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This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,…
  • Get your bids in soon for these NameJet auctions:,,…
  • And much more!

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Jebidiah Burnett, Joe Uddeme, Joshua Schoen.

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This Show’s Sherpas

Jebidiah Burnett
Jebidiah Burnett
Senior Domain Consultant at Donuts., Jebidiah has a demonstrated history of high level domain investment and portfolio sales. Currently owning 4 of the top 20 all domain tld sales, including the record setting sale of

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Joe Uddeme
Joe Uddeme
Joe Uddeme is a domain name broker and owner of

Prior to founding NameExperts, Uddeme was director of business development at Domain Holdings, held various business development and sales positions at USO Networks and Encompass Communications and was the owner of multiple retail stores in Maryland.

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Joshua Schoen
Joshua Schoen
Joshua Schoen is the owner of, a marketplace that carries a premium selection of domain names appealing to a wide variety of people and industries.

Schoen is also a marketing and business development professional. He earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, psychology from Endicott College.

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We’ve got a fabulous Sherpa Review for you today. We have all domains to discuss in the first segment of the review including two acquisitions, one of which was a acquisition on behalf of an end user. Very interesting case study. We also all learned something new about the dot G G domain extension. Plus one of our Sherpas has a spot on guess on what the other one paid for a domain in the show!
Hey Sherpa network. I’m Tess Diaz, executive producer of domain and today is a Domain Sherpa Review panel. This is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors using real examples so we can learn strategies and tactics to become better investors ourselves. We will do the three usual segments to the review. We’ll start off learning what the Sherpa’s recently bought or sold. Next we’ll discuss in value and investor submitted domain name portfolio and finally we’ll preview some domains going to auction soon and whether the Sherpas think they’re a good fit for you.
Joining us today, our three past Sherpas and industry thought leaders. First big hello to Jebidiah Burnett. My hero for being here today. Senior premium domain consultant at GoDaddy. How you doing Jebidiah?
Jebidiah Burnett: Thanks for having me back.
Tess: Good to see you and Joe Uddemi, thanks for being here from .what’s going on? Can you tell us? How are ya?
Joe Uddemi: Good to be here. Happy to be back. Right to be with your audience again.
Thanks Joe. Yeah. And Josh shone my neighbor from ultra domains. How you doing Josh? Good. Good. Thanks for having me back up. Yeah, delighted. So I moved this past weekend. Did I move closer to you or further away? Well, let’s see. I see we were pretty close in Arcadia. Now did you move out of Arcadia? Moved out of Arcadia like 10 minutes away.
It’s all, it’s all relatively close by. Yeah. Or we were actually pretty close. Um, yeah, we were like five minutes away, right? I think so. Yeah. Pretty wild though. It’s a small world in domains. You just got hold people. Yeah, pretty cool. Um, let’s, let’s jump in. Um, w let’s use sherbets. So you’re going to share a purchase or sale you’ve made over the past few weeks and we get to learn what you paid or received for the domain, why you think it was a good deal or not and how did it go? [inaudible] progressed. So just remember, don’t say the price. Um, so that the other folks can get. Uh, let’s see. Joe, you are up first. I am always lucky number one in this thing. I don’t what that’s all about
but it’s funny how it works. But um, so the, the name is, I was a broker on this particular domain and the name is demand that I Oh
Oh, demand that I owe. Okay.
And your Bibles, um, let me give you a little more information. I’ll just give you a little context. I was approached by a buyer who wanted to acquire this domain name.
Uh, it was a Mark has said that was not being used and that’s kind of where I’ll leave it. Okay. Now one question I have, was it an investor or end user that wanted to buy it? Cause that’ll make the price drastically different.
Great question. It was an end user who, uh, had me, um, try and negotiate a good fair market value for the asset.
Cool. Hmm. Good name. It is a good name. Um, and I know that Iowa’s are a little different. Um,
but that’s a great thing about being a broker or an investor. You really get to learn different markets along the way and you don’t have to be an absolute expert in it.
Sure. And if I understand the story correct, you had a end user reach out to you to acquire a domain name? That is correct. That is correct. It sounds pretty cool. Those first. I think I got to get a number on this one. All right. Fire away. I think 17 five. I think that I’m not a huge, huge expert in dot. IO. I have to admit, I don’t kind of skipped that one a little bit, but I think it’s definitely low five figures. Um, but I think about 17, five we good. Okay. I like the name though. Like the name alone. Yeah, me too. All right. What do you think, Josh? Yeah, so, so yeah, so dot. IO is, is right in my wheelhouse. Um, yeah, it’s an extension. I really love and have been, uh, dealing with it for the past, past few years. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s, uh, as far as dot, IO goes, it’s a really good one.
Um, definitely fits the bill. Uh, you know, what a top tier Daddo, uh, would be, um, you know, a short, uh, one of our dictionary name. Um, so, you know, noun, verb, uh, multiple uses. So, you know, the, the price range can vary on these things. Could be four figures, could be five figures. That the thing that leads me to believe that it might be higher rather than lower is the fact that you have a guy coming to Joe, uh, you know, you gotta assume the guy has some sort of decent, um, if he’s going to actually hire a broker to, to try to, uh, uh, by name, especially, uh, uh, uh, you know, not So, you know, these, these things range in price on the end user side. I’m, I’m going to say I’m going to say 25. I’m going to say he had a pretty healthy budget and I’m going to say, uh, he was willing to do 25, 25 month
ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Right on the nose. I thought 17 five was a good guess, but I gotta tell ya, you know, it all started. I’ll just give you a little more context on that, on that how the pricing came to be. It was a buyer who wasn’t sure what the true value of the, he looked at me for direction. Typically the way that I value these things would be a percentage of the dotcom value. So I looked at the value of the dotcom and backed out a fair market valuation on the domain. And really that’s how we were able to make it be a work for both parties. So buyer and seller were happy. Uh, the client got the name that they wanted and 25,000 most filed.
