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Behind the Scenes with Historic Auction & Q3 Domain Investment Index’s General Manager Jackson Elsegood joins us to discuss behind the scenes insights to’s participation in the historic auction of Plus, we review Escrow’s Q3 Domain Investment Index to better understand today’s domain market.

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Jackson Elsegood
Jackson Elsegood has a passion for ethical economic change and efficient business systems. He founded his first business, a coffee import/export business, with dreams of making an impact on Fair Trade. Today Jackson combines his financial experience, business acumen and ethical beliefs as General Manager at

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This quarter, transacted $3.69 million in domains. We bring in Escrow’s, GM, Jackson Elsegood, to discuss the Domain Investment Index that Escrow puts together to give everyone in the industry some insights into what’s going on in these private domain transactions. We also discussed the historic auction of Given Escrow’s involvement, I tried to talk Jackson into having Escrow swag at NamesCon be Yeezys, but uh, we did come up with some other great ideas about domain holding transaction info that hopefully they can add to the next investment index. Enjoy the show!

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Hey Sherpa Network, I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and today we’re joined by Jackson Elsegood, GM at Hi Jackson. How you doing?

Jackson Elsegood: Hi, Tess. Very well. Thank you. It’s a beautiful day in San Francisco.

It is. Especially with your amazing backdrop. It almost looks like it could be a, um, what’s the word? Like a fake backdrop. It’s so perfect. Whose office it is.

Uh, I think we are looking back on Twitch’s offices. Uh, he, um, we’re at a 180 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, so, uh, it’s, it’s basically, uh, tech firms and banks back to back. Uh, it’s a, it’s a fun place to have an office.

I bet. And now we have the address. My, my teenager is on his way over. Watch out. Very cool. And I’m sure, uh, some cutting edge networking there and some cool parties. You said you share a lobby with them that’s gotta be interesting to bump into them and share that space.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s a, it’s a fun mix of people.

Yeah, that’s a, that’s a clever way to do it. So Jackson, um, two interesting things that escrow has going on right now that I really wanted. Um, the sharpen network to spend some time with you and hear about the auction is really something different. And then also the latest quarterly report issued by ask her the domain in investment index for Q3 2019. I’d really like to go through it, but, um, let’s start with the, the, the uh, the Fashion!

In this case, uh, Auction Experts was particularly interested in, in using the concierge service. Uh, so domain concierge where we hold on to the, uh, to the domain while that transaction takes place. Uh, obviously it’s the [inaudible]  to, uh, to make that transaction happen. And we’re also providing good faith deposits. So, so we hold onto good faith deposits for each bidder. Uh, and of course with a name like You know, you’ve got, uh, bidders from all over the world. Uh, you want to make sure that those bidders are legitimate, uh, that they intend on, on closing the deal at the end. They’re not just bidding. Uh, so fun. Uh, and so the, uh, you know, it’d be Auction Experts who wanted us to hold onto those good faith deposits to make sure that, you know, every bit of felt safe, uh, handing over their deposit. Uh, and that the auction firm, uh, knew that all of those were serious bidders.

Okay. So I think that clears some confusion that some folks in the domainer industry, especially, you know, the, the newer domain investors who are the largest portion really, um, had, so is not entering the auction business. You’re not, um, you know, starting an auction. This is an auction house reached out to you to secure. And especially in this case, they’re doing what, $20,000 deposits and bidder verification. So escrow is doing those deposits, managing those and doing the bidder verification, just like you do a buyer or seller verification. Is that more accurate?

Correct. Correct. So we’re holding $25,000 could fight deposits as well as doing the normal verification that we would do it for a transaction of that size.

Got it. Okay. And then of course, the final bidding, um, will go, the final transaction will go through you with the winner. Correct. Really, really exciting. What do you see different in this auction than in others for premium value domains like this?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, uh, first of all, it’s, you know, it’s one of those category killer, uh, names. So the, you know, the spread of way, uh, the, the auctioneers that going out to, to generate interest, um, is very, very broad. You know, you have everyone from LVMH to Amazon to, uh, individual investors who might potentially want to pick up, uh, this, this kind of name. Uh, so it’s an extremely broad, uh, set of bidders, you know, I would compare that to, uh, you know, potentially a more niche in a branded a nine that might only be interested. Uh, you know, I only have a few interested parties, so you know, that dealing with that demand is something that is quite unique to this, uh, to this auction. I would say, uh, as well as, you know, of course you’ve got people, as you said, who were bidding for the first time.

