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This Week’s News in Review

WordPress Now Powering 14.7% of Top 1M Websites, 22% of New U.S. Domain Names – 19-Aug-11
WordPress has revealed that it is now powering 14.7 percent of the top 1 million websites in the world through both and (self-hosted blogs), which is up from 8.5 percent last year. Additionally, 22 out of every 100 new active domain names in the U.S. are using WordPress.
The Current Domain Market Worth $12 Billion, Says Thrush – 18-Aug-11
Peter Dengate Thrush, the former chairman of the board of ICANN, the body responsible for the internetís top-level domain name management, oversaw the introduction of the reforms that are about to upend the world of web addresses.
.Asia Plans to Release 1 and 2 Character Domain Names – 18-Aug-11
Registry for .asia domain names wants to release short names. .Asia registry DotAsia Organisation Ltd is joining fellow top level domain name operators with plans to release one and two character domain names. The registry has filed a Registry Services Evaluation Process request with ICANN explaining how it plans to allocate the domain …
Domain Sponsor: No More Redirects – 18-Aug-11
Domain Sponsor sent an email this morning informing its†customers that they can no longer re-direct their domain names that are parked with the company.
Ad Groups Oppose New Domains, ICANN Chief to Step Down – 18-Aug-11
The online advertising industry this week encouraged the Internet’s governing body to withdraw its plan for issuing new domain names, arguing that it could hurt brand owners financially.
Web Domain Chief Rod Beckstrom Announces Departure – 17-Aug-11
The head of the international organization that oversees Internet domain names announced that he will leave his post when his contract ends next July.
XXX Domains Causing a Stir – 17-Aug-11
The Internet is about to get a little racier. The new triple-X domain that is slated to launch in December is ruffling feathers all around the web.
Africa Internet Domain Coming Soon – 17-Aug-11
Within two years African internet users could have their continent’s name as part of their web addresses, say the African Registry Consortium (ARC) – the organisation that aims to administer the .africa domain.
New TLDs: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, or Just Misunderstood? – 17-Aug-11
New TLDs are coming, and despite all of their critics, myself included, there are some who believe they’re a good thing. Take, for instance, Alexa Raad, whose company Architelos provides new TLD consulting and management services. She thinks critics of the new TLDs simply don’t get it. and Make Domain Purchases – 16-Aug-11
End users line up to find the perfect domain name. There were a lot of great end user domain purchases at Afternic this week. Here’s a look at some of the ones that caught my eye. Franklin Debt Relief, LLC of Chicago picked up for $18,000 and for $13,000. Smart move.
.CO Seeing First Time Renewal Rate of 68% – 16-Aug-11
In this monthís .CO Newsletter, I am proud to announce that one year after our global launch, with over 1 Million Domain names registered – as of July 31, 2011, .CO is seeing a first time renewal rate of 66%; with late renewals still being counted. We fully expect to see somewhere in the nature of 68-69% renewal rates for July once all late renewals are totaled. This is for a month that was one of our highest months for new registrations.
Is Your Brand Ready for The Cyberspace Land Rush? – 16-Aug-11
The internet landscape is set to change dramatically in the near future, and those who are not prepared for the shift may find the array of potential new business benefits — and opportunities for infringement — to be rather overwhelming. By learning about the new gTLD program now, brand owners will be prepared to protect their valuable trademark rights in this growing space as the internet evolves in the coming years.
XXX Pricing Set By Go Daddy, Businesses Bellyache About Domain Extortion – 16-Aug-11
As the world’s largest Internet registrar announced its rates for the XXX adult entertainment domain set to appear in December, reports began appearing of businesses complaining about being forced to buy domain names they have no desire to buy.
Why ICANN’s New Domain-name System Could Benefit Brands – 16-Aug-11
To understand the possibilities of new TLDs, think of an apartment building. Under the old system, you got a unit. Under the new one, you get the building.
