Laying the Foundation: Define your Identity as an Entrepreneur & as a Business

Laying the Foundation before building a brand identity is vital to your success as a domain investor or entrepreneur. Tess Diaz discusses why & how it’s vital to define & build your identity as an entrepreneur before doing the same for your business and brand. Take specific steps to have your identity as a guide for decisions about brand identity and strategy.

This DomainSherpa conversation walks you through the steps for defining your identity as a foundation before building your brand identity.

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Tess Diaz

Tess Diaz, a spunky non-digital native, is curious about geeky things, has a passion for domain names and likes to talk, so now she’s Executive Producer of DomainSherpa…

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One Response to “Laying the Foundation: Define your Identity as an Entrepreneur & as a Business”

  1. Michael Calabretta says:

    Interesting… Thanks, Tess! As a fellow Arizonian, I know that Bob Parsons owns commercial property and businesses all over Arizona.

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