seen that name before.”

Michael Cyger: You know, and…and that’s…that’s okay that we…that you mentioned that.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: I don’t…that’s not conflict of interest and I will say, I just auctioned off a bunch of, what I consider to be, you know, good domain names. Not great domain names, but good domain names off NameJet. I put, like, I don’t know, I must of put thirty in, and I gave you a first shot at whatever you wanted and I’m like, “Why did he pick that one and why did he pick that one”? You picked a few names and I’ll tell you, man, is driving bids on those domains unlike anything else and…and I’m, like, wondering at first they got, like, three bids. One of them didn’t get any bids. I’m like, “I don’t know how this auction’s going to work.” But now all of them have at least double digits, like, over twenty bids on them.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: So, you guys are doing a great job driving traffic, promoting the…the NameJet auction that you have.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, it’s…it’s…it’s gone well. I mean, I…I can’t believe how many things hit reserve.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: The one’s we were thinking…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …But we’ll talk about that later. As far as these names, AprilFools is great one. I…I…I looked, it…it was only at a hundred and one dollars so you can at least participate right now.

Michael Cyger: Just get a bid in.

Shane Cultra: You know, it…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …It doesn’t hurt to put in a bid and watch it. Yeah, but it’s not…it’s a great name. You know, I…I…there’s always those names that are one time a year that…that, but you know, if you do things right, even if it’s only one day a year you can make a lot of money on [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Oh, people those those prank shows and, you know, things like that. AprilFool’s a great brand for that.

Shane Cultra: Yeah. No, it’s…it’s a great name. DVT, I think Matt knows more than he’s giving himself credit for. It’s, you know, twenty to twenty five thousand is that starting point on three letter .com’s, and the V’s will get you down to that starting point. So, I think that’s probably where it’s going to be in that range.

Michael Cyger: If you have the money.

Shane Cultra: You can’t go wrong with a three letter .com. It’s, you know, they…they…yeah, and if you have…and this…this whole show, I mean, you know, it’s, like, me going to New York this year…this weekend. It’s all relative, you know? You go into somebody’s house that you say, “It’s a really nice house for thirty million dollars,” you know? It…it…it…it’s just there’s…not everyone can get into everything and…but it’s still fun to listen to Drew talk about doing fifty thousand and five hundred thousand because we all aspire, even myself, to do more of that. And I’m sure there’s people that aspire to get to where I’m at. And…and there’s all different levels in this industry. There’s plenty of room at every single dollar point, so even though we’re talking about all these expensive names, we still have been at every other level below…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: … At some point in time too. You’ve got to start somewhere. So, you know, don’t think just because you don’t have fifty thousand dollars in domains that you can’t get there. That’s…that’s…it’s true, we could do just as many stories of people that built it up, but it takes a while. If you think you’re going to do it in a year, you’re…you’re not going to get there. As far as…the other one that I did like, oh yeah, I thought, I saw try-p, like, instead of Tryp I was thinking…I don’t know what P is but I sure would like to try it. So, it’s funny how you…it’s…it’s funny how you…you see different things but, you know, four letter .com’s are a great way a newer investor to get in because they…they are volatile. Volatility is how you make money, whether it’s the markets or domains. Up and down is good. People can complain about the Chinese market going up and the Chinese market going down…that’s idiotic.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: You want things to move up and down. That’s how we make money. You want them to fall. You want them to buy low. You want volatility. That’s good for markets. You know, people are worried about being the bag holder. Don’t worry about being the bag holder. Worry about trying to catch a bottom. That just, it drives me crazy. People obviously…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …Aren’t from the trading world when they’re complaining about…

Michael Cyger: So, so…

Shane Cultra: …Falling and losing. It’s just, yeah.

Andrew Rosener: [inaudible] I need prices to go up or down. I really don’t care. Prices go up, prices going down. It doesn’t matter. I need prices to move to make money.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: If prices are flat, who wants to buy and who wants to sell?

Michael Cyger: So, what about, T.Y…. T.R.Y.P. Shane?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, we need…

Michael Cyger: What do you think the retail value is and what do you think would be a good wholesale purchase price?

Shane Cultra: Well, because it’s all consonants, it’s going to go for…it will go for over two grand now, you know?

