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DomainSherpa Review with Michael Cyger, Ali Zandi, Andrew Rosener and Shane CultraThis is the show where we get into the minds of successful domain name investors – people we call Sherpas – and talk about the value of specific domain names. By listening to the Sherpas, we expand our thought process so we can become more successful investors ourselves.

In this DomainSherpa Review:

  • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,
  • An investor’s portfolio is appraised:,,
  • Get your bids in soon for these NO RESERVE NameJet auctions:,
  • Plus, much more!

For each domain name portfolio, the Sherpas answer:

  • Which domains are valuable, and in what way?
  • What is the market value (both wholesale and retail) of the best domain names?
  • Which domains are worthless and should be dropped?
  • Which domain names may invite legal issues, such as a UDRP case or cybersquatting lawsuit?
  • Which domains do our Sherpas want to make an offer on?

We’re joined by three Domain Sherpas: Ali Zandi, Andrew Rosener and Shane Cultra.

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Investor Submitted Domain Names Pre-Auction Listings

This Show’s Sherpas

Ali Zandi
Ali Zandi
Ali Zandi is the founder and senior broker at Starfire Holdings, a domain name brokerage and consulting firm.

Prior to Starfire Holdings, Ali was the director of sales and acquisitions at, a private domain name investment fund.

Based in Hawaii, Zandi boasts a wealth of knowledge and sales experience and has facilitated millions of dollars of successful transactions in the domain industry.

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Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener is the CEO of the industry-leading domain name broker Media Options.

Andrew is widely considered a thought leader and expert on domain name value & methodology as well as domain name sales & acquisitions. With 20 years experience with domain names, Andrew has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to make MediaOptions the go-to domain name firm for startup & company domain acquisitions as well as high value domain name sales.

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Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra
Shane Cultra is a domain name investor and owner of the popular domain name blog,

Cultra is also a fifth generation owner of Country Arbors Nursery based in Urbana, Illinois, and has been a member of the PBS television show Mid American Gardener for more than 10 years, in addition to being a part of various gardening segments on CBS and ABC.

Shane also recently launched two new businesses, and, leveraging his online expertise with his love of nature and business acumen to create two exciting new ventures that are sure to be successful.

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37 Responses to “DomainSherpa Review – Jan 25:,,,…”

  1. Great show always so much value !! i appreciate you all sharing!

    Voight Thornton
    CACTUS CROC – on Flippa
    [email protected]
    snapchat: sixmicfilms

  2. Michael K says:

    Great show. Thanks guys.
    Sorry to have missed Names-con. I will plan on going next year.

    Question: I own about 1500 domains. I’d say about half are my own crazy speculative purchases, maybe not worth renewing, but the rest are conservatively worth 75-100K wholesale (including 250+ listed on BrandBucket, a couple of 4L Chips, about 40 6N domains, some first names, etc.) I buy and sell regularly but it’s not my main occupation.
    I am at the point where I am thinking about what would happen to these if I were to die. My wife wouldn’t even know how to renew them, or care. But I would like her or my kids to get the value of my investment. Is there any service or person that might be willing to be a named broker for a portfolio named in a will (i.e. “After my death, the Domain Sherpa herein named is willing and able to sell this portfolio on my behalf. Please contact… etc.”)

    We’re all getting older and maybe others have had this concern. Any suggestions?

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks, Ali, Andrew, Shane, and Mike! Great inspiring show! I learn something every week.

  4. JR says:


    Great show once again Michael

    Even though i am on the list and get notification of new shows, by Thursday or Friday each week i have to type just in case…..

    This one is for Shane…

    Defibrillator’s are also know as:

    Automated External Defibrillator’s – AED’s :)


  5. Mike Carson says:

    Drew, Michael and Shane – it was great meeting you guys at NamesCon! Ali – looking forward to meeting you one day in person.

    Thanks for the show, guys – I listen every week and there is always some great piece of advice or something I didn’t think about or realize, and I always come away with something helpful.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you very much for the informative, constructive and valuable interview. The trio’s knowledge and experience are really helpful to us. Hats off to them, including you, Sherpa.

  7. brian wamelile says:

    Hello sharpas thanks so much for your information, I am actually new in the industry.
    Ali~Thanks so much for your advice
    Mike~I love the work you do
    Shane~Just love your information

  8. ivan stasjuk says:

    Thanks sherpas
    i learn lot

  9. DT says:

    Another killer show Sherpas!

    Awesome discussion surrounding the not-so-premium names and potential retail buyers.

    NamesCon agreed with you Sherpas – looking relaxed and refreshed! Or was it simply Vegas? :-)

    Michael, just an idea, but it would be great if you could devote a show to discussing some of the better markets (at present) to consider when choosing names (yeah – not dog walking!)….

