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Sell More with Efty For-Sale Landing Pages

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The first five themes in the theme gallery are:

  1.  North
  2.  Hong Kong
  3.  Silk
  4.  Kiffer
  5.  Spring

The new designs will also allow you to set a minimum offer amount and integrate BIN (Buy It Now) buttons thanks to a deep integration with the platform that was completed last month. (More Info)

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In September 2015 I announced an investment in the leading domain name investing platform called Efty.

Today, Efty is announcing something we’ve been working on for a while: a For-Sale landing page theme gallery.

No longer are you stuck with a single page design for soliciting sales inquiries. Efty’s new theme gallery hosts a selection of five top-notch For-Sale landing pages that have been designed for optimal visitor-to-lead conversion.

Why is this important?

Most of my investment domains don’t make anything in parking revenue. Even if they did make a few bucks a month, I’d rather not confuse visitors typing in my domain names with pay-per-click advertising. I want it to be crystal clear that the domain name is for sale.

Efty for-sale landing pages do just that.

No need to set up a website, create a web page, update the page when plugins, themes or other software require it, or ensure that all the forms are working. Efty does all that for you.

Don Edmands posted a comment at that reads, “I know from experience many times over making a perfect landing page is like a spotless car for sale…it is fundamental to the task of selling upon landing.” I agree.

Brett Hunter over at asked, “How is this a first of its kind service? Its a simple landing page system which has been around for 10 plus years.” True, but now it’s beautifully designed without any work on your part. Plus, we update it, keep it functioning, put nothing between you and your potential customers, and route all leads directly to you. And we now have minimum offer fields whereby an offer will not be sent to you — like all those $15 offers — and are integrated with so you can close the deal quickly by providing an assurance to your customer.

Over at NamePros, Jim Jammy wrote: “Efty is the ONLY good looking platform where you can rank your domains using our own URLs and without any duplicate content issues.” Thanks for your support, Jim!

But don’t get me wrong. At Efty we have plenty more work to do. This is one step in a long journey. Every month we will launch new features, designs for the for-sale landing page theme gallery, and — yes — even bug fixes.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey to make more money in the domain name industry. We promise to work our bottoms off to earn your business.

Look for us at NamesCon in Las Vegas January 10th through 13th. The entire Efty team, including Doron, Lionel and myself, will be there.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Watch the full video at:

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13 Responses to “Sell More with Efty For-Sale Landing Pages”

  1. Bobby Hilley says:

    I know this is an older post but thought I’d point out that the example for the “Hong Kong Theme” is not using an efty theme. Check it out

    1. Thanks, Bobby. I updated the page with two new Hong Kong examples.

      I notice some of the others changed too. I’ll need to update those too. That’s the problem with using real domains as examples…they often sell through Efty! :)

  2. James Vana says:

    Thank you! This looks interesting.
    Have you ever done a review of As you probably know, they are Australian based and I have seen good reviews online.

    1. Hi James,


      They just relaunched their website today with a much stronger call to action and value proposition. Definitely worth going to look at.


  3. Bill E says:

    Nice landers! I’m curious if Efty provides any referral data on the visitor that land on the pages.
    Source page, IP address, etc?

    1. Hi Bill, Doron from Efty here. We do provide some basic statistics for each lander which you can find under the Insights > Landing Pages tab. It is enough info to give you a good idea about which of your domains is getting traffic. It can be improved with more in-depth data and this is on our development roadmap for 2016. Some user have suggested Google Analytics integration and we’re also looking into this as an option.

      When you get offers or inquiries on your domains we do share the IP and location of the sender with you to provide you with as much intel on the potential buyer as possible.

    2. A quick update on this as we know also support Google Analytics integration for both all your For-Sale landing pages as well as your Efty marketplace.

  4. Olatunde says:

    It’s amazing Mike. I just visited one of the sample domains from Doron’s portfolio(, I see safe payment via escrow and the Escrow logo but don’t be surprised some buyers may not even know what Escrow is. There should be a short description on how Escrow buyer protection works, letting them know they will get their money back if domainer fails to transfer. This little information will put most minds at rest and boost conversion.

    Good luck!

    1. Great feedback, Olatunde. We’ll work on that.

  5. David says:

    You guys keep rolling out new features, I’m going to have to try it again! :)

    1. Awesome. Thanks, David!

  6. Jay says:

    sounds good Mike. parking has been dead for years. Efty makes sense.

    1. Thanks, Jay. I appreciate you watching and posting a comment.

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