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: CHIPs or whatever the heck you want to call them, four good…four good consonant letters have gone from seventeen to eighteen hundred to two thousand, even twenty five hundred on NameJet right now, so…

Michael Cyger: So, that’s just the liquid value, you know, based on Chinese valuing domains…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …And people trading these like they’re just any four letters, but this one has the added bonus of being a alternative to a real world word…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …In a large industry. You know, the travel industry is…

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: …Is large. So…

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I mean, now…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …It’s got the Overman effect. So, it’s going to go for, like, three grand.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, so if it does go for three grand…

Shane Cultra: So, but that…that only happens once every three years it sounds like.

Michael Cyger: So, what do you think the retail price is if…if it were listed on BrandBucket?

Shane Cultra: But…

Matt Overman: [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: If you owned it in your portfolio what would be the asking price?

Shane Cultra: I think they’d ask eight to twelve grand for it probably on that name…

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …Just because they’re going to try to make it a pronounceable because they always do. But…but yeah, no, that’s what I think they’d do and it’s short and it…it works in that, but yeah, no, I, again, I don’t see how anybody can complain. Market up or down if you’re still getting two to twenty five hundred on a auction house. To me, that’s fantastic compared to a year ago, so I like that one a lot. .Net, we’ve already said this a million times, it’s…there’s so many good keywords in .net. It’s…it’s hard not to see value but the reality is if you can’t sell it, it’s…it’s not a good buy if you can’t sell, and you just can’t sell .net’s right now. I do like ChemistryTeacher but unfortunately I think it’s going to be used as an email for four hundred dollars instead of as an actual site, and that’s really about it. I do like GetDivorcedFast, I do. You know, the…the reason that I like it is I think some lawyer could use that as a good marketing name for relatively cheap. Or QuickDivorce would obviously be another one. There’s a couple plays on that, but, you know, it’s not an expensive domain where the Q deserves, so I…I think it has value there.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, where do you think the retail price on…on a marketing name like would be?

Shane Cultra: You know, I think he…probably a lawyer would…could make his money back paying three to five thousand at NameJet.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …You know, I’m thinking five hundred to a thousand would be good. I don’t know if it will reach that. I don’t think the reserve’s anywhere near that. I don’t even remember the reserve if it is.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, I don’t remember. I think it might be.

Shane Cultra: It might be no reserve.

Michael Cyger: Yeah, it might be no reserve.

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I guess it is no reserve if you put it on here.

Michael Cyger: ABCRecruiters I thought had a reserve.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Anyways, any…

Shane Cultra: I don’t know that ABCRecruiters, you know, to me, that’s not a marketing name. That’s something somebody’s going to pick up with the name. A marketing name, to me, is something where they’re trying to sell a service they can put at the bottom of the commercial. That works for me.

Michael Cyger: Alright, thanks, Shane. Drew, let’s go over to you. What…what do you like on the list that either you agree with the other two Sherpas, or you disagree?

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I mean, I think we’ve kind of touched on it. The only thing I disagree on is value of, T.R.Y.P. I think that that name is going to do, like eight to…

Michael Cyger: Really?

Andrew Rosener: …Ten grand on…on NameJet. I…I…I’m going to say…I’m going to say six…six to eight grand, but it could get…it could go higher…it could go…it could go much higher.

Michael Cyger: So are you telling me that you would go up to eight grand on NameJet?

Andrew Rosener: I…I think I’d do five grand.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: I think I’d probably go five grand on Tryp. I like that name a lot.

Michael Cyger: Because clearly you think the retail value is over eight to twelve that Shane said.

Andrew Rosener: Well, you know, there’s certain verticals which are, you know, a lot, like, I…I touched on…on real estate before.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: And I said real estate is just one of the proven markets where people understand domains, they’re willing to pay for a great domain, they’re willing to pay for a great brand, and there’s a lot of competition for those names. And they…travel is probably one of the only verticals that’s even bigger than that, even more popular. I don’t know about bigger. I’m not sure in terms of dollars if real estate or travel is bigger but it’s…it’s, you know, they’re certainly…they’re certainly two of the biggest industries on earth. And travel is tough to find a great name, and…and…and great names sell for a lot. Tryp, you know, look, I’m not a big fan of these creative spellings of any word but, you know, they do continue to sell. This is a market where you can’t find any great words anymore, and…and I do think that that name would sell for twenty five to fifty grand to an end user, and so I think it’ll do five to ten grand on NameJet pretty easily.

