Exploring Australia’s Unique Domain Investment Culture – with Ed Keay-Smith & Rob Kaay

In Australia and the Australian ccTLDs, a mere 64,000 registrants own a whopping 1,000,000 domain names. There’s a very unique and specific perspective, network, and culture in the Australian domain space. So, we bring in Ed Keay-Smith and Rob Kaay, who together host & produce The Domainer Show, to discuss:

  • Australian-specific domain market and current trends
  • Recent big .au sales, particularly private sales
  • Progress of direct .au registration, will it ever happen?
  • How is Covid impacting AU domain market specifically?
  • NamesCon takeaways

Any domain investor curious about what happens in the Australian market, or looking to connect with or create a unique network, will benefit from today’s show!

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This Show’s Sherpas

Robert Kaay
Robert Kaay
Robert Kaay is an Australian entrepreneur who has utilised his domain name expertise to grow multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. Robert currently runs DBR.com.au; an Australian domain brokerage firm, Domainer.com.au; an Australian domain name industry blog and home to the Australian “Domainer Show”, Reg.com.au; an Australian business and domain name registration service, and Grey.com.au; a company creating multiple Australian businesses utilising and developing premium Australian domain names.

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Ed Keay-Smith
As the Founder & CEO of the Digital Marketing Agency Online Impact, founded 17 years ago, Ed combines domains with digital marketing & web development.

Ed founded one of the first Domain Investor podcasts at OzDomainer.com, founded in 2007 and ran for many years. He now produces www.MyLivelihood.com.au with his wife Lois.

Together with Rob Kaay, they host & produce the Domainer Show where they discuss the process of investing in domain names with other domainers & entrepreneurs.

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3 Responses to “Exploring Australia’s Unique Domain Investment Culture – with Ed Keay-Smith & Rob Kaay”

  1. Thank you, for putting together everything in unique domain investment culture. I think you have covered all the major points in this article and video, I will share this with my network as well. Thanks for sharing us this useful information. Keep it up!

  2. Gold Bee says:

    We definitely learned somethin and had fun watching as the two talk about the domain investment trend in Australia. Thank you for this show. More shows that we can learn next time thanks.

  3. Hi Tess & Andrew

    Thanks very much for having the two crazy Aussies on your show, we had fun and hopefully your audience learned something and had some fun with us too.

    Until next time.



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