Domain Name News: October 14 Week in Review

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This Week’s Articles in Review

This Week’s News in Review

Film on Appleís Co-founder Will Be Titled Steve Jobs, According to Registrations – 13-Oct-11
Sony Pictures recently acquired the rights to the biography on Appleís late co-founder and chairman simply titled “Steve Jobs”, by Walter Isaacson. Originally called iSteve: the Book Of Jobs, Isaacson eventually persuaded his publisher Simon & Schuster to change the book title. It now appears the film will keep the same title of the non-fiction book when itís released in theaters, according to eight recent domain name registrations by Sony Pictures made on October 11, 2011, that include domains like and
Verisign Withdraws Request to Shut Down Sites – 13-Oct-11
Verisign has withdrawn its request seeking the power to shut down non-legitimate websites, two days after submitting it to ICANN.
Rod Beckstrom: “More Domain Names Should Lower Prices, Increase Innovation” – 13-Oct-11
Rod Beckstrom in an interview in India said this will lead to innovations that canít even be imagined today. Advertisers and marketers are critical of the move as they say it could lead to a spurt in litigation over cyber squatting.
.HIV Domain Name Initiative Turns to Crowd Funding – 13-Oct-11
A charity top level domain wants you to be charitable to get it off the ground. A group hoping to launch the .HIV top level domain name is turning to crowdfunding to raise the six figures required to apply for the domain. The idea is that companies can use a .hiv domain in addition to .com to generate money for HIV/AIDS research. The group’s …
Domain Name Ninja Celebrates Five-year Anniversary and Explosive Customer Growth – 13-Oct-11
Domain Name Ninja, a leading Web Hosting and SEO marketing provider continues to see explosive customer growth as they approach their fifth year in business. The company is known for its highly affordable domain names and Web hosting packages, unparalleled support and cutting-edge technology, constant software and package updates as well as a customized approach to each clientís needs.
Google Loses Battle for – 12-Oct-11
Google has lost its cybersquatting fight with typo-snaffle site, enabling its owner to carry on enticing clumsy typists into signing up for pricey text messaging services.
auDA Fields 146 Complaints About Aussie Domain Industry – 12-Oct-11
Australia’s domain regulator auDA has revealed it received 146 complaints about resellers, registrars and other domain industry participants in the past financial year. The regulator reported its first full year of complaint statistics in the 2010-11 annual report released late yesterday.
FSC Issues Cautionary Guide to Purchasing .XXX Domains – 12-Oct-11
FSC, which has opposed .XXX domains for nearly a decade, said that recent discussions with online business owners indicate a need for clarification of the .XXX registration process. The organization said “confusion and mixed messages given by ICM Registry (ICM) and its registrars about pricing and the application process have created a difficult situation for adult online business owners.”
Ping Golf Considers .ping Top Level Domain Name – 11-Oct-11
Company behind Ping golf brand applies for .ping trademark, but it might be just a defensive play. Companies continue to file trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office despite ICANN saying it will give no weight to .TLD trademarks (and the USPTO not permitting such trademarks). One of the latest may be a .brand play, …
Launch of Gives Honolulu Businesses New Marketing Opportunity – 11-Oct-11
Left of the Dot Media has announced the launch of; a new authority web site and directory focused exclusively on this Hawaiian island. The site features Left of the Dotís innovative Marketing Name technology that allows small businesses to lease sub-domains from for use in their own marketing and advertising campaigns.
Dot VN, Inc. Co-Founder and President, Lee Johnson Receives Award of Merit From the Vietnam Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung – 10-Oct-11
Dot VN, Inc., ( an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the exclusive online global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam, announced today that Dr. Lee Johnson, President and Co-Founder of Dot VN will be recognized at an awards ceremony held in Hanoi, Vietnam where he is to receive an award of merit from the Prime Minister’s Office, decision number 1237/QD-TTg dated July 07, 2011 for his achievements in the development of the Internet in Vietnam, contributing to the cause of socio-economic development of the country.
Verisign Demands Website Takedown Powers – 10-Oct-11
VeriSign, which manages the database of all .com internet addresses, wants powers to shut down non-legitimate domain names when asked to by law enforcement.
Qwikster Goes Qwikly: a Look Back On a Netflix Mistake – 10-Oct-11
If there is one downside of Netflix’s decision to cancel Qwikster, it is that Jason Castillo, the semi-coherent, weed-curious high-schooler who owned the Twitter handle @Qwikster, never got to extort Reed Hastings and his company for all the money that he could. The single bright side in the monumentally stupid Qwikster fiasco was the existence of @Qwikster; there was an unspoken hope that the totally undeserving, totally unprepared and likely totally blazed owner of that Twitter handle would somehow stumble into a large financial payday from Netflix, which would have represented some kind of victory-by-proxy for all of those customers stupefied by Netflix’s stupefying decision to split the services in the first place.
After Losing UDRP, Save The Children Federation Sues to Get Domain Name – 09-Oct-11
Non-profit sues after losing UDRP. Save the Children Federation is suing the owner of after failing to win the same domain name in a UDRP proceeding. The non-profit filed a UDRP case against the domain owner ProServices in April. ProServices forwards the domain name to its web site, …
Speed Up Your Internet Connection By Changing Your Domain Name System Server – 09-Oct-11
Is your Internet connection slow? The cause could be a slow DNS name server. Here’s how to find the fastest, most reliable DNS servers in your area and use them to enhance your Internet browsing experience.
Arabic Domain Names a Certainty From Next Year – 09-Oct-11
A new dimension is unfolding online for Arab internet users with the addition of Arab domain names such as .emarat after two decades of English as the only language, said the man at the helm of the international organisation that keeps the internet working.

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2 Responses to “Domain Name News: October 14 Week in Review”

  1. Shiva says:

    I am new to domains but have been reading a lot in the last 6 months. Love your insights and interviews Michael.

    Just referring to the above article mentioning Rod Beckstrom (CEO, ICANN). I think the whole idea and strategy of having any word as domain extension will lead to a lot of red tape and bureaucracy in countries like India. Especially when he talks about the government approvals and community based applications for the capital city names etc. No doubt we will see some creativity and innovation changing the web but it will be nowhere close to the confusion and waste of money for the applications. We have seen many extensions introduced and gone to the back stage in the due course after the dot com, do not know how successful this change will be. But it is a heck of a lot of dollars ($185K) for putting in an applications.

    The world will be watching this closely.

  2. says:

    QBizet useful information, Some articles have very interesting news and there are so many new things to learn about.

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