    Thanks Sherpas.

    1. Great idea. Thanks, DT.

  10. CC says:

    Great, great show again. It is so helpful to see the names that he sherpas consider good vs not good domain names.

  11. Great Show Michael! Good stuff!

    Thanks Drew, Shane, and Ali

  12. Lionel Cohen says:

    Ryan my friend, please dont compare India, which is the largest democracy in the world with China. I am lucky enough to live in London and to have relatives, friends and employees who are Indians. Indian culture works differently than western one but it is far from being a despotic country and much more open minded than you think.

  13. DC says:

    Thanks guys, great as always.

  14. Lionel Cohen says:

    We will have to agree to disagree Ryan, your information is wrong about porn in India. I will not go back on the temporally banned on 800 porn sites that happened last year as it was only to target child pornography.
    On the other hand i recommend this very good article:

    1. Ryan says:

      Lionel, talk to indians, they know more about this than you.

      Western rights are not as rampant their, kissing in public is offensive there, just the older train of thought.

      If an Government official does not like your website, they will find an exscuse to blackball it, same thing as in China, I am sorry you are sitting on a mother load of .in, but I am just telling you the truth.

      They do not have the same rituals, and beliefs as western society when it comes to things of sexual nature in open displays.

  15. Ryan says:

    Don’t waste your time with .in the government regulates it to a communist level. was taken away from a domainer because it means penis in english, any adult website developed is fair game for take down.

    Drew was wrong in his valuation of those domains, they can never be developed as the indian gov will seize them once informed.

  16. Nameably says:

    Great content as usual. I’ve been watching you for a while. I want to thank you all. I really enjoy the portfolio reviews. The gems that the sherpa share during those minutes are priceless. This show is a must for anyone looking to get into the domaining business.

  17. Thanks a lot for the meaningful and substantial show!

  18. Another great show, many thanks!

  19. Andy says:

    Thanks for another great show Mike. I find it interesting that you all seen coin from the viewers submitted portfolio but I seen “co”, like a company insider.

  20. Eric Jenkins says:


    Another great show…….I hope 2016 is a great year for everyone!!!

  21. Paul Singh says:

    Another eventful show – glad to hear interest in the .in space from Andrew Roesner. I have been a firm believer for .in over the past 10 years and have about 80% of my names in that extension (mainly keywords like,,,,, etc..).

    Interest in .in has jumped tremendously over the past 2 years….where now I am surprised when I wake up and see that an offer has not been submitted on at least one of my .in names overnight.

    The LLL and NNN game has also boosted the value of .in recently, although some may call that speculation…as Indians don’t have an affinity to numbers or random combination of LLL’s the way Chinese do. Regarding NameBio, Im not sure about who reports what…. I haven’t reported any of my sales there. Some of my smaller sales are reported at:

  22. Clayton says:

    Another great show guys. I love how Michael Cyger breaks down the details in every show, it helped me out a lot when I was just starting out and continues to do so almost a year into domaining. THANK YOU!

  23. Graham Haynes says:

    Get my DS fix every Monday. Entertaining and informative – brilliant

  24. ikehook says:

    They common name for Defibrillators, found in Public, is “AED” Automated External Defibrillator. Use “AED” to sell them. :)

  25. Great show guys. Keep em coming!

  26. Markus says:

    Awesome show. Better than most anything I can think of on TV!

  27. Noor says:

    Love the energy and enthusiasm, have said this before, the show is getting better and more informative.
    Thank you all for all your time and advice.
    Ali – congrats on the sale of vrvc, good luck with zandibot.
    Shane – Botany is a monster name …congrats,
    Drew – Keep the energy and info flowing.
    Mike – Again, thank you for doing everything you do.



    1. Shane Cultra says:

      Thanks Noor . Hoping somebody with a lot of money thinks the same thing :)

  28. Omar Rocwa says:

    Thanks for another great show!!!

  29. fuzzy says:

    Thanks guys. I love this show.

  30. James Booth says:

    You got a great deal from me on that Drew :D

  31. Lionel Cohen says:

    As usual, great show guys!

    Thanks again for reviewing my humble selection of names ;-)

  32. Jonathan says:

    Do not know who the smart registrant is but holding 八.com / others from 2004 The character 八 equals 8 IMO the perfect home centric brand & iphone languages pick up for expats. Like the mindset.

  33. Nice show guys- I love the enthusiasm for the year ahead in the name space!

    If there’s time on a future show, I would be interested to hear what kind of split the Sherpas have in their portfolios between names they flip and names they consciously hold on to.

    Thanks again Mike for facilitating a great panel and pushing the questions to seem to know we as your audience will appreciate :)

  34. Jay says:

    Great Show Mike / Sherpas

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