After Six Years and 404 Shows, DomainSherpa Bids Farewell

I’m retiring from publishing in the domain name industry.

Since airing the first video in February 2011, DomainSherpa has produced 404 video shows with some of the most talented domain name investors and entrepreneurs in the world – many of whom I am fortunate enough to call my good friends.

It’s been rewarding to tackle the challenge of learning a new skill set, to meet amazing people and to help advance our industry.

In July I posted an open position for a Producer of DomainSherpa. Eight motivated and highly qualified professionals submitted video applications and completed their first round of interviews. They are very impressive.

But as I spoke with these applicants – each eager to take on a new role – I realized that I too was ready to try something new. Delegating some of the responsibilities of the show to a producer was not enough.

It is time for me to move on from domain name publishing.

From the beginning, I’ve enjoyed helping others

As an engineer by education, nothing gives me a sense of accomplishment more than figuring out things, and with my six-year journey to interview experts (what we call “Sherpas”), learn domain name investing, and share every step along the way, I feel like I’ve ascended the highest investing peak with their help.

I modeled my strategies and tactics after the Sherpas’ and am living proof that with dedication, persistence and focus, you too can start investing in domain names today and become successful. You do not need to have started investing in the 1990s.

I’ve completed 3-figure through 6-figure sales, and currently own what I think is a nice little portfolio of domain name assets.

Starting with small wins to perfect your skills can lead to big wins in time.

Putting into practice what I learned from the Sherpas

Along my journey, I was inspired by Michael and David Castello to acquire the domain name of my hometown and build a successful print magazine for our community. I like to joke with locals that I’m the “governor of Bainbridge Island” simply because I own the domain name.

After interviewing Chris Rodde, I purchased a lead generation magnet for my process improvement publishing business that continues to deliver leads every day for customers.

I was constantly challenged to think bigger and take calculated risks by my good friend and industry confidant Andrew Rosener – and it has paid off greatly in sales.

Besides meeting new people from all over the world, my favorite activity was chatting just before and after hitting the record button on the DomainSherpa Reviews, because catching up with Andrew, Shane Cultra and the guest Sherpa was always the highlight of my day.

As the saying goes, your network is your net worth – especially if you practice what you learn from the people you meet.

Contributions to the community

There are too many Sherpas to thank individually; suffice it to say that every interviewee who gave back to the community and became a Sherpa not only gave selflessly by helping educate people in the industry, but also through their willingness to lend a hand to other investors starting out.

A year ago, I felt that there’s no possible way for a new investor to spend hundreds of hours watching every show, gleaning the lessons, ordering them and learning the material, so I assembled DNAcademy – the shortest path to successful domain name investing. Uniregistry standardized on a customized DNAcademy curriculum for their sales staff, and hundreds of successful investors have been educated.

And as a result of donations made by investors to be a part of the DomainSherpa Review and attend or sponsor our yearly in-person DNSeattle networking and educational event, we raised more than $30,000 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to help us all find a cure for cancer.

The domain name industry has proven to be personal, sharing and generous.

DomainSherpa and DNAcademy will continue on

Even though no new shows will be published, rest assured that the DomainSherpa video archives will continue to be available to watch. I’ll likely redesign the website over time to add clarity to learning paths for entrepreneurs and investors.

DNAcademy will see some changes as well. I will modify the course to require less of my time, and without my personalized support we can lower the tuition cost significantly so more people can take advantage of it. And, of course, we will continue to support the companies in the industry that rely on DNAcademy to train their employees with our customized training courses. (Fortunately, we built DNAcademy on strategies, tactics and principles that will last the test of time…not “learn how to flip” or “get rich quick” lessons that might work today but will lead to failure tomorrow.)

DNTaxGuide, a must-have for U.S.-based investors, will be rolled into DNAcademy, and DNSeattle will likely cease to exist unless one of the many Seattle-based companies picks up the baton and runs with it.

We’re going to keep our social media going but will likely gear it toward discovery of our past shows. I’ll pop in from time to time to let you know about news I’m following, and to say hi. ☺

And just like new viewers discover and binge on “Lost” or “Breaking Bad,” it is my hope that new investors find, watch and binge on the hundreds of hours of investing information contained in the archives of DomainSherpa.

Thank YOU

I’m so proud to have been the one to chronicle the life and times of successful domain name investors, and help tell the story of the many brand-new investors who are succeeding every day.

My sincerest gratitude goes to everyone who shared their stories, strategies and tactics – and never asked for anything in return. That is the humblest form of giving.

I want to thank the companies who sponsored DomainSherpa over the years. They include:,,,,,,,,, TLD Registry,,, and Please check them out; they are the best in the industry and I’m proud to have worked with them.