I shout buddy that to be the first and only time I ever get one. Exactly right. Oh, Josh, you have to tell them the truth that you and I spoke five minutes. I should have downplayed it a little bit. Right, exactly. Exactly. You get the a hundred dollars bill now though, right? So knitting it right on the nose. You get the bonus when you go up to see drew or Bob thing. I’ll put it in the mail for ya. Perfect little go out. That’s a great, that’s a good deal. Seller education involved. Did the seller have a price in mind? Did the seller think it was worth more than 25 grand? How did that work? Uh, the seller was, you know, kind of open to something. I think in their mind they were looking for something in the lower five range, but once they realize that we had a buyer that understood the true value of the asset and was going to give them more than anybody else in the market, they realized that it was a good deal for both sides.
Really. That’s part of the education process. Um, they’re very happy. My buyer’s very happy. So again, when, when is what, it’s all about part of process. Also I’m looking at any other TLDs or the lack of availability for demand [inaudible] another TLD demand strategy. Yeah. My strategy, because I do so much in the comm space, that’s what I base everything off of. Um, so when I go to so and IO a co, it doesn’t matter what the extension is, it’s all based on the value of the com because I do so much there that I can, I have my finger on it. I know what sells, what doesn’t sell, what the price points are and I can back it out based on that. I mean I thought that the pricing goes
relative to that, but if Dot. AI. Dot. You know, everything else is taken. And dot. IO is like the only one left that sometimes um, skews things or were they only looking for dot. IO
in this particular instance, the client was only looking for that specific URL that there was no other exercise to try and bring them other inventory. It was, this is the name that we want. Let’s try and zero in and see if we can make a deal happen. Um, the seller was, um, you know, nonresponsive to them prior to, I had gone through other channels to try and get the name and were not successful. That’s correct. Yeah.
So, you know, I just think it depends. I mean, again, you have a buyer who kind of sets there, you know, we set the expectation for the buyer, but at the end of the day, you know, they’re going to set the price, they’re going to tell you what they’re willing to spend and if we can make a deal and we get all parties involved. Yeah.
Josh, you said something, there’s feedback from somebody’s microphone on me. I don’t know if you know who it is, but,
um, I’m not sure. My room is pretty quiet here.
Sure. I can let me get mine and see if that’s it.
Well, I’ll just keep talking and see what happens. Um, so Josh, you mentioned something that um, the, the verb and noun, um, that is like a secret passion of mine. Um, let, let’s talk about that for a minute. And I don’t know, I’m guessing, I don’t know, maybe 80, 20 of our audience gets it and the other percent doesn’t. I’m not sure which way. Let’s give a couple examples or explain that.
Yeah. So, you know, I think if, um, you know, just comes down to the possible uses, uh, if you have a dictionary word that is both a verb and the noun, it’s, it’s going to have more applications, more possible uses applications. Then if a word is just an adjective or just a, just a noun or just a verb. Um, so, um, the fact that demand in, in this case is a verb in and out and could even be other things. I, you know, not a, a wizard, uh, with, uh, with this stuff, but, um, I know it’s at least a bourbon and down and so you have the action of, of demanding something, right? Like, I demand you to do something. Uh, that’s one possible use. You can make a play off of that. Uh, you have demand as a noun. There is a lot of demand for this product. Um, you know, I, I think the more, uh, you know, the more, um, different, uh, contexts that a word can be used in, um, the more it uses. There are, and, and you know, certain always going to raise, raise the value, but in this case demand is great keyword. So in this case, you know, kind of the sky
was the limit for it. Okay. Yeah, I definitely think it’s something to look at. Um, when you’re evaluating a specific word,
this may be a tough question to answer, Joe, but based on what Joshua just said, if you were the selling agent for that domain name, do you think 25,000 would have been a good deal for the seller at that point? Would you think you could’ve maybe gotten 10, 15, $20,000 more out of it being the seller agent versus the buyer agent? You’re on mute.
Oh, hold on. I think I can. Hey, chow.
That’s the tricky. I have buttons where I can press on mute. Hey Joe, you’re muted. Start again.
Okay. Um, I think it’s a great question. I think it’s very hard to answer because you know, in this case I was representing the buyer, right? We could always sit here and say the silver lining is, you know, let’s look on the flip side. If I was to put myself in the seller’s shoes, could I have extracted more? There’s always that possibility. Right? Right. I think it’s, you know, I can’t sit here and second guess myself. I feel like honestly, and not just because I’m here talking to the audience, but I feel like it was a great deal for both sides. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I don’t have as much experience in the alternative TLDs as I deal with the [inaudible]. So, you know, when clients come to me and they need assistance, I’m more than happy to help. Um, I don’t want my buyers to overpay, nor do I want my sellers to feel like they’re getting gypped. So it’s really important to just try and make the match. And I think we did a pretty good job in this case of doing that.
It sounds like you did too. And I think in terms of timing, like when if you outbound, so in this, I mean it could have taken years to find
yeah. To make the match. Right. So yes, I think you can say that. Then on the sell side it’s a longer sales cycle. But yes, potentially if we would have, you know, spun the wheels and gone after the end user, maybe we could have gotten them to 35 40 K hard to say. Again, you don’t really know and take it out there, but
yeah. Yeah, that, congrats. It’s a good sale. Um, absolutely. All right Joe, next time you’re on, I will not make you first. Jebidiah you’re up next
going second. So we’ll just keep it right here. Duly noted. Um, so we, I think the last couple times I’ve been on, it’s been sort of the unique extension Then we went to co UK and I think we’re going to go back to my roots here. We’re going to go with
Ooh. That is a lot of search volume, right?
Ton of search
volumes. So, um, I will give a little bit of a backstory on it and make it a little bit fair. Um, it is on investor who bought it. Um,
the search term is insane. Um, the opportunity is insane. I think personally, I mean obviously I’m a big fan of, of updated GS, so,
but I’ll say it’s an investor, so that’d be for,
okay. And this was part of the, um, GoDaddy portfolio that your outbound selling?
No, this was actually a Radix premium name. So this is a Radix registry name that was reserved. Um, so still shows there’s some great, great domain names available through multiple registries. Um, so this one,
And where you outbound selling this on behalf of Radix or someone? Yeah, so this is,
um, part of my position here at go daddy is working with the, um, the new TLD registries to work with their platinum level names or their super premium names. Um, this is sort of a, um, a name that would fell into that category. So.
