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Protrada Adds Dropping Domains and Cements Position as One Stop Shop


Protrada Adds Dropping Domains and Cements Position as One Stop Shop

Santa Monica, CA, Wednesday 23rd November 2011 – The world’s first aggregator of major domain auction houses, Protrada today released an upgrade that includes the Dropping domains feature.

Dropping, or expiring, domains have reached the end of their registration period. For various reasons the current registrant has decided not to or forgotten to re-register the domain. The dropping process begins when domain expires. The domain enters an Auto-renew Grace period for up to 45 days and then enters the Redemption Grace Period for 30 days.

As the domain enters the dropping phase it becomes available to buy usually via a private auction process. If there is only one bid that person will acquire the domain. If more bidders want the domain the private auction will automatically last for three days where the highest bidder will secure the domain.

Dropping domains can be secured through Protrada for just $15 with minimum bid increments of $5.

“Dropping domains is a really clever way for any investor to kick off and keep building a domain portfolio,” said Troy Rushton, CEO and founder of Protrada. “The opportunities to really get hold of the domains the market wants are there for every one.”

When in The Exchange Protrada members simply select Expiring Domains from the Sources menu to search the current selection of available dropping domains. Other registrars have access to the same dropping domains but Protrada offers members a far higher success rate of securing the domain based on a range of unique built-in technologies.

Protrada members who want to secure a dropping domain will need to have an ENOM account which is free to set up and integrates seamlessly with Protrada.

About Protrada
Protrada is the world’s first aggregator of the major domain auction houses. It provides members with the data and tools to buy, build and sell domains automatically from within the Protrada platform. Launched in mid 2011, Protrada manages more than 150,000 global domain names.

About Winged Media
Winged Media Pty Ltd was established in 2009 to develop a range of platform-based solutions for the domain investing arena, targeting professional domainers, internet marketers and share investors around the world. With offices in Australia and the United States of America, the company has launched a range of digital innovations, including Devname, kwIQ Tool, Parklings, Protrada and Shoppatube.

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