Michael Cyger: Alright. Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: We’ll…we’ll see. Maybe…I might…I might get proven wrong. I might get proven wrong, but I…I think it does five grand at least.

Michael Cyger: Hey, Drew, what do you think about and the massive one, Are those good invest…they sound like great domain names. On Estibot they have phenomenal types of, you know, traffic, searches per month, the…the estimations are high. MarketingConsultant has a hundred and seventy five thousand dollar retail price on it. Are those…and ChemistryTeacher has fifty four hundred dollar retail price. Are those retail prices accurate from an order or magnitude perspective?

Andrew Rosener: I don’t know…I don’t know if they’re accurate. I mean, you know, MarketingConsultant’s definitely not accurate. I think that that name is probably worth more like ten to twenty five grand. I…I think you could find a Marketing Consultant that would pay you…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Twenty five grand for that name if you…if you…if you hustle. And…and I think it’ll only do maybe twenty five hundred dollars on NameJet. So, you know, I…I think that that one actually is a really good investment even…even…even though, you know, the other guys didn’t agree too much. I…I…I think, you know, MarketingConsultant, you know, sort of marketing, marketing professionals, it’s…it’s a hot segment. Again, not a lot of great names out there. This one has some search volume…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Not huge.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, six grand…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Six thousand, seven thousand a month. But good CPC and, you know, MarketingConsultant is MarketingConsultant. If I’m…if I’m a Marketing Consultant, you know, when I’m sending out, you know, solicitation emails, like, you know, then I’m probably going to get somebody’s attention better than, you know, Joe’s Marketing International, right? Like, you know, I…I…it’s…if…if somebody paid twenty five grand…if somebody in the space who was competent paid twenty five grand for that name they’re never going to regret it. They’re never going to regret it. So, I think that that’s one where it’s not going to be liquid for much more than you’re going to pay on NameJet, probably it’s liquid for less unless you were to go and again, and sell it on NameJet. But, I think that…I think, you know, if you put the work in, that’s one where you will make a profit. You’ll probably get that for low four figures and, you know, you’re going to find somebody that’s going to pay you at least ten grand, fifteen maybe, you know, twenty five if you work hard. So, I think that’s a great name. The other one, ChemistryTeacher, much more speculative but, you know, online education…big, growing category. There’s a lot of new sites around math right now. You know, governments in general are about to have, you know, new…new government in…in the U.S. There’s been…there’s a lot of elections around the world right now. And so, there’s going to be a lot of spending on…a lot of changes to the way, you know, education happens, and there’s a lot of lobbying around that. There’s a lot of money going into online education. There’s a lot of new sites popping up in math. And STEM, you know…

Michael Cyger: [inaudible].

Andrew Rosener: …Science technology are. Exactly, and [inaudible] math are the…that, you know, that’s the core of where that money’s going to flow. And so, you know, could be a great, you know, great website for teaching kids, you know? Private tutoring, for…for chemistry. I…I…I think, you know, and that’s one of the subjects that kids have, you know, struggle in. So, you know, it’s got…it has value. I…I don’t think it’s going to sell for fifty grand. I think it’s, you know, probably sells for five…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: …Or ten, or fifteen grand, someday. But definitely more speculative…way more speculative than MarketingConsultant because there are tens of thousands of Marketing Consultants for you to solicit out there. There are, you know, if you want to solicit all the chemistry teachers, you’re not going to get many people who will offer you more than a couple hundred dollars. So, you need that startup that is targeting that…that chemistry market, tutoring, etc….

Michael Cyger: Yeah. Great point.

Andrew Rosener: …That has the funding to pay that. [inaudible]

Michael Cyger: Hey, Drew, what do you think about PitbullTerrier? People love their Pitbulls. This one’s the full name of the dog, You know, a lot of newer investors would look at that and say, “Exact match, very popular dog.” Is that worthwhile to invest in?

