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This Week’s News in Review

Chinese Registry Announces Launch of .china (.中 国 ) Extension – 13-Sep-12
The China Internet Network Information Center, registry for the .cn domain, has announced the launch of the new .china (.中 国) Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) extension.
Gregg McNair Takes Equity Position and Chairmanship at – 13-Sep-12
McNair has acquired a substantial equity position in Corp. (IBS) and has also been appointed Chairman of the fast growing Bahamas based registrar that was founded in 2004. Wins UDRP Action Brought by – 12-Sep-12
Respondent pleads ignorance and wins UDRP action. From the UDRP Findings: The domain name resolves to two different websites depending on how the Internet users access the website: 1) If the Internet user types in “,” Respondent’s real estate website will come up. 2) If the Internet user types in “,” the parking page comes up. Respondent did not know that this was possible, did not have any control over the content of the parked page, and did not receive any commercial benefit.
Some Big Names Make Domain Purchases – 12-Sep-12
This week’s end user sales list is a little shorter than usual, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there were fewer end user buys last week.
GoDaddy Moves DNS to Competitor VeriSign – 12-Sep-12
Following a day-long Domain Name Service server outage, web hosting provider GoDaddy is letting its competitor, VeriSign, host its DNS servers.
GoDaddy Recovers From Cyber Knockout Punch – Denies DDos Attack – 11-Sep-12
The service outage was not caused by external influences. It was not a “hack” and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again. Pushes Registrations Past Half-Million Mark – 11-Sep-12
The newly launched second level domain has helped push the total number of .nz registrations past 500,000 in a “landmark day for the New Zealand Internet”.
Every GoDaddy-Registered Site Temporarily Knocked Offline – 10-Sep-12
A malicious flood of network traffic has knocked Internet registrar GoDaddy’s servers offline — taking with it the site, its email, and thousands, potentially millions of websites registered through one of the Internet’s most popular services. Targeted by Apple for Trademark Cancellation – 10-Sep-12
The Internet country code top-level domain for Poland is “.pl.” The first letter of the alphabet in the Polish language, like in most, is the letter “a.” Put them together and you have Apple’s latest legal attack target:
Frank Schilling to Launch Upgraded Domain Sales Platform Next Month – 10-Sep-12
Frank Schilling has already rocked the domain parking industry with his Internet Traffic service. Now he hopes to shake up how you sell your domain names.
Judge Rejects Libyan Embassy’s Efforts to Evict Cyber Squatter – 07-Sep-12
In a noteworthy cyber-squatting case, a federal judge in Washington has ruled that the Libyan government failed to prove that that “Embassy of Libya” or “Libyan Embassy” were trademarks worthy of protection under the law, reports the Blog of Legal Times.
The Most Important .tv Domain Turns 10 – 06-Sep-12
The one .tv domain name that has done the most to build the .TV domain name brand turned ten last month. And it doesn’t even resolve to a web site.
Pinterest Fights Chinese Cyber-Squatter – 06-Sep-12
Chinese man has been snapping up dozens of domain names related to popular American start-ups and is seeking to trademark some of the names in the US and China. Qian Jin of Nanjing, China, has applied to register marks like Foursquare, Twitter, Quora and Instagram and has also bought dozens of websites like and
Brands Anticipate Top-level Domain Shakeout – 06-Sep-12
Loreal and Scripps, along with big banks and auto brands are working out how to use their generic top-level domains.

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