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Latest Interview Supreme Court Decision for TM Domains Supreme Court Decision for TM Domains

Hear perspectives from Zak Muscovitch, Karen Bernstein, Stevan Lieberman on the historic US Supreme Court decision regarding the trademark on, plus vital thoughts on how this may impact domain valuations from Andrew Rosener.

Any domain investor, domain attorney or corporate domain manager, will benefit from today’s show!

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Domain Name Attorneys

Domain Name Attorneys

Below is a list of attorneys that specialize in domain name legal issues, agreements and disputes. Stevan Lieberman | DomainSherpa Interview(s) Focuses on prosecution and litigation in intellectual property law, especially domain name/Internet law and Internet technologies. Jason Schaeffer | DomainSherpa Interview(s) Specializes in intellectual property law, trademarks, and gTLD applications. Ari Goldberger | DomainSherpa […]

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