They might not have been on a, a domain. And demonstrating their value of, uh, of a good domain name, uh, to, to the market is, is hugely important. Uh, so, you know, Auction Experts is doing a great job of that. Uh, they’re going out there and, and talking about the difference between, uh, you know, paying for a domain name that gets, uh, millions of hits every year, uh, versus paying for a store front that, uh, that, you know, having that same kind of foot fall, you only have very few places in the world that could generate a, that kind of foot fall the same as the domain name. And frankly, uh, you know, at the prices that, uh, that these big category killer domain names, uh, sometimes, so it, I still think it’s a [inaudible] and for any, you know, Fortune 500 type company to be able to pick up something that is, uh, a brand that is a location that is all of these things put together at the prices that they can. Uh, I think this is going to be a serious investment for the winning bidder. Um, but I think that that investment is gonna pay off far over many, many years.

Absolutely. I’m sure. Um, and in terms of the timing of the auction, was, um, is escrow it privy to any of the decisions on why it’s being sold now? Why, um, at this point in the year, um, with, you know, I’m looking at your quarterly reports quarter over quarter and how domains perform, but also in terms of, you know, this domain hasn’t been on the market at least in 20, 25 years. Um, so the timing on the larger scale and just within this quarter, what, um, do you think this is a better quarter to sell? Do you think this is a good time, uh, year over year for domains to sell?

So I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to sell, like right domain, uh, you know, the, the market definitely fluctuates. You know, the, the, the market definitely fluctuates is there is a, you know, definitely searches in the market. Uh, but you know, when you’re talking about it to Maine, uh, you know, like this, you really got to take it, take a step back and site that the interested parties and not looking to make an investment for, for a quarter or a year. They’re looking at a, you know, 10 year time horizon. Um, so I don’t necessarily think that, um, that the timing was a, it was a key factor, um, in the cell association. Now I have to take a, another step back and cite, you know, is we’re famous for our, for our, and our privacy. We don’t disclose the details of transactions, uh, buys or sailors a, an MOS always potties. Ah, you know, a part of that transaction. So, um, at the moment they, uh, the seller is still a private party. They’re not, they’re not disclosing their identity publicly. Um, and, and know their reasons for selling the, uh, selling the asset. But, um, as I said, you know, that that asset kind of speaks for itself.

I see what you’re saying, Jackson. But you stole my, my, my thunder. I was gonna say, who owns and you’re going to say what??

I’m going to say. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that at the moment. Uh,

it’s on the website is brilliant. Who owns “You could!” Very well said. And um, and you mentioned, um, you know, Peter Johnston from NAI Limited who is representing the sellers and is, uh, you know, this negotiation expert. Uh, he’s, he’s a brilliant mind behind that, that wording there a,

yeah, I think that one’s got Pete’s brand all over it. Uh, as I said, um, auction experts and uh, and, NAI, uh, they, the two representatives of, um, of the selling party, uh, both of them, ah, you know, boutique and an expert in this, in their fields. Um, they’re actually not names that we have seen too often in the, in the domain space, uh, before, but, um, you know, they really going far and wide in terms of, uh, generating interest in this, uh, in this night.

Yeah, agreed. And this will be very, very interesting to see. Um, well thank you for all the info on, on fashion. Anything else you think we should cover or should we jump into the quarterly report? Let’s jump into the report. Okay, cool. So, domain investment index for Q three 2019. Um, let’s just do a quick overview of the history and purpose of escrow issuing these quarterly domain investment indexes.

Okay. Index index on indexes. Yeah, I think it’s indexes. Uh, so we, we’ve been issuing these, uh, these reports for a couple of years. Uh, now, um, why we started doing woe first we started with, uh, just a really, um, private, uh, publication just to add to a few select, uh, you know, brokers and things like that that we work with, um, who were interested in, uh, interested in, in acquiring a little bit more, um, market wide, uh, intelligence. And as I say, we’re very private about it out deals and we never talked about, uh, volumes in a non aggregated manner. So this is a way where we could, you know, peer down that, that information into a report that was sanitized for, for public consumption to an extent, but also allowed us to, to share a bit more about what we are seeing happening in the domains market.

