Meet the Team of SEO Experts Building Online.Casino

Meet the team of SEO experts behind last year’s record-breaking new gTLD acquisition of Online.Casino. Hear how gTLDs are performing in SEO, how they make brands stand out, and how these serial entrepreneurs think outside the box.

  • Why they chose to invest so much capital up front
  • The niche branding context that creates a first mover advantage in a new gTLD
  • SEO, anchor texts, and new gTLD performance in search engines / link strategy
  • The vision & statement they are making via the new gTLD

Entrepreneurs and startups who are deciding between an established .COM or a premium new gTLD will benefit from today’s show. Hear the attitude of adventure & challenge that every visionary entrepreneur needs!

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This Show’s Sherpas

Lucas Gerhardsson
Lucas Gerhardsson
Lucas Gerhardsson is the founder of Red Earth Ltd, the company behind the purchase of Online.Casino, the largest new gTLD acquisition to date. He has a vast experience within Digital Marketing and iGaming, working for Betit Group and Gaming Innovation Group before focusing on growth and affiliate marketing for websites like GamblingTimes and MissOnlineCasino.

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Magnus Hall
Magnus Hall
Magnus Karnéus Hall is the co-founder of Digital Superstars LTD. He combines many years experience in sales, SEO and performance marketing with a solid track record of planning, building and growing websites. Magnus will join in on the venture to help the website reach its goals.

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Max Noremo
Max Noremo
Max Noremo is the co-founder of Digital Superstars LTD, an online marketing agency focusing on affiliate marketing within the iGaming sector. He has a lot of experience with search engine optimization, and a solid track record of creating valuable assets that drive big amounts of traffic to operators. Max recently joined Red Earth, to help grow the website.

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11 Responses to “Meet the Team of SEO Experts Building Online.Casino”

  1. Rahul Kumar says:

    Very detailed and informative. Keep it up.

  2. Aman S says:

    interesting stuff

  3. Snoopy says:

    This sounds like the next gtld disaster following on the heels of (ranking now down to 18th) and (Not in the top 100 even).

    This whole model of trying to fool Google for a while by promoting that you paid Donuts 500k for a domain is boneheaded.

    1. Magnus says:

      Rankings will always be rankings, which are based on several parameters and not just only the domain name.

      Even if those websites have been ranking down on their “main keyword” (what are their domain name). They are still doing great on other long tail keywords. I don’t believe they would have ranked up on those long tails this quick if they had another random domain name.

      I think that proves to everyone that their domain name and the nTLD has relevance to the topics they try to rank for. And in my opinion, what they need to do, is to continue to improve their SEO so they eventually rank up on their main keyword.

      We are not in any way trying to fool Google. We are doing SEO.

      One day soon, we will prove that you are wrong Snoopy ;).

      Wish you a good day!

  4. John Gleeson says:

    You guys are going to do great with !!! Betting affiliate tech is RED HOT right now and with US sports betting just opening up, this markets got legs to run. When you’re done, maybe you’ll turn your affiliate wizardry to my sleeping giant bear, !!!

  5. albert says:

    Over $500K for a dot Casino. I hope you guys prosper but I believe you waaaaaaay overpaid. Good Luck.

  6. Platey says:

    Fantastic interview

    I know nothing about seo lol

    But I started buying gtlds back in

    January 2014

    For reg fee

    But I knew a few years ago that Google produces search results for the keywords typed in Google search engine irrespective of which way round the keywords are typed

    I have some world class gtlds just because I bought on the fly Eg had an idea and bought the Gtld based on an idea etc and was prepared to take a punt on the domain without caring whether I lost the £20 reg fee and just done a very basic seo test and I think that gtlds work if you have limited content on the page or are great with no content but use the keyword Gtld as a redirect to redirect organic seo traffic in to an existing website that may be a brand etc

    But where the online casino Gtld wins is because it gives its owners multiple options

    But where they will win big is because they have made the keywords a brand so it doesn’t matter whether Google changes from keywords to brands Or back from brands to keywords or hyphens

    Online. Casino is a win win win and will get all the traffic

    Because current trend in the uk is to have hyphens

    But a domain name with a hyphen that separates the keywords has to have a. Com Or Cctld etc

    But the dot in a Gtld does not have to have a. Com Or Cctld as it uses a kgoogle ranking keyword as it’s extension so the dot acts as a hyphen but is a shorter website address and ranks significantly better than a. Com

  7. Data Glasses says:

    Best Seo = Google Adsense, cheers

  8. Great show as always!!!

    Good Luck with your Online Casino project.

    I think casino software is where the big money is at.

    I know a guy making over a million dollars in profit per week. He makes and installs casino gaming software and receives a percentage per casino machine.

  9. Johan says:

    I wonder for the future of GTLD’s with exact match or the shorter version. The .casino is just the extension like .com.

    Option 1.

    Option 2: Online.Casino

    Option 2 is “online” but how much weight does google give to the extension it self? Web surfers are not typing for “online” but for “online casino.”

    Wonder if Google gives preference to the shorter version in SEO. The true test is what web surfers type-in in the web address bar. And not speaking of when you have already built up a brand. But true type-in traffic like with premium dotcom domain names that get type-in traffic.

    Any opinions?

    1. Magnus says:

      I think that Google already understands that .casino domains are casino related. So I believe Google will prefer the shorter version ( since the more extended version would be repetitive ( and not as “clear” as the short one.

      That’s the benefit of the new TLDs since most of them are already in a niche and makes it clear for Google and the users what sites are about.

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