Very cool. All right guys, what do you think? Um, yeah, Josh. All right. Well, yeah, so this isn’t really a space I’ve dabbled in too much, so I’m just going to be probably throwing out a random number. I mean, uh, you know, I know some of these have AV sold for decent amounts, like, um, was it a vacation, not rentals and, and Uh, I think that’s probably all I really have to go off, uh, um, as far as like really good a new GS that, that span the dot, um, back, you know, make a phrase and have really good search volume. So, uh, you know, those were investors, sales or sorry, those were, uh, sales to end users. Um, this is a sale to an investor, so I don’t know what an investor would pay for something like this, but let’s just say, um, to add some vision. Um,
Now the potential, I, let’s say say 20,000 bucks. I really don’t know that. I’m going to be curious to find out.
What would you say an end user, like if we switched it?
Gosh. Um, well, I personally haven’t done any research on the keyword, a keyword search volume. But you say it’s, it’s pretty high. I mean you’d think somewhere maybe in the low to mid six figures possibly. I mean, I guess I’m going based off of those two sales that I saw before, but I mean someone who really saw the vision and, and uh, you know, with plans to build it out. Um, yeah, I could see someone maybe paying that. Uh, what I’m saying doesn’t come from too much experiences. Take it all with a grain of salt in a few more than two new Tod sales. Yeah, no, no. I know some of the highly puzzles size, you know, [inaudible] hitters that I, that I, I’ve personally heard about. Yeah, no, there’s, there’s plenty more. So, um, yeah, I don’t know. I’m just going to say 20 grand and, and we’ll see. Here’s, see what Jeff says. [inaudible]
I was going to go a lot lower on the investor side. I want to say it’s going to be at the most 5,000 bucks. Um, I did, uh, and Joe’s got a little, um, up on you here, Josh. I did a little keyword search volume, uh, on this domain when you were chatting. Um, it’s actually pretty low. It’s about 1300 uniques per month. I’m pretty decent CPC and pretty low competition. So I’m going to say $5,000 as an investor price. A high end on this particular domain. I’d say 20 to five at the most for an end user.
You sound very calm. Can I change my vote?
So an investor with very, very high knowledge of the new TLD market paid 21 five. Wow. This is, this is based on which two for me, um, to sort of speak to Joe. Um, certain groups of investors are understanding the value of the, the keywords as build outs right now. Um, you know, it’s been said Google doesn’t care about the extension. So if you’re able to build a domain name with content and stuff like that, that’s that, that’s what matters. And so a domain name like this with a marketplace like parts, I mean, it’s so generic that anything falls underneath it. So the opportunity was there to, to create something pretty tremendous. Um, on the flip side of that, for me, 21 five, comparatively to what I would have sold that to as an end user of full, full on end user, um, I probably would have put that closer to the two 50 to $500,000 Mark. Um, where I’ve sold other domain names in that range. Um, I did have interest before, um, in higher levels they just didn’t work through. So, um, my opinion on this name is that he got a steal on it at 21 five. Now, I mean a lot of times there’s questions about registries and their premium names and their platinum names. Are they overpriced? I didn’t think so in this case. Um, what’s that?
What was the bin on it?
And there was no band. It’s a platinum level name, um, from Radix. So it’s sort of take offers, negotiate through them so they have a set price internally, um, that they don’t always share with us. Um, but if we get there, we get there. If not, then they work with the buyer to get there. So got it.
uh, what, what type of praise, what type of renewal comes with a [inaudible]
standard. Dot. Online renal, not a premium area
that makes the investment a little, a little easier. Yeah. As well. Yeah. Nice. Well, yeah. Awesome sale. That’s great man. Yeah, that really is. And um, are all the Radix domains premium domains, are they standard renewal?
No. No. Um, Radek says similar to other registries if premium names with premium renewals and then they have a platinum level names with what I call platinum level names, names, usually 25,000 or above, um, with standard renewals. Um, and actually no. Yeah, this was a, this was a platinum name. So
is there anywhere that an investor could go and look at the list of names held by the registry that are platinum level that they have to negotiate for if they want? Um, a WhatsApp,
I don’t know if there’s a, uh, published full list, um, from Radix that I’m aware of. I haven’t seen that. Um, obviously with my experience with other registries like donuts, I know that they have posted premium names before. They’ve put out large chunks of their platinum names before. Um, especially when they, um, before the merger, um, with right side, I know right side, but the, the platinum names out. Um, but I honestly could not tell you if Radix has them out there. But
to me, like if there’s an investor who wants to learn more about this investment opportunity, they should just call you on three or what they’re interested in, what their experiences, what their budget is, and you guys can work together and see what’s in the inventory that might take. In fact.
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And again, this is, I mean, this was one name that, that the investor had an interest in. I mean, if you’re looking for, you know, high high CPC words or high search volume words, those names are available. There’s definitely, I mean, the great part about my position at go daddy now is I can work with all the registries and I can work with dot-coms. So if you, if that’s something specific that you’re looking for, there’s opportunities and more than just one place.
All right. Nice. Cool. All right, Josh, you’re out. All right. Under bucks coming out today. All right, so I’m going to keep it, uh, which I wonder if this will be the first time this, uh, what’s new Sherpas has ever been all a non-com we’ll have to look it up. They might be. Yeah. So, so I’m going to go with, with, um, the other extension that I invest in, uh, a lot, uh, dot IO. So I’m going to keep it like geo. And, um, now there’s a couple of possible domains. Um, I want to see if, uh, any of you guys know the price already of feather dot. IO. Did you guys see that one? Um,
as it sounds, it was a bond. I bought it. You bought it. Okay. I vaguely remember seeing it like two or three months ago. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But I don’t remember the price to be honest with you.
So maybe we’ll, uh, maybe we’ll go with that one.
That’s fine. It would be a stab in the dark for me, I would.
Sure. All right. All right. So, so yeah, so, uh, this was back in late August. I wanna say, uh, I acquired purchased
So I like feather, feather dot. IO. I think it’s a good name. Um, feather is a noun, a pronounceable word, not too hard to spell. Um, there’s definitely some upside there. Um, as an investor, I’d say you wouldn’t spend more than 10 K on the name. Probably your sweet swap sweet spot would be around 7,500. Um, you know, if it was an end user name, again, we could be pushing low to mid five figures. Uh, but I’d say up to 7,510 K max for you. And that’s the only if you really loved the name. And, um, I think you liked the name. I don’t know if you loved me. I like it.
There are quite a lot of connotations to it. It’s, you know, yeah. Um, delicate, maybe attentive, detailed, maybe something with ink and writing. Um, floating easy, light, soft, um, a lot of positive and kind of easy, uh, but a sophisticated, easy, um, connotations so could definitely see a business using it down the line. What do you think?
