Domain Name News: August 10 Week in Review

Domain Name Week in ReviewEvery Friday, provides you with a hand-selected, editorially-based review of the weekly news. In this summary, you will find the latest articles and videos produced by DomainSherpa staff and contributors. You will also find links to the best news articles in the domain name industry – so you don’t have to spend your time searching for news or reading something that was not worth your time.

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This Week’s News in Review

Welcome Wayne Nelson, DomainSherpa’s First Producer – 07-Aug-12
I welcome DomainSherpa’s producer, Wayne Nelson. Wayne will be focused on finding the best strategies, tactics, stories and inspiration to feature on DomainSherpa. Domain and Website Transactions Up 21% – 09-Aug-12’s transaction volume for domain names and web sites was up 15% in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. The dollar volume for these transactions was up a whopping 21%.
Costly Hijacking Reveals Common Patterns in Global Domain Thefts – Weak Laws – 08-Aug-12
Ownership of, owned since 1996, was about to be transferred. A second message, six minutes after the first, said the transfer was complete.
Someone from China, using the name Baorui, had taken over ownership of The thieves swiftly put the name up for sale.
Presidential Campaigns Buy Up Domain Names for ‘Microsites’ – 08-Aug-12
Michael Cyger, of, said purchasing a domain name and creating a website is a cheap and easy way for a campaign to get a message out… Cyger noted that one of the biggest mistakes made by candidates is failing to purchase their domain names — an “$8.30 insurance policy” against any future opponents or domain squatters who might benefit from owning it.
Lawmakers Raise New Concerns About New Domain Name Program – 07-Aug-12
Nearly six months after the program was launched, key members of Congress are still raising concerns about a plan to introduce hundreds of new Internet addresses into the domain name systems, saying they want fresh assurances that the new strings will not harm trademark holders and that the public has adequate opportunity to comment.
Fraudulent Typosquatters Lie in Wait for London Olympics Searchers – 07-Aug-12
More than 80 percent of domains with “olympics” in the name are fraudsters using a misspelling to attract visitors.
Security experts are warning consumers seeking news on Olympic events to beware of fraudsters who are attempting to sell anything from free access to Olympic TV coverage, to venue tickets.
Why Domain Parking Companies Get Named On “Bad Host” Lists – 07-Aug-12
So why is it that domain parking companies land on these bad lists?
At a high level, it’s all about old data.
Namemedia Launches Discounted Domain Marketplace – 05-Aug-12
NameMedia has launched a new domain name marketplace dedicated solely to lower cost domains.
Salesforce’s Helps You Get Things Done – 05-Aug-12 lets you create to-do lists and then assign tasks on that list to other people. Used for both individuals at home and businesses looking to streamline how they work, the service can be used to assign everything from bringing a bag of chips to a party to following up with a client to make sure he or she signs contracts on time.
Nat Cohen Wins Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Charge Against Spa for – 03-Aug-12
Spanish spa and wellness center brought UDRP in bad faith. Nat Cohen’s Telepathy has successfully defended the domain name from an attack by Albir Hills Resort, S.A., known as SHA Wellness Clinic. The panel also determined that SHA Wellness Clinic was guilty of attempting reverse domain name hijacking. I’ve got to say, this was […]
Guy Mad About Centralnic Domains Sues ICANN and Network Solutions – 03-Aug-12
Fun Friday reading. I read a lot of lawsuits involving domain name companies. Occasionally I come across a “pro se” suit, in which the plaintiff doesn’t have legal representation. Nine times out of ten these pro se cases I read involve a plantiff who’s a bit crazy. Like the “nude artist” who’s mad at NameMedia […]
You Say Insurance, We Say Assurance; For Sale Exclusively with DomainAdvisors – 02-Aug-12
Assurance the most important form of Insurance is now available exclusively with DomainAdvisors. Owning a Domain that makes up a significant portion of one of the most highly competitive online industries will not be inexpensive. Premium domains of this caliber sell close to or over seven figures.
Stranger Nabs Jewish Community Centre Domain Name – 02-Aug-12
It’s happened to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Saturday Night Live comic Kevin Nealon and even Microsoft. And now it’s happened to the Jewish Community Centre of Hamilton. All inadvertently let their domain names lapse on the Internet and then saw them bought up by an unrelated third party. It also happened to the Washington Post in 1999, but Post staff were able to reregister the name before it was grabbed by someone else.
Marchex Sells Record $3.3 Million in Domains On Q2 – 02-Aug-12
Not much else to smile about in its quarterly report. Marchex just released earnings for its second quarter. Most notable to the domain name industry is that the company had a record quarter for domain name sales — $3.3 million. There’s no additional insight into the sales in the company press release, but perhaps we’ll […]
Marchex Sells Record $3.3 Million in Domains On Q2 – 02-Aug-12
Not much else to smile about in its quarterly report. Marchex just released earnings for its second quarter. Most notable to the domain name industry is that the company had a record quarter for domain name sales — $3.3 million. There’s no additional insight into the sales in the company press release, but perhaps we’ll […]
UDRP Panel Orders Transferred – 02-Aug-12
Three character domain name lost in UDRP. A single member UDRP panel has ordered the domain name be transferred to adult entertainment company VS Media, Inc. The company claims trademark rights to the term VS. It also owns the domain names,, and The owner of the domain name didn’t respond to […]
Meet The Woman Who Bought a Domain Name Instead of a House – 02-Aug-12
The story features founder Rebekah Campbell. Campbell bought the domain name with $28,000 of her savings. Pro Tools

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