Wistia is our video hosting platform and it never failed to deliver., and supported our research and data needs and became my daily must-have tools. And Francois Carrillo of was a much-valued media partner, helping us reach the largest audience possible for our educational shows.

And most importantly I want to thank you – the audience. Thank you for watching, listening and reading over the past six years.

My friends, acquaintances and fans – I wouldn’t have been on the air, doing these shows, without you. I’m so appreciative of your time and support.

I hope our paths cross in person someday soon

You’ll see me at conferences as I still love and believe in the domain name industry, and enjoy an excuse to travel. And you can contact me at michael at webxmedia dot com or on Twitter @michaelcyger.

My hope is that the DomainSherpa show opened people’s minds up to the possibilities of investing, business growth and branding with premium domain names.

If one new person was inspired by the show to reach his or her peak and then give back as a Sherpa to someone else, then I have done what I set out to do.

Life is what you make of it. Have confidence and believe in yourself.


Michael Cyger
Founder & Publisher &

P.S. Yes, I’m a computer geek at heart and the final number of video shows produced – 404 (“page not found” error on the web) – seemed fitting for the culmination of DomainSherpa.

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124 Responses to “After Six Years and 404 Shows, DomainSherpa Bids Farewell”

  1. Sam Dennis says:

    I loved watching your shows in the past and had a great time on the show as well!

    Hope to see you again soon, best of luck with all your ventures

    All the best

    Sam Dennis

  2. Michael Cyger have tremendous amount of knowledge in domain and internet field. Thanks Michael for this insights it really helps.

  3. myquickcents says:

    Thank you for this amazing post that you publish here. But I just want to ask where are you then mike? can you share with up that incidence?

  4. Kamil says:

    Thanks for all your help through the years. Wishing you all the success in your next assignment.

  5. matt says:


    Thank you for inspiration. I think the first show of your I caught was with Marc Ofstrovsky and his book get rich click. I was hooked. Your social skills during interviews always brought out the best info. You asked, and got answers to questions that I always thought, “man, I can’t believe he asked that,” and then they answer it! It was disbelief that someone would agree to answer questions revealing insider information. It was your prying questions that produced insightful answers that aided my success in the few domains I’ve sold. It’s about the hustle, believing in what you’ve got, and persistence. I know now that sharing inside info with others is what it’s all about. Thank you for being a mentor. All the best in your endeavors.

  6. Zac Zarev says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful publication and sale. Look forward to catching up if you’re ever in the Perth area in Australia!

  7. mas says:

    Thank you for your service!!!.

  8. Hariharan Kuppuswamy says:

    Michael Cyger…My Guru…I respect you highly for all your contributions. I wish you all the best for your future.

    Will miss you in this space.


  9. DomainThread says:

    Hi Michael,
    So very sad to see you going off air! Are you leaving the domain industry or just the publishing aspect of your business?

    Learned so much from you here as well as from the DNAcademy course. Will continue to visit regularly here like I usually do picking up tips here and there.

    Hope to see you at conferences.

    Take care and all the best.

  10. Brian says:

    Thank you for all the terrific shows and interviews.

    I was always impressed by the amount of preparation you put into the interviews.

    You will be missed.

    (Wait, that sounds like you’re dead)

    Your show will be missed.

  11. albert says:

    It’s Monday Morning and no show.

    Michael must be on vacation.

  12. Scott says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful content you have provided over the years.

    I’m missing my Monday night Domain Sherpa fix already.

  13. Mark Pearse says:

    Michael, you’re a legend mate!

    Thank you for such a great show, by far the best domain show on the net!

    We’ll miss you!

    All the best for your future projects!



  14. William Hagerty says:

    Sad news for your viewers :( But I wish you all the best with your future projects!

  15. Noor Manji says:

    MIchael, thank you for all you have done over the years, I know my life is on a much better track because of what I have learnt over here over the years. Wishing you continued success.
    Special thank you to all the guests you have had over the years also.



  16. John Burgos Jr says:

    Cheers. Toast. Bravo.

  17. Dean Phillips says:


    Every video I watched felt like a rewarding conversation with friends. While I’m sorry to see these conversations end, I wish you much future success!

  18. Inspired says:

    Hi Michael, your show has been most valuable in terms of support and education. The learned take-aways have stuck with me over the years. Wishing you the very best in your future success and next endeavors.

    Many thanks,


  19. Bobby says:

    I commented on namepros and on twitter, but just wanted to throw another comment on the pile here! I see it’s already #5 all-time most commented.

    This show has changed lives!

    Thank you, again!

  20. Mike C says:

    No! No! No! I’m so sad to hear this news. You got me going in this great industry. I’ve learned so much from you, and all the Sherpas that were on your shows.