I was actually right in line with Joe. I was thinking 7,500 right out of my right when you said it and knowing that he acquired it. Um, but then you said, I like it. I don’t love it.
I do love it. I do love it. Don’t let that sway your guests.
I would just change the number of, I’d go 7,900, maybe a little bit more. Um, because you love it now. Um, but um, yeah. For, for an acquisition, I think that would be sort of the top end of probably where you would have been. I don’t know your, that, that well, but I can imagine that you’re not throwing money away. Um, if you are, let me talk
to your garbage guy. Yeah. Right. But um, yeah, it’s like 7,900. Okay. Um, so, so, so I do love the name. It’s probably one of my favorite D’Addario, uh, domains that I have right now. Um, but for, for me, so, so you guys actually guessed, uh, quite a bit client. Um, so I acquired it for which would just get, I like to hear that actually. Um, I acquired it for just under 1500 bucks. Um, I think the price, so, and I can give a little story of, of the name, um, and the purchase, but I think the pricing in us dollars came out to 1,471. Uh, exactly. Um, so yeah, so, so, right, right in there. I, I felt super comfortable, um, because right. You know, I think it’s a as good potential to be a five-figure, uh, dot. IO. Um, you know, great keyword.
I love the keyword. A lot of companies, uh, are called feather, um, startups as well as older companies. Um, so, so yeah, very happy with the purchase pricing. And I think a upside spec and downside is very low, which is always where I like to be, uh, when I acquire a name. Um, but yeah, so, so I can give a little story about how this purchase, uh, came about. Um, so I noticed that some seller listed the domain at, at CDOT. Um, and I think it was, I think it was make offer, if I’m not mistaken, uh, maybe with a, with a minimum offer on there and I am not exactly sure. I think maybe the buy it now and, and it was in pounds, uh, that I think they were over in, uh, London. Um, I think by now was maybe 1500 pounds or something.
If there was a by, no, I can’t remember exactly, but I think my first offer I threw out was, and this is all through the CDOT platform, not, uh, not directly via email. I think I threw out maybe 800 pounds, um, offer. And that got countered, I think with maybe 1300 pounds. Um, and then I maybe came up to a thousand pounds and he came back at, uh, 1200 pounds, um, which at the time the, uh, USD equivalent was just under 1500. And so I actually, you know, I wanted the name for a little cheaper at, you know, looking back, that would’ve been a fine purchase price. Um, but I think I pushed maybe to hold for a met a thousand and my, uh, I forgot denied, I believe.
So then a little time went by and I’m like, man, maybe I should’ve just, you know, accepted. Uh, the offer of 1200
Okay. It’s time, like three months or like a week. Oh, like how much time went by? Um, probably like a week probably. Yeah, probably like a week went by where, um, you know, where, where
I could’ve gotten it for 1200 pounds, but then I didn’t mind. I was like, crap, I should have. So then what happened? I reengaged. I made an offer of 1200 pounds. And then what happened was the seller pushed it to auction and I’m like, crap, I could have had it for 1200 pounds. Now it’s going to go to auction. Now other people are going to see it in the minimum, you know, the minimum bid is, is now 1200 pounds. And, uh, luckily somehow I, uh, turned out to be the only better, uh, and close to 1200. So I, I got it for 1200 pounds and, um, yeah, the USD equivalent was just under 1500 bucks. And so that, so that’s how it happened. And I’m uh, yeah, I’m pretty happy with the purchase price. I think, uh, upside is pretty big. I love the keyword one of my favorite dot. Iowa’s I have right now.
Sorry. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, kind of a long story there, but uh, yeah, that sort of happened, you know, that’s how a lot of negotiations go. Um, and it’s neat to hear the back end on what people are thinking and why. Cause sometimes you just get an email, it says no, and then one that says, Hey, whatever happened. Yeah. Yeah. And so I think, um, at least for me, I, you know, I think the most I’ve ever paid for about IO is maybe 2,500. Um, I do know that auction prices on, uh, platforms like, uh, for the really good names, um, investors are paying a lot more than that. I just personally haven’t paid that much because, uh, you know, I think if you need to get rid of it, let’s say you need to cash out. I think once you get up in for as investment, once you get up into the, uh, mid to high four figures, I think it’s tough to, it could be tough to find an investor to pay you your money back for the name.
I think, you know, if you’re buying, and this is just for me personally, if you’re buying in the lower four figures, I think it’s a little easier. And to me that really limits the downside and makes liquidity, uh, easier. So that’s, you know, my sweet spot for the best names. I like buying. If I’m gonna pay up, I like buying in a thousand to $2,500 range. I’m not opposed to paying higher, you know, if it’s a bang on keyword. Um, but that’s kind of where I like to buy it for Donna. Oh great. So now they know what to guess every other year. Yeah. Well, Hey, you know, could be lower. It could be higher. You’ll never know.
Nice. That’s a good, good, good bye. Good for you. Um, before we jumped into [inaudible], uh, no, we’re not going to domains go to auction. Um, we’re going to go into the investor, um, review. Um, Karen sent us a really good list. She spent a lot of time looking at it over and coming up with what to send in. Um, but first let me tell you about our advertisers who support us in this mission to educate people in the domain community.
First, serious about online trading, secure your funds, keep your marching safe, and use a company that keeps the buyer and seller protected the whole way through. That’s payments you can trust.
Alright, in the domain portfolio review, we take user submitted demeaning portfolios and provide honest and constructive feedback to the owners so they can either cut their losses, continue to hold them longterm, or figure out a sales strategy going forward. So Karen S sent over this list. Um, it’s uh, [inaudible], uh, 23 domains I believe. And Josh, you are up first. What are your thoughts here?
Yeah, let’s see. So prior to the taping, I, uh, you know, looked over this list. Uh, and, you know, I, I don’t know, I, uh, I don’t like to be harsh, uh, at all, but you know, I don’t like personally like that much on this list. Uh, unfortunately. Um, I think there’s a lot of names on here that, you know, like are keyword based, but a lot of them don’t really make that much sense. Um, you know, when you’re putting two keywords together, usually you want it to make, make sense. You want it to either be a phrase or just two really good words together, like, um, you know, like, like a blue Panda or something, you know. Uh, I, I, you know, looking at this list like, uh, burger’s, you know, there, there could, that could be good for maybe a burger chain, but I, I think when you really have to stretch to think about who could possibly use this name and what it could be used for, I think that’s where you get in trouble.
