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Thanks for Watching DomainSherpa

After every DomainSherpa show, it’s customary that I ask the audience to post a comment, ask a question, or simply write a quick thank you the one or more Sherpas on that show. It’s an easy way to start forming friendships and making professional connections.

Now it’s time to thank those who have done so.


In the past year, thousands of comments have been posted across our shows but the greatest number have come from two individuals: Eric Jenkins and Albert.

In appreciation for your support of the DomainSherpa shows – and in association with .Club and my good friend Bill McClure of Coffee.orgI’d like to present both Eric and Albert with a six-month membership to


Both Eric and Albert will each receive two 13-ounce bags of fresh roasted Arabica coffee, twice a month (four bags a month), for six months. Eric and Albert will be able to select their roast and grind, so whether they enjoy coffee or cappuccino they’ll have the perfect ingredients.

Enjoy, Eric and Albert. Thanks for posting comments, supporting our Sherpas and making connections. And I’m sure in your improved, caffeinated state you’ll be posting comments twice as often!

Happy holidays to all our audience members in the United States.

Best regards,
Michael Cyger

P.S. If you want to support Bill McClure’s new venture,, you can take advantage of a 40%-off sale on gift and regular subscriptions from November 28th through December 1st using the code “DotClub” at checkout. Visit to learn more.

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7 Responses to “Thanks for Watching DomainSherpa”

  1. There is a most interesting article in the latest issue of “Inc”
    URL Hunting pg.54
    Maybe the Sherpas can comment on it.


  2. albert says:

    Michael, Thank You for having the informative shows that put on and the gift.

    It is much appreciated.

  3. Trev says:

    Yet another reason DomainSherpa rocks. Thanks for giving so much, and then giving it back, Michael.

  4. Eric Jenkins says:


    Thank you for the coffee and thanks for putting on such a great show!!!!!

    Eric Jenkins…

  5. Noor Manji says:

    Wonderful gesture, congrats to Eric and Albert……..Mike, hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and thanks for all the super videos.

    Hope Rick agrees to stay on for another year.

    1. Albert says:

      Thanks Noor.

    2. Eric Jenkins says:

      Thanks Noor.

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