    I’m a student in your DNAcademy and our quick response to questions, attention to detail, and your always upbeat attitude were such great an inspiration.

    I wish nothing but the best to you and your family Mike. I hope we can meet some day.

  21. Joshua Davis says:

    Wow…this is super surprising. I guess all good things come to an end eventually. DomainSherpa was truly the best podcast in the industry and I listened to every episode. Thank you Michael and Sherpas for putting in so much time and energy to share your insight and experience with others.

    Wish you the best in your new ventures.

    Take care,

  22. Kevin Fink says:


    I’ve always considered you a pioneer — the Charlie Rose — of this industry. You will forever be someone I admire and look up to.

    Am excited to see the next challenge you tackle and wish you and your family all the best.

  23. Declan says:


    It would be great if you would consider doing one final goodbye sherpa review show? ;-)

    All the best!


  24. Declan says:

    I’m sad to hear this Michael but good luck with the future! Thanks for all the shows and valuable info you and the other guys have shared over the years. The shows were always entertaining and educational!

    Good Luck!

  25. Lucas says:

    Thank you Michael, what an awesome job you did!!

  26. Joe says:

    Hi Michael, Thanks to the important contribution you give in these years to the industry and market of domains and listen to your interviews of your guests that from the beginning to the end of them were a real pleasure their professionalism in the way they ask and the friendship became clear in them.

    I will find it missing.

    All the best for you

  27. Anant says:


    This is a sad day. Thank you for all the time, effort and energy that you put in creating this content. They are the must read, mandatory course for anyone who wants to either start domaining or scale domaining. A huge Thank You to all the Sherpas who have shared their knowledge and experience, both past and present (well, now all past :( )
    You have been a phenomenal mentor (without explicitly being one) to many a domainers. Thank you on behalf of all of us.

    One self serving request that I have would be as a one time download of _all_ your videos (including the ones that have been taken down) as they all contain a lot of good information. Perhaps make it available on request only with the appropriate disclaimer for the videos that have been taken down. I know, this is additional work but I’d love to listen to those conversations and learn from them as well. Plus it will maintain an archive for posterity.
    If not the videos taken down, at least a single torrent download link for the videos still available on the website? It will make it far easier for us to retain a copy (rather than downloading them individually) for posterity

  28. Tom says:

    Thank You!

  29. George S. says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading this! I feel like I’ve lost a friend… Michael, you will be sorely missed. I was always eagerly anticipating the next installment of the Domain Sherpa show. Loved listening to you and your guests discuss domains.

    This is for sure going to leave a large gap in the domaining community. I have listened to your show since you started and even though we’ve never met I feel like you’ve been along with me for the ride into the fascinating world of domaining.

    That being said I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and hope that the domaining community hears from you again soon!

    Take care and hopefully we’ll all hear from you again soon!

  30. After the initial surprise of the news, I know there is only a bigger better chapter you chose waiting in the wings.
    I remember when you began with your first interview and it’s been a huge asset to industry domain professionals with unique quality content. Congrats on the success and may it continue with you in the future endeavors.

  31. Daniel Levi says:

    Thanks Mike for everything you’ve done. You always asked the right questions and I learned a ton from each show. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to push this industry forward. This may be “farewell”, but you left a mark that will be felt forever! Most importantly, you’re a first class person and I’m sure that it will translate in whatever you do next! Best of luck!

  32. Tough to see you leave the industry you will be missed!
    Gotta love your energy, passion and your drive to help others
    Thank you for your commitment. We appreciate you

    Voight Thornton
    Cactus Croc
    Domain Investing | Acquisition | Sales
    310.598.2192 office
    213.505.2795 direct


  33. Gloria Greco says:


    I have learned so much from you ( via DNA Academy & your writings/interviews, etc) and wish you the best in any new venture. The practical knowledge from you and others has been invaluable. You curated only the best in the business.

    Good luck and good health!

  34. Wishing you the best. Sorry to see you go.

    Good luck in your future ventures.

    Thanks for all the shows and information Michael.

    Best of Luck.

  35. Judy May says:

    “Oh, no. This can’t be happening!” That was my reaction upon seeing this news.

    The information, tools, education and encouragement you’ve offered through DomainSherpa and DNAcademy have up to now been my main source of detailed, practical and helpful knowledge as I’ve ventured into domain investing.

    As others have said, you and the Sherpas have been so very generous with your time and expertise, which reflects a sincere desire to serve as mentors and to help others become successful in this challenging business.

    I wish we had had the chance to meet, but I was always impressed with your availability and promptness to answer any questions I had, especially regarding DNAcademy. DNA is a wonderful training program – comprehensive, well-designed and invaluable.

    Your generosity and enthusiasm will serve you well in whatever path you choose. I wish you all the best and hope your next endeavor will be deeply rewarding.