Um, you know, fad facial, uh, actually to me isn’t too bad. Uh, you know, maybe that has some potential for a, a day spa or something that offers facials. Fab is, uh, is a good key word to come first. Um, when your parents you keywords together and you know, short for fabulous. Uh, let’s see, what else do I like on here or dislike? Let’s see. Um, yeah, there was a couple that stood to me, you know, names like we pack all dotcom just, it doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m not sure who would use it. I’m ready to reel again. I think that’s a stretch. You know, maybe it could be used in fishing, but [inaudible] who’s really gonna pay that much for it. Um, yeah, I don’t, I don’t love the list. Uh, unfortunately there’s not too much on here. I would personally buy or hang on to, um, like a Ben price.
What would I listed at if I was going to sell it. Um, I haven’t done any prior research to see how many, you know, possible end users, how much actually you should, you has in the marketplace. But you know, to me that could be a low four figure. Ask. Maybe, um, you know, I could see, but then again, a lot of day spas are, you know, [inaudible] people that offer facials are smaller mom and pop businesses, so they might not be willing to pay that much. So maybe I’d ask, you know, high for a high three, low four for a name like that. It is catchy. I like the alliteration. I love, um, you know, names that have alliteration. I think they’re catchy and make good brands, but, um, that you should John, the name isn’t that high or wide. So I think that limits potential a little bit, but you know, at least there, that’s, that’s one on the list that I don’t dislike a lot. Awesome. Curious to see what the other guests there. Alright. Joe, what stands out to you?
Uh, nothing. I know that I’m just kidding. There are two names on here that I think are, you know, might hold a little bit of value, but when I say a little bit about you, we’re talking sub 5k at the most ski inc, uh, which is on the second page. S. K. I. N. C. I think that’s a good brandable, uh, for our company that sells skiing equipment. Um, there are a lot of companies out there trading under or called ski anchor had skank in their name. So I think that that’s something that could potentially be sellable. Uh, the other one I’ll go on this list is Shopkins. Um, which I think is a brandable, you know, it’s a little bit hard to pronounce, but there’s a little bit of brand appeal there. Um, you know, you could make the case at, there might be some end-user that would see appeal and upside and want to buy something like that.
Yeah. Everything else on here I would tell the owner, you know, these are just not good investments, at least in my personal opinion. You know, what is your, and yours are game. Like what are you trying to do? Are you trying to build a portfolio that you could eventually sell? In which case I think you need to reevaluate your position and pay a little bit more attention to the trip and network to find out what makes a good domain name. Um, so those are the only two that I personally like in this list. Um, you know, I
think there’s a lot of room for improvement. I think there’s a bunch of names that could easily be dropped. That summary. Jebidiah what are your thoughts? You do this a lot to me. Tests like I’m, I’m like Joshua, I don’t like to be mean, but are you saying no. Also with skiing I liked skiing. It caught my attention. Um, I’m never a fan of, of double vows ever. Um, I know it’s a unique case because it’s ski and it’s inc, but um, if I’m, and again I’m obviously biased towards, you know, updated extensions, but if I’m going to do, uh, an ink at like ski inc or I have a double bow, I would probably encourage my clients to look at ski DocLink or, or something like that. But that’s me. The rest of the list. When I started looking at the domain names and sort of looking up the domain names, I kinda got the impression that the, the registrations were based on brands, products.
Um, if you do a search for the names, a lot of them sort of pull up as a product of another brand. Um, and that scares me because you get one end user per name. Um, and so if you can’t get that buyer to or that brand to buy their, their product name, um, and they haven’t made a play to get that product name, um, it’s going to be a difficult sledding for you on a portfolio of names built that way. Um, fab facial caught my attention as well, but then I did a search for fab facial in one company, shows up all over the board. Um, and it’s actually called fab facial first aid cream or something like that. Um, buy another product. Um, eggs first. I thought it was kind of interesting, just like unique, but it’s eggs first. I think it had something to do with, um, embryotic issues.
Um, so, um, far in a way from probably all the other reviews I’ve done, I would say cut bait on the, on the list. Um, it re refocus, like Joe said, maybe maybe watch a couple pasture. But as listened to drew, listen to Mike, listen to just different panels and maybe rethink what we’re, what you’re trying to achieve, who your buyers are. Um, open your buyers up, maybe buy less names, but better names. Um, I’m not sure the position that you’re in. Um, but you know, I think most of us are firm believers, spend a little bit more money on a better name than, um, you know, quality over quantity. Um, is, is going to be more beneficial in the long run. Um, so yeah, to be kind of the mean one on today’s panel, I, I wouldn’t keep any of it and I do, I just don’t see a big enough return on any
of them. So
Hey, it takes a lot of heart to not be the nice guy. So
I still love you though. Whoever sent it in, like the muse focus, you gotta focus and you gotta, you know, it’s domain investing is not just grab stuff that drops. It’s, you know, there’s gotta be work to it. So,
yeah. And, um, you don’t want to get sued either. I mean, none of us are lawyers or given legal advice, but don’t base a portfolio on what a bunch of other companies probably have. Trademarks and lawyers, um, you know, that that’s a big problem. I think another thing to say is, you know, imagine if you had to sit down and tell your friends why someone is going to come along and buy poisoned or why someone is going to buy, you know, cheap even something like iced fruity, it’s like, okay, how am I going to sell those online?
Right? Yeah. We say we say it all the time that if, you know, if you need to explain why, why your domain is valuable, then it really just doesn’t hold any value. You should never have to explain your name should automatically tell the whole story right away. Right. And that’s, that’s how we build a foundation. That’s what it’s, that’s what we preach every single day and you know, so really that’s as far as I’m concerned and that’s what it’s all about. That’s the foundation of it. Yeah.
And you can take that in practice. Like, I I already see scrolling through all the auto parts, I don’t instantly see what they’re going to do with it, but I do see what their commercial is going to feel like. You know. Um, and that’s, that’s important. And also whether it’s a phrase or try to put it in a sentence like, Hey, I’m going to run by, um, you know, I’m going to spend some time on to see what I need, or yeah, I’ll be over. I just have to [email protected] you can hear that. Whereas, you know, burgers first, kind of like, I’ve never heard anybody say that phrase, or it doesn’t sound like a Burr. A burger joint doesn’t sound like burgers first. Um, you know, they’re all,
