Go Close A Domain Name Sale This Month, We’ll Pay Your Escrow

Do you want an excuse to close a domain name sale this month?

Here’s your motivation: a free escrow for your next domain name sale.

But hurry! Efty.com has just launched Payoneer Escrow integration and for the month of April 2017, you can get a free escrow transaction.

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The 411



  • Signing up for your free Efty trial account
  • Setting up your for-sale landing pages
  • Setting up your Payoneer Escrow integration
  • Calculator for the fees you’re saving using this promotion

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    Hey Sherpa Network!

    Sign up for Efty, choose Payoneer Escrow as your escrow service, start an escrow transaction by the end of April 2017, and we’ll pay your escrow fee.

    How much?

    No limit.

    How many transactions?

    No limit.

    You heard that right.

    Sell a domain name for a million dollars and get a $6,400 escrow for free.

    Sell a domain name for ten thousand dollars and get a $125 escrow for free.

    Sell a domain name for two thousand dollars and get a $30 escrow for free.

    You know me, Michael Cyger, because I publish DomainSherpa.com and DNAcademy.com — where I teach you how to become a successful domain name investor.

    But I also made an investment in Efty.com, the software platform that helps you sell more domain names.

    I’ve got a special promotion that I wanted to make sure you saw.

    For the entire month of April, 2017, when you close a sale on Efty we’ll give you a free Payoneer Escrow transaction. Free!

    Actually, close as many deals as you can and we’ll pay ALL of your escrow transaction fees.

    No limit.

    Here’s how much you can save: https://escrow.payoneer.com/fees

    For a $1,500 sale, you’ll save $22.50. A $3,000 sale will save you $45. A $10,000 sale will save you $125. A $100,000 sale will save you $900. Heck, go close a million dollar sale and save $6,400.

    Often times as domain name investors, we just need an excuse to contact a potential buyer again.

    You can’t email a potential buyer back and say you lowered your price for a few days only — because you’ll look desperate.

    But giving them a free escrow transaction — well, that’s another story. You have a reason to contact them again, and you’re doing them a favor by saving them money.

    Let me give you some ideas on how to close a sale this month:

    If you’re already an Efty customer, fantastic. You probably have a bunch of inquiries on your domain names stored in your Efty dashboard. If you want to close one or more sales this month, go back through your inquiries (https://www.efty.com/app/insights/inquiries/), find any that were close, and email them. I’ll tell you what to say in a minute.

    If you are not an Efty customer yet, go sign up for a free 30-day trial by visiting Efty.com. Your 30-day trial is completely free, so give us a try. You could actually make a lot of money this month using Efty without spending a penny!

    If you’re new to Efty, you’re not going to have a bunch of inquiries that are easily searchable in our dashboard. Heck, most likely you’re going to have a bunch of anonymous inquires through other sales platforms. That sucks, because you don’t own that data — the sales marketplace does.

    (Did I mention that Efty puts you in control of your inquiry data, and only you own that data — not our marketplace? That’s how we govern our service and why we’re different.)

    Ok, where was I? Oh, right.

    You probably have a few emails in your email folder for domain inquiries…deals that didn’t pan out. Maybe you did some proactive outreach, maybe potential buyers contacted you through a whois lookup. Maybe they were close, maybe they were too far away but the potential buyer has had time to think about it and reconsider their offer.

    Now is the time to contact them again and entice them back into negotiation.

    Here’s what you do:
    1. Sign up for a Payoneer Escrow account
    2. Sign up for Efty.com trial account or sign into your account
    3. Choose Payoneer Escrow as your escrow service
    4. Point your DNS for your domains at ns1.eftydns.com and ns2.eftydns.com
    5. Customize your for-sale landing pages and set buy-it-now prices, descriptions and unique selling points
    6. Do personal, professional, outbound marketing to relevant and targeted potential buyers telling them that if they buy the domain this month, you will pay the escrow fee
    7. Close the sale!

    Links are below in the transcript.

    Make sure you see a Payoneer Escrow logo visible on the landing page before you start your outreach to potential buyers. (Like this: https://blogefty.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/payoneer-integration-4.png)

    Now, what do you say to these potential buyers?

    I have a potential buyer on one of my .io domain names. I paid $410 for it. I was asking $4,000. He said he was doing a startup — you know, the usual story. I’m totally fine with that. I told him he could have the domain name for $1,500. He said he was talking it over with his partner. That was two weeks ago.

    Here’s what I’m saying to that potential buyer:

    I’ve placed a buy-it-now price of $1,500 on [domain].io.

    If you are still interested, I will pay the escrow fee (saving you $22.50) if you visit [domain].io and click the BUY NOW button to start the escrow transaction.

    It’s a great deal for this fantastic brand.

    But please don’t delay: I will pay the escrow fee only through the end of April, 2017, and if someone else visits the site and clicks the BUY NOW link first, then I cannot offer it to you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    And I sign off with my full signature.

    Remember, we don’t charge any commmission — ever — at Efty. You pay us a very nominal fee per month to keep your domain inquiries and sales information confidential and organized. You close the sale, and pay no commission.

    All the profit goes into your pocket, and potentially toward more and better domain name investments.

    A big thank you to Payoneer Escrow for partnering with us at Efty.

    Now, go out there and sell!

    And shoot me an email at michael AT domainsherpa.com when you close your sale. I want to hear about it.

    Watch the full video at:

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    4 Responses to “Go Close A Domain Name Sale This Month, We’ll Pay Your Escrow”

    1. Matt says:

      Michael – Just checking I can tell the buyer (who clicks the Efty “Buy it Now” with Payoneer Escrow button) that there will be no fees for them if they complete payment in April?

      Just checking that (1) it doesn’t matter how they fund the escrow transaction (credit card, etc.) and (2) is the end of April cut off just for them funding the escrow or agreeing to escrow terms or for the everything to be completed and the domain transferred?


      1. Hi Matt,

        Yes, no fees and all they have to do is start the escrow transaction in April. They must agree to the transaction to start it.

        It does not matter how they fund the transaction.

        Let me know if you close a sale!


      2. Todd Orr says:

        Thank you very much for the awesome deal! I just became aware of Efty.com and find it very user friendly. I would love to ask you a huge favor. Would it be possible for you to talk to your botanist friend (I’m sorry that I forget his name. Matt maybe?) and ask him what he thinks of http://www.cloneclips.com? Especially regarding the massive movement for legalization of marijuana.

        Thank you for your time and interest.
        Todd Orr

        1. Hi Todd,

          I believe you mean Shane Cultra? You can reach him through DSAD.com.


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