    Thank you!

  36. Joe Alagna says:

    Wishing you all the best Michael. You’ve built an amazing set of videos and made a great contribution to the domain industry.

    Thanks much!

  37. Michael K says:

    Thanks for all your help through the years. You always asked great questions and usually got answers. Either way, it was entertaining.
    Best of luck in all your endeavors.

  38. Kazi says:

    Shocking news! Learning a lot from sherpa shows. But the future of show is 404!
    Hope something Big and Better coming. Wish you good luck and healthy life.
    Thank you Michael.


  39. Alvin Brown says:

    I’ve seen this episode before in another lifetime, and it gets me every single time. Job well done, Mike! Job. Well. Done! You have an amazing ability to simplify the complex, making learning more intuitive for a captive broader audience. But if I know you well, you’ll soon rise again as you’re a “life-long learner”… and it’ll move you once more. Thank you for generosity and service… This isn’t good-bye, rather see you later. ;)

  40. Paul says:

    He came, we saw him, we learnt alot from him.. Thanks mike for all the amazing interviews..
    All the best..

  41. Ben Carter says:

    Michael, You will be missed, thanks for all your work and the amazing content that you have generated over the years, we truly value your guidance and the contribution you have made to the industry, we have referred clients on many occasions and will continue to do so. I wish you all the best for your future plans and hope too that our paths will cross again.


  42. Steve says:

    One of the shining stars of our industry! Thanks for all of the great shows and awesome information. All the best!! Bravo!!.

    Might there be a “CryptoSherpa” in the works??

  43. atinc says:

    We want you back Michael!

  44. graham haynes says:

    What a loss to the industry. The Sherpa videos with Shane and Andrew were both hugely informative and entertaining. Going to miss that.
    Hoping you will consider doing a yearly show as an annual review of the industry and predictions for the coming year and let Andrew have free reign to blast forth with his opinions.
    Thanks Mike for the hours of compelling viewing.

  45. Hey Mike,

    Just read your farewell article, thank you for sending in the link.

    All the best for your future endeavors, I am sure something big and good is coming up soon!

    Manpreet Singh

  46. Sumit Srivastava says:

    Thanks for your contribution to the domain industry. Wishing you all the success in your next assignment.

    Sumit Srivastava

  47. Eric Borgos says:

    Thank you for everything you have contributed to the domain industry.

  48. Lock says:

    I wasn’t expecting to read this today but retirement is not death and wish you all the best with how you choose to spend your time.

  49. Sameh says:

    Thanks for the show and I wish you all the best with your next venture(s).

  50. Ross says:

    Hi Mike

    Thank you for the amazing body of content you’ve created and published. The time and cost would have been significant. Thanks to all the Sherpas who participated there’s been some great insights and laughs.

    All the best for your future projects.

    Best regards

  51. Saro says:

    wow……. total shock… really saddened. Like Albert mentionned, in the last interview with Rod, there was talks of potential future shows with him alone, not to mention the Sherpas, which is followed by a very sad goodbye… really caught me off-guard.

    Like many said, the show with Drew, Shane and other Sherpas was really informative, fun and a must-watch. Everyone was looking forward to seeing all of you. No more MJ jokes with Drew, no more vegan jokes with Shane…

    You’ve done so much with helping domainers and by just being genuine on the show made us feel like we know you personally. It’s very sad to see you go…

    That being said I wish you nothing but the best Michael and I hope you change your mind and come out of domain sherpa retirement very soon! Many athletes, rappers and other celebs have done that time and time again, hopefully you will too :)

    Best of Luck with all your future plans,

    1. albert says:

      Saro, what’s your name on Instagram.

  52. Dave Tyrer says:

    Thanks for the entertainment, enthusiasm and info Michael. I’ve long admired the innovation you brought to domaining with the Sherpa Show and DNacademy. And wishing you good luck with your plans for the future.

  53. Ricky Deas says:

    This looks like some sort of April fools joke with the 404 error message but it’s September.

    Every time I watch the show I think to myself. Wow. This man has put together this great show and shares all this valuable information. How long will it be before he decides to end it?

    I may have written in a couple of times thanking Mike and the Sherpas for another great show but always felt I need to really let Michael know that he is truly appreciated.

    Michael, thank you for giving me something to reach for. While I may not have taken some of the advice you and the Sherpas have given I like to think I’m ahead of so many people who are not even aware of the domain industry.

    I’ve been watching since the early days with Rick, Michael, Page and Adam.

    The current Sherpas bring a new perspective to the industry that I really appreciate. I will definitely miss the discussions with you Drew, Shane, Ali, Frank and all the guests.

    Michael you have to be one of the best interviewers. The questions you ask guest get responses that are educational. I always felt you were learning along with me as you jotted down information the guests shared. Man…You really got into their minds.