you know, they’re all stretches. Um, and another point I wanna make that I forgot to touch on is I went to a bunch of these domain names, uh, before the taping and it didn’t seem like really any of them had for sale Landers on them. Uh, you know, I don’t think with these names in particular, they’re gonna be getting that much direct type in traffic to them. So it might not matter. But just as a general practice, you know, any names that you’re, you’re buying as an investment that you actually have a desire to resell. You know, you should probably throw up a way for people to contact to you. Um, you can just throw up a page that has your email on it, um, on the domain name or you could put up a Lander, you know, whether it’s a FD Lander uni or a
I mean, if you really want to sell these names, you should have, uh, a way for people to get in contact with you. I think some of them that I visited just went to us Edo parked page, but it didn’t even have like the, this is, this name is for sale, a hyperlink on it. So um, yeah, I think she probably, you know, might not be necessary for these because I think these names she should probably drop most of them in and you know, kinda kind of start over. But yeah, general practice, it’s a good idea to uh, to, to do. Okay, thanks. Yeah,
I think Joshua had, I mean, yeah, granted these names are probably not going to get any stipend traffic, but maybe one.
Yeah. And you never know. You never know.
And they have no, you know, it is such a unique, you know, unique name or absolutely a brandable name that the one person that may be looking for that if they go to it and they realize that it’s not for sale, it is such a sort of out there word like burgers first for example, that well let’s just be first burgers. But they’ll, they’ll switch it and they’ll find something that they do see as available for either for sale or available to register. So always make sure that if you’re, if you’re selling your domain names that there’s an easy way for people to,
yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. I agree. And also do a, to touch on that, I think, you know, if there are a ton of alternatives for, just to piggyback on what you were saying, if there’s a ton of alternatives for specific names and that’s where you get in trouble to like, you know, take a name like, uh, like I was saying earlier, like blue, um, if you were to switch it, rocket that’s completely different. There’s, there’s not really any other alternatives. Even if you did blue that’s a different brand. But like you were saying for burgers first, you know, maybe first burgers would be equally good brands, um, or burger first without a, you know, burger being singular rather than plural. So when looking to invest in, in names, especially like two word or three word names like this, um, try to pick names that don’t really have that many alternatives because if there are a ton of different alternatives, you’re just giving a potential buyers or that one person that might be interested in the name, you’re not giving them a reason to pay up for your name. If they can just go out and hand rag 10 other variations and run with them. That’s true. And um, you know, not that you to be
buying domains because someone already, like I looked up a lunch pit, I’m like, what is that? And there is, I wonder, you know, I certainly hope that she, that she came up with that idea on her own, but there is a place with 57 likes on Facebook called lunch pit. Guess what? Places that have 57 likes are never going to be able to pay you or the domain name and they’re just as happy with their Facebook at that point. Um, and so number one, you know what I said before, you don’t want to be buying from, you know, names that are likely trademark. They’re in use, especially like you said, Jebidiah by only one end user. But in addition, the domains that you buy in general, you want to envision either or both a lot more than just one buyer and also someone who’s going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars off this website or they’re not going to pay you $1,000 for this domain name.
You know, they have to develop a product or service, develop a website, develop a marketing plan, and have a domain name. So, um, uh, you know, something that is never like maybe poisoned gift. I don’t know if that was like a gag gift or something. How many of those are they going to sell? Is that going to go national or global? Never. So if they’re gonna make 50 bucks a month off of a website that they have to invest thousands to build, they’re not going to pay more than $10 for the domain that goes with that. You know, um, some thinking it through that way. Yeah, that’s a, that almost seems like a step up from like the a glitter bomb presence that you can have to like your enemies. Rather I send you a poison like, okay, well let’s, let’s take it up a notch. Let’s get a little more nasty. Let’s send poison. Duly noted neighbor with that name. Poisoned gifts outcome. I mean there’s alternatives. Again, it’s a, it’s a stretch. Even the glitter bomb place wasn’t called glitter Right. I don’t even remember what it was called. [inaudible] sent a lot of them out, but I have not. Yeah, exactly.
And actually if I can piggyback on something Joe said a little bit, just for ease of explanation, like when I’m working with end users that may not know, um, or domain investors who are getting started. Like Joe was saying, if you have to explain the domain name, like it’s, it’s not a good choice, but I actually simple it make it simpler than that. I just say it’s like a good joke. If you have to explain the joke, it’s not good anymore. And so they, they sort of be able understand that. And that has to be true with domains. If you have to explain it, your end market is just not big enough and it can be. So yeah,
that’s, you know, that’s a good comparison to a good joke and like, um, I think we can all relate to that, although I never tell jokes that need to be expected. All right. And Karen, thank you very much for sending this in. You know, it takes a lot of courage to send it and, and to hear, um, some challenging feedback, but it really is a challenge to you because clearly you’ve come this far, you are interested in, um, learning and growing and that’s where you’re going to get somewhere. So, um, I really hope that the review has been helpful to you and that we keep in touch. You know, maybe, um, we’ll meet up at, uh, names’ con in January or I’m definitely keep in touch and, you know, send us a list a year from now and let’s see how things have developed for you. Because this is in a lot of ways a typical new investor portfolio. So, um, you know, you got to start somewhere. So before we jumped into domain’s going to auction soon, I’ll tell you about our advertisers who support us in our educational mission.
FD was built by domain investors to increase your inquiries, sales and profit, forget spreadsheets and archived emails, manage your entire investment portfolio in one place using a secure and completely confidential platform. Learn more at ft com, that’s E F T Y
So we’ll move onto the marketplace list. This segment is sponsored by name Jack. We’re reviewing domain names heading to auction soon. If you like one of the names below, you do need to click through pretty soon because once the auction begins, you lose your chance not only to bid, but even just to watch. Um, they’re not commission links. We, uh, you know, but they do want to know what kind of traffic we’re sending. So for transparency, uh, no one owns or is broken, brokering any of these names. Right. Alrighty. Um, so Jebidiah you are up first. What are your thoughts on this list?
