3 Things You Need to Prepare for NamesCon; Exclusive Discount; PLUS, Jothan Gets ‘Snarky’

I’m excited for what the new year will bring, what new people I’ll meet, and what new topics we’ll learn about on DomainSherpa.

My favorite way to meet people is in person, and next week I’ll be in Las Vegas for the third annual NamesCon domain name conference, which promises to be a blockbuster event.

I’m making a list of what I need to do to prepare for next week, so I thought it was a good time to chat with the founders of NamesCon about what’s going to happen, what we need to be ready for, and how we can make the most of the event.

Get a notepad ready, prepare properly, and see you next week!

(Haven’t bought your ticket yet? See below for a DomainSherpa exclusive discount opportunity!)

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I'm going!

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Link to NamesCon

NamesCon Website
NamesCon Schedule
Sched on Mobile
Click Here for Discount Code Info
Michael Cyger’s 3-Tip Summary for NamesCon Attendees
Submit a Domain for Valuation by Frank Schilling, Andrew Rosener and Shane Cultra

About the Interviewees

Jothan FrakesJothan Frakes is the CEO of Moniker.com, a domain name registrar and hosting company.

Jothan Frakes is co-founder and content producer of the NamesCon conference.

Frakes has specialized in domain name technical operations and DNS since 1993, has worked on issues facing registries to registrars, maintains a personal domain name investing portfolio, and has one of the most comprehensive experience bases in the industry having worked with: Name Intelligence, Verisign, Oversee, Minds + Machines, Sedari and ICANN.

Richard LauRichard Lau is a domain name investor and expert. His holding companies include Ocean.net he has been been involved in the operation of almost 100 ICANN registrars. He has received a host of honors including the 2004 inaugural Domainer of the Year award from the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference.

Lau serves on the Advisory Board to DomainTools.com and is also an investor in Epik.com and AboutUs.com.

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11 Responses to “3 Things You Need to Prepare for NamesCon; Exclusive Discount; PLUS, Jothan Gets ‘Snarky’”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Been a Sherpa listener since the SportsMemorabilia.com interview :). Had the BackorderZone comment on your post here — https://www.domainsherpa.com/domain-name-backorder-services/.

    Just submitted a name for the Sherpa review!

    First NamesCon – looking forward to it! Hope to connect next week! Thx.


  2. page howe says:

    Great show, got me thinking i was there already.

    if your on the fence or havent signed up, relize Richard and Jothan really come from a conference attendee perspective, and the sunday stuff added makes this a terrific 4 DAY SHOW!!

    nice interview Mike see you there


  3. C says:

    Hi Mike,

    Names for Sherpa show @ namescon
    Submit before or at show ?

    thanks for a great show !


    1. ASAP! :)


      (“3. Submit it using the form below (up until Jan 8, Jan 9 is too late).”)


  4. Tedward says:

    Discuss code link not working

    1. Hi Tedward,

      I don’t understand your comment. What’s a “discuss code link”?

      Can you provide a little more detail?


  5. Brock Nosbisch says:

    This will be my first domain conference and I am stoked! Can’t wait for domain sherpa live :)

    When will the live auction domains be announced?

    1. Monte Cahn says:

      Hi Brock – we have over 400 names in the online pre-bidding / online auction on Namejet now. there will be about 125 names selected from that list based on pre-bidding activity, reserve prices met or close to being met, and some other factors. The live list will be set by Saturday or Sunday. The live auction is on Jan 11 at 2 PM PST and the extended auction will continue for all the other names through Jan 21st.

      The live bidding link to sign up for live auction bidding if not at Namecon will be up tomorrow and announced all over the domain media, etc.

      let me know if you have any more questions.

      1. Brock Nosbisch says:

        Thanks Monte!

    2. I’m with ya, Brock … my first domain conference and I’m super pumped. Coming in from Chicago. Domaining since 1998. Sold some .info’s back @ TRAFFIC 2006 and helped a friend sell PHQ.com in that same auction (someone got it for a deal).

      Hope to connect … I’m @TimothyMEvans on Twitter …

  6. Jay says:

    Great Video Mike. hope you’ll be doing more Videos this year.

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