Break Bread: $2,033→$22,000 in 5 Months – With Drew Rosener

Experienced domain investor Drew Rosener bought an expired domain on GoDaddy Auctions this past September, and he was willing to bid at least double the $2,033 he paid. Within 5 months, he received a $500 offer and turned it into a $22,000 sale.

Drew walks us through why he likes domains that include common phrases like, some factors he considers when pricing a domain for sale, and his simple email philosophy.

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About the Interviewee

Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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30 Responses to “Break Bread: $2,033→$22,000 in 5 Months – With Drew Rosener”

  1. ben pedri says:

    great show, Also how I remember shanes blog ”Domain Shane And Disciples”

  2. Eric Jenkins says:

    Great Show!!!

  3. Fuadiansyah says:

    For god sake, please have a complete transcript each time you published the video man.
    I am not a native speaker so it will be really helpful for me to comprehend the conversation better.

  4. brand says:

    DSAD..stood for Domain Shane and Accidental Domainer.
    If he changed it to Domain Shane Auctions Daily, that’s sounds good as well.

  5. Nick says:

    Great show

  6. Rod says:

    I really enjoyed this show! Keep up the great work.

  7. Vito says:

    Another really awesome show Tess!
    Nice find. This new guy Drew, He’s pretty good.

    Just kidding Drew. The purchase of for Elon Musk will always be one of the coolest domaining stories ever. Don’t know if that can ever be topped! :)

    Ok so this really has been an awesome show in it’s entirety.
    Please don’t tell anyone this, especially the Chicago Police Dept. but I had this video on as I was driving. I was listening as I was driving but I was taking notes on a napkin next to me. I don’t believe I have ever done that before, (taken notes from a domaining video). So many valuable detailed bits of information you shared in this Sherpa Flip video Drew.

    The BreakingBread, BreakBread comparisons were awesome. I am sure many people would have thought the first was better or at least the same but you’re right. Many other points that I found interesting as well. I plan on incorporating a few of your comments/strategies into my domaining also.

    I liked hearing your take on “ing” in domain names. I have always thought of it the opposite way though. But then again I have invested in Dot Tvs quite a bit and I love the “ing” in Dot tv domains because it is in the present. We are doing that now. We are doing it on tv/video for everyone to see, learn and or be entertained from. I get your take on it in dot com though.

    Tess, I really love that you didn’t edit out the mistakes. I like the real feel here. This is the way we talk in real life.We get on a roll and cut someone off, then forget what we were talking about. That is as real as it gets. Drew is the #1 domain broker in the USA and he just rolled with it and didn’t have it edited perfectly. Very real and just cool.

    Drew please come on here much more often. This is one of the most informational shows I have seen with you and I definitely want more. I am sure many others feel the same way.

    Now here is a very humble statement I have to make here. The more I learn in domaining every day makes me realize what I did NOT know previously.

    Your show makes me a better domainer.

    Thanks a lot Drew and Tess.

    Bad A$$ Show once again!

  8. Carl says:

    Excellent show! Thanks for sharing your negotiation techniques Drew! Cheers, Carl

  9. Data Glasses says:

    Great show thanks, I was recently stoked to hand reg DoubleTheDeal in the king , cheers

  10. albert yemenian says:

    Another great show Tess. Congrats. to Drew on the fast flip.

  11. Logan says:

    Great show Tess and Drew. Thank you!

    One other point not mentioned about — alliteration with the two Bs. It’s another factor that makes the name more valuable as a brand.

  12. Anthony says: not a good domain because it ends in ING ?

    1. tldboss says:

      I do not believe he meant all domains ending with ING are not good/great, instead I thought of examples like flip (makes better brand) than flipping, match > matching etc. I didn’t even think for a second that thus what he meant. Someone of the names they are selling end with ing.

      I think it would hard for most people to name 10 big brands that end with ing, without searching on the internet.

      1. tldboss says:

        Someone of the names they are selling end with ing

        should be

        Some of the names they (mediaoptions) are selling end with ing

    2. ben pedri says:

      No that would be a great name , if a person was in a club or forum and blasted out stupid questions than heckler would be good but hecklering would not.

  13. Eric says:

    Another great show, thanks Drew & Tess! Everything Drew stated is right on point. The email list that “g-daddy” sends out required a certain level of domains. I used to get it until I moved them all away from them several years a go. I believe at that time I had ~400.

  14. Anunt says:

    Another great show…nice sale, congrats!!!

  15. Thanks Tess and Drew for a great show! Go Domain Sherpa ! You guys are the Best!

  16. Jackie says:

    Here’s my weekly community service:

    The mp3 version of this show can be found at:


    1. Kassey says:


      You’ve been very helpful. Now I look for your name so that I can download the audio file. I don’t understand why this problem has not been fixed. I look at the past links to audio files but they don’t show any particular pattern. How did you figure out?

      1. Jackie says:

        I pulled it out of the RSS feed (tech geek at heart…)

  17. Thanks Tess and Drew for a great show! Go Domain Sherpa ! You guys are the Best!

    Terence Wyche

  18. Mike says:

    Thank you Drew for your openness and willingness to share, it’s much appreciated! Tess, you’re doing a great job!

  19. Thanks for another great show! I think Drew is the best in the business. I’m curious as to what Drew’s Valuation Equation is now for appraising names. He started touching on appraising generic names but didn’t finish. I know that his algorithm has changed. I just looked up on Estibot and they have it appraised for $2100. I also noticed that they recently appraised for $23,000 and it was sold for 1.2 million. Such huge differences! They especially lowball commercial and brand names now too. I’d be very interested to hear Drew’s comments on this subject. It’s really hard to still run a business on the premise that a name is worth what someone will pay for it. Is that where we still are? Thanks so much!!

    1. Eric says:

      I find estibot to be useless as far as valuation goes. Ultimately a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  20. Niz says:

    Another great show..

    Thanks very much Tess and Drew, Appreciated.

  21. tldboss says:

    Thanks Tess and Drew for a great show.

    As usual quality information being shared. I like the focus on human needs / brands, much appreciated.

  22. Maria says:

    MP3 download not working again…

  23. Thanks, Tess and Drew!

    Drew, an amazing buy as well as an amazing sale. This interview had wealth of knowledge, especially the parts about how the negotiation went down and the wisdom about not needing to squeeze every single penny out of a buyer. Great stuff, appreciate it.

    Tess, please have Drew on the profitable flips show again soon!

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