It’s the, the new TLDs in me. There’s so many names on here that have updated extensions available. So pots, service, Safari guides, social evolution, um, clovers guide, um, which I guess in turn means I like those names. Um, I like, uh, I like pot service. Obviously cannabis is cannabis, a market that’s growing and it’s there. Live games is huge. I really like that name. There’s been a lot of, um, both public and nonpublic sales for on games related domains. Um, you know, obviously dock games plus, um, So I like that. I think that’s a great name.
those were probably the two that really stuck out to me
that I liked. Um, you know, assassins is a cool name, but it’s gaming name so it kind of folds into it or I think it’s a gaming name fallen to gaming
probably. Yeah. Do you think if will send poison gift WhatsApp, you can do a joint purchase, buy those together. Short lived business, but short lived campaigns are funny. The means can be funny. So do you have thoughts on what you would pay or what you think they’ll go for that the two that you really had your eye on?
I think pot service might go for
500 ish. I mean, not too much, but I like the name. Um, live games I think should be in low five figures, 10 15 maybe more. Um, there’s, there are significant market comps right now for a name like that, that if you can get in at 20 and 25,000, um, that’s a good investment in my opinion. Um, so, um, I could see it going for that. Um, covers guide, probably same thing around 500.
I see. I put a typo in what I sent you gentlemen, craft I went through and tried to capitalize it that I put a G a, so it’s craft fairs, which are pretty popular across America or globally or whatever. Um, so, so there’s that one. Um, all right. Uh, Josh, what are your thoughts here?
All right. So yeah, there’s, there’s some good names on this list. I, um, I like, I like pavilion. Um, my only, my only hesitation with that name is that there’s two spellings up pavilion, a oneL and two. Well, so with names like that, it kind of lessons my interest a little bit because I feel like, um, you know, for, for, yeah, here’s the thing, it doesn’t like for me, I wouldn’t be the end user on that name. So it’s not really gonna matter for me to, to own both names, but I feel like for a brand, um, and end user that’s gonna come along and buy those names, they, it’d probably be wise to have both spellings, um, oneL and two ELLs. Now there, there are probably go, there’s probably going to be demand for both names from end users. So it’s, it’s fine.
It could still make a, a fine investment. Um, but I do like to think of it, um, from the end user’s point of view or possible point of view. So, um, yeah, that it’s a good name. It’s just the two spellings thing is, you know, can be a little iffy sometimes. Uh, I, I like, I like, so ionizers I like, um, as opposed to electric which I think would be better as a plural electric if someone’s going to be starting up a, a eCommerce store selling electric scooters, I think they’d probably want electric Not the, not the a singular. Um, whereas I like that. If you’re in the business selling ionizers it’s a thing. Won’t they put it in like, um, air purifiers to help purify the air? Um, I like that. If you’re going to be starting up a business selling ionizers, that’s the bang on exact match.
Um, a keyword right there, um, craft fairs is, is cool. I mean, there’s tons of craft fairs all over. That’s kind of the name that seems like a buildup to me. Like you’d, you’d actually need to build that one out to, to really get some good value from it. Um, yeah. Same with Safari guides. That’s uh, that’s right for, uh, for being a directory of Safari guides. Um, yeah, some, some good names on here. Assassins is cool. I am a, like Joe or sorry, uh, um, like Jabba dye. He was probably thinking of Assassin’s creed. Uh, it’s probably why gaming came to mind. Um, that’s what comes to mind for me, uh, for me too. Yeah. Cool name. Um, yeah, it’s a, it’s a decent list and uh, I’ll leave leave some for, for Joe too.
Uh, you know, I really liked fun, but obviously we had to take that off a very list. So I want to hear, there are two names that stick out to me. Um, electric scooter. Would it surprise you to know that there’s about 246,000 local searches per month around that keyword that’s on the singular, that’s not all in the plural. The plural gets about 33,000 per month. So, you know, the singular in my opinion, has more value here. There’s also significantly high competition around the keyword are very good cost per click. I’d say that’s the best name on the list. I’m not a huge fan of two word dot-coms but you know, looking at search volume, that would probably be my number one choice. I like ionizers. I think it’s a good product name, 40,000 bucks. I wouldn’t go any higher than that. I think that’s the good fair market value for that domain name. Live games is also catchy and brandable. Uh, the game space is huge. Um, as you may or may not know that there’s a lot of trading being done right now around extension, which is heavily involved on live games. So I think that there’s some value there as well. But Oh no, I don’t love all the names on this list. I’d say those are my top three. Um, you know, we can knit, pick, look at some other ones as well, but for the most part, ionizers live games in electric school.
Thanks Gigi.
The dots UGA extension is really, so it’s something that I recently learned as well from another one of my colleagues in the space. But gaming is very large and a lot of these larger companies that are really in the gaming have gone after the dot. G G extension. Um, because it has something to do with, I don’t know if it’s got games or there’s some kind of significance there. Um, which I found to be very interesting. But yeah, the game space is huge. I mean it’s only growing daily. People continue to game including my children, which I would prefer that they don’t do. But anyway, I digress. You know, I would say that it is a pretty good name. I don’t like it as much as the other two on the list.
And what did you mean about a lot of trading? A lot of domain trading, business trading
businesses. So your, so these are businesses like, um, you know, some of your larger players that I’ve always been about their own brand are now going out and securing these additional fat GG expansion domains that are related to their brand or just related to a segment within their brand, tapping into that gaming side. Interesting. Okay. I have a question for Joe. Yeah. Joe, what, so you know, one seem to be your, your wheel house, your bread and butter. What are your thoughts on Um, and the two spellings staying, uh, I think you bring up a great point. I kind of, um, decided to stay away from that domain because I had some experience. I’m marketing that asset for the owner in the past, so I just didn’t really want to go there. But for the most part, and it’s an okay name, I think the biggest, the biggest problem with that, you hit the nail on the head. Josh’s double spelling, right? It’s very confusing to people. If you’re truly trying to build a brand around pavilion, it really ended up own both of those extensions because half of your audience will easily navigate to the incorrect spelling in this case. Sure.