    I salute you for you work with Cancer Research and all the Events such as DN Seattle.

    Michael I hope to work with you in some capacity someday. Perhaps I will get up the courage to enroll in DNAcademy or register my portfolio with Efty.
    Until then; take care my friend.

    All the Best!
    Ricky Deas

    Yes; I have received benefit from this show.

  54. Anunt says:

    Your farewell of domainsherpa show is like a funeral.

    Lots of friends and relatives show up at a funeral but never comment thanking the sherpas when they are alive.

  55. Dr. Todd says:

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us over the years. The Domain Sherpa Show will be missed!

  56. I just started domaining and became familiar through your teachings . I am daily watching one video from your site . Anyhow this is life , But truly you are a legend in domain industry .

    Good luck with your new plans and i am sure you will be doing things perfectly .


    Mohammed Azheruddin

  57. Derek k. says:

    Hello Michael. I discovered domain Sherpa a few weeks ago and made the decision that I would watch every single interview starting with the first one. So you can imagine how I felt when I first saw this announcement. I hope to run into you someday in the future because I feel like I have discovered my path. Thank you so much for everything you have done and believe me I absolutely will binge on your amazing interviews. Peace, love and light

  58. Eric Jenkins says:

    Thank you. I have learned so much from watching the shows.

    Good luck and God bless you and yours!!

    Eric Jenkins

  59. THC says:

    Amazing contribution, thank you for everything!

    DomainSherpa was a highlight of my week when going to work.

    Wishing you the best.

  60. Noel says:

    This is so sad. Anyway, a big “Thank You” to you and all the best Michael!

  61. Dn Ebook says:

    All the best, thanks for your efforts.

  62. Thanks for such an incredible contribution to the domain industry Michael. I have always enjoyed your shows whether I’m watching or listening to them, you’ve had great guests, solid tips, and gone above-and-beyond for your viewers.

    Congrats on leaving what I am confident will be an everlasting mark on the domain industry and I can almost guarantee will continue to impact new and existing investors for years to come.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the years, I always look forward to our lunches whenever we can make them happen and look forward to our next one…except we’ll need champagne next time to celebrate a job well done!

    Of course I’m dying to know what you do next so expect me to be bugging you about that very soon :)

  63. Mgon says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for all your hard work and being so helpful and giving so much.
    I enjoyed many of the shows and found so much valuable information.

    I wish you well on your next adventure!

    God bless you and yours.


  64. Thank You Micheal for everything that you have done with Domain Sherpa and I’m glad the videos are staying put. I was enjoy watching the new interviews and the old one as well.

    Good Luck!

  65. Thank you, Michael. With out you, I would not be on this wonderful journey.

    Best wishes!


  66. Frans says:

    Dear Michael,

    It was a true pleasure watching your shows, my domain career began by watching them, and it feels a bit strange to see this all end, but everything is impermanent, so it was no surprise to me. I want to sincerely thank you for your hard work, and everything you have done for the domain industry, this is priceless. I have learned a great deal by your shows, it was the foundation of my success! Also thanks for leaving all the content on the website, this is a goldmine of information for newcomers, but also to refresh my mind to re-watch if necessary in the future!

    Thank you and Peace! PS 404 not found was an awesome idea to end this all.



  67. Peter Rose says:

    You will be a hard act to follow Michael. I enjoyed watching the interviews with
    the Sherpas over the years and I wish you all the best in your retirement.

    I think the Domain industry owes you a Gold Watch!

    Peter Rose

  68. Must say I did not see this coming…

    Thank you MIchael, there are many things one can say but I think that a big THANK YOU enclose all the gratitude you diserve for what you have contributed to the domain industry, and also of course to the sherpas, specially Shane and Drew, despite not being on the same channel more than once, those 2 grew on me, thank you all.

  69. I appreciate what you’ve done for all of us…
    Thank You for Your Time, Energy, Knowledge, Generousity…

    You are sincerely appreciated…

    ~Patricia Kaehler — Dayton, Ohio USA

  70. Declan says:

    Thank you Michael and all the very best

  71. Logan says:


    Like everyone else, I am saddened to hear the news of your retirement from DomainSherpa. Yet, I also understand your desire to move on to other projects. What a legacy you have left for the domain investment industry!

    You are such an excellent and entertaining interviewer – it was clear to me that you always had your audience in mind when you asked each question or when you clarified the interviewee’s point. I certainly enjoyed participating in my one show in May 2017.

    I am grateful that you will be keeping up the back catalog of shows live on the site so that I and everyone else can go back and reference these gems of insight and knowledge for years to come. That’s another gracious gesture to the industry on your part.

    Best wishes on your future projects — I am certain they will be very successful.