Google is Now The Proud Owner of – 15-Aug-11
Itís not exactly Googorola-sized news, but I just noticed that Google has very recently gained ownership over the domain (not worth linking as it is currently not in use – yet?). Now, Google may have simply asked – or forced – the former owner to transfer ownership of the catchy domain name, so it doesnít necessarily mean that itís going to launch a product by that name (besides, they already own so why bother?). For that and other reasons, I think itís unlikely Google is planning to make the home for a new service, although Iíve been known to be wrong before. Either way, somewhat interesting.
ICANN Domain Plan: Brands Headed for Disaster? – 15-Aug-11
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is speaking out against ICANNís decision to open the domain name floodgates by lifting restrictions on generic top-level domains.
Go Daddy Announces .xxx Domain Prices – 15-Aug-11
Let’s say you own a bakery in Michigan named Dutch Oven and you were forward thinking enough to launch the website Then we recommend, no, implore you to take note of the new top-level domain (TLD) that Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has released. You don’t need a course in sex education to guess what types of sites will live on .xxx domains. Yes, it will be porn and all kinds of adult content. If that doesn’t jive with your brand, you have about two months to prevent a marketing disaster.
IAB Opposes .Whatever Domain Name Plan – 15-Aug-11
Citing a financial burden for advertisers, the Internet Advertising Bureau has come out against ICANN’s so-called .whatever domain plan. The plan, unveiled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] in June, would allow for the expansion of generic top-level domains beyond the current two dozen or so current TLDs, including .com, .net and .tv. Such a plan would go into effect within a few months.
Trader Joe’s Sues Grocery Delivery Web Site – 14-Aug-11
Trader Joe’s unhappy with food delivery service. Fast growing and trendy grocery store chain Trader Joe’s has sued the owner of for trademark infringement. The web site technically stands for Traffic Jam’s delivery service, but the site is forward about what it does: delivers groceries from Trader Joe’s …
Groupon Officially Arrives in Australia After Scrapping Stardeals Brand – 14-Aug-11
Groupon’s Stardeals brand will be discontinued after the company announced it has switched over to the domain, ending an eight-month battle with bitter rival Scoopon.
Nintendo Files Trademarks for “Wii U” But Doesn’t Own – 14-Aug-11
Our good friends at Fusible note, somewhat wryly, that while Nintendo’s gotten around to filing trademark applications on the Wii U it’s lacking ownership of the domain. The console by that name is due for sale sometime in 2012.
Arabic Top-level Domain Still Unpopular – 13-Aug-11
Information Technology experts on Saturday attributed the low turnout in registering websites in Jordanís Arabic top-level domain [arabic]. (.alordon) to being unnecessary and weak promotion for the service.
How Google is Helping Vermont Businesses Go Global – 12-Aug-11
Ninety-seven percent of people in the U.S. look for goods and services online, but 63 percent of businesses don’t have a website. And that means you’re invisible online. Google is at it again trying to get small businesses to sign up for its products and services. And this time Vermont companies are in the cross hairs.
Groupon Celebrates With New Domain Name – 12-Aug-11
Groupon was locked in a lengthy legal wrangle with the Australian owned Scoopon over ownership of the Groupon trademark. It was revealed Scoopon had purchased the domain and registering Groupon Pty Limited as their business five days before Groupon, itself, had applied for the naming rights. Groupon also revealed it offered Scoopon owners Gabby and Hezi Leibovich $286,000 for the domain and Groupon Pty Ltd trademark, but was turned down.
Why Your Business Should Care About .XXX Domains – 12-Aug-11
.XXX domains are coming to the Web: ICM Registry will launch the new top-level domain (TLD) next month. ICM claims the goal is to protect kids while organizing pornography on the Web. In fact, .XXX domains are little more than a money grab by domain companies that will do little to actually keep children safe. Regardless, itís happening right now, and the new domains could very well affect your business and cost you a significant amount of money ó even if you arenít in the adult industry. Hereís what you need to know.

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