Okay. So I just read everything I could in that amount of time. So Gigi, um, in actual usage is usually referencing good game, which is what people say at the end of multiplayer video game. Um, and uh, a big thing on discord in particular, discord dot. GG. Um, and the dot. GG TLD itself is actually for the country. No, it’s the bale wick of Guernsey, which is off of the English channel near the French coast, a self-governing British camp, crown dependency known for its beach resorts. Um, and, um, it is commonly known use dot. G G is commonly used for video games and e-sports websites. Um, so, and they do have code dot teaching net dot. Gigi, Gigi. So a lot like, um, you know, since there, so, um, uh, connected to England a lot like the, the British usages. And, uh, so, uh, interesting,
pretty, it’s pretty cool when you see, you know, a seemingly random, uh, CCT ELD get adopted for, for, you know, something like this, like, Hey, uh, e-sports or that was pretty neat because it, um, you know, not just from a domain investors point of view, well, from a domain investors point of view, maybe that creates some sort of market, but I dunno, it’s just, it’s kinda neat.
Yeah. And I think for the brand, right, from the common usage, if everybody’s commonly saying G, G, G, G, G, G, everybody knows that term and you know, that’s kinda neat. Um, and if you go to the Wikipedia page, they list, you know, the, the top I assume, cause it just says popular dot Gigi examples. Um, very cool. Huh? Learn something new every day.
Well, thanks for sharing. Oh, one name we didn’t actually hit on, nobody mentioned was me and Mar [inaudible] dot com the country. Um, I love it. Um, you know, I think it’s such a small country and there’s, you know, really, I, I look at it this way, you know how many people are actually typing in Myanmar. Right? I just don’t think you’re getting that much search. Yeah. If you want to go somewhere like that, um, you know, you’ll do your diligence and you won’t go directly to the website of me and Mario. You’ll find other locations to do research and get the information that you need. That’s my personal opinion.
Well, Plaza and not only is it a tiny country, but it also goes by Burma. So yes.
Multiple names, right? Computer there. There is some tourism, I believe. I, uh, I almost went there when I did a, a Southeast Asia, a trip with, uh, a friend. We were thinking about going there. Um, so I, I know there is some sort of tourism there. Maybe there could be a tourism play, but again, yeah, like, like Joe said, I don’t think it’s, it’s, it’s not like or where those are just, you know, places where people go. Um, uh, you know a lot when they’re go new South, East Asia. But it wouldn’t be really cool to own the domain of a whole country and it would be cool.
um, yeah, we have a few of those by the way.
Oh really? Personally?
No, no. The name vine portfolio. We have a few of those we do care to share. I’d have to look him up again, but we have, we have a few you can reach out to me. Jebidiah we’ll send you the names.
Cool. Okay. Yeah, that’d be fun. Um, this was a good show guys. Thank you. Um, uh, shout outs. What’s going on? Um, brokering opportunities you’re looking for? Uh, new things, new developments, activity I at? No, just kidding. Joe, you’re up. Thirsty. What’s going on? Wait,
I’m always happy to help my appliance out. Uh, with the biocide side, the buy side is really my passion and helping clients negotiate fair market valuations for domain names. Uh, so feel free to check out name at your earliest convenience and drop me a line. I’ll be more than happy to further assist if I can.
Thanks John. Thank you. How about you? Do you have a diet?
what Joe said, just don’t find [email protected]. So no, it’s um, you know, we’ve, it’s been great, like we were going on like seven months now with, uh, with GoDaddy and I’m excited about where everything’s going. Um, it’s great going through and finding stuff that we have, um, that we can even really realize we had. So same sort of thing. If you’re looking for one or unique opportunities, reach out. We’re happy to, um, either assist in what we have or, you know, work with people like Joe or Jesuit to locate what you’re looking for and get it for you. So I’m just, um, Jebidiah,
Okay, thanks, Diane. How about you Josh?
Oh, let’s see. Um, yeah, not too. Not too much going on in my end. Uh, you know, I know. Do you, uh, too, too much brokering, you know, occasionally help someone by a name or, or salad name. But, you know, I’m just just buying, uh, buying and selling, uh, for myself personally. Sometimes partnering up with, uh, with other investors, uh, to get deals done. But you know, my, uh, what I’m mainly buying and selling Dot. IO and [inaudible] dot com I don’t really deal with, with too much else. Um, but yeah, I’m always looking to buy names. Um, you know, especially one Uh, love M uh, if you ever need to get rid of one, anybody ever needs to get rid of one? Email me, Josh. Yeah. Josh and Walter Uh, feel free to send them. I’ll probably get a bunch of lists of garbage coming my way soon. Yeah, that’s pretty typical. No, not too much else going on here. Uh, yeah, so that’s about it.
That’s a good thing. Yeah. And actually, I have a question. Do you prefer Joshua?
Um, either way. Joshua. Josh. I mean, you know, I kinda started going with Joshua in a professional business setting just cause it rolls off the tongue better with my last name. Um, but yeah, most people call me Josh, but I’m not opposed to Joshua either. I’ll look over my shoulder and answer to both.
All right, good to know. Good to know. Um, I have had a busy couple of weeks setting up for media options, um, with Sean Markey. I don’t know if you guys read or saw any of that. Um, but Sean Markey is an SEO expert who is partnered up with media options for a new newsletter of domains at auction that have SEO authority. So it’s been quite the process getting it all set up and I’m excited to roll it out of my arena and uh, just over to him. Um, but it’s kept me busy and entertained. That newsletter is hilarious. Sean is hilarious and he’s an SEO slash SEM guy and his initials are SEM meant to be, I know right by and we’ll be all set. Well, he has the LinkedIn username of like, I don’t know what it is, like LinkedIn slash user or whatever the standard is. And like, Oh, proud of myself that I have test. He has no, he has SCM. And the thing is he didn’t get it like 16 years ago either. He got it like a year ago. So impressive. That itself could probably have some value to some marketing companies or something. Yeah, right. Yeah. Oh yeah. But it’s been a good show guys. Um, thank you. Thank you so much for dealing with their scheduling issues. My internet line getting cut and uh, Rosh Hashanah was busy for all. So, um, thanks guys. See y’all next time. All right, thanks. Bye.

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5 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Oct 7:,,”

  1. Trader says:

    Interestingly the whois showed that had two other users after it was dropped by the person submitting it to the sherpas –

    but then the name was dropped again and is now available.

  2. Prashanth says:

    Thank you so much @ admin for share your valuable thoughts and ideas

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks, Jebidiah, Joe, Joshua & Tess for the very interesting discussion. Nice sale Joe on And, great buy Josh, on!

  4. Snoopy says: @25k, that buyer got completely hosed, chance of reselling it for more is low.

    1. K says: listed at afternic with a $15k BIN(and actually owned by godaddy). Hard to believe an “experienced” investor, as he was described, paid that much for

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