ICA Webinar: Registry Agreements, UDRP reform, Price Increases & more!

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA), a non-profit advocating for the rights and interests of domain name owners and related service providers, is a trade organization for the Domain Name industry. The ICA believes it would be a mistake to allow unlimited price increases for .ORG domain names. You can read their full letter to ICANN here.

Did you know there was just an attempt to prohibit domain name investing in Australia?! ICA helped overcome this, in between filming this webinar and publishing date! Hear all about how they protected Australian domain investor rights here…

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) advocates for the rights and interests of domain name owners and related service providers. They recently held their first ever meeting via webinar open to the public, with ~100 attendees, and we’re publishing it here for all!

Listen to ICA Executive Director Kamila Sekiewicz & ICA General Counsel Zak Muscovitch discuss:

5:09 – 17:54 The possible increase in .COM registration fees*
*Please forgive slight gap in recording!

17:54 – 26:49 Jam-packed with info!
·The .ORG registry renewal
·Policy making process at ICANN
·Revisions to legacy extension registry agreements
·Staff usurping the mandate of the RPM working group
·Differences between new gTLDs and legacy extensions
·Impact of removing price caps on .org
·Pricing policy arising from the differences between legacy extensions which were originally created by the US Government for the public benefit and the new sponsored gTLD extensions that were bought and paid for by for-profit businesses.

26:49 -32:37 The move by the Australian Domain Administration to further restrict domain name investing and monetization in .AU domain names

32:37 – 39:05 Next Steps in UDRP Reform

39:05 – 45:15 Update on the IGO/INGO Rights Protection Mechanism Working Group

45:15 – 48:13 WhoIs information in the wake of GDPR

48:13 – 58:39 Q&A
·Could the auDA anti-domainer sentiment spread to other ccTLDs?
·Who is representing the public interest in the question of .com pricing?
·Why would ICANN want to shift wealth from the public to Verisign?
·How important is it to standardize the legacy and new gTLD registry agreements?
·Does .com have market power? Are .com prices artificially low and suppressing the new gTLDs?
·Is ICANN acting in the interests of registries not registrants when it comes to pricing?
·What is the practical solution to the rising prices of .com?

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Meet Kamila Sekiewicz, ICA Executive Director (@ICADomains). Kamila Sekiewicz is a leader in the domain industry, currently serving as the Executive Director of the ICA, a role she has held since September 2017. Under her leadership, the ICA has experienced significant growth and introduced a successful annual member meeting, expanding its influence and membership within the global domain community. Kamila brings over a decade of experience in the domain name industry, including roles in account management and business development during her time at Sedo and NameDrive.


Meet Zak Muscovitch, ICA General Counsel (@DNattorney). A Private Practice IP and Business Lawyer, Zak is a global leader in domain law, setting precedent and playing an essential role in the foundation and creation of international domain name law- since 1999, the very beginning.  Zak is based in Toronto, Ontario.


Meet the ICA Board Members who volunteer their time and extensive industry expertise to advocate for your rights via the ICA.


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Watch the full video at:

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2 Responses to “ICA Webinar: Registry Agreements, UDRP reform, Price Increases & more!”

  1. Robert Kaay says:

    Hi Zak – at 26:50 – when you talk about ICA’s role in helping Australian domain name investors defend themselves, as well as defending future entrepreneurs from a ridiculous report that was produced by auDA’s Policy Review Panel, I can attest that there are many of us Australians who thank you and the ICA very much for your efforts. The ICA submission was very influential.

  2. ben pedri says:

    No one ever mentions the default of alpnames.com and how icann.com did nothing about it.All they did was transfer all .coms over to moniker.com after 2 months ,where they put a redemption fee on what dident already drop out of the Account ,I myself lost about 15k value of domain names and $85 bucks in my alpnames account.These are the things we need help with ,when registries start defaulting and icann and verisign cant even keep a domain from dropping. Is this really an industry or a free for all?

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