DNAcademy: The Shortest Path to Domain Name Investing

After five plus years of interviewing the brightest Sherpas from around the world, you can now have all their expertise and insights condensed down into a single, carefully-crafted and professionally-published educational course.

DNAcademy.com is an an accelerated learning course built for novice and intermediate domain name investors. It was developed by Michael Cyger, publisher of DomainSherpa.com and DNTaxGuide.com.

DNAcademy will take you from newbie to pro in the shortest amount of time possible through lessons, video tutorials, practice and private networking.

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DNAcademy is the definitive course for:

  • Getting started in domain name investing and not wasting any money
  • Determining the best way to sell your first 100 domain names
  • Figuring out which of your 1,000 domains have value and which to drop
  • And much more!

And as a loyal follower of DomainSherpa, you can now get it for $50 off the current price using code SHERPAFAN at checkout. But, hurry…it’s only valid through the end of the month.

Still unsure? I can tell you that one of the best known registrars has already signed up for a team plan based on the quality of the content, and we’re customizing it for their unique new employee on-boarding needs. It’s part of our “team” plan.

Here’s what some of our beta testers said about DNAcademy:

Domain investing was confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. But DNAcademy provided the theory, framework and educational foundation that I was looking for. I now feel empowered as an investor. I highly recommend DNAcademy to anyone who wants to start investing in domain names.
– John Burgos Jr. | New York, NY

Before taking DNAcademy I had no idea how to pick and value a domain. I now know what to look for and what has value. DNAcademy provided me that step by step road map. DNAcademy is a perfect course to fast track your education in domain investing.
– Jack Parolini | Jacksonville, FL

Prior to taking the course, I found understanding the market quite difficult. DNAcademy provided an overview of tools, techniques and context that has greatly improved my comprehension of domain valuation and the secondary market. I recommend DNAcademy to anyone who is interested in learning more about domain investing.
– Parker Kaback | Casco Viejo, Panama

The DNAcademy was a surprise and boon. I had just come from Namescon where once again I was overwhelmed with information, opportunity and an ever expanding field of knowledge. The course literally pulled it all together in an organized, informed and in many cases enlightened manner. This is not theory. This program is based on factual examples, tools and strategies that I am 100% sure will change the course of my investment strategies. In my opinion it should be required reading for any person interested in domain investing.
– John Copen | New York, NY

I am new to domain investing and I needed to figure out how successful investors bought and sold domains. DNAcademy provided me with all the practical tools necessary to make money as a part-time domain investor. I recommend this to any new domain investor who wants to become an instant insider!
– Todd W. Fisher, Phy.D. | Aliso Viejo, CA

Prior to DNAcademy, I read every website I could find about domain investing but I was still very confused. The course was a logical, cohesive, step-by-step training guide to investing. Now I have the tools I need to be successful and now I am ready to conquer. If you’re new to domain investing, take this course before you waste another dollar – you will be better for it in the long run.
– Candace Cooke | Brooklyn, NY

Thank goodness for DNAcademy! It has saved me hours of hit and miss research on how to invest in domain names. This course is perfect for new and seasoned investors.
– Teresa Johnson | Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Check out DNAcademy at https://www.dnacademy.com/. And don’t forget your coupon code, listed above.

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3 Responses to “DNAcademy: The Shortest Path to Domain Name Investing”

  1. Great course, Michael. Especially the extended section on different domain valuation methods!

  2. John Decker says:

    If this course is anywhere close to the level of quality you do on your regular Domainsherpa shows, then I’m all in. I can’t wait to go through it!

    Thanks for all you do, Michael.

  3. Jessica says:

    Looks great, Michael. Congratulations on the launch. I’m definitely going to take you up on this offer. :)

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