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Domain Name Brokers

Below is a list of domain brokers.

This is not a complete list of domain brokers; however, it is a list of well known domain brokers and those domain brokers who have been interviewed by DomainSherpa — which allows you to spend an hour with each and determine which domain broker you think is intelligent, competent and one you would potentially like to work with.

Consider this page the best way to interview the best domain brokers available, without having to commit to interviewing them individually.

As always, do your due diligence before signing any agreements, just as you would in entering into an agreement to buy or sell any other high worth asset, such as a house or car.

In alphabetical order (only those brokers who have completed one or more DomainSherpa shows):



Andrew Rosener:

Andrew Rosener | DomainSherpa Interview 2 3

Chris Zuiker

Chris Zuiker | DomainSherpa Interview

Dave Evanson

Dave Evanson | DomainSherpa Interview

Jeff Gabriel,

Jeff Gabriel | DomainSherpa Interview

Joe Uddeme: Outbound Domain Name Sales

Joe Uddeme | DomainSherpa Interview 2

David Clements

David Clements | DomainSherpa Interview

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