Uh, as a whole. Escrow dot com is in a really unique place. We get to see the real prices that, uh, that these names are going for. Um, and, and frankly, you know, when you see the public lists of, um, of what’s the most expensive domain that sold this month or this quarter is, you know, you can just take a look at the, the median prices, um, on, on some of these names and see, you know, even the median is, is a powerful, a lot of the sort of top, um, top sales. So it’s really good to be able to come out and talk a little bit about what’s happening, um, in the domains industry without revealing any individual transactions. Because it really does show, uh, investors. It shows, um, you know, end users that when they’re making this, uh, this purchase of a, of a high quality domain name, and maybe they’re spending six figures on that domain, that they’re not alone, that they’re out there, uh, purchasing an asset that not only will hold its value, but will actually appreciate over time.

And I think as you look at each one of these, uh, these graphs, the, the one consistent thing across all of them is just the consistent growth across every category. Uh, you know, over a long to time period. Um, you know, it’s, it is very consistent. Quarter by quarter we see, uh, pizzas and troughs and of course, people who are trading domain names very regularly, um, should definitely pay attention to those. Uh, but that year off the year, we still consistently see this is really strong growth across all categories. So it’s great to be able to show that to the market at lodge, uh, in, in a responsible way.

Yeah, it is. It’s fantastic. I think it’s really important for the development of the industry too. Um, do you re release other non-geographic demographics on transactors? Uh, you know, corporate transactors versus investors. Um, uh, any other details about their company size, about anything beyond just geographics?

Yeah, we’d done at the moment. Uh, and as I said, this is something that we’re really concerned about is, is preserving the anonymity and confidentiality if face, um, if these deals to parties that are potentially not involved, uh, in them. So we try not to cut down too narrowly, uh, to avoid revealing, um, or even giving you a hint towards the prices of individual sales. Um, if that being said, you know, the domains market is growing every year, um, we’ve seen more and more transactions coming through. I’m sure at some point we will be able to break down into those categories and provide more, uh, more specific intelligence. I’ll definitely pass it over to our dot attainment. Uh, you know, might the inspirations for a new section in the report in the future.

Ooh, LA LA. I like it. All right. Well, um, I will try to think of what demographics beyond that might possibly, um, be of interest. And I’ll leave it to your boss to figure out what, uh, what, what’s, you know, legal and ethical to share. That’s gotta be a difficult balance. So, um, you mentioned kind of, you know, the public sales and of course, Ron Jacksons, um, year to date sales chart on DNJournal is, um, kind of the standard for everything, uh, public that’s been transacted. And so, so I have that up on one screen and then the escrow domain, uh, [inaudible] investment index on the other. Just kind of looking here at, um, at what you’re saying. So let’s start out with the key takeaways in the report. So, longer letter domain names Rose in popularity this quarter. So you’re saying like three letter for letter, five letters, six letter, not word, just, um, you know, a, B, C, D, E, F.

what does, what that’s really looking at, uh, is the, is the performance of the longer, um, you know, let it to, my name’s the five and six versus the shorter ones that are threes and fours. Now the especially, um, you know, the shorter, shorter, uh, uh, three, uh, lighter domains and two letter domains, you know, or they’ll occasionally go for an ultra premium price. So you’ll see a big spike in that. And that’s sometimes driven either by a particular portfolio sale where someone is selling to another investor or just an individual, um, sale itself, that that really drives that mane up. And you can really say that in the difference between the mean and the median. Um, in those, uh, in those graphs, what we’re looking at here is, you know, the popularity in, in the, in the previous quarter, if those fives and sixes, you know, longer,, uh, you know, pure leaded, uh, domains that they’re, um, you know, they are prone to be pushed up, uh, by people who are really being careful about who they’re selling to. So that’s really a peaking, huge demand, uh, type of market, um, chip domain. So your, your, uh, threes and fours, especially for letter coms, you know, a lot of that demand is, is as you said, cyclical. It’s based on investors buying, say from other investors. Uh, and, and especially, you know, we saw that out of the Chinese market, you know, people investing in sort of Chinese premium, uh, nines, you know, compare to, um, uh, compare that to fives and sixes that they’re typically more branded, uh, taught, uh, talk names.

Interesting. Okay. So this would be something like would still fall in this category. The number of letters, not if they’re consecutive letters. Oh, I mean, not consecutive if they’re making a word or just kind of ad.

