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Domain Name News: July 29 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

This Week’s Articles in Review

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This Week’s News in Review

Costa Rica, Venue for ICANN Public Meeting in 2012 – 28-Jul-11
Costa Rica was chosen as the venue of the 43rd public meeting for ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), non-profit entity coordinator of the Domain Name System, can be found at
Facebook Files Lawsuits Against Facemook, Faecbook, Ffacebook – 28-Jul-11
Social networking giant Facebook has filed a lawsuit against 25 domain name holders, which have been accused of infringing its trademark. The domain names, or typosquatters as Facebook calls them, are using typos or names similar to The company is claiming that the domains are infringing on its trademark and plans to get them cancelled or have them transferred to Facebook.
DomainTools Revitalizes, Improving End-user Consumability – 28-Jul-11
DomainTools, the recognized leader in domain name research and monitoring, today launched a revamped website that features graphical user interface changes that improve overall navigation and usability. Still offering the same powerful daily DNS changes and web hosting activity, the freshly polished now provides data and statistics in a way that is easier for consumers to understand and digest.
Domainate Announces the Launch of, a World-Class Resource for Domain Training and Wholesale Acquisitions – 28-Jul-11
Domain sales and service company Domainate has announced the launch of a new site, will house Domainate\’s growing wholesale domain selling operations as well to help domain investors, resellers and developers save time and money adding to their portfolio. The new site offers the following: monthly training videos, domain buying club, monthly teleconference training program, live training workshop and more.
Trend Micro Helps Go Daddy With Online Security – 28-Jul-11
Go Daddy can now provide improved protection. The threats will be blocked by Deep Security in the cloud before they reach the Go Daddy network and servers. Threat activity and associated protection will be more visible to Go Daddy. The Group will be also able to implement flexible, fast responses to changing threats. Go Daddy will be able to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by minimizing the impact on server performance. The total cost of ownership will be therefore lowered for Go Daddy.
Namecheap Partners With Google Adwords and Pixmac to Provide Loyalty Bonuses … – 28-Jul-11
Namecheap, one of the topmost domain name registrars worldwide, has partnered up with Google and pixmac, a stock photography service, to offer loyalty bonuses to customers on the basis of their spend on Namecheap’s services, which include domain name registration, email solutions, web hosting and SSL certificates, in addition to domain name privacy. Pioneers New Internet Security Service – Pledges to Take a Bit Out of Crime – 27-Jul-11
Every year thousands of domain names are stolen. Some of these domains are valued in the five and six-figure range, and can often be the front-end to an entire business. Unfortunately law enforcement agencies do not have a procedure in place to track the theft and generally nothing is done. Most domain registrars and marketplaces try to stay-out of these situations as well and assume zero responsibility for the loss, even if the customer put their life-savings into the domain. There is no domain name police, theft database, or recovery agents, until now.
Dot VN Announces Vietnamese IDN Registrations Exceed 294,000 and Surpasses Standard .VN Registrations – 27-Jul-11
Dot VN, Inc., an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the exclusive online global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam (“the Company” or “Dot VN”), announced today that since its official launch of the Vietnamese Native Language Internationalized Domain Names (“Vietnamese IDN”) on April 28, 2011, registrations have exceeded 294,000 domain names which surpasses the total number of standard Vietnamese ccTLD registrations.
Morgan Linton Launches in Effort to Stem Stolen Name Sales – 26-Jul-11
Domain investor/developer Morgan Linton has seen fellow domain owners victimized by domain thieves far too often, so he has decided to try to do something about it. Linton just launched his solution, a new centralized domain database service at designed to let buyers and sellers know if any given name has been reported stolen by its owner.
Union Man Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Internet Domain Name – 25-Jul-11
A Union County man has been sentenced to prison for stealing a companyís Internet domain name and selling it over eBay for more than $110,000 to an unsuspecting buyer, Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor announced this afternoon. This is the first known conviction for a domain name theft.
Nominet Launches Free Trial of Secure DNS – 25-Jul-11
Nominet, gatekeeper to the .uk kingdom, is attempting to make its part of the Internet safer by promoting a secure version of the Internetís directory ñ the domain name system (DNS). Nominet is offering a free trial of the DNSSEC (DNS Security Extension), a secure version of the DNS protocol, designed to prevent hackers from ìpoisoningî the Internetís directory system with false entries that can trap the unwary.
Is The Internet Community Prepared for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution … – 24-Jul-11
Earlier this month, numerous brand owners, eCommerce companies, and UDRP providers informed policymakers at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ìICANNî) that now is not the time to revamp UDRP policy, most notably due to anticipation of hundreds of thousands of new generic top-level domains (ìgTLDî). In support of their position proponents of the status-quo recognize that while the UDRP is not, by any means, a flawless policy, it has offered some degree of certainty and predictability as it pertains to combating cyber-squatting issues.
Who Owns And Other Celebrity Ghost Sites? – 24-Jul-11
A company purporting to own the rights to the late comedian Chris Farley’s intellectual property, including his name and likeness, has failed in its effort to take back from a cybersquatter. Make Him Smile, Inc. claimed that a cybersquatter had inapproprately registered in 2004 for a website that featured hyperlinks to commercial businesses unrelated to Farley. – Learn How to Succeed In Domain Names For Free From Veteran Domain Expert Adam Dicker – 22-Jul-11
Adam Dicker, a leading domain expert who has built extensive knowledge of the industry over the last 10 years and the owner of, the largest domain forum on the planet, as well an extensive list of premium domain properties such as,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as over 20,000 generic .CA domains including,,, and is offering a free domain course for domainers to take part in covering everything to do with the domain industry.
Domain Name Thief Sentenced to 5 Years – 22-Jul-11
Back in November of 2009, Daniel Goncalves was indicted on charges that he had stolen the domain name from domain name investor Marc Ostrofsky and Albe and Leslie Angel. The details of the case and investigation were documented in a story on DNN published in August 2009.
Two-Character .JOBS Domain Names Being Made Available for Company Name Registration – 22-Jul-11
Beginning September 1, 2011, Employ Media LLC, the licensed operator of the .JOBS Top Level Domain (TLD), will accept requests on a first come, first serve basis from the global community of employers seeking to register two-character domain names that correspond to their company name.

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