    Thank you for all that you have done – and will continue to do – for us!


  72. Well Michael, your retirement is a shocker – but you’ve earned some quality time off. Congratulations and a world of appreciation for the expert way you’ve created logic and process for a market that at one time lacked consistency and cohesion. You’ve defined domain investing, and what it is – and even better, what it should be. Bon voyage…

  73. Bradley says:

    Hi Mike


    I was looking forward to another great and informative show. Though I have attained so much information over the years on domaining, your easy going presentation and guests (Sherpas), was something I looked forward to with the same interest I had going back to the first show you presented.

    I would have gladly paid for each show, and I have a modest budget, but it was an investment in oneself which is always a good philosophy.

    You brought light to an industry that for the most part no one had done, and nowhere near the scope of your show on a weekly basis, with a smile, intelligence, and down to earth friendly presentation.

    This was the only channel on the domain name industry TV, aside for a few other domain newsletters and some websites out there — absolutely no one else, no one, has brought so much to the domain name spectrum.

    DNAcademy, is another awesome source of information — a domain school, Wow, where do you find the time, the energy, to “want to” do this, but it’s clear — you love what you do, and love helping others out there in this industry at no charge, as my wife and I suspect this is not your only scope of altruism in this world.

    Years ago in this industry, so very few would offer any advice, even when offering regularly to pay for a consultation. However, one person Michael Castello was so generous in his time and graciously giving of his expertise towards me — those things you don’t forget, just like you.

    This industry was cloaked with those who kept a lot if information to themselves, still to an extent, especially those who had become very successful to extremely successful, and not sharing on some scale. That’s fine as it is their option to gloat of their financial fortunes, that does happen in many facets of life, and whatever was considered “sharing” was often cryptic, wrapped in $50 words, mixed with cutesy rhetoric, watered down “insight”, clearly not wanting to advise but be superficial and keep others at bay.

    You were that very much needed breath of fresh air, open source, come and get it — and look you grew, and those that listened often grew as well! And by gaining this valuable available knowledge, it put things into perspective for many as well whether this was an industry of interest and further pursuit, or not, but at least the information was brought out and clearly made available. That’s always a good thing in anybody’s decision making process.

    Amazing, what a concept, as simple as that — you reap what you sow, and Mike you gained so much positive feedback and energy, as I have, and I am absolutely sure the vast majority of your viewers have over the years.

    A simply great show, great school, great guy — for all your sharing, for FREE, priceless, absolutely wonderful and my wife and I so appreciate it with your advice over the years.

    My hat is off to you and the sherpas you have had on over the years, but for you making this concept, this platform, this show, this school, the donations to Fred Hutch in which I had a chance to donate and actually be on your show for a review and survived :), and so much gratitude — you will be missed!

    I always enjoy being surrounded by people who are more knowledgeable about an area(s) that I am looking to gain insight to, that only makes me better in that discipline, and breath and scope overall of adding to my life.

    We love you and your show Mike, and you will be missed, but absolutely very happy for you on moving on to other horizons!


    Bradley and Monica

  74. Sam Dennis says:

    Hi Buddy! I had a lot of fun on your show and sent many of your shows to friends that wanted to learn more about domain investing. Your show did a great job educating and informing domain investors about this crazy world we both play in.

    Thank you again for having me on the show and I hope to see you soon
    All the best

  75. You’ve done a lot for the industry Michael. It’s a time consuming job week after week to provide quality content, and you did it. Good luck.

  76. albert says:

    Oh, and I double checked, IT IS NOT APRIL FOOL’s day

  77. Jenna says:

    I was sad to read this and will miss you! Thanks for all of the hard work and valuable information you have shared throughout the years.


  78. Paul Hart says:

    Thanks for the tremendous amount if information and educational conversations. I will really, really miss this show. Great luck on your next adventure, you are a class act.

  79. albert says:

    Wow Mike:

    I must say that I did not see this coming.

    It looked liked you were having so much fun doing this that, to be honest, I thought that you were just getting warmed up.

    As a matter of fact, in your latest interview with Rod Atkinson, you told him that you may have him back for the smaller domain names sales that he had done.

    At any rate, congratulations on a great run and I will miss all the great interviews and contributions that you and the Sherpas have made.

  80. Aline says:

    So glad I came across your site early on and happy I got to meet you at Namescon. I very much looked forward to and enjoyed your shows and will miss them a lot. It was great to find out what everyone was up to. Besides the terrific information on your shows, you always conveyed how you were rooting for everyone to do well. Thank you so much for your work and inspiration.

  81. Carl says:

    Dear Michael — You have been such a great teacher and an inspiration to others! I have really enjoyed DNAcademy and your DomainSherpa shows, and always recommend them to friends. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for being such a fantastic mentor too! Cheers, Carl :-)

  82. Amber says:

    Thank you Michael and thanks to all the Sherpas!