Correct. We, we, we, ah, look at them all together. Um, and I exactly as he said, you know, snipe, don’t call me as a perfect example, uh, because that could sell to a pet store, uh, for 10,000. Uh, or that could sell to a, a, you know, a leather company that, uh, that real, you know, snake leather or something like that. Uh, that’s, that just has to have that name and sells for, you know, 150,000. Uh, the, the, the skill in selling those domains really reflects, um, in, uh, in these indexes. When you can say people selling, uh, you know, selling domain smart and, and getting top dollar for them, that really pushes up these, uh, pleasing indexes.

Okay. And you know, you’ve mentioned the steady rise and I think, you know, we all know domains have very steadily risen year over year. Um, however, there you, your, when we were talking before we started filming a little bit about the spikes in the past, um, and mentioned in the report, some volatility is the voluntarily just seen in the Chinese market or are you seeing that elsewhere as well?

Uh, well look, I would not describe necessarily the, uh, the Chinese market as, um, as being, uh, particularly, uh, you know, overly volatile was, we’ve seen a steady decline in demand out of the Chinese market as that, as that market has matured, obviously we had the rise of domains in China, uh, in 2015 in 2016 we were, frankly, the market was just buying everything. It could lie, it’s hands on, you know, Chinese investors I think have matured a bit in that and being more, more selective about what they were buying and what they were holding. Um, and uh, and, and we see volatility, you know, more in, in particular categories. So as I was mentioning, you know, the, uh, the demand for three and four letter domains being a little, a little volatile and a number of domains, you know, that those ones, uh, have definitely been being volatile as a, as a category. Um, and as I said, you know, are reiterating it. It’s, it is, uh, it’s, it’s volatile when you look at over a quarterly, a quarterly basis once you zoom out. Um, and I think part of the value of this, of this report is zooming out to a 17 year a time horizon. I mean, uh, that, that curve becomes very apparent when you, uh, when you take a look at it.

Okay. Very, very well said. Um, to put it in the larger picture. And even though kind of in the executive summary talked about volatility, country by country, um, it’s really on, on just this small quarterly scale is what are, um, that’s great to clarify. Cause I know a lot of domain investors very nervous about China and there are not many domain investors or brokers who have that more intimate knowledge. So let’s talk about Hong Kong on page five of the report or six if you’re scrolling, talk about the total transaction volume in the top five regions. Quarterly. Looking at, you know, the upheaval in Hong Kong, it’s a gateway for China. Um, what are the financial implications that you’re seeing here on a larger scale? What, um, what numbers can you give us from the past? What’s going on?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, uh, we have previously published, um, you know, geographic breakdowns that include Hong Kong. Um, if you take a look back at out at Q1, uh, index from this this year, um, but you know, in, in the last two quarters, in quarter two and in quarter three, we really saw a pretty dramatic drop off. Uh, so Hong Kong, um, you know, and, and that can be ascribed, you know, partially to, to things like, uh, political instability in the, um, in, in that area. Um, but I mean, you know, that that is something that, uh, that we’ll see, you know, if that comes back, uh, in, in quarter four, uh, or in quarter one, um, that that might just be, uh, a lack of a lack of flows coming out of, uh, side Chinese companies that have outposts in, um, in Hong Kong. Or as I said, it could be, uh, something to do with, with people really focusing on keeping the operations going rather than focusing on it on their marketing spend.

Okay. Interesting. And then too, there could be just a Chinese offshoot company making a purchase instead of a Chinese company. So it’s not quite accurate to just combine the two, you know, the Chinese and the Hong Kong. But that decline may not be as indicative. Like maybe just in Kutu 2018 there was something particular going on.

Hong Kong is the home of a lot of international finance, uh, firms, you know, think about, I just may say, Oh, you know, any of these, uh, meets, it has a very interesting, uh, cultural mix with the, you know, uh, British history and Chinese history mixing. Um, so I definitely wouldn’t add it directly. You know, we split it out for a reason. We split it out, um, uh, from, from China are for a reason. Um, but uh, yeah, it is definitely an interesting number to watch going into going into Q four.

Okay. Yeah. Good, good to hear. Um, so let’s look at the, um, at the end of the report here where, Oh God, I deleted my notes. Dammit. I did like as I go. I did and it’s like too much. I don’t remember what else we talked about after Hong Kong

about, um, the, the total, uh, the total aggregate flows. Now you mentioned that it’s the end of the report. Uh,

no, I’m just saying that cause I was like, I need the end of my notes. I’m [inaudible]

right, right. I think you’re talking about the total transacted domain name amount, which is on page three. If you’re scrolling or page two of the report. Okay, cool. Let’s do it. Um, and that, and that one was a decline in, uh, was a decline in Q two and Q three over the same, the same Q2 in Q three, uh, in, um, uh, in 2018. Okay.