Andrew Rosener: I don’t know. There’s somebody out there that would pay you, you know? Contact Michael Vick. He’ll…he’ll buy it from you. But, I don’t know…

Michael Cyger: Right.

Andrew Rosener: …You know, yeah. I don’t know…other than Michael Vick…

Michael Cyger: Alright. Alright.

Andrew Rosener: …I don’t know if you’re going to find anyone willing to pay you any money for that name. You know, for sure, you know? I mean, or they’ll…they’ll contact the rapper, you know, the…the…the…the reggaeton star, Pitbull.

Matt Overman: We…we own I’m happy to sell that one if anyone likes Pitbull Terriers.

Michael Cyger: Alright. Yeah. So, is for sale too. Clearly a better name if you’re going to go after that market.

Andrew Rosener: Does Pit…does Pit…does Pitbull, like, the, you know, the…the…the artist, does he own

Michael Cyger: Matt’s going to type it in. Let’s see.

Shane Cultra: I don’t think so.

Michael Cyger: Pitbull…

Andrew Rosener: It’s for sale on Sedo.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: It’s for sale on Sedo. Pitbull, he’s actually a pretty…he’s actually kind of an intelligent marketer. He’s, like…he’s probably one of the best marketers in…

Michael Cyger: Really?

Andrew Rosener: …The, you know, the music game, so…

Shane Cultra: And he’s like fifty.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I’m surprised. I’m surprised he doesn’t own that. I’m surprised he didn’t step up.

Michael Cyger: I guess that’s it, man. You guys, we’re at the end of today’s show. I always like to give the Sherpas an opportunity to share anything that they have going on, names they’re brokering or…or selling personally, deals they’re offering, promotions they have coming up, going on right now, anything anybody want to give a shout-out to. Let’s start with you, Drew. What’s new?

Andrew Rosener: So, we’ve got some stellar auctions running at NameJet right now. We have a…a portfolio of a client, a…it’s a very large public technology company that has owned these names, acquired them over many years for millions and millions of dollars and we are helping them to divest of some of these names that are not being used. And there are incredible names on…on NameJet right now in this portfolio auction. We’re talking about, and, and, you know,,, amazing…amazing, once in a lifetime type of names. We also have our own end of year auction, Media Options auction going on right now, in a separate listing with also some…some…some incredible names. Three letter .com’s, one word .com’s, lots of two word .com’s, some numerics, you know, a…a…a big variety. So, all with low or no reserve. So, you can check out the Media Options auction at or find our listing in the featured auctions section on NameJet. The other auction…you can go to and that will bring you to the portfolio, [inaudible] portfolio auctions.

Michael Cyger: Awesome. Yeah, I was looking through them. I wondered why you had two separate auction pages. Thanks for clarifying. Go check out those names. You said, huh?

Andrew Rosener:

Michael Cyger: Wow, yeah. That’s a…that’s a nice one.

Andrew Rosener: One of the best domains I think we’ve ever brought to market and that’s priced to sell.

Michael Cyger: I’ve got to go check that out, get in that auction. Matt, let’s go over to you. Anything you want to promote, make mention of, give a shout-out to?

Matt Overman: Sure, I think I mentioned this before, not necessarily on your show but we, you know, at Rightside always very encouraging of…of people to reach out to us if they come across names that they have confusion on the pricing, or they’re interested in the name but maybe don’t have enough…can’t afford it. I’m looking for more people to help broker them and specifically these are our platinum names that…the that we spoke about at the beginning of the show. We have hundreds, thousands of names like that that do read well left to right that, and they’re priced, you know, they’re priced but negotiable and we’re looking for…for…for people that…that want to not only buy them themselves and try and flip them but help sell to end users and there…there is an opportunity to make money there. We’ve had some brokers not make the investment and help sell the names. We’ve also sold to…to domain investors that have been, or are in the process of flipping them too. So, certainly encouraging of people that…that…that want to take that opportunity to come and contact us. [email protected]. Always willing to talk.

Michael Cyger: So, you’re saying that investors who maybe have hustle and are willing to work and are sharp and…and maybe they went through DNAcademy and they learned, you know, how to interact with people and talk about domain names, but they don’t necessarily have enough money to invest, they can just represent your platinum brands and do outreach to end users and sell them and make a commission?