    You filled a much-needed space in the domain investing world. I could not have learned so much without your efforts.


  83. M. Menius says:

    Michael, thank you for your hard work and contribution to domaining. The interviews and energy that you shared are much appreciated. Here’s to your next great project.

  84. Thank you Michael, for all the work you have done over the last 6 years, with all those interviews and insights. I didn’t see all your videos, but every time I watched one, it was an inspirations and a learning experience. THANK YOU !!

    My best wishes of success for your next projects!

    John @

  85. Oren Arbit says:


    Was just gearing up to submit a hugely profitable flip. I’ve come a long way since having my portfolio reviewed a few years back.

    You’ve been a huge inspiration. Your shows have been insightful and allowed novices to pick the brains of the experts.

    The show will definitely be missed.


    P.S. No one will be mad if you decide some day to revive the series. We can pretend this never happened :)

  86. Gordon says:

    Sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed many of your shows although time management kept me from many that I wanted to watch.

    After close to 20 years in the business myself, I understand the desire for a new challenge. I love domaining. It’s beyond a passion close to an addiction.

    But it’s people like you that have helped educate many of the successful people in the industry today. I can’t think of too many industries that pool knowledge like we do in the domaining industry. It’s made us all stronger.

    Good luck on your new venture(s).

  87. Colin says:

    Thanks Sherpas!

  88. Thank you for all the great videos. We’ve always found them very useful.

    All the best!

  89. Mike Brady says:


    I’m grieving and I’ve only been at this for about six months.

    When anyone looks back at this industry, you will be recorded as one of the great contributors and fathers.

    Thank you

  90. Michael,

    While this certainly comes as sad news, for I have greatly enjoyed and always looked forward to your reviews. I fully understand the process of moving on in life to other ventures and fulfillment. You and all your Sherpa’s will surely be missed by the domain community, especially us newbies. I found your show to be highly educational as well as entertaining. While I appreciated all your Sherpa’s time and willingness to share their experiences. I enjoyed the banter between Drew, Shane, Frank, Ali and you the most. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, this show has been an immeasurable asset to the domaining community. You should be very proud of the time spent perfecting this educational platform. I would also like to give a shout out to attorney David Weslow for his time on the show sharing his immense knowledge of trademark and Intellectual Property Law. In my opinion the best in the field and I thank him for his time as well.

    So going forward I first want to thank you for all your efforts, but most importantly wish you all the success in the world in your new endeavors.


    John Magavern

  91. William Powers says:

    Thank you Michael, for all you have contributed. I have enjoyed and learned from your show and Sherpa’s. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Bill Powers

  92. Jivan Bansi says:

    Best of everything for your future, you deserve it! But I think I might go through some Domain Sherpa withdrawal, I’ve watched every show, and 5 or 6 twice! Anyone know of other good domaining shows to watch? jb

  93. Adam says:

    All good things must come to an end. The show had a great run. :)

    Thanks for all the great and informative shows and interviews over the years Michael.

  94. Janie says:

    I’ve learned so much from you all, and I cannot thank you enough. I’m sad to see you go obviously but delighted for you and your future personally, I think it will be fabulous (and no doubt successful).

    The end of an era!

    Best of luck.


  95. Ivan Rasskazov says:

    Thank you for the many years you’ve given this industry. Your commitment to quality and dedication to passing knowledge to others will be hard to match. I do hope that you will open the door for an occasional post or even a comeback in the future. (after you are wildly successful in your other ventures)


  96. Anthony says:

    You need to do ONE last show …

    Now you know why ….

    Unless you wanted to make your last should match a the infamous 404 error page code we all hate :) …

  97. Well played Michael! Congrats and good luck on your future endeavors. Your contribution to the community is not to be taken lightly. Some really solid advice was shared and you have hopefully helped thousands of people and saved them a ton of time and money. 404 was also a nice touch ;)

  98. Mike says:

    Thank you brother. The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without your hard work.

  99. Niz says:

    I’m Really Saddened to hear this news Michael,

    Thank you and all the Sherpa’s for all you have done for the Domain Community

    Wishing you the very best in all your future endeavors.

  100. Michael,

    THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Although we have never meet or spoken I feel like I’m a better person from all the help you have provided via DomainSherpa and DnAcademy.

  101. Brian Diener says:

    Congratulation Michael, thanks for all of your hard work over the years!

  102. Mike Sallese says:


    Congrats on all what you have built with DomainSherpa over the past 6 years!

    I am saddened to hear this news as the show is a tremendous asset for the domain community and will be missed! There was always something new to learn on every show while being entertained and educated by you and the various Sherpas.