So what do you thinks going on there, Jackson, with?

So look, you know, the, the, the, uh, amount that way of talking about it coming off by is, that’s relatively significant. It was getting up towards, you know, Q three 2018, uh, you know, your, um, you know, you’ve got maybe 10 million more, uh, dollars in the system being spent. Um, and you know, like, uh, uh, like, uh, I, um, you know, a good plumber or something like that. You, you want to know, uh, you, you definitely want to know what’s happening in this particular pipeline, but it’s worthwhile knowing what the pressure is in the entire system. Uh, and in this case, you know, that fat is, that’s, uh, a decline in, um, in total overall, uh, spend on domains. Yes. However, um, you know, come back and take a look at the, um, come back and take a look at, uh, the, the domain median price return year on year.

We’re still seeing strong returns. You know, as a, as an, as an asset class, uh, you still seeing strong your returns. Anything that can return like 10%, uh, that that would be indicative of I healthy system. Uh, you know, and, and yes, there is a little bit less, you know, pressure in the overall, um, uh, system, but take a look at things like domains with content. They’re extremely stable in terms of their, um, in terms of the, um, uh, that they approximate the premium of a, um, like the, you know, no one contacted me is there’s a lot you can do with an asset, like a domain to, uh, totally if the price, and frankly we’re seeing consistently strong over a 10 year or a five year period using a consistently strong price return, uh, which is indicative of a, of a strong financial suits, um, situation rather than a weak one.

Hmm. Or domains your favorite assets that escrow transacts. Yes, absolutely. I like you didn’t even think about it.

No, no. I mean it’s, you’ve got to be political if you, you know, cause we’ve got a lot of little, a lot of, uh, automotive marketplaces and things like that, but, um, but, uh, domains, uh, there’s nothing like the rush of seeing someone turn, uh, uh, you know, $100,000, a million into a million dollar domain or, or, uh, you know, or a hand registered, you know, Oh, I’ve held onto this for a few years and, um, and then selling it for a fortune. I mean, that’s it. That’s a, that’s a, a true rags to riches story. You don’t get that in a, I mean, occasionally you might find it perfectly, perfectly preserved 69 Mustang in your, in your hay barn or something. But it’s, it’s not, it doesn’t happen every day. Whereas, you know, domain is do this every day.

Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. So I’ll go check my hay barn, but in the meantime, domains is where it’s at. Um, so have you ever talking a little bit earlier off the, um, off the record, just the sophistication of the buyers? I think you can say, even if you can’t give numbers on, um, corporations or sizes, um, but you’ve definitely seen a steady increase in the sophistication of the buyer. Yes.

Yeah. I mean, look, the short answer is in, in 2005. Um, you know, you might have a, a, a chief marketing officer who didn’t know about the quality of the, uh, you know, if it’s the way of the channel or something like that, you know, that person isn’t the head of marketing anymore. Uh, you know, if you don’t know what SEO and SEM and, and uh, and wipe traffic is valued at, um, simply put, I, I don’t think you’re probably at the top of, at the top of the marketing, uh, organization anymore. And that is, you know, that that is becoming, uh, you know, people that the organization’s number one, uh, channels. So, um, I don’t think those people are, are questioning, um, the quality of the channel. I think that the key thing is just making sure that they understand how important the right name is as part of that channel.

And would you have say, say, I mean, I know 2015, 2016 you’re still dealing with people who think, you know, they misunderstand, um, Google out algorithm changes, misunderstand exact match domain values. Um, but as the dollar amount of these transactions rise, really, you know, you mentioned that often is, um, is on parallel with the sophistication of the buyer rising, um, the level of funding that they have and the value that they attached to it, um, because they can see how to utilize it. So would you say 2015, 2016 2017 to today that you see a higher level buyer or you’re, I mean, I’m putting you on the spot.

