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Emoji Domains – ROI, Tech Updates & More – with Matan Israeli

Are you curious about how emoji domain names work? Are you looking for your niche? Want to be inspired to think differently by a unique entrepreneur’s story? Learn how emoji domain pioneer Matan Israeli views today’s emoji domain market, his ROI, tech updates affecting emoji domain usage, and much more!

On today’s show:

  • Matan shares emoji domains ROI, sales strategy & investor vs. end-user percentages.
  • We do some screen shares to see and understand emoji domains in actual usage.

If you’re searching to find your niche, Matan’s thought process and insights will inspire you to think differently! And if you are curious about emoji domain usage, languages in technology, or investing in emoji domains, you will benefit from today’s show!

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This Show’s Sherpas

Matan Israeli
Matan Israeli
Matan Israeli is the owner of at Emojiurl, and owner of Matan Security. Prior to this role, he was a video editor at Moka productions and served in the IDF of Israel.

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7 Responses to “Emoji Domains – ROI, Tech Updates & More – with Matan Israeli”

  1. Sergey Lukin says:

    Fresh. Exciting. Glad to see a unique vector in domains. Needs more software vendors support though, especially online platforms. Definitely has a potential and I’m sure early owners will profit from emoji domains. But adoption will take time, as not only Instagram and other platforms need to add support but also all the platforms that are used to build websites, including one used here in this comments section in the Website field. It’s a too long term investment approach I think.
    Thank you for sharing this Tess and Matan!

  2. Deborah Carlston says:

    The main problem, to me, with emoji domains, is that they cannot be used as handles or registration addresses for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook. If they could the values of these would skyrocket. I have some emoji domains and I dropped a bunch of them recently because there is so little practical utility for them right now. You can actually use them as domain addresses. Jon Roig does this for his website. But few people know this so they rarely use them for search. IMO the social networks are where the most of the money is.

    Second, new emoji.coms can’t be registered. Except for those of us who bought them from the show in April 2017, most people don’t know that .ws exists. There are some others that emojis were sold with, none terribly recognizable to the general (non domain buying) public, which further muddies the water.

    I completely agree with Matan’s international language concept. But there have to be more ways to use them. Just using them as an editorial gimick in a promo photo won’t cut it for long term value.

    If you have any info that refutes anything I’ve said here, please educate me. Thanks for the show Tess and Matan!

  3. Garry says:

    Matan is a great guy. I was able to buy an emoji name from him a couple of years ago and he was very generous with his knowledge and he even listed it for sale on his site. I sold it recently for a pretty good return, although through a different outlet

    Thanks Matan. You’re awesome.

  4. Shahar says:

    Great episode Matan and Tess.
    And I thought I am the only Israeli interested in Domain names

  5. Mike Razz says:

    GREAT segment on Emoji Domains! Agreeing with Matan, Emoji domains will become more popular and mainstream once a large company implements Emoji domains into their marketing/advertising campaigns. The visual branding aspect in addition to the universal language-global communication of Emoji Domains makes them a true unicorn in domain name marketing/advertising.

  6. John Harrison says:

    Great episode! Thanks for sharing Matan. Glad things are going well for you. I’m excited for the future of emoji domains and looking forward to how my few (?.ws ⌚.ws) will be used!

  7. Page Howe says:

    Matan. Thank you for continuing to share about emoji domain names. You’ve been generous with your knowledge, and i love your enthusiasm.

    plus you’ve got some great emoji domains

    glad that emoji domains brought us together.

    Page Howe

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