Matt Overman: Yep, very open to that.

Michael Cyger: Wow.

Matt Overman: We’re saying that we’re…we’re, you know, some of our names sell with higher renewals. They don’t all, you know? We…we do have flexibility on renewal pricing. So, there is an opportunity for a more traditional investor to…to make money, to get, you know, we…we…we look at a number of things in terms of pricing. They’re not all…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Matt Overman: …You know, priced, end user priced. So there…there is an opportunity where we’re closing a…a mid-five figure sale with an investor that you guys would all know right now that absolutely intends to…to flip the name. They’re not buying to…to build it out. So, there is money there. There’s you, you know, and we…we have more names than…

Michael Cyger: Awesome.

Matt Overman: …We’ll ever sell through my sales, and so, you know, there’s…there’s certainly…there’s certainly an opportunity to…to…

Michael Cyger: Fantastic.

Matt Overman: …To reach out to us and negotiate or help broker.

Michael Cyger: Alright, there’s the opportunity. Shane, let’s go over to you. What do you want to mention, give a shout-out to, promote?

Shane Cultra: Well, same thing,, our blog where we do our daily list and then as we talked on earlier, the auction. It’s going better than I expected. Even…almost everything’s hit reserve and we’re pretty close on…on a lot of the other ones so, it’s…it’s doing much better than I thought and we’ll have seventy or eighty…

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …Percent sell-through rate, which is good for an auction, especially with an auction with a couple hundred names. I saw Drew’s bidding on one of my names. He doesn’t even know it, but he was at…he was on I saw him…he liked that one.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah, I like that one.

Shane Cultra: So, yeah, so they’re going well. It’s…

Andrew Rosener: I bid on…I was the high bidder on too.

Michael Cyger: Oh, yeah, speaking of which. My boy Mark…

Andrew Rosener: Somebody outbid…somebody outbid me.

Michael Cyger: …Put in a bid. I think he might have been the high bidder and it didn’t hit reserve. What’s your reserve on that, man?

Shane Cultra: On ToolChest?

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Andrew Rosener: He…he outbid me. I was…I was at five [inaudible].

Michael Cyger: Yeah, so what’s the deal?

Shane Cultra: Yeah.

Michael Cyger: Now that you didn’t sell it on auction, can he, like, contact you and make an offer on that?

Shane Cultra: Yeah, I had…I had eight grand on it. I mean, I’ve had that for a number of years. I think that was Drew and I’s first transaction.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: …A long time ago. But yeah, no, I had it at eight. It’s…it’s a great name. It’s just, you know, not a lot of action on it lately.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: And when people do, it’s always the same thousand, two thousand. I mean, it’s a good name. I’m…I’m not selling it for less than eight. I’ll hang onto it. It’ll…it’ll sell eventually.

Michael Cyger: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: And it’s a good…it’s a good productivity tool name. So, yeah, that one didn’t go. That was the one that I thought might, but it was, out of all the ones you’d ask me on the list I would have said it’s least to sell. Other than was worth a shot. We had to enter that into NameJet. Jonathan’s like, “I don’t think we have any .pizza names quite yet.”

Michael Cyger: Seriously, yeah.

Shane Cultra: I said, “Well, if you…you better put it on now because they’re going to be flooding the market soon.” Yeah, but it’s going well, and you can just go to or our site and there’s banners all over. Travis did a…his wife’s a designer, thank goodness, because we are…we’re everything but designers at our website. So, he was able to put a couple banners on there, and it’s…it’s worked out well, you know? As…as I said in the other podcast, we’ve got to be thankful for the NameJet’s and the Sedo’s and all these companies that give us the ability to be liquid. You know, our hustle makes it…is a big part of it, but all these other companies surely add to the value and to make fun or to call them out all the time, that’s fine and dandy, but take them away from you…take those tools away from you and see how you do.

Andrew Rosener: Yeah.

Shane Cultra: We…we need them. So, you can bitch all you want but you need them. Everybody needs these things and NameJet…Drew and I would not be in this industry anywhere near where we’re at without them, so, you know, that’s why I give them a shout-out because it’s a great tool to do what we need to do.