    All the best in your future endeavors and thank you for all you have done for the industry! Looking forward to catching up soon!



  103. Rod says:

    Mike, I cant believe it. I’m definitely hoping you continue because there is no educational resource in the industry that remotely compares to DomainSherpa.

    This show shapes the entire domain community.

    I thank yo so much for everything you have done for me and other investors. I also thank all of the “Sherpas” who have given their time and wisdom to help others.

    I will still stay in touch!

  104. Shane Cultra says:

    Congratulations Mike for being able to move on to the next adventure. It’s been a great journey. Looking forward to more great chats. Just not going to record.

    And thank you to everyone who watched, commented, and emailed. A big thanks to Drew who’s energy and expertise made the show. I was just along for the ride

  105. Andrew J says:

    I have been following your videos for only the last 4 months and out of the endless amounts of information you can find online, your website and interviews were far by the most resourceful and educational content I came across. At times I was surprised at the kind of details yourself or other investors would disclose which is when I knew you were truly here to help others. From tools, to valuating a name and anything in between I can say thank you Michael. Thank you for taking the time, preparing for interviews and everything to help someone else be successful. Very bummed to read this today but wish you the best of luck and hope to see you back soon one day!

  106. Michael, thanks for all your amazing work throughout the years. Your show has always inspired and motivated me (and most likely hundreds to thousands others) to think bigger, not just relating to domain names but business in general.

    I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  107. Darko says:

    Dear Michael,

    I was always amazed about the professional concept and the great content DomainSherpa delivered week after week!

    I secretly hope that some od the big players in the domain indusrty will buy your DomainSherpa license and continue to publish it.

    Congrats, thanks and all the best for the future!


  108. Scott Smith says:

    Kudos Michael and thank you for your exceptional contributions to the domain industry.

    All best wishes for obnoxious success in your new endeavors.

    Kind regards,

    Scott Smith

  109. Vaibhav says:


    Its something I had gotten used to in my brief domaining career.

    Its sad to learn that no new shows will be published, but, will push me to watch earlier shows.

    Thanks for all your efforts and work to help everyone.

    With regards,

  110. Kevin M says:

    Thanks for you contributions to the domaining industry. Best to you on your next venture. GL.

  111. steven says:

    say it isn’t so…. :(

    but seriously mike…. your contribution to the domain space through your sherpa interviews goes beyond measure
    thanks you sincerely and wish you best of success in all that lies ahead for you


  112. Howie says:

    Wow! No more Domain Sherpa, boo hoo.

    You’ve been a huge inspiration Michael, thank you so much, Domain Sherpa has been a major highlight during my domaining venture.

    I’ll definitely be dipping into the archives, I wish you every success.

    Thanks again.

  113. Prathmesh Tokekar says:

    I watched all your shows since I started Domaining. Sometimes even twice.

    You are very humble & down to earth person. The knowledge that you shared and this effort that you made to help a newbie domainer is really commendable.

    I also thank you to accept my invitation for joining our WhatsApp group to discuss about domain names
    This is an invite link to join the group:
    https ://
    (Hope you don’t mind sharing this !)

    I think this group can bind people through domains and we can stay connected with each other as well.

    All the best for your future.And thank you once again.

  114. Tauseef says:

    Thank you, Mike, for your contribution and the knowledge shared together with the Sherpas.

  115. Jeff Edelman says:

    Congratulations on all of your great work, Michael. Best of luck. I really look forward to hearing what you decide to do next. I am sure it will be another success.

  116. Thank you Michael…. Sorry our paths never passed in the real world, the crossing we had were educational, fun, and full of insight for the domain name enthusiasts out there.

    Wishing you the best in your future ventures!


    Laurie J. McNeil

  117. Can only say: thank you.

  118. Thank you, Mike, for all the work you have done over the last 6 years to help grow and nurture the industry. Many of us wouldn’t be here without you!

  119. Jack says:

    Damn…ok Michael.

    I came back to watch you and the sherpas each week since I started domaining about two years ago. For all the episodes I watched I never posted a comment.

    Goodbye, all the best, and thank you.

  120. Richard says:

    Oh man please take a break and come back

    highlight of my week is listening to your podcasts on my drive to work ( Monday)

    been trying so hard to make some great sales to one day be on your show.

    hope you change your mind!

    if not I wish you the very best! you’ve done more for the domaining industry then you will ever know


  121. Thanks for all the hard work and inspiration Michael! Follow your passion!

    All the best,


  122. Francois says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done for the domain industry Michael, and you made a lot.

    My best wishes of success for your next projects!

    1. Fred Lepper says:

      Thank you for all your wonderful interviews and insights. You consistently projected professionalism towards an industry that didn’t always return the same. You will be missed.


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