Yeah. So look, uh, we can see that the, the sophistication of buyers continues to rise. Uh, does that mean that they are, you know, blindly buying assets? Not, uh, they, they’re going out there. They are being savvy about the names that they pick up. They are, you know, using new TLDs. They are using campaigns, specific names, you know, they’re buying a name just for, for one particular advertising campaign. Uh, there are a myriad of ways that the more sophisticated buyer uses, uh, uses their domains. Um, and so w one you see a, you know, an increase in, um, in the median, uh, price paid as people value these assets higher. Um, but you may not see, uh, the, the mean rise at such a, uh, a Swift level because you might have people buying, um, CIPA domains and using them safety for one particular, um, campaign. Uh, you know, one of the things that I find useful is, is taking a look at that, uh, total transactive domain name of amount, uh, over time. And that really shows you that pressure in the overall system. And I really like that too, to say, well, you know, look, the, the world is consuming more, more domains. Um, and as I, as I consume more, I become more picky in what they, in what they want to consume.

Yeah. They evolve I think. Absolutely. Yeah. I like it. Thanks Jackson. So we, um, we’re plotting and planning together earlier and thinking that maybe next time escrow can look into playing numbers about the domain holdings that to do, um, in the monthly payment plan. I mean, that’s opened up this tremendous new channel. Um, I’d love to know the number of domains in that type of channel, maybe the, um, the dollar amount both per month that gets transacted, but also like, what’s the, the median or I don’t know which numbers are more for you fancy math people. Um, but, um, like what’s the dollar amount for the whole deal and what’s the average dollar amount in any given month for a transaction? Um, that’d be really, really interesting to see. So you think, what are the chances?

Oh look, I’ll definitely, I’ll have a chat with at data team. Um, you know, as you mentioned that the, the, the quality, all of names being sold through the payments over time domain name holding a platform is, is really high. Uh, you know, if you’re going out and approaching a startup, uh, that is potentially, you know, just getting their first round of funding, uh, they might not be able to splash out on exactly the name that they want, uh, right now, but they can pay over a two or three year period. Um, so absolutely. I think that’s a really interesting, uh, part of the market today. Take a look at. Um, I will have a chat to our Datto team and, and see what we could drag out there.

Cool. Thanks. Uh, what I’m success grow up to anything new? What are you holding back on? Uh, uh, I bet you have things in pilot of your sleep you won’t tell us about.

Yeah, absolutely. We’ll look away launching a new integrations every day, uh, with, with, you know, new partners. Uh, these are people who take their listing sites, their landing pages and put a buy it now pages, you know, by now buttons on there. And instead of just to find number on email, um, we’re seeing people, uh, changing their, um, changing the, the, uh, personal listing site into, well, maybe now I’m listing for a few clients, um, into a full on exchange and dropping the, the API directly into that. You know, they are building a payments platform directly into their own exchanges, which is amazing to see. Um, you know, the power of individual brokers and individuals, sellers in the, in the domains market is amazing. Um, you know, the inventiveness, uh, uh, that, uh, that I get to see every day is phenomenal. That’s why it’s why the domains market is, uh, is my favorite market to talk out out of all of the verticals that we service. Um, and frankly, I, uh, I can’t wait to see what people do into 2020. I can’t wait to talk to people at, uh, at names calling Austin and, um, uh, and find out what’s, uh, uh, what they are doing with, um, without product.

Yeah. Cool. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Austin. Uh, and uh, I know that as far as always such a great sponsor, thank you to um, demean Sherpa, um, but to the industry as a whole, sharing that information like, you know, the top brokers so we know what’s really going on in the private end as well. Um, Jackson, thank you for taking all this time. I think as a piece of your, um, although you do look fabulous. Um, but I think they should, um, make a new escrow shirt, maybe a whole escrow, um, blazer for you, not for you, you, but the whole team. I think that would be a reasonable thing to negotiate into. Uh, when you, you complete the, you’re part of that might be some or maybe some, uh, very fashionable flip flops. So something, Oh, all right. All right. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Austin and your fashionable flip flop. Thanks Jackson. Bye for now.

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  1. Shamil says:

    Hello. Who knows how to buy a domain with one English word and the extension .Com for resales and within the budget $xx,xxx- $xxx,xxx

  2. Platey says:


    You know a few in Godaddy etc and media options being a brokerage etc

    I want to donate 1 or two domain names to

    Van build fest 2019

    On youtube

    But they don’t understand the value of domain names etc

    But it would be great if a couple of brokers got together so that people could donate domain names that could be brokered to raise money for such a good cause or for someone like Godaddy to hold a special auction for this event as domain names could change lives for the better

  3. Oteph Khael says:

    Nice Great content thank you domainsherpa. my i ask something because it is bothering me on 19:58 on the backdrop of sir jackson Elsegood top right corner window is that a ghost?

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