Michael Cyger: If you received benefit from today’s show, please post a comment below and thank today’s Sherpa. Thanks to Colin Clarke for submitting his portfolio and making a generous donation to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I can’t wait to see what happens with…with your domain, Colin, your Thanks to NameJet for submitting their portfolio and sponsoring that portion of the DomainSherpa Review and thanks again to our DomainSherpas, Andrew Rosener, Matt Overman, and Shane Cultra for sharing their experience and insights. We’ll see you all next time.

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  1. ROHIT says:

    Student at DNA.
    Loved this recording.

  2. Zac Zarev says:

    Great Show Michael and Sherpas!

  3. Domainer Joe says:

    Thank you for a great show!

  4. Saro says:

    Hi Guys,
    Another awesome show!

    I agree a million percent with Drew in terms of, the prices he mentioned were exactly what I had as an intuition for that name…

    A major example of a similar marketed name is the obvious which made that type of spelling hip and acceptable… They might even one day try to use it for a travel division of their business, who knows..

    Wish I had thousands to put for one name! That’s definitely one of the best names I’ve seen in a while … not a Sherpa by any means, but I think 10K for that name is a steal personally…

  5. nick says:

    Great Show!

  6. Towhid Zaman says:

    Michael fantastic show. One of my fav one. Drew threw so many nuggets haha (maybe he’s tearing up his hairs now).

  7. Eric Jenkins says:

    Great show guys!!!

  8. Greg Brown says:

    It is good to see that other people are prepared to speak out about the problems with dealing with Network Solutions; in particular the difficulty with moving names away

    The make it so difficult and then charge ridiculous reinstatement fees because of the delays they create

  9. Great show. Interesting portfolio too- good luck Colin. Looks like you may have a very nice sale too!

    I had some playback issues too but when I’ve mentioned issues from previous shows it’s usually my fault….didn’t want to look stupid again!

    Enjoyed the political chat too. Mike Cyger- what was the outcome of all that betting?

    Thanks to all Sherpas!

    1. There are times when the audio is misaligned with the video. You’re not imagining that, John! :)

      The outcome of the political chat? I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go! I need to bring some cash with me to Vegas (Namescon in January) to pay off my debts.

      See you at Namescon?

      1. Ha ha! That’s hard money to pay up..! Yes, absolutely, I’ll be at Namescon in January. Getting there a few days early as I’m flying in from London and i’ll be bringing gambling cash and political bets cash!

  10. Colin says:

    Good show guys!

    It was great to hear your thoughts!


    1. Thanks, Colin. I look forward to hearing how the negotiation progresses! Good luck!

  11. Jivan Bansi says:

    Mike; Can you tell Drew I have ” ” for sale if he wants it you can keep 20% for cancer research. Thanks, couldn’t resist with all the MJ names.

    1. Very kind, but I’m not sure why Drew would want that domain name. Does it even make sense, or am I missing something? Maybe I am misreading it?

  12. Carl says:

    Thanks Drew, Shane, Matt and Michael! An excellent show with awesome topics!!

    PS I’m offering a great brandable name for $1499. Cheers, Carl

    1. Thanks, Carl. Glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks for posting a comment, although I tend to not allow posting of “this is for sale” comments as they tend to not add to the conversation.

      1. Carl says:

        My apologies! Thanks for letting me know. Cheers, Carl :-)

  13. Michael Calabretta says:

    Mike, something seems to be wrong with the playback. I don’t think it’s on my end, it’s always played seamlessly before. (I’m on windows 10)

    1. Anri says:

      Yep, same thing here…

    2. Yes, I see what you’re talking about. It’s very strange, and I’m not sure what’s happening.

      But if you start the show, then refresh the page, then start the show from the beginning again it all works properly.

      I’ll report the issue to our video hosting company. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the inconvenience.

    3. Raj says:

      In the interim perhaps see if playing at a lower resolution works better.

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    1. Enough said. :)

      Thanks for watching.

      1. Great show…I have the audio on repeat all day. Michael, I will also like to submit my portfolio for review. Whats the process?

        1. Thanks, Ayodeji. I’m glad you found benefit from the show!

          I’d love to have your portfolio submitted and reviewed on the show.

          You can submit it here:


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